January 16th, 2014

Impotent Clegg Repeats Broken Rennard Promise

Nick Clegg took a pasting over Rennard on LBC this morning. Judging by the ensuing silence when asked why he doesn’t just boot the pervy peer out, Clegg clearly wants to get rid but is impotent to do so. Instead all he would commit to is banning Rennard from working on the LibDems’ election campaign:

This is a promise the LibDems have made before and – shockingly – broken. Back in 2010 when Rennard resigned over expenses, though citing ill health, their official line was exactly the same: “he is not part of our campaign team”. Only for him to soon be back spinning for Clegg at the leadership debates and be seen popping in and out of the party’s Cowley Street HQ. Which is strange, because it is unlike LibDems to go back on their word.


  1. 1
    George Smith says:

    Universal Credit will be delivered on time and on budget.

  2. 2
    Man in the Street says:

    The Lib Dems would NEVER go back on their word – everybody knows that

  3. 3
    Rigor mortis says:

    The whore Clegg needs Rennards dish

  4. 4
    P l e b says:

    So what dirt do Rennard and Handycock have on Cleggy?

  5. 5
    vile labour ruined my wife says:

    Even by their standards, this is shite stuff. Lib Dems are a spent force. Why would you vote them if you were on the right of their party? You may as well suck it up and vote Dave and the left of their party will surely run to Labour.

    I don’t want a two party state like the US, but i suspect we will get one next year.

  6. 6
    Chris Spivey says:

    I see that the report compiled by QC Nigel Pascoe at the behest of Portsmouth City Council, looking into allegations of Sexual assault made against the Liberal MP Mike Hancock is still being suppressed – despite the Guardian already publishing the details.

    Course that is hardly surprising since Hangcock is also a Councillor at…Ermmmm…. Portsmouth City Council.

    I did of course write quite extensively about this vile Hunt in my article Hang-Cock & Bull, which someone left on his website for him to respond to… Which he didn’t.

    I really could get a fucking complex, don’t cha know, what with everyone that I write about seemingly blanking me.

    I mean, my MP James Duddridge & the Hunt Cameron both refuse to acknowledge that I exist… I’m not sure that is even legal in the case of Duddridge – the useless Hunt.

    The national press refuse to answer my questions!

    Tommy ‘lardarse’ Watson hates me and now Mick the Dick doesn’t want to interact either… If I need fucking counselling, you know whose fault it is… Just sayin’.

    Meantime, Les Cummings – who I think is going to speak to me – has appeared in court on harassment charges in connection with Hangcock which include distributing leaflets alleging that Sticky Mickey is a p@edophile.

    Personally, I can’t understand why Les ended up in court since his allegation sounded like fair comment to me and if you have read my aforementioned article, I feel sure that you will agree… Once again, just sayin’.

  7. 7
    Dr Faustus says:

    It’s really, really easy.

    You do the right thing. Or, you do the convenient thing.

    Clegg’s a politician: why the fuck would you expect him to do anything other than the convenient thing?

  8. 8
    ancientpopeye says:

    I just wonder what Rennard has got on Clegg?

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    What a nasty piece of shit that Lord Carlile is.

    Heard him on R4 this morning whitewashing Rennard’s behaviour in a manner that only the most arrogant of peers would do.

    Watch out for that one.

  10. 10
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is to be prosecuted for safety breaches after an unarmed man was shot dead in Cheshire……………………..GOOD.

  11. 11
    nancock says:

    What a squirming toad nick is

  12. 12
    Lord Greville Janner says:

    It must be something to do kiddies. That seems to be the usual modus operandi for black-mail in the HoP.

  13. 13
    Don't assist in your own enslavement says:

    We’ve had a one party state for 40 years. It’s called the Government.

  14. 14
    Calamity says:

    Clegg’s a congenital liar. End of.

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Then vote UKIP.

  16. 16
    No justice, no peas! says:

    Will there be tweets of outrage from Owen Jones and vigils and groups of backpack wearing left wing protesters outside a court, or is that only reserved for gun toting gangsters?

  17. 17
    Say what? says:

    Are we meant to be impressed that Clegg is hiding the party perv from the electorate during an election campaign?

  18. 18

    First the Independent today
    Then the LibDems

    They are both fucked.

  19. 19
    P l e b says:

    There is an easy answer. Cameron should drop the LDs and go it alone. They’d sink without trace.

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Goethe

  21. 21
    Liberals are perverts says:

    In what way is it convenient for him to retain a pervert and draw such vitriol from the electorate?

    Something fishy here, Rennard had something on Clegg.

  22. 22
    P l e b says:

    People thought well of him in the election debates.

  23. 23
    No justice, no peas! says:

    Anthony Grainger was shot in the chest in a car park by a police officer on 3 March 2012

    At least action’s being taken now. It’s just funny the complete silence from the left over his death.

    He needed to be like this:

  24. 24

    Now why should I think you could have an ulterior motive here?

  25. 25
    Annie in the Fox & Werrity says:

    Rennard is getting away with touching up some of his female colleagues.They are leaving the party membership in protest whilst this lardarse perv continues to do what he likes and his job (if you can call it that). Least these women had the balls to stand up and be counted. Is it any wonder women get scared or put off outing perverts like him, when they are protected by the likes of Nick Clegg?

  26. 26
    R. Youshore says:

    LOL !

  27. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t flatter him.

  28. 28
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    Australia has never seen such high temperatures in its history. Now pay some more Green Taxes !

  29. 29
    rick says:

    Hopefully, enough people will realise the LibLabCon is in reality one party, and vote UKIP as a not too radical alternative.

  30. 30
    C.O.Jones says:

    Either way, the LD’s seem to making plans with Labour in the hope of retaining some form of influence after the next general election.

    Running with the hares….

  31. 31
    Anonymous says:


  32. 32
    Legal Les says:

    I note that the Lib dems used the old beyond reasonable doubt defence.This only needs to be applied in criminal court not in independent investigations by employers or general organisations. Looks like the Libdems have set the bar so high no one can be disciplined.

  33. 33
    rick says:


  34. 34
    C.O.Jones says:

    Was Jimmy Savile a liberal?

  35. 35
    No justice, no peas! says:

    “He was a loving young boy. Tried to keep peace with everyone”.

    Obviously! That’s why he was in the Man Dem gang and had gone to buy a gun.

  36. 36
    Joss Taskin says:

    What did he do for a living ?

  37. 37
    Nick Clegg, duty pedant says:

    Guido you missed an r out of the first word in the title. Shouldn’t it be important?

  38. 38
    ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:

    LibDems can lie through their teeth and pick your pockets without batting an eyelid. They invented dishonesty.

  39. 39
    No justice, no peas! says:

    “Mark was not an angel but he was not dangerous either”.

    So true. People who join street gangs and buy guns are very peaceful.

  40. 40
    No justice, no peas! says:

    He worked for a very reputable and well known establishment called The Tottenham Man Dem.

  41. 41
    The Libor party says:

    We’re hoping and praying for that very outcome ! :)

  42. 42
    Calamity says:

    Look on the bright side. They’re going to be completely wiped out in 2015.

  43. 43
    civil engineering plant says:

    No, ‘you’ thought well of him in the election debates.
    Everyone with a 3 figure IQ thought he was a c*nt.

  44. 44

    The LDs come from two distinct traditions which don’t actually like each other. They are like the dysfunctional family that comedy series are made around – except they aren’t funny.

  45. 45
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    Impotent Clegg ? Seemed a bit droopy at PMQs yesterday.

    Because he is seeing his support go to UKIP and maybe Dave is not letting him do a damned thing about it, to undermine Labour in the North ?

  46. 46
    Arthur says:

    “Impotent Clegg”

    Shame we can’t say the same about Rennard and Hancock – might have avoided a lot of problems over the years

  47. 47
    Arthur says:

    Which one – there appear to be several in the LDs

  48. 48
    Roger Lloyd-Pack RIP says:

  49. 49
    Roger Lloyd-Pack RIP says:

  50. 50
    C.O.Jones says:

    They are very unfunny.

    Had a strong feeling they ditched the boundary change reforms due to some quiet back door deal with Labour. A very untrustworthy party IMO.

  51. 51
    Nick Robinson, BBC truth and reconciliation arse hole says:

    Given half the chance, Jimmy Savile would be anything you wanted so long as he could screw kids and dead people and not get prosecuted.

  52. 52
    Surr Nob Skelpoff says:

    Never fails to amuse

  53. 53
    Dr Faustus says:

    Perhaps you just answered your question. Perhaps Clegg is just naturally piss weak.

    Either way he has supported the unsupportable. Fuck him senseless.

  54. 54
    Community Leader says:

    He was just trying to take an illegal gun out of circulation. A white person doing the same thing would be up for an OBE.

  55. 55
    Radio Bollocks says:

    Mothers should never be interviewed if one is seeking truth or common sense. He was a little thug who got his deserts. Time the media dropped it – and stopped paying relatives for these interviews!

  56. 56
    The BBC says:

    “The heatwave in Australia, caused by man-made global warming, is causing severe delays at the Australian Open tennis championships!”

  57. 57
    Was Nick Cleggs School full of child molesters ? says:

    To be fair to the Liberals, they did fuck all when a child molesting criminal called Cyril Smith was active in the party so they are unlikely to do anything about a ‘mere’ sex pest.

  58. 58
    Stephanie Kinnock Labour's female candidate for Aberavon. says:

    They could solve this sexism problem if they committed themselves to more all women shortlists like we have in the Labour Party. I was just discussing this very thing with my good friend Jack Dromey over cocktails at the Blue Oyster Bar.

  59. 59
    Dr Who says:

    To go back on your word you need to go back in time which the Lib Dems can’t do as the earths Law of Physics prohibits.

    Its a phrase to deceive when said by the Lib Dems.

  60. 60
    Was Nick Cleggs School full of child molesters ? says:

    Indeed , Cleggs muddying the waters and attempting to cover his cowardice. It is clear there are lots of bodies buried in this party .

  61. 61
    Get a grip says:

    Why is it that every other senior Lib Dem is shown as unsuitable of responsible positions?

    Thorpe, Smith, Kennedy, Hughes, Oaten, Rennard

    and oh they all happy to say things in one constituency which would never be repeated in another.

  62. 62
    Psyche the Dog says:

    “Which is strange, because it is unlike LibDems to go back on their word” and Dave and co?

  63. 63
    Psyche the Dog says:

    Er, errr, errrrr, Handy is like a carbuncle on the nose of the LibDems

  64. 64
    Psyche the Dog says:

    Who are you?

  65. 65
    Psyche the Dog says:

    Just think, how many Tory naughty boys who mis behaved has Dave said they have my full confidence, even when things got rough, but they eventually had to walk the line.

  66. 66
    Psyche the Dog says:

    He is a top barrister

  67. 67
    Farron is my heroine says:

    You have missed out Laws and Huhne. I hope you have not been seduced by the obvious charms of Vicky Pryce and are going easy on selective Lib Dems.

  68. 68
    Nemesis says:

    So an obese, slavering, ugly sod is allowed to get away with acts committed against at least ten women who are all judged as being credible witnesses and the Lib Demics cannot do anything about him. No wonder they are the party of snakes in grass and hypocrites. All the women should take him to the civil courts where they just might stand a chance of winning against this fat slob.

  69. 69
    Just Saying. says:

    Clegg is of the order of using 100 words when 10 will do, and rambling with it.
    I would have liked to see a few outside listeners on the line forcing him into admit to being a coward and a hypocrite.

  70. 70
    Psyche the Dog says:

    The LibDems should have never gone into government with the Tories and remained independent inspite of all Gordy and Wee Davey’s pleadings, he aught to have known from past experience that neither of the two big parties could be trusted to play ball with his little party, Cleggy has lost the trust built up over the wilderness years, their position to have been lost to UKip even though folks have doubts about them.

  71. 71
    Psyche the Dog says:

    Don’t you worry old lad, Fawkes has given his personal guarantee that all this talk of global warming is a load of hogwash

  72. 72
    Psyche the Dog says:

    Of course not! The very idea! Splutter! Savile was a Tory Boy through and through, personal access to the Blessed Margaret herself!

  73. 73
    Psyche the Dog says:

  74. 74
    Psyche the Dog says:

    Good grief George, you don’t believe that do you, don’t forget IDS is at the controls

  75. 75
    Moderated by the Guardian for saying what a bunch of Cunts. says:

  76. 76
    Anonymous says:

    As Claude Rains in the role of Captain Louis Renault (Casablanca) wouuld have said in paraphrase :

    “Rick I ‘ m shocked –shocked I tell you — to discover that in this estsblishment the LibDems have actually gone back on their word “

  77. 77
    broderick crawford says:

    It s the old adage in British politics :

    If it s the Conservatives it s money

    If it s Labour it s a woman

    If it s the Liberals it s a man

    Though to be rational with Clegg s history of putatively bedding thirty or so vestal virgins before marriage that last tenet could be far fetched in his case .

  78. 78
    If Duggan was white we would never have heard of him says:

    That’s also why he was repeatedly arrested on suspiscion of murder and armed robbery, flash gang and gun signs and was photographed with two ‘G’s’ who have both since been convicted of murder.

    By black standards it’s true, he was a lovely boy.

  79. 79
    If Duggan was white we would never have heard of him says:

    Sold drugs and committed armed robberies.

  80. 80
    broderick crawford says:

    Whoever he is he s got troubkes .

    Go se a trick cyclist matey …. he/she ll put you right .

  81. 81
    Liberalism is a disease says:

    Be quicker to list the one’s that aren’t sick and weird.

  82. 82
    broderick crawford says:

    Could I be permitted Psyche to make an analogy with the current West Ham manager whose two co owners have issued an open letter in fulsome praise./support of his position despite a catalogue of recent disastrous results ??

    Gone after the next defeat possibly this Saturday ?

  83. 83
    True dat says:

    I remember the Yorshire Ripper’s dad being inteviewed and him saying that he thought his son was an animal who should be hanged.

  84. 84
    Liberalism is a disease says:

    Jeremy Thorpe got away with the murder of his gay lover. Simon Hughes, Hancock, Rennard, that freak that dresses up like a woman but is a man, Mark Oaten, Paddy Pantsdown, Chris Hugne, Bill Chadwick, Vincent McKee, Warren Bradley, Cyril Smith… The list is endless.

    They really are a bunch of weirdos and Pædophi1es.

  85. 85
    broderick crawford says:


    I, m coming out next week Chrissie . Look forward to picking up where we left off.

    Don t fret , I ve got your address from the internal secure prison records .

  86. 86
    Irritable Sod says:

    If this has already been said, I apologise.

    Clegg mistakes the burden of proof in an “independent report” from that required in a court of law. Those “credible” witnesses must be so pleased to see their claims swept under the carpet again.

    I think that just sums up his view: Lib Dems = court of law, so nothing to see here move on.

    Odious little squirt.

  87. 87
    Lord Effingham says:

    Tee hee hee, Lib-Dems imploding. Love it!

  88. 88
    Haribo Halfwit says:

    Trust? I cannot believe that you said that without heavy and deliberate irony.

  89. 89
    Teather's Revenge says:

    Well said, Annie.

    Look out for a forthcoming resignation by a high profile woman or two from the Liberal Democrat Party at the Lib Dem’ s flagship Portsmouth City Council.

    You read it here first.

  90. 90
    Teather's Revenge says:

    There are a lot of unhappy women members of the Lib Dem Party today. Many of them are councillors and party workers, putting up with some of the names mentioned on here, and realising that the Party will not protect them – and that the Morrissey report was pointless.

    When they start resigning, I wonder if Clegg will think the trade off was worth it.

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