January 20th, 2014

Rennard Victim Says No Legal Action After Apology
LibDem Lord Compares Row to Apartheid

After ten years of cover ups and lies, Ming Campbell told the Daily Politics that now was the time for ‘period of calm reflection’. Meanwhile Lord Greaves went all crackers and compared the situation to Apartheid and the Troubles, suggesting that if Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley could reconcile, so could the two camps in this fight. As the unelected male peers and greybeard former leaders slog it out on the airwaves, one person this story is really about has quietly holed Rennard’s excuse for not apologising beneath the waterline:

So that clears that obstacle. Over to you Chris…

Vid via @liarpoliticians.

UPDATE: Another Rennard victim, Susan Gaszczak, just told Sky News: “An acknowledgement and an apology is all I want, and this will all go away.” 


  1. 1
    Nick Clegg says:

    Mind if I do it ?



  2. 3
    Anonymous says:

    and an apology dragged out of someone is not a genuine apology anyway..

    what a dog’s dinner ..


    • 14
      Feminism too far says:

      Maybe he should offer to be castrated!


      • 51
        Taking lessons from William Clinton says:

        I did NOT sexually assault THAT woman.

        There were a few others though. Quite a few. Well, a lot, actually.

        But they were asking for it.

        If you hit them they respect you more.

        Dirty bitches, I had to fend them off with a stick.

        They loved it!


  3. 4
    Are we mislead? says:

    Lib Dems (Ashdown) and Labour slurred there opponent to gets votes.
    Conned students, tolerated dodgy senior MPs etc.

    Time to return to 5% polls, 5 MPs.


  4. 6
    WelshRacer says:

    The Lib Dems really are groping around in the dark over this issue.


  5. 7
    David Ward says:

    The Jęws should also apologise.


  6. 8
    Sorry Jo says:

    I’m sorry, but I went to do some reading instead of watching the Daily Politics today. Having seen that the loathesome harridan Tessa Jowell was a guest for the whole programme, I decided not to raise my blood pressure, and thus avoided the show. What does this woman add to any show? She turns up as often as a bad penny, and for the life of me I cannot see what notable contribution she has to make.


    • 24
      davemcwish says:

      It gives NuLabBBC something to trail, Labour Party Luvvie and a Dame.


    • 27
      Irritating Jowell Syndrome says:

      When I step down from The Commons, I will be made Baroness Jowell of Dulwich, freeing up even more time for telly appearances.


    • 39
      Fly on the wall says:

      She is putting herself about a bit – always on the Sky press review sofa too…


      • 95
        Fish says:

        Always a lot of Labour activists on the Sky sofa – Jowell, Porno Smith, Toilets Maguire, Sloaney Socialist and parliamentary candidate Rowenna Davis. There seems to be no reciprocal Tory representation apart from one mp who I’ve never heard of.

        Same with the rest of the journos, Dale and the bloke from the mail (who both hate Cameron) versus a load of Guadianista sistas


    • 41
      Hugh G. Rection says:

      Rather amazingly the Anne Robinson look-a-like wants to run as London Mayor in 2016 (and given the dearth of halfway decent candidates she’s likely to get the endorsement of the Labour party) so I guess she wants to keep her profile up.
      Is her hubby still in an Italian clink? Hope so.


  7. 10
    David Laws says:

    I do wish people could just be honest with each other.


    • 23
      Cleggy and his crew says:

      I don’t know, oh yes I do.
      Maybe yes, or no, ahem.
      This way, that way, not too sure
      That’s why I’m a proud LibDem.


  8. 11
    Randy Rennard says:

    I reckon an apology in the form of a full body massage, for the offended women, would not only be personal but also sincere!

    *rolls sleeves up*


  9. 15
    Handycock says:

    At least the spotlight isn’t on me.



  10. 19
    Anonymous says:

    “So that clears that obstacle”.

    Eh ?

    One of the four women with footling complaints dating back over decades and a predatory Solicitor coordinating their attacks makes a very careful and very limited observation that would in no way impede her taking civil action, nor any of the other three trying to make exactly just such use of any apology.

    Not sure you’ve got the right end of the stick on this one Guido, notwithstanding my otherwise enormous support for your efforts.

    Even fat old overoptimistic twits are entitled to attempt to have a sex life….


    • 28
      Mitch says:

      Exactly. What the woman says in a tweet that she will or won’t do doesn’t make any difference.

      Legally, Rennard would potentially be exposing himself to a lot of sh*t if he apolgises in the way they want. Sh*t that he deserves, of course.


    • 30
      Then he should have one, with his ..... says:



    • 34
      Reader says:

      I am pretty sure there are other women who have not complained.

      I strongly suspect one of them is a friend of mine, but she is being very tight lipped about what went on.


    • 69
      Airey Belvoir says:

      Maybe they should send Rennard for some training in seduction techniques, as this seems to be his weak point.


      • 81
        Bemused says:

        Maybe if Rennard gets a bit frustrated he should spend a few bob on a professional to sort him out, rather than inflicting himself on various unattractive women that don’t want have anything to do with him and still getting nowt.

        Oh, I forgot, the LimpDems are against prozzies. Time the pillocks learnt a lesson.


      • 100

        The problem is that he is playing on home turf. Had he gone for his pleasures elsewhere, it would not be a party thing and would not have attracted all this attention.

        The second point is that he is not exactly an attractive specimen of hominid. He seems to have overindulged himself in every area of human consumption and does not know where to stop. None of Nick’s thirty or so have come back to complain.

        Third thing is that the LibDem party, ironically, is up its own arse about rights. They treat the handling of women’s breasts as an equivalent of genocide. It is not. A woman who I barely know bumped into me by accident only yesterday and I got the full impact of two nice breasts on the side of my arm. I said something like I would have done that long before if I had known they were that nice. It broke the ice, we both laughed and got on with what we were doing before but I did not treat it as a sexual opportunity, notwithstanding the fact that I would not mind.

        We shall both live to get over the incident and it may even be me that becomes more disturbed as a result of it.

        With the LibDems, it would become WW3.


        • 104
          Fly on the wall says:

          Something similar happened to me a while ago when I accidentally elbowed a lady who I was unaware of standing behind me in her right boob. I turned to apologise, but she merely smiled and said “that’s ok I have another one”.

          See? Normal people do have a sense of proportion.


  11. 20
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    Of course, if he admits liability through apologizing for indecently assaulting a bunch of women, ethics really does not apply.

    If he doesn’t apologize he should on principal be thrown out.

    Ethics doesn’t apply in this situation – he just simply has to go.


    • 68
      The Way of the World says:

      Whatever the rights or wrongs of these allegations of his caddishness, he has lost all credibility as an effective politician.Iif he feels that is not fair, then, life is not fair.

      He has had a good run living high on the hog at public expense and now is the time for him to bow out of public life gracelessly.


    • 106
      Fly on the wall says:

      … has to go…

      ..or the ladies concerned have to press perv charges with the plod and have their day in court.


  12. 22
    Talking of lying, here's Cameron's take on that says:

    Lie 1: Three days before the election, David Cameron: “Any cabinet minister . who comes to me and says ‘Here are my plans’ and they involve front-line reductions, they’ll be sent straight back to their department to go away and think again”.

    Lie 2: A month before the election, David Cameron: “Our plans involve cutting wasteful spending, Our plans don’t involve an increase in VAT.”

    Lie 3: The coalition agreement: “We will stop top-down reorganisation of the NHS.”

    Lie 4: The coalition agreement: We will guarantee that health spending increases in real terms.”

    Lie 5: Two months before the election, from David Cameron: “I wouldn’t change child benefit, I wouldn’t means test it. I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

    Lie 6: Michael Gove, just before the election: “Ed Balls keeps saying that we are committed to scrapping EMA. I have never said this. We won’t.”

    Lie7: Liam Fox: “a bigger army for a safer Britain”, but it now loses 7,000 soldiers.

    Lie 8: In October 2009 George Osborne said: Retail banks should stop paying out significant cash bonuses. A year later, he opposed an updated EU Capital Requirement Directive intended to limit them.
    In 2013 he took a plane to Europe in bid to block a Europe-wide cap on bankers’ bonuses

    Lie 9: David Cameron: “Yes, we back Sure Start. It’s a disgrace that Gordon Brown has been trying to frighten people about this.” Yet the government’s Early Intervention Grant means a reduction of £1.4 billion in the amount given to early intervention programmes. As a result,More than 400 Sure Start children’s centres have closed during the first two years of coalition government.

    Lie 10 No cuts in tax credits for families with an income of less than £50,000;

    Lie 11 prison for anyone carrying a knife;

    Lie 12 no cuts to the navy;

    Lie 13 keeping the child trust fund for the poorest third of families;

    Lie 14 no hospital closures;

    Lie 15 3000 more midwives since 2010 they’ve created 1000. Lowering the shortage from 6,000 to 5,000.


  13. 25
    Ian Smith says:

    Universal Credit will be delivered on time and on budget.


  14. 29
    Attack is the best form of defence says:

    Ukip leader says suspended councillor’s views only became news story when he defected to the party from the Tories

    “I think it is very interesting that, when Mr Silvester was saying these things in 2012 and 2013 as a Conservative town councillor in Henley, it was not a news story,” Mr Farage told an audience in the City.

    “But suddenly he switches to Ukip and continues the same thing and gets on the national news.

    “I think that shows you and tells you all you need to know.



    • 56
      Nigel Porrige says:

      There is some truth in that. BBC are right now taking the piss out of the looney’s behaviour.

      But when the daft Labour moose said Thomas the Tank engine is sexist, they discussed it all very rationally.


    • 99
      Fish says:

      It’s probably because the Tories took no notice of his rantings and he found his natural home (and level) in UKIP


  15. 31
    Lord Randy says:

    Sorry for staring at your tits…

    I thought I was wearing my sunglasses.


  16. 38
    Andrew Efiong says:

    It’s high time these people apologised for being Lib Dems!


  17. 40
    Sir William Wayde says:

    I suppose, in practice, one might be too shocked to react appropriately, but a good slap round the chops might be more effective than a war of nerves. It would be fun to see Rennard’s jowls wobbling.


  18. 43
    Nick Clegg says:

    I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m really really a sorry excuse for a human being.


  19. 44
    Cymro oddi ar y llinell says:

    Apology? Get Sir Humphrey to draft it. That should please all parties.


  20. 45

    FFS all he did was touch her leg.

    WTF is happening in modern Britain? A man can swap spit with another man, ram his dick up his bottom, marry him and adopt children off the state so that they can witness this abnormal perverted behaviour but woe betide a man if he touches a woman’s leg.

    Haven’t we got something badly wrong here.


  21. 46
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Simple solution.
    Clegg apologises for Rennard with a new ‘so so sorry’ video song cover of “Sorry seems to be the hardest wang.


  22. 54
    UKIP councillor planted by the Tories says:

    What a shower.


  23. 57
    Randy Ren says:

    Here is a tip that can save you loads of grief later.

    Bet the woman 50p that you can make her boobs move without touching them.

    Then stare at them for a while, shake your head and then grab them puppies.

    Then give her 50p and say you were wrong.


  24. 59
    Load of tossers says:

    Us LibDems are sorry
    From the bottom of our hearts.
    We may be duplicitous
    And stupid old farts
    But our aims are so clear
    For everyone to see
    Look, Huhne, Laws, Hancock,
    Our ethical Party.


  25. 62
    Jimmy says:

    “now was the time for ‘period of calm reflection’”

    Good to know. I’ve been reflecting calmly for years, I had no idea I’d jumped the gun.


  26. 63
    Ross Kemp on Gangs says:

    In da hood. Word up.


  27. 65
    Typical of the LibDems to get it all wrong "High Noon" is scheduled for 2pm says:


  28. 71
    SleeplessInKirkaldy says:

    Question. If Rennard apologises, does that confirm that his behaviour is sufficient that the party leadership breached their duty of care to members such that the Charity Commision are required to investigate whether to remove charitable status?


  29. 74
    An apology "without prejudice" says:

    That’s the beauty of it …..either way the LibDem Party is “skewered”


  30. 79
    jgm2 says:

    Whatever the rights and wrongs of it he has now become a distraction and an embarrassment to the LibDems (I know, I know) and it’s time to give it the ‘For the sake of the party and to avoid further distress to all concerned I have decided to spend more time with my family…’ speech.


  31. 80
    Nick Clegg with a typical lemon fudge says:

    Can you not compromise and meet her halfway?

    Just say SOr or rRY. The word isn’t integer divisible by two so I’ve used lower case.

    I think that may well work you know.


  32. 84
    Nick Clegg says:

    As party leader, I’m powerless to do anything about perverts like Hancock and Rennard. But I do have the power to say sorry. So vote Lib Dem. For a party that says sorry. Again and again.


  33. 88
    Knaivety says:

    Does this give some insight into Liberal Democrat thinking? Their grandees think there is some kind of equivalence between reconciliation of intergenerationallly warring people groups and dealing with a middle aged man who has been groping young women?


  34. 89
    Gordon Brown says:

    At the pictures last night, I stood up during The Wolf of Wall Street to make a speech about where Jordan Belfort went wrong. The bigots in the audience told me to shut up. But I carried on with my speech, because it was the right thing to do. Even when staff came to escort me out of the cinema, I explained Belfort’s mistakes within the context of post-endogenous growth theory in macro economics. When I was thrown onto the pavement and told to fuck off and never come back, I continued explaining how The Wolf of Wall Street proves I was right about the global economy, which I’ve set out in my bestseller Beyond The Crash..


  35. 108
    Weygand says:

    Trouble with the Lib Dems is that they’re all so touchy.


  36. 111
    Anoldun says:

    Since when can a member of the House of Commons suspend a Member of the House of Lords?


  37. 120
    Sausage Lover says:

    Are all Lib Dems Bummers?
    Would appear Huhne like a bit of sausage


  38. 121
    fed-up in britain says:

    lib dems. bunch of tossers.


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