January 13th, 2014

#BenefitsStreet Produced by Labour Supporter

The lefties and truth deniers are gearing up for another episode of Channel Four’s Benefits Street tonight with organised protests both on and offline. Labour supporters are calling it ‘Tory propaganda” and as Guido reported last week one of their activists called for the show’s producers to be killed for lifting the lid on life on James Turner Street in Birmingham where almost everyone lives on benefits. Awkwardly for the moaners one of these evil right-wing smearer is one of their own. Julia Higginbottom is a well known Brummie Labour Party supporter. The Tory stooge! 


  1. 1
    MOBY DICK says:

    Hello ! is anyone there ?


  2. 2
    Ed Miliband says:

    Under a Labour government no one will be on benefits. You will all be rich and live on your own ranches like in Dallas.


  3. 3
    Left wingers don't know shit says:

    I don’t watch the programme because if I wanted to see a load of pissed chavs up to no good I can just look outside my living room window.


    • 23
      Dave Cameron says:

      I just go to the commons bar.


    • 26
      l have to work 60 hours a week says:


      And for that privilege, the lazy c’unts keep me up half the night. Guess the ethnicity of the worst offenders?


    • 33
      Psyche the Dog says:

      Especially on a Friday and Saturday night, there be some from this blog, once they are well oiled there is little to distinguish them from the local oiks, you know how much they say they like alcohol drinks, in the police daft bus there is no distinction, no good saying “Do you know who I am!”


  4. 4
    Dan Hodges says:

    Do read my splendid blog on the Telegraph site today about how people who don’t respect black community leaders like Diane Abbott and Darcus Howe are all racists. You can’t comment on it but that’s because I know everyone will agree.


    • 12
      Darcus Howe is an uncle Tom he just doesn't know it says:

      Diana Abbott and Darcus Howe were ‘community leaders’ chosen by white left wingers.


      • 121
        he was so upset he cried all the way to the chip shop says:

        Is that Darcus “still whining after all these years” Howe?


    • 139
      Tony Blair's PR flak says says:

      It’s all right Dan, the boss will be back in charge of the Labour party soon, carrying on slagging Millipede off for him.


  5. 5
    Labour Alf Wit says:

    Power to teh poeple! Up Red Len


    • 25
      Unite = Whingers says:

      Shouldn’t you be protesting in Birmingham and campaigning to stop the idleness, criminality and wasted lives that the show illustrates?

      Why have a go at the TV company? Which media outlet that exposes inconvenient truths will be the next target?


      • 50
        C.O.Jones says:

        Classic case of shooting the messenger.


      • 54
        Cupcake says:

        The truth hurts-we are witnessing the noisy aftermath of lefty idiots being confronted with the real effects of welfarism, immigration and the decline of the family.


        • 100
          oooh, I'm so incensed says:

          Owen Jones has not seen a preview of the programme but he has already sent his copy to the papers to be printed tomorrow.


      • 94
        Anonymous says:

        Unite should be supporting workers – not the people who sponge off workers!


        • 104
          oldboy says:

          Way to go aligning Unions with malingering waster Brummies. I wonder what undecided voters will think watching Labour/Unions trying to cover up this sort of lifestyle in a (no doubt) Labour voting constituency.



          • Jasmin Beckett's Dildo says:

            don’t these people have jobs to go to ! oh

            well you can’t sign on and protest, its er immoral


  6. 7
    Anonymous says:



  7. 8
    Anon. says:

    Wonder if Owen Jones will go to the demo? If there is a fee,probably. :lol:


  8. 9
    • 55
      Clarke is a quisling troughing cunt says:

      I thought portraits were made of the great and the good not the traitors and feckless !


  9. 13
    william says:

    If activist on the left are calling for the show’s producers to be killed then they need to prosecuting in the same that Isabella Sorley, 23, of Newcastle, and John Nimmo, 25, of South Shields where.


  10. 14
    Psyche the Dog says:

    I am waiting for when the next recession occurs and Londonistan is hit big time, through the 1980’s Brum avoided a lot the recession since then it has moved further south each successive recession, Londonistan pay rates are running very high all those city jobs could move to Germany, and as more is done electronically move to India or China.


  11. 15
    Cancelled due to lack of interest says:

    Is this why Abbott has cancelled her Duggan Jury Verdict protest because they will be at home watching Benefits Street?


  12. 16
    • 101
      Jimmy S says:

      That geezer claimed is “wife ” was 15 and he was 20. Will he be getting a visit from Operation Yewtree?


  13. 17
    Someone who has paid full whack for a new build house says:

    Rename that street now!

    Its a street named for for losers.


  14. 18
    Welfare isn't fair says:

    Fascinating to see how many Labour types get angry with the TV show.

    Shouldn’t they be protesting about the poverty, the scroungers and the criminals this show exposes?


    • 28
      An awkward bastard says:

      Perhaps they should be fighting in Syria to protect the Human Rights of the oppressed people ?


      • 31
        Jonny Divers says:

        Remember too that when Scotland is an independent state the English and Welsh will have to pay more for their International aid.

        Us Scots can be pretty canny when it comes to working with a budget.


      • 37
        altruism in industry says:

        Perhaps they should be fighting in Syria to protect the Human Rights of the oppressed people instead of watching telly ?

        fixed that for you.


    • 35
      Living the dream (nightmare) says:

      I don’t have to watch this show or read the Daily Mail to see how fucked up things are in this country.
      The left can squeeze as much as they like,the shit will still run through their fingers.
      As long as there are blogs like this where we can all share our own experiences and realise no we are not alone their efforts at censorship are doomed.


  15. 19
    Ohthisbloodypc says:

    Whatever happened to Owen Jones?

    I have a theory that one day he’ll be introduced on Question Time like this:

    “And finally, to my right, in all respects, we have the former left wing firebrand and now a controversial columnist for the Daily Mail, Owen Jones.”


  16. 22
    Penfold says:

    The left love their propaganda when it suits a common purpose, but when the waste and futility that they propound is exposed they get mightily tetchy.

    Did anyone report the murder threat to the rozzers?, did the rozzers even bother to jump on the commentator?
    No, thought not, its all for a common purpose, undermining the country….


    • 39
      lojolondon says:

      I think your first sentence covers the question – the Loony Lefty produced a show that she thought would expose the ‘brutality of the cutz’ and how desperate the people on benefits are because of the ‘system’ and the ‘cruel government’. But she hadn’t realised that everyone who works and pays tax would be against these beggars, not behind them.
      Reminds me of the foolish Biased BBC, when they did an analysis on some bloke who had 10 children and was going to be affected by the benefits cap. You may remember that he spent £200 a week on beer and cigarettes, and he had Sky subscription, there was a massive backlash from people who work a 40 hour week and can’t afford such luxuries – massive own-goal for the BBC. Again.


      • 87
        Rob says:

        Some bloke in N Wales I believe, a computer programmer who hadn’t worked for about a million years. Apparently he had been lookng but there weren’t any suitable jobs within a two minute walk of his house.


  17. 24
    A fat gypsy girl heading back to France says:

    I used to think that if someone was hospitalized for depression it meant that you were not well enough to think and make clear decisions.

    Now I am not so certain.

    Perhaps I am depressed?

    Is there a hospital bed for me ?


  18. 30
    David Cameron says:

    Be nice to the residents of this street. They all benefit from my obsession with high taxes.


  19. 34
    General Pinochet says:

    Back in Chile in the good old days the whole country was like ‘Benefits Street’………………….without the benefits.

    Viva UKIP, Viva Farage!


    • 48
      sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says says:

      Viv Augusto Viva Friedman Fuck UKIP


    • 127
      Anonymous says:

      I regularly worked in chile in those days. It was far better than benefits st. No Peru was very much like benefits st but of course that was an extreme socialist state so doesn’t play into your little shrill at the right.

      I suggest you shut the fuck up until you know wath you are talking about


      • 138
        Tin foil top hat says:

        We need our own Pinochet. Then we can make the whole all of the Labour party, Guardian and BBC disappear.


  20. 38
    Anon. says:

    Can’t see Owen Jones,perhaps he picked up a puncture on the way?

    The Guardian made an effort. #shipoffools


  21. 40
    Centre Parting says:

    BBC says Rebecca Brooks charged with committing ‘ misconduct in a public office’.
    Don’t you have to work for the State to achieve that?


    • 52
      The most amusing claim ever says:

      Don’t expect the BBC to know the difference although of course the irony is that BBC Employees are liable as they are “public employees” whereas e,g the Editor in Chief of a privately owned newspaper isn’t

      “Misconduct in public office is an offence at common law triable only on indictment. It carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. It is an offence confined to those who are public office holders and is committed when the office holder acts (or fails to act) in a way that constitutes a breach of the duties of that office.”


    • 56
      An awkward bastard says:

      I thought she always had one foot in Downing Street.


    • 57
      M102 says:

      Sh@gging on the desk?


  22. 42
    olden1936 says:

    It is sad that countless folks who have been made redundant and forced to become Benefit claiments through no fault of their own are included in the admittedly existant scrounger MPs and unemployed workingclass. But it’s up to you if you believe what the well off, highly paid TV producers try to manipulate you into believing. If it’s on the TV screen it must be true? Not on your life.
    Wake up and speak up folks! Your silence is taken as approval of the manipulators actions.


    • 59
      Man from the street says:

      “If it’s on the TV screen it must be true? Not on your life.”

      Unless it fits your own prejudice of course, I am sure you would be equally as peeved off with all the UKIP smearing in the press?


  23. 44
    Cameron's pendulous penis of prophecy says:

    Clearly, global warming.


  24. 46
    Warren Peace says:

    Hague on the box spouting bollox about Syria again. They will invade one way or another, won’t they?


    • 77
      World Government Hague says:

      Hague went Native a couple of years ago.

      Time to move him out of the job actually as he now believes the shit he is spouting.


    • 79
      sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says says:

      Cameron needs a clear out Hague,Duncan,McLoughlin,Miller and Villiers for starters.


    • 82
      The eternal "victims" says:

      We have a thousand more Blairs to do our bidding in the ME, no matter which side of the political spectrum they are from. We prefer to get the stupid goy to fight our wars. It’s far less complicated for us.

      We will just get Janet to rustle up a few more $billion at the Fed for this purpose.

      We have all bases covered, so to say.


      • 86
        Warren Peace says:

        FFS, Hague saying moderate opposition forces to be sent to Syria. These Tories are supposed to be my natural bedfellows, in truth I cant wait to see them destroyed.


        • 123
          chriselee says:

          Hauge is a total twat and as he likes bumming his departmental underlings would he mind if I ffucked ffuckable FFion.


        • 125
          Arthur says:

          Hague has definitely been got at in the FCO – now fully on board with the EU project and the Arabist world view


  25. 47
    The most amusing claim ever says:

    Censoring the truth is what lefties do best although of course had it been derogatory about Tories THAT would have been acceptable


  26. 61
    Postal Votes are Labour Loo Paper says:

    Scum never disappoint. They always crap on every place they go or live or do.You only have to look at the shitholes that they turn decent social houses into courtesy of Prescott and his social housing mix. These people are not fit to shovel shit, and if they were they would be too fucking idle to do it while getting everything on plate that we stupid gits pay for. I just despair I really do. What the fuck has happened to this country- oh yes, it voted for liebor.


  27. 62
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    Prime Minister David Cameron will give Willy Wonka a run for his money with the suit he’ll be wearing at this weeks PMQ’s.


  28. 73
    @# says:

    I see Clinton’s in Tottenham —————->


  29. 78
    sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says says:

    Benefits Street is just a microcosm of all the ghettos and sink estates north of the Watford Gap,inhabited by the underclass who have never contributed anything to society and are only interested in handouts,here we are into the 5th generation,of course they have something else in common they are predominately represented by Labour MPs.


    • 112
      . says:

      This is rather too true of much of the racially integrated (so we are told) Bradford, I must say. Mind you, the local rag (the Telegraph and Argus) is loath to admit to any sort of reality imho.


  30. 81
  31. 98
    My Big Fat Scrounger on Crap4 & Eternally repeated on Bore4 says:

    Channel 4 is crap! Run by lefty criminals Never ever watch the shite!


  32. 103
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Sting and his band The Police – disbanded many years ago innit beyond time that the MET were disbanded along with many other farcical farces countrywide?


  33. 108
    fed-up in britain says:

    benifits st ,is aruse to crusify those who wont fight back.Tories doing what they see as their devine right to devide and rule . the vile tory Hunts. tick tock tick tock…….Soon mr cameran soon your one term rule wil lbe over.


  34. 136
    C4 are a Shameless plague of Leeches. To be eternally repeated on Bore 4 says:

    Crap4 have been plugging & profiting from programmes such as Shameless, Deal or No Deal, Endless leeching Gypo tripe. Celebrity Biggest Leach franchise, etc. Channel 4 are the biggest promoters of money for nothing cultural Left wing tripe.

    Get some pride & stop watching Channel 4 scummy programmes. Switch off!


  35. 137
    Two morally & economically bankrupt TV Channels . Crap4 & Bore4 says:

    The solution is perfectly simple. Do not watch Chav4 programmes on Channel 4 outlets! This influences the money they make from advertisement! The less viewers means advertisers do not spend very much on Crap4 channels! So switch over or switch off! Force them to make better programmes. C4 ratings are down the toilet & their morals are in the sewer!


  36. 150
    Blair is a gerrymandering liar. says:

    Excellent spot that the producer is a Labour activist. Depressingly though, are there any TV producers or editors who AREN’T Labour supporters.


  37. 151
  38. 152
    Cynic2 says:

    Are all those protesters available for work


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