January 27th, 2014

Dan Evans Pleaded Guilty to Hacking at Sunday Mirror 2003 – 05

Reporting restrictions have just been lifted…


Trinity Mirror’s share price is down 3% and they have released the following statement:

“We note that Dan Evans, a former journalist of the Sunday Mirror, has pleaded guilty to phone hacking during his time at the Group in 2003 and 2004. We do not tolerate wrong doing within our business and take any allegations seriously. It is too soon to know how this matter will progress and further updates will be made if there are any significant developments.”


  1. 1
    Taxpayer says:


    Aljabeebya reports it as Murdoch group reporter, “forgets” Mirror.


    • 8
      Vera says:

      oh god make it all stop. Someone just send Brooks, Coulson etc to prison and arrest Morgan and we can all get on with our bloody lives.


      • 13
        Mitch says:

        Agreed. Who cares? They’re all as bad as each other.


        • 25
          Anonymous says:

          I do because the left ran and ran with this and made hay when NOW was concerned

          as you said on the last thread

          They had it coming and deserve everything they get.

          In this case its the mirror but you appear only to hold that view for those on the right just like Mitchell. You are just another left wing hypocritical twat who when caught cries foul.

          Just fuck off why don’t you Knut


          • Mitch says:

            I might be hypocritical, but I’m not as angry as you clearly are. My girlfriend’s new underwear helped with that..


          • FFS says:

            Well thanks, Mitch, for dragging yourself away from your girlfriend’s underwear draw and giving us some of your pearls of wisdom regarding the Mirror hacking. Be sure we take the comments of a secret transvestite with the credibility they deserve.


          • Charlie says:

            If I go to prison will I still be able to receive my Lesbo mags?


        • 28
          Prescott's chipolata says:

          Hear hear. If a deputy prime minister of the land can’t be bothered to think up a four digit security code then he’s a idiot. Why did News Corp give him £50K? Prescott should be compensating the nation for being such fool in office. DPM my arse!


          • Prescott says:

            Oi ya cheeky bugger. My Pin was specifically as it was so my fucking porky fat fingers could press the buttons.


      • 23
        Lord Archer says:

        Oh but can you imagine all the self-pitying guff they will come out with when they publish their ‘prison diaries’.


      • 78
        Praise be to Al Lah for sending us the Drones says:

        On the contrary the left has used this issue of so called phone hacking to bring down the only effective opposition to Al JaBeeba’s monopoly of biased news provision, namely the Murdoch Empire. So showing that this so called misdemeanour was also carried out by left leaning media outlets is very important.

        I look forward to the day somebody points the finger at the Evil Empire (AlJaBeeba that is) itself.


    • 10
      Miss Fawkes age 6 says:

      cabal of fat homos in a tizz


    • 74
      I dislike socialists intensely says:

      I am surprised that an upstanding rag like the Labour supporting Daily Mirror could
      possibly be involved in phone hacking . What a bunch of hypocrites.


  2. 2
    The Space Time Continuum says:



  3. 3
    dai puzzled says:

    do we believe him?


  4. 4
    Ed Miliband says:

    How dare Nigel Farage copy my blank piece of paper strategy.

    Get your own policies Farage do you hear me?


    • 22
      yoo hoo! anybody in says:

      The difference between Farage and Ed’s paper strategy is , Ed because of Brown can only have dreams, remember Brown and his EU referendum, Farage can have reality


    • 27
      Taxpayer says:

      Farage has a policy that LIBLABCON don’t.

      It’s the most important policy in the UKs history.

      LIBLABCON don’t want to give you a say in it either.

      Leave the EUSSR, you either want to stay in keep voting liblabcon, or you want to leave, so vote UKIP.

      Simple as that.


      • 32
        (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

        Well put.


        • 34
          Anonymous says:

          I despise the EU more than I despise Labour.

          A vote for the lying Conservatives, would therefore be a wasted vote.


          • Village Idiot says:

            ……I have never felt free under the yoke of the EU,i detest it and what this country has been forced to become as a result of the blind obedience of our
            right honourable ladies and gentlemen,along with our patriotic knights of the realm,lords and ladies,OM…..C.B……K.C.B……..G.C.B…….K.P…..K.T….
            ….K.G….??……Evil to him who evil thinks!


          • Anonymous says:

            Labour is the EU
            Promised referendum and signedvlisbon instead
            Destroyed passage of EU referendum in lords
            Milliband states I will never give a referendum

            But I guess you must have missed all that in mist of hatred tears for the right that tried to give a referendum. It would have been binding as well on anyone following there would e no way back otherwise for those that ignored


          • I dislike socialists intensely says:

            I despise the Labour Party more than I despise the EU,
            so a vote for UKIP would be a wasted vote.


          • Osama the Nazarene says:

            Not in the Euro elections it won’t. I shall be lending Mr Farage my vote and then I’ll decide whether the spendthrift Socialists have a chance of getting in before I lend it again in 2015!


    • 59
      Ed Miliband says:

      PS – I can be better than you Wing Commander. Anyone can read the weather so I am taking over Fred Talbots job for a week.


  5. 5
    1970's DJ says:

    Has Piers pleaded guilty as well?


    • 38
      (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

      Mr Morgan would seem to be one of the higher order now and much like others in his exalted position appears to be untouchable.
      What a shallow and grubby world we populate when the Nigella’s, Piers, Bliars,Cleggs, Clarksons et al can do and say as they please knowing that only the pleb and the foolish are ever brought to book.
      A po* on all their houses.


  6. 6
    cep says:

    Was Tina Weaver chums with P*ss ‘Organ at the time. .?


  7. 7
    The British Public have more inportnats concerns says:

    Nobody actually care


  8. 9
    Mark Wouters says:

    Sovietsalami63 Here !!,
    The HCP who carried out your medical at DWP benefits centres and the Decision Maker can both be Sued at a county court ,for compensation ,also you can file for Fraud and Forgery aginst these persons to the Police,
    The Police and other agencies may be sued also under the 2007 Homicide and corporate homicide act,for Loss and damages.


  9. 14
    Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock 23 Railway Cuttings East Cheam says:

    Breaking news,7 men and 1 woman arrested in Newcastles West End on suspicion of grooming vulnerable teenage girls.


    • 15
      Non Plusnet says:

      Feel the enrichment it’s all around us these days (no doubt)


      • 21
        Kin Cora says:

        Are you sure it is Newcastle and not Belfast? Or North Wales? Or Dolphin Square, London? Strange how these tales of dirty r@gheads f1nger fucking some worthless white ch@v sl@gs makes the news but no one ever wants to hear about the real, nasty fuckers out there who r@pe and murder the kiddies.


    • 17
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      Suspects in operation Sactuary – from above – are from a very diverse range of communities, not just one.

      Read: You have muzzies and East Europeans in the mix.

      A triumph of open doors immigration. Well done Britain.

      – Oh, and Fred Talbot – TV weatherman – charged 9 counts indecent assault.


    • 31
      Reform Local Government says:

      As ever, some of the kids were in care. It is pretty pobvious to me from the pattern of these cases round the country that the highly paid heads of children servcics in our local authorities are basically failing in their primary duties to protect the children in their care. No doubt there will be an inquiry and ‘lessons will be learned’, but one basic problem, of senior council officers going from one highly paid job to another highly paid job with no accountability, will not be dealt with.


      • 41
        FFS says:

        Astonishingly the average cost of keeping a child in care is £200,000 per year.

        There are 91,000 children in care, so it’s really big business. It’s costing the nation a hell of a lot of money.

        It seems to me that for half that money you could readily encourage parents who had children relatively young that can prove they did a good job with their own children and ask them to take on these youngsters in care.

        Now why do you think there are some in positions in power that aren’t so keen on that idea?

        By the way, Mike Handoncock the pervert is head of Southern Region NSPCC.


        • 51
          JH3984902389032 says:

          How about we stop providing massive financial incentives to the feckless to breed?


          • FFS says:

            Bear in mind that the feckless like to keep their kids with them, what with being able to claim £3500 per child in bennies and getting a bigger free house.


      • 50
        Ed Balls says:

        Exactly why I sacked Sharon Shoesmith.


    • 37
      Anonymous says:

      Are they Lib Dem or Labour voters ?


  10. 16
    Steve Miliband says:

    What does Rufus Hound think about this? I really want to know


  11. 18
    Mitch says:

    Can’t argue with the last comment in the FLASHBACK story =>

    “Why is this supposed source – whomever they are – being branded a ‘supergrass’? It’s a perjorative term if ever there was one, usually reserved for hard-nosed gangster types. Surely, if the context is exposing an alleged culture of white-collar criminality in a workplace, ‘whistleblower’ would be more apt. Strongly suggests the liberal Press is intent on hanging some poor sod out to dry, when an alternative – especially coming from the Grauniad or the Indie, which are setting the tone here – might be to laud a rare piece of moral fortitude at last emerging from their own grimy industry. One could say it shows the real motivation behind their quest for the ‘truth’ on this one; the only ‘truth’ they’re really interested in is their own.”


  12. 19
    Tom Smear Man Watson says:

    I shall raise the issue of hacking at the Daily Mirror in the HOC asap. This is disgusting behaviour.


  13. 33
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    There is a parallel with this hacking issue and the preferential prosecution / spin that is being issued with a couple of cases that have recently come up in the US:

    There a film maker, and a governor are being prosecuted under very dubious terms in what appears to be a politically motivated purge.

    The fact that the hacking seems to have started at the Mirror group newspapers and then spread to M’urdoch – quite opposite of the narrative thus far – and then M’urdoch press has been disproportionately attacked as well as broader press freedom can only be a politically orchestrated persecution.

    With the broader implications across Europe, where similar targeting of free press and media outlets is ongoing, this can only be an EU directed assault on freedom of expression.

    A very powerful reason to exit the EU.


  14. 35
  15. 39
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Will Ed and/or Hacked Off be calling for a public inquiry into the Mirror’s activity?
    Will the then Editor be charged? Finally will the Mirror Group do the decent thing (as Murdock did) and close the Sunday Mirror? I wait with bated breath.


    • 76
      Divided Loyalties says:

      Weren’t a member of the Leverson enquiry part of the Mirror Group?

      Did she swear an oath or sign a bit of paper to that effect?


  16. 40
    Mornington Crescent says:

    A Beeboid ‘comedian’ who thinks it’s oh-so-funny to accuse Dave of wanting to k1ll children:


    How very progressive and charming.


    • 46
      Rt. Hon Jeremy (unt MP says:

      Nothing worse than having your material stolen by another comedian.


    • 48
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      Watched 20 minutes of BBC the other day – first time in a few months.

      Found it offensive and sneering.

      No fan of Cameron, but a wannabe child killer he is not.


      • 58
        JH3984902389032 says:

        Try not watching TV for a month and then switching it on.

        You can literally feel your anxiety levels rising by the minute.


        • 75
          Blue Peter Goldfish says:

          R4 and World Service used to be OK but now they been infected with the virus as well, the only content left untainted is Sailing By (music) and the Shipping Forecast which I find quite restful, they haven’t yet managed to figure out a way of contaminating them with Radio Moscow 1950s style propaganda but I suspect a pogrom is in the offing.


    • 73
      Dr Frankenfreud says:

      I often find people who are obsessed with a particular form of violence are projecting their own inner desires…


  17. 45
    Fish says:

    Michael Fabricant ‏@Mike_Fabricant · 21m

    “How the hell can we be taken seriously as a future Gov’t when we keep taking crap decisions on the economy?” a Shadow Cab member tells me.


  18. 47
    bergen says:

    Presumably Trinity Mirror knew this was coming. I wonder how they will report it and deal with it. Murdoch was able to scuttle the NOTW to save the rest of his empire but they can’t. They’re not big enough.


    • 61
      The Mirror says:

      Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! GLORIOUS ED BALLS PROMISES TO KICK RICH BASTARDS! FIFTY PERCENT TAX ON RICH TORY BASTARDS! Corrie! Corrie! Celeb gossip! Corrie! Celebs! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! We hacked some phones. Corrie! Corrie! Celeb gossip! Corrie! Celebs! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts! Evil Tory cuts!


  19. 52
    Hee! Hee! says:


    “Phone-hacking trial revelation shocks actor Jude Law”
    An inside job, it would appear!


  20. 53
    Displaced Brummie says:

    So, Labour’s own mouthpiece was involved in hacking? Pardon me while I laugh.


  21. 83
    Perry Mason says:

    So it is a straightforward guilty plea.

    i wonder whether the prosecution Brief is on £42.50 plus vat or whatever they were saying it was the other week.


  22. 84
    Cross-Referencer says:

    Now I think we understand why Tina Weaver and others were nicked in March last year …


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