January 28th, 2014

Hard Graf: Catch 22 for the Guru

Chris Bryant’s Rivers of Blunder immigration speech last summer outlined Labour’s tough new approach to tackling the problem of people working in Britain illegally. He vowed:

“We need to make it easier to bring prosecutions; Labour will double the fines for minimum wage breaches and for illegal employment of illegal migrants… Labour will put forward serious proposals to tackle illegal entry. I want to see more companies providing assurances and demonstrating what they are doing to train and recruit local staff, rather than… bringing in workers in from abroad.”

How many unemployed British Labour gurus were overlooked when the job was given to Graf?

Labour are arguing this morning that Miliband guru Arnie Graf “is not employed by the Labour Party”, despite admitting they “reimburse him for lost earnings”, and directly contradicting Graf’s own confession that he works for the party. Either Graf is not paid a wage, does not pay income tax and so Labour reimbursing his earnings has serious tax implications, or they are paying him a wage and he is working here illegally. Which is it, General Secretary?


  1. 1
    Itchy Scrote says:

    Reading between the lines, I’m guessing you’re enjoying this, Guido.

    [To be fair, so am I]


    • 3
      Stephen Fry says:

      Chris Bryant is pants


      • 8
        Stephen Fry says:

        I shall play the role of David Cameron, even though unlike me Dave is neither fat, homosexual or a J*w.


        • 9
          Arnie Graf says:

          oy vey!


        • 20
          Anne Frank says:

          anyone got a biro?


          • yukbg6758 says:

            Don’t be silly, we didn’t have biros in WW2!
            Oh hang on, how was I able to finish my diary with one?


        • 89
          Notes to the Hurrying Man says:

          Dave is fat, he likes the idea of gay sex as he’s constantly going on about it suspect he’s in denial (current theory has it all males are in denial) not sure what if any faith Dave has other than coining it and taking us into the Euro Fed Union as soon as possible.


        • 121
          4w5tg4w says:

          Ship him “back” to Israel.
          Brit government jobs for brits, not to supporters of despot racist colonies.


    • 12
      Hugh Janus says:

      So are the rest of us, IS!

      The principle of ‘say one thing, do another’ is alive and well (and one that Shameron has learnt too since 2010).


    • 44
      White Dee & Black Dee says:

      We need more illegal immigrants to get the growth we need to make the benefit system work, we wont stand for anything less.


    • 50
      Ma­q­bo­ul says:

      The Office of Graf will be invoicing the Labour Party for the services of one its employees.

      American citizens pay US income tax wherever they are working in the world so I would doubt Graf would want to be paying 45% on top of that.


    • 68
      It's really not working says:

      Just charge it all for our charity office in Kirkcaldy. We’ll not notice it.


      • 124
        broderick crawford says:

        Better still charge it to our non resident activities office at one hyde park gate london . they CERTAINLY won t notice it .


    • 77
      I dislike socialists intensely says:

      Labour caught out lying again ,Why am I not surprised ?


  2. 2
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Labour have been flushed out a rogue employer and are now ducking for cover behind a smokescreen of deceit.

    Guido’s got them on the run!


  3. 4
    Dave says:

    Never mind rivers, my fat fudgepacking kosher friend, I want floods! Floods of enriching Third Worlders, and floods to drown hideously White indigenous scum.


  4. 5
    Lord Bumwatch says:

    Should be prosecuted and deported but it wont happen!


    • 10
      One 4 All says:




      • 15
        Anon says:



        • 46
          Labour is not working says:

          5 good reasons why immigration does not work.


          • FFS says:

            Does somebody on the net have a list of all the MPs that are perverts, crooks, foreign, Muzzie or J’ews?

            I’m beginning to think there are no straight Brits in Parliament.


          • 4w5tg4w says:

            Oy Vey! Unless Politicians have skeletons in their cupboards there is no point in putting them into power because we don’t have control over them, is there? Shalom.


      • 119
        Jack Ketch says:

        I do not understand this attitude. Throughout history immigrants have entered politics and risen to the top in their adopted country:- for example, Hitler-Austria to Germany. Stalin–Georgia to Russia, Napoleon–Corsica to France, Begin–Poland to Israel, Fidel Castro–Spain to Cuba, Robert Mugabe–Malawi to Zimbabwe. Just look at the wonderful things these people did!


  5. 6
    RufusHound-Unfunny-hate-filled-BBCer says:

    Moe Labour sleaze

    the jimmy savile BBC filth will ignore this heinous crime against the citizens of England


    • 27
      Britain has the fastest growing economy in Western Europe says:

      That one point lead has got you lefties spooked, hasn’t it?



  6. 7
    Chuka takes Faux Offence says:


    • 11
      The Electorate they say.....NO !!! says:

      Latest ComRes poll puts Labour on 33% and Tories on 32% Sun latest YouGov puts Labour on 37% and Tories on 35%.

      It appears that Balls’ Tax policy has had an effect but NOT the one he and Miliband thought…..Get ready for massive screech of brakes and rapid reverse turn


      • 16
        The real Electorate they say..... says:

        Fuck off, LIBLABCON!!!


      • 34
        Prescott's chipolata says:

        ComRes poll:
        Labour down 4%
        Tories. Unchanged
        UKIP. UP 4%

        so why do all the commentators talk of disaffected Tories? Surely this poll shows that Miliband has just as much to worry about from the UKIP surge.


    • 13
      Anon says:

      If chukka’s that offended he won’t be accepting his fee or taking anymore fee paying interviews will he.


      • 101
        Fly on the wall says:

        Nobody but nobody has the right not to be offended – including trash (his word, not mine) like him.


    • 17
      He's so Vain says:

      He’s offended all right but not for the reason he gives. He can’t tolerate having the piss taken out of him


      • 28
        Mr Potato Head2 says:

        He’s offended that anyone would think he would wear anything as trashy as short trousers.


      • 31
        Wait - what! says:

        He is therefore, mostly upset.


        • 42
          Why can't Politicians think things through? says:

          He’s very upset, very very upset indeed, to be ridiculed for making a daft statement which deserves ridicule.

          Brillo is correct. No way can we rebalance our economy back to manufacturing while all political parties are producing policies that increase energy prices. If they can’t manage to accept that basic fact of life, then there is no hope.


          • Not a BBC spokesperson says:

            All industry can be run off solar panels on the roof of Broadcasting House and a wind turbine attached to the chin of our dear leader.
            To need any more is imperialist decadence punishable by tax and our dear leader’s dogs.


          • NE Frontiersman says:

            Not overnight: but energy efficiency is a manufacturing industry in itself, and one of the major ones of the future. Do you think the Chinese enjoy burning brown coal? No: they’re knocking out more solar panels than the rest of the world put together.
            Why should an economy that is developing at x% a year not be becoming more energy-efficient at a similar rate?
            The energy we waste would be a wild aspiration for many countries to produce. Brillo’s usually very sound, but he’s thinking very conventionally here.


          • Oh noes says:

            Of course they’re knocking out solar panels like mad, the Governments of the West are creating the conditions where we have to buy them and they’re laughing all the way to the bank at our stupidity.


    • 120
      Jack Ketch says:

      Touchy little prick, isn’t he? A huge problem with all Labourite, Libfiddler and most Tory politicians is that they are so far up themselves that they appear as total Canutes whenever they are challenged. That is why Farage, Boris and a small handful of others are so popular with such a wide range of people.


  7. 14
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Labour and the unions still have not come clean over Falkirk, so why would they give us the truth on Graf’s situation. Is socialist tax avoidance allowed by HMRC?


  8. 18
    You can't make it up says:

    They had Reverend Flowers as their banking advisor.

    Now it seems they’re illegally hiring a tax-dodger to advise them on what’s popular.


    • 36
      retardEd Miliband says:

      And they’ve got me ath leader, even though it wath my thlightly leth wetarded bwother who won the leaderthip election.


  9. 19
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Ah, the upstanding Bryant – defrocked vicar, who cruises for homosexualist sex by posing online in his underpants and who, along with Foghorn Reeves, thought it would be oh-so-clever to take Cable apart for not voting when he was visiting his terminally-ill wife in hospital.

    What an utterly useless, charmless, devious and nasty little nark Bryant is. Why anyone would want to be ‘represented’ by lowlife like him really is beyond me.


  10. 25
    Anon. says:

    “If you knowingly employ an illegal worker, you can also go to jail for up to 2 years and receive an unlimited fine”.



  11. 33
    Ignorantia juris non excusat says:

    “I know nothing”


  12. 45
    Does that include you and your unpaid Intern Chuks? says:



    • 48
      Does that include you and your unpaid Intern Chuks? says:

      The Tweet has been deleted.

      It read

      Westminster Eye ‏@WestminsterEye · 7 mins
      1/2 “The authorities must urgently investigate any rogue employers who do not pay the minimum wage” says Chuka Umunna.


      • 64
        C.O.Jones says:

        Amazes me that when these people are challenged about unpaid interns they respond with the “they are gaining work experience” cop out.

        Are they saying that anyone who is in “training” or “gaining experience” can live on fresh air and SHOULD NOT BE PAID.


        • 67
          C.O.Jones says:

          After all these young people are normally fresh out of university, loaded with student loans, tuition fees and debt and are some of the most vulnerable members of our society.


  13. 49
    What a munter says:

    Phwooooar! Sorry, that should read puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke!


  14. 51
    Sandalista says:

    I hope a formal complaint has been made to the appropriate authorities.


    • 56
      White Dee & Black Dee says:

      We maybe scum but we are British scum and therefore entitled to anything we want if not more so pay your taxes and keep the benefits coming.


      • 85
        Santa Osbourne says:

        You better watch out.
        You better not cry.
        You better not pout.
        I’m telling you why.
        Employment is coming to town.


      • 123
        Jack Ketch says:

        NO you are bloody-well not! You are Irish as are most of your neighbours, although many appear to be diddycois, Jamaicans, Nigerians, Romanians and allsorts ( I am a man of Kent and we can spot a Pikey at 500 yards).


  15. 53
    _______________ says:


    • 61
      White Dee & Black Dee says:

      Why didn’t he call himself Chuka I’m a Tosser when he renamed himself, it would make things much easier for commentators.
      You haven’t visited our street or sent any relief money so you are a tosser.


      • 125
        Jack Ketch says:

        This explains EVERYTHING! Harrison Umunna MP (educated at St Dunstan’s–the patron saint of the blind) had an IRISH Mother!!!!!!!


  16. 57
    Pete Seeger RIP says:


  17. 58
    BBC New "Good" News says:

    UK economy growing at fastest rate since 2007

    But growth in the fourth quarter was down slightly on the third quarter’s 0.8% figure and annual growth remains well below 2007’s 3.4% pace.

    But industrial production fell slightly from 0.8% to 0.7%, dragged down by falling North Sea oil and gas output.

    Construction – which accounts for less than 8% of gross domestic product (GDP) – fell by 0.3% in the quarter, despite the recent recovery in a housing market boosted by the government’s Help to Buy scheme.

    The ONS figures are themselves preliminary estimates, based on early submissions and are subject to revision.

    Stronger GDP growth is leading to speculation that the Bank of England may be forced to raise its base interest rate – currently 0.5% – sooner than it had expected.


    • 62
      White Dee & Black Dee says:

      Base rates should be increased immediately, our ISAs and other investments are really struggling at this time.
      Drugs and Cigs aren’t getting any cheaper.


    • 75
      Wait - what! says:

      When a growing economy is a bad thing.
      Only at the BBC.


    • 80
      BBC New "Good" News says:

      But gross domestic product (GDP) for the fourth quarter fell to 0.7%, down from 0.8% in the previous quarter, it said.

      And economic output is still 1.3% below its 2008 first quarter level,

      Ed Balls, Labour’s shadow chancellor, said: “Today’s growth figures are welcome and long overdue after three damaging years of flatlining.

      “But, for working people facing a cost-of-living crisis, this is still no recovery at all.”


      • 99
        Ed Bum says:

        and if I had been in charge, instead of Darling, the UK recession would barely have occurred,
        the economy would have bounced back, but for Osborne,
        we would by now have government revue paying for government spending investing for our future and paying off our debt.


        • 100
          a BBC economist says:

          I begged Paxman and co repeatedly to tackle Balls over productivity barely moving since 2005. It is from his policies being implemented and remained because of his policies. If Cable has done anything there will be a lag before anything happens, and we wait, and no body has pointed out what cable has done not even the Lib Dems.


          • Fly on the wall says:

            Quite so, but before we proceed further could you please enlighten us on just exactly what Cable has done (except continuously interfere with Dave and George’s efforts to improve things)?


  18. 66
    Illegal Immigrant Labour says:

    The people behind this must be suspended by Labour.

    The Home Office must launch an rapid prosecution.


  19. 73
    Wait - what! says:

    Ed Balls says that the recovery is not built to last – http://www.itv.com/news/update/2014-01-28/ed-balls-this-is-not-a-recovery-that-is-built-to-last/

    All we need is Blanchflower to agree and growth is a done deal.


  20. 79
    Antipo-dean says:

    You what now? “Re-imburse him for lost earnings?” Well, my employer reimburses me for lost earnings for not working for someone else, too.


  21. 81
    Centre Parting says:

    Without doubt Red Ed will be making his ‘Rivers of flood’ speech and blaming Enoch.


  22. 86
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Dear Sir, in order to answer your question about Mr Van der graaf generator, and his apparent illegal employment by the Labour Party, please allow us to draw to your attention the protocol addopted by Labour in 1921, of: “So what if we are breaking the law? We are Labour, so we are the good guys in the course of truth justice and the American British way.”


    • 92
      Bemused says:

      I don’t know Ed. It just seems to me that if law-makers are also law-breakers then then concept of everyone being equal under the law becomes completel bollox.

      It just feels like maybe the power elite do whatever the fuck they like, even molesting kiddies, and the rest of us get oppressed just for using words the power elite don’t like.

      Maybe you should all just fuck off. In fact maybe what we really need is a new Cromwell to go through you fuckers like a dose of salts and flush you shits into the North Sea.

      Frankly you’ve lost any kind of moral authority, and your protestations that we shouldn’t take a shotgun to your smug faces mean nothing, given that the justification for taking that bad man Saddam Hussein out of the picture could equally be applied to most British MPs.


  23. 90
    Keith Vaz says:


    • 93
      FFS says:

      And then they have 2 children.

      All supported on a minimum wage.

      “But we pay taxes!” they protest. Yeah, about £600 a year. Meanwhile just giving them free access to the NHS costs the taxpayer £6000 per year for a family of 4.

      Just how much longer can this go on?


      • 107
        Fly on the wall says:

        How long is a piece of string?


        • 114
          Nuts says:

          And then, the wife has IVF treatment on the NHS, ends up in Hospital for a gynae procedure …. Can’t speak a word of English so an interpreter has to be employed (himself an immigrant).

          All courtesy of the taxpayer…

          I’d like to name the hospital but I won’t!


      • 116
        PIR says:

        Just how much longer can this go on?

        Until the pushers of mass immigration/eff-nick replacement are smashed and overthrown.


  24. 91
    MB. says:

    It seems that once again Labour are forgetting the First Rule of Holes.

    “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

    They would be far better just admitting that they have made a mistake, apologising and saying he will be on a plane out of the country by the end of the week.


    • 109
      Fly on the wall says:

      … and, as an illegal law breaker, he will be banned from ever coming back. What’s not to like?


  25. 115
    Jim says:

    That’s it, I’ve had enough, sign me up as an ‘Elite’.
    Where do I pay my subs?


  26. 117
    Anon. says:

    Labour are arguing this morning that Miliband guru Arnie Graf “is not employed by the Labour Party”, despite admitting they “reimburse him for lost earnings”.

    Lost earnings and flights!

    “The only payment he wanted was his forgone wages in the US and flight costs. To Graf’s surprise, Miliband agreed”.


  27. 118
    Displaced Brummie says:

    It’s OK! The Romanian can come, now!


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