January 23rd, 2014

Clegg Admits He Was Told About Hancock in February 2013

On Call Clegg last November, the LibDem leader admitted that his office did receive a detailed letter from the solicitors of Hancock’s victim outlining the allegations against him. Clegg let slip that:

“We did receive a letter in February this year… you’re right, we did receive a fuller letter from the complainant in February this year and I asked the chief whip to look into it.”

So why are the LibDems pretending they had no idea what Hancock was being accused of until yesterday afternoon? And why did it take them almost a year to act?


  1. 1
    Viv says:



  2. 2
    Viv says:

    Billy Bunter had better excuses than Calamity Clegg & Co.


  3. 3
    Jimmy says:

    I hate Labour


  4. 5
    Anonymous says:

    And why did it take them almost a year to act?

    Because they are lib dems?


  5. 6
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Clegg may be gone a long time


  6. 9
    Curious says:

    Dave — you formed a Coalition with these tossers — is that because you’re a weak bumsex promoting failure who couldn’t even win the election against Gorgon?


  7. 10
    melvin says:

    Ah, what is truth, what is reality, what is the essence of the moral vacuum in which the LibDems customarily exist, which is to tell each voter what they want to hear?


  8. 12
    General Opinion says:

    This Lib Dem pervy lot just get worse.


    • 29
      Jack D says:

      Where’s the big, big black men?


      • 67
        Dave Lee Traversity says:

        Hi Jack,
        DLT back again… just to let you know
        Im back on the high seas in International Waters,
        with a new sound for a new generation.

        There’s me (DLT)
        Jimmy Savile (yes, I also thought he’d passed over…)
        Diddy Hamilton
        Jonathon King

        and many more…


  9. 13
    Ian Smith says:

    Universal Credit will be delivered on time and on budget. I may now be the only person who believes this.


  10. 15
    Silent Majority says:

    They did nothing and now they’re trying to cover their tracks.

    If anything it looks like they were protecting him and hoping the scandal would go away rather than siding with the abused victim.


  11. 17
    The Constitution says:

    Clegg is clearly unfit to fulfil the office of Deputy Prime Minister.

    He should be sacked. If Cameron won’t do it, the Queen should step in and do it for him.


    • 24
      Why can't you ever act you stupid fooker says:

      Clegg supports perves and thieves in his party by his doing nothing and just wishes it all away, and that imho, means that he stands for nothing. Impotent nobhead.


    • 35
      Wee Willy Winkee says:

      LOL. The Queen is the biggest traitor of them all. Broke nearly every single coronation oath she made, a more dupicitous and vile woman I have yet to come across


    • 138
      Anthony Eden's Tailor says:

      You are perfectly correct. If the post of DPM had been held by a Conservative with a track record like this then they would have had to go. Dave is scared to risk cracking the coalition and still finds them useful to blind side his support on what are not Conservative values so that he can dodge the responsibility. He thinks this is clever, it is not it is simply mendacious. The setting of fixed term Parliaments needs to changed as soon as possible as it clearly encourages the growth of sloth and incompetence at a greater rate than normal in a government. God help us in 2015.


  12. 19
    Bemused says:

    And why is it the opposition seem strangely happy for Mike Handoncock to stay right where he is as LimpDem MP for Portsmouth?


    • 22
      Jahbulon says:

      er…the scam to house immigrants in buy-to-let housing schemes stretching right across the city of Portsmouth.


      • 124
        Handy's Boys says:

        Don’t forget, Handy’s housing asylum seekers /property scam has made us millions, allowed us to launder our drug profits for years, buy Portsmouth Football Club with a 2M loan from Portsmouth Council and therefore continue to launder our drug profits. Handy has been good to us that is why we bought him his villa in Spain and gave much to the Liberal Democrat Party. Boaz.


    • 25
      Ugly, boring, what-a-voice, Rachel says:

      I made a speech about our position on this matter but the audience just went to sleep when I outlined what we’d do.


    • 63
      M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

      He is an independent now.


  13. 20
    The Guardian says:

    So, now that it turns out that the sale of Royal Mail was, in fact, completely botched and has cheated citizens of billions of pounds’ worth of value, where is the apology? Where are the resignations? If something like this had happened at local government level, there may have been questions of criminal prosecution. Why do our representatives in Westminster feel that they don’t have to apologise when they get it so disastrously wrong, that they don’t even have to give an account of themselves? They can simply ignore criticism; wave it away as if it were an unsavoury smell


  14. 21
    Fingers crossed says:

    Surely, given the behaviour of so many of the Mp’s ( from Paddy-Pantsdown and Thorpe, to the thieving Laws, that coy homosexual, to the liar Huhne, to ‘foxy’ Rennard, to perve Hancock)) is this the end of the LibDem Party?


    • 36
      Hugh G. Rection says:

      For a small party the LibDems do seem to have a lot of scandals:
      Jeremy Thorpe (trouser pilot)
      Cyril Smith (kiddie fiddler)
      Paddy Ashdown (secretary bonker)
      Charles Kennedy (keen on a wee drop. OK, not really a scandal and no wonder he drank)
      Mark Oaten (trouser pilot)
      Simon Hughes (trouser pilot)
      David Laws (trougher and trouser pilot)
      Chris Huhne (liar and all-round-creep)
      Chris Rennard (obese groper)
      Have I got them all?


  15. 23
    nell says:

    The problem when people lie is that they always get found out.

    For the libdems its a double whammy because now their party looks sleazy and dishonest. Not very good timing with the May EU election coming up is it?


    • 27
      the day of reckoning is beckoning says:


    • 145
      Chris Huhne says:

      Look here, I’ve never told an untruth in my entire life !

      Furthermore, as soon as that twerp Clegg has been removed as leader(ha ha) of the Libdems I intend to stand for the post

      and it being the Libdems I stand a fair chance of winning!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. 26
    If I close my eyes the Fortune Fairy will make it all go away for me ..... won't you? says:

    ‘their party looks sleazy and dishonest.’

    I would venture to suggest that the Party IS sleazy and dishonest, Nell.


    • 34
      The Public says:

      Unfortunately that is correct. We need a chance to vote them out of office. Can’t we have a general election or a right of recall?


      • 123
        Anonymous says:

        Right of recall was in the Tory manifesto for the 2010 GE,so there is no chance of it being implemented.


      • 139
        Anthony Eden's Tailor says:

        See my comment on fixed Parliaments set by the coalition. Only a PM afraid of his party, the electorate and his own ability to lead would have agreed such a thing.


  17. 28

    That incident outside the House of Handycock in Rockingham Way, Portchester, where an Express reporter had his nose altered, sounded like the old film:

    Hey broken nose, play the piano!
    I ain’t got no broken nose!
    *ding de ding de ding dong*

    Things not going at all well for House of Handycock, Rockingham Way, Portchester. Might see a closing down sale, perhaps?


    • 33
      Is he not at the House today? says:

      One might feel just a tad sorry for Hancock.
      However, millions of the rest of us will not have even an ounce of sympathy for him.


      • 51
        Oh dear, but a bit sad... says:

        … local news says a 37 year old arrested on suspicion of assaulting a news photographer outside the home of Mike H – locally said to be his son….


    • 64
      Bill Quango MP says:

      Meanwhile the Liberal lords are rallying around.

      “No charges have been proven..no apology necessary..sue the woman for allowing him to get his manhood out in the first place..the little tease… sue Nick Clegg for not covering up properly..A fine Upstanding {chuckle} member{double chuckle] of the House.. Valued colleague..firm pillar {heheh} of the community..”


      • 106
        Glen Ghosclaci says:

        I think it will also be a good idea if we pretend that the allegations are of no consequence, just like we did with Rennard, when we pretended that it was just a matter of him having once touched someone’s trouser leg despite the evidence showing that he had locked two women activists in his house and run his hands all over them, including what one of the deadbeat b!tches claimed was “places where they had absolutely no business being.”
        I think we should do some research on the witnesses in the Hancock case, just as my friend Chris did on the women who complained about him. We’ll soon make them shut up. Everyone has some reason to keep their mouths shut. We just have to find out what it is in their case.


  18. 44
    Fleas of a Thousand Camels says:

    Like Father Like son these Handycocks………


  19. 46
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    If you say ‘Owen Jones’ three times, he appears on whatever TV programme you’re watching.


    • 47
      Jack, Harriet's man (LOLOLOL) says:

      I’ve just tried dick, dick, dick, but that didn’t work.


    • 54
      Bill Quango MP says:

      Blimey- it works on the radio too!

      I said it three times and there he popped up on Gardener’s Question Time squeaking about plant owning landlords evicting greenfly and how a rotting marrow is all foodbank seeking slugs have to eat.


      • 88

        You are right. Just tried it in Belgrade! Slight delay whilst the automatic translator thought it was Belarus for a moment but corrected that and there he was, broadcasting from a stretched Trabant, extolling the virtues of Goran Hadzic, or some such name – they all sound the same to me but I’m sure he is a good bloke if Owen says so.



        • 128
          (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

          As my old Grandad used to say “He’ll get where watter waint”.
          Up the workers.


    • 111
      The Critic says:

      I am praying for ‘walking through unmapped minefields with Owen Jones’ an explosive new documentary series. Not sure if it will last more than one episode. Good while it lasts though.


  20. 49
    Anon. says:

    Wonder what else Nick Clegg is turning a blind eye to?


  21. 50
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Liberal Democrat application form.

    Please tick all that apply.
    Points are awarded in each category. Some items are labeled M for mandatory.

    – Beard {M}
    – Weird {M}
    – Hooker booker {2}
    – Criminal {1}
    – Speed demon {1}
    – Bisexual {3}
    – Homosexual {1}
    – Confused gender [other] {3}
    – Fraudster {1}
    – Hypocrite {1}
    – Creepy/sweaty/gropy/tubby {2}
    – A bit Odd {1}
    – Aging Hippy {1}
    – Sandal/sock wearer {M}
    – Prone to hysteria {M}
    – Guardian reader {M}

    You must score more than 5 and comply with all mandatory requirements.
    No Goths.


    • 71

      Dear Mr Quango

      So close do I come to meeting your first requirement that I am seriously thinking about establishing where the local knocking shops are.

      I stopped shaving when I got a ghastly cold on my way through England last December but vowed to shave the beard off when the sun returns – if that’s OK.

      Don’t meet the penultimate requirement but have heard that you guys can be liberal with the rules.

      How soon can I start claiming expenses?

      Yours etc…


    • 112
      Bemused says:

      Don’t forget:



    • 129
      (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

      Yeth because we are also atheisths.


  22. 57
    Biff! Pow! says:


  23. 60
    A Penguin says:

    Professor Turkey has snuck back into Australia with his tale between his legs.


  24. 61
    Prime Minister Comrade David Cameron says:

    I am calling for all parliamentarians to be armed.


  25. 65
    • 74
      The Plod says:

      Thank you, we shall now be using that video as material evidence for our investigation.


    • 83
      prat says:

      Careless driving?


    • 95
      It was the Shane Warne look-a-like wot did it officer! says:

      The silly fucker was nearly run over by the mini, yet his first reaction was to puch a nearby photographer. Absolutely bizarre!

      At first I thought it was a re-enactment of Gene Kelly’s “Singing in the R’ain”.


    • 101
      Anonymong says:

      Not a knockout but it looks like junior wins on points from the judges.

      Will he be asking his wife to take them on his behalf?


  26. 67
    Anonymous says:


    1. LISTS


  27. 80
    Dave Lee Traversity says:

    An RIB is moored at Portsmouth Ferry Terminal waiting to whisk Handycock away to the safety of my Radio Station (Int’l waters), and then onto my underground network of helpers.


  28. 84
    Anon. says:


  29. 86
    Trouble is says:

    Hancock is sacrificed to save Rennard. Grope therapy needed for all Glib Dems. IMO .


  30. 89
    bubble says:

    Where’s Crick?


  31. 93
    Surr Dead Fatman The Libdem Pederast says:

    This Clogg boy is nowt but a reet poofter…
    Aye…it werrr reet gud ah pretends to be the fat bridge whay nay pants on and the boys form a train an’ ah makes ‘em change the signal.
    Them wert the good auld days, when yer leader was too busy bumping aff his luvver boys to care.


  32. 110
    A baked bean on a sautéed mushroom says:

    This thread is stupid.

    It has been known for years that Handycock has a serious problem with women yet it has been allowed to go on regardless.


  33. 119
    fed-up in britain says:

    what a bloody palaver. all lib-dems are troughers and Hunts.


  34. 126
    Anon. says:


  35. 132
    Rinka Scott says:

    Well if you are daft enough to stand in a suburban street with a long range camera and you know there is a liberal about if you end up with a bloodied nose then think yourself lucky.


  36. 133
    Nemesis says:

    What a fucking awful party are the Limp Dems. Rennard and Handycock were both featured on Guido many times and Clegg just ignored it. And now they’ve arrested Handycock for alleged assault on a photographer. You couldn’t make it up! Who the fuck votes for these clowns?


  37. 135
    Dave Lee Traversity says:

    Handycock sacrificed on the Altar du Rennard


  38. 140

    Coming soon Clegg Gate.


  39. 141
    Foxy knee-trembler says:

    All this jumping through hoops about Rennard is nothing t all to do with the woman or the corpulent peer. It’s all about covering Nick Clegg’s arse. The bottom line is his office (maybe he himself) were approached about the louche Lord’s wandering hand problem years ago and sid SFA about it worth talking about.


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