January 27th, 2014

Hogan Howe Faces Two Police Complaints Investigations

The Met Police chief commissioner stands accused of claiming he gave a statement to the Taylor inquiry into Hillsborough, when it appears he actually did not. The Independent Police Complaints Commission now say he will face two investigations into his conduct…


  1. 1
    Sir Bob says:

    But the police don’t lie, do they!


  2. 2
    Po --LICE says:

    Porkie pie plod

    Mitchell never said Pleb either


    • 7
      Man who overheard him say it from 200 miles away. says:

      Yes he did.


      • 30
        200 miles away says:

        I heard it on the police Radio.


        • 56
          The Prosecution says:

          We have a reliable witness, my Lord, in the form a member of the public, who says he read the crucual words etched into his toast at breakfast.

          He unfortunately smothered the toast with marmalade and ate it shortly after he saw the incriminating word “pleb” but as you can see from his twitter account, he tweeted about it while his memory of the events was still fresh in his mind, and as such we would ugre your |Lordshi[p to sentence Mr Mitchell
          to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole.


        • 76
          PC Gaye says:

          I heard it on the grapevine.


      • 60
        BBC says:

        Who cares whether he did or not?

        He’s a Tory so we’ll lie, smear and obfuscate.


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    That does not sound serious?


  4. 4
    Sir William Wayde says:

    I thought everybody in the entire country had made a statement to the Taylor Enquiry.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    “Poor memory, could happen to anyone” Ernest Saunders


  6. 10
    Dodgy dossier and other things says:

    Can the BBC report that Saddam Hussain never had any complaints made about his police.


  7. 18
    The windmills of my mind says:

    I’m sure the man will have made so many statements in his career that he could easily fail to recollect accurately whether he did or didn’t make one in some particular instance.


  8. 27
    geordieboy says:

    High ranking plod = lying sod.


  9. 32
    Barrack-room copper says:

    Where’s the evidence?


  10. 33
    Police Federation says:

    Doesnt anyone here think about how these hateful comments affect day to day lodge life?


  11. 36
    Jack Sparrow says:

    The bizarre thing about Mitchell supposedly saying Pleb is this.

    If this was a court of law then when it was discovered the witness on the spot wasn’t even there the whole case would have collapsed. Because its in the bitch Harman court of public opinion the fact that this whole affair is simply either made up or bending if the truth is ignored so long as Milliband, Labour, the BBC and the left can milk it for all its worth.

    Mitchell is in my view totally innocent and has always maintained a consistent story throughout. however the plod have been shown to have lied more than once changed evidence, bullied and briefed against Mitchell even after direct meetings. they should now be hung out to dry including this pompous commissionaire. If he had any respect he would already been reaching for the whiskey and revolver.


    • 40
      The officer class says:

      Hear hear.

      Though there would not be a ‘e’ in the whisky, if he had any respect.


    • 44
      Mitch says:

      It isn’t just about “the witness”, though. There were several people involved. Mitchell has admitted swearing to police officers, which is serious enough as it is.


      • 50
        excuse watch says:

        Swearing at the police is not that serious, especially with no members of the public withing earshot.

        They are not nuns.


        • 51
          Mitch says:

          Interesting to compare that with how Walter Wolfgang was treated for heckling a cabinet minister, though?

          I think the phrase is: They can give it out, but they can’t take it.

          Mitchell deserved everything he got. He should shut up and get on with his life.


          • The price of freedom is eternal vigilance says:


            Mitchell is the victim of a police conspiracy. You should be on his side unless you relish living in a police state, in which case you can fuck off now to North Korea.


          • The price of freedom is eternal vigilance says:

            Walter Wolfgang did not heckle, he said one word “Nonsense” at the Labour party conference, and was then forcefully ejected by the Labour goon-squad.


      • 61
        FFS says:

        He said he swore in front of them, not at them.

        In any case, the behaviour of just about every police office in the case was so bad as to be disgraceful. They deserve to be sworn at, in fact they deserve to be beaten with sticks in front of the general public:

        The police officers making the original complaint that had logs that didn’t match the complain tthey made.

        The police office that sent an email saying he had seen the whole thing when he wasn’t even in London

        The police officers that met with Mitchell in his constituency office and claimed he refused to talk to them when his own recording showed that he talked to them at length.

        Mitchel should get his job back and every one of those officers should be sacked. Then we should assume that most plod are just as corrupt as these examples and set up a group of “Untouchables” to go through the entire service with a fine tooth comb.


        • 71
          Cinna says:



        • 77
          Jim says:

          It detracts from the truth to suggest violence against these police officers. What they did was revolting and unreasonable, but who is going to prove their behaviour was criminal?
          It is the word of one man with an evil temper against an organised gang that has no integrity nor honesty.
          Just never be alone with a police officer.


    • 69
      Say what you see (and I see a complete prick) says:


      Know the facts before your spout utter drivel and make yourself look a complete prick.


  12. 43
    Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock 23 Railway Cuttings East Cheam says:

    So what if he called them Plebs thats what most of them are,they have not covered themselves with glory in the Met over the years.Most non Met police I know are fed up with the back teeth with them.


  13. 48
    Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock 23 Railway Cuttings East Cheam says:

    I hope this dosnt revive the whole Hillsborough thing again,I wouldnt be able to stand Rotherham,Berger or any other of those Liverpool troughing Labour Mps with their crocodile tears.


  14. 54
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Body Language:
    Hands may hold the self, such as when people hold their own hands, typically for comfort. Wringing the hands indicates more extreme nervousness.
    Holding the self can also be an act of restraint, this can be to let the other person talk, it can also be used when the person is angry, effectively stopping them from attacking.
    The tightness of a holding group indicates the degree of tension the person feels.
    People who are lying often try to control their hands, and when they are kept still (often holding one another), you might get suspicious.


  15. 55
    Diane Abbott says:

    The police should be whiter than white.


  16. 58
    Sir Mary Flappes says:

    Is he a fully trained police horse?


  17. 64
    B£air's a B'stard says:

    If he is not a Common Purpose drone, then my name is Tony B. Liar and I’ll go directly to gaol and not collection £2 zillion pounds.


  18. 67

    Thought that was what the job entails.


  19. 72
    Huw Jampton says:

    This isn’t what Guido was banging on about last week – it was something different . . . remeber when H-H was on ‘Ask the Met’ or whatever it was called? Guido asked ‘How’s the Missus?’.

    My money’s on Guido’s having something else on H-H : much more personal and closer to home that the Hillsborough stuff.


    • 73
      Huw Jampton says:

      I must be going senile – I can’t even spell the word ‘remember’ properly nowadays. Sorry.


  20. 74
    Nemesis says:

    The Met Police are the worst force in the whole of Britain so it is appropraite to have somebody like Hogan Howe as their leader so they can carry on with their dirty work.


  21. 75
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    And of course they lied about Duggan, lied about Tomlinson, led about de Menezes… ‘Dull it isn’t’.


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