January 16th, 2014

Guardian Hack Jumps Red Light in Cycle Safety Video

The Guardian have done a cycle safety video, with journalist Peter Walker touring dangerous junctions. A little churlish of him to jump a red light at Kings Cross then, 4 minutes 42 seconds in:

Another lawless cyclist…


  1. 1
    Robert Goodwill says:

    Traffic lights are for little people.

    • 3
      Miss Fawkes age 6 says:

      Daddy’s so fat the only thing he can ride is Roma rent boys

    • 47
      High School Musical says:



    • 56
      A Pedestrian says:

      Crush the bike

    • 67
      Magnum Force says:

      They shoot cyclists, don’t they?

    • 77
      @R_Good4nuffinMP says:

      Keep up, Robert Goodwill is not @PeterWalker99, the lack of Mod and lycra gives it away. Also I know you are a fake Robert Goodwill though I suspect from Jeremy Clarkson and others’ comments you are not the only deluded one about. x R_Good4nuffinMP

  2. 2
    The Met says:

    GO GO GO *knocks door in with pneumatic hammer*

  3. 4
    Jeremy Clarkson says:

    Why the fuck is there a cycling minister? Is there a skateboarding minister and a hang gliding minister too?

  4. 5
    Bill Quango MP/5 says:

    A minister for cycling. You mean we have a minister to look at cyclists?
    Not the job of the Transport minister? Or the culture minister? Or the sport minister? .. No?

    We actually have a minister for peddling about.

    Luckily we aren’t a bit short and need to make any cuts…Oh..wait..

    • 7
      FOI Request says:

      How many SpAd’s does he have?

    • 21
      Anon says:

      well they are MPs and they have to peddle something

    • 52
      Non taxable pikey says:

      We have a minister for fishing (non recreational type). There are about 17000 people in the fishing industry. Another waster who rubber stamps the BS from the EUSSR.

      • 57
        Hohoho says:


      • 64
        Penfold says:

        !975 commercial fishing employed 100,000 odd, Wilson thought their sacrifice in favour of the EEC and Common Fisheries Policy was worthwhile.

        You don’t hear the unions screaming about that, it’s all Thatcher and the miners, when Labour closed more pits and laid off more miners before she became PM.

  5. 6
    Peter Walker says:

    Um, that’s not Robert Goodwill, that’s me, a Guardian journalist. The light jump was accidental (there’s two sets of red 20 yards apart and I stopped at the second set my accident).

    But maybe I’ve missed a reshuffle.

  6. 8
    carltonreid says:

    That’s not Robert Goodwill, that’s Guardian journalist Peter Walker.

  7. 9
    Anonymous says:

    try 1 minute 29 as well..

    • 18
      Peter Walker says:

      No, the lights turn green just as I slow down in advance stop box – you can see them in top left of screen.

      Right, back to work for me.

      • 43
        Middle class lefty tits get right on my pip says:

        What you do could not, not by the wildest stretch of imagination, be called work.

        • 51
          Peter Walker says:

          Fair point. This sort of video is all I ever do. All day, every day.

          • Airey Belvoir says:

            You seem like a fairly normal, rational, amiable chap. What the fuck are you doing working at the Guardian?

  8. 13
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    So as the Minister for Cycling what is Robert Goodwill’s opinion on which is best SRAM or Shimano?

  9. 23
    civil engineering plant says:

    YouTube ‘motherf*cking bike’ by sons of science.

    I don’t know how to post the link from my phone.

  10. 24
    How much CO2 does a cyclist emit? says:

    I always apologise to the downed lump of lawbreaker after they jump red lights and my brolly finds its way in to their wheels.

  11. 27
    Anonymous says:

    4:22 Riding across a a pelican crossing.
    Straight through more than one Red light
    Stopped on a box junction… etc etc etc

    • 34
      Highway code bloke says:

      Stopping on a box junction is permitted if you are waiting to turn right and your exit is clear.

    • 44
      Anonymous says:

      4:22 is clearly a shared use crossing, hence the little green bike on the lights next to the little green man.

    • 80
      HJ says:

      The crossing was already completely blocked by the bus illegally straddling the red light, therefore what he did was completely safe. The bus driver was the guilty party here.

      His exit was clear on the box junction.

  12. 30
    Alexander says:


  13. 36
    slartibartfast says:

    That clip’s full of bad behaviour by drivers, why single out cyclists you massive racist?

  14. 41
    altruism in industry says:

    the last time I was in London I was in the front of the second lane at the lights at Hyde park corner and this cyclist wobbled along to take up position in front of me and then decided to go to the front of the lane to my right. The lights changed and I thought I’ll just wait a second to see what she is going to do and sure enough the bint wobbled across into my lane and carried on forwards, neither in one lane or the other, at a leisurely pace.

  15. 58
    ron says:

    I’m a lawless cyclist because right from being a child I’ve been set a bad example by loads of speeding motorists an illegal parkers.

    • 63
      Cynic2 says:

      As a motorist I dont care that you are a bad ass cyclist. Natural selection will deal with that

  16. 59
    One can't be ignoring evidence now... says:

    I assume the law breaking cyclist will be taken to court now?

  17. 60
    Nemesis says:

    Cyclists are often now bunching together so you cannot pass them on country roads – sheer bloody mindedness. I hope as many as possible are knocked off their fucking bikes and into another world.

    • 72
      The Great Attractor says:

      They don’t understand the gravity of their actions.

    • 73
      Practical Advice says:

      fill your screenwasher bottle half with piss.

      work the rest out for yourself . . .

    • 82
      HJ says:

      One can only hope that you suffer a serious accident first so that you are not in a position to knock anyone off their bike.

  18. 61
    Penfold says:

    With that sort of evidence it’s a slam dunk for the rozzers to do the bastard.
    Even that worthless, idle, troublesome, dickhead H-H should manage a conviction.

  19. 66
    mikis says:

    But red lights don’t apply to the Guardian’s cycling employees. It’s imperative we get to the office on time as we do a job of national importance.

  20. 76
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    What do you expect from a scummy hypocritical pile of bog paper like the grauniad.

  21. 78
    HJ says:

    Guido – I note that you didn’t point out that a coach was already stopped straddling the red light and therefore completely negating its function. Or that taxis were parked on the “keep clear” markings.

    Because of this, what he did was perfectly safe and could not have inconvenienced anyone.

    A pathetic attempt to know cyclists. As you are so fat, you would do well to get on a bike yourself.

    • 81
      lycra cyclists look like frenchmen says:

      Touched a raw nerve? He jumped a red light irrespective of the law breaking by the coach. What if someone were crossing the road in front of the coach? Always the same with you luvvy lefties

      • 83
        HJ says:

        Since when was I anything remotely resembling a leftie? Speak for yourself.

        If you see a coach stopped where it was then you do not expect there to be a red light – he missed it by accident as a result (as he has made clear).

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