January 24th, 2014

The ‘People’s Peer’ Who Doesn’t Want the People to Have a Say

Crossbencher Lord Hannay has been doing his best Peter Mandelson impression in the EU referendum debate this morning, moaning that the current question “isn’t on a level playing field”. For some reason this leading negotiator in Britain’s membership application of the then EEC, not to mention our Ambassador to the EU, doesn’t want to give the people a say on Europe. He has his name down on eight wrecking amendments trying to scupper the bill. Which is particularly ironic given he is a so-called ‘People’s Peer’, having applied for the grandly-titled role himself back in 2001…


  1. 1
    Tony Blair says:

    Steady on. “The people’s thingy” is my catch phrase.


    • 10
      Ed Milliband-Wagon says:

      Can I jump on thith bandwagon pleath?


    • 11
      byjy56 says:

      He’s quite right. People aren’t going to vote for the benefit of british business and ex-pats and being part of a competitive world trade block to take on the Chinas and Americas of this world, they are going to vote the way the Daily Fuckmong tells them to.


      • 16
        Get Real. This is about FEDERAL EUROPE says:

        What’s the trade block got to do with it? this is about the political EU aka federal Europe, Not the common Market (trade block as you call it) that we voted to join.


      • 25
        Oscat Barcat says:

        How did unifying Bananas evolve into unifying benefits?

        We said yes to a common market. That was it. No one voted for a political Union.


      • 28
        Coeur_de_lion says:

        How very insulting. You clearly have your own opinion on things, what makes you so sure everyone else is incapable of forming theirs?

        It’s called democracy, dickhead.


      • 42
        Gertcha says:

        You being the Daily Fuckmong.

        If you don’t like democracy, fuck off to North Korea.


      • 51
        FFS says:

        “being part of a competitive world trade block to take on the Chinas and Americas”

        This is a joke right? You are just trying to provoke a response?

        The EU itself recently admitted that it couldn’t compete with China or America and expects living standards to drop far behind American in the next few years.

        We’ve hitched ourselves to the wrong fucking train.


      • 89
        Ma­qbo­ul says:

        “Crossbencher” sounds like something you’d find in a muscle gym not the fucking House of Lords.


      • 91
        Anonymous says:

        Switzerland and Iceland both managed to sign free trade deals with China last year. The much vaunted EU-US trade deal stalled 2 days ago


    • 44
      Maximus says:

      “People’s Peer”, not “The People’s Peer”. It has nothing to do with “THE [British, say] people” – not a single semantic implication can be validly inferred. Puff, yes. Spin, undoubtedly. Wishful thinking, of course, lol.

      What “People’s Peer” distinguishes is those peers who think they know better than the Great Unwashed on all any matter under the sun, from those who frankly couldn’t give a damn either way, unless it’s a case of something unpleasantly ant-like spoiling the view from the parterre.


    • 78
      General Pinochet says:

      Come the revolution, Lord Hannay will be up against the wall with you Tony. High Treason. No blindfold………

      Viva Farage, Viva UKIP!


      • 93
        Fly on the wall says:

        Hannay was a typical lickspittle FCO mandarin who was ‘only following orders’. Not one original thought in his head since he was promoted to Second Secretary all those years ago.


        • 104
          Anonymous says:

          So he isn’t the chap who foiled the Huns in the 39 Steps, Greenmantle etc? Kindly return your ermine.


      • 103
        broderick crawford says:

        Hannay ?

        heshould be made to walk the 39 steps ……. to a waiting gallows,


  2. 2
    He should remember who pays his salary says:

    Unelected Lords blocking Parliament from letting us decide whether we free ourselves the unelected bureaucrats and an unelected president in Brussels.. we’re just a tiny step away from living in a dictatorship.


    • 5
      He should remember who pays his salary says:

      “free ourselves from the”


    • 40
      Mustapha Djinn says:

      Can we have a list of all his areas of income, personal interests, share and bank account details please.


    • 60
      Village Idiot says:

      ….I think that our noble lords and ladies who enter the referendum bill debate,should be asked a few questions alluding to their vested interests connected with the European Union!…..For example, “Do you or any member of your family and circle of friends,recieve any money or perks or pension from the European union?
      Also,”Have you at any time since 1975,recieved any perks or pay from the EU?
      Also,”what is your position re the EU?


    • 74
      Ma­qbo­ul says:

      Not a dictatorship. At least with a dictatorship you are paying for only one man and his entourage. We’re on the doorstep of a left wing oligarchy with byzantine levels of overpaid bureaucrats churning out rules to justify their existence. It has spiralled out of control.


      • 100
        North, but not Scotland says:

        I’ve just been watching them on the Parliament channel. I was never really that bothered about the HoL before. I thought that they moderated the worst excesses of the HoP for the benefit of the country. I was completely wrong. They don’t care about the ordinary people, maybe some of them once did, but they are well and truly bought-and-paid-for establishment baggage that would not be missed.


  3. 3
    LibDems force woman to consider Suicide. says:


  4. 4
    Demos says:


  5. 6
    Crisp Ackham says:

    He can shove it where the sun don’t shine. The people didn’t elect him but they’ve been forced to pay for his entire career as a wet diplomat and now as a sponger in the Lords.

    As least White Dee is honest


  6. 7
    Let 'em eat cake even as the tumbrils approach in the distance says:

    It’s NOT the people’s place to have a say or make decisions THAT is the job of their betters…..the people’s job is to ensure that they keep paying the taxes so that we can continue to enjoy our perks and high salaries


  7. 8
    kmc says:

    “‘I thought maybe I should take my own life'”

    I feel like that when I’m queuing in the post office.


    • 17
      Eccles_the_dog says:

      I often thought of jumping in Canal Street, especially when Ken Barlow was on one of his romancing trips.


  8. 9
    Round the Bend says:

    What did he have to do with the 39 steps?


  9. 12
    Male Tory MP says:

    Fancy going to the toilet? *wink*


  10. 13
    Jack the Ripper says:

    I’m sure only people of Hannay’s titanic intellect are capable of grasping the complex issues involved.

    Shame he wasn’t around to help Einstein with his relativity theory. Would have got it done a lot faster.


  11. 21
    RomaBob.... Beeg Issue, Beeg Issue! says:

    Once on the EU gravy train there is now way these f*ckers are getting off!


    • 35
      King Rennard says:

      When will it all end?


      • 71
        hang on a min says:

        Hannay has no idea or interest what the vast majority of people in this country think about the EU and it’s apologists.
        It’s only a few years ago he told Greece to hand Cyprus over to the Turks. He’s completely out of touch.


  12. 22
    Jumpers and jerrycans says:

    One persons “wrecking amendment” is another person’s due and proper scrutiny.

    This Bill is a rubbish Bill that has so many contradictions that the Tories didn’t allow the time in the Commons to try to sort out.

    If this Bill has to be passed, hopefully it can be improved by the House of Lords.


  13. 30
    Mike Hancock slips in the back door. :) says:


  14. 31
    George says:

    Another reason why on issues like this the Lords shouldl be totally ignored. They are not elected and therefora have no right to intervene


    • 38
      Mitch says:

      Ironically, it was the Lib Dems who scuppered Lord’s reform. But now complain about “arcane procedures”. You couldn’t make it up..


      • 46
        Gertcha says:

        and the Labour party spent 13 years in government not making the HoL democratic, when they had spent the previous 100 years whining about it.


        • 64
          Mitch says:

          HoL reform is almost impossible. You either make it more democratic, and therefore stronger, or less democratic, which is despotic. That’s why reform hasn’t happened.


    • 39
      Codswollop says:

      Yes they have every right. Our Parliament has two chambers, one elected and the other unelected, which I am sure you know really.


  15. 43
    Arnold Schwarzenegger says:

    Labour and da Liberal Democrats are economic girly men!


  16. 47
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Hannay is a people person for the people that agree with his thinking. It’s like Miliband is a one nation person, the part of one nation that agrees with his socialism.


  17. 49
    Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:

    Rescue me, I’m drowning on the Daily Politics.


  18. 53
    Bloomers in Bongo Bongo Land says:



  19. 54

    People’s Peer? Pah!

    He needs to be chucked off the deep end of the pier.


    • 82
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      So, I suppose if we went back a few centuries he would be proclaiming himself as the Serfs Baron, nothings changed in the meantime.


  20. 56
    Jimmy says:

    I am outraged that these unelected placemen are seeking to overthrow the result of a referendum.


    • 90
      hoodwinked says:

      First it was the CM, then pretty quickly it became the EEC, then the EC and now it’s the EU about to morph into the USE; it was an acronym competition not a bloody referendum.


  21. 62
    Ma­qbo­ul says:

    OMG They can’t lock up Justin Bieber in an American high security prison full of supremacist gangs and stuff. With his toned body, artful tattoos and girlish good lucks he will be a target for all the strong men on his wing. Why gosh, he would need round the clock protection: like a bucket full of vulcanite condoms.


    • 86
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

      I can see it now , hilarious …….. ….. …. ..Hello li’le whitey boy come an’ give old bubba sum gooood lovin’.


    • 97
      Grandma Moses says:

      Time that precocious little cvnt was taken down a peg or two. Let’s hope there is a sensible judge on the bench who has never heard of him (rather like that English one who ask who the Beatles were all those years ago!).


  22. 68
    ITV says:


  23. 69
    Allan, you at t'bar says:

    Good to see that the FibDems have got more than their fair share of religious head bangers.


  24. 70
    (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

    Yes, its extremely important that we keep Justin at the top of the news agenda, its not as if theres anything else happening in the World, is it?


  25. 72

    Am I the only one who is becoming tired of the ‘ playing fields ‘ analogy, this is NOT a game, our freedom and self determination is at stake . These traitors seem to think that it is in their gift to allow us a vote on the most important issue in the history of this country .
    Hannay deserves to be dragged out of house of Lords with the rest of his cronies and hanged from Westminster Bridge with a length of barbed wire !


    • 98
      Grandma Moses says:

      Rumour has it that quite a few of his colleagues at the FCO thought much the same. Allegedly.


  26. 77
    Victoria Meldrew says:

    I’m getting fed up with seeing the photograph of Hancock and the crosshairs.

    Please Mr Fawkes – can we have a photograph of Nick Clegg being targetted. The debate has now moved on.


  27. 79
    Lard Everard says:


  28. 92
    Graham says:

    Hannay is a useless cnut.


  29. 99
    mark wouters says:

    sovietsalami63 Here,
    “Hes really a crossdresser”


  30. 105
    Johnny says says:

    One of the reasons for not giving the public a say is that the future shape of the EU is changing. A new treaty is on the horizon so negotiations will commence in a year or two. The first shot across the bow is the so called Bozar Treaty drafted by a bunch of MEPs. Their treaty aims to create an associate membership status so you can be in the EU but not run by the EU (haven’t we heard that for long enough?…)

    The goal of that draft treaty is to absorb the EFTA nations in order to enlarge the EU fishing grounds and to get their claws into Switzerland’s financial sector, and to provide a halfway house for members who might want to leave without them actually leaving in order to protect the EU brand. They like to claim even a single member leaving would cause the breakup of the whole project which is either bollocks – the institution should be strong enough to survive – or if it isn’t strong enough then deserves to happen.

    What many governments and eurocrats want is a simpler and more accountable system but each has a different idea of what that should look like and just how centralised it should be.

    Imo if our europhile politicians were simply more honest about what goes on in Brussels and how it works the public understanding of it would be higher and we could make an informed choice (probably to leave). Instead all sides try to keep us ignorant and find wheezes to deny us a fair say. When the next treaty is ready our choice will be accept a new model EU or leave.


  31. 107
    Tom Catesby. says:

    Peoples’ Tosser!


  32. 109
    HarrietHarman`sLoofah says:

    Ironic that this c–t should be named after John Buchan`s patriotic, swashbuckling hero!


  33. 110

    Excellent article. I just came across this post and I am so glad that I did. Very well done!


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