January 15th, 2014

Nick Robinson Brings Fat Bottomed Girls Onto Daily Politics


  1. 1
    Big Beast Ken says:

    Yuck. Small bottomed boys, now you’re talking.

  2. 2
    Ziggy says:

    Tribute to the Abbott?

  3. 3
    Stephany Flanders says:

    I did wonder why Nick gave me that strange look

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Brillo and Robinson obviously have the same ring-tone. Of all the tunes in the world what were the chances of that? What possible little in-joke could they both have?

    I bet it’s their way of knowing when Diane Abbott is calling.

  5. 5
    ancientpopeye says:

    I watched some of Brillo’s piece and that harridan Flint is the most rude and ill mannered fishwife yet.
    She says her piece then constantly heckles any answer. Even when showing her stupidity by apparently not comprehending the banker question. This is a classic Labour woman MP. Political activist GMB union, parliament, must by the way she tells it?

  6. 6
    Hard as Flint says:

    Caroline Flint looks worn out. No sense of humour too. Ed must be working her too hard.

  7. 7
    Tuscan Tony says:

    I’d have been more impressed if it was NWA.

  8. 8
    Good on yer Nick me boy says:

    The beeb is for the public good
    Which is why it costs a mint
    So good old Nick played the Queen
    To shup up windbag Flint.

  9. 9
    Ziggy says:

    “Ed must be working her too hard”
    Ed, you’ve got to be joking. He dosen’t look like he’s capable of anything!!!

  10. 10
    Bottom Fetish Broadcasting says:

    So the BBC issue tablets have Fat Bottomed girls alerts?

  11. 11
    Needs to be said says:

    Caroline always looks like she needs a wash.

  12. 12
    A Bicycle says:

    + 1

  13. 13
    C.O.Jones says:

    Seems like the spawn of Kinnockio is going to get a safe Labour seat in Wales.

    Is the Labour Party morphing into a royalty style bloodline whereby safe seats are an entitlement for the kiddies of Labour hasbeens?

    So much for the werkers.

  14. 14
    A tractor says:


  15. 15
    Wait - what! says:

    Who was that self centred, ignorant, rude, wailing banshee that thought she knew better than anybody else but actually had nothing to say?

    A lesser man would have termed her ilk ‘window dressing’.

  16. 16
    Ziggy says:

    Nepotism is only the right of the elite?

  17. 17
    Oxbridge Dictionary (lefty edition) says:

    A group of people who say one thing and do another for the benefit of their own friends and family.

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Representing the brain-dead ‘My grandfather voted Labour’ constituents of Wales from Copenhagen.

    The travel expenses should be mind-boggling.

  19. 19
    Ze President of France says:

    I could work ze beech arder for you my Roast Beef friends

  20. 20
    Jimmy says:

    A misunderstanding. When the floor manager called for Queen and Fat Bottomed Girl he meant the two regular panellists.

  21. 21
    Big Momma says:

    I would like to see Toenails in a fat bottomed casserole over high heat.

  22. 22
    Anonymous says:

    I think you’re confusing ‘This Week’ with ‘The Daily Politics’. But good call otherwise.

  23. 23
    allandray says:

    There’s already one on “The Week”

  24. 24
  25. 25
    Border Terrier says:

    Looks shagged out – a French connection?

  26. 26
    Tom Catesby. says:

    Nick Robinson introducing fat bottomed girls on the telly.
    He has risen in stature at last.

  27. 27
    Jack Ketch says:

    Actually French outre-mere. When quite young she married a North African arab bloke and gave birth to his child. After she entered politics she had him deported.

  28. 28
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Is it Diane Fatbot calling?

  29. 29
    Cynic2 says:

    Good rack though

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