January 21st, 2014

Guardian Sells Autotrader Stake for $1 Billion
Moment of Tax Truth for Guardianistas

In 2011 this blog ran a Guy News investigation into the Guardian’s offshore tax dodge in the Caymans. We followed it up in 2012 and Guido personally asked Alan Rusbridger and GMG plc’s CEO to explain the continuing holding of assets offshore. No reply was forthcoming. In 2012 we checked to see if GMG was still using GMG Hazel Acquisition 1 Limited, the controversial tax-exempt corporation which it set-up in 2007.

Subsequently in 2008 The Guardian claimed GMG Hazel Acquisition 1 Limited, a GMG-owned company, would be transferred into their investment partner Apax’s offshore structures, normally when this happens there is a name change. The name is unchanged to this day, strongly suggesting the ownership was unchanged. At the very least Apax/Guardian will have saved themselves $5 the million in stamp duty which would otherwise be due to HMRC by doing the transaction offshore:

No pronouncement from Polly Toynbee as yet. Guido is consulting beancounters on further tax implications of the deal…

Further reading on the Guardian‘s tax hypocrisy:


  1. 1
    Alan Rusbridger says:

    I’m sure we have an intern somewhere who can field this question.


    • 8
      I dislike socialists intensely says:

      Hypocrites are us.


      • 22
        Gay Fawkes says:


        • 84
          lojolondon says:

          I would focus on immigration, welfare tourism, and tax fraud by MP’s (probably only a couple of million on your silly chart!).


        • 86
          Bemused says:

          Problem is love that there is £70bn quid being spent on the unemployed but most of it doesn’t go through the benefits system – it goes through tax credits via HMRC and housing benefits making it look smaller than it really is.

          As for that nice big red ballon it’s a figure plucked out of where with what evidence exactly?

          Then the HMRC figure includes “tax avoided”. This means putting money in a pension fund to avoid tax, or giving money to chairt to avoid tax. You could make people pay more tax by closing these legal loopholes but what exactly would you achieve?

          Tax uncollected is tax uncollected in the present year. Doesn’t mean it is never collected. Do you honestly think that the HMRC is going round claiming is can’t be arsed to collect some of our taxes? Personally they seem very keen to collect mine!


        • 322
          horsey says what drug you on missus. says:

          honey is on the left.


        • 326
          oi,u says:



        • 384
          No BS says:

          No such thing as “Tax Avoided”.

          If it is not due it is not avoided.

          If it is due it is “Evasion”.


    • 13
      A Guardian Writer says:

      Taxes are for little people.


    • 14
      Polly put the caviar on says:

      An unpaid intern. Meanwhile get more champagne out of the cooler.


      • 88
        Dreaming says:

        If Guido would like some information ‘on the ground’, then can I be first to put my name down for an expenses paid trip to the Cayman Islands? I’d be willing to feel the soft white sand between my toes, soak up the golden sun and enjoy the aquamarine sea. I would dine al fresco on the beach, and would sample the Cayman Brac’s crystal clear, warm waters that provide awe inspiring wall dives, shallow diving and wreck diving!

        Wake up, wake up, you’re not an MP on a fact finding mission you pleb.


        • 112
          Anonymous says:

          Funny enough, I am in Grand Caymen next week. Also Puerto Rico, Jamaica & Bahamas…………..I must be on a cruise. Pity I’m not going back to Chile……..not sure I am welcome back there!

          Viva UKIP!


    • 17
      Guardian Intern says:

      I am reimbursed for travel and receive free refreshment, office space and benefits from being in the Guardian Office.

      There is no income tax, NI, etc to paid from employing me. Does that answer your question.

      In fact I think I should be paying them, and asked, but they very generously waved the me a way.


    • 99
      Taxpayer says:

      Time for a windfall tax.


      • 143
        moderate me would you? says:

        Absolutely. Take it off the print media to subsidise bloggers. Why not?

        That’s what the cheeky fuckers suggested by done to internet bloggers.


        • 207
          NE Frontiersman says:

          142: That was the brainchild of ‘Professor’ Roy Greenslade, the former IRA-supporting journalist (under a nom-de-plume) who was found to have bribed mining union leaders to falsify evidence about ‘Libyan gold’ against Arthur Scargill during the 1984 strike (as if he couldn’t look after his own destruction).

          The Guardian regards him as a figure of weight and wisdom, for some reason.


        • 315
          one yed monster says:

          coke in the gums.
          bang on the head. raising arizona.

          asda after midnight for freedom.
          azad is a free man.


    • 342
      oi,u says:

      i am john hurt when can you start?


  2. 2
    dai quizzically says:

    will ms toynbee remain as editor of the society column in autotrader?


  3. 3
    Shooty* says:

    Only applies to nasty companies who make things or support the hated Tories, not to campaigners for truth and justice. For shame.


  4. 4
    Sue says:

    I demand that the outrage bus makes haste to Guardian Towers & lays siege to those heartless tax evading bastards.

    Have they no care for the poor, the unemployed, the feckless, the lazy & the immigrant?


  5. 6
    Ed Milibisbuit says:

    I don’t demand an independent judge-led inquiry


  6. 7
    M102 says:

    Typical lefty hypocrites.


  7. 9
    Scottish Chav says:

    I look forward to la toynbee viciously berating herself on the steps of graun hq before reporting herself to the authorities for aggressive and threatening behaviour. can sectioning be far away? one hopes not!


  8. 10
    Another LibDem cover up. says:


  9. 18
    The BBC tax avoidance specialists says:

    This is a disgrace, tax should be paid in the UK and in full. We will headline this on all of our news programmes as soon as we recieve our news statements written by the Guardian.


    • 26
      The BBC supports "responsible capitalism" says:

      Are there any Tory voting Bankers involved who are also Directors of Energy companies ??? If not then we do not feel this is worthy of reporting


  10. 21
    Jack Ketch says:

    Seven times revenue and 54 times times earnings? Anyone what to buy my magic internet beans?


    • 32
      Wiberal Amerwicker says:

      We thought it looked like a good deal.

      For 1 reason. They are Liberals and Democrats like us.
      2. They love Obama. Like us.
      3. They hate America. Like us!
      4. They are totally blind partisans. Like us
      5. They think everyone is responsible for everything someone else does. Like US!
      They hate intolerance so much they will censor dissenting views
      And 7. They aren’t very good with figures. like us.
      And 12ty. They can’t see the utter impossibility of holding all these views simultaneously … LIKE US!


    • 97
      Yeah, right.... says:

      Bonkers multiples. Looks like the sparts at The Graun are better capitalists than the ..er… nasty capitalists.


      • 119
        Jack Ketch says:

        It only makes sense on a discounted cash flow basis if interest rates remain below 1.75% for at least the next six years.


  11. 23
    Nasal Ed says:

    Surely Margaret Hodge will call for a boycott of the Guardian


    • 53
      Margaret's podge says:



    • 100
      A wily old bird for sure says:

      I cannot understand why Margaret Hodge seems to have almost Saint-like status amongst some people.
      I assume that these people are unaware of, ahem, certain things.


      • 164
        Anonymous says:

        You mean like her attempts to smear victims of child abuse that took place in Islington on her watch?

        The old witch should be strung up.


      • 206
        White rabbit says:

        She’s rich and she sues. Reporters and journalists tend to big her up. Surprising.


  12. 24
  13. 25
    John Bellingham says:

    Has anyone actually done the sums on what the result would be of the likes of Amazon, Starbucks, Vodaphone, the Barclay Bros. Jimmy Carr etc. just paying a measly 10% flat-rate tax–no offshore offsets or allowances?
    Maybe personal tax could vanish altogether.


    • 68
      P l e b says:

      With the exception of Carr they’re all bunging the Tory party.


    • 90
      Bemused says:

      And how would you achieve a flat rate tax on non-domicile companies?

      Put up VAT perhaps?

      Um, hold on a minute…..


    • 369
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

      Why should any individual or corporation pay any more tax than they are legally obliged to under the rules .
      The more they tax the more they waste, tax is the problem not the solution.


  14. 27
    The Barclay Brothers says:

    You’d never catch us avoiding tax.


  15. 57
    nell says:


    I’m sure the graudian is important I just can’t get enthusiastic about it.

    lard rennard and his pals however who are prepared to destroy the libdem party in court because the libdems won’t cover up his shocking behaviour are just unbelievably stupid! cleggie is right for once – no apology no whip.


    • 63
      David Cameron says:

      I agree with Nick


      • 272
        another bbc spokeschair says:

        all together now:

        the conservative party is disunited
        the conservative party is disunited
        the conservative party is disunited


    • 73
      Peter Mandelson says:

      No whip ? What a pity.


    • 96
      Bemused says:

      No you are wrong – again.

      Either these women take Lard Rennard to court or he takes them to court. If neither party will do that then it is high time they simply shut up.

      Right now they are just simply flinging unproven allegations at each other. Clegg should say to both parties “Either resolve it through the courts or shut up. If you don’t do either of these things then you are fired, all of you”. Simple


      • 101
        Another sleepless night for Mr Sorry says:

        But I can’t do that. It would mean taking a stand, and as a LibDem, i cannot bring myself too. Or maybe I can? Oh heck.

        Miriammmmmmmmmmmm. Helpppppppppppppppppppppp


      • 146
        Jim says:

        No, you have been following the BBC reports which leave out the truth. The women were resigned to the fact their complaints were a male joke. What is now at stake is that he was going to repeat his offences against new female applicants by regaining his position of absolute power. Be nice to me or withdraw your application as there is still today, no appeal or process for the defence of women in the LibDems membership Policies.
        The answer is for the LibDems to introduce proper protections against absolute power. In their Party I understand you have look after the men as well as the women.


      • 377
        Anon says:

        Isn’t it sexual harassment at work? So won’t they be taking the Lib Dem party (as their employers) to court?


    • 135
      Pompey Voter says:

      - and what about Handy? Quite rightly he was suspended from the Liberal Democrats in Westminster (OK – he resigned before being pushed) merely on the suspicion of outrageous behaviour towards a vulnerable constituent. But down in Portsmouth where it all happened his Liberal Democrat colleagues have once again let him off the hook and voted to withhold the ‘secret’ Pascoe Report from publication – and he still sits on the Council as a Liberal Democrat.



      • 187
        Blowing Whistles says:

        So who are the elite little few who have had sight of the report (as in the link) and are they ‘controlled’.

        + see comment below Re Council / and City Portsmouths judges Recorder. Oh and wasn’t one old senior judge ‘allowed to retire’ (fat pension inc) by Charlie Falconer some years ago in a mire surrounding child abuse / porn … ughh wat was is name David soandso?


  16. 59
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Guido, we should be applauding this tax-efficient structure. Looks like a tasty saving!

    Of course it’s total hypocrisy but I expect nothing less from the Guardian’s star columnists who pretend to support the poor as they type away in their Islington mansions and Tuscan villas.


    • 226

      The same thing as with the Rennard case. If those women have a complaint, they should go to the police. Full stop. Otherwise they should STFU!

      One can take one side over the issue but when it becomes hypocritical, we are entitled to beat the crap out of them over it.

      That does not mean that we are being hypocritical. We are just pointing up their totally unsupportable contradictions.

      I would do what the Graun are doing here all day long. But why should I put up with them criticising me when they do it on a larger scale themselves.

      Understand you already recognise this but just wanted to vent steam. :-)


  17. 66

    I would bet my pound to your bucket of shit that some debt got traded out with that deal.

    It is a headline figure only.


  18. 67
    The British media are cunts says:

    The Guardianistas need all the money for their cocaine and rent boys.


  19. 69
    An awkward bastard says:

    So that Levene character has been before a bunch of MPs today and told them that Osborne and the others were putting their fingers into getting those branches of lloyds into the hands of the Coop.

    Well having been given this news I would have thought that they would have summoned Osborne to appear this afternoon to answer the allegation.

    If it is true it could be criminal what has gone on.

    Better to get everything in the open band sorted this side of the next Election methinks.


    • 71
      The Ukranians are revolting says:

      If this should be true we should thank God for the Rev Flowers.

      If it had not been for him this abuse could have gone on and we would be in another crisis right now.


      • 74
        The Boy Plunger says:

        If you ever get a letter from you Bank announcing they have transferred your account to another Bank and there will be absolutely no change to your account which in future will be much improved then you should close the account without a moment to lose and place all your money under your mattress.


        • 109
          Taxpayer says:

          or place all your money into gold as the loss will be printed away and banks collapse in groups.


        • 137
          If you don't want your account transferred to Miliband's Mickey Mouse Banks then refuse to accept it says:

          You can insist that they do NOT transfer your account as the letter is the old inertia trick i.e if we do not hear back from you will assume that the transfer is authorised. My sister got a letter from Lloyds telling her that her account was being transferred to a TSB branch as she lived in its cachement area. She told them to feck off and that the account was staying where it was with Llyds .They backed down and said that it was entirely the customer’s decision if they wished to transfer or not.


  20. 72
    M103 says:

    So there we have it. To Guido, the hypocrisy is more important than the avoidance.


    • 75
      Bill Quango MP says:

      Exactly. It ALWAYS is.
      What’s wrong with that?

      The GMG are free to make as much money as they can and keep as much of it as they can.

      But they cannot really be expected to be allowed to make their millions and billions by whining about tax evasion and then evade their own tax bill without some comment.


      • 115
        retardEd Miliband says:

        In my gweat thothialitht thtate, you will not be allowed to keep your own money, becauthe to do tho ith wrong and thelfith.

        Unleth you’re a thothialitht.


    • 76
      Tescos says:

      They say in the City you should always sell what shows you a loss and keep what shows you a profit.

      This is all going to end in tears.


      • 79
        The Guardian says:

        So we should sell the Observer and the Guardian and all our assets as they make huge losses every year?


      • 153

        No I think when it comes to it some senile old billionaire with progressive views will bail ‘em out. Soros? Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post with some small change he found down the back of the Amazon sofa.


        • 196
          Blowing Whistles says:

          ping! – and gone … just like that as Mr Daniels says!


        • 197
          Blowing Whistles says:

          btw what do you think about the total hypocrisy of Carlile Rennard/Assange and the embarrassment to the mos re Carlile august 2012, any comment?


  21. 80
    Paul T Horgan says:

    This does solve two problems in one stroke.

    1) It keeps the Guardian afloat for several years

    2) It provides a left-wing war chest for socialist propaganda for the 2015 election. I do wonder how much of this cash could be loaned to Labour, given that the Co-Op will probably be switching off the cash flow soon.


  22. 81
  23. 82
    Vogon says:

    Is Banky Moon the most useless human being ever?


  24. 92
    Vive la France says:

    According to a relative who lives in France, the newspapers there breathe not a word of their President’s predicament!
    Hacked Off serait si heureux!


    • 353
      Fly on the wall says:

      Vraiment bollocks. I get daily cartoons from a French mate, all of which lampoon Holland and most of which make me laugh out loud. Your mate is obviously either telling fibs or leading a very closeted life.


  25. 93
    Not the BBC says:

    Are you sure that it hasn’t been bought by the BBC in a money for policy swap?


  26. 103
    The British media are cunts says:

    Isn’t it odd that the day the UN visited Damascus there just happened to be a gas attack on the so called rebels, the British media didn’t wait for any investigation, they just lied and blamed Assad.

    Now in the week of the so called peace talks the same people wheel out some dodgy photos that they claim shows Assad did it. Of course no one can prove the photos are real, there are lots of photos out there of supposed UFO’s but that wouldn’t convince people thy are real.

    All I know is the BBC, Sky, ITV ad C4 are banging in about the west starting a war.

    Enough of the lies you fucking child molesting cuunts in the media, we’re not buying your lies you fucking vermin.


    • 133
      Stating the bleedin' obvious says:

      55,000 photos is some “photo-shopping” exercise and they have been looked at by experienced war crimes investigators who are in no doubt that they are genuine.


      • 148
        moderate me would you? says:

        I’ve no doubt they’re genuine photos of dead people. That doesn’t prove who was killing them.

        Al Quaeda’s fine young cannibals are as likely to be in the frame as Assad.


      • 150
        Bemused says:

        Experienced war crimes investigators?

        And who do these people work for?

        And have they arrested anybody for war crimes so far?

        Why are people taking so many photos of executions? What kind of bizarre thing is that?

        And shouldn’t we be concerned that our “special friends” the Qataris are behind all of it?

        Fuck all of them I say. Fewer Muzzies in the world is doing us all a favour.


    • 152
      Anonymous says:

      The same people? These photos come via Qatar and a defector from ASSwad’s gestapo.


      • 170
        The war for hearts and minds says:

        Qatar commissioned the report. Qatar are arming the rebels. Qatar are financing the rebels. Qatar are supporting the rebels. The “photographer” has not been named by Qatar.

        This should not be considered at this stage credible evidence and certainly should not influence UK foreign policy but no doubt behind the scenes Hague and Britain are working with Qatar and influencing UK public opinion is part of that work.


    • 169
      Those photos seem to be propaganda says:

      Quite agree.

      There is something very odd about all this.

      Don’t forget last year a maverick UN inspector announced that she had evidence that the rebels were using chemical weapons. As it was a bank holiday weekend Sunday it got past the usual BBC checks and was broadcast for all of that afternoon and then never mentioned on the BBC ever again.

      I don’t trust the controllers of UN, or the BBC come to that.

      The Daily Mail did do a piece on it the next day.



    • 230
      Boulton Paul Defiant says:

      Too right. BBC nepotism and kiddy fiddling brigade all too busy dipping their wicks to check if the facts about Syria stack up. H*nts.


  27. 106
    Aunt Duggan says:

    No justice, no Auto Trader!


    • 116
      RomaBob.... Beeg Issue, Beeg Issue! says:

      Is it worth $1 billion?


      • 117
        Now you mention it says:

        Basically, no. Why would anyone pay $1bn for a used-car website?


        • 127
          Will says:

          Apax paid a premium for a controlling state in the venture. £600 million means that the guardian can invest and on a 5% return it would cover its losses at present for ever. However if it goes digital and prescription model the problem is that you can see exactly who subscribes and the bulk copies the bbc orders would be apparent


          • NE Frontiersman says:

            But Gumtree is free; somebody, please explain.
            The sums also presume that the Guardian has a clue how to get a 5% return on money.


          • Bemused says:

            “Prescription model”? – what sort of illness would you have to get the Guardian on prescription? Chronic euphoria?


  28. 110
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    As I thought about Samantha today, I came to the conclusion I need a new hot slutty researcher.


    • 117
      Anonymous says:

      How about Hazel Blears…………phoaaaaar! Come on PM, you must be tempted!

      Viva UKIP……..viva Farage etc & so on!


    • 155
      Bemused says:

      That Thai PM will be out of a job soon. I’d be looking to give her an interesting position under me.


      • 173
        Blowing Whistles says:

        She can always come over here and purchase a football club and use it as a tax evasion vehicle – just like her old man eh.


      • 194
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Here’s one to keep you bemused – guess who supplied all the tv media encryption to the shins along with the odd trojan horse or two?


  29. 120
    Jimmy says:

    “normally when this happens there is a name change.”




  30. 121

    Have you considered Hazel Blears…….phoarrrr……you must be tempted PM!

    Viva UKIP, Viva Farage…….viva la Revolutione!


  31. 124

    Autotrader Sales

    Rennard Espace 1988 (F reg)
    Roomy body
    350,000 miles
    Bodywork touched up
    Suspension recently added
    Adjustable passenger’s seat
    Florid Pink
    Manual pre-selector gears
    Light touch power steer
    No MOT
    Never raced nor rallied
    Hugs bends well

    A snip at £100.


  32. 129
    Will says:

    Maybe the guardian will start to employ better writers and not produce as many click bait articles but rather better quality writing


  33. 140
    cep says:

    Do people still use Autotrader..?

    I thought everyone used Pistonheads.


    • 147
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      Pissed and Broke.


    • 149
      A to B says:

      Probably a good time to get rid of Autotrader, or part of it, as the online competition, complete with TV advertising, seems to be getting hotter and hotter all the time.


  34. 144
    PC PC says:

    Contrary to the suggestion from Guy Forks’ readers yesterday that we would not be bothering to deal with the gentleman who bashed Mr. Farage, we have today laid charges against an unemployed animal rights protester who will be appearing in court very soon. Right, job done. Now back to the cosy station for a week or two on Twitter duty.


  35. 158
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    C4 Jon Snow was put in his place by an ex head of GCHQ. Snow you need to do your homework. I’ve never heard Snow waffle so much, the clueless idiot.


    • 168
      Blowing Whistles says:

      The only clueless idiot is you idnnd.

      Sir David Omand – doesn’t want to mention that he was part of the Notice D committee who misinformed the British Public about that big fat lie by Blair. Of course Omand has been wheeled out to attempt to justify – the unjustifiable.

      I hope that all those child abusing MP’s who went abroad and texted messages of whatever kind of activities they were getting up to have had their metadata and content recovered and stored. Of course there is then the question of who’s using what gathered data to ‘persuade’ MP’s to go along with the whole covering up of child abuse from the highest of echelons.

      But we have a free press who don’t do that sort of notice d stuff to protect the dirtiest of the dirty in the highest of positions do we …. Rupert?


  36. 159
    Johnny Norfolk says:

    Dont expect The Guardian to pay tax it does not apply to them only the rest of us.


  37. 160
    This is a lot worse than the Rennard cover up says:


    • 161
      This is a lot worse than the Rennard cover up says:


    • 163
      This is a lot worse than the Rennard cover up says:


      • 171
        Blowing Whistles says:

        May I suggest that people take a look at how the City Council is structured and how the elite within the council vote as to who is made the recorder of Portsmouth – ie. the highest Crown Court Judge in Portsmouth – I posit that you will find that there is a lodge or two who control the covering up of all the dirt and as for the links over to the Isle of Widget – the dirt is not too far below the surface – not that any (constrained by media laws / want for a career) journo or two would dare to dig just a little bit below the surface and lodge a complaint or two?


        • 175
          Local Corruption Tops National corruption every time says:

          It would have to be an outside investigative reporter or police force. The local press would have too many connections with those involved to probe in too far. It is very difficult to beat local corruption when many of the locals do not even see it as corruption. Hopefully Dave’s Crime Tsar is more detached than say the chief constable and judiciary.


          • Fly on the wall says:

            Perhaps we might recruit ex-NY Mayor Bloomberg for the task. He cleaned up NY in double quick time and appears to have some time on his hands at the moment.


        • 358
          Anonymous says:

          Agree, Portsmouth is getting near to being almost as bad as Rutland in this respect.


    • 182
      I feel like its time for a killing spree says:

      ‘We’re all in this together’. Transparancy my arse. Yet again one rule for them and another for us. How many more times are these shits going to get away with what
      ‘us plebs’ would get binned for? String the fuckers up without trial, its the only way…..you know it makes sense.


  38. 174

    Diddy David Steel, former leader of the Liberal Party, former Rectum of the University of Edinburgh, says: The LibDems ought to be nice to each other. Kiss and make up.

    He was born in Kirkcaldy which might explain an awful lot.

    Son of a Church of Scotland minister who became Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. He was also called David Steel. You can see a pattern emerging, can’t you?


    • 193
      G. Brown ( ex MP ) says:

      Nope, give us a clue.


    • 202
      Liberals are morons says:

      Back in 1986, it was obvious to everyone that David Steel was (and always would be) a waste of space.

      Why wasn’t it obvious to him?


      • 246
        Blowing Whistles says:

        The beauty of all the procrastination from these old boys and gals even; in the House of Lording it; is that they are all desperately attempting to hold on to some misbegotten belief that they are to be upheld as being – of the finest intelligence and upstanding going. It is “they” who are the ultimately duped.

        And here I set aside that I have attacked other older persons hereabouts somewhat – while I really ought to have been attacking the fucking useless up their own Rses Lordy fuckers in the house of taking the lords name in vain – you fucking bastards the lot of you.


    • 225
      Lest we forget says:

      He also turned a blind eye to the crimes of the vile child abuser Cyril Smith.


  39. 185
    Mrs May says:

    Police announced they wish to interview a man wearing high heels and frilly knickers,Chief Constable said they must wear normal uniforms.


  40. 203
  41. 204
    Blowing Whistles says:

    That Kin ‘ell thingy gesture was originally reported as an antiZio thing and more moderate j’s didn’t bat and ey – but the real hot headed ‘Reactionaries’ have talked it all up … me thinks they don’t ‘alf get ott with their reactions for some strange reason or other.


    • 208
      Anonymous says:

      Egged on by the BBC and Guardian in Britain. The Parisian elite seem to be bigging it up even bigger, much bigger.


      • 215
        moderate me would you? says:

        Why are the Parisian elite getting upset about an alleged N*a*z*i salute? They haven’t got any j**z left to get upset, having handed them all over to their German overlords back in 1940 -1944.


      • 240
        Blowing Whistles says:

        I have stated this before – on here – the gruniad and the bbc are set up to be those who throw dirt at the Israelis (ziocontrolled actually) the Israelis have to and must have ‘controlled’ organisations that thrwo dirt at Israel. It is a rather ingenious but duplicitous ‘trick’ upon the unsuspecting and largely ignorant public. Con’troll’ed throwing / to garner support and continue the living lie.


        • 296
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          So, David Ward is probably on the M’ossad’s payroll ?

          George Galloway could be the exception that makes your rule.

          It’s the Zion’istas who would be wanting poo thrown their way as it helps them stoke fear among those in !srael helping to keep order and justifying the continued destruction of P’alestine.


          • Fly on the wall says:

            After all they have been through over the centuries one would think that these folk would have grown a thicker skin to it all and stopped behaving like a bunch of wet pansies at every possible opportunity. If anti-semitism is so bad, why isn’t pro-semitism so good? Must ask my Qatari mates one of these days.


    • 294
      Like this cùnt says:


  42. 205
    Rinka Scott says:

    Liberals never change.


    • 210
      SDP reborn says:

      Well the Liberals did change from harmless fruitloops to dangerous fruitloops when Labour infiltrated them to form the LibDems


      • 235
        Bemused says:

        Worryingly the SDP were the less looney wing of Labour. They left the Marxists behind. Then Kinnock did a make-believe expulsion of Militant Tendency to give the impression that he kicked the real nutters out, except Stephen Byers was a member of Militant and later became a cabinet minister – he just put a nice suit on.


    • 221
      The SDP Lives (just) says:

      I never realised that the SDP were still going.

      Formed in 1981 by four senior Labour party members – David Owen, Roy Jenkins , Shirley Williams and Bill Rogers. The SDP was eventually to gain the support of 28 Labour MP’s and 1 Conservative MP.

      Today we stand up for the ordinary people, who have been betrayed by Labour and who are ignored by the LibDemCon government.



      • 356
        Fly on the wall says:

        … but Shirley was the original destroyer of our then excellent education system, so how can people still think she is a sweetie? Must be a result of 50 years of lefty indoctrination, I suppose.


  43. 212
    Fuck the MSM says:


  44. 213
    Anonymous says:

    9/11 truther and pal of BBC Nicky Campbell still at it.


  45. 223
    Vomit inducing moment of the day says:

    Vomit inducing moment of the day was Tim Yeo coming over all self righteous and sanctimonious whilst berating those Energy bosses. Now I have no time for those shysters but I do take exception a slug like Yeo taking the moral high ground. What between him and Vaz heading up Parliamentary committees it makes one wonder what the moral criteria is for these positions.


    • 234
      The British media are cunts says:

      To be an utter shit bag.


      • 241
        Fish says:

        He’s trying too hard to impress his constituency membership, pending his reselection ballot.

        Hopefully they will shortly tell him to fuck off.


    • 243
      Yeo is a CUNT says:

      PM went out to interview the linesmen who were on duty over Christmas. Needless to say they are not impressed with our politicians for shitting on their hard work and forsaken Christmas. Bastard grandstanding MPs taking the piss out of the workers turning out over Christmas in the freezing rain, wind and dark.

      They were even called out to Dave’s house to restore his power over Christmas thus diverting them from restoring larger groups/villages and all that was wrong was Dave’s trip switch had tripped due to a leak dripping on the distribution box.


      • 293
        Every Expense-fiddling bastard on the Energy Committee is a witless wanker says:

        How can a linesman repair a line that has been brought down in a gale, if the gale is still blowing? It is like shoveling sand with a pitchfork.

        How can a linesman fix live cables fallen into deep water? MPs should stand in a bath full of water and drop in a toaster (bought at taxpayers’ expense) to get the full effect.

        Perhaps if the thick LibLabCon bastards could realise that shit happens and that it is not always someone else’s fault.

        But being EU loving prats, they love the smell of compensation in the morning


        • 380
          Privatise the BBC says:

          Think about this for a moment.

          You want a bunch of MPs that have probably never had a proper job in their lives (but might know somebody who has) to understand how the real world actually works?


      • 319
        David Cameron's gut says:

        Clear evidence of global warming…


  46. 224
    Hypocrisy Watch says:


  47. 229
    Well Let's see it then says:


  48. 232
    Gordon Brown says:

    I offered my services as a financial expert to the makers of The Wolf of Wall Street to ensure authenticity, but they told me to fuck off. Bigots.


  49. 237

    For the aesthetically minded highbrows here, I would post this name to investigate:

    Maryna Linchuk


  50. 242
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Are the ‘general public’ in Kiev the Ukrainians – being fooled and directed to run in only one of two directions – much like the Polish ‘people’ were many decades ago – when in fact the Ukrainians ought to reaslise that they really ought to be seeking total independence for themselves from both of the sides that they have been co-ersed / manipulated / cajoled into running for?


    • 245
      UKIP or bust says:

      A point of view that is as rare as hens teeth in the media.


      • 263
        Blowing Whistles says:

        I specialise and LOVE turning over the pitiful and pathetic msm – especially anyone from the schools of Rupe’s indoctrination and fucking duplicity. I will have my day Rupe and son.


    • 254
      Podiceps says:

      Asking the Ukrainians to be independent is like telling a grain to wheat to avoid the upper and lower millstones.


    • 281
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      Yes they are. And most deceitfully as it is the elite who would benefit from joining the EU not the people.

      Ukraine would do much better staying independent and perhaps developing their society beyond the pathetic mess that it is at present.

      Their government are fully prepared to use machine guns against their people though, until the EU can beat whatever Russ!a has offered them.


      • 288
        Bemused says:

        I can assure you that Poland and the Baltic states have cleaned up since being in the EU and the Ukranians, being as they are the poorest people in Europe, hope to do the same.

        They know which way their bread is buttered, and I know who will be paying for it.


        • 295
          Ukrainian Bob says:

          We are coming in 2020.


        • 306
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          Cleaning up at other peoples expense is not cleaning up.

          That is like making the argument that benefits make people into better people.

          Do not care one jot personally for Poland or those in the Baltic’s – they were on the wrong side of history and sided with the wrong people during the last war. That they have only been able to patch over their failed societies by sponging off of the EU is really pointing out that the repair is an illusion.

          Kosovo, and what is happening in Serb!a speaks volumes about the record of failure for the EU to help reform former soviet states.

          R’omania and B’ulgaria are still total shit holes despite the huge amount of EU funds poured in to rebuild their infrastructures and straighten out their civic institutions.

          And now those idiots are starting to arrive en masse in the UK to further undermine our job market and standard of living as the apparently reformed P’olish and other assorted East European idiots did before.

          The sooner people wake up to the fact that just because those people are poor there is no moral or ethical obligation for the UK or indeed the other countries of Europe to get involved with their plight beyond ensuring that those poor states do not become security risks.

          Do not care for the U’kraine at all, and if their government sticks with the Russ!an offer (which they probably cannot turn down…) then the EU encouraging civil unrest will be responsible for many allegedly poor U’krainians being unnecessarily killed.

          On the plus side – that could mean less potential immigrants for the UK in the future assuming the UK is still involved in the EU madness and has not been able to reform its immigration policy.


          • Fly on the wall says:

            BEWARE: Cathy Ashton – Genius – At Work.


          • Non taxable pikey says:

            The Poles were on the wrong side? Re-writing history, or should Adolf have won? The Poles flew Spitfires, and some of them dropped into Arnhem with my Uncle.
            Its the Japanese who re-write history, not us.


          • Doh says:

            WTF are you on about?

            The reason the UK declared war on Adolf was because Poland were our mates and he invaded them.


  51. 244
    'ello 'ello says:


  52. 247
    Popcorn says:

    A cracking Newsnight tonight. Rennard’s the lead story, and Neil Hamilton is coming up later to discuss UKIP.


    • 250
      Podiceps says:

      A cracking Newsnight? Slave to the Beeb.


    • 259
      rovers returned - post nocturnal dump says:

      all free oxy for the politicos and cheep non-news for the beeb


    • 262
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Behind every dirty filthy politician there is always a dirtier filthy shyster.


      • 299
        Not Blowing Whistles says:

        And in the case of Chris Huhne ?

        C’onnie B’riscoe’s testimony is the reason why the downfall of the News of The World was a crime against humanity.

        How come none of the tabloids picked up on this back then ?

        Suspected that poor defenceless yet ruthlessly vindictive rat bag Vicky may have had a violent streak. But what she did to Huhne – nice – He would not be able to cover it up if Tringingham whacked him one.


    • 363
      Anonymous says:

      Got to be a brown envelope in it somewhere.


  53. 257
    Where's the Link? says:


  54. 264
    Emily titless says:

    Yawn, the EU funded lefties at the bbc are well into their stride trying to trash UKIP.

    It won’t do you any good you bunch of over paid sham pain Socialists, what you don’t know is what people outside of Islington think.


    • 282
      Windmills of my mind says:

      Sad really, bring it on, we will find out at the EU elections if people believe the bBBC or UKIP, time the bBBC was using a different way to get funding, gewt rid of the bBBC tax.


    • 374
      cheche says:

      They tried to Trash Boris, they spouted globall warming, they covered Syria endlessly,.

      Borus re-elected, majority dont bellieve in global warming, and no money except the governments raised for Syria.

      The BBC talks to its self at our expense


  55. 274
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


  56. 278
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


  57. 304
    Fish says:

    The Sloany Socialist and Labour candidate in Southampton, Rowenna Davis is on the Sky Newspaper review. I don’t know why Sky bother…she hasn’t got a mind of her own. Just spouts the machine’s prepared lines.

    Come on Sky get rid of the muppet and replace her with someone with a brain.


  58. 328
    Tim Farton, President of the Cockroach Party says:


  59. 332
    Anonymous says:

    Dumb bitch on sky complaining that the government didn’t stop the water coming in her house and didn’t get the power going again by climbing the pylons and holding the cables together with their bare teeth

    Message for dumb bitch , don’t buy a house on a flood plane


  60. 334
    World Cup willie says:

    World Cup 2014 only 6 of the 12 stadiums will be ready and those that would be not up to FIFA standard. No roads either

    Always the local park hey lads


  61. 340
    Over to You LibDems says:


    • 366
      Balou says:

      Given the normal standards applied by the lib dems they will probably take more action against the teddy bear given to the victim.


  62. 350
    Trucky Ducky says:

    Would you buy a used car website from this man ?


  63. 364
    Anonymous says:

    This sale excepted, I’m surprised they need tax dodges. After all, it’s not like they’ve turned a profit in recent years.


  64. 365
    unnatural weather says:

    so Australian part of rescue of global warming antarctic tourist scientists is 1.8 million Australian dolllars


    • 367
      Cap OcHino says:

      What happened to the guardian coffee shop


    • 368
      UKIP or bust says:

      Funny how little we hear about that fcuk-up, yet had there been some summer ice melting and they could all have run around on the snow spouting climate bollocks we would never have heard the last of it from there and after they got back.

      BBC/Gaurdian lefties = Utter cnuts.


    • 376
      BBC news special report says:

      And if they had simply stayed put for a few days more there would have been no need for any rescue, but these people are too important to simply suffer a few days discomfort like their Russian crew. No cost is too high to ensure their comfort and convenience.


  65. 370
    An awkward bastard says:

    So the latest missive from this Government is that if you are unemployed you should go and work for Costa Coffee.

    Well I will decide who, if anyone, I will work for and I most certainly do not want some jumped up Tory tart in a skirt lecturing me as to what I should or should not be doing.

    The arrogance and conceit of these Tories takes some beating.

    Just sell my shares in Lloyds and RBS and give me my money back. I am happy to take the risk.

    I would rather take a risk than work for Costa Coffee.


    • 371
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      It would appear the Tories far from being the Party of Enterprise are happier keeping the mass of people unemployed or in low paid or subsidized employment.

      If the markets are truly opened up there would be a massive national devaluation of assets which would hit their core interests the most.


    • 386
      Privatise the BBC says:

      The message ought to be if you are unemployed to ‘go and get a job’ and if you don’t want to take a job then you do not get benefits.


  66. 378
    bartfartbastard says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they had a bonus system at the Graun?

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Graun itself, loss making as it is, couldn’t afford to pay those bonuses?

    wouldn’t it be wonderful if Polly was the receipient of a bonus funded by their tax avoidance?


  67. 379
    Anonymous says:

    Given what the Guardian get up to in the “no tax” department even pretty Polly must wonder where their attacks on Chinese offshore tax arrangements come from?


  68. 381
    Displaced Brummie says:

    At the same time as Guido is running a story on the offshore tax avoidance of The Guardian Media Group, the Guardian is running a story on the evils of the wicked Chinese using exactly the same methods of offshore tax avoidance.

    However, comments are turned off on the Guardian site on those stories!

    What a coincidence!


  69. 387
    Okkupy da Grauniad says:

    I say you chaps, here’s a jolly wheeze: We need to okkupy the Gruaniad and be as one with our Trotsko-anarcho-commutard chums of the international movement! You bring the Pimms and I’ll bring the Shampers!
    Rah, rah, rah!


  70. 394

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  71. 395

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