January 20th, 2014

Rennard Statement Word Cloud


  1. 1
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Party on, Lewd!


  2. 3
    RomaBob.... Beeg Issue, Beeg Issue! says:

    Woe woe woe is me…………. me me me me, anyone would think he was the ‘victim’ !

    Infamy, infamy, they all have it in for me…….. blah blah blah

    He has diabetes ‘cos he is fat…. stop eating so much.

    He has an increased risk of heart problems ‘cos he has made poor life choices.

    He was under investigation ‘cos the allegations suggest he is a dirty old man!


  3. 5
    Pa Larkin says:

    They’re going into meltdown. Perfick!


  4. 6
    JH2940923-005 says:

    Surely the fact that he looks exactly – and I mean, exactly – like Herr Lipp from the League of Gentlemen should get him some sympathy?


  5. 7
    aNusbUTTOCKS says:


    An all out war is commencing between the shit Lib Dem peers and the shit wot backs shit Clegg FACT!

    These bottom feeding parasites will be wiped out over the next eighteen muMFS FACT!

    These shit euro fanatics will be obliterated in May FACT!

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha FACT!


  6. 8
    Michael Gove says:

    I would like the Donner kebab to be our schools national meal.


  7. 10
    Nick Clegg says:

    I agree with Prime Minister David Cameron, jumping on a bandwagon for self promotion regardless of issue, is the right thing to do


  8. 11
    The British media are cunts says:

    I can’t stand the Limp dims but this is a bit of a lesbian feminist witch hunt (and there are plenty of witches around)

    So Rennard tries it on with some rather ugly women (he must have been very drunk). The Police don’t take any action (if they did then what goes on in most pubs and night clubs every night would be illegal) and if you notice it’s the same media hags(Kathy Newman, Rat face Wark, Maitlis) who keep stirring it up.

    So if I’m not prosecuted for an alleged crime and an internal investigation also finds no case to answer, why am I require dot say sorry?

    Rennard seems to be getting stitched up by the press just as Andrew Mitchell was, this time it’s a bunch of bitter men hating dykes at it.


    • 19
      Confused.com says:

      But it aint a random casual acquiantance in a pub is it?

      This is abuse of power to try it on with women knowing full well that they’ll be pursuing their own careers and would be very likely to object or complain.


      • 20
        The British media are cunts says:

        The point is NOTHING was proven so end of story. funny that the media are concerned over this story yet the BBC is a home to perverts and child molesters and nothing is said.


    • 47
      King Cnut says:

      Women are being told that all slap and tickle is nasty and men should be reported and if you like a bit of S & T you shouldn’t cos that not being a real woman. This leaves real women then as no more than sterile bitches! The amazing thing is that sex will always rear its head whether you think it ugly or not and no matter how you repress it. In the news today, Joan Bakewell says that women are being demonised and that this sort of behaviour common in the 60’s and 70’s is no longer acceptable. On the same page to the right is a column of sexist stories including one about a man remotely controlling a vibrator in his girls panties!! Didn’t have those in the sixties did we.


  9. 14
    Nigel says:

    Jessica Lee standing down as Tory MP for Erewash in 2015. Her majority is 2,501.


  10. 16
    Jimmy Saville says:

    I’m saying sorry to fucking nobody!


  11. 18
    A Maimed Badger says:

    That will teach him not to associate with Lib Dem Women, be like the rest of his party, stick to men friends…


  12. 21
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Still nothing from Jo Swinson the Equalities minister

    Remind me again exactly how she got the nomination for her winnable seat

    What a dreadful hypocrite


  13. 23
    Hugh G. Rection says:

    Leaving aside the fat bloke and all of the lasses that he may or may not have tried it on with, the real story here is the joke status of the LibDem party.

    With only 50-odd (odd, geddit?) MPs in the lower house, the party is overwhelmed by all of the LibDumb old farts who have been kicked upstairs over the years. The two major parties have this proportion of MPs v. proportion of peers problem as well, but it’s not as acute. Just as well, otherwise Conservative peers would insist Dave brings back the birch, national service and witch burning.


    • 34
      Witch finder general says:

      Nothing wrong with witch burning. Can we please start with the triumvirate of H . Harman, P.Tonybee and S. Bercow ?


  14. 27
    Feel my finger says:

    Lore Rennard is obviously innocent because an independent body set up by the Liberals says so.

    What more is there to get heated about ?


    • 36
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Independent … of whom?

      If the government or opposition – call in an independent body – to investigate any form of wrongdoing in their day to day business – the only thing the public can be sure of is ‘A Cover Up’.

      e.g. Labour / Unite / Scotland – allowed to cover up their own dirt.
      Conservatives – T Yeo – allowed to cover up their own dirt.
      Lib Dems – david Laws – allowed to cover up their own dirt.

      I could go on with many other examples … but the list would be too long.


  15. 30
    Javelin says:

    I have inside information on this. Supposedly the guy was sleeping with women and those women then got on in the party. No criminal offence committed – they went tot he CPS. Who’s to say they weren’t using him. Nobody every mentions the specifics do they – if it was then there would be questions marks over every woman who got on in the party – that’s why. Yes he was a naughty boy but so were the girls – they had years to complain – but they didnt because it was leg up in the party.


    • 49
      Anonymous says:

      I just remembered. According to the CPS the worst allegation was a woman who said he had put his hands up her skirt – but forgot to mention it was at a photoshoot and slag / sorry victim / was smiling to the camera. True.


    • 50
      Javelin says:

      Yes the worst the CPS found was he put his hand up a woman’s skirt. But it was on a photo shoot and the slag / sorry victim / smiled to the camera. So the CPS told Nick to Clegg off


      • 51
        Javelin says:

        Guido – can we get hold of the photo?

        As I reckon I’m first to reveal this I claim the right to name it.



  16. 31
    FairTrialsForAll says:

    If the victims are so sure of their victim status, they can hire lawyers and sue for whatever crime they think he’s committed.
    Police and CPS not interested, LibDem-appointed lawyer says no provable case to answer.
    Just going ‘boo-hoo’ does not a victim make.


  17. 37
    Tom Windsor says:

    It’s a shame that this affair will lead to the end of a once great party.


    • 38
      Hughie Green says:

      We salute you as the yellow flag of that once great pigeon is lowered of the United Kingdom…


  18. 40

    Not much hope for Lord grope?


  19. 41
    Trouble is says:

    That ACAS harassment guidance says it’s not what the groper intended but how the gropee felt offended. In an employment situation his ball sack would be on the end of a rusty knife. That’s what the clowns in parliament have sicked onto us. One rule for them….


  20. 42
    Mike Hodges says:

    Does anyone still remember the heady days of “I agree with Nick”? This guy seems to be blessed, or is it cursed, with a party determined to self destruct in the full glare of the media. This year’s EU election results could be the final nail in Nick’s coffin….


  21. 44
    Nemesis says:

    Does anybody know what Rennard has actually done to these ‘credible’ women. Was it wandering hands, little taps on the bottom, hand on knee or sleight of hands near breasts etc. It must have been something sexual for them to complain. Poor women surely the sight of that obese, egg-head alone would make a female recoil. He appears as the adult equivalent of a gross cherub.


  22. 45
    Orangewash says:

    The solution to this problem is obvious, if Lord Rennard does not apologise he should represent the Lib Dems in the House of Lords dressed as Brother Lee Love from the Kenny Everett Show.


  23. 46
    Socialism = Starvation says:

    The Lib Dems have done a job of sitting behind a criminal burden of proof that we are told their party rules require for sanction alleged harassers.

    We are not told what they would have concluded had they applied a civil burden of proof, the same that an Employment Tribunal or County Court hearing into alleged harassment would have applied.

    If any if the alleged victims brought civil claims, and time limits might be against them, then a whole new picture might emerge.

    Rennard is right to say that an apology for something that the Party has not found proven against him is a nonsense, as he would effectively concede the civil case were he to do so, unless he used Parliamentary Privilege.

    Clegg is in the absurd position of asking someone to apologise for something arising from alleged acts of harassment that an enquiry has found not to be made out. The Data Protection Act argument for keeping the report confidential is a nonsense, it could easily be redacted.

    Can’t wait for the next instalment of this farce.


  24. 48
    Polly Toynbee ate my hamster says:

    Any woman hanging around the Liberals is no better than she ought to be.


  25. 52
    Socialism = Starvation says:

    Surely the words ‘Liberal Democrat’ and the adjective ‘credible’ do not sit together unless one is being sarcastic or naïve?


  26. 53

    Why are these women or anybody else so arrogant to assume that they have a right to have a ‘ CAREER ‘ in politics ,don’t the voters get a say?


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