January 22nd, 2014

The Mike Hancock Report that the LibDems Hid

The LibDems have been trying to squash the Mike Hancock scandal for years. The accusation that he took advantage of disabled constituent is far more serious than anything said about Rennard. The transparency-loving LibDems yesterday blocked an attempt to release the damning report into the sleazy Portsmouth MP. So in the interest of openness, here it is:

Read the Pascoe Report into Mike Hancock here.

Once again, the LibDems have to be forced into confronting sexual harassment of women by their pervy politicians…

UPDATE: Some of the allegations against Hancock:

  • Told constituent “women had bucket crotches after hysterectomies”. Asked to be “first to road test it”.
  • Hancock “started rubbing himself” begging for “a quick w*nk and said he wasn’t very big. I picked up guitar to distract him”.
  • Hancock said he could not leave constituent’s house because “I have a peg leg and it won’t go down”
  • Hancock to ill female constituent: “You have one of those faces. You have a f**k face.”
  • “He knew I was sexually abused as a child and he asked me what sex was like with previous partners. I asked him to stop. He wouldn’t stop.”




  1. 1
    Lord Rearguard says:

    This is much worse than whatever I never did.


    • 12
      The Conclusion says:

      As a Leader of a Political Party

      As a champion of women’s causes.

      As a decent fellow.

      Clegg is USELESS


      • 15
        The LibLabCon are all quisling cunts says:

        And he’s quisling c’unt. Never forget that.


        • 27
          Anonymous says:

          His attitude to the native English is little better than Milliwatt’s old man.

          These people are like a Raj class ruling over us.


      • 61
        Miriam says:

        My man is all man ….. when I tell him to be.


        • 66
          Ed and Dave Milliband fondly remember says:

          A little ditty to dear departed Adolph Milliband.

          My old man’s a Nazi,
          He wears a Nazi hat,
          He wears cor blimey swastikas,
          And he lived in a multi million pound estate that was so arranged as to best defraud the tax office of as a much money as possible, which he spent on champagne, whilst talking treasonous bollocks about socialism.


    • 16

      For once I agree with Rennard.

      Hancock actually got his meat out in front of constituent, despite her protestations.


      • 17
        Ed Balls says:

        And his two veg?


      • 20
        RomaBob.... Beeg Issue, Beeg Issue! says:

        Showing his one eyed snake……. dirty b’tard!


      • 35
        One slice or two? says:

        A great shame she didn’t have a meat carving knife handy.


      • 65
        Lib Dems makes one proud to be a male says:

        Clegg has sons.
        Perhaps he might feel a bit more concerned if he had a daughter who had been propositioned regarding a quick wank.


        • 87
          Handycock, LibDem Pervert Extaordinaire says:

          I don’t know what all the fuss is about. The only reason I went in to politics in the first place was to get my leg over, I even switched Partys when it was expedient to do so. I have no edcuation and can neither spell nor put a grammatical sentence together, so I can contribute nothing to the political debate, nor have I for the last 45 years. Of course I have got plenty of nookie during this time and continue to do so, particularly in eastern Europe, where Dave Cameron was pleased to sponsor me as an Independent MP as a member of the Council for Europe which is where I get most of my sex nowadays. This is the first time in many years that I have been fingered fore sexual abuse, I acn’t see waht the problem is, i mean why become an MP if you can’t sexually abuse vulnerable female constituents. I can tell you that if I go down, I will be taking plenty down with me, and they know it. Boaz.


        • 100
          Anonymous says:

          These comments are filth. Get lives, please.


    • 26
      Dial 1 for Little John says:

      I don’t suppose the speaker will actually suspend him now, will he.


    • 51
      Louise Mensch says:

      they are so fucked.


      • 53
        Morgan's Organ says:

        Calamity Clegg’s new NICKname has to be ‘HRH’ (that’s Hancock, Rennard, Huhne) cos he’s in a right royal mess. Might we expect an apology from him?


      • 101
        Is this another compromised political leader ? says:

        It has come to light that at least 5 teachers at Cleggs old school were active child abusers including the head teacher. These are just the ones we know about but its hard to avoid the suspicion that such abuse was institutionalised at this establishment. Hmmmmm I wonder


        • 123
          Grumpy old man says:

          In that case, Clegg would become a victim and pick up sympathy votes. Don’t go near that idea.


  2. 2
    Call Clegg {a twat} says:

    This is not helpful.
    Deploy Paddy and Ming again please to try and keep the Libby women from getting their knickers in a twist


    • 9
      Let them sort one out says:

      Don’t the Lib Dems have enough problems without Guido reminding them of others


      • 23

        No. Let the chickens roost where they will. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving body of perves.


        • 25
          RomaBob.... Beeg Issue, Beeg Issue! says:

          A great week for politics :)


          • Pundit Too. says:

            Redaction, redaction, redaction.
            In spite of this it is obvious that Hancock is even worse than Renard.
            Yet Pascoe QC advises that the FULL report be put in the public domain and gives his approval of this.
            So who is going to state that this should not be done?
            Surely not Cleggover?


  3. 3
    Under Pressure says:


  4. 4

    There was a long debate yesterday at Portsmouth City Council about this which I covered on my blog. As the report – or what claims to be that report – is now in the public domain I can see no other course for the City Council to take than to publish it properly and conclude the disciplinary process against Hancock.


    • 60
      Bilda Berger says:

      Unfortunately, m’lud, you died in 1865, which does rather limit your authority.



      • 62
        Nick Clegg says:

        Unfortunately we cannot do anything about
        Handy because he has said he will blow the whistle on the scam we LibDems have been running up and down the Country in local constituencies we hold, bringing in asylum seekers and providing them with private housing, and as a result, taking political backhanders from developers for housing them as they cannot, by law, be housed in public housing. Handy and his boys have been so succesful at this in Portsmouth, where Handy is in charge of planning, that he and his fellow LibDems are the 2nd highest donors to the Party. If Handy, as promised, blows the whistle on this, we are finished at the next general election.


    • 67
      Big Bro says:

      Download the Report as it could easily go astray. You know what the interwebby doodah is like!


  5. 6
    Persona non grata says:

    Dave sponsored (youaeff) thug who assaulted Farage charged with assault.



  6. 7
    Denis MacShameless says:

    I’ve got a dose of the crabs. You’ll be telling me next this is the fault of the Libdems.


  7. 8
    SleeplessInKirkaldy says:

    Well done Guido. The conclusions seem balanced and suggest further action should follow. Of course no action was going to happen until you got this out into the light…


  8. 11

    The libdems must be dreading waking up in the morning.


  9. 13
    Speedster says:

    Are these bloody reports written by the Judean People’s Front?

    For the love of god, you couldn’t make the almost last bit up “Finally the time for equivocation has ended. These matters should have been addressed definitively a long time ago …….”
    FFS, is that it?


  10. 14
    Gordon MacBreath says:

    I am a level 4 padawan on Lego Star Wars, The empire strikes back for the Nintendo 3DS.



  11. 19
    The Lib-Dem Party says:

    We are a party of pervs and letches, why do you think we gravitate into teaching.


  12. 21
    cep says:

    “Women have bucket crutches after hysterectomies”…?!??!

    What a charmer. How many times has he used that on a lady..?


  13. 24
    Bob Maxwell deceased says:

    Didn’t they once try to lynch a pervert in Portsmouth ?


  14. 29
    The Liberal Democrats says:

    We can do all of this because we are Progressive and have the best interests of everyone at heart.


    • 30
      The fall and rise of UKIP says:

      You will get fewer votes than UKIP will.
      No one wants your lefty brand of hand wringing, drippiness anymore.


  15. 31
    M103 says:

    The only reason we have a Tory government at the moment is because of the LDs.


    • 107
      Fly on the wall says:

      What Tory government? Dave and his gang are social democrats. There is hardly a Tory to be found anywhere near Westminster.


  16. 32
    Lord Nelson says:

    Don’t worry the local Fib Dems tried to cover this up yesterday with noticeable nods to Cllr Hall, Cllr Hunt and Cllr Vernon Jackson all beating the Mike Hancock drum. It was plain to see, the Fib Dems closed ranks on their counterparts and use their majority to mislead the public once more. They were more concerned with members of the public gallery tweeting and using their phones rather than the report into sexual assault. It is obvious to see where their own personal concerns lie. This Fib Dem local government are more akin to the Soviet politburo.

    A massive well done to the Conservative and Labour Cllrs who thought of the public and transparency in this case. They demonstrated how out of touch the local government are.


  17. 33
    Geoffrey Brooking says:

    About time. Power to your elbow Guido :-)


  18. 34
    Cynic2 says:

    What a sleazy pervert. They should make him Deputy PM


  19. 37
    why no arrest says:

    vulnerable women


  20. 39
    Need more says:

    Guido, the report doesn’t seem to be all there. Above all, the bits you’ve published don’t express Pascoe’s conclusion.


    • 44
      OK says:

      Forget it, sorry – have now seen conclusion.

      Amazing that this doesn’t get more publicity than Rennard’s *comparatively* minor (and unproven) indiscretions.


      • 68
        Anonymous says:

        Why isn’t this headline news? I’m baffled. Is the Rennard case a huge smokescreen? What the hell is going on?


  21. 40
    And the Lib Dems' response is? says:


    • 75
      Tim says:

      Don’t ask us to do anything definite. We’re LibDems, the yes-no-dunno Party.


      • 89
        Nick Cleggover and the Demwits. says:

        When in opposition we had the solutions to ALL the world’s problems.
        When we got into the Coalition Government we showed how good we were at grandstanding and not having a clue as to how to solve even our own party problems.


  22. 41
    Anonymous says:

    Why the censorship all over the place, when he says at the end that he consents to the full and unabridged publication of his report? I want to see behind those black curtains.


    • 42
      I thought says:

      Isn’t that there to protect the identity of AH ?


      • 46
        Anonymous says:

        Far too much is blotted out for that to be the explanation. And she is called AH in other places, so presumably she is called that throughout the report. At most, you could justify blotting out her full name, if it appears anywhere, her address, if that appears, and the names and addresses of her family, and (perhaps, though this is dodgy), the names of any social workers and the like who had dealings with her.


        • 77
          Sherlock says:

          I knew it.
          It’s Arshole Harriet.


        • 110
          I thought says:

          I am told she is referred to as “Annie” (not AH) in the local newspaper. Is there a danger of “jigsaw identification”? Or is someone making this up as they go along?


  23. 43
    bs says:

    Love the timing – Mr. Hancock is very aptly named.


  24. 45
    Strange says:

    Geedo’s update is damning. Politics is a strange thing.

    The meeja get all upset about harmless fancy dress at a stag do but say nothing about an MP who seriously sexually molested his constituent, strange.


  25. 47
    lescrompsblogg says:

    The never ending fuckfest that is the LibDems and Hancocks my MP,


  26. 48
    Wait - what! says:

    Yet nothing in the MSM.
    Anybody know why?


    • 74
      He's getting a square deal says:



    • 90
      BBC & Gruniard - Lib Dems are our left wing comrades says:

      We will have to report this at some stage but in such a nice easy going manner using our favourite stooges like Paddypower, Ming, Vinceable, and perhaps Lord Carlile.


  27. 49
    Enquiring Brit says:

    Is EVERYONE in the Lib-Dems bent or perverted?


    • 57
      Certainly not us says:

      Chris Huhne, Mark Oaten, Mike Hancock, Jeremy Thorpe, Simon Hughes, David Laws, Cyril Smith et al.


      • 79
        Lib Dems are a sick cult says:

        Paddy Pantsdown is a better man than all of those put together. He could beat them all, even with one hand up his secretary’s skirt.


    • 116
      Jack Ketch says:

      Remember the good old days when they were just Liberals and if anyone threatened to expose buggery, they called in the hit men?


  28. 52
    RESULT says:

    At Last. Brillo has just mentioned this report on the Daily Politics and the credible conclusion.


  29. 54
    Socialism = Starvation says:

    Is Clegg actually pulling a masterstroke (‘Matron!”) by getting the Rennard issues up as a distraction from other potential woes relating to the above Honourable Member?

    Or is he not that cunning?


  30. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Was shocked but not surprised to see the odious Evan Harris on Newsnight last night defending Lib Dem processes in the wake of sexual misdemeanours by senior party figures. This from the man who fronts Hacked Off, and spends all his time accusing the press of being in a cosy club, not caring about the victims of injustice.


  31. 58
    Handycock says:

    I’m beginning to feel unwell again.I will be very surprised if I can make it to the court hearing.
    I feel Margaret Moron disease coming on.


  32. 59
    Sally at the Seaside says:

    Portsmouth city council will be spending public money this Friday in the High Court trying to
    stop this report being made available for a court hearing. The councils legal officer together
    with Clegg should hang there heads with shame.


  33. 64
    So Why did the LibDems hide it from the public? says:


    • 70
      Is this just the tip of the iceberg? says:

      It does not make sanse. Logic says it would be best to publish it and get it over. Is there more to come out?


    • 93
      Just Saying. says:

      Needs to be tweeted to hell and back to ensure the Beeb and others cannot hide it.


  34. 73
    Calamity Clegg says:

    Oh dear! I don;t know what to do and how to manage this as it’s one thing after another. I’ll have to get advice from Dave in the big Party.


  35. 76
    Make it stop says:

    Hmm Skydrive linky no work for me

    Too many hits or been hit by M’learned friends?


  36. 78
    And the Police said no charges? says:


  37. 82
    Mr Clegg? says:


  38. 83
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    Ken Barlow, DLT, old Rolfy are in court being tried for the same things this bastard has/is doing, and none of them were sleeping with a suspected Russian spy; so why is he not under arrest, is it because he’s a politician and has “friends” ???


    • 85
      He seems to have friends in High places says:


      The charges against DLT seem far less serious than what is in this report about Hancock.


  39. 84
    Riggsy Brown says:

    Takes me back to the Thorpe trial at the end of the `70s – and the subsequent Simon Hughes outing (by credit card) – when the popular one-liner was `I ‘ll be buggered if I join the Liberals’. Anyone think of a suitable update on that?


  40. 92
    Incredulous says:

    Mike Hancock News

    Statement on behalf of Mike Hancock

    22 January 2014

    Following media reports after a standards complaint to Portsmouth City Council against him as a councillor, a spokesman for Mike Hancock said: “These matters have twice been looked at by the police, first in 2010, and in conjunction with the CPS, they have found that there is no case for Mr Hancock to answer and have taken no further action.

    “Portsmouth standards sub-committee has yet to meet to hear evidence including from Mike Hancock as it decided to postpone that hearing until after the associated civil court case. Unfortunately due to the ongoing civil case, Mike received legal advice that he should not give evidence to the council’s investigator. He looks forward to giving his evidence when the sub-committee meets after the conclusion of the civil case. Mike Hancock asked to meet with the council’s investigator to explain this and this was denied him despite the city council’s solicitor asking the investigator to meet Mr Hancock.

    “He therefore believes the report which he has not seen is likely to be one-sided.

    “The independent legal advice to Portsmouth City Council noted that the High Court was a better place to establish matters of fact – not least because it could take evidence under oath which the council cannot. The most suitable place to settle a civil case is in court and not in the newspapers. As this is an on-going legal case, it not appropriate for Mike to give a running commentary. In the meantime he will continue to work hard to serve his constituents as an MP and councillor including campaigning for jobs at the dockyard.”



    • 96
      Just Saying. says:

      Another long suicide note.


    • 97
      A Misleading Ad if ever I saw one says:

      His website is very misleading, it gives ery appearance that he is still a LibDem MP



    • 105
      This is the unraveling of a major cover up says:

      That should read ‘Portsmouth Sub-standards Committee’


    • 119
      Vernon Gerald-Jackboot says:

      Well, that is complete bolleaux.
      1) Plod = ‘full investigation’, despite them having ‘lost’ evidence and therefore could not/were not willing TO investigate it.
      2) “Mike Hancock asked to meet with the council’s investigator to explain this and this was denied him despite the city council’s solicitor asking the investigator to meet Mr Hancock”. More BS. Pascoe invited MH to talk with him on TWO occasions PRIOR to the production of the report. The City Solicitor advised MH that he should so, and he still declined. It was only AFTER the report was completed and about to be handed to PCC that MH then asked to see Pascoe, who – quite rightly – refused the request.

      The man’s toast.
      TAXI FOR HANCOCK !!!!!!


  41. 98
    Fatty Pang says:

    “Dark”? Sure is- especially the blacked-out bits. In the interest of openness – what’s behind them?


  42. 103
    Ed The Eunuch says:



  43. 104
    Handycock says:

    I was only trying to get my clegg-over.


  44. 106
    Big D says:

    Hancock Rennard Huhne what a repulsive lot the LDs really are.
    Oh also that big fat Lancastrian Cyril Smith ( now like Jimmy Saville dead )


  45. 108
    lojolondon says:

    The LimpDims are neither Liberal nor Democratic – but they are a natural home for anyone interested in sex with the most vulnerable members of society. The one obvious missing person from that party is Harriet Harman – her prime role would be to justify their actions and try to change the law to make their fettishes legal.


  46. 109
    The most read website on the planet says:

    Revealed: The ‘unwelcome advances’ and lewd texts sent by Lib Dem MP to vulnerable constituent who asked him for help
    Lib Dems voted not to release report on Mike Hancock but it was leaked
    Document found ‘evidence of serious and unwelcome sexual behaviour’
    Hancock, an MP and councillor, allegedly asked woman to perform sex acts
    ‘He forcibly kissed me and stuck his tongue down my throat,’ she claims
    Also alleged that he ‘exposed himself’ and ‘rubbed himself’ in front of her
    MP says report is ‘one-sided’ and CPS has twice found ‘no case to answer’



  47. 113
    I thought says:

    What an elaborate plot to smear Hancock!


  48. 115
    volestragler says:

    The C P S is known as the Criminal Protection Service


  49. 117
    Jack Ketch says:

    The Police refusal to correctly investigate this matter since 2010 should be examined in detail. All records of telephone, cellphone and internet contact between any member of the Hampshire plod and any member of the Portsmouth Lib-Dems should be carefully examined.


  50. 121
    Anonymous says:

    Dark? Crikey, let’s talk about the Monday Club.


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