January 19th, 2014

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  • ]Miliband called him “a hero for our country”, so it’s awkward for Ed that Mo Farah has become a tax exile.
  • Cameron on Penny Mordaunt making a Splash
  • How Ed is using union to fix Austin Mitchell’s Grimsby seat for crony
  • Wannabe LibDem leader Tim Farron’s ever-growing entourage
  • Cam caught out in cringeworthy moment with England cricket team

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  1. 1
    Saturn says:

    My Day is best


  2. 2
    Watch out, don't get foxed says:

    Hands up everyone who feels that the Limp-Dumbs are a soft touch.


  3. 7
    Ed Balls says:

    Currently looking for new position. Has anyone anyv openings for a thick, bullying, financially illiterate, comic politician?


  4. 8
    Anonymous says:

    So Fawkes is out of bed, is he?


  5. 9
    Ian Smith says:

    Universal Credit will be delivered on time and on budget.


  6. 11
    Equal Rights for Gay Crabs says:


    • 14
      Keep in the 'family' says:

      I hope the MoS used suitable protection.


    • 34
      John Bellingham says:

      I met a bloke last year, highly qualified civil engineer, who is currently cleaning big balls of fatty sh1te out of London sewers. He dresses up like a spaceman and pokes a big high-tech stick around in the drains under Soho and Westminster–innured to all kinds of the worst forms of sh1t–he is the man to probe a Lib-Dem.


      • 58
        ECHR says:

        No – he doesn’t deserve to probe the kind of shit that is the Liberal Democrat party.

        That is a job that should be given to the worst scum in the prison system, of course equipping them with the space man outfit first.


      • 60
        Mark Oaten says:



      • 110
        Scot of the Ant Arse Tick says:

        In China, a woman distils the fat from these fatbergs and resells it to street vendors for frying fast food. Cocaine is lipophilic so the fat that bloke collects in Soho and Westminster might be worth more than its weight in gold.


      • 154
        Non taxable pikey says:

        Big Balls of shit, Hmmmm. That’s where he’s got to.


    • 59
      Fish says:



  7. 12
    Vince Cable says:

    I agree with Ed


  8. 18
    Lord McAlpine says:

    Now I’m dead and can’t be libelled, maybe the truth about my kiddie fiddling and kiddie killing exploits will come to light.


  9. 23
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Ed Balls


  10. 26
    Kirkcaldy Kunt says:

    At moments of tragedy, such as the discovery of a dead child, the MP of the constituency will usually appear to represent his or her constituents to the media and be a conduit for their feelings of grief and shock.

    Disgracefully, the MP for Kirkcaldy is nowhere to be seen.


  11. 31
    Diane Abbott says:

    I’m doing my own version of Splash. It’s called Tidal Wave.


  12. 33

    Fruitcakes First! :-)

    UKIP tops Independent on Sunday poll as the nation’s favourite party:



  13. 35
    Nigel Mirage says:

    Today I shall mostly be building an Ark.


  14. 37
    Catchphrase says:

    Blair’s was “What is important is”. Brown’s was “Because it’s the right thing to do”.

    Miliwank’s is ever changing because the economy keeps proving him wrong. It started with “too far too fast” for about two years, then became “double dip” for a year, then it became “flatlining” for another year, and now he’s got “cost of living crisis” to last him till the election and even that’s already being proven wrong. Pretty soon he’ll just go with “what is important is the right thing to do”.


    • 54
      Ex hardworking family man says:

      Nobody thinks of me!!


      • 155
        Millibands shame says:

        Double dip?? Balls Milliband and the BBC were salivating over a triple dip when we didn’t even get the double


    • 173
      Labour HQ Diktat #403 says:

      Please try not to have a big stupid grin on your face when you are talking the country down.

      Our focus groups tell us that appearing to relish bad news does not go down well with the public.


    • 275
      Lord Duckhouse of Pondlife says:

      He should just be a little more conventional – how about: “At the end of the day, going forward, we must step up to the plate and provide an over-arching framework to support hard-working families in our country”.


  15. 42
    John Bellingham says:

    Mr Milliband was interviewed by Mr Andrew Marr on the BBC this morning. I have no particular animosity to Mr Milliband, but surely if you have some aspiration to become Prime Minister you should be able to answer a simple question and not present yourself as a pathetic, shallow, ignorant cnut.


  16. 45
    Morrissey says:

    I’m also a tax exile. I live in Beverly Hills and yet I and my sheep fans still like to portray myself as a down to earth socialist hero, rather than the hypocritical rich tax exile living in luxury that I am.


  17. 47
    Auntie Duggan says:

    No justice No pizza!


  18. 51
    • 133
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      “Wonderful! Just listen to those thighs!” (Graham Chapman. Monty Python. 1970 or so)


  19. 53
    Hello Righties says:


  20. 57
    The Straight Gang: Portakabin, Lilo, Brittanica, Boothby, Laud, Righton, Blunt, Duncan, Evans says:

    Those here who screech the most about bum sex, arse fuck and “perverts” are the very same ones who tell their wives they’re off for a spot of cricket or to the private members club for a whiskey but actually go to a hotel or private flat to meet their secret lover or rentboy. Closet botty sex and constantly screaming about how much you hate gays go hand in hand. Just ask Ted Haggard.


  21. 65
    Ein Reich says:


    • 70
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      This was all outlined by Cable a couple of years ago.

      It will not work, and in any case is designed to enable fiscal / monetary union of the UK with the failed EU project.


      • 260
        Adolph (no relation to Ed's beloved dad) says:

        So, I will need to travel to Germany to visit my bank?

        Sie müssen verdammt Scherzen


    • 71
      RED LEN says:

      That will be East Germany, I guess ?


    • 75
      Fly on the wall says:

      Funded by whom? And where will/did they get the money from (other than the magic money tree of course).


    • 96
      Mornington Crescent says:

      I’d rather bank with Ladbrokes than with Chucky.


    • 156
      England says:

      We rejected the EU traitors’ divide-and-rule ‘English regions’ scam some time ago. Try it again pal and see what a bucket of shit you will come pouring down on your head.


    • 174
      jgm2 says:

      Regional Banks to lend money to Labour voters with shit ideas that won’t work. But then that’s not what this is about. The idea is to provide a huge slush-fund for Labour members and their families.

      Yeah, hello, I fancy a new 4×4 but Barclays won’t lend me any money because I’m on the dole and have never worked a day in my life sooooo… so I’d like a 100K loan to open a fish and chip shop. Nudge, nudge.


  22. 72
    No honour in murder says:

    The news about that 17 year old girl who went missing two weeks ago has gone very quiet. Maybe the cops are reluctant to investigate the elephant in the room, that she’s been murdered by those close to her in an honour killing. If they pursue that line, Owen Jones and gang will be up in arms and calling the police racist for daring to even consider such an Islamaphobic possibility. Meanwhile, she’s still missing and the public are still expected to buy the story that she disappeared while putting out the rubbish.


  23. 77
    Bill d'Sarse says:

    So Ed’s grand plan for the future is ….. wait for it……
    . Tax higher earners to eliminate the deficit!




    • 81
      Mr Potato Head says:

      How is that kind of left wing lunacy working out in France?


      • 84
        Mr Potato Head says:

        Even the 50% rate on higher earners in this country set the recovery back two years.


        • 124
          Gidiot says:

          I’ve reduced the deficit and doubled the national debt at the same time.


          • Pissed off higher rate tax payer says:

            I am a higher rate tax payer and pay my dues. If Millibands wins and tries to get me to pay for his fuck ups then I will be a non rate taxpayer legally and very quickly.
            Twice these arseholes have tried to make my pips squeak in my lifetime and given money to the feckless or pissed it away in my lifetime.

            I will never ever allow them a third opportunity. Hell will freeze over and I am far from alone in this view. These lefties need to be seriously careful as the top 10 % of earners pay 50% minimum of the total tax take. They cannot afford to piss us off.


    • 83
      Mong the Miliband says:

      And for my next trick – nationalizing all those bourgeoisie companies and fat cat bastards on the stock exchange so that ownership can be returned to my mates the proletariat.

      Arise comrades, carpe dumb !


    • 107
      Ringing the changes says:

      Great idea, good way of emptying Londonistan and dropping house prices in the sh1thole, just think how many poor immigrants Londonistan could take in the nutter gets his chance.


    • 284
      lo'l says:

      listen to DÛ.


  24. 87
    Duncan, Evans, Blunt, Portacabin, Lilo, Brittanica, Boothby, Righton, Bottinley says:

    There are no woofters in our party and never have been! White Power! I mean, Hetero Power! Death to all gayers!


  25. 95
    Lord McAlpine says:

    Well, bugger me!

    As I said to the child.


    • 163
      labour lies says:

      You truly are a very sick leftie. Safe now are we? Come out of your little scum hole to pedal poison have you now you cannot be held to account?

      As always the nasty evil party of the left showing its true colours as the cowards they are. The man was cleared by the courts and more than once. The fact the left perpetuate this horrible myth does not make it the truth. It is though the way the left operates by smear, lies and innuendo.


    • 286
      slapped || ferocity is sweet. says:

      face the other way says.
      whisper sweetly from the side as you brush past me. you ard,un


  26. 97
    Ed Miliband MP says:

    Mark Carney said I was a сunt.

    He is right. But I’m not going to settle for the status quo.

    I don’t think we should demonise every person on benefits. We should demonise every person who works.

    We shall freeze the energy sector. We shall freeze the railways. We shall freeze the pensioners.


  27. 100
    Lord McAlpine says:

    Now I’m dead, I wonder if that video of me and some pals terrorising a little boy by pretending to bury him is still out there. It was going to be shown years ago as part of a documentary into nonce rings but was pulled at the last minute after some high level intervention. One of the perks of being in government. The producer apparently left the room feeling sick after seeing the video. What for? All we did was put a little boy in a coffin and make him think he was being buried by throwing heaps of earth onto the coffin, before taking him out and resuming our play time with him. Aah, those were the days.


    • 342
      If someone says it on the internet it must be true says:

      Have you got any you know actual evidence of this or are you just repeating what you read on the internet ?


  28. 102
    Lord McAlpine says:

    As the old proverb goes, show me the child at 7 and I’ll show you the man…

    …who’ll molest him whilst being protected as a powerful high ranking party fundraiser and close friend of the PM.


  29. 103
    Safer there than here says:

    Women in the Horn of Africa say there are three dreadful days in a woman’s life: the day she is mutilated, the day she marries and the day she gives birth.


  30. 105
    Shit Hole UK says:


    • 106
      Shit Hole UK says:


      • 121
        Mr Potato Head says:

        Staying in the EU and damaging Brits interests by EU contributions, red tape and trade restrictions with non-EU countries are vital for losing UK jobs and closing down companies.


    • 111
      Dreaming just dreaming says:

      A country with 60 million people and the Japanese and the Yanks are worried about investing in the country, my left fkin foot, pigs seen lieing in the House of corruption, Ford have left the country and set up in Turkey because it’s cheaper and I believe the EU paid for the move, business is business, if we do hopefully leave the EU it will be cheaper for them to still use this country as an offshore base to the failing EU as we will have less to piss over the EU wall of corruption


    • 136
      Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:



      • 146
        Jimmy says:

        So the view in the boardroom and the view in the snug at the Frog and Nazi appear to diverge.

        Who to trust?


        • 170
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          Or alternatively Labour’s views coincide with big business not the ordinary man. Who’d have thought it.


          • The Labour Party says:

            Our EU membership provides big business with an endless supply of cheap disposable labour, allowing big business to make huge profits (and pay us large backhanders). Additionally, it suppresses the wages of British workers, driving them into a benefit trap and, naturally, into the welcoming bosom of the Labour Party.


          • Jimmy says:

            Certainly the Lemons are nothing if not ordinary.


          • Nissan have been assembling in Britain since 1986. So they went through that stage in 2007 where it was at €1.48. The previous year I had bought several tranches for house purchase at over €1.50.

            €1.21 is pretty competitive for them compared with that.


        • 199
          Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

          Have never been to The Frog & National Socialist.

          What’s it like ?


          • How anyone can equate Nazi germany with limited government is beyond me says:

            Full of left wing extremists with a passion for eugenics


  31. 112
    Itchy and Scratchy, with Huhne says:


  32. 114
    A cad and a bounder says:

    Who among you has a wife with a bountiful bosom? Send the Missus my way for a good rogering. I fancy a bit of busty posh totty. I’ll return her to you freshly shafted and filled with my baby batter.


  33. 123
    All man says:

    This so-called allegation that Huhne had encounters with men is hardly news. We already knew he did. His boyfriend is Carina Trimmingham.


  34. 125
  35. 135
    Labour Alf Wit says:

    “as well as a British Investment Bank, we’ll set up local regional banks (similar to German the model).


  36. 139
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Heir to Teddy Roosevelt.


  37. 145
    Andi( why can't I spell my name correctly?) Peters says:

    Edd the Duck.


  38. 147
    The biggest and the best says:

    How big is the chav shrine now?
    It’s important for a city’s pride to build one bigger than the one built by pyjama wearing fat women in the last city where a tragedy occurred.


    • 152
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

      The Guiness book of records is on full alert , the florists are rubbing their hands!


    • 158
      Fashun Tips says:

      Do not forget the onesies, track suit bottoms ( all in XXX size ), trainers and baseball caps. Rumour has it that shell suits are about to make a comeback.


    • 160
      Ned McChavish says:

      It’s strange how all these people living hand to mouth and relying on food banks have the spare cash to splash on trying to get their pictures in the papers laying flowers for a child they have never met.


    • 178
      Sam the Skull says:

      Buckfast for all!


    • 180
      A lesson from history says:

      It never ceases to amaze me why people have an insatiable urge to put floral tributes,soft toys and the like around the lamp post/tree/wall/road where their loved one perished in road accidents…you feel like shouting….They’re NOT buried there !!!. Put them on their grave if you must not on a bloody roadside verge….the rot set in when Diana was killed…we never used to see mountains of flowers bought from Filling Station before 1997


      • 191
        jgm2 says:

        ‘the rot set in when Diana was killed’

        I think it did. I was, mercifully, out of the country when she died but watching the BBC output – sombre music for 24 hours – harked back to the days when Radio Moscow would play martial music for about three days when (say) Brezhnev died.

        Fucking moderation.


        • 239
          Auntie Duggan says:

          You are right,I remember all the wailing and weeping from people who had no idea who or what she was and now of course it has caught on,the latest incarnation being in Edinburgh.Its systematic of how this country has gone to the dogs,add in food banks,the compensation culture,the inability to digest the fact that the State can no longer be relied on to provide cradle to grave benefits.I hav been watching BBC Parliament a lot recentlt and I have lost count of the number of Labour MPs relating how one of their constituents is destitute or suffering from cancer,or cannot afford to pay the bedromm subsidy and then expecting ministers,who know nothing of individual cases,what can they do.If I were a minister I would look dont keep asking these stupid question for political resons you are to blame for this shit,it happens get over it.


        • 243
          The old ones are the best says:

          A young gold-digger was walking along the beach at St Tropez, looking for a rich future husband.

          She came across a young man on a large yacht that looked quite expensive. “Hello,” said the gold-digger, “how did you afford an expensive yacht like that?”

          “Well,” replied the man, “I have a senior job at an investment bank. I bought this yacht with one of my million pound bonuses.”

          Suddenly, the gold-digger spied a man on an even bigger and more expensive yacht. She sauntered over. “Hello,” said the gold-digger, “how did you afford an expensive yacht like that?”

          “Well,” replied the man, “I founded an Internet company which was bought by Google for ten billion dollars. I bought this yacht with some of the money.”

          The gold-digger was tempted but then she spied a man on an even bigger and more expensive yacht – the most expensive yacht in St Tropez. She sauntered over.

          “Hello,” said the gold-digger, “how did you afford an expensive yacht like that?”

          “Well,” replied the man, “I was a florist when Princess Diana died.”


        • 346
          jgm3 says:

          jgm2 ‘I was mercifully out the country when she died ‘ having a lovely time touring France in a white Fiat Uno ?


      • 193
        CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

        The stupid sentimental yanks started it!


      • 236
        Gawd Help Us says:

        It would look a bit better if they took the flowers out of the wrapper.


      • 293
        White rabbit says:

        de rigueur for the elephant-sized chavettes round ‘ere. As soon as their little darlings can waddle they’re taught to present tearfully.


  39. 157

    “The scriptures make it abundantly clear that a Christian nation that abandons its faith and acts contrary to the Gospel (and in naked breach of a coronation oath) will be beset by natural disasters such as storms, disease, pestilence and war. I wrote to David Cameron in April 2012 to warn him that disasters would accompany the passage of his same-sex marriage bill. But he went ahead despite a 600,000-signature petition by concerned Christians and more than half of his own parliamentary party saying that he should not do so. It is his fault that large swaths of the nation have been afflicted by storms and floods. He has arrogantly acted against the Gospel that once made Britain ‘great’ and the lesson surely to be learned is that no man or men, however powerful, can mess with Almighty God with impunity and get away with it for everything a nation does is weighed on the scaled of divine approval or disapproval.”

    [cllr david silvester sets out the lemon party’s innovative approach to climate science]


    • 162
      This century says:

      The scriptures make a lot of things abundantly clear. Luckily, no-one plans their lives or abides by them in too much detail.


      • 175
        34% of the population of Tower Hamlets says:

        We abide by the teachings of our magic holy book.

        And we agree with what the Councillor said. The floods were clearly a sign of Allah’s displeasure.

        Jimmy will not dare to poke fun at us.


  40. 161
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Looks like the shit will really hit the fan at the good old BBC now


    It is quite clear that any future investigations into the BBC need to be conducted by independent parties and not influenced by that useless timeserver Patten


  41. 166
    Christa Ackroyde. says:

    Austin Mitchell going, now that is good news.


  42. 171
    anusbridger says:



  43. 172
    Ginger Rodent says:


    • 183
      Code Orange...crisis to break Monday says:

      Lord Carlile was interviewed on BBC News Channel and(I paraphrase) cannot understand Mr Alexander’s view and it is apparent that both he and Mr Clegg do not wish to abide by the legal maxim on which the Liberal Party and this country are founded…..that a man is innocent until PROVEN guilty and the evidence is simply not there on the lowest bar set let alone the requirement of the courts….oh dear….doesn’t look good…..


      • 196
        It's the rules you see says:

        No one is denying that he done it. Cleggmesister says he can only prosecute if the evidence is so overwhelming that a conviction is a 100% certainty.


      • 201
        Judge Dreadful says:

        If you study the life and career of Mr Carlile, you will note that he has no experience r of making judicial decisions. He’s been a paid advocate all his life: he is no JUDGE of anything.

        He has a big gob on many legal topics, but was basically the wrong man for this job.


        • 242
          Blowing Whistles says:

          And I had the cheek to nominate Carlile as legal nobhead of the week. I am grateful that others are doing some reasarch about the ‘paid advocate’. He has been constantly ‘wheeled out’ year after year to give an impression or three to topics which are toxic and need silencing.

          His mouthy retorts at Cathy Newman on CH4News – adequately showed what a ponse he is.


        • 371
          Blowing Whistles says:

          btw here’s sumthin I just put up on the Sat 7 blog … Hypocrisy – “have some” – Lord Carlile and your fiends in the HoCnuts, the msm and all you lying toe-rag politicians.

          Blowing Whistles says:
          January 19, 2014 at 7:50 pm

          And the games of legal duplicity go on and on … oh and Lord Carlile is at it again.

          “Total Hypocrisy”

          So Lord Carlile is defending Lord Rennard to the hilt and threatening to sue all and sundry if they do not back down about the allegations about sexual misconduct by Lord Rennard. e.g. See the msm and the net over the past week.


          Lord Carlile is also known (msm and net) to have been wheeled out to “attack” [the complete OPPOSITE of the Rennard issue) J Assan.ge over allegations of his sexual misconduct in Sweden – on page 23 of the Mail On Sunday – published on August 19th 2012 and mentioned on here on the same day


          Lord Carlile – as and when its suits the state puppet eh. Legal fork-tongued nobhead.


    • 204
      Hancock's half hour says:


  44. 181
    Choo choo says:


  45. 184
    Paddy Pantsdown says:

    Am going to write a letter of complaint about Lord Everard to every decent and honest LibDem MP and Peer in the Houses of Parliament.

    Will I need one stamp or two ?


  46. 185
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    The more Ed Miliband and Ummuna speak the more damage they cause to the UK. Their agenda is to completely fuck up the UK. And why are this pair discussing the economy, what’s happened to Ed Balls, labour’s financial guru?
    Labour are using their last form of attack, SPITE.


    • 188
      Not really. No one important is taking them seriously says:


      • 205
        Genghiz the kahn says:

        Up pops Labour’s little apologist – Robert – son of a Labour Peer and lefty economist Baron Peston to defend Miliband.


        • 210
          Sack the lot of them says:

          It’s the age old question. is stupidity hereditory or can it be learned at the BBC?


        • 212
          Chukup says:

          He’s hardly defending them when he says no one takes Ed Seriously.


        • 231
          jgm2 says:

          If anybody else had a speech impediment like Peston they wouldn’t be allowed to read anything other than a Clanger’s script on TV yet we have to listen to him whistling and screeching and putting the wrONG emPHasIS on every fucking news report.

          Yet somehow he managed to land a plum job at the BBC.


          • That Northen lass who does the business news on the Bill Turnbull breakfast show. says:

            It’s our policy to have bad speaking types these days. Diversity is the spice of BBC life (as long as they are pro gay).


          • CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

            The northern lass speaks clearly and concisely, without affectations or a whining estuary accent.


          • Ferne Cotton says:

            I also ‘somehow’ managed to land a plum job at the BBC


          • A woman's place is underneath says:

            A “get your gums around my plums” job?


      • 206
        A Big Boy Told Me To Do It says:

        Because it’s pants or because he has no chance of putting it into action. Take your pick. Either way, the man is irrelevant.


      • 266
        Ugh says:

        I mute the volume when this man is on the radio, garbling on. Like that smug woman newsreader on the Andrew Marr Show (Naga Munchetty), he seems to have no idea of how to enunciate or pronounciate even the most simplest of English words.


        • 402
          Ha bloody ha says:

          Lots of iggerant and indecypherable immigrants (including a couple of screeching females from the antipodes) seem to be our newscasters lately. Every channel has a box full of them. Wha’eva ‘appened to proppa inglish speekin newsreedas?


    • 194
      Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:

      Eds Miliband and Balls have zero credibility on matters economic.

      As for me, I’m Ed Miliband’s Chief Envelope licker & Bag Carrier.


    • 224
      jgm2 says:

      It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Ned Balls is being deliberately kept away from the TV cameras which is something I’ve been advocating for years.

      But it’s a shocking admission by Labour that their star economist is not liked and not trusted by those who see or hear him.

      The Tories will run and run with this.

      Listen for lots of Tory references to ‘the invisible man’, ‘no message’, ‘no policies’, etc etc


      • 271
        cep says:

        Labour’s claim that Balls is an economist is a shocking admission of it’s own….


        • 292
          A lesson from history says:

          The architects of the economic disaster in 2007/8 were Brown and his two principal advisers….Miliband and Balls


  47. 192
    Help says:

    Am too tight to pay. What’s the Grimbsy story please?


  48. 213
    Truthteller says:

    Andrew Marr “GAY”, Andrew Marr “GAY”, Andrew Marr “GAY”.
    Putin. What is the obsession with “GAY”.


  49. 215
    More revelations? says:


    • 218
      Tim Farton, President of the Cockroach Party says:

      Simple. LibDems are all liars and hypocrites. Next ?


    • 219
      Sewage Worker says:

      I have just spent a day clearing the shitballs from the London sewers. Most of them had LibDem stamped on them.


    • 227
      Please give me a chance you never know my princess xxx. says:

      I told Lib Dems of ‘sex assault’ MP yet he’s still a councillor

      Mr Pascoe wrote: “In my view these text messages support the allegations of XX that MH (Mike Hancock) sought to pursue a sexual relationship with her, whilst showing her affection at the same time. From the outset, Mr Hancock was fully aware of the mental health background of XX. Indeed, he discussed it with XX.

      “Making full allowances for the disclosed mental history of XX, I have no doubt that she has provided before me compelling prima facie evidence of serious and unwelcome sexual behaviour carried out towards her by Mr Hancock.



  50. 220
    Lousey European Crab says:

    I can confirm that we did hide in Chris Huhne’s groin to get into the UK and at the first opportunity we ran out of there. Anyone one would.


  51. 232
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


    • 238
      Chuka 4 Labour Chancellor says:

      Miliband has no option but to promote Balls to party chairman or something, the man is a liability to Mili’s future.


      • 245
        Mr Nobody says:

        Miliband would be better off sacking himself if Labour want to stand any chance of holding on to their 260-odd seats at the next election. An average lead of six points at this stage in the electoral cycle would tend to suggest Labour are going to get decimated. Maybe 220-230 seats at best if Miliband remains leader.


      • 267
        jgm2 says:

        I don’t give a fuck about Miliband or Balls’ future. I’m worried about all our futures if that pair of jackasses gets their imbecile hands on the wheel.


    • 311
      Democracy Now says:

      So a majority still do not think the econmy is safe in their hands.

      With such little public support, they should be calling a general election.


      • 404
        Ha bloody ha says:

        One in three merely indicates that the other two in three were “educated” under Labour and have thus not the faintest idea of what the question was about.


  52. 246
    The Media shows religious bias yet again. says:

    I note that the BBC (and Sky) feel they can openly libel live on air the Christian UKIP councillor who said that the floods were God’s wrath for allowing homosexual marriage .

    Whether they agree with him or not is up to them but they should have interviewed him first to let him put his case before labelling him a mad man. And no way would they have called a Muslem politician insane for saying similar even after interviewing him..


    • 254
      Hamjamspam Chowder says:

      I can vouch for that.


      • 255
        BBC Radio 4 says:

        You are welcome on Today any time Anjem. You can claim whatever you like and we will not call you a loon like we do UKIP politicians.


    • 339
      A Voter says:

      Every morning, our esteemed MPs pray as follows:

      “Lord, the God of righteousness and truth, grant to our Queen and her government, to Members of Parliament and all in positions of responsibility, the guidance of your Spirit. May they never lead the nation wrongly through love of power, desire to please, or unworthy ideals but laying aside all private interests and prejudices keep in mind their responsibility to seek to improve the condition of all mankind; so may your kingdom come and your name be hallowed. Amen.”

      Why do they do that if they believe that God isn’t listening?


  53. 251
    Vikki Souvlaki Thessaloniki says:

    I am a person of a generous nature. I have passed my crab lice on to Denis.


  54. 256
    Gawd, what has the UK come to says:

    On the Sunday Politics was that woman Blears. She is evidently a member of the House of Commons’s Intelligence Committee!
    Jeezu Kryst on a bike.
    Blears and intelligence should never appear in the same sentence. Blears an liar, that is more consistent.


    • 405
      Ha bloody ha says:

      Yes, but the comedy highlight was undoubtedly that lefty love-in on Sky with Polly T Waddle chuntering on. Nearly made me choke on my tea listening to them all falling over themselves to see who could be the daftest of the lot.


  55. 258
    Genghiz the kahn says:


    • 262
      retardEd Miliband says:

      Yeth – the Thoviet Union invaded Afghanithtan, bwinging them the gift of Thothialithm and helping the Afghanth with their cotht of living cwithith.


      • 268
        Ed Roosevelt says:

        11 yearth of Fatcha at Downing Stweet. Labour stumbling to defeat after defeat with Kinnock, Foot.

        That’th what I want for Labour.


    • 291
      I lived through the 1970's under Labour and it was a fucking disaster says:

      This should be compulsory reading for anyone thinking that Miliband and Labour should be allowed anywhere near government.

      People can’t then say they haven’t been warned



      • 295
        retardEd Miliband says:

        Yeth, but where Thothialithm hath prviouthly failed wherever it hath been twied, nextht time, under my bwilliant leaderthip, it will be a wethounding thucctheth.

        Oh yeth.

        P-ETH: cotht of living cwithith.


  56. 259

    Plans for Anglo-French summit later this month include:

    * Prime Minister greets President Hollande at Waterloo Station
    * View Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square
    * Attend the Order Of The Garter ceremony in Windsor
    * Summit at Blenheim Palace
    * Visit to Craven Park to see the 2012 Autumn International Series photo collection



  57. 264
    The Bish says:


  58. 273
    Ed Miliband is David Cameron's Cod Piece says:

    Poor old Vicky Pryce. Perhaps she should listen to her homeland and sign up with UKIP.


  59. 276
    The British media and Police are cunts says:

    The question is when is fat idle plod finally going to get off their lazy arses and go investigate the BBC over Savile? It’s quite clear there was a massive cover up by a lot of people at the BBC many of them still work there.


    • 282
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      BBC say *** innocent face***


      • 288
        C.O.Jones says:

        The BBC should be held accountable to the victims for obstructing justice. These crimes should have been reported to the police, had the BBC done so then many of these children would not have had the experiences that they did.


        • 300
          All police are pigs says:

          The Plod has a particularly poor record when it comes to dealing with child abuse – note that Plod was extremely reluctant to investigate gangs of Muslíms who were abusing white English girls, for fear of offending the Muslim rápísts. Indeed, on at least one occasion Plod returned the white girl to the Muslím who was sexually abusing her.


          • Lateral Thought says:

            The police say they did not want to cause offence.

            But to keep up the charade that multi-culti was working, perhaps their eyes were turned blind in order to keep the crime figures down with respect to violent and sexual crime committed by the ‘enrichment’.


          • Ha bloody ha says:

            Nobody but nobody has the fucking right NOT to be offended.

            Now why don’t these lazy buggers just get on and do the fucking jobs we pay them for??? Or do they all go to Koran reading classes after work?


  60. 280
    Lard Everard says:

    You lot can focus on the ‘squeezed middle’, I’m focusing on the squeezed bottom.


  61. 297
    Lice and points says:


  62. 298
    Lateral Thought says:

    Did the crabs which Huhne brought back from Brussels claim benefits ?


  63. 299
    Gooey Blob says:

    Miliband is now talking about raising taxes, Hollande-style, to cut the deficit. The mind boggles. Are there any economic literacy classes for the over-40s?


    • 305
      C.O.Jones says:

      There is nothing you can do about it, it is in their mindset and they are programmed to think like this.


    • 309
      Tosser Dave says:

      I’m going to raise pensions by the highest of the triple lock options.

      Taxpayer money grows on trees, doncha know.

      I’m an economic illiterate too.

      All because the grey voters will flock back to me from UKIP — Ha Fucking Ha — I also believe in fairies — especially the pink ones that do good bumsex


      • 337
        Universal Hiss says:

        & I’m hoping the old duffers are too senile to add up the fact I’ll stand by the triple lock but as soon as I win the next election ,no more free telly & bus passes & prescriptions.

        They’ll be hundreds of pounds a year worse off & the old fools won’t notice.

        I’ll carry one decimating their savings too.

        Vote utter tosser rather than for the other utter tosser.


  64. 302
    Justaskin' says:

    So, Shirley Williams……is she happy to welcome Lord Rennard back into the fold?


    • 310
      Casual Observer 2 says:

      Hopefully that’s the fold under the droopy left breast — we don’t want the obese cnut Rennard drifting to the right.


    • 395
      Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

      There is a special place in hell waiting for Shirley Williams paid for by all the working class kids who she denied a place at a Grammar School.

      A Grammar school education is and was the only real chance a working class kid has got of getting on in life


  65. 312
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Here’s what Ed needs to do to get Britain back on its feet:

    1 Regulate banks as in pre-thatcher days
    2 Do not renew the rail franchises and stop paying subsidies (read govt welfare) to the private railway companies
    3 Stop paying farming subsidies simply for owning land – landowners are wealthy enough already
    And read this urgently


    4 Revert the NHS to pre-thatcher conditions – if you can afford trillion pound wars and a trillion pound surveillance state spying on everyone, then you can afford a sound and functioning NHS
    5 Establish a govt-run energy company distributor to compete with the sinister six energy company cartels
    6 Comply with Article 8 of the ECHR and stop spying on everyone, you perverts

    It’s not hard

    That remind me:
    7 Criminalise lobbyist in parliament – you’ve been given a wage to work for the public, if that’s not good enough, go and work for the private sector, lotsaluck, buh-bye, we’ll find other people in the community to people parliament


    • 315
      Millionair blair & coward Mc Mental says:

      S’funny that in the years of the great terror labour, the stinking hypocrits, never did any of those things.

      I wonder why?


    • 327
      Changable weather ahead says:

      Wow Mousey, the shock is totally unbelievable how conservative you suddenly have come, if you look back in the archives of this esteemed blog you will find many comments saying the same thing, you and your Liebour mates knew better as you destroyed the economy and the people of this country and opened the doors to immigration and used laws to stop free speech and destroyed the pension system, you must be worried to have come out with your message, has Ed approved it.


    • 344
      M­a­q­bo­ul says:

      Ah yes, take Britain back to the pre-Thatcher days. Callaghan and his muppet government doing Scargill’s bidding.

      Three day weeks. Strikes. Power Cuts. Redundancies. Company liquidations. Inflation 30%. Uncollected rubbish piling up in the streets. Unburied bodies.

      Callaghan on his knees before the IMF.

      Great ideas Moosie.

      Fucking idiot.


    • 354
      Podiceps says:

      ‘Revert the NHS to pre-thatcher conditions …’
      The only time that spending on the NHS has fallen was in the dying days of the Callaghan government, when the IMF imposed public spending cuts on us. Mrs Thatcher consistently increased NHS spending — or, to put it more realistically, the malformed monster continued to devour more and more and she was unable to stop it.


    • 413
      Do you have the mental capacity of a rtrard says:

      Point 3 – it’s part of the CAP. Nothing we can do about it and it’s all changing over the next 2 years. If you care about it South I suggest you vote for a party that stands for less European intervention not more.

      Then again you’re a dumb labour fcuk who doesn’t even have shit for brains.


  66. 313
    • 316
      Podiceps says:

      And I am sure we should all defer to his majestic authority and brilliant intellect, and believe every word he graciously deigns to utter.


      • 383
        ex Tory voter says:

        I hope that they keep up with the ad hominems, as they act as UKIP’s greatest recruitment driver.


    • 318
      La La Land calling LibLabCon says:

      Oh! dear, the LibLabCons are getting worried and have to resort to name calling, you would do better keeping gob closed and stop showing how worried your getting, keep thinking they can’t remove me from the golden trough of expenses and while your doing it the fruitcakes will carry on overtaking you.


    • 332
      Reader says:

      I am fed up with the people the main polticial parties put up as candidates. If ridding ourselves of the careerist arseholes the three main parties keep putting forward means a few looney tunes get into parliament, then so be it.

      I am very confident that once focussing on the job they won’t be any worse than the idiots we already have there: in any event a perusal of the nonsense which gets tabled as Early Day Motions in the Commons will disabuse anyone of the impression that there are no fruitcakes already there.


    • 347
      A Voter says:

      If God does not have any interest in the affairs of men, why is the Archbishop of Canterbury and the rest of that ilk allowed to sit in the House of Lords?

      And why do MPs pray to God in Parliament?


  67. 321

    Rayner Goddard, Lord Goddard (1877 – 1971) was Lord Chief Justice of England from 1946 to 1958. He was the first Lord Chief Justice to be appointed by a Labour government and was known as Justice in a jiffy because he once dismissed six appeals in one hour.

    He ordered Derek Bentley to be hung without observing due process. Bentley was later acquitted – posthumously. This must have been immensely comforting to Bentley.

    It is a matter of record that Lord Goddard sentenced to death many men and he would always bring into the court a spare pair of trousers because, in the course of sentencing, he used to experience an orgasm and ejaculate into the ones he was wearing. He would also ejaculate upon sentencing a whipping, in those days of corporal punishment.

    I thought this was fanciful when I first heard about it, being young, but found out later that it was true.

    A reminder; he was appointed by a Labour government. If anyone wonders where this deviancy comes from, which seems to affect so many from the left, one may bear in mind that it has a long pedigree.

    Those who taunt us here, for various purposes, might like to be reminded of this judge.


    • 341
      Universal Hiss says:

      Is it really true? I shudder to think it is but it wouldn’t surprise me.

      He would have really got off on snuff movies.

      Your bold of Labour government I know is to make a point to the less able on here but degeneracy is obviously not confined to a particular party.Possibly the LibDems hold that gold medal at the moment.


      • 364

        @UH and Wr (below)

        Degeneracy affects all quarters of political opinion. Tried to leave enough scope for that to be read into the situation. It just seems to affect the left more, IMO.

        The LibDems are partly composed of the left (Social Democratic Party).

        Of course, I was not present at these eruptions, thank God. My reaction, as stated, was the same as yours. But it was reported in the Sunday Times in the late 60s/early 70s.

        My reason for posting this is that we have witnessed some pretty odious comments today, and last night, by people who think they are no longer bound by libel.

        Unless I am posting ironically, I always check my facts first over such matters, as far as it is possible so to do. How many others bother?


      • 368
        Bemused says:

        It’s not true.

        Lord Goddard didn’t hang many people.

        The Bentley case went to appeal – execution was decided upon by the Home Secretary.

        The “ejaculation” story is hearsay from a former employee.


        • 374
          Judge Dreadful says:

          If then former employee actually saw it, then his account is not hearsay.


        • 385

          Lord Goddard didn’t hang many people…

          Do me a favour!

          So sorry you find the facts so inconvenient.

          Goddard only got the gig as Hartley Shawcross, another of your socialist judges, was unwilling to accept it.

          It was the law lords of the early nineteenth century who blocked Romilly’s Bill to abolish the death penalty for shoplifting; and it was the law lords of the mid-twentieth century who blocked Silverman’s Bill for abolishing the death penalty altogether.

          Chief among the former was Chief Justice Lord Ellenborough; and among the latter was Lord Goddard, whom posterity may well regard as the Ellenborough of his times…

          Goddard was the archetypical hanging judge.


          If you want a fight, I’m your man. You had better come armed, with references. Mine are from 1961. Where are yours?


    • 355
      Is there actual evidence of this or are you ust repeating something you heard in the pub ? says:

      A matter of record ? Where ?


      • 362

        Whаt? Lіkе ѕеmеn ѕtаіnеd trоuѕеrѕ frоm thе 1950ѕ?

        Іf yоu wеrе mоrе cіvіl, І wоuld hаvе pоѕtеd а lіnk but І wіll bоrrоw а ѕаyіng frоm my еrѕtwhіlе аntаgоnіѕt, BW: DYОFR.


        • 376
          Blowing Whistles says:

          “antagonist, BW: DYOFR”

          I am so very flattered SC. Have a look at box 801 on the Sat 7 and up above here. Ref: Lord Carlile Huh!

          We shall continue our civil discourse tomorrow nite hopefully.


          • Our wrangles have provided some amusement to folks here in the past but, alas, have created more heat than light.

            I always prefer to pursue civil discourse as I am only interested in truth (inasmuch as it exists at all – and I think it does! My opinion, clearly.)

            It may be too much to expect of anyone that we will ever end up in complete agreement. If the whole world agreed on everything, it would be so boring. But I also hope that we can engage on a civilised basis and simply recognise our differences, where they are beyond reconciliation.

            In this spirit, I acknowledge your comment.


          • Оur wrаnglеѕ hаvе prоvіdеd ѕоmе аmuѕеmеnt tо fоlkѕ hеrе іn thе pаѕt but, аlаѕ, hаvе crеаtеd mоrе hеаt thаn lіght.

            І аlwаyѕ prеfеr tо purѕuе cіvіl dіѕcоurѕе аѕ І аm оnly іntеrеѕtеd іn truth (іnаѕmuch аѕ іt еxіѕtѕ аt аll – аnd І thіnk іt dоеѕ! My оpіnіоn, clеаrly.)

            Іt mаy bе tоо much tо еxpеct оf аnyоnе thаt wе wіll еvеr еnd up іn cоmplеtе аgrееmеnt. Іf thе whоlе wоrld аgrееd оn еvеrythіng, іt wоuld bе ѕо bоrіng. But І аlѕо hоpе thаt wе cаn еngаgе оn а cіvіlіѕеd bаѕіѕ аnd ѕіmply rеcоgnіѕе оur dіffеrеncеѕ, whеrе thеy аrе bеyоnd rеcоncіlіаtіоn.

            Іn thіѕ ѕpіrіt, І аcknоwlеdgе yоur cоmmеnt.


          • I will add:

            Carlisle is a worm.


    • 361
      White rabbit says:

      SC. I know you are meticulous in checking veracity of the subjects you post but on this occasion I simply don’t believe it.


      • 365

        See above @7:28 pm


        • 386
          Ailurophile says:

          The frightening implication is that Judge Goddard may have been a “Judicial Serial Killer”. Tribunal of Enquiry, anyone?

          I suppose we should just be thankful that there was no Death Penaty available when that other Labour-appointed bastard, Judge Bridge, wrongly convicted the Birmingam Six.


          • Ailurophile says:

            ‘Penalty’. Nonspecific gremlin.


          • @Ailurophile

            Really do appreciate your valuable contributions here.

            It is important that we distinguish between two (at least) different aspects arising.

            * Firstly, the law of the land as it exists at the time.

            * Secondly, the vicarious, perverted and abnormal reactions of those who uphold the law.

            I knew when I posted my remark that it might attract some discussion. It was meant to. Your observations of Lord Bridge are quite correct BTW, although he did have a great clarity of thinking in his state of error!

            My point was addressed to the second of the issues mentioned above as one cannot re-write the law after the event, alas.

            It is still possible to act within the law but in a completely abhorrent way.


  68. 322
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    The Tories have turned the poor against each other. People on benefits, of any kind, are now the enemy. The fat cats have got away with the cream and are helping themselves to the entire dairy! But its the poorest and most vulnerable in society that have been made the scape goats. Whilst the Tories have waged war on the poor, the unemployed, the low paid and especially their pet hate group, the sick and disabled…. they have gone into battle with Brussels to fight for the right of the bankers to keep their great big fat obscene bonuses….

    The people of this country had better wake up, and fast. The NHS has been 70% privatised, but the service is once again being forced onto its knees by the Tories just as it was under Thatcher. Schools are once again being pummelled and the poorest and most vulnerable in society are being victimised and vilified by this government whilst those who actually caused this catastrophe have kept on laughing all the way to their nice fat bonuses. It makes me sick and ashamed of my own country and my fellow countrymen


    • 325
      Seriously? says:

      Labour Party members get bonuses?


    • 326
      Labour's supporters are worthless retarded subhuman filth says:

      It was the poorest and most vulnerable in society who were most severely affected by Labour.

      “Labour sent out ‘search parties’ for immigrants to get them to come to the UK, Lord Mandelson has admitted.
      “In a stunning confirmation that the Blair and Brown governments deliberately engineered mass immigration, the former Cabinet Minister and spin doctor said New Labour sought out foreign workers.
      “He also conceded that the influx of arrivals meant the party’s traditional supporters are now unable to find work.”</b

      As for the “sick and disabled”, how many were left disabled by Labour’s illegal war in Iraq? We know half a million civilians died in Labour’s illegal war – do you have the figures on how many men, women and children were left maimed? 5 million, maybe?

      And then we’ve got the tens of thousands who were killed in NHS hospitals by indifferent staff, whilst Labour’s Andy Burnham did his best to cover it up.

      If you’re a complete fucking c*nt, vote Labour.


    • 328
      Hypocritical Wanker Watch says:

      Define ‘vulnerable’.

      Under Labour, single white men, many ex-servicemen, were deemed not to be vulnerable and left to sleep rough in the streets. Did you complain then? I don’t recall anyone on the left saying anything much about that. They certainly didn’t do anything to change the law.


    • 331
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, (Tony Blair).


    • 358
      Someone with more brains than you says:

      You are an ignorant Onanite.


    • 366
      Genghiz the kahn says:

      Thank you Mr Spart.


    • 382
      JadedJean says:

      Perhaps real criminals amongst us are those who promote equality and immigration. Why would socialists promote immigration knowing that it could only be an immediate drain on public services, and that by the time they had contributed, there wouldn’t be any public services left? Perhaps those shouting ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ are not lefties (if not useful idiots), but right-wing libertarians!


    • 396

      My dear Moussa

      I am so, so sorry for you that Kinnock did not win. Really. But he fluffed it, old son! It is no good complaining more than two decades after the event…

      Had he done so, you would have been happy but 56m (minus 1) would not have been. That figure includes Kinnock himself who got a nice sinecure in the EU earning telephone numbers, of which you may only dream.

      It is so nice and revealing of your kindly nature that you do not resent this of him one little bit whereas, if it had been an evil Tory, you would have been so up in arms!

      Mandelson, Blair, Brown. They all must be pissing in their boots over you. But you still remain loyal to the cause. Greater love hath no man etc.

      It is people like you who keep the cause going.

      Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
      We’ll keep the red flag flying here

      Sorry, have to go and find a handkerchief…


  69. 324
    Dave Cameron says:

    I am not prejudiced in any way. I myself know some people who are hetersexual.


  70. 351
    C.O.Jones says:

    Pensioners should be given free alchohol and cigarette vouchers to reduce the time they are dependent on the state.


  71. 353
    A Voter says:

    “Unless the LORD builds the house the builders build in vain, Unless the LORD watches over the city the guards stand watch in vain”

    Psalm 123 : 1

    Inscribed in the floor of Central Lobby of Parliament.



    • 357
      Podiceps says:

      It’s Psalm 127.

      If it is really in that pappy modern translation, it probably refers to Lord Rennard.

      The best English translation of the Psalms is the one by Miles Coverdale, which was used for chanting them in the Church of England before the rot set in. Here it is:

      1. Except the Lord build the house, their labour is but lost that build it.
      2. Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.


      • 359
        A Voter says:

        Thanks. Yes, that is a better, more elegant rendition.

        Whichever psalm it is, I simply ask, why it is inscribed on the floor of the lobby if people who believe it (I happen to think they are probably wrong to do so) are to be excluded from public office.


        • 369
          The intolerance or Councillor Silvester is a dangerous step. says:

          The next stage will be for the state to ban all Christians from adopting unless they relinquish their faith. No doubt Muslims will be exempted though.

          Worth noting that he was perfectly acceptable and not considered a fruitcake just one year ago when he was the treasurer of Henley Conservatives. His move to madness occurred when he resigned over Cameron’s bumsex marriage bill.


        • 370
          Podiceps says:

          To answer your question seriously, if it’s part of the original decoration of the building it was put there by Pugin, who created the decorative scheme of the whole Palace of Westminster. Pugin was intensely religious and felt that everything he created was a work for God, and he may also have meant it as an admonition to those in the place that they should act rightly — in which case, sadly, it has not been followed.

          Pugin was a Catholic, and if the inscription was designed by him it’s probably in the clunky Latin of the Vulgate:
          1. Nisi Dominus aedificaverit domum in vanum laboraverunt qui aedificant eam. 2. Nisi Dominus custodierit civitatem frustra vigilavit qui custodit.


    • 372
      BBC Boadcasting House says:

      They would do well to read the inscription on the way in.

      1 Corinthians 3:7

      So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.


      • 375
        They don't write them like that anymore says:

        There is Also this inscription which the current Governors totally ignore

        TO ALMIGHTY GOD This shrine of the arts, music and literature is dedicated by the first Governors in the year of our Lord 1931, John Reith being Director General. It is their prayer that good seed sown will produce a good harvest, that everything offensive to decency and hostile to peace will be expelled, and that the nation will incline its ear to those things which are lovely, pure and of good report and thus pursue the path of wisdom and virtue’.


  72. 379
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:



    • 384
      tn02 says:

      Lord Carlile, yet another duplicitous 4×2 in the HoL. They certainly have all bases covered as he is the LibDem’s senior legal representative in the House.


  73. 381
    ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:

    I don’t understand this. I put a cross in the box for no pubic licety publicity and still got crabs.


  74. 389
    A Close Shave Gromit says:

    No crabs and no penalty points


  75. 392
    Diane Abbott says:

    That Rennard is an obese whitey.


  76. 398
    Judicial watch says:

    Advice for the crab afflicted. Feed crabs with brown sugar. It won’t kill them, but, it rots their teeth………and they fall of. No probs.


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