January 21st, 2014

Yeo: Judge Me By My Record

Tim Yeo grimaced his way through an interview on the BBC News channel this morning, saying through gritted teeth that he was “quite happy to be judged on my record”. Worth taking a look at his career highlights then:

  • Forced to resign in disgrace in 1994 over a second love-child scandal, this time with a Conservative councillor, after he had told constituents: “It is in everyone’s interests to reduce broken families and the number of single parents. I have seen from my own constituency the consequences of marital breakdown.”
  • Failed in his bid to become Tory leader.
  • Golfing correspondent for Country Life and the Financial Times.
  • Became chairman of the Energy and Climate Change select committee despite company directorships at energy firms TMO Renewables, AFC Energy and ITI Energy, lobbying the government on green energy policy while earning thousands each month from green energy companies.
  • Hosted events on the Parliamentary Estate for green investments firms without properly declaring interests and refused to say if he took  a cut:
  • Exposed by an undercover Sunday Times investigation offering to coach an energy company boss for an appearance before his committee.
  • Spends all his time playing golf, ignoring his constituents in South Suffolk.

Judge away…

Vid via @liarpoliticians


  1. 1
    Guido Justice says:

    Spank him


  2. 2
    Gordon Brown says:



  3. 3
    Mick Butcher says:

    Time for a change. Hopefully the people in Suffolk don’t look as thick as the ones in Kirkcaldy who keep voting for Gordon Brown.


  4. 4
    rover's returns says:

    being an mp is ceasing to be a fun part-time diversion


  5. 5
    Caroline Lucas not Green says:

    He is a phoney green.
    Shit shaves and showers everyday
    Clean shirt
    Uses a car
    No allotment…. i can go on


  6. 6
    Sue says:

    He has to go.

    I still cannot get my head around being paid by outside companies whilst serving as an MP / Lord / Baron etc – it is obvious they are being bought & paid for.



  7. 8
    cep says:

    ‘Judge me by my record’.

    ‘Lyin’ eyes’ The Eagles.


  8. 9
    A man on the Rue Du Cirque says:

    How many extra marital liaisons have you had ?


  9. 10
    moderate me would you? says:

    ‘ignoring his constituents in South Suffolk.’

    Fuck the constituents in South Suffolk. If they’re so stupid as to keep voting for the self-serving c u n t then they deserve to be ignored.


  10. 11

    Whatever happens to him he gets the last laugh, all the way to the fucking bank!


  11. 12
    Bob the Burglar says:

    Last time I done his gaff there was only one record in there. It was a 45rpm by a bloke called ‘Ivor Biggun’ as I recall…


  12. 13
    Lord Stansted says:

    You forgot

    1. lied about “climate change”
    2. lied about “climate change”
    3. lied about “climate change”
    4. lied lied lied


  13. 14
    Constant Brisket says:

    Yeah mon! Does he want a character witness? Me can provide an iree statement in a rub a dub stylee! Me has already helped me friend Vicky against dat bloodclaat Huhne, mon! Booyakasha!


  14. 15
    Call me Dave, A total utter failure says:

    Tim has my full and unequivocal support, and on that he has my cast iron guarantee.


  15. 18
    20 years later says:

    Did he pay child support for his love child and does he even have a relationship with his son or daughter from that affair, or is he another waste of space who gets a woman up the duff and then runs a mile like the odious Cecil Parkinson?


  16. 19
    Aunt Duggan says:

    A nice lady rang me from the Labour party and said they wanted to invite me to speak at their conference in the autumn. In return for reading a speech they’ve written about how the coalition are to blame for Mark’s death, they’ll pay me lots of money and free booze and fags. And she also said if they win the next election, they’ll give me something called an NBE or something. Or maybe it was a JCB. Whatever, she said it’s really good and I get to meet the Queen and have a nice day out.


  17. 20
    List watch says:

    Nice listicle!


  18. 21
    Club Captain says:

    What’s Yeo’s handicap?


  19. 22
    Jen The Blue says:

    Yeo is disgusting Huhne.


  20. 24
    Jen The Blue says:

    Sorry, I meant “Yeo IS a disgusting Huhne”.


  21. 26
    Fish says:

    I think that he’d be an ideal UKIP candidate and might even cross the House if he is deselected.

    That said, Farrridge wouldn’t want anyone around with an ego bigger than his.


    • 27
      Jen The Blue says:

      Ah, because there are no fruitcakes in the mainstream parties are there?

      No Labour councillor for example, would claim to have copulated with aliens?

      No Limp Democrat MP would be anti-Semitic would they?

      No Tory MPs have ever had a room dedicated to the German Nazi Party and its memorabilia for example?


  22. 32
    Dirtbag says:


  23. 33
    Dirtbag says:



  24. 34
    Ed The Eunuch says:

    Leech of the week!


  25. 35
    Tim is great says:

    Stop all this criticism of our nice Tim!

    Look how much we like him!



  26. 39
    Anonymous says:

    I heard Tim Yeo questioning the personnel of various electric companies today. His attempt to sound so caring for his constituents was sick making. Having a go at those engineers who gave up their christmases with their families to help those affected by the storms was a disgrace. What was he doing at Christmas? Certainly not out with the engineers who had to wade through flooded areas to do repairs. He is too busy making millions and will not get his hands dirty. For goodness sake, you voters ,get rid of this guy- he has had a fantastic run and only wants to stay an MP to enrich himself even further.


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