January 18th, 2014

Saturday Seven Up


  1. 1
    Mr Potato Head says:

    Only UKIP has the answer to uncontrolled immigration.

    • 2
      Godfrey Bloom says:

      It’s a good job I didn’t have ‘Fat bottomed girls’ as my ring tone or I would have got in a whole lot of bother.

    • 4
      albacore says:

      And they certainly have their work cut out
      You’d have to be blind, deaf and daft to doubt
      That all that Parliament is now about
      Is immigrating Britain up the spout

    • 36
      De Hont says:

      Tell me, experts, it’s true, isn’t it that despite the instructions on the voting papers you don’t need to give ANY second or third preference votes in May? These only serve to boost gravy train parties which should not be re-elected…

      • 57
        Psyche the Dog says:

        It would be better if they arranged constituencies so that every mp in the HoC represent the same number of registered voters in one year, then adjusted it every 5 years, Londonistan is, because of its very fluid population, could have a pool of candidates nominated by parties in Londonistan and then you could have proportion representation.

    • 336
      migrate says:

      birds do it.
      they wear pirelli.
      no tyre no comment. no

      comment for us kippers. so u kip?

    • 456
      nell says:

      Ah ukip – latest from ukip is that cameron’s support of gay marriage caused the winter floods. Doesn’t sound very sensible to me or , I suspect, thousands of other voters. But there you go!

    • 495
      Anonymous says:

      Is the answer controlled immigration?

      • 500
        No can never have too many people, just ask Bangladesh says:

        No, no, no. We desperately need more immigrants…to do the jobs the lazy last lot we imported wont do.

        And their tax contributions on their minimum wages (minus any top up benefits of course) are going to pay for your pension.

        It all make perfect sense. The Labour party and the CBI both agree, so it must
        be true.

  2. 3
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    We have a firm and decisive policy on Europe, we will stick with the status quo until something happens and then maybe change but maybe not.

  3. 8
    altruism in industry says:

    The thing is the kids quite like the “one World” concept and are agin anything that is nationalistic or not “accepting” whereas we older farts tend to see things in a broader time context.

    • 11
      Ed Balls says:

      Education is wasted on the young. What they need is indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination

    • 26
      A Hitler says:

      I tried the “one nation” concept before that wannabe socialist Millibandwagon.

    • 94
      FFS says:

      Well my kids don’t. They support the England football team, are only interested in British gold medals at the Olympics and are proud that a Brit won the Tour de France.

      They have friends in the British army fighting foreigners in foreign wars and they resent going to schools and colleges filled with foreigners going around jhabbering away in their own language.

      They do not want to find themselves fighting for jobs with people that in their opinion shouldn’t even be here.

      Their opinion is that our generation have fucked up big time. We elected a government that screwed up the economy so badly their own children will still be paying for it, and now there are no jobs. What jobs there are they will need to fight for against some chavvy Pole they think shouldn’t even be here. Then our generation has the outright gall to claim THEIR generation is badly behaved and badly educated! Ha!

      See it from their perspective: their generation is untried and untested, but OUR generation is proven to be a bunch of spineless, fuckwitted, ill-educated twats that have simply sat back and moaned about all these problems when previous generations have gone to war for far less.

      • 117
        White rabbit says:

        Connects hammer with head of nail.

        HT… M.Brook

      • 118
        rick says:

        That may be the problem – the previous generations went to war at the drop of a hat. We are now enjoying the legacy of that.

        • 729
          BBC irony dept says:

          If you are talking about Labour’s 5 wars, one of which we are still fighting, then you have a point.

      • 125
        I hate socialists. says:

        Agreed 100% .

      • 213
        altruism in industry says:

        I’d be very happy to be shown to be incorrect in my guestimate of majority UK youth attitude to UK sovereignty.

      • 552
        Move to Ireland says:

        We’re white (well, nearly all)
        We’re English-speaking (after a fashion, with optional Gaelic for any who want it)
        We drive on the same side of the road (when we’re sober enough)
        We follow English Soccer (and Gaelic stuff too)
        We’ve got crooked Politicians too (worse than yours)
        We have lashings and lashings of good Guinness (best consumed at source)
        Home from Home (well, nearly)
        Try a holiday first…

  4. 9
    Niall Eastik-Tendencies says:

    We’ve trawled through hundreds of thousands of UKIPer’s Facebook pictures, found one of a bloke grabbing for his camera and spread it via our media partners.
    Vote Establishment Onepartystate.

    From GCHQ

  5. 10
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    I hate Benefits Street even more than I do Coronation Street.

    It is a disgusting virulent program with no moral merit whatsoever highlighting and glamorizing deceit and crime.

    Any decent Prime Minister would have banned it.

    There is no future inn hyping failure and poverty.

    • 25
      non taxable pikey says:

      Banning things that you don’t like is for countries like the Ukraine.

    • 29
      cep says:

      I hate Labour even more than I do Tories.

      They are disgusting, virulent and with no moral merit whatsoever, highlighting and glamorising deceit and crime.

      Any decent prime minister would have nothing to do with socialism.

      There is no future with labour.

      • 129
        White rabbit says:

        And me. But bewildered and ashamed that current mob involving crime family in formal discussions about, you guessed it..crime

        • 360
          White says:

          as i was saying to myself: split.
          now wha art fat got my dye then.
          ealing comes before thy studio.

    • 383
      Blind Pew says:

      Another black spot.

  6. 12
    Ed Miliband says:

    Ooh er, flipping heck. I’m running out of crises.

    We said unemployment was a crisis and the nasty Tories cut it.
    We said bankers bonuses were too high and the nasty Tories cut them.
    We said there would be recession and the nasty Tories got growth.
    We said we would freeze energy prices and the nasty Tories cut them.
    We said there was a cost of living crisis and the nasty Tories slowed inflation and are increasing the minimum wage.

    We are in a no crisis crisis.

    • 79
      Fish says:

      Oh Ed! Make one up….you usually do.

    • 126
      Dick the Butcher says:

      Fwendth, lithen to me ith weally thimple – we will fweeth evewything and having fwothen bankerth bonutheth we will then tackth them to pwovide thouthandth of new houtheth and then tackth them thum more to pwovide theventeen year-oldth with jobs.

      • 459
        nell says:

        You forgot their promise to use bankers taxes for nursery places – labour clearly consider themselves the equal of Jesus and his parable of feeding the five thousand from a handful of flour and five fishes!!

    • 135
      White rabbit says:

      That went well yesterday, didn’t it ?

    • 730
      BBC irony dept says:

      Ed, what are you complaining about? You are effectively making Cameron’s pinko Tories implement your policies.

  7. 13
    The pitter-patter of tiny Owen, son says:

    Remember the hose-pipe ban ! Big Brother is watching you.

  8. 16
    Dave in the Westminster Boys' Playground. says:

    Another week gone and I’m still here! Can’t catch me! Ha Ha Ha!!!

  9. 17
    Sherlock H says:

    Body found, mother held. Predicted on here

    • 18
      koba says:

      ‘Bonkers Brown’ constituency?

      • 19
        Owen Jones says:

        That poor little lad in Scotland. They should introduce televised hanging. Bastards

        • 31
          LibLabConner Establishment. says:

          Except if the perpetrators are effnics or immigrants. They need our understanding and sympathy on the grounds of their deprived and difficult backgrounds. What they need is counselling, which will generate lots of lovely extra caring jobs for our supporters.

    • 56
      A Mystery says:

      It was always a “bit iffy” ….the police are experienced in such matters and I suspect they to had their suspicions from the start but were awaiting forensic evidence. Generally the public know when something ain’t quite right. Older children yeah possibly but NOT a three year old ..if he had run off he would have been sighted within a couple of hours. A young child on his own sticks out like a sore thumb …..someone would have noticed and approached him even in this day and age and especially as soon as people started stirring on a week day and a school day with mothers taking kids to nursery or school…women have an intuition and would have clocked him as being on his own and asked where Mummy was even before he had been reported “missing”

      • 155
        FFS says:

        I notice that 18 year old girl that went missing in Newport at Christmas was the daughter of failed asylum seekers. Their application failed a year ago but they are still here. I suppose there is no danger of them being sent home while their daughter is “missing”. Has anybody bothered to look in the attic? No, the police never go up there……

        Oh, and the photos of her show her without a hijab – but normally she wore a hijab.

  10. 20
    skynet says:

    “Hackers have used a refrigerator to send spam emails in the first proven cyber attack of its kind.”

    • 22
      Radio4 groper says:

      They were caught in a honey-roast trap

    • 23
      Jackson Tosh says:

    • 24
      Anonymous says:

      I just hacked into his email account and I think my tumble dryer is having an affair with the washing machine. I feel so dirty and used.

      • 30
        Pingu says:

        Me too
        My fridge is having an affair with my freezer. First they went cool on me then I got frozen out all together

      • 33
        non taxable pikey says:

        I know an electronic engineer who connected his microwave to an aerial and pointed it skywards, after locking onto a received signal he turned it on just to see what happened. After a day or two Plod eventually arrived and asked him to shut it down since it was messing up a US satellite. Broadband microwave energy on a tight beam will do that.

      • 38
        Wasing machine says:

        Please don’t wash our dirty washing in public

    • 86
      Weird Ed says:

      I am going to freeze thpam e-mails when I am Pwime Minithter

    • 372
      You will be a prime. says:

      hacker defrosted.
      all turkey,s gather now. before the vulvet season begins.

  11. 28

    What is wrong with the Governor of the Bank of England saying that Balls is Balls?

    Or the entire Governor and Company of the Bank of England FTM?

  12. 37
    King Alfred the Great says:

    Give me back my pelvic bone.

  13. 41
    Lefties, wussy men and crap musicians unite! says:

    Want to attend a weekend of events discussing what it means to be a man in the modern age?

    Among those taking part in debates will be Billy Bragg. :-D

  14. 43
    Lefties, wussy men and crap musicians unite! says:

    Want to attend a weekend of events discussing what it means to be a man in the modern age?

    Among those taking part in debates will be Bìlly Bragg. :-D

    • 103
      Bemused says:

      By definition, if you turn up to such an event YOU AREN’T A MAN!

      Anyway, I’m watching the footie this afternoon and tomorrow my son’s coming round with Expendables 2 on DVD and we are gonna watch that with a couple of beers, so I’m otherwise detained.

      • 123
        Expendable OAPs says:

        It’s good fun but when you watch it, don’t adjust your telly, Stallone and Norris are meant to look like that. Lots and lots of botox! Ironically, Van Damme gives the best performance out of them all.

    • 255
      Vladdy P. says:

      What it means to be a man in the modern age? You just have to take your shirt off a lot and pretend not to be homosexual.

  15. 44
    Ahhhhhh! says:

    A n un who gave birth to a baby boy in the central Italian city of Rieti, said she had no idea she was pregnant, local media report.

    The second coming?

  16. 45
    Lord Renhard-on says:

    Who can resist my obese charms? Look at my folds of fat jiggle. Come here, Miss. Say hello to Mr Happy.

  17. 46
    Yuk says:

    I know it’s sad and an horrific end for that poor wee innocent boy, but take a look at the footage of the Edinburgh women as they leave tributes this morning. Slovenly fat old bags in pyjamas.

    • 53
      Horrific fate worse than death says:

      It could have been worse for the kid – he could have lived and spent 70+ years living in Jockland.

      • 65
        Chasing the Deer says:

        Nobody reaches 70+(60 if you are VERY lucky) in Scotland if you are from the poorer “working” class …it’s the booze, fags and the deep fried mars bars. They have some of the highest obesity,heart attacks and strokes in the UK

        • 111
          Alex "Fatty" Salmond says:

          Well it will be a different story when I’m in charge

        • 171
          Fly on the wall says:

          ..or a misplaced snooping police helicopter dropping in unexpectedly…

        • 279
          Sam the Skull drinking Buckfast in Maryhill and dodging the Strathclyde constabulary says:

          To quote an old saw: Scotland is one of the few places in the world where fried breakfasts and cigarettes are still good for you.

    • 58
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

      The chav shrine is being erected as we speak

    • 67
      Political Spin says:

      Another child killer raised under a Labour government.

      How many more children will Labour kill ?

    • 81
      Gordon says:

      Get in here NOW Sarah

  18. 48
    At the movies this weekend says:

    I’ll be going to see The Wolf of Wall Street. Looks a cracking film.

    • 74
      Barry Norman says:

      Apparently the British version “The Poodle of Downing Street” went straight to DVD

    • 76
      Anonymous says:

      My daughter saw it last night she said it was hilarious.

    • 212
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      I’ve watched DVD screeners of this and ‘American Hustle’. Both great films.

      ‘The Book Thief’ is another good one to watch.

  19. 49
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I want our public parks to make way for fracking.

  20. 50
    I like my women curvy says:

    Don’t miss Penny Mordaunt on Splash tonight.

    • 70
      That's entertainment? says:

      As if TV couldn’t be any more dumbed-down, some prat comes up with the idea of getting a fat trollop to jump into a pool of water.

    • 89
      Bilda Berger says:

      She’s not easy to miss, even if you have a wide-screen telly.

    • 187
      Anna Soubry says:

      Why on earth did they ask her? What would have been wrong with asking me to go on TV in a skimpy swimsuit? Why does it have to be Ms Mordaunt?

      • 335
        Jack D says:

        I’d like to see Linford take the plunge, in speedos, in slow motion, with pause and replay buttons.
        Or Ainsley.

    • 404
      dashing bottom says:

      splash or -.
      kate from the back or cate from the.
      kick or nickers.

      kick first. kate later.

  21. 52
    Ah! dear says:

    {Up to 30 residents took part in a nude flash mob in wet and windy conditions on Hastings beach to attract an acclaimed photographer to the town.

    The exhibitionists hope to convince American body artist Spencer Tunick to stage one of his mass nude photoshoots at the East Sussex seaside resort.}

    I’m thinking of participating, but fear I might stand out in a crowd.

    • 198
      WoRaft Chihuahua says:

      Save us, but if Spencer Tunick offers to do our Parliament, we could have all the MPs and Lords curled up like crinkly armadillos on the benches.

  22. 54
    Joker says:

    A muslim walks into a bar.

    No one survived.

    • 66
      Yuk says:

      THE mother of missing Mikaeel Kular lost a friend last year in an alleged shooting incident in Edinburgh’s Willowbrae area.

      Rosdeep Kular, 33, posted a picture of herself with Mohammed Abdi on a social media website the day after he died in the incident last April.

      Neighbours say they had seen Mr Abdi, who was 25 when he died, visit Ms Kular’s flat in the Drylaw area of the capital.

      One neighbour said: “It has been a long time since I last saw him, but I have definitely seen him with the mum.

      While another said: “I saw him a couple of times but more with the kids than with the mum. I’m sure that he took the little ones to nursery too.”

      Mr Abdi, whose father is an Imam at the Edinburgh Central Mosque, died on April 26 last year.

      Six men deny killing Mr Abdi. Mohamud Mohamud, 30, Ahmed Ahmed, 28, Cadil Huseen, 22, Hussein Ali, 26, Liban Ahmed, 29, and Said Fadal, 32, appeared at the High Court in Glasgow earlier this month.

      Mr Abdi was allegedly shot with a sub-machine pistol and a revolver.

      Who on earth can argue against the benefits of cultural enrichment?

    • 405
      elite singles for muslims. says:

      and the joke is.
      mustard gas : is that the time.

  23. 60
    Joker says:

    I sat down to watch The Hills Have Eyes the other night. It’s all about a small community of inbred savages who terrorise outsiders and can barely string a sentence together. It was 40 minutes before I realised I’d accidentally switched over to Benefits Street.

    • 68
      Krankie says:

      ….Or the news interviews from Edinburgh.

      • 93
        Anonymous says:

        Ch 5 ran one a few days later called “on benefits and proud” watch weep and despair as they all trot out their rights to layabout. First thing in the new house was the sky and telly. They spent more bennies on fags and beer than food. Despite having no qualifications, covered in tattoos and a pin cushion face they would only go to work for enough money to pay their bills and have at least 500 sods over for fun lie. The other was a women demanding a big brand new 1/2 million quid house for here 11 kids from 3 fathers. She receives 1000 yes a thousand pounds a fucking week off the benefits, a house and everything free of course.

        None of it was their fault of course and even ch 5 started on them when they worked out on average to get the same in real life they would have to earn 60k plus

        • 122
          FFS says:

          Take the kids off them. If it’s good enough for Swedish socialists it should be good enough for Labour.

          • Warren Peace says:

            You will enjoy the next episode then, shoplifter and proud. Makes you proud to be British doesn’t it?

          • Fly on the wall says:

            Swedish socialists have imprisoned a Malaysian couple for slapping their misbehaving kiddie on the wrist. Such violence against fellow human beings is agin the law apparently. Moreover, there is no provision for bail in Sweden, so they will have to stay in prison for a further 2 weeks until their case comes to trial…. and we thought the Iraqis and Iranians were the effing savages round here. No wonder Assange refused to go back.

            I have just cancelled my plans for a 3 week tour of Sweden this summer.

          • Sam the Skull drinking Buckfast in Maryhill and dodging the Strathclyde constabulary says:

            Instead take your vacation in Greece – land of the illustrious past, land of Europe’s future.

          • policy wonk says:

            Yes indeed, anyone without earned income who is on bennies and gives birth while in this parlous state, should expect to have their child take into care.

            We must put an end to the have-a-child-for-more-bennies culture.

            The watermelons should be on board with this too, since population growth is the greatest contributor to global change warming.

  24. 61
    Vince Cable says:

    I agree with Ed.

  25. 73
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    We must consider forcing kids to go for work experience at their local benefits office, will make things more efficient in the long term.

  26. 83
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Reynard all over the newspapers and BBC/Sky today and highlighting Clegg’s impotence on the matter.

    Where is Jo Swinson our equalities minister.

    Last week you couldn’t keep he out of the news as she was bleating on about breast feeding her baby in the HoC. A senior Liberal has been found out as a serial sex pest and she is strangely quiet.

    Is there anything she won’t do to keep her position – she should be nominated for the parliamentary hypocrisy award and god knows there are some real candidates for that one.

    As I remember before the scandal broke a few months ago she was on twitter every day and that just stopped over night – strange that.

    She still has to say whether she went through the Reynard initiation process.

  27. 84
    Excalibur still on hols down under says:

    We’ll the Aussies think we have lost the plot, they see everything we do and cannot believe the moozie stuff going on. I tell them it is heading their way.

    The churches are big on immig’ration, Main Street church in Melbourne centre showing faith, fashion and fellowship with giant lady mozzie pictures, indoctrination loud and clear. Meanwhile shooting at asy’lum boats looks to be frowned upon by the government.

    The Aussies know what’s going on.

  28. 88
    Lice n Peas says:

    Flippin Heck. Just the thought of Huhne’s pubic crabs gets me itching.

  29. 91
    lord clutch says:

    Eds Banking reforms is equivalent of driving a Ford Focus 100mph into a focus group then reversing

    • 104
      Screwed Taxpayer says:

      It’s classic socialist economics. Just like that incompetent Dave STILL running a fucking great Deficit month after month, after nearly four years in “power” — the useless t(u)rd

      • 140
        Anonymous says:

        Labours bequest will not be cleared in our generation. You are naive to think otherwise. Just when that starts to clear all the. Labour signed PFI will start to appear.

        • 448

          Dave’s more than doubling Liebour’s debt. It’s no good the cnut just bleating that it was all their fault.

          He hasn’t, and isn’t, getting a proper grip on Government expenditure.

          • Another meaningless labour statement says:

            You have no dea. Yeah let’s stop sending and they would be out overnight and labour back in tripling the debt

  30. 92
    Shameful says:

    The people here – not all but some – making jokes about the death of a 3 year old child just show the depths of depravity in the right. Just for once show some basic decency and don’t turn a tragic death into another opportunity for sick jokes.

    • 97
      Anonymous says:

      How do you know they are right. Before you obviously a declared leftie get on your high horse we await an apology for the thousands of kids you killed illegally in Iraq. I suggest then you just shut up or fuck off or better still preferably both

    • 101
      Jimmy says:

      Par for the course for some on here, mate.

      There are still cavemen extant in Britain.

      • 132
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        Perhaps better to bomb them overseas, like Labour did.

        Much more humane.

      • 133
        Joe says:

        Blair and the people who followed him and put him into power are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Iraq children and millions of civilians. People like you.

        • 180
          Fuck the LibLabCon says:

          To be fair Blair hoodwinked them all.

          • Fuck The EU says:

            Even fairer: Blair and Al Campbell hoodwinked some of them, and the UN.

            People forget that over a million peacefully marched through London in opposition – right past Blair’s office window as well.

            Lessons to be learned:

            i) Next time make it violent opposition as peace doesn’t work,
            ii) Labour ignores the will of the people.

        • 416
          black and blue says:

          our tone is a bro.
          he pro.
          beat the hen all you like.
          she will always be be black.

    • 131
      FFS says:

      I took a look back through and there are no jokes about that poor little lad.

      There are some negative comments about the mother (perhaps deserved it seems) and some unrelated comments about Muslims, but no jokes about that little lad.

      Perhaps you should apologise?

      • 141
        Shameful says:

        You clearly missed the jokes about how it could’ve been worse for the child, he could’ve lived to 70 in jockland, or the one about there being a chav shrine to the child.

        • 153
          M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

          But as a professional in sanctimony you sniffed out two negative remarks in order for you to demonstrate for all to see your personal moral superiority to “righties”.

          Oh do fuck off.

        • 157
          Sixth Sense says:

          A joke about Jockland and Chavs surely?

          • Educator says:

            He’s a leftie, they aren’t very bright you know. Comprehension levels amongst them all are very low.

        • 163
          FFS says:

          Neither joke directed at the child – both aimed at the underclass in Scotland.

          Nobody made a joke about that poor lad.

          Now apologise.

          • Fuck the LibLabCon says:

            We won’t get a regretful acknowledgement of an offence or failure from the likes of him, the self righteousness of the hypocritical twat just won’t allow it.

      • 142
        Anonymous says:

        Leftie like that twat jimmie Mouth off but never admit they are wrong. Typical left wing mantra

    • 145
      altruism in industry says:

      I’ve just flicked through the posts and there aren’t any jokes about the death of the boy, perhaps you are seeing what you would like to see ?

      • 179
        Krankie says:

        The left are masters are seeing what they want to see…irrespective of the facts.
        Hateful cÙnts

      • 184
        Warren Peace says:

        And let’s not forget the 30,000 or so killed by the NHS under the stewardships of Johnson, Hewitt and Burnham.

    • 364
      Virginia Bottomley says:

      Lose the fucking wool over your eyes you dumb sheep twat.


    • 753
      Tear-stained lefty says:

      1) There are no jokes about the child

      2) Even if there were, it would make no difference, he would still be dead

      3) Your bleating and crocodile tears make no difference to us or the family – you are merely indulging your weakness in public

      4) This is just another immigrants-behaving-badly story – sad, but not unexpected

  31. 102
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    There was some serious gas from Michael Gove in the cabinet, I was going to frack him at one point.

  32. 106
    Fish says:

    Ed Miliband is to hit out at the ‘cost of loving crisis’, claiming the cost of champagne, roses and romantic meals has rocketed since the Tory led coalition came into power.

    ‘This out of touch Prime Minister will be responsible for an increase in the divorce rate as those on the minimum wage, the squeezed middle and Owen Jones are unable to treat their loved ones, this coming Valentine’s Day.’

    ‘This is the true cost of Cameron’, Weird Ed added, ‘People will have to either approach pay day loan sharks or go without. And going without will simply add to the A&E crisis.’

    The BBC said that the people will have to think hard about this and vote Labour at the next election.

    • 146
      Joined up labour logic? says:

      So to makes things better he is going to tax bankers bonuses to pay for everything while demanding bankers bonuses are curbed or removed entirely

    • 182
      Is this the best Labour have?...really? says:

      I watched his speech. It was pathetic, both content and delivery.

    • 214
      Mr Potato Head says:

      Then there was the damage caused to the UK with Labour’s 50% higher rate tax that killed any hopes of recovery until Osborne reduced it.

      Cost of loathing crisis in other words.

    • 340
      Valerie Trierweiler says:

      Ah! Do not talk to me about love!

  33. 107
    Excalibur still on hols down under says:

    The fixation on Europe East from moroncam is disguising the Trojan horse of Africa and piss’itstan pouring in still.

    FFS get a grip and stop the political play now.

  34. 112
    Just in.... says:

    Lord McAlpine has died.

    • 119
      Excalibur still on hols down under says:

      Did mrs squeaker pay up?

    • 150
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      Didn’t the BBC accuse him of being a p’edo on national TV.

    • 225
      Anonymous says:

      This may therefore be an appropriate time to ask why he didn’t sue Scallywag when they reported that he had apparently been named by the police as a child molester.

      Of course his cousin was still alive then and there may have been some degree of family loyalty involved at the time.

      Still, a wonderful chap and a great supporter of Lady T.

      Now then, now then.

      • 263
        Genghiz the kahn says:


        George Orwell would love rewriting the on-line news. So many different versions of reality.

        • 342
          Jimmy $ says:

          Is there to be a programme celebrating his achievements?
          Who on the Board of Governors doesn’t know?

        • 401
          Jack Ketch says:

          Norman Tebbit interviewed on Radio 4 this morning poured utter scorn on the suggestion of a “gay mafia” at No. 10. “What with Dennis there? What do you think he would have said?”

    • 253
      RomaBob.... Beeg Issue, Beeg Issue! says:

      No doubt Mrs Squeaker will be smirking.

    • 297
      Bob (not the Builder) says:

      Bloody hell, that was a tough audience ! Who can I get to tidy up my Wiki entry?

    • 695
      Must dash says:

      as just in has arrived, i guess .

  35. 121
    The Guardian says:

    “David Cameron treated Lib Dems and Qatari emir to Chequers junkets
    Newly released documents show prime minister has entertained senior Lib Dems, foreign dignitaries and business leaders”

  36. 130
    McAlpine is dead says:

    I guess this means Sally Bigcow will return to Twitter.

    • 143
      Sally says:

      Do I still have to pay now that he won’t need the money?

      • 231
        Anonymous says:

        Veery sad news about Lord McAlpine. The socialist hatred perpetrated by Alan Davies, Sally Bercow and George Monbiot against him probably made the last few months of his life very sad. He was a gent,dignified always against the terrible onslaught of vicious lies. God bless him.

        • 257
        • 357

          A case of good inherited wealth.

          Of course, if one is a socialist, then that is OK for you and your progeny, and should be encouraged.

          But if you are an evil, baby-eating Tory, then you should not be allowed to inherit anything.

          • Bonneville Secularism says:

            He didn’t eat babies he just violently fucked them. I aint no fucking socialist before you come back with that default accusation. You may be very happy to turn a blind eye while those in power fuck and murder children but I think it somewhat distasteful.

          • How ironic!

            Defending yourself from a claim not yet made, when you are happy to defame others without offering evidence.

            Go and look up the word: hypocrisy

            Truly you must be a worm.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – I have noted the comments in this box. Now now.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            P.S. SC – ref “hypocrisy”. That seems a bit like a Saul Alinsky kinda retort.

    • 692
      body says:

      hell is jam packed. can u ppl on earth stay put.

  37. 136
    Just in.... says:

    It’s looking like his mother killed him, up there in Scotchland.

    • 437
      Casey Anthony says:

      “Looking like,” and proving, are two very separate things.
      And believe me, I oughta know.

      And T May can fuck right off with her Yankee Go Home.

  38. 137
    Absolutely disgraceful says:

    Normally when a tragedy happens, the local MP is on hand to represent his or her constituents in their moment of sadness and mourning.

    The MP for Kirkcaldy is nowhere to be seen.

    • 139
      Keith Vaz says:

      I’m Free.

      Hugging and cuddling female immigrants in distress is my speciality.

    • 170
      Chasing the Deer says:

      They voted for him but if it’s any consolation nobody has seen him in Parliament at debates either.

    • 228
      Anonymous says:

      Perhaps because Kirkcaldy isn’t part of Edinburgh.

      Just a thought.

      • 239
        Gordon is Piggy in the middle says:

        Gordon from his home at North Queensferry can see Cramond across the Forth and he is only spitting distance from Kirlcaldy where a body was found.

        • 344
          Phleghming Norah says:

          And Brown is within spiting distance of anybody that would like to aim their spittle at him.

  39. 138
    So why do they call themselves Gay? says:
  40. 144
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m sorry I can’t be in Kirkcaldy at this tragic time, but I’m very busy giving speeches in America and getting paid lots of money for it..

    • 152
      Tony Blair the Millionaire and Mass Murderer says:

      That’s right Gordon finally you’re seeing things my way.

    • 158
      Alex Salmond, formerly the cleverest man in politics says:

      This sort of tragedy is entirely the fault of English toffs.

  41. 147
    The BBC don't like it up m. says:

    Putin is correct to protect Russian Children from perverts.

  42. 159
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Guess they’ll be opening the Prosecco in the Owen Jones household. Oh wait, we’re paying aren’t we? It’ll be the Moet.

    • 175
      All socialists are hypocrites says:

      Certainly recent events and false accusations by the BBC can’t have helped Lord M’s health any

  43. 165
    Lord Boothby, Peter Righton, Jimmy Savile says:

    We were all personal friends of Maggie and we were all totally unperverted!

  44. 173
    Lord McAlpine says:

    I can see a bright light… *death face*

  45. 190
    Just wonderin' says:

    So, will the truth out now?

  46. 192
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    This morning I’m starting to notice the BBC News channel seems to spending very little time on the reporting of this child murder in Scotland.

    • 206
      Agenda News Will be the Death of Our Culture says:

      They must be distraught. They thought they had a story about the ‘community’ rallying round to find a little boy and now they have something which sheds an entirely different light on matters.

    • 209
      Has been always so says:

      It’s the law. Once arrests have been made they can’t say much for fear of ruining the trial

      • 229
        Fuck the LibLabCon says:

        They just come back with it as top story at 12:00pm and spent a little more time on it. I’m guessing they needed to chat with the police and legals about what can and can’t be reported on.

  47. 193
    Anon. says:
  48. 194
    Joe says:

    Owen Jones back on BBC News again!

    • 195
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      He’s got that same shirt on again the dirty bastard, as in the twitter photo above.

      • 201
        A Cartoon Thinker For a Cartoon Age says:

        It’s his image. When he becomes Prime Minister his shirtmaker will be given the Order of Lenin

    • 199
      Fife says:

      Has he confessed?

    • 205
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      Are any members of the ‘Dateline London’ panel on BBC News allowed to hold any views that aren’t leftwing?

      • 207
        The BBC says:

        It is important for our code of impartiality that there is a balance between the Trotksyites and the Stalinists on all panels. Any other views will merely upset that balance and lead to accusations of bias.

      • 238
        The British media are cunts says:

        No,right wing at the BBC means strong left of centre. That is right of Owen Jones and Nikki Campbell.

      • 269
        Fly on the wall says:

        Precisely why I gave up watching it many months ago. And that chairperson fellow really is a complete (and generally uninformed) loon.

      • 631
        Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

        You can’t beat Gavin Essler, a Sudanese lady, an Egyptian man, an American lady and David Aaronovich having an impartial discussion on the benefits of immigration and why 80% of Britons are wrong.

  49. 204
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    The cabinet have all agreed its big girls that like mustard with their full English breakfast and that Owen Jones is actually a dick.

  50. 210
    McBizzie says:

    This tragedy will generate enough O/T to pay our Xmas credit-card bills.

  51. 215
    Standard Issue LibDem Crab ID Chart says:
    • 294
      Ah! dear says:

      Problem is, getting the meat out of the claws is sooooo difficult. No wonder it’s dearer than saffron.

      • 363
        altruism in industry says:

        Saffron costs a bloody fortune, I don’t know why we don’t grow it, I think they grow it in Italy. Must be very labor intensive collecting all the little stamens or whatever.

  52. 216
    Mark Wouters says:

    If my esa benefit is not ppaid into my bank account by this Monday morning i will go to a solicitor and sue all those connected with starving me ,ie the Police and home office ,DWP and my GP.
    Its very clear to me thatt the police have picked me to be homless and to starve ,yet all asylum seekers can get food clothing oney homes and cars etc etc etc

    • 370
      Bemused says:

      Go back to Belgium. Oh no, you wouldn’t want to do that because they only have a CONTRIBUTORY welfare state.

      I guess you’ll have to sell your iPad.

  53. 219
    Sally Bercow says:

    If only I had waited a few months. The law says you can’t libel the dead.

  54. 224
    Joe says:

    I hope the community in Edinburgh are feeling particularly enriched this morning after the revelations of last night. All that time and effort they and the police put in to finding that little boy and helping his family has been thrown back in their collective faces.

    • 230
      Reader says:

      That is not to say that they were wrong to have offered to help find a missing boy.

      No doubt, though, as they like to tell us in the multicultural Labour Party, ‘lessons have been learned’.

    • 243
      Channel 4 says:

      We wanted to film McBenefits Street, but couldn’t understand a word the locals were saying

    • 290
      Gordon MacBreath says:

      I wanted to go and help, but I couldn’t find my trousers. So I just stayed in and never said a word.

  55. 226
    Lord Lucan says:

    So, what I want to know is, what was the truth about Lord McAlpine and the nazi gold?

  56. 232
    Guido O'Fawkes says:

    Irish debt no longer rated junk

    The credit rating agency Moody’s upgrades Ireland’s debt from junk status saying its economy has growth potential.

  57. 234
    The Horse's Mouth says:

    There’s a Venetia Williams horse running today at Ascot at 3:00 called “Renard”.

    He’s a good runner and at 4/1 quite good value. He’s also got good form winning his last two races in heavy going.

    I’ve also been told he’s a very frisky colt by a couple of fillies ;)

  58. 235
    Now look what you done Sal. says:

    The failure of Mrs Bercow to admit that her tweet was defamatory caused considerable unnecessary pain and suffering to Lord McAlpine and his family over the past six months.


  59. 237
    The British media are cunts says:

    Nice to see that immigrant communities have given up getting the police to investigate crime. We should all do the same.

    • 267
      Fat Plods says:

      FFS. We’re in the Force for the pay, gold plated infation proofed pensions, and the opportunity to rush back to the canteen with the blue lights flashing. Some of us even get to strut around with guns.

      • 307
        FFS says:

        …and there I was thinking there seems to be an awful lot of crime, accidents and fires just before noon.

    • 272
      JH2303409329-3423 says:

      Why do we import this shit? You can’t blame them for coming, they are just the symptom.

      The disease is lefties and their hand-wringing, rictus-grinned insistence that we let these people in – providing the jungle doesn’t creep up to their door.

    • 278
      Fly on the wall says:

      Clearly then what is needed are multi-culti vigilante groups to help the police out whilst they are in the canteen having a fag and a cuppa.

    • 768
      enriched 'enry says:

      The immi communities know that the perps are immis too and therefore related to the rest of them – they’ll sort it out with an “honour” murder or 2

  60. 246
    Global ice age is the new Global warming says:

    Scientists warn the Sun has ‘gone to sleep’ and say it could cause temperatures to plunge


    • 251
      A fucking idiot says:

      Personally I won’t believe a word until the exerts in East Anglia explain it all to me

    • 262
      Oh Dear says:

      Oh! FFS, now the lunatics will start up again, we go from global warming/climate change to a mini ice age and all we have to help us keep warm is wind mills and hot air from the politician liars, does that mean the co2 tax will be abolished or will they say they can change the mini ice age to global warming by still taxing us on co2, Fred Carno’s army is still with us.

      • 275
        Ed Daffy says:

        Only 99% taxation can prevent an ice age.

      • 296
        altruism in industry says:

        as I read it when there was a mini ice age there was also little sun spot activity and now there is little sun spot activity so there will be a mini ice age.

        • 302
          Green Greeny says:

          Apparently when there was a mini ice age the River Thames was frozen over which means that the Thames freezing over caused the mini ice age. As the Thames has not yet frozen over, we are currently experiencing a period of intense global warming and should obviously pay more tax so that heating our homes is more expensive.

          • CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

            The river can never freeze, because unlike in the 17th century it is now canalised ,then the flow was much slower, following it’s natural course.

        • 566
          Always the sun says:

  61. 252
    A fucking idiot says:


  62. 254
    Syria is none of our business says:

    Fair play to the independent for revealing some of the lengths and deceptions which the dishonest people will go to who want us to stick our noses into Syria.


  63. 265
    • 276
      RomaBob.... Beeg Issue, Beeg Issue! says:

      No doubt supported by labour and Beeb, cannot upset our friends :)

    • 284
      Fly on the wall says:

      Wouldn’t happen if they all pistov back where they came from.

      • 299
        RomaBob.... Beeg Issue, Beeg Issue! says:

        Woah…. steady on there, if we did that who would be selling the Big Issue?

        Beeeeeeg issue, thank you very much.

        • 706
          Nun of that round 'ere... says:

          You could open your own business on a pavement in Bucharest or Sofia.

    • 305
      One stone says:

      It’s not rocket science. If people are allowed to get away with murder then murder will occur. It’s time the police became police rather than social workers.

      • 316
        UKIP or bust says:

        “He said: ‘There are some communities born under other skies who will not involve the police at all. I am reluctant to name the communities in question, but there are communities from other cultures who would prefer to police themselves.”

        Why doesn’t he name them?

        If that was a group of white men they would be screaming their name from the roof tops, with the help of the EU/Socialist broadcasting channel.

        • 354
          altruism in industry says:

          I think people are losing sight of the fact that there is a nation, England and it’s inhabitants are a community, don’t want any other communities thank you, this one has been working well for a long time.

          • Anonymous says:

            Make no mistake. The British establishment will use these foreign imports to attack the native English when the time comes.

          • Don't misuse apostrophes says:

            *its inhabitants.

          • Nun of that round 'ere... says:

            ….then the native English will know exactly where to look first then won’t they? Recall those famous words: The English have not yet spoken… but it is becoming more difficult on a daily basis to remain silent…

  64. 273
    Ian Smith says:

    Universal Credit will be delivered on time and on budget.

    • 286
      Casual Observer 2 says:

      How is it you’re still around IDS?

      Are you full of embalming fluid and wax like Lenin? You look like it.

      You failed as Tory Leader, now you’re failing to chop bennies properly. Why don’t you just fuck off into oblivion? ( P.S. don’t forget to take Dave with you )

  65. 277
    Ah! dear says:

    Lightning Strike Damages Rio’s Jesus Statue. Sky News…obviously

  66. 300
    Realist says:

    It’s always the immigrants. It really is, you know.

    • 324
      Bemused says:


      It is only 75% of the time the immigrants.

      Although I will admit if the system wasn’t cluttered up with the immigrants we would be able to give 4x as much attention to sorting out the indigenes.

  67. 309
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Ed Miliband knows that he will not win the 2015 election, so he is determined to cause as much damaged as possible between now and then. What makes it so bad is the fact that he is willing to damage the country out of spite.
    Miliband needs to be stopped.

    • 312
      C.O.Jones says:

      Well he cost the taxpayer about a £1B yesterday with the drop in capitalisation of publicly owned banks. A reaction to his intent on the splitting of the banks.

    • 403
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

      Brown and the gang did exactly the same when they knew the game was up , a scorched earth policy , inflict as much damage as possible leaving the victors with the problem of rebuilding.

      • 478
        Pick litter for bennies says:

        For scorched earth policy read two useless aircraft carriers at about £20 billion.

  68. 310
    W̶T̶F̶?̶ says:
  69. 323
    The Main Street? says:
  70. 325
    Vote LibDem..The Lice Party says:
  71. 330
    Ed Moribund says:

    Ok. I made a mistake. I was running out of things to point and say “oh look at that. Its a bit pricey isn’t it?”

    So I thought I’d just redo banker bashing from our book of stuff we’ve said a million times before. I didn’t know it would crash the economy, did I? It never has before.

    Anyway.. Obviously I’ll be avoiding do that again for a bit so its back to pointing at things that used to cost a bit more than they did a while ago.

    if you have any examples please email me at

    LenMcCluskey@Aol.com and subject ‘Things to point at.’


    • 420
      Nothing to say ? then keep quiet is the best strategy says:

      Yesterday’s speech has tanked everywhere with a multitude of commentators, organisations and general public and caused damage to the RBS share price. Even the BBC were struggling to spin Ed’s speech…it was an absolute car crash. He’s obviously learnt all he knew from his mentor Brown who had that uncanny knack of turning gold into shit

      • 710
        Nun of that round 'ere... says:

        Au contraire! Great speech Ed, keep it up. Ignore all this unfavourable comment and criticism. These uneducated righties don’t know their ar..s from their elbows. Long live DUEMA

  72. 343
    nell says:


    Now the scientists are saying there is a mini ice age coming! They’ll make their minds up soon – global warming or mini ice age?

    • 356
      C.O.Jones says:

      In the eighties the talk by so called experts was about Global Cooling. Then it migrated to Global Warming.

      Without doubt we need to stop polluting our planet but as we have moved our production base to China it is now their fault.

      Maybe in a year or two it will be Global No Change as the mini ice age will be cancelled out by human activity. So thank you China.

      • 711
        Nun of that round 'ere... says:

        The Liebore Party promised us in 1975 that by the year 2000 we would all be living in igloos.

        Time all this weather related crap was booted into touch.

    • 375
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      Sun gone sleep, say medicine man.

  73. 349
    Denis MacShame says:

    I hope that cow Vikki Souvlaki Thessaloniki hasn’t passed Huhne’s pubic lice onto me.

  74. 368
    queen says:

    sad about lord mac hey – still another tory c’unt gone – one less to put up with – another one bites the dust

  75. 374
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    Bit of a coincidence McAlpine dying after Anglesea being arrested…

  76. 376
  77. 378
    Anonymous says:

    I have to say that i felt Lord MCAlpine was a true gentleman and handled what was thrown at him with bravery. The hate filled vitriolic attacks and innuendo perpetrated by the the left wing scum I am sure made his life upsetting and could have hastened his demise. The accusation made against and perpetrated by the press and senior members was as bad as it could have been for a dignified and completly innicent gentlemen.

    At least the lefties have another grave you evil nasty bastards can dance on.

    • 390
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      There is a stench still hanging over North Wales, which Pallial is beginning to cut through.

      The coincidence of McAlpine once owning and selling off a large collection of O’venden’s work and some of his less than successful business ventures may be a legacy. As the dodgy S’callywag article which seems to have been elevated to a position of gospel truth by the left.

      Singled out for an unholy (and very stealthy) smearing by the EU funded BBC for which they paid out. Would not regard him as a particularly praiseworthy guy, but he may have just been playing his part in seeing freedom of expression further restricted.

      Do you think S’ally B’ercow will take this as a green light to go back on Twitter and perhaps say: RIP ** innocent face ** ?

    • 445

      Phillip Schofield’s Wiki page mentions nothing about his blunder over Lord McAlpine.

      It reads more like a fanzine.

      • 484
        Blowing Whistles says:

        A note – grateful for your reply. At present the oddest and strangest thing – but not to me is that – and this is a ‘fact’ – someone has shown a ‘hand’ by removing my reply comment to you SC. btw I have the orig comment and will attempt to reply to you in due course.

        As regards MacAlpine – my take on him is that he used the legalese system of trickery to avoid ever going to court to really thrash out the matters in public. The whole issue is of a ‘public controversy’ and must and can only be resolved publicly – but there are those in the highest of power and monied positions who are desperate to keep the truth FIRMly hidden away from the public.

    • 480
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Pa3do’s come from all political tribes. They infest politics in the highest echelons. They also have their numbers in the journo world, the legal world and the world of those who call themselves the professional – those who the man in the street would last and least suspect.

    • 668
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Anony – I appear to have killed your tribal fuck-witted blamemongering. Wake up you fuck-wit.

  78. 392
    Labour play catch up on bennies says:

    Poor Owen even his own are turning on him


    • 395
      Another meaningless labour statement says:

      “What we are going to do on welfare will surprise people”

      Really Labour? really???

      Oh do fuck off you voted against ever reform going and you will do again. You are Sussex now just go away while sensible people continue the clear up of 13 years of terror.

    • 398
      Owen Jones, about to lose some Twitter followers says:

      From the horses mouth, at least I think it is that end:

      • 411
        CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

        Maybe if they did slash the benefits to ‘young people ‘ some of them might just be motivated enough to get up off their lazy arses and find a job.
        The idea of ‘secure’ jobs is a nonsense perpetrated by the left, employers can only retain staff as long as it makes commercial sense .

        • 418
          All socialists are hypocrites says:

          There is absolutely NO justification to pay housing benefit to under 25 ‘s unless they have been in care or there is an abusive(properly substantiated by police and social services reports)home situation.

          When I started work after school you lived with your parents until you had saved enough to buy or own place or had a job which meant you could afford to rent somewhere you didn’t rely or even expect to get housing benefit

      • 412
        cep says:

        Please fuck off.

      • 433
        nell says:

        Are these ‘ secure properly paid jobs’ the same as the 500,000 non jobs gordon said he was going to create?

      • 440
        yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn says:

        Who else stayed awake to hear what the ugly bint droned on about?

        • 445
          Genghiz the kahn says:

          If Owen Jones had any nous, or desire to help the under 25s he would have had a decent business idea which could have been translated into jobs and incomes. How is it that in the USA, brands like Youtube, and Google can emerge from nothing?

          Instead we are treated to his tiresome whining.

      • 499
        Tin foil top hat says:

        “secure & properly paid jobs”?
        Does he understand the mechanics/ effects of mass immigration?

  79. 400
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Ed Miliband, mouth in overdrive, brain in neutral.

  80. 407
    So how is single Chuks going to emulate that? says:

    Is the Obama marriage on the rocks? Astonishing claims emerge of ugly fights over that selfie, and even a Presidential affair

    Michelle Obama alleged to have discovered her husband has been unfaithful
    Reports claim they will separate at the end of his presidency in 2016
    Follows claims in two books that couple neared divorce in early 2000′s


  81. 410
    Warren Peace says:

    Plod pursuing racist tweeter on Twatter, from G. Manchester area.

  82. 415
    ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:


  83. 417
    Prime Minister Comrade David Cameron says:

    Anyone coming to the Britain should abide by our laws, Sharia Law.

  84. 425
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    I would like ALL employees of the state to go on a Muslim sensitivity course once a year.

  85. 429
    nell says:


    poor ukip councillor obviously doesn’t much understand basic science and weather patterns. I rather suspect the tories were most grateful that he defected to ukip.

    • 434
      David Cameron, Gay Marriage, Not Flood Defences says:

      Yes – he is so off the mark.

      How wasting time with Gay Marriage rather than Flood defence could have lead to flooding is a real mystery.

      • 439
        nell says:

        What this year’s floods tell us is that the sea is unpredictable and nature is bigger and greater than anything man can produce. Every fifty years or so nature produces, particularly in the winter, and particularly with the seas around the UK, scary conditions that are greater than all of our defences.

        It is a humbling thought.

        • 464
          Bemused says:

          The flooding had nothing to do with the sea. Unless you think Oxford is on the coast?


          • South Yorkshire Calling says:

            I’m afraid that you are the idiot.

            The worst flooding incident this winter was coastal flooding from the North Sea.

            You may not have noticed this given:

            a) You probably live in the south somewhere
            b) The BBC didn’t report it because an old man died.

            I don’t think the flood defence can be criticised. In 1953, 300 people died. In 2013, despite the tide being higher, nobody died.

          • Bemused says:

            pah, rubbish. Didn’t even make the news. Nothing compared to the flooding in Oxford, and that lasted for days.

            “You probably live in the south somewhere”

            yeah, and you live in the North somewhere where you think a little puddle is a flood.

          • South Yorkshire Calling says:

            Obvious troll is obvious

        • 466
          David Cameron, Gay Marriage, Not Flood Defences says:

          And it has also shown that Cameron is a c’unt who has let the Environment agency and Defra fuck the diversity dog rather than clear the storm drains and such.

    • 441
      a lavatory wall says:

      There is a way of thinking that says all things are understandable by human mind. The invention of science and language of mathematics are not inventions but discoveries of truths that are and those rules make the universe.
      Perhaps this is wrong. perhaps the reality is in the human dialogue and human actions and what is discovered is discovered because human thought made it possible to be discovered. Perhaps all that happens is a mirror of emotional coincidences, a mirage of some other real thing that we can barely comprehend.
      Looked at in this way he doesn’t have to appear bonkers.

      • 462
        a lavatory wall says:

        In the Greens and in the religions is a love of other things, an adoration of the wondrous creation on the planet we inhabit, This love of nature and the creative force is the thing that will unify the humans because it is here and can be touched and is not a faery story , for this reason it is advisable to protect the nature and all the other species that we have left.

        • 468
          a lavatory wall says:

          and so if humans are to survive it is necessary to limit the production of humans because there is only so much to go around and if humans take everything then there will be not be anything left for anything else and we will all die.

          • a lavatory wall says:

            the problem with a “free” society faced with the problem of overpopulation is that the people that you want are conscientious and just have a couple of kids but the ones that you don’t want have dozens, so I don’t think just asking people not to have kids is going to work.

            I was in Kashmir in 197something and the Muslim guy I was working in association with told me that the “Indian” doctor sterilized his wife without consultation.
            I don’t know what is the answer there does seem to be more people roaming the streets that shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

          • a lavatory wall says:

            I think it will come to this, the resources will be so limited we will have to plead for permission to exist, Does anybody think there will be any semblance of order in the future unless somebody gets a grip TODAY ?

          • a lavatory wall says:

            it was during a birth that the “indian ” doctor sterilized my friends wife without consultation. He very pissed about that deep down I can tell you, and is like a nail in his thoughts about everybody else that is not a muslim. Actually I do him a disservice he did not have an agenda but you can see how something like that can turn a person.

            Ok I’m going to explain everything to you now.

            It is all about family.

      • 467
        nell says:

        ‘he doesn’t have to appear bonkers’ he just is!

    • 469
      UKID DING says:
    • 481
      Science is the study of the natural and ignores that which is above it says:

      He is most likely correct. Britain until around about 2,000 was blessed with light, very noticeable if fling in from dark Europe. Since then sodomy, gambling, drinking, unnatural sex practices have become the law, with homosexual marriage the final straw for the creator. We were warned but we ignored.

      If you think that the universe is limited to a science that only mere humans conceive of then it is you who is dismissing the science.

    • 483
      We're all Huhned says:

      Don’t forget that the Third plague was LICE.

  86. 449
    a lavatory wall says:

    damn, missed the opportunity to put an apostrophe before and.

  87. 455
    Chris bummed a lot of men and gave Vicky crabs says:

    So Chris is a true Lib Dem after all – a fudge nudger.

  88. 461
    Vaz watch says:

    On way to Edinburgh. Had radio on. Heard news. Did U turn

  89. 463
    Dennis McShame says:

    Thought it tasted fishier than usual. Squeezy bottle of Helman’s next time.

  90. 465
    It couldn't happen here. says:

    A grim reflection of Spain’s unemployment crisis: Over 100,000 people applied for jobs at a new IKEA store on the outskirts of Valencia.

    • 496
      mIguel Del Tories Ikea says:

      Fuck me it must be shear desperation down there. I just cannot even begin to imagine what they must be going through I mean fancy wanting to work for IKEA ….FFS

    • 497
      unemployed and skint in Birtley Colliery says:

      Why haven’t these jobs been advertised in our job centers?

      I would have applied.

      They don’t do a lot to help you get a job in these centers. They seem more interested in tricking you to get you off their books and don’t care if you get a job or not.

      • 508
        EU Watch says:

        One of the Pro-EU arguments is that the single market offers equal job opportunities for everyone across the zone wherever they would like to work.

        One suspects that not speaking Span!sh will put one at a disadvantage for jobs at that I’kea.

        The 100,000 locals applying may crowd out applicants from further afield.

        This sensible and normal logic is of course reversed in the UK where the local population is put at a disadvantage, and the non-English speaking foreigners from afar are preferentially chosen.

        EU – A benefit for the UK or not ?

        Tick – Tock…

    • 548
      Bemused says:

      It’s complete bollox.

      Turns out it was just 100 people but they got lost in the store and ended up going round 1000 times.

  91. 472
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I am going for a tinkle, then its champers and foie gras, its Cobra meeting time.

  92. 476
    Russell Hobbs says:

    Labour launches quick-fire selection process for Wythenshawe and Sale East by “parachuting” in Guido Fawkes.

  93. 479
    Vladimir Putin says:

    This could only happen with a Conservative led coalition in power !

    BBC News – Set collapses on to audience at Roundhouse in Camden http://bbc.in/1kIRC4X

  94. 482
    Anon. says:

    See that some muslims have got themselves in a tizzy. The “moderate” BBC muslims are in a frothing frenzy too.

  95. 486
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    Not attending crime scene at request of bizzies, worried situation could turn from pandemonium to FANdemonium.

  96. 488
    Carlos Danger says:

    I’m joining the Lib Dems. You can be as seedy as you like and no one cares.

  97. 491
    Blowing Whistles says:

    The EU commission couldn’t predict a storm in a teacup (The twats have bought into the global warming b/s) so how they attempt to predict living standard circumstances in 2023 to be lower … is pitiful.

    A better question of the EU Commission would be – Could they predict when they are likely to sign off their audited accounts?

    • 498
      Golly says:

      Perhaps a few of us could ask to accompany the auditors to see what it is they actually do for us.

    • 503
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      It is somewhat spiteful as well.

      The only reason living standards have dramatically fallen across much of the Eurozone is because of the expansion East and the total mis-managment of the overall economy. The pointless austerity measures have crippled the Eurozone economy moving forward which will guarantee lower standards for the currently unemployed and unemployable youth.

      What will G’ermany make of this news ?

      Time for the UK to exit as the EU have essentially just shot the Economic reasoning for a UK In vote.

      • 541
        Bemused says:

        Greece has contracted by 25% and is still contracting by 5% per annum.

        The report is making comparisons to 2007 when the Eastern European states were already in.

        • 546
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          As the expansion continues the GDP / Capita in the Eurozone will reduce.

          This is part of the dynamic excluding the cost of the fraud in G’reece and the other fraud that the profligate borrowing the launch of the Euro caused.

          The reduction of living standard is inevitable as the expansion continues as those areas now being brought in have significantly lower living standards and part of the EU’s mission is to equalize living standards.

          Those who have good standards have a lot to lose.

          Those with poor standards have marginal gains.

          Quid pro quo.

          • jgm2 says:

            The average might (will) go down but that doesn’t mean that the richer EU states will necessarily get poorer.

            Look at the US for an example. Their southern states are dirt poor whereas they have wealthy northern states. This is 200+ years after the formation of the US and 150+ years after their civil war. Sure the average will go down but that doesn’t mean we in the UK are doomed to go down with the average. That said, we WILL go down with the average but that will be because of the fucked-up mindset of our politicians and voters rather than being a mathematical inevitability.

            Sadly too many of our voters think we’re ‘too good’ to do manual work (just as the Irish did during their ‘Celtic Tiger’ phase a short decade ago). That we’re ‘too good’ to have to share digs looking for work or starting off in work and that a grateful taxpayer should provide everybody with a room of their own, a bathroom of their own, a kitchen, living room, TV and fucking mobile phone of their own.

            So we’ll import several million to do the work that we’re, collectively, ‘too good’ to do. And that will lower UK average income just as it has the past decade or more.

            But we’ll have ‘growth’ because our GDP will be increasing. Just like it was increasing under that wicked and malicious c u n t Brown and for the same reason.

          • Casual Observer 5 says:

            Hmm… but if you look at the US properly you will find that your argument falls apart somewhat.

            There are some metropolitan areas and states which are wealthy, but there is a lot of poverty hidden just out sight.

            Connecticut is a good example. Turn off some of the interstates and you will be in places more reminiscent of F’lint M’ichigan. Then you have the small matter of D’etroit, the Dakota’s are not particularly wealthy either.

            At an individual level US wealth has been steadily declining since the end of WWII. The factor which is causing wealth to be lost most at the individual level now is the effect of reduced GDP per capita caused by breeding among the Span’ish population and the ever increasing number of illegals.

            This is one reason why wealthy S’outhern states are quite keen on keeping uninvited guests out, and why the wealthier states are declining now.

            The effect is not as dramatic as what has been happening in Europe though because the numbers involved are less, and the US does not operate moronic equality schemes to penalize the wealthy in order to marginally improve the lot of the poor, despite the best efforts of the Liberals and O’bama.

          • Niall Eastik-Tendencies says:

            the GDP per capita of the EU Establishment will definitely increase up to and including 2023.
            The GDP per capita of the debt holders will increase.
            The rest of us will be ‘managed’ in to submission.

          • jgm2 says:

            I agree. The richer US states are still richer but, more pertinently, the rich are still richer. The average might go down as they import/breed more population but the rich will still hang onto their money. A) Because they have so much of it they can’t sensibly spend it OR B) because they didn’t get rich by being utter fucking idiots.

            I’m aware of the squalor behind the rich states just as I’m aware of the pockets of opulence to be found in the poor states. But overall, in the round, the relative underperformance of the ‘poor’ states can be traced back to a certain mindset. A mindset, encouraged by the Michael Moores and Jesse Jacksons that there is simply no point trying to improve your lot in life.

            ‘The man’ will just beat you down.

            So, sit back, accept your shitty lot in life and vote Democrat. We’ll look after you. You just stay right there. Right there where you can keep this a nice safe Democrat stronghold and we’ll toss you the odd bone. The same wicked political mantra that has people voting Labour.

  98. 492
    • 493
      Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

      I have never heard of Lard Rennard.

    • 526
      Blowing Whistles says:

      As I stated somewhat a few days ago of Rennards legals and now with the death of MacAlpine – neither MacAlpine nor Lord Rennard have satisfied the ‘public controversies and outrage’ about the evidence against them.

      Am I cynical or quite correct to state that the evidence against both of them has never been tested ‘properly’ in a properly conveined court of law?

      Is it not strange that both have managed to avoid full on court proceedings or would some call me a conspiracy theorist for daring to pose such a thing?

      • 534
        Not Blowing Whistles says:

        With MacAlpine it was all hearsay. May be some doubt, but strongly suspect it was another in his clan rather than he who was up to no good in North Wales. That does not mean he is as clean as a whistle, just not involved with what he was accused of.

        The M’esham situation for example stinks. Smells much more like a dodgy corner of the state going above it’s pay grade. With break pedals falling off of cars with other whistle blowers involved there, not to mention the mysterious emergence of J’illings – claimed to have been destroyed – there is perhaps something more sinister going on behind the scenes which forced MacAlpine out as a rather embarrassed pawn.

        To channel Malcolm Tucker, it may be instructive to see how many people show up for his funeral.

        R’ennard is a very different situation as Lib Dem women have come forward, however have held off making formal complaint to the police.

        There may be something there – most likely is – but the motivation for their actions has perhaps been prompted more by the left who are now leaving them to twist in the wind. Problem for the Lib Dem women is that if there is a real problem in future, after this set of affairs plays out – who in their right mind would believe them ?

        Could be a good party for any wannabe r’apists to hang out – eg. H’ancock.

        • 537
          Bemused says:

          Talking to yourself again BW?

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            If it suits your small mind to think and write that; and it fits with your limited intelligece – you carry on bumused.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Here’s one for you bum used – what do you think of Lord David Bell (he being a founder member of Common Purpose) coming out on sky tonight to talk up MacAlpine?

            Personally – I think Lord David Bell is a fucking duplicitous marxist shithead.

        • 551
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Can – well he can’t now anyway – MacAlpine ‘have known’ of his clan connections to all the dirt. Such a connection would have destroyed Big Mac so perhaps Big Mac was thus protected with the clan member.

          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            To suggest he did not would be incredible.

            Savile’s family knew enough about what Jimmy was up to that any right minded person would have shopped him.

            They only ground down the headstone after the massive public backlash.

            The fly in the ointment is the O’venden collection that he once held. This was before it was properly recognized for what it was – child p’orn rather than art – but MacAlpine’s interest in that kind of ‘art’ should raise an eyebrow in light of the other allegations.

            It does not prove he was responsible, but with the stories surrounding others in his family it does suggest that are some strange kinks maybe inherited in the MacAlpine bloodlines.

    • 554
      The Horse's Arse says:
    • 556
      Hands like an Octopus says:
  99. 502
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:
  100. 511

    Eurozone living standards could fall to 60% of US levels by 2023 – a mid-1960s ratio


    A similar article is behind the FT paywall but it was reported earlier on finfacts Ireland.

    Where is Europe going wrong?

    • 516
      One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

      Where is Europe – the EU – going wrong?

      Nowhere. Europe is super jolly spiffing! I will never under any circumstances take Britain out of the EU. It’s so spiffing!

      And how jolly nice it will be when Turkey’s population of 75 million can wander around as they please, claiming bennies and using the NHS. Spiffing!

      Tally ho!

    • 535
      Bemused says:

      Well Greece has already contracted by 25% and is still contracing at the rate of 5% per year. The problem is that growth, when it comes, will be from a very low base. So to just get back to where it was Greece will take at least 20 years assuming the economy doesn’t contract any further. I’m not even sure if the Greeks can wait that long – a whole generation decimated.

      Similar problems exist in the whole of the Eurozone peripheral countries. Of course, the US in not standing still, it is growing at 4% per year. The question is can the US get its debt under control?

      • 549
        EU Watch says:

        But the initial expansion of G’reece when it joined the Euro was completely fraudulent.

        They are really just heading back to where they were – very quickly indeed.

        There is no need for the EU to continue to support them as they were now as the expansion continues. Being nice to G’reece is no longer important – the problem is now R’ussia.

    • 586
      Governor Chris Soprano, R-NJ says:

      Not if I have anything to do with it.

  101. 513
    a lavatory wall says:

    America the land of the free in whom we invested so much hope, so many wishes, wishing that you would prove that “America can do” ” lead the way so that all people can be free ”
    What happened ?
    Where did the dream go ?
    Do not let us down, we are all looking to you to sort things, or do you want us to rescue you ? are you lost ? perhaps you should be more affirmative.
    Confucius he say ” Wise man not compromise with evil “

  102. 521
    She's a busty babe says:

    She may be too curvy for some tastes but I like my ladies voluptuous and Penny is certainly that.

    • 527
      Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte. says:

      Curvy? you mean fat bastard!

      • 529
        Mirror Mirror says:

        And I suppose you’re 6 foot with model looks and a six pack.

      • 544
        LibLabCon PC Carer says:

        Obese is the polite PC word nowadays. One really mustn’t be sizeist. It’s not their fault that they are lazy greedy bastards. It’s their genes or disadvantaged childhood or some other ridiculous bollux.

    • 528
      Higella says:

      How about me? — or Abbarse if you want to go supersizing.

    • 667
      ah!no ahaa says:

      vype veep vp.
      so . is penni bo’om on a place mat.

  103. 522

    A CaEUtionary Tale


    There once was a fellow from Immingham
    Who escorted MEPs at Grimbergen
    But some speedy Huhne
    By the light of the moon
    Was seducing a man known as Trimingham

    The above may be faulty prognosis
    About the alleg’ed osmosis
    The Pryce was the crabs
    Which defeated the labs
    And infected Viki Courmouzis

    Now Grimbergen is quite nearby Brussels
    And inhabitants free swap corpuscles
    They are of all sexes
    In swanky duplexes
    With “ladies” who exercise muscles.

    • 532
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

      The best way to be rid of crabs is a generous application of whisky mixed with sand…………………….the little bastards get pissed and start throwing rocks at each other

    • 539
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      Someone should send a crate of Greek crabs to the Master of St Peter’s College, Oxford. Just for a laugh ;-)

  104. 523
    Unbranded says:

    Jo Brand was very nice towards Penny and gave her a high score.

  105. 525
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


    • 531
      Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

      That’s a bit more like it. Closer to the mark.

      Lib Dems are toast, but 19% will hurt Labour and Conservatives in the marginals – perhaps more Labour… ;-)

      Loaded gun and whisky for Mr. Miliband, thank you.

      Vote UKIP

      • 540
        Fuck the Coalition says:

        The Libdump Cnuts aren’t just toast, they’re going to be ash in the crematorium on May 22nd.

        Closely followed by Tosser Dave

  106. 533
  107. 536
    Gordon Brown says:

    I don’t need to be on Splash. I do my own splash every time I go to the bog.

  108. 542
    Ed Miliband next year? says:

    Respect to Penny Mordaunt. That was brave.

    • 550
      LibLabConners are all Cnuts. says:

      It wasn’t brave. She’s a self-promoting exhibitionist cow — just like all the rest of them at Westminster.

      • 680
        White rabbit says:

        I wish we were in the age of serious politicians. We’re about 10 years away from being completely fucked and it’s a double piked backward swallow dive.

  109. 553
    nell says:

    So what is militwit’s next trick? – he has banker bashed at least three times as leader of labour – he says he is going to use banker taxes for nursery places, then he says he’ll use banker taxes for jobs for youngsters – then he says he’ll use banker taxes for more housing. meanwhile his speech on friday wiped £1billion off RBS and Lloyds taxpayers shares. And for his next trick??!

    • 558
      jgm2 says:

      ‘Banker taxes’ are to Labour what North Sea Oil is to the S&P. An infinite source of revenue that can be spent any number of times to provide any number of freebies.

      • 563
        Sheikh Basha Banka says:

        If we bankers all work off shore then there is not a great deal he can do.

        Go back ten years . There were lots of Banks. Look how much they paid in Corporation Tax.

        Who was happy top collect and spend it ?

        • 565
          jgm2 says:

          And swagger around proclaiming the end of boom and bust. And that house prices weren’t increasing astronomically and that the boom wasn’t perched on a pyramid of borrowing. No, I was told, by bedwetter apologists, the country was booming because everybody was so confident in the economic stewardship of the Maximum Imbecile and so were confident in taking on increased debt. Seriously, that was the story Labour were putting about.

          Which is as risible as claiming the recent house price increases and GDP ‘growth’ are because everybody is so confident in Osborne’s economic stewardship.

          • loopy Lou says:

            Nick Clegg is now mouthing it that the Banking crisis is all Labour’s fault.

            Is he advocating Fred Goodwin gets his knighthood back?

          • jgm2 says:

            The so-called UK ‘banking crisis’ could have been fixed behind the scene with some soft loans at prevailing interest rates from the BoE. A political decision was taken by Labour to trash the banks because the inevitable slow-down as America contracted would (and did) lay bare Labour’s economic incompetence.

            The UK banks were deliberately trashed by Labour as a scape-goat. Lloyds was deliberately dragged in by Brown to create the ‘most major UK banks failed’ headline. Labour spent at least six months (from the Northern Rock failure) setting everything up and the BBC dutifully released their 30 minute ‘news-flash’ blaming the yanks and ‘big-bang’. (Many won’t remember, but I do – this was supposed to be a situation that had literally arisen overnight but the BBC had a 30 minute infomercial ready to roll explaining that it was nothing to do with the resent government).

            The lazy print media simply repeated that as fact and, as a result, we’ve spent the past five years failing to deal with our deficit and racking up ever more debt to preserve the illusion that prior to 2007/8 the UK economy was totally peachy and any second now we’ll be back at that totally natural order of events.

          • It is my opinion that Northern Rock and probably RBS should have been allowed to fail.

            Pour encourager les autres.

          • jgm2 says:

            That’s the calculation that was the decision that the yanks made with Lehmanns. One of them was thrown under the train just to let the others know that they wouldn’t all be automatically immune.

            I think, in effect, NR was tossed under the train. The shareholders got wiped out but the UK govt did reassure savers by upping the amount of cash they would guarantee to (I think) 2 million with NR. I moved my money out of HBoS into NR as a direct result of that guarantee.

            Politically though, it was more important to blame the banks than actually support them. Frankfurt is a major financial centre. How did German banks avoid being trashed? Soft loans. Paris? Soft loans. Spain. Softy loans.

            If France, Germany and Spain can do it do you really think the UK govt, in control of it’s own currency couldn’t have bunged RBS and HBoS money to tide them over? Of course they could. But Brown/Labour needed a scapegoat.

            I’ve said it before but commentators at the time actually noted that Brown had a spring in his step during the ‘crisis’. I have said it before that it was the same spring in his step that O.J. Simpson had when he was found ‘not guilty’. A ‘fucking hell, I cannot believe those dumb fuckers actually fell for it’ spring in the step.

            As time passes though, just like O.J., the general public draws its own conclusion.

          • Casual Observer 5 says:

            Don’t forget Bear Sterns, just before Lehman’s.

            The slight miscalculation was the knock on effect felt by AIG – which had to be patched leading to the QE policy.

            It was very clearly a Labour stitch up, and if they had won in 2010 they would probably have nationalized all the commercial banks by now, and the tax payer underwriting the lot.

            Some socialists will see this as fine in principal. For example, even the retard Owen Jones is following Cable’s line that there should be a publicly owned bank to issue loans to UK small business in order to avoid problem such as that caused by Brown.

            The problem with those types of bank are that they undermine competitiveness and open up certain weaknesses in the sector.

            In any case, looking at the pattern followed by other previously government run services, such as Royal Mail etc., the only reason Labour desire that move is so a full EU Federal Banking Union can be formed. The one thing keeping our money safe from the thieves in Europe are the privately owned banks.

            If Cameron goes along with any of this, the gloves should come off and he should be hanged underneath Blackfriars Bridge at the earliest convenience.

          • jgm2 says:

            The obvious risk with a publicly owned bank is the same as a publicly owned NHS. It would become a hive of unionism and political appointees okay-ing loans to the most comical enterprises as long as they’re ‘connected’. And the obvious ‘connected’ major debtor on zero interest rates would be the Labour Party itself. Although all the unions would have monster loans (interest free) too to pay pension contributions, salaries, bus hire to London for spontaneous anti-capitalist marches etc etc.

            It would be the Co-Op bank on steroids.

            Loans for the boys. All underwritten by the UK taxpayer.

    • 596
      Genghiz the kahn says:

      Bashing the Bishops.

  110. 568
    Eh! says:
  111. 571
    Lord Rennard says:

    My little cock has just gone a little stiff…

  112. 572
    Anon. says:
  113. 577
    Guido hasn't got a photo of me drinking beer says:


  114. 580
    Ippikin says:

    Why is it always fat people who have this compellng need to get their kit off in public?

  115. 582
    NotTehBBC says:

    1000! :shock:

  116. 583
    Easy says:

    Well played Ulster.
    You fairly tamed the arrogant Tigers.

  117. 588
    Fiddler Crab says:
  118. 589
    So true says:
    • 593
      My Big Nose says:

      The one on the left has a serious problem with under-arm odours.

      The one on the right doesn’t smell as bad because he avoids sweaty labour and gets the arab to do all the hard stuff for him.

      • 601
        All is not what it may seem says:
        • 602
          jgm2 says:

          What the fuck are all those Palestinians doing in Amsterdam? Shouldn’t the Lebanese or Syrians or Iranians or Turks or Saudis or any number of their fellow arabs be looking after them?

        • 603
          Stamford Hill says:

          That is not so unusual. There are many thousands of J-ews who profoundly object to the existence of the modern state of Isr-ael and even more who, while accepting the legitimacy of the Is-raeli state have significant disagreements about its borders, the way it is governed and the policy choices the government had made in the past few years and decades.

          • Maybe this chap was much maligned? says:

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Saw the video – well over 9 months ago.

          • White Cat says:

            What is known as the Star of David is said to be a witchcraft symbol from ancient Egypt. The star symbol was to ward off evil spirits. When Solomon built his temple,he had the sign on the outside,which became known as “Mogen Solomon”,(Shield of Solomon). This was needed becuase at the time King Solomon was married to an Egyptian woman who worshipped the Baal gods.

          • jgm2 says:

            So it should be called ‘The star of Baal’?

            If you say so.

          • White Cat says:

            I don’t think she was allowed to worship in the temple.

          • Podiceps says:

            The six-pointed star is the Star of David. The five-pointed one is the Star of Solomon. The latter is familiar as the pentacle used in magic, and also appears on the flag of Morocco.

          • White Cat says:

            Solomon’s seal
            1. A six-pointed star or hexagram supposed to possess mystical powers.
            2. Any of several plants of the genus Polygonatum, having paired, drooping, greenish or yellowish flowers.

            Solomon’s seal
            1. (Judaism) another name for Star of David
            2. (Plants) any of several liliaceous plants of the genus Polygonatum of N temperate regions, having greenish or yellow paired flowers, long narrow waxy leaves, and a thick underground stem with prominent leaf scars
            [C16: translation of Medieval Latin sigillum Solomonis, perhaps referring to the resemblance of the leaf scars to seals]

            Source: Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

          • Podiceps says:

            The number of points for Solomon seems to vary, with five in western magic and six in the Middle East:
            The Star of David always has six.

          • Every shape which can be represented in a few stroke has attracted mystical attention, it would seem. I tend to look at them from a mathematical perspective. When one looks at the Seal of Solomon hexagram, one can either see the star (the most immediate impression that most minds draw) or a series of equilateral triangles which surround a hexagon, itself a combination of six such triangles with the internal lines removed.

            The equilateral triangle is described in Book I of Euclid’s Elements as being formed from two intersecting circles. Euclid’s enduring fame probably owes much to the lack of mysticism he endowed his maths with (unlike Pythagoras). Indeed he allegedly told Ptolemy I that there was no royal road to geometry, when quizzed whether there was a simpler way.

            The pentagram by contrast may be viewed as five isosceles triangles arranged around a pentagon, itself capable of being divided into five isosceles triangles but these of smaller size to the external ones. This partial disparity in triangle sides allows a number of different lengths to be extracted: the equal sides of the triangle, the distinct side, the complete length of a pentagram stroke and the distance from a pentagram point to its second intersection.

            Here we find that these four lengths are in a succession of golden ratios. This brings us to the very edge of mysticism, or metaphysics, as I would prefer to term it. Most humans, of any persuasion, intuitively believe this proportion to be aesthetically pleasing. Why this should be is beyond our ability to establish.

            So I shall close with the words of Barnett Newman: Aesthetics is for the artist as Ornithology is for the birds.

          • non taxable pikey says:

            You buggers are not just re-arranging the deck chairs, you are discussing what colour the canvas should be. Have you all turned Lib-dumb suddenly?

          • Casual Observer 5 says:

            That is because symbols, especially simple ones, are very powerful means of communication. Much more so than written word in many cases as the meaning they impart is much more compact. They also transcend language barriers.

            If you look at the discussion above, this gives a notion. The symbol imparts information about an ideology, a history, a person (in this case Solomon / David / etc.), a mythology (or two), a religion, a country, a people, and it creates emotional states and can be talked about for years.

            Not bad for a couple of triangles overlapped.

            The meaning of the symbol can also be altered over time to meet certain needs.

            People as groups are fairly simple to control. Symbols are key to controlling people.

          • @CO5

            You are quite correct but in a somewhat historical context. Hopefully, we may be beginning as a species to shed this.

            Such symbolism has very old roots but the power in it used to be seen in medieval churches in other ways. The wall paintings would tell the story of the bible to those who could not read. All that has changed and only interested and unhinged enthusiasts, like me, bother to go and look at them any more. :-)

            Darwinism must surely be the most powerful idea ever created by man. It is accepted as a modern norm in most of the world, except the religious nutters in the States seem to have problems still.

            But Darwinism has no symbol. It does not need such support. Its authority would appear rather precarious if it had one.

            But we are still in transition over this and other parts of the world still set some store by it.

            Semiotics has more application to us nowadays in branding rather than religion. Unless consumerism is regarded as faith, which it probably is in some quarters…

          • Casual Observer 5 says:

            It is still true today – but has been obscured a bit.

            Not to go all Godw!n, but the Swasticka still has a lot of potency for many: Perhaps the most powerful symbol of the twentieth century.

            The symbols connected with religions also retain their power – particularly so in the case of !srael, and radical !slam.

            As a species this will never be shed. It can be suppressed through education to a degree – that such things are the stuff of mumbo-jumbo etc., but the irrational side of man will always err towards it. This is for example why religions still retain their power – look at a decent temple or Cathedral for a demonstration of how this power is materialized into a physical form – the symbols associated communicating that power to others.

            As a thought experiment – if tomorrow modern society was broadly wiped out – such as for example by nuclear war – as society went through the reconstruction phase, symbols would become the primary means of communication for staking out territory and communication ideas which in the absence of state run mass education would otherwise not be transferable.

            For a real example of this in action one can have a look at what has happened in !raq, or for that matter, how gangs are identifying each other in places such as Los Angeles, or indeed, London. (Gives a different perspective on those irritating ‘tags’ the little oiks like to spray paint all other the place – not dissimilar to the symbols of left / right supporters which are daubed on the walls of some European towns…)

  119. 625
    On the Ed! says:
  120. 628
    • 675
      Niall Eastik-Tendencies says:

      The Establishment use The EUDependent to pretend everything’s being sorted while nothing changes.

      • 683
        jgm2 says:

        The Establishment doesn’t need a newspaper when it has the BBC to tell us what to think. If The Establishment needs a newspaper to propagate its message then it should use one that doesn’t have 90% of its risibly minute circulation given away in airport lounges and BBC waiting areas.

  121. 630
    The gay bum sex vote must be bigger than BBC says:
    • 637
      The British Public says:

      So. The most powerful politician in the country is the leader of choice of fewer than 3 in 10 of us. Fewer still support the aspirations of the leader of HM Oppposition to govern in his stead.

      What a truly pathetic situation.

      • 639
        Adolf Hitler says:

        I was much more popular!

        You Brits fought the wrong enemy.

      • 641
        Democracy Now says:

        Adding the meagre support they can garner between them together, the squabbling twin arses of the cheeky British Parliament manage to impress only a minority of the British public. This hardly inspires confidence.

        Democracy is supposed to be about majority rule. We really need a general election as soon as possible.

        • 646
          The 650 quislings in the HoC says:

          But the majority would rule that we should all be strung up with paino wire from the nearest lamp posts!

          • Mori says:

            Not necessarily. Polls suggest growing support for a simple bullet to the back of the neck if it would get the whole business over and done with in time for tea.

          • jgm2 says:

            Piano wire and lamp posts is a Green, sustainable solution as opposed to lead pollution and the CO2 emissions associated with production of ammunition.

            String the fuckers up.

            Daisy chain the c u n t s from a crane. Each one hung from the ankles of the other. Allowing (say) 2 metres for length of MP plus a bit of wire from the next ones ankles, I reckon you could swing a good twenty or so of the fuckers from a single crane with the added bonus that if you did it in Hyde Park, several million people had only to walk to their front doors to see justice in action.

          • jgm2 says:

            Alternatively you could probably rig up individual nooses and mole grips and attach them to the London Eye as it rotates around. Practically everybody in the capital would be able to see justice in action from their doorstep. With the added advantage that it’s cheaper than hiring cranes.

          • White rabbit says:

            Natural British reserve would suggest a quiet disappearance probably announced by that sombre MOD spokesman from the Falklands war. You know the bloke with glasses. ‘Today, a very fat Labour minister suddenly disappeared over the end of Margate pier, He was a useless ill educated wastrel and a traitor. Now the weather’ That sort of thing.

    • 664
      kate berriboob says:

      and what does rasberri feel like

    • 688
      Only 80% want one of them says:

      The answers of the other 20% would have been more interesting.

  122. 636
    Spot Lord Rennard in this picture says:
  123. 643
    The British media are cunts says:

    So the BBC knowingly let Savile rape and molest over 1000 kids on their property….and yet still the fat idle corrupt police do nothing.

    Why is it the police seem willing to investigate some sex crimes but anything involving the BBC management seems off limits?

  124. 649
    More bollocks says:


    • 666
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

      David Cameron knows full well that any move to curb benefits will be vetoed by his masters in Brussels !

      • 673
        Londoner says:

        It is not ‘curbing benefits’ to require applicants to fill in forms in correct English and communicate with officials without interpreters paid for by the state.

        • 678
          Niall Eastik-Tendencies says:

          more jam tomorrow.

        • 751
          CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

          I know that, you know that, the shit scared EU loving government know that,but the EU will have the last word,the idea will still be vetoed !

      • 747
        Hergé says:

        Try applying for benefits in France and not being able to speak or understand French…..likewise if your kid goes to school in France they make no allowance for them not being able to speak French…no translators. We are merely falling in to line with the majority of other EU member states

    • 722
      I ♥ Dogs says:

      Would that be Injun ‘English’ or Parkistarni ‘English’ ?

    • 794
      John Bellingham says:


  125. 652
    Scally says:

    Now he’s dead, maybe the sordid truth of McAlpine’s skeletons in the cupboard – in his case, literally skeletons – will emerge.

    • 654
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Not if his ‘friends’ in the house of lordys have anything to do with it – so they may think – bunch of rotting old tossers.

  126. 655
    Nick Clegg, is that you? says:
    • 687
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Excuse me but that prick has missed her boobs by at least … well should’ve gone to specsavers.

  127. 658
    Jimmy Savile, Lord McAlpine, Peter Righton, Lord Boothby says:

    We’re innocent. And we were all good friends of Maggie.

    • 663
      i a ma joo says:

      ans the quetsin u pose is a quinteass in o.

    • 691
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Which shyster (who now owns Kenny boy) did the ‘get’ for ken livingscum – “not acting in an official capacity” – Oh FFS – gimme a break.

      And btw – for the benefit of ex pratt down the south coast – who (your ex leader Stephen MacLoughlin) got off on the same not / official capacity – b/s of legalese and trickery?

      Ughh Hello are there any with any intellignece down there?

  128. 659
    Fife says:

    I see the Scottish police are trying to stifle online discussion arising from the alleged murder of a 3 year old boy which they deem ‘offensive’.


    • 670
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

      Hardly surprising considering the Muslim angle , which is only now slowly emerging.

      • 682
        Londoner says:

        It may not be surprising, but it is still an outrageous invasion of English sovereignty. Scottish police have no mandate to police what people say in England.

        • 719
          Chasing the Deer says:

          I am afraid they do….under the Police Act…..there is no territorial immunity.

          • CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

            The police I suspect, knew how this was going to end all the time , but watched as hundreds of people were being misled into carrying out a hopeless search, they are beneath contempt.

          • White rabbit says:

            I’m with you Git. If amateur sleuths could recognise what has come to pass, the plod almost certainly knew.

      • 721
        Jack Ketch says:

        The Brat had a name usually associated with Muslims–but why is there a Christian memorial service being held for him?

  129. 661
    nostrils r us. says:

    did someone just blow off.
    and off we go.
    the racing tipsters speaketh.

    • 704
      pleasure says:

      pulse precedes pressure.
      pull works better than push. push is posh. all the pleasure is in the feet.

  130. 671
    Britannia says:

    I see Eric Pickles has failed to achieve anything where the corruption and subversion of democracy in Tower Hamlets is concerned.

    The useless tub should be sacked and replaced by someone willing to go in there and sort this whole rotten state of affairs out.


  131. 696
    Millibands shame says:

    So the reverend flowers finally admits he got the job from the top labour Kabul. Time the labour leadership was brought to book and to court

    ‘Crystal Methodist’ Paul Flowers has publicly admitted he was appointed to the chair of the Co-op Bank only because he had ‘friends in high places’.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2541911/Extraordinary-Twitter-confession-Crystal-Methodist-I-got-Co-op-job-friends-high-places.html#ixzz2qniFY74D
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  132. 705
    Fact not Fiction says:
  133. 723
    warning says:

    IP addresses are being logged when posts are made to order-order.com

    • 724
      The truth, all we get is lies says:

      Done nothing wrong got nothing to hide, if any software or operating system didn’t log IP or at least the net card address then it wouldn’t be worth anything, you’d be better sending anonymous letters than sending anonymous email or pretending you can’t be tracked on a blog, of course you could use a proxy, but throwing sh1t hoping it will stick, warning is as old as the internet it’self and even older in the paper media.,

      • 726
        Long John Silver's parrot says:

        So over 1000 people went onto BBC premises and allowed themselves to be abused by Jimmy Savile and went decades without saying anything.

        What does this say about British Society?

        • 738
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          That it has been consistently lied to by a state broadcaster which was complicit with a covering up the activities of a prolific p’aedophile.

  134. 727
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    The kid who was found dead in Fife:

    i) Is not muzzie: Family name, and name of mother is Sikh / Hindu – North !ndian and not Muzzie. Father (claimed to be in Pak!stan) has a N’!gerian name.

    ii) There is an early p’aedo connection being made. There are problems in that part of S’cotland – but this is perhaps smoke screen. The child was well known to social services, and the parents were separated. There was an instance previously where the mother had left the children alone in the flat after having gone out on an all nighter (maybe with one of her drug dealer male friends….) The father had to call police in order to take children for the day as he was unable to gain access and the children were trapped inside alone.

    iii) The mother had connections with the drugs scene: That drugs scene appears to be muzzie.

    iv) This goes against the narrative: Women can sometimes kill, and if abuse was claimed previously this could have been from her side.

    Smells a lot like a social services fuck up again, and a violent mother left with children if she was responsible. Sounds like she and the teenager who claims to have seen the kid alive were lying through their fucking teeth though as when the body was found it was estimated to have been dead for a over a month.

    Being in Gordon Browns environ the truth will likely be airbrushed a bit, but not having the father around certainly appears to have put these children at greater risk – The others now will likely be in the hands of state funded p’edo’s who work in the care system.

    If the mother did not kill them – drugs related or the N’igerian / North I’ndian connection could be relevant. Helicopters crashing, I’ndia cancelling Westland-Augusta deal, and the shit going on in N’igeria could add up to a lot of odd motives for some to target in this way.

    Or it could just be a violent mother lost it and killed her son, then lied.

    • 769
      jgm2 says:

      Looking at the pictures of the kid and the mother, they both look malnourished. I’d say he starved to death.

      • 787
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        If it was malnourished then that again brings the social workers who were involved fully into the frame, perhaps on criminal charges of their own.

        Suspect unlikely as people from her part of the world are generally of slight build, and with a more sensible diet generally do not pile on the pounds.

        That the teenage ‘nanny’ apparently lied to police is odd.

        Knowing how bent the force is up in those parts for not investigating child related crimes the truth will likely never be fully known, but civil liberties are likely to take a hit. I do reference of course the R’obertson / P’aedo / D’unblane shit that led to the de-facto banning of private firearm ownership in the UK, and the ability of private citizens to legally own the means of defence against an uncontrolled state.

    • 773

      On a lighter note, I had occasion to stay in Kirkcaldy shortly after I emigrated in 2007 as I wanted to take a boat to the Isle of May, off Anstruther. I was talking to a resident about politics and the conversation inevitably swung onto the Glorious Leader.

      Her father had recently gone into a nursing home and the Far Sighted One had decided it would be good to visit. He approached her father who had been reading. “Hello”, he said, holding out his hand. “Who are you?” replied her father. He knew, of course, but wanted to take him down a peg or two. Needless to say, he succeeded.

  135. 734
  136. 735
    albacore says:

    Sunny Sunday morning, daffs coming up
    Coffee tastes great, does that first steaming cup
    Hardly a sausage to make you feel blue
    (Apart from Parliament and the EU)

  137. 739
    STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT. BBC you are not a homosexual pressure group (are you?) says:

    Oh for fucks sake. The BBC flew Marr all the way to Russia to interview Putin about homosexuals. Since when was it the remit of our State Broadcaster to promote perverted sexual practices?

    • 740
      Why not promote naked Druid covens? says:

      And Marr is still doing it in a second interview. Surely this is breaking OFCOM rules.

    • 743
      A lesson from history says:

      As if Putin actually cares what the BBC or the West thinks….

    • 750
      Putin says:

      I don’t mind homosexuals but I don’t want it forced down my throat

      • 755
        +1 says:

        Exactly. He speaks for 99% of the UK population too.

        The BBC by constantly banging on about them just gets peoples backs up and creates bad feeling.

        • 758
          albacore says:

          They just want you to know what you’re missing
          By trying some of that funny kissing
          After all, gay wedding’s Dave’s great white hope
          (You can always scrub your mouth out with soap)

    • 756
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

      Why do the BBC think that the British public give a fuck how the Russians deal with sexual perverts, if asked I am sure most people would agree with Putin that children need to be protected from these disgusting creatures.

      • 795
        John Bellingham says:

        It is surely obvious. The BBC HOMOSEXUALS (management, editorial, talent) do give a f— how other cultures deal with their kind. They would love to be able to travel the world to pick the youngest, ripest fruit. As Putin said, he has no animosity towards gay folk–he just doesn’t want them corrupting the youth–which is what they like to do.

    • 772
      South Yorkshire Calling says:

      Well, given that Putin is obviously gay…

    • 775
      Bertie says:

      It’s all part of the gays-against-Russian-winter-olympics campaign.

      • 788
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        Which is led by G’ermany, who might find their gas switched off if they do not shut up with this pathetic propaganda effort that has maybe 1% support at best.

  138. 741
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Why is this site obsessed with the breasts of a woman called Kate Perry ?

  139. 742
    Miliwank says:

    “I don’t think we should demonise every one who is on benefits”

    Who is Ed, who is demonising everyone? If you don’t name and shame then your statement is vacuous. Because no is demonising everyone and he knows it.

    • 745
      All socialists are hypocrites says:

      Although obviously such demonising does not apply to bankers or energy companies ??

      • 779
        Mr Happy says:

        Let them stay on benefits for siw months then take them outside and humiliate them in public.

    • 748
      Ed Millibrain says:

      But I seamlessly crowbarred the phrase “cost of living crisis” in my answer to the first question which was about welfare.

      I am a genius, the sheeple will vote for me.

      • 759
        CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

        The endless repeating of ” cotht of living cwithith ” is starting to sound like one of those washed up unfunny comedians on a 1980s day time quiz show desperately trying to invent a new catch phrase .

      • 785
        UKIP is a vote for Labour but Cameron only has himself to blame says:

        “……………..the sheeple will vote for me.”

        Totally correct. There are two scenarios post 7 May 2015….one a Labour Government or two a Labour-LibDem coalition

    • 749
      The Biased BBC says:

      Marr allows Miliband to call the spare bedroom subsidy the “bedroom Tax”. I wager he would not allow Elton john to be called a “turd burglar”.

    • 752
      The Biased BBC says:

      Marr allows Miliband to call the spare bedroom subsidy the “bedroom Tax”. I wager he would not allow Elton john to be called a “tu r d burglar”.


    • 754
      The Biased BBC 4th attempt says:

      Marr allows Miliband to call the spare bedroom subsidy the “bedroom Tax”. I wager he

  140. 761
    The Tit in Number 10 says:

    Yes, I know the BBC is a national disgrace, but I’m such a spineless twat I won’t do anything about it.

  141. 764
    Hard Man Dave says:

    Another weekend, another promise of a crackdown. Immigrants, benefits, the EU. You name it, I’ll promise to crack down on it.

  142. 766
    The BBC are cunts says:
  143. 771
    Tear the BBC down says:

    BBC = Nonce

  144. 776
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Only morons still pay the telly tax.

    Grow a pair and stop paying it :-)

  145. 778
    John Prescott says:


  146. 783
    Boarding school fagging says:

    The homophobia of the right is rather ironic, given the number of closeted gays in the Tory party throughout its history, particularly the high number of gays during Thatcher’s reign (Boothby, Righton, Laud, Portacabin, Lilo, Brittanica et al), and the culture of boarding school bumming so many of them come from. Even the ones who are openly gay today, like Crispin Blunt, voted against gay rights during their closet phase, proving yet again that those who shout the loudest have the most to hide, i.e the posters here who monomaniacally and incessantly refer to “bumsex” multiple times a day even when the topic at hand has nothing to do with gays. In short, any time someone here repeatedly bleats on about “legalising bumsex” and “arse fuck for freedom”, you can bet he’s a friend of Dorothy.

    • 786
      Gordon Brown says:

      We may take this comment as a self-referential one too?

    • 790
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

      The stupid word homophobia suggests a fear of sexual perverts , the reaction most people experience is not fear, but revulsion whatever the BBC, the Guardian, and all the rest of liberal leftie consensus would have you believe.
      These perverts have insinuated themselves into almost every institution in the country ,civil service , the judiciary, politics, the Police and even more worryingly the education system where they can pass off this abhorrent behaviour as normal, and poison young minds.
      Clause 28 was enacted specifically to protect children that is why the perverts were so jubilant when it was repealed,and the age of consent for sodomy reduced to 16.

      • 796
        John Bellingham says:

        I agree, its a silly made-up ignorant expression. If someone who dislikes women is a misogynist and someone who dislikes humanity is a misanthrope and a disliker of men is misandry, then to follow the convention a dislike of homosexuals would require a Greek word meaning bum-bandit.
        The problem is that Greeks who know a lot about such stuff and had different words for the various things that poufs do to each other–one for the doer, one for the receiver, one for the sucker, one for the suckee and so on.
        There is a Greek word– ανώμαλος–anomalos that could apply to homosexuals of all techniques, but it can also mean to pervert, as in the course of justice. Possibly the best choice would be Σόδομα–Sodoma, understood in almost every language, but using that word someone who found that act offense would be a Misodist or maybe a sodophobe.
        My favourite is ἀρσενοκοίτης– arsenokoites, which, surprisingly, comes from ársēn, a male, and koítē, a bed, but this is really for the Bugger not the Buggee, but to admit to being a misarsenist, works well and gives the opportunity to show the ignorance of people who didn’t go to school.

        • 798
          CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

          We have discussed this very topic before I had to change my monicker(it would no longer work)

    • 797
      John Bellingham says:

      Check yer facts. Boothby was nowhere near the Thatcher group but was close to the Labour Party Gay mafia (Driberg). Boothby’s gay and criminal network was protected by Labour Peer Lord Goodman.

  147. 791
    Paradigm Shift says:

    The BBC does not represent British values or culture.

    This has particularly been the case since it started receiving EU funding.

    It is the British people who represent British values and culture.

    • 799
      markwouters says:

      No its not its the CIA ? and who says we have values and culture after Margaret “nazi knickers”Thatcher ,and her deputy suppositories Hague ,Cameron and Clegg ?

  148. 800
    huhne was stereotypical dib lem says:

    more on huhne please – this has legs (or crabs?). Did he do field trips to morrocco with portakabin?

  149. 801
    Blowing Whistles says:

    And the games of legal duplicity go on and on … oh and Lord Carlile is at it again.

    “Total Hypocrisy”

    So Lord Carlile is defending Lord Rennard to the hilt and threatening to sue all and sundry if they do not back down about the allegations about sexual misconduct by Lord Rennard. e.g. See the msm and the net over the past week.


    Lord Carlile is also known (msm and net) to have been wheeled out to “attack” [the complete OPPOSITE of the Rennard issue) J Assan.ge over allegations of his sexual misconduct in Sweden – on page 23 of the Mail On Sunday – published on August 19th 2012 and mentioned on here on the same day


    Lord Carlile – as and when its suits the state puppet eh. Legal fork-tongued nobhead.

    • 802
      CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

      What is wrong with these Lib dem women are they such naive unworldly shrinking violets that they can’t deal with the unwanted sexual advances of an overweight buffoon ?
      These are not schoolgirls they are mature women ,as a female friend pointed out to me why did they not just slap him around the chops or kick him in the nuts ?

      • 803
        Blowing Whistles says:

        He used his considerable weight, monied power and probably masonic influence to suborn these women for his sexual gratification – ‘knowing full well’ that if they dared to make a complint their careers would be over.

        Rennard – take yourself and your mates / fiends / friends of society at the HOC and fuck off – permanently.

        • 804
          CYNICAL OLD GIT says:

          Careers in what Libdem politics ? That’s hardly a career , any self respecting employee would have told him to stick the job up his fat arse!

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            COG – I have read your comments please shake yourself free of any political tribalism that you have left in you.

            I don’t suppose our esteemed host will be too pleased with what I have xposed here as sheer hypocrisy – but it had to be done.

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