January 16th, 2014

Reeves Forced to Grovel Over Spiteful Vince Cable Attack

Reverse ferret! Rachel Reeves and Chris Bryant have spent the morning grovelling to Vince Cable after their petty attack over the minimum wage backfired in spectacular fashion. Playing politics, the shadow DWP team must have thought they were onto a right wheeze by pointing out that Cable had missed the vote on the National Minimum Wage Bill in 1998. Vince hit back:

“I did not particularly wish to raise this, but I am being asked personally to explain why I did not vote. It had a lot to do with the fact that my late wife was terminally ill at the time and I was in the Royal Marsden hospital. That is why my voting record at the time was poor on that and other issues.”

It has taken almost 24 hours, but finally Labour have backed down:

Cable’s put down sums up the increasingly over-rated Reeves perfectly: “She speaks with all the self-confidence of somebody who was not here at the time.”

UPDATE: Reeves was one of the ones quick to put the boot in when a Sun freelancer similarly accused Lucy Powell of being lazy without realising she was on maternity leave. As were Watson et alThey’re rather quiet about this one. 


  1. 1
    Vince Cable says:

    What do I care, I own loads of Royal Mail stock.


    • 7
      Sir Michael White says:

      Boring, snoring Rachel Reeves, whose manner of speacking owes something to a Dogger Bank foghorn…


      • 125
        Glyn H says:

        She embodies Shaw’s dictum that no Englishman can open his mouth without another despising him. I indeed despise that ghastly woman.


    • 48
      David Cameron says:

      Sorry, Vince. I can’t make you Chancellor, even though you’re the best person for the job, as that would mean getting rid of both Clegg and Osborne and they both know have something on me. How else do you you think they’re still there.


      • 55
        A Talent Scout says:

        Vince Cable would make a dreadful Chancellor. He’s a nice enough guy, no doubt, but not made of the stuff our nation requires. The same is true, sadly, of most of the aspirants for that position on both sides of our current Parliament.


        • 72
          walking into darkness says:

          Vince Cable’s not a nice bloke at all, you’ve fallen for the public image he’s self created. Ask someone who knows him from his time at Shell if they thought he was a diamond. Another champagne socialist is all he is I’m afraid.


          • Anonymous says:

            Absolutely. I can’t stand Cable – but I have every sympathy with him here. My word Reeves and Bryant are arseholes.


        • 87
          Ma­qbo­ul says:

          Francesca Grillo would make a better Chancellor.


    • 84
      Sir William Wayde says:

      As Mrs Cable survived until 2001, Vince’s statement is a little misleading, however much we might sympathise with him.


    • 143
      Woy Jenkins says:

      Contwast, if you will, the lack of wanker between Labour and the Libewals in the wonderfully successful Lib Lab pact


    • 147
      broderick crawford says:


      Sorry I read that wrong ….. but the phrasing was rather ambiguous ……
      and given his girth nothing would surprise …..


  2. 2
    Being a poof is becoming compulsory says:

    How Chris Underpants thinks he can critise anybody on anything is beyond me.


    • 10
      civil engineering plant says:

      You’d have thought he would have a bit more decorum after his pants-selfie.

      Bryant is a nasty little shit and Reeves is just a bandwagon jumping horse cock enthusiast.


    • 82
      Fish says:

      So now we know why the nasty bastard was never cut out to be a vicar.


    • 138
      bergen says:

      Anyone with a shred of self respect would have retired from public life after that photo went viral.

      Clearly he has none.


      • 154
        Philagain says:

        None what…?

        He has, I promise you…but they are quite tiny and his “release” ain’t up to much.


  3. 3
    Éid Milibánd says:

    Le Coût de la vie crise


  4. 4
    It's a scam says:

    The minimum wage has now become the maximum wage for the majority of the working class. Utterly useless.


    • 11
      Displaced Brummie says:

      Yep. There were cases when employers actually CUT wages to ensure they complied with the new Minimum Wage. So that particular Labour policy worked very well.


      • 49
        Ed Miliband says:

        Good point. A new Labour government will introduce a Maximum wage in that case.


        • 146
          Weird Ed's mate, Francois says:

          I ‘ave ask zee most brilliant Marxist theorists to create a table showing zee social value of each job.

          I am not surprise to see zat Marxist professors are on top wiz comely film actresses of a certain age just beneath zem


      • 58
        The Green Lobby says:

        We wiould freeze wages for all time. And blame global warming.


  5. 5
    The British media are cunts says:

    So Labour are cuunts, who would have guessed? Has Rubber mong face Miliband said sorry for calling Andrew Mitchell all sorts of names yet?

    Bet the BBC are NOT reporting this.


    • 24
      Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

      Surprise, surprise, not up to now. There are more important things to report on like the “Benefits Street” debate.


    • 155
      Prescott's chipolata says:

      It was also the major point of his conference speech in 2012. Someone cleverer than me with these things can surely find the relevant bit and post it here.


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Chris Bryant really is a vile specimen.


  7. 8
    The nasty party says:

    Labour are venal. They mocked P*ul Maynard for his disability by pulling faces, and they’ve made a cheap shot against someone without bothering to check their facts. And let’s not forget 9/11 being “a good day to bury bad news”. Labour are just rotten and nasty to the core.


    • 14
      Andy Burnham MP says:

      Not to mention man thousands of avoidable deaths in the NHS – instead of stopping it from happening, we simply worked Hell-for-leather to cover it all up. And got very angry when the public found out what was going on.


      • 59
        geordieboy says:

        And all of us at the DOH were drinking champagne while patients were drinking out of flower vases.


    • 127
      John Bellingham says:

      It is hard to think of any swearword or combination of swearwords that are foul enough to describe Bryant and Reeves.


  8. 9
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Reeves and Bryant, a dirty double act. Shame on them both. Vile, the lowest of the low. They aspire to be guttersnipes but have to climb to achieve that.


  9. 13
    Madasafish says:


    Always do some research before personal attacks.

    If you cannot do personal attacks properly, what chance of running the country efficiently?

    (I guess we already know the answer with C Bryant:-)


  10. 15
    Money for nowt says:

    Only this morning, I was looking at my MPs voting record this Parliament.
    He comes in at a stunning 32%.
    We’ve bought him and his fellow MP colleague an apartment in London for that effort.


  11. 17
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Liebore=Nasty Nazi Party.


  12. 18
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I’ll be doing a bullshit webchat at 1pm. Link to follow shortly.


  13. 21
    (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

    Symptomatic of the whole rotten bunch, mean spirited, ugly,self obsessed and thats just the honest ones.


  14. 22
    Whiffler says:

    Guido says:- Cable’s put down sums up the increasingly over-rated Reeves perfectly: “She speaks with all the self-confidence of somebody who was not here at the time.”

    Whiffler adds :- Whereas Cable speaks with all the self-confidence of somebody who was not here at the time. He, too, was elsewhere.

    The best way of keeping the moral high ground is not to rush downhill to join such as Reeves & Watson in the midden of politics.


  15. 23
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    The police are self-serving liars? Whodathunkit ?

    Hear ! Hear !


  16. 25
    watson says:

    well researched then


  17. 26
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Labour must have the strength of conviction to offer a real and viable alternative to the socially-divisive agenda of austerity and Home Counties jingoism.

    Labour must commit to unpicking all the coalition’s ruinous innovations, such Universal Credit, the reintroduction of slavery, Free Schools, anti-environmentalism and NHS privatisation.

    We need real alternatives, and we need the Labour Party to offer them


    • 28
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Is that you Reverend Flowers?


      • 31
        Paniagua V5.1 says:

        It’s SAS-NOT or whatever his previous moniker was. Thinks he is a fucking timelord or something rather than a timewaster.


    • 30
      Ed Hollandé says:

      n’oubliez pas le coût de la vie crise


    • 32
      retardEd Miliband says:

      “We need real alternatives, and we need the Labour Party to offer them”

      Well, I’m afwaid you’re bang out of luck, Mootha. I’m going to copy Pwethident Hollande (my he-wo!) and totally bugger Bwitain.

      (Athuming I become PM – which ith looking dithtinctly unlikely, I mutht thay.)


      • 46
        Bulls**t Baffles Brains says:

        Labour don’t do ‘alternatives’, just the same think over and over in the hope it will eventually work.


    • 37
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      They should perhaps follow the example of the French Socialists.

      If you want to get a balanced budget then cut Family Credit overnight and give it back to the private sector in reduced taxes to reinvest and employ people.

      That does not take an army of pen pushers or elected representatives with expense accounts to achieve.


    • 39
      Rabid dribbler says:

      Ooh, taking us back 15 years to the heady days of B-li-ar then??


      • 45
        Chilcot ! Chilcot ! Chilcot ! says:

        Talking about Blair…Gates as said that the USA fears that the UK will not befully equipped or capable of contributing effectively to any future military action that the uSA launches as hitherto due to the defence cuts…..GOOD !! It was pity that wasn’t the case in 2-003…oops no I forgot…IT WAS but Blair went ahead anyway


    • 63
      geordieboy says:

      You really need to stop reading the Guardian and licking Labour arse.


    • 137
      Arthur says:

      Labour are just sleazy, thieving toerags who care not one jot about the working class or poor


  18. 27
    Ed Miliband says:

    For me, Roger Lloyd Pack will always be the policeman from Inside Victor Lewis-Smith. A superb performance from base to apex.



  19. 33
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    These two are such nice people are they not?

    if you are going to go for the jugular double check your facts first!

    They are definitely a pair of second raters .

    I wouldn’t employ them.


    • 40
      All socialists are hypocrites says:

      The whole of the Labour front bench from the leader down are simply not of the same calibre as the Coalition front bench and have no credible plicies on ANYTHING..YET they’ll still win the 2015 GE or at least be the largest party ….you couldn’t make it up.

      As a result Reeves will probably be be Chief Secretary to the Treasury or Minsiter of State and Chris Bryant will be in the Home Office or Justice Department


  20. 35
    M102 says:

    RIP Trigger


  21. 41
    nell says:

    So now labour is spending time examining parliamentary voting patterns on 1998 bills. Is this anything to do with militwit’s blank sheet of paper and them having nothing to say about labour’s present policies because they haven’t got any?


  22. 42
    Rachel Reeves says:

    I have apologised to Vince and sent his wife some flowers and a get well soon card….DOH!


  23. 44
    Someone says:

    Let’s say he’d been at home enjoying a curry in front of the TV. He’d still have had nothing to apologise for if his honest belief was that the legislation was not something he could support.


  24. 47
    Rachel Reeves says:

    Last time I was on my knees was in front of Harrison


  25. 51
    M103 says:

    Seems to me the next election is a choice between evil and incompetence. Tricky.


  26. 54
    Nigel Mirage says:


  27. 55
    Took Owen out last night. Just one punch says:


    • 62
      Owen Jones says:

      Spent 10 hours in the shower trying to rub off my dirty white skin with a brillo pad…Whaaa I hate myself.


    • 64
      My advice says:

      Drink less coke and stay off the baked beans


    • 65
      Proud to be white and British for good fucking reason says:

      I satisfy myself by thinking that if Britain had won the war of independence we would have abolished slavery in America about 60 years before the yanks did.


      • 104
        Jack Ketch says:

        Or kept it for thirty years longer in the colonies. Remember when they were slaves they would sing and dance, smile and bob their heads–they were happy then. Just look what a moaning, whining, jealous bunch they have become!


      • 115
        Anonymous says:

        Well about 30 years anyhow. British Empire abolished slavery in 1833 and then the US Emancipation Proclamation was 1863.


        • 126
          An Inconvenient Truth says:

          You never hear much about who was actually selling black Africans as slaves – other black tribal chiefs, often to Arab middlemen. Oh no. It was only evil white men involved. As for compensation demands, compare the standard of living (and life expectancy) of a modern black American with that of a peasant in an average West African village – disease, warfare, no proper sanitation or education. The unspoken truth is that today’s American blacks are the fortunate inheritors of their forbears’ undoubted misfortunes.


          • Arthur says:

            you don’t hear much about slave raids by North Africans into southern europe (which continued into the 19th century) either


      • 119
        Bill Quango MP/5 says:

        When LINCOLN came out in the cinema on the Grauniad review page many, many lefties were complaining that Lincoln didn’t go far enough.

        Imagine that! Lincoln wasn’t a good enough man.

        I expect they saw he was a Republican and so thought he must be secretly evil.
        Yet it was the Democrats that wanted to keep slavery.

        Funny how things turn out – 180* U-turns.
        Like the Lib Dems are now more Labour than Labour. And the Greens are more communist than the communists. And the Tories are more Lib Dem than Tories.
        And Labour..

        Well… no one knows what Labour is. They don’t know themselves. Have to ask Len.


    • 66
      Owen Jokes says:

      Have a nice faux guilt trip.


    • 68
      Wait - what! says:

      Somebody has to put you over their shoulder and pat your back poppet otherwise you’ll never get to sleep.


    • 69
      civil engineering plant says:

      That’s what happens when you masturbate in a public place.


    • 93
      Igas Fracking corp Whitney Oxfordshire says:

      Owen Jones

      “Watched 12 Years A Slave last night. Never felt winded leaving a cinema before.”

      Just let me know the next time you are going to the cinema , and i’ll duplicate it for you


      • 109
        He needs laid says:

        I pity the poor sod who sat behind this tool in the cinema. The cloud of fauxppression and assumed guilt on behalf of coloured people must have been a nightmare


        • 128
          Original sin, but only for YT says:

          Having a collective guilt trip is a peculiarly white thing. I don’t see any other racial group on the planet indulging in such nonsense.

          Or perhaps we are being deliberately goaded into it by various hostile groups who have an anti-white agenda. A bit like ‘diversity’ itself.


          • So sick of whiners, lefties and racemongers says:

            If we knew we’d end up with this shit, we’d have picked our own cotton.

            Suffering black fatigue, and cannot see it getting any better any time soon


    • 132
      Arthur says:

      Try watching Schindler’s List or the Killing Fields


    • 145
      Rob says:

      Owen cares so that we don’t have to.


  28. 60
    Wait - what! says:

    I was expecting you a ‘Fat bottom girls’ ringtone from your phone fawkes but nothing, just Sir Michael of White looking smug.
    You’re getting soft.


  29. 67
    Labour=Waste says:

    A tweet is almost meaningless, it won’t go on the record in Hansard.

    Still this demonstrates how Labour won’t let the truth get in the way of a vicious attack.


  30. 70
    The nasty party says:

    Labour are just a party of thugs and crooks. The biggest joke is that some people still believe they’re a party that cares about the poor and the ordinary person. They’re nasty, vindictive, venal, crooked and self serving. They do nothing but make vicious personal attacks and spread smears and lies.


  31. 80
    Woman Has Three-Hour Orgasm And Ends Up In A&E says:

    Wowzer! Was she starring in a Ron Jeremy movie?



  32. 83
    M103 says:

    Divide Deflect & Rule while selling off the assets to the chums at the chaps club, that’s how they roll.

    I’d love to see Banking Bonus street or Expenses (politicians lavish benefits) street, now that would be a tv ratings goldmine there!


  33. 88
    Igas Fracking corp Whitney Oxfordshire says:

    Well we all know Bryants “personal circumstances” as he paraded them all over the internet



  34. 92
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    What the foghorn needs is a large cork inserted in each and every orifice.

    Perhaps Handycock would oblige, unless she is too fuggly even for him.


  35. 96
    Ed Moribund says:

    Have you seen the cost of a haircut.

    £6 for a trim up from the barber in 2008.
    Now its £7 !

    Its a cost of clipping crisis! Wesign Pwime minister..Wesign!


  36. 102
    Yawnnnnnnnn says:

    Reeves and Bryant set out on the sea
    In a beautiful pea-green boat
    The sail, it was a pair of pants
    Once worn by Chris I note.

    Once on the sea, not far from land
    Reeves asked Bryant, ‘Are you able?’ .
    Bryant replied in his hectoring voice,
    ‘More so than old Vince Cable’.

    Reeves let out her shriek, frightening the gulls
    Which above the boat were soaring.
    They mocked the harridan, screeching themselves,
    ‘Oh Rachel, you are so so boring.’

    I was going to add another verse
    But like the two I mention
    The boat was going nowhere at all
    With no idea of direction.


  37. 107
    Anon. says:

    Boring, snoring & clueless.


  38. 108
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    Rumours that ambitious Tory MPs changing their names by deed poll to Michael Fallon in hope it will get them a government job are completely correct.


  39. 110
    More Leftie lunactic Madness from Labour says:

    it is still the duty of the opposition to hold the government to account.

    The fact that the opposition are lying, mendacious, economy destroying, mass unemployment destroyers as well as education and the NHS including mass killers on countless illegal wars is irrelevant and I direct the electorate to ignore this

    (except for those that postal voted a hundred times from the same address.)

    Vote Labour you know it makes no sense


  40. 114
    twat with a nose job says:

    there ith a coth of bwankers crithith. We as the oppothithion hold the fwont bench of thith gwovernment to accwount


  41. 118
    Sun Politics says:


    • 129
      Anonymous says:

      It looks like it could be a straight fight between the native English and the Liblabcon’s imports.


      • 152
        Pick litter for bennies says:

        A massive UKIP win could bring about some unlikely alliances for the General Election.Watch this space,ferrets in a sack won,t come close.


  42. 120
    Laurie Penny says:


    The man on the left of this is called Pete AKA Eachway he is from Northampton.

    The woman on the left of this photo is known as Julie from Manchester she was last seen when this photo was taken in 1987.

    Has anyone got an information about this Eachway character?


  43. 121
    Shape shifter says:

    You ain’t seen me, right!


  44. 135
    sunderland is a labour ghetto that why its shyte says:

    Bryant the vilest man in Parliament a shirtlifter who was a priest nothing new there then,Reeves a woman promoted way beyond her ability.vote UKIP yeah my arse and let these fuckers Reeves and Bryant run the country.


  45. 149
    Techno says:

    Her husband Nick Joicey has just been appointed Director General, Strategy, International and Biosecurity at DEFRA.

    A senior civil servant married to an MP, isn’t that a conflict of interest?


  46. 151
    Yes we Ken says:

    The Nasty Party – Labour !


  47. 153
    Frank Field's Buttplug says:

    We should never have had these girls at Westminster. It’s a man’s world here, duckie. I will ask my friend Iain to put her across his knee and give her a good spanking – lucky girl.


  48. 160
    Anonymous says:

    I remember Cable boasting at the start of the time of the Northern Rock collapse how he had his savings in completely safe banks: RBS and Bank of Scotland.


  49. 161
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    What do you expect from lefty scum?


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