January 15th, 2014

9 Out of 10 Top Dole Claiming Constituencies are Labour

Some top number-crunching by the calculator-bashers over at the Backbencher this morning. They have worked out that, taking away Northern Irish seats where Labour do not stand, 90% of the top 100 constituencies that claim Jobseekers’ Allowance have Labour MPs. Just 28 of the highest 200 JSA claiming seats have MPs other than Labour. You can see all the data and the full list of constituencies here. Worth taking a look at the majorities as well. Time for Labour to change their name? 


  1. 1
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    They should change it to The Layabout Party :-)


  2. 2
    Ed P says:

    The Welfare Party?


    • 8
      retardEd Miliband's Parasite Party (for shirkers, not workers) says:

      Parasite Party.


    • 13
      Messenger says:

      No – Labour are the party of the Jobs Guarantee. Guaranteed jobs and fair wages for all – that is what Britain’s jobseekers are voting for.


      • 24
        retardEd Miliband's Parasite Party (for shirkers, not workers) says:

        And if you don’t want the non-job we’ve dreamt up for you.. that’s fine! Just lie back and carry on claiming your bennies!


        • 37
          Messenger says:

          The Future Jobs Fund delivered real jobs for real people.

          Jobseekers look to Labour to build on that success by delivering a comprehensive Jobs Guarantee, ending the scourge of long term unemployment once and for all.


          • The Labour Party says:

            Just like we never have before.

            “We sent search parties to find immigrants and bring them to Britain. Now our core voters are unable to get jobs” – Lord Mandelson.


          • FFS says:

            The Labour Jobs Guarantee:

            1] We will fuck up our balance of trade so badly that it will screw the economy putting people out of work

            2] We will create a benefits system so grotesque it actually pays to stay out of work, and the maximum gain made by working is never more than £2 per hour

            3] We will introduce a system of tax credits so extreme that the net disposable income of a single mum working at MacDonalds is exactly the same as the local architect that spent 6 years in extra education and now has to pay for his kids to do the same.

            4] We will not fund the tax and benefits system we have created out of taxation, we will fund it out of debt instead and watch the debt boom we have manufactured go bust whilst all the while claiming we have abolished boom and bust

            5] Having created an economic boom/bust cycle we will watch while millions are put out of work then snipe from the sidelines while the opposition try to put it into some sort of order

            6] We will explain immigration as necessary because our own Labour voters are too lazy to work

            7] Having described our own voters as lazy, we will then stroke their little heads and tell them it is perfectly morally defensible for them to be lazy

            8] We will tell people feeling a bit sad that it is best for them to wallow in their own self-pity and give up work, against all medical advice.

            9] We will tell people with sore fingers that they are so disabled they will never work again.

            10] We will listen to people in areas of high unemployment that say they cannot move to areas of high employment because house prices are too high. We will then make the situation for them much worse, putting up house prices in the South East even further with a low interest debt boom, filling the country with immigrants and refusing to build any new houses, ensuring that their kids get trapped in the same places with no hope.

            11] We will scour every corner of the earth looking for people to fill UK jobs on agency wages but will refuse to check if these people are working long hours without pay or actually getting paid less than the minimum wage. We will wait until the opposition get in before doing that.

            We will then wonder why the white working class no longer vote for us, but we will feel a bit smug because we’ve imported no end of immigrants who will vote for us, often without even knowing they have voted for us.


      • 52
        mr benefits. says:

        its a job getting up in the morning


      • 80
        davemcwish says:

        “Guaranteed Job” for who and how does that work ? You are aware that there’s no such thing as a ‘British Job’ or a ‘British worker’…


    • 51
      Relic of the 1970s says:

      Bring a bird and bottle party?


  3. 3
    Mr Potato Head says:

    They will be saying the Pope is Catholic next.


  4. 4
    Cupertino says:

    Only 90%? Who are the other 10% voting for?


  5. 5
    Don't have a go at our voter base! says:


  6. 6
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Remind me again exactly what have the Labour Party done for the white working class ?


  7. 7
    Messenger says:

    Jobseekers vote Labour because they will deliver a jobs guarantee, getting the country back to work. They will also address the cost of living crisis by ensuring fair wages for all.


  8. 10

    Is this a surprise that those unable to find work come from working class area’s ffs most working class area’s never recovered from the Thatcher years when the north of England and Most of South Wales were put out of work. It’a not as if the current ConDem has done anything to increase the job prospects in these arears. if anything they made it worse!


    • 15
      Mr Guardian says:



      • 90
        Anonymous says:

        Don’t be dissing Phil – he grows his own donchaknow.

        He’s living on the edge!

        On the other hand, you’re probably right, and he’s probably smoked a little too much of it.


    • 28
      Labour hypocrisy knows no bounds says:

      And Blair and Brown helped them how? Spending a few billion on an illegal war to line St Tony’s pockets?


      • 59
        Express Yourself with Crayons says:

        Ah, Tony Blair, the dictators friend.


      • 64
        Anonymous says:

        Oh come on, Labour only had 13 years! And as we all know, 2010 was Year Zero. Every social ill we have after that date has absolutely nothing to do with Labour. Or anything before for that matter. It’s all the fault of evil Tories/Bankers etc etc


    • 55
      The Critic says:

      The Thatcher years ended in 1990.

      The ‘North of England was put out of work’ A sweeping, inaccurate generalisation.

      It’s time to stop peddling mantras and start looking for opportunities. The only thing stopping anyone from progressing in life is themselves. Demonising the evil Tories/Bankers/Thatcher /whoever will never achieve anything.

      Excuses are easy.Doing something about your circumstances less so but it’s the only solution. Taking money from the state,however it is disguised is not the answer


    • 62
      Frank says:

      So Labour didn’t close any mines in the 70’s and the unions didn’t close down our manufacturing by endless strikes?


    • 68
      FFS says:

      Oh right,

      So Labour didn’t claim that “white finger” was an illness so bad that someone afflicted with it could never be expected to ever work again in any capacity?

      Labour didn’t engineer a low interest rate credit boom that put house prices up so high that nobody could afford to move out of these areas of low employment?

      Labour didn’t engineer a benefits system so generous that it paid to stay out of work?

      Labour actually made some sort of attempt to either move jobs to the areas of high unemployment or move potential employees from the areas of high unemployment to areas of low unemployment?

      Labour didn’t import 4million people to do the low-skilled and unskilled jobs that could have been done by British workers?


    • 91
      Francois Hollande's Cock says:

      yes in 24 years noone will have adapted in labour’s scrounging hotspots

      Hahahahahahah delusional twat


  9. 11
    Montgomery Burns says:

    Proof, if it was ever needed, that Labtard deliberately maintain their client state. Vote Labtard and stay poor.


  10. 12
    Chuka and his new Plasma says:


  11. 18
    M102 says:

    Who knew?


  12. 23
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Obviously. Why then would you vote for anybody else? BTW: Did this ‘survey’ cost anything?


  13. 33
    Labour hypocrisy knows no bounds says:

    Vote Labour to ensure Auntie Duggan gets an MBE.

    No justice, no pizza!


  14. 36
    retardEd Miliband says:

    Middle Clath confidenth cwithith.


  15. 40
    Steve Miliband says:

    James Turner Party


  16. 41
    Father Preyer says:

    Is the photo behind the graph at the top Ed Balls after a hard night?


  17. 43
    Steve Miliband says:

    I see the Reverend Flowers has advised the Labour Party on banking.


  18. 46
    Cynic2 says:

    We run a company and advertised jobs in one of those top 10 constituencies. There were 4 jobs and we were paying £8 / hour – above the ‘living wage’. We had – wait for it – a total of 8 applicants. Strangely all of them were men. .

    Of those 8 from their behavior and performance at interview we guessed that about 3 or 4 were competent but didn’t want the job as they were already working the double or didn’t want to work at all. They were there because they had to be. One actually asked could we pay him a bit less but cash in hand so he was out immediately for dishonesty. He seemed shocked when we told him ‘if you steal from the Government you will steal from us’

    The rest were unappointable for various reasons – poor literacy, poor appearance and hygiene and appalling communication skills. We take on many long term unemployed people and many are brilliant – some end up promoted very very quickly. This lot were unemployed and unemployable.


    • 70
      FFS says:

      True. A lot of them are unemployable. But people demand some sort of social justice. People having a bit of a laugh at the expense of the rest of us working hard to put food on their table, fix them up when they have drunken punch ups in the street, provide their homes with heating.

      At the very least they should be made to break rocks at the rate of £6.25 / hour and their kids should be taken away from them. If they are long-term unemployed they should not be permitted to have more than 1 kid.

      There is no morality behind working people having to give up any of their valuable life to support those that refuse to contribute anything.


  19. 50
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Labour are the party of the idle, whether benefits scroungers or public sector shirkers.


  20. 56
    Anonymous says:

    What’s the betting most of those constituencies are also Labour safe seats.

    Perhaps when he rolls out of bed sometime this afternoon, Jimmy would like to explain to us all why it is that poor people who have had a sitting Labour MP for generations are generally still just as poor as they’ve always been.

    I thought his precious Labour Party were (in his eyes) morally superior because they help the poor.


    • 66
      Edwin Clayhanger says:

      Stoke is very good example of this phenomenon . You only need to drive off any exit of the A500 and pockets of deprivation and slum terraces that are a disgrace in the 21st Century and look very similar to post WW2 bomb sites. Even staging the first Garden Festival in 1987 didn’t achieve its potential and YET the inhabitants of Stoke still return Labour MPs who have done absolutely NOTHING for them in over 60 years.


      • 93
        Anonymous says:

        Yeah …. but despite all that … and I have predominantly voted tory in the past …. now that i am a childless widowed pensioner and my personal needs have changed I would vote Labour at the drop of a hat if they promised to increase the benefits for pensioners , guarantee the Freedom Pass , give free telly to over 65 s and reduce Council tax for the codgers more than the current 25 percent singke persons allowance ….. subsidising it all by taking away free transport for schoolkids up to age 18 — whats that all about –and means testing child benefit and paying it only from the second sprog onwards as was the case post war.

        See … it ‘ s first and last a question of “Jack ” always comes first so make sure he stays “Alright ” !!


  21. 60
    Anonymous says:

    Last year my company opened a manufacturing unit in one of these areas, mucho happy noise in local press that we were seeking to recruit 85, smiling Labour MP, etc.

    At this moment we are still 32 short despite a constant stream of “applicants” who mostly are there because they have to be seen to be seeking work.

    Staff turnover is vast and there is a culture of disinterest mixed with confrontation. Not a hell hole, base pay £12 per hour with shift premiums etc.

    Depressing beyond word

    In March we we be closing that centre having pissed away nearly £1m


    • 77
      tigerowl says:

      Why anonymous with your comments? Tell us your company and let us test your view. At the moment I would say you are just talking what you want others to believe that unemployed do not want to work.


  22. 75
    wotson says:

    My own neighbourhood in the 1940-54 where everybody had jobs. Today it’s apparently 70% immigrant. Does that say something? I note that German local government is demanding extra funding to help Poverty tourists from the East.


  23. 76
    But always look the other way because we can't risk the peace process...yawn says:

    I note west Nelfast is number two.
    I suspect it’s in the top two on every aspect of scamming, theft, tax evasion, unpaid fines, TV licence avoidance, car theft, car insurance avoidance, benefits scams…and every other aspect of scumbag behaviour known to mankind.
    SinnFein hold.


  24. 79
    tigerowl says:

    I bet if you looked at the top ten locations for pensioners you would find them in the Tory areas. Many retire to the South Coast. Is Bournemouth a strong Labour area? NO. So what point is being made other than the stupidity that the unemployed do not want to work. Benefit Street on the telly is not reality. Most welfare is paid to pensioners and WORKING PEOPLE. Pandering to the gullible again with silly stories.


    • 84
      Jan says:


      Liked by 1 person

  25. 81
    Truthteller says:

    Well I never.


  26. 85
    Anonymous says:

    I’d guess bankers cost this country a lot more than benefit claimants…


  27. 88
    Jimmy says:

    Poor people don’t vote tory?

    Have you told anyone else this?


  28. 89
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Quel surprise. These deadbeats will always vote for liebor so they can stay in beer and fags and keep shafting those of us who actually work


  29. 96
    Mike Hodges says:

    I wonder what the parliamentary landscape would look like if those on benefits, or wholly dependent on the state for their salaries, were to lose their right to vote?


  30. 97
    nick says:

    This is the result of Labour paying and buying votes under Brown and carried on by Balls-up and Millibrain


  31. 98
  32. 99

    Piss in the pocket Party.


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