January 27th, 2014

Any Way the Wind Yeos, Nothing Really Matters to Tim

One more week of voting down in South Suffolk as absentee MP Tim Yeo tries to grease up his local association.

Fast forward through the above video of Tim Yeo meeting with concerned constituents on Friday about windmills being built in the area and, at any given point, rather than listening to their worries, chances are you will see their MP absent-mindedly playing with his phone. For almost the entire hour, other than when he was speaking of course. Perhaps he was texting the Prime Minister…

As chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, Tim Yeo was instrumental in setting targets for building windmills across the country. Yeo has raked in a fortune from his involvement in “green energy” firms and is outspoken in their support, even telling wind turbine makers that with opponents, “frankly, we need to be prepared to bribe them”. The wind turbine manufacturers who help to finance his trade association will be shocked to discover that, rather than bribing locals, he is backing them in opposing the building of windmills in his constituency near IpswichHis attachment to wind energy has been blown away as he fights to hold on to his seat as local Tories vote on whether or not to reselect him.

Radio 4 went down to Sudbury at the weekend to speak to some of his constituents and get their say. Their report found that two thirds of the people they stopped did not have a kind word to say about troughing Tim:

South Suffolk Conservative Assocoation, you have been warned…

Video via Ipswich Spy.


  1. 1
    Momma Dee says:

    I’m a homemaker with some college education. I’m slim with just a few extra pounds. I don’t do drugs. I’m genuine and fun loving.


  2. 2
  3. 4
    I dislike socialists intensely says:

    I would not trust Tim Yeo as far as I could throw him . He is arrogant and all
    he seems to care about is how he can make money out of the green energy lobby.


    • 8
      The Inquisitor says:

      All shall be judged.

      Yeo – Tim. – fraud, deceit, malfeasance, corruption. Abuse of office.
      Verdict – Guilty!
      Sentence – Tied to a wind turbine for eternity.

      *there has been clemency shown here. Most days the blades will not turn.

      Next case – Burnham. A. Manslaughter. 25,000 counts.


    • 28
      Big Dick the Lionheart says:

      Let us not leave anything to chance.

      Let us hold a TOURNAMENT!

      We will “Throw the Yeo”

      And trust him accordingly.


    • 42
      Indigo Snarfner says:

      State the fucking obvious why don’t you? What a wanker you are, no fucker likes Yeo, not even his own mother who, I’m told, cut out her own womb with a rusty razor blade so as to avoid bringing any more fucking humongous c#u#n#t#s like him into the world. One can only hope your own ugly mother did the same after you were born you fucking dumb spacca.


      • 46
        Dr Nookie says:

        PMT ?


        • 52
          Troll Watch says:

          Just the troll that comes on here ranting in one long stream of offensive language on about three posts and then buggers off.

          Tedious little twat really.


          • Deprived Hole Sucker says:

            How very fucking dare you? I’m no fucking troll, why don’t you bugger off first you dirty bastard. Notice how you use the word bugger and then accuse me of being offensive. How very dare you? You are obviously the one who would be happy to bugger someone with your tiny rancid member, I bet you don’t even wash it after, just sit there looking at the bits of dried shit and j!zz and feeling nothing but disgust for yourself you dirty fucker. Buggering little boys like dirty Lord Mac or Leon Brittan. You make me sick you filthy c;u.n,t/


          • Jack Ketch says:

            Archbishop, is that you?


          • Llareggub says:

            Troll, don’t you have something constructive to do? Or, if you’re really stuck, why don’t you masturbate?


        • 111
          Llareggub says:

          PMT? No. My money’s on Tourette’s


    • 105
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      Give him enough rope……!


  4. 5
    Ed "Stammer" Balls says:

    I..I … I…I….I…I…I…I….am not your stepping stone.


    • 86
      Ed miilmuppet super hooter says:

      Ed ballth doth not sthammer. There ith nothing wrong with hith speech juth like there ith nothing wrong with mine.


  5. 6
    Ah! bugger says:

    Neil Kinnock’s son joins succession of aspiring political offspring….

    I thought Jack was the last Straw.


    • 10
      JMF says:

      Stephanie Kinnock standing as an MP, now that is really a bummer.


      • 87
        Ed miilmuppet super hooter says:

        What really gets me is these people have little or no experience and straight off mummy’s nipple and onto the public teat. They should get some life experience and then return and stand for MP. Perhaps they will make decisions properly then but I doubt it.
        As for the kinnocks with miss as an MP the amount being received from the public purse would be obscene


        • 98
          Fly on the wall says:

          It reached that point years ago. I am not sure what the word for the next level up actually is!


      • 106
        Cynical-old-bag says:

        Why? The Kinnocks have made jumping onto the gravy train into an art form. They must be laughing all the way to the bank.


  6. 12
    BBC News Editor says:

    Excellent! Hancock confined to local news only.


    We are here to serve our Masters.


  7. 14
    • 48
      Roy Batty says:

      Thanks for that link, I was after an insightful, in-depth and informed article on this subject and that link to your blog has provided me with none of the above. Just another fucking leech pushing another shitty graveyard blog on here. Opinions are like arseholes but you seem to have even fucked that one up. Now fuck off back to wanking over you pissy little blog stats you utter fucking clunge rag.


  8. 16
    Ah! know says:

    See opposite

    Jon Snow on sex and women:

    “Sex comes into every evaluation of a woman,…….

    For some, it doesn’t take me a femto-second…


  9. 17
    Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

    Just had the misfortune to tune in to Channel 81 on Freeview. The hardworking MP’s are debating the European Union (Approvals) Bill.
    All 30 of the weirdoes.


  10. 19
    Ed the Eunuch says:

    Piggy! Oink! Oink!


    • 26
      Someone, somewhere says:

      I lent Dromey my mobile. It’s all sticky, and I need to remove some of the favourites he’s identified as well, before the little woman sees it.


    • 27
      Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

      When Jacob Rees-Mogg is leader of the gang ( cretin quoting Cretian ), you know you’re in trouble.


    • 33
      Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

      The quislings voted 246-38 in favour of a bit more EU Socialist totalitarian control.


      • 45
        Bemused says:

        According to comment 17 there were only 30 of them in the house. Postal voting?


        • 53
          Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

          A load of them were hiding in the khazis and squirmed in to vote at the last minute without showing their faces to the cameras.


        • 99
          Dishonourable Skiving Members says:

          We are not paid disgusting sums of your money to waste time sitting around listening to boring pis*heads droning on. We have better things to dri…, er, do in the snug bar.


  11. 20
    Chris The Leatherman says:

    In the few minutes I caught when he was not playing with his ‘phone Tim had a look of arrogant disdain and acute boredom. He looked as though he was there under sufferance. He is an embarrasment to the Conservative party.


  12. 22
    Laurie Penny says:


  13. 29
  14. 31
    BBC Red Bottom says:

    Gordon Brown has been arrested on charges of historic sex abuse.
    Fife police have confirmed that in 1997 he was fucking the economy.


    • 51
      Fish says:

      Thanks a bunch

      1) The prospect of Brown joining McShame me excited

      2) Then I saw your monika. The BBC would never have reported it even if it were true


  15. 32
    Tim ( not nice-but dim ) Yoyo says:

    How does BullyBoy Balls’ wheeze affect me ?


    • 38
      Gooey Blob says:

      Labour haven’t a clue on matters fiscal. They still admit to no wrongdoing in running up the deficit.


    • 43
      Mitch says:

      Ah, yes – that well known economist, JFK.


      • 55
        About Ed Balls says:

        “Later he attended the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard, where he was a Kennedy Scholar specialising in Economics”


        • 100
          Dishonourable Skiving Members says:

          It has been rumoured that his untimely demise was engineered by the shadowy money men when he started to try to sort out all the counterfeit dollars they were printing in order to keep the plebs subservient. Not unlike the yarn that the same gang who had got themselves so deep in the financial doodoo were responsible the those pancaking towers.


  16. 34
    Centre Parting says:

    BBC not mentioning Mirror hacking.


    • 37
      Except it's the lead story says:

      I normally would agree about beeb bias but the Mirror hacking is lead story. Your claim is just fantasy.


    • 81
      Jack Sparrow says:

      Actually if you read the whole piece the Daily mirror gets mentioned only once and only after they have NoW and Coulson’s names up front. Right after the word mirror is Rebecca Brooke’s. this leads into the remainder of the story about NoW etc.

      This is classic bias. Its not front and centre and sandwiching the Mirror in the middle of the other names allows a journalist to say I referred to it.

      At the end of the day its a classic journalistic trick used to hide the bits they do not want you to concentrate on. That the BBC should employ these tactics is despicable and shows they remain full of left wing bias. The stories can now refocus on the NoW and nothing more will be said about the Mirror

      Classic dark art really.


      • 101
        Dishonourable Skiving Members says:

        Too late – the cat is out of the bag and the genie is out of the bottle. This one will run and run and run….


  17. 35
    Ah! Wonder says:

    What sort of man pisses round a hairy mound under his bottom lip every day?



    • 56


      When I got a dratted virus in England in early December, I felt so bad that I ceased shaving because I could not be bothered. I have now grown a quite preposterous beard which resembles a cross between ZZ Top combined and Brian Blessed on speed. It is helping to keep me warm.

      It is my fourth but is the first one I can see properly, partly because I am turning white. Clearly it will have to go at the first glimpse of serious sunshine.

      I have also spoken on Skype with another long-standing regular here, who started growing his at roughly the same time. Naturally I shall keep his identity a secret, è che OK Anthony?


  18. 36
    Momma Dee says:

    My longest relationship has been over 10 years and it’s with Benny. I love Benny and nothing will get in the way of our future together.


    • 41
      Benny Fitz-Clements says:

      Chuck us another ciggie, luv.



    • 49
      Bemused says:

      What might get in the way would be another 5 years of Labour with them inverting the wages pyramid using tax credits so the entire middle class decides they would be better of shelf-stacking in B&Q.


    • 53
      I luv Bingo, an that's why I got bingo wings says:

      Am I alone in thinkig that the photo bears a resemblence to Jacqui Smith?
      Is Dee, Jacqui, in one of her second homes?


  19. 68
    cured lefty says:

    any hack & camera man caught moran recently ..just in case she’s still weeping and wearing the granny hat covering that stessed out grey hair?


  20. 69
    A greedy lawyer says:

    Can somebody please get ready to publish something secret about the phone-hacking trial, so that the jury has to be discharged? Then there would have to be a re-trial and a big, juicy second helping of pie for me!!


  21. 73
    Anonymous says:

    Interesting trivia on number of EA vehicles from the Avoncliff Blog, which even I didn’t know: “To carry out its field duties, the EA operates a fleet of 4,747 company cars funded on contract hire with full maintenance (at high expense, along with the documented abuse of the mileage claim back system highlighted in this blog), with an additional 1,920 badged 4x4s. That’s nearly 7,000 vehicles (plus trucks) – that’s more than one official vehicle for every two employees… which does seem quite high – no?”

    I’m unsure if this also includes the “pre-lease” cars that staff receive during the interim before receiving their official lease car, nor am I sure if it includes the pool, hybrid and electric cars deployed across each of the area offices.

    More money seems to be spent on high staff salaries, inefficient systems, unnecessary vehicles and toys, and excess number of managers/”specialists” than on flood defences!


    • 79
      FFS says:

      Seems like a lot of vehicles for checking fishing licences.

      Imagine what the War on Drugs could do with that little lot.


    • 104
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

      Blame the dam fools who allowed themselves to be blackmailed by ecolunatics who convinced them that dredging was damaging their precious fucking ecosystem , the same gang who convinced the idiot councils that they no longer needed to stockpile rock salt and maintain snow ploughs because of global warming, we all know what happened there.


  22. 75
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte. says:

    There are more troughers in the HOC than sinners in hell.


  23. 82
    Jimmy says:

    Is it my imagination or has Guido’s interest in Dan Evans’ evidence tailed off since he got on to Coulson?


  24. 83
    White rabbit says:

    ‘On my right, our local M.P. Mr. Tim Yeo’…….echoing silence, tumble weed blows across stage, motorcycle can be heard 3 miles down the lane, a fox cries in the next village…….


  25. 107
    Anonymous says:

    And the company Tim Yeo is chairman of, TMO Renewables, went into administration in late December, 2013.


  26. 108
    Anonymous says:

    “As chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, Tim Yeo was instrumental in setting targets for building windmills across the country.”

    Is this a record for the amount of bollocks fitted in a single sentence?

    (1) There are no targets for building windmills across the country
    (2) There are EU targets for renewable energy, but they do not require wind – it could be hydro/solar/tidal etc
    (3) The EU targets were set in 2007 when Tony Blair was Prime Minister, at which point the Energy and Climate Change Committee did not exist. It was formed in 2008.
    (4) The Committee that did shadow the relevant department in 2007 – the Environment Food and Rural Affair Committee – was chaired by Michael Jack MP.
    (5) That Committee did not have any say in what targets the EU decided to set, which as point (1) makes clear, were not wind targets anyway.

    To summarise, Tim Yeo wasn’t the chair of a Committee that didn’t exist, which even if it had existed would have had no influence on the setting a target that was never set.



    • 109
      colinlawson2013 says:

      Brilliant anonymous – thanks for that.

      As soon as anyone refers to wind farms or wind turbines as windmills you know they are talking bollocks.


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