January 23rd, 2014

WATCH: Farage Gets Brillo’d

Andrew Neil gives Farage a bit of a bashing over his knowledge of some of UKIP’s more colourful policies, at least according to their website:

To be fair, who can argue with the traditional train colours stuff…

Via @liarpoliticians


  1. 1

    Well he’s not Brown.


    • 6
      What is the point of Dave? says:

      So what does Cameron stand for?

      His spokeswoman didn’t know.


    • 27
      Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

      That was refreshing honesty from a party leader. He admitted he had no clue what the policies where when he was not leader, and no clue about the specifics of what will be in the manifesto… But on the big central issues facing the electorate he is very clear. Pro UK, Anti EU membership. Pro sensible, controlled and necessary immigration, pro sensible reality based climate and energy policy.


    • 30
      pork scratching. says:

      i am beef .


    • 45
      You kip if you want to, the Lady's not for kipping says:

      Nigel is the Jeremy Clarkson of British Politics


      • 60
        Abby Cuss says:

        He’s on three million a year?


      • 61
        Observer says:

        Clarkson has done very well for those instutions in which he’s been involved. Let us hope that Mr Farage does the same. It’s amusing to see the old establishment in fear of him.


      • 66
        The BBC says:

        Clarkson is to Motoring what Hanson used to be to Football. We’re reviewing this, dire, waste of money.


        • 79
          Interchangable Catchphrase Alert says:

          Good. Any wanker can say, “Pace, Power, Precision” over and over, ad infinitum.


        • 161
          Noneofthem says:

          Clarkson’s TopGear is one of the BBC’s biggest source of income. Even the BBC are not stupid enough to shoot that cash cow.


        • 182
          (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

          Sells like hot cakes overseas though! The Yanks love it. Nice little earner for al-Beeb too! What price non-profit socialism, eh?


      • 165
        Justin Beaver says:

        Wana Race


      • 175
        Gertcha says:

        “Nigel is the Jeremy Clarkson of British Politics”

        In that Nigel is immensely popular with the average bloke in the street because he says what he means and means what he says.

        There may be a few lentil-knitting Marxist gays in North London who don’t like him, but they don’t like most people anyway.


    • 52
      D.I. McPattie says:

      Have we mentioned “The Kirkcaldy Connection” yet, in connection with The Brown One?


    • 93
      Gooey Blob says:

      We’ll have to see how things go after Toby Young sets up the Tory/Ukip vote swapping website later this year. It would be amusing to see if Farage could take seats in Labour’s back yard. I’m not convinced he will, but let’s see…


      • 183
        (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

        Toby Young’s/Cameron’s brainwave? Ain’t going to happen. Did you see the kicking he got in the Telegraph for the very idea?


    • 131
      ancientpopeye says:

      Farage more than held his own when I watched it lunch time.
      Brillo tries time and again to shout him down with his stupid chants, and as for that so-called-business woman, she should join the other fishwives on the opposition benches.
      Their whole raison-detra is to shout something not even connected to the debate and when answered shout down the reply.
      She would really fit in with Harperson , Flint and the ghastly twosome.


      • 158
        Dee Lusional says:

        Raison d’être?

        When UKIP come to power will you expunge these foreign phrases from our language. Or just make them more anglicized as in raison-detra.

        George Bush did not have time for the French. He said the problem with the cheese eating surrender monkeys was that the French language had no word for entrepreneur.


    • 163
      Rightwinggit says:

      That’s twice you’ve posted this, guido…are your lords and masters getting twitchy?


  2. 2
    Rennard the fucks says:

    I’ve been giving the bishop a good bashing.


  3. 3
    Godfrey Bloom says:

    I’m off to bongo bongo land.


  4. 4
    Sue says:

    Still voting UKIP.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    That was so delicious it has got to be fattening.


  6. 8
    Persona non grata says:

    Fcuk talk about cut & paste. Interesting article on the EU, the Euro, and what’s coming down the track.



    • 159
      Dee Lusional says:

      Old Hat!.

      Single currency = single bank = unified taxes = single wage rates (aka internal deflation)

      If UKIP come to power, the Euro bankers will up the interest rates on UK government debt – and given there is a shitload of it, guess what will happen – higher taxes / internal deflation.

      Getting out of Europe is no solution.


  7. 8
    • 17
      Good Result. Bad Justice says:

      Yes the correct result NUT.

      This innocent man and his family have been put through hell by the Police and the CPS for no good reason at all. And the villains have still got away with pathetically small fines.

      THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. The Tories promised that it would not happen. The state should hang its head in shame.


      • 82
        David Cameron says:

        I promised this twice since being elected, but you forgot:

        I’m absolutely hopeless.


        • 110
          You are a useless Twat Cameron says:

          Twat. You put all that effort into perverts marriage which you had not even mentioned and no effort into defending oneself against crimimals which you had promised.



      • 177
        dead perps don't steal says:

        He was one innocent man against two criminals – they should thank him for not killing them.

        In Texas he could have shot them both to death and be praised by the local police for taking out a couple of c#nts.


    • 21
      DR says:

      Quite right!


    • 41
      cep says:

      ‘I’d rather be a killer than a victim’.



  8. 10
    Boss Eyed Loon says:

    Im all for painting the trains traditional colours; just as long as it makes them run on time.

    And while we are at it; can we have our red phone boxes back too.


    • 168
      Bus-spotting says:

      We’re putting leaves on the line behind us.
      Your train will now be delayed by seasonal weather conditions instead.


      PS We know how much you all love to travel by train so, especially for you, we are making all Sunday journeys take at least 50% longer than normal.


  9. 11
    kmc says:

    I think Nigel is onto something with this ‘tradition’ thing. Trains should be in traditional colours, for sure, and the carriages should smell of stale cigarette smoke. Also, they should have windows which open all the way down so schoolchildren can lean out and get decapitated as the train goes into a tunnel.


  10. 12
    Hancock Jr says:

    That journalist felt my fist of fury.


  11. 13
    widescreen2010 says:

    I saw him getting hectored by a couple of annoying women who kept trying to twist his words. He did rather well.


    • 59
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Coburn reads from her Guardian prepared script, while the blonde woman has left my ears bleeding, what a gob!


  12. 15
    Jimmy says:

    Introducing UKIP’s transport spokesman


  13. 16
    DR says:

    Brillo displayed his deficiency of meaty issues to raise. He moves ever closer to the school of Jonathan Ross show hosts.


  14. 18
    The difference says:

    I do like a politican that says he doesn’t know, as opposed to feeling that they have to spout the party line every single time.
    In three minutes there, Farage came across as affable and honest…Patel came across as a party robot, and boring…though I still would.


  15. 20
    Phwoarrr says:

    Fancy that Priti Patel though.


  16. 22
    Dangermouse says:

    Not the brightest lightbulb in the room is he ?


    • 31
      kmc says:

      He could be like one of those energy efficient lightbulbs that gets brighter when it’s been switched on for a while.


  17. 28

    The Internet is a “gift from God” that facilitates communication, Pope Francis said in a statement released Thursday… – USA Today

    So Gore was lying to us then?


    • 44
      kmc says:

      And I thought it was created by the US military as a non-centralised network that would facilitate communication even after a nuclear war.

      But it could have been created by God. That’s why all the computer books have “Bible” in their titles, like “The TCP/IP Bible”.

      Did the Lord not say, “The geek shall inherit the Earth”?


      • 101

        If they all have “Bible” in their titles, we seem to be back to a pantheon. Thor, Chronos, Phanes/ Iapetus, Promethius would render TCP/IP, the latter two being related, as you will know.

        But men had a saying “Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifs”. Sometimes the evidence fits together rather too nicely.

        I can tell you are a clever chap and therefore wonder if your moniker means you are a Knight of the Military Cross or perhaps you were educated in Dorset.


      • 122
        * says:

        I thought it was invented by a british university, not the US.


  18. 36
    xplod says:

    The taxi “uniform” thing isn’t policy, and it’s actually a reference to standards of dress (well, the bit I saw was). Where I used to work we had a vague dress code for drivers – I mean, do you want to get in a cab who’s driver is wearing a sweat stained singlet, and football shorts not changed since last Sundays visit to the pub? Doesn’t mean collar and tie to be imposed…


  19. 37
    Mitch says:

    Farage handled that quite well, actually. Some of those policies are a bit silly..


  20. 39
    George says:

    Neil ;would; do well to qoute ;his sources of reference – which web sites was he talking about?


  21. 40
    Tin foil top hat says:

    Is there is any chance that Labour, Conservatives or Lib Dems will be grilled?

    Or is there an agenda?



  22. 46
    Andrew Neil is a National Treasure says:


    Farage could qualify for the Olympic boat races given how fast he rows back.

    UKIP are amateurs. It’ll be great to send these clowns to the Brussels ‘parliament’ but I wouldn’t let them run a parish council on these shores.


    • 55
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:



    • 56
      Tuscan Tony says:

      Maybe a politician or two who don’t constantly interfere in things might be a good plan.

      Just a thought.


    • 58
      Cabbage says:

      I agree. It’s so unusual to see a Party leader ignore manifesto pledges & u-turn on policy these days.


    • 72
      Jazz Porridge says:

      Nail on the head. The Kippers are good for a laugh but no way would I trust them with my taxes. Every time I see Farage I see a court jester.


      • 90
        Bemused says:

        “no way would I trust them with my taxes”

        Ha! That’s the biggest laugh of all! You’d trust every other fucker though wouldn’t you?

        They’ve already pissed away not only your taxes but your children’s taxes!

        For fuck sake you useless excuse for a human being wake up you prick.


    • 87
      Mr Potato Head says:

      But Westminster is a parish council compared to Brussels where most of the laws and decisions that affect us are now made. You must be a bit thick if you have not realised that yet.


    • 184
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      Cupid stunt! I always thought well of Sir Brill O’Pad until this and now I realize that he’s just another al-Beeb lefty stooge! Nige handled the ambush really well I thought and I’m STILL going to vote for him!


  23. 47
    Jeremy Paxman says:

    Another puerile attack on UKIP. I am disappointed Andrew. P.S. please try and keep that horrendous financial women off our TV screens.


  24. 48
    Jeremy Paxman says:

    Sorry I meant woman.


  25. 50
    Tuscan Tony says:

    I’d love Brillo to pick some obscure tripe off the Labour website (like the fact they still listed Gordon Brown as their leader until quite recently) and challenge Ed, or do the same thing for Dave of course.

    But he won’t.


  26. 53
    Cabbage says:

    Not sure about compulsory uniforms for taxi drivers. Why not start with compulsory adherance to the highway code from cabbies and go from there?


  27. 57
    General Pinochet says:

    Viva Farage, Viva UKIP!


  28. 64
    Ukip Watch says:

    It’s true. Farage really said it (on January 17): “Our Head Office reported to me that they’ve taken many calls from Greeks wanting to join Ukip…to all those Greeks out there, do come and sign up!”


  29. 67
    Jazz Porridge says:

    If politics is showbiz for ugly people then Farage is good for a laugh.

    But UKIP don’t stand up to scrutiny as a serious choice. Their ranks are filled with loons, from senior members to the nutjobs who post countless spam messages on here. Even Farage hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing.


    • 81
      OMG, Farage on tv again says:

      UKIP is not going away, let’s see how they get on in the Euro elections, I am glad to be a nutcase, rather be that than a tribal idiot who follows the leader like sheep.


    • 95
      Mr Potato Head says:

      Better a party with a few eccentrics than perverts and fraudsters as is the case with the Liblabcons. Why do the Liblabcon sheep like to be repeatedly lied to, defrauded and fiddled with? Are they so gullible and gutless?


    • 96
      Ludvig says:

      So long as Sir Humphrey continues to take orders from Herman’s henchmen, it won’t make much difference who’s in No 10.


      • 109
        Universal Hiss says:


        It’s always amusing to see the frothing at the mouth loons who defend red/blue/yellow shysters.

        Why not take a punt on a perhaps honest party?

        Could it be so bad?

        Vote SNP/UKIP & yes I do know how bi-polar that sounds.


    • 97
      Anonymous says:

      Ah, wots up? People straying off the liblabcon plantation are they?

      UKIP should bring up the issue of Cyril Smith and the liblabcon’s cover up of his ‘activities’.


    • 106
      God's Holy Trousers says:

      Their ranks are filled with loons Whereas the liblabcon are all fine upstanding members of the community. Remind me again how many MP’s have been banged up recently for fraud. How many have been accused of sexual peccadilloes? UKIP could hardly be worse than the maggots who currently infest Westminster.


    • 171
      A lawyer says:

      There is someone called Jimmy who posts regular pro-Labour, anti-Tory, anti-Ukip, anti-British and quite nasty things on here. He refers to darkies and coffin dodgers; his handle links to the official Labour Party website–so does Jimmy talk for the Labour Party in an official capacity? Is he an agent provocateur for the Bumsex party? Or maybe he is just another rent boy with a laptop and no job?


    • 185
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      Fuck off, Jazz Porridge, you (vnt!


  30. 70
    Youporn says:

    The Pope has just said that the internet is “a gift from God” .

    Don’t we just love the little fella in the hat!


    • 92
      kmc says:

      If God was going to give us a gift, I’d have preferred it to be eternal happiness or a cure for cancer or perhaps pet cats that don’t grow old and die. But endless hardcore pórnography that’s easily accessible to children, and cyber-bullying, are gifts of sorts, I suppose. Slightly weird gifts, but like they say, He does move in mysterious ways.


  31. 71
    LES Wales says:

    they can take the piss as much as they like – he seems like someone you would meet in the pub and he is definitely going to walk the euro elections !!!


  32. 80
    Cabbage says:

    Never trust a man with a weave.


  33. 88
    ukip are hypocrites says:

    Farage is a prick, when you challenge them on what there policies are they say it is on our website, but now he says not relevant and will change, so we realy dont know what this self serving expenses claiming non attending drunk stands for.


    • 100
      Mr Potato Head says:

      Hey dickhead, there is a big difference between a party’s main policies and the five year old minutiae that Brillo tried to trip him up with.

      When it comes to Liblabcon policies they change within days of getting into office.
      When it comes to Liblabcon policies they change within days of getting into office.

      I said that twice because I know how thick Liblabcon supporters are.


    • 103
      help the bears says:

      labour say thy care for the poor but do they fuck

      labour care for posh people who live in london

      i dont know anyoe with a million pound house, i bet everyone who ed milliband knows has got one

      i don;t knoe anyone who knows polly toynbee

      i read the internet


  34. 91
    UKIP = Tea Party + Carry On film says:

    The mask slips.

    Just a few days some UKIP crackpot was blaming the floods on gays and now the leader hasn’t got a clue what’s on his own website.


    • 108
      Bemused says:

      Well we know what Cameron stands for: bending over and letting the EU fuck us in the ass. We also know what Millband stands for: Union Marxism.

      Vote UKIP.


      • 120
        Dave Cunt - it's the way I tell 'em says:

        No – No – No.

        I’m all for taking a chum up the Arcelor and then marrying him.

        Or was that my old chum, that rogue Boris?


    • 112
      Mr Potato Head says:

      Brillo could have done exactly the same exercise with Ed, Dave or Cleggy and got the same results but he wouldn’t have dared to. What was Tory policy on gay law before the last election? Why did it change? And why did Lib Dem policy on university fees change? Never trust a word the Liblabcons say. They lie through their teeth all the time.


      • 118
        Kippers clearly don't watch tv says:

        I agree. Brillo never has a go at Lib, Lab or Con politicians. He and the BBC only ever bashes away at those poor UKIP people. Naughty, naughty Brillo.


    • 119
      R U Gullible? says:

      And you’re certain the other party leaders have the slightest notionof what’s on theirs?
      Good luck with that !

      Vote UKIP


  35. 105
    Bemused says:

    Well I did a search on the UKIP website for the word “train” and I can’t find any references to train colours.

    Plenty of references to HS2 and that’s it.

    What’s Brillo playing at?


  36. 114
    UKIP councillor planted by the Tories says:



  37. 115
    Persona non grata says:

    UKIP’s candidate for Wythenshawe. Given his background and credentials, this could quite easily be their first MP. http://tinyurl.com/p54b9vn


  38. 121

    It appears that when the European space probe Rosetta gets to Mars, it will find a load of Indian restaurants already there, paid for by our aid.


    • 132
      Universal Hiss says:

      It’s not going to Mars.

      It’s chasing a comet to plant a probe to discover uh,strange stuff like chemicals & amino acids & stuff.

      Ah yes,the base sauce Indian restaurants are made of.

      (You did know this though,didn’t you?)Grins.


      • 136

        Look! This is a political blog

        Had I said 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, most here might have thought it another new sexual malpractice.


        • 144
          Universal Hiss says:

          Well it could be.

          How strange,I’ve just received an e-mail from a university to complete a survey about my interest in a masters on astrobiology.



    • 134
      kmc says:

      i was going to have my birthday party at one of those Indian restaurants on Mars, but apparently they’ve got no atmosphere.


  39. 125
    Tin foil top hat says:

    This typifies the moral and intellectual hollowness of the UK. UKIP are libertarian. The specific as to how this libertarianism is applied are irrelevent at present. But application of COMMON SENSE would inform you this would be in the form of removal of legislation which is uneccasry,cut in the size of the state etc. But the LibLabCon bunch are thumb suckers who need a cameron or milliband to rule them.


  40. 126
    Cassandra says:

    Every now and then Brillo thinks “Oh well, I’ll keep on taking the millions from the bbc, better make out I’m on message that Labour must be promoted. How I laugh at the clowns of producers etc., who think they are so edgy and precious (up their own ‘arses) whilst I count the easily earned dosh relaxing in my mega pad on the Cote D’Azur.”

    Tossers the of of them.


    • 154
      FFS says:

      In the end Brillo has always been a commentator that seems to think that the corruption of the political elite is all a bit of a laugh.

      He is very much part of the problem.


  41. 128
    Prime Minister Comrade David Cameron says:

    Victoria Line is delayed tonight, due to flooding…concrete. http://goo.gl/6A63AU . We’re awaiting some *hard* evidence. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)


    • 157
      FFS says:

      Oh my god. I used to work in railway signalling when I was an engineering apprentice. Even back then (30 years) those safety relays cost £100 a pop.

      If they don’t get that quick setting concrete out bloody quick it will take an age to repair the damage.


    • 186
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      Fucking stupid twunt at the Telegraph called it “cement”, which is merely one component of the correct term “concrete” (or sometimes “mortar”), as any fule kno!


  42. 137
    Cast iron Dave says:

    Did I? News to me… I’ve never read that. I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. When it comes to referendums, I’m not the expert.


  43. 146
    Smears R Us says:

    The smear-fest against UKIP is really getting into top gear now – just as predicted. I would urge anyone with an interest in media studies to monitor bias in the press between now and the May elections.

    Ascertain who are the worst offenders at misleading the public, precisely what their motives are and whether they are receiving a remuneration. You will no doubt amass enough material to write a book.


    • 147
      Universal Hiss says:

      This is of nothing compared with the Scottish referendum.

      It’s all going to get very ugly.

      I’m looking forward to it.


    • 151
      Fish says:

      They don’t need to be smeared. Farridge is doing a good job himself. How can anyone imagine this idiot as the PM of Britain?

      UKIP don’t stand for anything, just what Farridge thinks will get HIM votes and a chance to sit on the TV sofa.


      • 155
        FFS says:

        You mean UKIP actually intend to give the voters what they want?

        Well that really would be a first.

        Because I seem to remember nobody voting for a coalition, gay marriage, or an even bigger deficit, but we have all three.

        I do remember people wanting a vote on the Lisbon Treaty. We didn’t get that.


        • 160
          FFS, FFS says:

          We have a greater deficit because of the hole that Labour left, their libilites and legal structures they put in place to stymie an incoming Government.

          We have a greater deficit because of Brown’s gerrymandering of the benefit system

          Gay marriage is not compulsory and according to opinon polls, is supported by most of the population…so your botty is safe and UKIP is out of touch.

          It was Brown who denied the people a referendum, but Farridge keeps ignoring this. Brown skulked into Lisbon to sign it at the dead of night, out of prying eyes, in defiance of the British people

          Cameron’s pledge held good only if Lisbon remained unsigned and unratified. It wasn’t, it didn’t. Brown ratified it in defiance of an impending election and in defiance of the people of Britain. Note – Farridge has no harsh words for the real traitor, Brown

          Mr ‘New Politics’ Farridge lies about ‘the cast iron guarantee’ and when confronted, laughed and dismissed this as a ‘mere detail’

          The one certain way of getting more Europe is to allow Farridge to vote UKIP at the General Election.

          Farridge is the Homer Simpson of British politics (Doh!). Vote UKIP and Britain will be lost.


          • (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

            I’m voting UKIP and the more the trolls on here bleat, the more determined I become!


    • 187
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      With so many aliases, it will be hard to pinpoint any one individual, group or party doing the smearing, though?


  44. 149
    Spartacus says:

    There seems to be an orchestrated rubbishing of the UKIP party on this site today.

    Can’t think why so many people are running scared.

    Just saying


    • 150
      Spartacus says:

      just seen the ‘smears R us’ comment above – must have posted it whilst i was typing.


    • 156
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      No one is running scared. In fact that is such a childish statement. Farage is a one trick pony.


      • 162
        CYNICAL OLD GIT says:



        • 166
          DR says:

          Once out of the Ropey Union we’d soon find out if our current and aspiring politicians had the nous and guts to govern without instructions from the Commissars … however, I’d advise against holding one’s breath in that event …


      • 174
        Jack Ketch says:

        The combined weight of the Lib/Lab/Con/H0m0/BBC/Kent Socialist International Workers Collective (Provisionals) has swung into action this week. There is a UKIP attack-a-day plus someone has decided to distribute sweeties to many, many bloggers to encourage the trashing of UKIP and its leader on various websites. What are they frightened of? They must be really scared sh1tless–so worried that instead of cogent argument, they rely on deprecation and insults.


  45. 152
    pamela bordes says:

    ukip threaten to disrupt the allowed establishment status quo the your turn party the my turn party and the protest party aka lab com lib, neil is just playing his assigned role in making sure nobody upsets the applecart wouldn’t watch the smarmy shite for a lottery win


  46. 170
    xplod says:

    The taxi “uniform” thing isn’t policy, and it’s actually a reference to standards of dress (well, the bit I saw was). Where I used to work we had a vague dress code for drivers – I mean, do you want to get in a cab who’s driver is wearing a sweat stained singlet, and football shorts not changed since last Sundays visit to the pub? Doesn’t mean collar and tie to be imposed…


  47. 179
    Biffo says:

    Brillo made all that shit up though.


    • 181
      Smears R Us says:

      I’ve been searching the 2010 UKIP manifesto. There is no reference to taxi drivers uniforms, no reference to painting trains different colours and no reference to making the circular line circular. Still, they gave Farage a good kicking for not knowing about these made-up facts, and that’s all that matters.


  48. 188
    Reality says:

    Farage laughed his brilloing off as he ably always does. The real damage will be done hopefully to the greed driven Conservative Party. As Brillo mentioned UKIP is on 19% in the latest ComRes poll. This may fall. But as long as UKIP divides the nasty right wing in Britain and steals votes from the Tory Party hope reigns supreme.


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The jolly face of the Quisling Cameron poses for your camera has mesmerised and deceived you, you who were once not so deceived.

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