January 12th, 2014

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  • Is Home Office Minister Norman Baker working on a Mark Duggan conspiracy theory?
  • Why Yvette Cooper – “the Rosa Klebb of the Labour Party” – is going to give Ed Miliband a sharp kick in the shin
  • Why Nadhim Zahawi is disloyal to Nick Boles
  • Is Nick Clegg following the script of the “The Politican’s Husband”?

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  1. 1
    ECO CORRUPTION in the BBC says:


    • 3
      The BBC has cost the UK a fortune with their BIASED and politically funded reporting of CAGW says:

      Pensioner forces BBC to lift veil on 2006 eco-seminar to top executives

      Papers reveal influence of top green campaigners including Greenpeace

      Then-head of news Helen Boaden said it impacted a ‘broad range of output’
      Yet BBC has spent more than £20,000 in legal fees trying to keep it secret



      • 26
        fabians are EVIL says:

        Stupid stupid bastards


        • 74
          Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Immigrants, Criminals & other Wasters. says:

          It’s time to privatise the Labour Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, and see how long it lasts as a Communist organisation.


          • Jackal says:

            Old news exposed a long while ago. The question is: Why have the MSM only now got round to focussing on it?


          • nadhim Zahawi esq. says:

            i am a moaner,
            i live in the past,
            i am from the past. so it is goodbye from me.

            nod at me in the street for a nod at me is a acknowledgement of the past. i am no gift to the present for i am the past.


        • 87
          rdtg5e6 says:

          Tabloids are for lower class Thickos.


          • Yvette Cooper says:

            all i
            want are the
            i know
            that i am
            alive. so said adam before he sank his teeth.bbwish balls had. balls. to. talk. to me in. latin.


      • 84
        Froggie says:

        This has one C Patten stamped all over it


      • 168
        A fly on the wall says:

        Old news. This policy meeting and its outcome – to infuse everything from drama to kiddies’ progs – was exposed months ago, but no BBC heads appear to been chopped. Good thing that it is at least getting some more publicity and maybe a few more eyes will be opened to this fifth column in our midst. The BBC needs to be closed down pronto.


        • 178
          LPOR says:

          The existence of the seminar has been known for some time yes but this revelation that it was funded by the government to advance their AGW line is new. Once the implications sink in it could and should shake the corridors of both Whitehall and the BBC.


    • 4
      A. Sharon says:

      fucking psychopathic scum


      • 335
        Yvette Cooper says:

        i went to the zoo and became a joo.
        i wnet to the zoo and be.

        i went to ski and said scuzie.
        to break a leg, speak latin.
        i am skinni amd have latte.

        amd is code for a mad.
        r is silent for a mard is a real man.


    • 6
      HM Government Department of Green Propaganda says:

      We expecr people we have bought and paid for to do what we say and to say what we say


      • 7
        The European Union says:

        So do we


        • 21
          Peter Mandelson says:

          I obey.


          • The Kinnocks says:

            …..”We humbly obey oh great money train that we support,not for the people,but,for ourselves oh great ones”.


          • walking into darkness says:

            Anyone know who the ex Tory minister mention on Exaro is? Link at top right on the home page above


          • A Wooman of Colour, init says:

            Dem whitey am all de same, ‘cept dat Grouniad Brown – he sho’ am de massa fo’ me!


          • Obeying Mandelson says:

            What I say is not what I do.


          • more arr thou in hai won. says:

            morpheus is the morphine in the head.
            what a bummer. the other one is in the heart.

            one wants to suffer.
            the other to possess.

            one operates in waking ours…me me myself. myself is the possesive heart.
            one iis a nite owl. it lies between me and me, so when the nite owl is sleepless, just hit yourself to sleep. it is your hourse after all is said and dunn.nnn the stock market is dead. niagra falls is frozen. and agra is a ma u sleep yet mausoleaum. time to migrate to another part of the body. seek asylum or be a mausleum, an arresting sight though. cover the fave and expose the body. rip. cover it tight or be as sane as moriariti.


        • 31
          altruism in industry says:

          There is a photograph on that Mail online page which shows several people dressed in foot thick survival gear yet a little short haired labrador with no furry boots or waistcoat also waiting in the freezing conditions.


    • 11
      Jimmy Savile says:

      Now then, now then, what’s all this then ?


      • 491
        the real fawkes says:

        when the cat is the tiger.
        why is he burning,
        he can cry or roar.
        when the clothes are missing go for whatever. cover the neck like a lion and rap that tap. when sherlock cannot blow parliament what hope is there except unlock thyself.

        the real fawkes are clones of dr watson. he who got away but is still hinged.

        layered cake or not.
        pastry is on.
        pa’s trial is on.

        derke brown commeth.
        neither a derek or a baron derren or a gawk almighti u cannot be serious.
        cat is barren.
        let’s hear it for the c*unt of cat.

        will the fart sing.
        or become bart snngh.


    • 23

      I get the impression that no one person actually runs the BBC and a small select group of “Liberal” movers and shakers are free to push their agendas as to what they feel is best for their fellow man and planet Earth


      • 50
        The BBC says:

        ” what they feel is best for their fellow lesser man and planet Earth”

        There. Corrected it for you.


      • 76
        C.Patten says:

        How very dare you!
        I’ll have you know that I know nothing about it, all the time. I only now I represent the BBC is when the paycheck turns up.


        • 578
          i am crisis pat in, and i should now. says:

          bake in baker street. but pat it on by the dollops in huinstreet. doctor says pat yoirself on the back so hard that it shows thru on the other side. nike back to front says just do it,

          adidas wanst r be paid for it. it’s your back.
          do what u want,


    • 34
      David Cameron says:

      My gut feeling is that our poorly managed flood prevention schemes are caused by AGW.


      • 40
        HM Government says:

        True. It is much too hot for us to clean the drains properly or dredge rivers. We prefer drinking sparkling mineral water in our air conditioned offices.


      • 147
        The Tit in No 10 also says:

        I say you jolly chaps! the only possible answer is more windmills!



        • 322
          mark duggan says:

          doi na.
          is what the beggar would say.
          no guts.
          not my fault that the sound was at the core of my name.

          mark doi na ugg aan.


    • 38
      The Bishop Hill Blog says:

      The new attention on the 28gate seminar has been prompted by disclosure of documents showing how the Department for International Development responded to a funding request for funding from the International Broadcasting Trust a body that lobbies broadcasters on behalf of green NGOs. What we have, in essence, appears to be government paying for subversion of the state broadcaster.

      Which is pretty appalling when you think about it.



      • 209
        Lady Lord says:

        This needs to be the central focus of this scandal now the facts are starting to be revealed.
        And is perhaps why the BBC did not want to have to say what had gone on.

        Its not just the BBC that have been got at by lobby groups and their green propaganda either.


    • 84
      jeremy klaxon - bbc horn of plenty says:

      privatise privatise privatise!


    • 165
      THE LIES and Spinning of the BBC says:

      A lot more detail here:

      What price the BBC’s support for climate policy?



  2. 2
    Dave says:

    two weeks of official state mourning for Saint Ariel Sharon and two minutes silence to be observed at all footballing matches by the goyim plebs.


  3. 5
    The Tit in Number 10 says:

    Good morning voters. Another day and lots more opportunities to make promises I won’t keep. Toodle pip!


  4. 8
    Ed Miliband says:

    The Sun used to be 20p – cost of living crisis !


  5. 9
    No steps forward 100 steps back says:

    Camorons Conservative can have a many “Touchy Feely Time” as it wishes, it won’t get back in, here in West Wirral if you ask people, they are fed up and UKIP gets a lot of mention, the Euro’s will tell us how the voting will go for 2015.


    • 29
      Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

      Touchy feely like a rough colonoscopy is perhaps not what they had in mind.


    • 48
      UKIP won't ever form a UK Government so don't waste your vote in 2015 says:

      2015 is some way off and a week is a long time in politics. UKIP will do well in May 2014 but they will NEVER get any MP elected to Westminster at a General Election(By-Elections are different as you will get a protest vote)

      The 2015 General Election will be a straight fight between Tory and Labour and the likely outcome will be a majority for neither but another coalition with LiBDems for another 5 years given the current situation in the polls.

      In essence a vote for UKIP at a General Election will result in either a Labour Government or Labour-LibDem Coalition.In either case the result will be the same NO EU Referendum and closer ties with EU…BUT then again anybody voting UKIP can’t say they haven’t been warned


  6. 10
    Guido Fawkes says:

    I am saddened by the death of Ariel Sharon. My condolences to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the People of Isr*el.


  7. 12
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Today’s Hard Question: If your city needed to decide to be more like Amsterdam or exactly like Baghdad, what would you choose?


    • 14
      The Public says:

      In which one is it legal to hang traitor politicians?


    • 16
      High Gella says:

      Take my advice and choose Amsterdam.


    • 27
      Dimmy Dave wants to let 75 million Turks into the UK says:

      Aha! Trick question! You intend to turn every British city into Istanbul.


      • 81
        Fuck the LibLabCon says:

        Not everyone of course as some are already there.


      • 107
        David 'the heir to Blair' Cameron says:

        It’s the right thing to do.


        • 421
          peaceful fawkes says:

          THE STORY
          act: chill lao.
          action: produce sound.
          sound : chaïen aŷe
          strength : adjust to suit.
          precursor : enemy of the state that one is in.

          helpful notes for the public: chennai express and enemy of the state.
          notes of note: Shah Rukh Khan, Will.IAm Smith.

          here have an amnesty.


          • the real fawkes says:

            when the HOUSE is full.
            ESCAPE. watch HOUSEFULL.
            with Akshay “I wish I was an axe” LOSER.
            …get familiar with Akshay “seen my gun lately” Devgun,
            London is Paris and paris is Rome. slip. to Disney. a rooted world awaits.


  8. 13
    Granny says:

    Craig Olver has beady little untrustworthy eyes


  9. 15
    BBC Propaganda Unit says:

    We are looking for negative stories concerning UKIP between now and the Eurpean elections. Please contact the BBC. Prizes include seats in the audience for the recording of Pointless.


    • 28
      Chris Patten says:

      Due to government cuts, and the fact that the whole of the BBC spouts propaganda now, we have decided to make everyone in the propaganda unit redundant, with payouts at one million pounds each. After receiving their cheques and taking a couple of months off in the Bahamas, will all members of the former unit please note that they are expected to report for duty at the new Information Section at a time that suits their busy au pairs’ schedules on May Day.


    • 61
      Daily Mail says:

      We have had a team of people doing this for some time now. Many of our readers get quite angry about it but we don’t care.


    • 80
      FFS says:

      You know full well you will be bigging up UKIP because the best chance for Labour to get an overall majority is a big UKIP turn-out.


      • 134

        This is the ‘oft repeated lie’ that is beginning to lose credibility, vote UKIP get UKIP !
        In any case there is no real difference between any of the liblabcon as far as the EU is concerned.


    • 115
      All MSM are at it says:

      Try cosying up to Mail on Sunday – they’re trying hard to do the same


      • 524
        the real fawkes says:

        there is no tunnel in the sky.
        all states of mind are in it.
        as they are in the body.
        left cheek , tongue in now…. is america.
        righ cheek, ………………….. is ndia

        a good egg will be in fhe right cheek. money “the concept and all else about it” is in teh left cheek.

        who is on skytv.
        televisualhesheboygirl. when the whole body says hi, we are in hindustan. either be ‘lo or be real. shakespeaream by the reams. RIM ‘s production of handsets has finished. beeey is the new black. or not. no tunnel no god. sky works so otyers do not have to. the body, the body my kingdom for a body. when in doubt read, when not in doubt, don’t.


  10. 17
    Hague is NO Honest Tory says:

    Hague and Clegg have both referred to the EU as a single market thing this morning. Of course no one could sensibly object to a single trading block and they know that.

    The Common market was the Single Market they refer to. The EU though has moved light years away from that notion and it is now a political block that has ultimate control over member States (they are no longer called countries).

    Hague and Clegg should hang their heads in shame for trying that SCAM.


    • 20
      Psychiatrist says:

      Shame is an emotion felt by normal people. Psychopaths don’t have a clue what you are talking about when you ask them to feel it


    • 30
      Cameroons are Europhiles says:

      That Hague and Clegg basically put forward exactly the same argument in interviews on different channels proves that they have joined forces to keep Britain in the EU.


      • 36
        Don't get angry, get even. says:

        Hopefully Labour will win in 2015 and in order to prop up his plummeting poll ratings, Miliband will be forced to hold the referendum he doesn’t want to hold because he knows he’ll lose it, and he’ll lose it.

        Then it gets really interesting; the EU, faced with a shortfall of £22 billion that it milks off us every year, and fearful that other nations will leave as well when they see we’re considerably better off out, will demand we hold another referendum to obtain the ‘right’ result.


      • 37
        A Europhile says:

        The problem with this pair is not so much that they love Europe, but that they love the EU. I think the use of the words europhile and europhobe to describe peoples’ attitudes is not helpful as it clouds the issue: I also love ‘Europe’, its culture and history, but I hate these people, as they prefer an anti-democratic bureacratic superstate to their own country.


        • 43
          The EU is destroying Europe says:


          Why on earth do they want to homogenise Continental Europe? The whole attraction is that they are separate countries each with their own charm, foods, styles, way of life, government, landscape, language, beer tokens and so on.


          • EU Watch says:

            Reduce costs and reduce tension between cultures that could lead to future war is most likely the idea.

            Something like this was tried in Y’ugoslavia and it ultimately failed there.

            The people of Europe are rejecting this peacefully at present. That situation will change as tension increases.


          • Patriot says:

            Ah yes, the old EU causes the peace canarde. It doesn’t. As anyone fleeing from a baying mob in Greece will tell you.


          • Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Immigrants, Criminals & other Wasters. says:

            This is the secret agenda, destroy individual country identity my mass immigration then create the USE. They have planned this from the start. the only way to stop it is to begin assassinating the eu elite.


          • Willy "keep the £" Hague says:

            The EEC kept the peace in Europe for decades!

            OK, I will admit that the EU has little to do with the EEC and it does seem to be leading to the rise of extremist nationalist parties…. but British Airways likes it so I’m all for it!


          • rdtg5e6 says:

            To be able to have clout in a world of trade and political blocks and reduce the risk of wars. It’s fukcing obvious.


          • Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore et al says:

            I don’t know how we manage, I really don’t


          • Jackal says:

            Didn’t that poxy little irrelevant organisation known as NATO have something to with this?


      • 122
        Warren Peace says:

        The politically correct never cease to tell us that mass immigration is a net benefit to Britain. By this they mean that immigrants pay more in taxes than they cost in publicly funded services. To make such an assessment the following statistics would be needed:

        1. The amount of income tax and National Insurance paid by immigrants. Because of the type of work involved – seasonal, work offered by foreign gangmasters and so on – it is reasonable to assume a disproportionately large proportion of those working in the black market are immigrants. There is also a practice of immigrants working and paying tax until they exceed the single person’s tax allowance in a tax year, ceasing to work in the UK for that tax year and then reclaiming all the income tax paid at the end of the tax year. That rebated tax needs to be deducted from the tax paid figure held by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

        2. The costs arising from the native population who are denied jobs which immigrants have taken. This will involve the benefits native workers have to collect because they cannot find a job, the costs of having to move to a new area to either seek work or because the new benefits cap will not meet their rent and the costs of having to take children out of one school plus the costs of registering with a new GP because a family is forced to move.

        3. The cost to the native population of a reduction in wages caused by immigrants increasing the pool of labour. This will mean less tax paid and more in-work benefits.

        4. The cost of benefits drawn by immigrants when they are not working.

        5. The cost of benefits drawn by immigrants when they are working, for example, working tax credits, housing benefit.

        6. The cost of NHS care given to immigrants.

        7. The cost of education given to immigrants, this to include the additional costs arising from those with poor or non-existent English.

        8. The cost of benefits, education and NHS care for the children of immigrants born in the UK.

        9. The costs of benefits paid to immigrants to support children born abroad and living abroad.

        10. The inflation of housing costs caused by immigrants and their children born in the UK increasing the demand for housing.

        11. The costs involved in a decline in the quality of NHS care and educational standards because of the pressure placed on the NHS, schools and higher education by immigrants. The inadequate English of many immigrants employed in the NHS in particular must reduce the efficiency of the service and increase the likelihood of error. The difficulty of teaching in schools with huge numbers of pupils lacking English as a first language speaks for itself.

        12. The costs involved in the British economy generally from a loss of efficiency through the inadequate English of immigrants and their lack of understanding of British customs. It may be cheaper for an employer to employ an immigrant in terms of wages, but, especially where the immigrant is dealing with the public, there must be a substantial loss of efficiency in terms of extra time taken to conduct conversations with customers, misunderstandings of what is wanted and an inability to explain to customers what is on offer.

        13. The loss of expertise to Britain of skilled Britons who seek work abroad because of opportunities in the UK being blocked by immigrants. For example, newly qualified British doctors and nurses have encountered difficulty in obtaining British posts despite the frequent claims of NHS staff shortages, while positions at British medical schools are cut and large numbers of foreigners recruited.

        14. The costs – which can be lifelong – of the loss of work experience for Britons unable to get work at all, whether skilled or unskilled. This is particularly important for the young.

        15. The costs in terms of wear and tear on the roads because of increased traffic arising from immigrants.

        16. The cost of criminal activity amongst immigrants.

        17. The cost of criminal activity amongst the descendants of immigrants.

        18. The costs of guarding against Islamic terrorism.

        19. The costs of the remittances made by immigrants and their descendants to their ancestral countries.

        20. The costs of meeting the requirements of the ‘anti-racist’ legislation which puts considerable burdens on employers. These are particularly severe for any employer who is funded in whole or part by the taxpayer. Such employers have to not merely be non-discriminatory, but they have to prove that is what they are as a result of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000. The police are particularly keen to show how PC they are.

        21. The cost of dealing with visa requests, asylum claims, claims regarding family reunions and claims based on compassionate grounds. The costs include employing civil servants to process claims to stay in the UK, the cost of staffing of immigration tribunals, the costs arising from the court time taken by the cases which go to the courts, the legal costs of those trying to stay in the UK (which are normally paid by the taxpayer), the cost of running immigration detention centres and the cost of removing people from the UK .

        22. The ongoing cost of the descendants of immigrants – potentially through many generations – of … groups who continue to display high levels of unemployment, high benefit dependency, low-skills, poor educational attainment, low payments of tax and abnormally high levels of criminality.


        I defy anyone to find a piece of research which comes close to including all those costs or even a majority of them.

        Of course the economic arguments are not the most important thing about mass immigration, which is that it changes the nature of a society because immigrants arriving in large numbers from the same country will invariably colonise parts of the country and resist assimilation. Nonetheless, it is important to thoroughly examine the weaknesses in the economic claims made by the politically correct because it is their favoured ploy to try to pull the wool over the public’s eyes.

        The costs fall most heavily on the poor, the rich being, as yet, largely untouched because they arrange their lives so that they do not encounter the supposed joy of diversity and have no need to seek work in a competitive situation.

        H/T Liberty GB


        • 260
          Vazdazzle says:

          Can confirm No 1.
          As a company’s accountant I used to deal with foreign seasonal workers who packed up and went home as soon as they had used up their tax free allowances.


          • Cassandra says:

            Actually what many of these immigrants do is go to ground and then produce a ticket stub and say they have been “home” when they have done nothing of the sort, usually having been working in the black economy for the socalled period at home.


    • 32
      Don't get angry, get even. says:

      Vote UKIP.


      • 207
        Lord Stansted says:

        Don’t get angry, get even. I like that, I like that a lot. But I’m going to change it slightly to Get even and remain angry – very angry indeed.


        • 459
          the real fawkes says:

          stick insect is stan.
          hardie is the fattie. hardlie. saddie is the daddie. maddie is the sadistic mother. the present is for madge. so bang on.

          the age of a mad mard.


    • 47
      Nick Clegg tells porkies. says:

      Clegg has no shame!
      His whole pro-EU argument is based on a lie that 3 million jobs would go if we withdrew from this not so fragrant club he so much loves.


      • 51
        The EU is destroying Europe says:

        3 million jobs. Seems to be another must mention on the Telly phrase on their crib card. In reality in or out of political union Brits will still be able to live and work in Europe just as they did before the common market.

        As for needed workers coming to the UK, those working in the City from the USA, Australia, China, Canada, India, Japan etc ain’t from the EU .


        • 60
          Patriot says:

          If they are jobs currently held by illegal immigrants, I have no problem with letting them go.


          • British jobs for British workers says:

            Good point. “3 million jobs will go”. Labour let 4 million immigrants into the country, soo…


          • FFS says:

            Exactly, I don’t think that argument will fool anyone, so let them run with it.

            Only 3 million jobs will go? Oh right, but there are at least 4million EU citizens that have no right to remain here in an independent Britain, so once again we can’t lose if we exit.


          • the real fawkes says:

            from parrot to tiger. from tiger to the roar of a lion.
            gooey bob though is as the labels say.
            get electrocuted or learn sum new moves.

            so fàkê ŷû.


    • 142

      It is not so long since Hague was a vociferous eurosceptic, who could be relied upon to speak up in the interests of this country regarding the EU, since being in government he seems to fall over himself to parrot their propaganda , obviously his precious career now means more to him than the interests of the people who elected him .


  11. 19
    David Cameron's gut says:

    BBC climate conspiracy, global warming a certainty


  12. 39
    Iain Smith says:

    Universal Credit will be delivered on time and on budget.


    • 55
      retardEd Miliband says:

      Cotht of living cwithith.


    • 99
      Mr Potato Head says:

      “I would like to pay tribute to the contribution you and your company make to the prosperity of Britain,” Mr Brown told Lehman bankers in London’s Canary Wharf . “During its 150 year history, Lehman Brothers has always been an innovator, financing new ideas and inventions before many others even began to realize their potential.”


    • 100
      Ms Beckett aged 17 3/4 says:

      I read the universal credit and cried. I want all universals dead


  13. 49

    Defamation Act 2013 is all very well but applies neither to NI, nor Scotland.

    Will these places now become the focus of litigation tourism?


    • 117
      Bit on the ass says:

      Whilst the UK Government remains asleep at the wheel, Sinn Fein and SDLP do everything to prevent any Westminster law applying to NI…..be it welfare reform, libel reform and the new crime agency.
      Wake upmCamerkn, you useless cùnt


  14. 52
    David Cameron - a failure in British politics says:

    Cameron’s performance in Europe is akin to a paraplegic trying to float in the deep end whilst balancing a brick on it’s nose.

    His deceit on this climate change nonsense serves only to increase the size of that brick.


  15. 54
    Name, shame and torture the fuckers says:

    Who’s the female former MP that the Sunday Express are reporting abused a boy as part of a p*edophile ring? We deserve answers. The woman and her accomplices should be arrested. Otherwise, it’ll be yet another case of politicians being above the law.


    • 58
      Margaret Moron (ex-MP, probably a different one) says:

      The law can’t be applied to us, because that would make us saaaaad!.

      PS: Wibble.


    • 66
      Smears of the left- note they are quiet on this says:

      As Thatcher is dead it cannot be her as she could be named.

      Just for the lefty smear mechants.

      Perhaps a Labour bod who was missing from PMQs the other day with known p’edo sympathies in her past ?


      • 69
        Nosey Parker says:

        So it is someone still alive and possibly still in politics. Maybe we should be looking among the peers?


        • 96
          Smears of the left- note they are quiet on this one says:

          According to The express : ex MP Female and abuse took
          place at sex party in the 80s – so maybe not the front bench p’edo supporter. Victim was in care home at time and later brought into S’idney C’ooke ring.


          • T Blair says:

            Who are these people who go to sex parties? In my social circles no-one would dream of saying ‘hey, come on round, we are going to have sex in public with some vulnerable types we’ve bussed in for the evening.’

            It all sounds very alien. Sort of Bunga Bunga. The sort of thing the kinds of people who’d be willing to make their living doing bent deals with the Italians or Libyans might get up to.


          • motorway cops. says:

            throw us a bunga benga, we are in our carriage,


    • 360
      Lizard Dodger says:


  16. 56
  17. 57
  18. 64
    Mark Duggan says:

    I bought a gun for peaceful purposes only. Brrrrrap!


  19. 82
    Classic naked left wing bias at the BBc says:

    Here is a prime example of the naked bias of the BBc . As Balls and Alexander comes to blows almost and have to be dragged apart by a shad cab colleague what are the BBc reporting on front page and on pollitics page copied from Telegraph???

    “More than 90 Conservative MPs have written to David Cameron urging him to give Parliament a national veto over current and future EU laws. They urged him to hand the Commons the ability to block new EU legislation and repeal existing measures that threaten Britain’s “national interests”.Downing Street said it was working on a new settlement with Brussels. But Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said Conservatives must “make up their minds” on whether to stay in the EU.
    The ideas proposed by the MPs were first put forward by the Commons European Scrutiny Committee last month. In the letter, they said the move would enable the government to “recover control over our borders, to lift EU burdens on business, to regain control over energy policy and to disapply the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights”.According to the Sunday Telegraph, signatories to the letter, drafted by senior Tory Bernard Jenkin, included James Clappison, Conor Burns, John Baron, Anne Main and former defence minister Sir Gerald Howarth.”


    Not a fucking squeak on the balls . Alexander massive split in the shad cab and the dark arts going on, nothing zilch.

    Now imagine if those had been two Tory MPs ? Absolute naked bias and failure to report massive seismic splits in the shadow cabinet over Europe while perpetruating the so called splits in the colition . they dont even mention the fact that Milliband changed his mind and did an about turn on the whole policy in less than two days as a result of Balls.

    Utter bastards and worthy of communist Pravda standards


  20. 102
    FFS says:

    Carole Duggan told protesters: “The more we people come together and support each other, maybe we can make a better life for our children, for all of those children who have to live in these communities that are over-policed, where they are not free.”

    OK, so this is turning into a campaign to rid the black streets of Britain of police.

    I’m all for it. Worked in the US. The gangsters were so busy killing each other they more or less wiped each other out.


    • 125
      Be afraid says:

      Why was there a NUT banner there?


    • 129
      sunderland is a labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      Yeah abandon the streets of Tottenham and let the Duggans of ths worlf have free rein,the population of Tottenham.Haringey and Wood Green would be begging for the Army in a week.I do not expect the Duggans being given leave for a judicial appeal but if they are it will be a political decision.


      • 143
        I should coke-oh says:

        Keep getting a sense of how much safer the streets would be and society just generally better off, if the whole of the Duggan clan and their supporters were all behind bars for the duration. Right now.


        • 225
          Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Immigrants, Criminals & other Wasters. says:

          The only good Duggan is a dead Duggan.


        • 261
          White rabbit says:

          I thought precisely the same. I also said it, or rather boomed it, to anyone who cared to listen to me.


        • 280
          Manchester intelligence says:

          Not just Tottenham, what about the tentacles reaching backwards and forwards to Manchester?


  21. 103
    'Chillaxing' Dave says:

    I am today announcing that any yer effnics arriving in England will be let in.

    So long as they are carrying a bucket or jam-jar to help bail-out Oxfordshire and Surrey


  22. 104
    David 'the heir to Blair' Cameron says:

    I say chaps and chapesses, in the very unlikely event of me wining the General Election in 2015 I’ll be putting in to law an EU referendum!

    You have my cast iron guarantee and we’ll keep voting on it until we get the right answer that Mr Herman Van Rompuy wants. Such a great idea what what….
    That’s why we won the 2010 General Election and that’s why you voted for me in as your spiffing Prime Minister!

    Toodle pip!


  23. 105
    C.O.Jones says:

    Only difference is that Pravda were forced to toe the party line and heaven help anyone (editors, sub editors and journalists) who did not conform.

    The BBC are willing participants in their political subterfuge and bias.


  24. 106
    do not retweet says:


  25. 111
    The British media are cunts says:

    What the BBC fail to point out is that you can believe in climate change but STILL be skeptical of much of the data. Many of the predictions of doom so loved by the BBC are often based on computer models and assumptions that will give a range of possible outcomes, the BBC only ever like to report the most extreme yet fail to analyse any assumptions or how reliable the data is to make the more extreme predictions.

    What is more concerning is that this latest scandal over the BBC has been largely ignored by the British media, can anyone ever remember the last time Sky or Channel 4 ran any sort of story about the BBC covering up things?

    Most journalists in the broadcast media either worked for the BBC in the past or were trained by them AND most would probably want to work for the BBC again in the future. They won’t shit on their potential paymaster of the future.

    All the fuss over Pollard and his report in Savile was always going to be a total whitewash, he might have been ex Sky but he was also ex BBC and probably would like a job with the BBC or a company that works for the BBC in the future.

    No one in the media will ever want to shit on the BBC nor will any politician because they would all like a nice 500K a year job at the BBC.


    • 214
      Lady Lord says:

      And all this fuss over 0.7 of one degree warming in the last hundred years and no rise since 2000

      How will we manage to cope with this catastrophic increase


    • 425
      Slobberdown Menob says:

      This is a piece i keep on my face book, can’t remember were i got it from.

      Okay, here’s the bombshell. The volcanic eruption in Iceland, since its first spewing of volcanic ash has, in just FOUR DAYS, NEGATED EVERY SINGLE EFFORT you have made in the past five years to control CO2 emissions on our planet – all of you.
      Of course you know about this evil carbon dioxide that we are trying to suppress – it’s that vital chemical compound that every plant requires to live and grow and to synthesize into oxygen for us humans and all animal life.
      I know, it’s very disheartening to realize that all of the carbon emission savings you have accomplished while suffering the inconvenience and expense of: driving Prius hybrids, buying fabric grocery bags, sitting up till midnight to finish your kid’s “The Green Revolution” science project, throwing out all of your non-green cleaning supplies, using only two squares of toilet paper, putting a brick in your toilet tank reservoir, selling your SUV and speedboat, vacationing at home instead of abroad, nearly getting hit every day on your bicycle, replacing all of your 50 cents light bulbs with $10.00 light bulbs …well, all of those things you have done have all gone down the tubes in just four days.
      The volcanic ash emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere in just four days – yes – FOUR DAYS ONLY by that volcano in Iceland, has totally erased every single effort you have made to reduce the evil beast, carbon. And there are around 200 active volcanoes on the planet spewing out this crud at any one time – EVERY DAY.
      I don’t really want to rain on your parade too much, but I should mention that when the volcano Mt Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, it spewed out more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race had emitted in all its years on earth. Yes folks, Mt Pinatubo was active for over one year – think about it.
      Of course I shouldn’t spoil this touchy-feely tree-hugging moment and mention the effect of solar and cosmic activity and the well-recognized 800-year global heating and cooling cycle, which keep happening, despite our completely insignificant efforts to affect climate change.
      And I do wish I had a silver lining to this volcanic ash cloud but the fact of the matter is that the bush fire season across the western USA and Australia this year alone will negate your efforts to reduce carbon in our world for the next two to three years. And it happens every year.
      Just remember that your government has just imposed a whopping carbon tax on you on the basis of the bogus “human-caused” climate change scenario.
      Hey, isn’t’ it interesting how they don’t mention “Global Warming” any more, but just“Climate Change” – you know why? It’s because the planet has COOLED by 0.7 degrees in the past century and these global warming bull artists got caught with their pants down.
      And just keep in mind that you might yet have an Emissions Trading Scheme – that whopping new tax – imposed on you, that will achieve absolutely nothing except make you poorer. It won’t stop any volcanoes from erupting, that’s for sure.
      But hey, relax, give the world a hug and have a nice day!


  26. 116
    altruism in industry says:

    Chilcot report delayed due to global warming


    • 138
      Why is a man who fiddled his expenses the prime minister of my country says:

      I thought it was because too many people in high places are wetting themselves .


      • 156
        The Indian Ocean Water Board says:

        For those who aren’t yet wet enough, there is still plenty of water available


  27. 118
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Calamity Clegg.


    • 126
      Ed Balls says:

      I know wee Danny looks and sounds like a woman, but giving him a whack is not domestic violence. Where is that little c’unt now ?


  28. 120
    Alex Salmond, formerly the cleverest man in politics says:

    I’ve today asked all 7m Scots to join me on a crash diet.

    By eliminating the excess weight from us tubbies, boffins have calculated that England will sink by 6cm, increasing flooding of the toffs living in pleasant villages along the Thames.

    That’s the sort of result any Scot can be proud of! Ya bas.


  29. 121
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:


    CAN’T WAIT FOR 2015 !!!


  30. 124
    David 'the heir to Blair' Cameron says:

    I say all these storms and flooding we are experiencing of late are solely down to global warming because the BBC said so and I agree. Before global warming Britain never had storms or bad weather or vast swaths of housing built on flood planes. Britain and it’s history of industrial revolution are responsible for all of this and we need more windmills!


    • 132
      The British media are cunts says:

      The solution to climate change is more taxes and more immigration then . Well done Dave.


  31. 127
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:



    • 139
      Why is a man who fiddled his expenses the prime minister of my country says:

      They are not daft in Sheffield you know.

      Shame they have been forced to wait until May 2015 when there was nothing about this in any Manifesto.


      • 140
        Rob Roy says:

        The people I blame are the English for not getting out in large enough numbers and voting Cameron a majority.

        This is not Scotlands fault because everyone and his dog knows they don’t like Tories in Scotland hence no Scottish Tory MPs.


        • 177
          One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

          I’m bally-well making sure everyone and his dog doesn’t like Tories in England, too! Soon there’ll be no Tory MPs anywhere.

          And quite so; they’re all rabid loony fruitcake closet racists, that’s what I say, what what what!

          Tally ho!


    • 588
      headball LOUD says:

      keep up the goodie two shoo’s.


  32. 131
  33. 141
    Mohammed Cohen says:

    Cameron adviser’s plan to hike VAT to 33% – @TheSundayMirror http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/david-cameron-advisers-crazy-plan-3013968

    Inshallah ! Oy Vey !


    • 174
      All tax is theft says:

      “The former policy chief also wants to abolish income tax and make up the £160billion shortfall by increasing the VAT rate.”

      That’s a good idea. We have our income tax abolished (yay!) and we buy everything online from companies based elsewhere in the EU, where VAT is cheaper.

      Brilliant! Probably not what the twerp had in mind, though.


    • 187
      Toilets Mugliar says:

      If it’s in the Mirror it must be true.


  34. 144
    Parliament says:

    Say Funk U to LibLabCon: Vote Bootsy Collins.



  35. 145
    westminster village idiot says:


  36. 149
    IT IS WAR says:

    Fucking annoyed now. After a nice pleasant morning on radio 4 that EU commissar the one who says Britain is nasty has been given 10 minutes to spout his communist POISON on the WatO.

    Time to re-arm and attack the Brussels and show them what a nasty country really is.


    • 152
      Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

      Ignore the un-elected ones.

      Nigel should be able to deal with them in plenary, unlike the weak Cameron, Ed and the Dutch one who is probably cool with you current state of unease.

      It is they who are looking for a scapegoat, not us ;-)

      Vote UKIP.


      • 191
        Bloomers says:


        You’re living in Cloud Bong-Bongo land.


      • 271
        Mr Nobody says:

        Farage won’t deal with anybody because he’ll never be an MP.


        • 410
          FFS says:

          Well you won’t be dealing with anybody or anything because you haven’t even got the balls to put an “X” in the right box.



  37. 150

    So how many EU Nationals arrived in the UK in 2013 and are now claiming state benefits?

    The answer is 987.


    • 153
      Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

      How many UK nationals have relocated to other EU member states to claim benefits there ?

      That would be an interesting statistic: Could work both ways, but would be worth bringing to the debate.

      Vote UKIP


    • 154
      Phil from Pentonville says:

      When our George gave his Financial Statement last Autumn thenright up there at the top of the list was doing away with paper tax discs which was likely to save ten million pounds a year which is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of Government spending;

      The problem is this lot do not see the bigger picture.

      They have no vision.


      • 164
        One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

        No vision? By jove, sir, you have no measure of the truth, what what.

        With debt spiraling upwards – I’ve managed to increase it by six hundred billion pounds – it’s vital that me make jolly meaningful savings, and £10 million a year is nothing to be sneezed at! And besides, it makes the £58 million I give the EU every single day so much more affordable, what what what.

        Toodle pip!


    • 159
      STOP IT NOW says:

      25,000 Poles claim child benefits from the British Taxpayer for Children living in Poland. The right to work around Europe was never meant to be the right to pop over to another country, sign a form and claim benefits from a system meant for the citizens of that country.

      What is happening is European Federalisation. It has to be stopped.

      By the way the Polish who have been here some time think it wrong too. They’ve just been interviewed on the wireless saying they all know people now who come here, sign the forms, then get on the next bus back to Poland and draw the money.


    • 162
      Democracy Now says:

      The debate is not just about benefits. It is about the country being full and about foreigners arriving to undercut local wages, drive up rents and property prices and place too much strain on services. It is about crime and anti-social behaviour, about people who do not conform to British cultural norms, and above all, it is about the value of the vote.


    • 163
      Democracy Now says:

      The debate is not just about benefits. It is about the country being full and about foreigners arriving to undercut local wages, push up rents and property prices and place too much strain on services. It is about crime and anti-social behaviour, about people who do not conform to British cultural norms, and above all, it is about the value of the vote in what is left in our democracy.


      • 166
        EU Watch says:

        The debate is about giving away national sovereignty to the EU without seeking the political consent of the nation – informed or otherwise.


        • 172
          A Federal Europe is more than Nigh..It is here now says:

          And it is certainly nothing to do with a single market or a Common market as both Hague and Clegg claim


          • EU Watch says:

            Yes – that particular lie broadcast earlier today will be kicked firmly into touch by this evening, so hopefully its utterance will not be repeated again.

            What they say in any case does not help the debate over staying in, or seeking reform. The reform option has of course been rejected already by the EU itself, not the UK.


  38. 157
    Daz, Persil & Bold Sharon says:

    We’ll miss our brother, the mass murderer, dearly.


    • 190
      sunderland is a labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      What about the other mass murderer Yasser will you miss him?


  39. 161
    Warren Peace says:

    In the year 2000, Tony Blair’s government introduced a new Local Government Act. This Act had the effect of focusing far too much power in the hands of a Council Leader and a few of his hand picked colleagues. The practice, know as the Cabinet System, denies the vast majority of elected Councillors on Borough and County Councils to be involved in what are often crucial decisions. The Cabinet System, which is often lucrative for members of the Cabinet, should be disbanded, and British Councils should revert to the democratic system that was in place prior to the year 2000. This would enable all Councillors to participate in the best interest of their constituents.

    To try halt cronyism, corruption in local government, please sign.



    • 250
      Democracy Now says:

      100% agree. We have been cursed with mediocrity, devious and endemic corruption and a lack of local democracy ever since.


  40. 169
    Who Dunnit? says:

    Woman MP accused of abusing schoolboy at drug-fuelled Westminster sex parties
    Andrew Ash claims he was forced to perform a sex act on the woman

    Mr Ash, now 45, was in care and was taken to London for depraved parties
    Claims events were organised by Jimmy Savile’s ex-chauffeur David Smith
    Says revellers at 1980s sex parties had access to cocaine and speed

    Also alleges he was abused by a male MP in a garage behind a Rolls-Royce

    Mr Ash said that a number of politicians and celebrities, including Savile, attended the parties, where drugs such as cocaine and speed would be supplied to revellers, as well as bottles of champagne.



  41. 170
    Tribute to mark the Mark Duggan trial verdict says:

    After this week’s verdict, my heartfelt condolences go out to the friends and family.

    The friends and family of all those hurt and killed during the riots sparked by the death of this pathetic, guntoting gangster prick. Good riddance.


  42. 171
    Parliament says:

    The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill.


  43. 175
    UKIP or bust says:

    Just think how much capital Kleeg will hold come the next election.

    He will be privy to all of the tories long term strategies and plans, and where some of the bodies are buried.

    Liebore will be offering him a blank check to get hold of what he knows.


    • 181
      Dimmy Dave is the worst Prime Minister ever ! says:

      “all of the tories long term strategies and plans”

      Tory plans for —

      2014: (Jan-Dec): fart around, give the EU £22 billion, let in lots of immigrants, increase the national debt, generally piss everyone off.
      2015: (Jan-May): fart around, give the EU £9.17 billion, let in lots of immigrants, increase the national debt, generally piss everyone off.
      2015: (May 5th): Beg you to vote Tory so we can “get to work” on reducing immigration, debt, and EU interference and waste.
      2015: (May 6th): Cry a lot.
      2015 (May 7th-Dec 31): *tumble weed*
      2016: *tumble weed*
      2017: *tumble weed*
      2018: *tumble weed*
      2019: *tumble weed*
      2020: *tumble weed*
      2021: *tumble weed*
      2022: *tumble weed*

      etc etc


      • 183
        Parliament says:

        Hi, I’m Mr Wiggles the worm,
        Enjoying the giggle and squirm,
        Here with three bionic idiots, your DJ’s for the affair,
        Who will be going down and not coming up for air.

        May I have the swing ?

        Mr Wiggles here, saying, may we funk you ?

        I had a string on my thing,
        I cut that little string,
        This worm has now at last, started turning.

        Swimming past your consciousness over to UKIP…
        Know what I’m saying ?
        Mr Wiggles here.


  44. 176
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    Meanwhile, in a very safe Tory seat…



  45. 185
    sunderland is a labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    I understand and agree with the need to have a referendum on our continuing membership of the EU,I would vote as I did in the 70s out,I will vote UKIP in the Euro elections,but anyone of the Right contemplating voting UKIP might as well vote for Milliband because that will be the result,then ww will be in the merde!


    • 186
      sunderland is a labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      In the GE


    • 193
      Don't fall for Cameron's wasted vote bullshit. says:


      A your vote for UKIP will be recorded and remain in the archives for ever a vote for UKIP. It will never be wasted.


      • 196
        Bloomers says:

        LOL !


      • 199
        UKIP won't ever form a UK Government so don't waste your vote in 2015 says:

        Not bullshit just common sense..UKIP have absolutely NO chance of being elected as a government at GE in 2015 nor actually probably winning one seat..but WHAT they can do is split the Tory vote and some people are either too bloody minded and the all pervasive hatred of Cameron overrides their intelligence. Vote UKIP in May 2014 by all means BUT a vote for UKIP in May 2015 means a Labour government; no referendum and closer union with Europe…talk about shooting yourselves in the foot


        • 204
          A vote for UKIP is a vote for a UKIP MP says:

          Crap. Even if UKIP don’t form a coalition and I think they will. Cameron must not be allowed to split the UKIP vote.

          A vote for UKIP is a vote for a UKIP MP. There is no need to think strategically, the voting choice is simple.


        • 215

          It makes no significant difference in the long term which lot of LibLabCon incompetent self-serving thieving liars is in power.

          Cameron is a particularly odious example. Eton and Oxford PPE. Never done a proper days work in his life. Failed to eliminate the bulk of the Deficit as promised. Failed to control immigration. Legalised bumsex marriage. Etc. etc.

          We need to get the fucker out whatever the consequences.


        • 217
          Joe Public II says:

          If you think that lying t(u)rd Cameron will ever hold a proper meaningful referendum on Europe, then you are under a massive illusion. He won’t.


        • 316

          20 UKIP MPs just might put some backbone into the tory eursceptics.


    • 194
    • 197
      They don't want your vote. They want to insult you. says:

      If you do not believe in a political EU. Then Cameron does not want your vote, he said only this week that he is pro EUer. Same goes for Clegg and Miliband.


    • 202
      Cameron could have said no to political Union by now. AND HE HAS NOT. says:

      A vote for Cameron is a vote to surrender British sovereignty.


      • 213
        albacore says:

        Cast-iron Dave’s limitless capacity
        To advance daft claptrap as sagacity
        Proves today’s toytown Tories ain’t up to much
        Or they’d bum’s-rush the plank out with one quick putsch


      • 222
        Ordinary Joe says:

        Quite so. Dave is a traitor.


        • 456
          The Eton Mess says:

          He’s up there with those fifties commies who betrayed the county and then defected. Trouble is Dave’s still still here, bit like Jack Jones the sleeper on the KGB payroll.


  46. 198
    Warren Peace says:

    More attacks on UKIP. Have read the comments and to honest I can’t find much to disagree with.



    • 203
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      There is no real explanation of the relevance of M’andela, a one time terrorist, to UK politics.

      The view that Peter Hain is a treacherous bastard is reaffirmed.


    • 224
      White rabbit says:

      In months to come as things hot up, expect revelations that every single member of UKIP belonged to Hitler youth and they would all like to repeal Slavery act of 1807.


    • 306

      Every time some leftie EU arsehole – sucker bleats RACIST at UKIP it must pile on the votes by the thousands , the white population have had it up to the gills, and no longer care what these people think, we are sick and tired of being told what to think and say in OUR country.


  47. 201
    So true says:

    Another contributor to the forum, Keith Woods, a UKIP council election candidate, commented as part of the same exchange: ‘As for St Stephen of Racism, I feel sorry for the parents of many white youths that have been murdered .  .  . no one seems to give a toss .  .  . your son gets murdered, you become an expert on race relations it seems .  .  . but only if you are a particular colour’.


  48. 206
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    As Global Warming Climate Change started over a century ago, I will be back-dating your Carbon Taxes.


    • 211
      Ice "Evaporates". says:

      Quite right. It’s called sublimation.

      You can see it in action in your home freezer. Leave some ice cubes on the tray and within weeks you will notice them significantly reduced in size and within a few months they are gone.


      • 223
        The Labour Party says:

        Week after week, hard-working British families are seeing their ice cubes get smaller and smaller, and yet the Tory-led government continues to do nothing about the “size of ice cube” crisis.

        An incoming Labour government will take prompt action to increase the size of ice cubes owned by hard-working British families by at least 25%, and freeze their size for 20 months.


  49. 216
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:


    • 220
      The British media are cunts says:

      Fine then gve us a vite you cuunt


      • 221
        The LibDems were the referendum party until they unexpectedly found themselves in government says:

        His party spent decades in opposition calling for an in out vote and now they are in power they are doing their best to avoid an in out vote.

        The reason they don’t want a vote now is because they are frit they will lose.


        • 227
          Bemused of Suffolk says:

          Has anyone else noticed the trend in British politics for political parties to say one thing prior to their election, and then do the exact opposite afterwards?

          More worryingly, once elected they seem to go hell-for-leather to shaft their core voters.

          Labour shafted the British working class by allowed 4 million immigrants to come in, causing job shortages, lower wages, unfordable housing and buckling infrastructure.

          The LibDems shafted the students who voted for them, by doubling tuition fees.

          The Cons shafted the core-vote Tories by doubling the debt, increasing immigration, capitulating to the EU’s demands for more money, steaming ahead with the HS2 railway that Tories despise, and, of course, ramming gay marriage down their throat.


          • Bemused of Suffolk says:

            (my point being; why would anyone vote for these parties ever again?)


          • FFS says:

            Because they have been taught by their strategists that the secret is to seize the “middle ground” and they perceive that the middle ground is not occupied by any of their core vote. So they suck up to mindless floating voters with fluffy soundbites whilst sticking two fingers up to their grass-roots support.

            Careerist politicians only care about advancing their status – they don’t actually give a damn about the issues excepot as vote winning strategies.


    • 230
      albacore says:

      Then put your money where your mouth is, Clegg
      Come on and show us that you’re a good egg
      You and your pal Dave, just give us that poll
      Do nowt and you’ll both end up on the dole


    • 256
      The British Public says:

      Try us


  50. 229

    Labour’s unusual medical condition continues to astonish the medical profession.

    It has been diagnosed as a uterus didelphys. Both called Ed.


    • 239
      Bemused of Suffolk says:

      “A pelvic examination will typically reveal a double vagina and a double cervix”

      Well, one learns something new every day!

      (now I’m off to be sick..)


  51. 233
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    David Cameron has presided over the lowest level of homes built in peacetime since the 1920s.

    Hear! Hear !


    • 241
      East European Immigrant says:

      What a bastard!

      What do we want? Housing! When do we want it? NOW!
      What do we want? Housing! When do we want it? NOW!
      What do we want? Housing! When do we want it? NOW!


    • 311

      Any new council housing that happens to be built from now on will not be for the benefit of the indigenous population, but for immigrants and their descendants, we will merely have the dubious pleasure of paying for it all.
      Vote liblabcon !


    • 460
      The Lack of New Houses Lie says:

      Not round our way mate. We’ve got new houses coming out of our ears. The local community is overwhelmed. No parking spaces. The local surgery is oversubscribed, as are the Dentists, Hospital, Schools, etc. etc.

      This lack of house building has got to be another Aljabeeba lie ‘cos we can see loads of new houses all over the country with our own eyes.


  52. 234
    Tonight on 5*: On Benefits and Proud says:

    Documentary on the freeview channel 5*, On Benefits and Proud. Expect Jasmin Beckett to wish every Channel 5 producer dead.


  53. 235
    Breaking News says:

    The Rottweiler is in hospital.

    The French President is a monster.

    The French President is a man.


  54. 236
    • 240
      Phil from Pentonville says:

      If he put my sister in hospital I tell you I would go round and give him a really good kicking.


    • 252
      White rabbit says:

      He’s actually gazing at a strategically placed mirror with reversing software developed by the French SAS (whatever they’re called) Initially developed by the scooter and sex toy industry.


    • 259
      Lampshade says:

      I wouldn’t give him the time of day


  55. 238

    According to the Grauniad today, Hollande has a black helmet.


  56. 245
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Is it okay to get a full on erection when speaking to a voter on the door step?


  57. 249
    • 298
      ying vote UKIP get Milliband and entrenchment in the EU for ever says:

      We know but not something you will see on the BBC


  58. 257
    Daz 2 in 1 says:

    Persil Sharon dead. Now we just need Tony Blair to kick the bucket and two of the biggest mass murderers on earth will be gone.


  59. 264
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Is my close friend Francois Hollande the new Lard Pressclott ?


  60. 267
    sunderland is a labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    Hollande is a complete twat politically and personally,I hope we never go down the road that the French have tried with privacy laws.If politicians are prepared to betray those close to them what will they do to us?


  61. 270
    Wrecking ball says:

    You may be a floating voter or one who has never voted before. It may be that none of the traditional parties represent your personal ideas or it may be that regardless who gets voted into government things never seem to get better. It may be that you think your one vote does not count for much and things will carry on with or without it.

    During living memory all of the political parties have courted the electorate on issues promised in manifestos and rarely delivered, and then enacted policies, and expenditure, and even going to war for issues that never would have been agreed to by the electorate if they had been given a say.

    The problem for all democratic nations is that political parties have specific ideology that is not necessarily that of the majority of the electorate. Then as more of the population become disaffected from politics and refuse to vote, so a smaller proportion of the electorate choose who governs them. You can be sure then that those who vote will be active supporters of the traditional parties that do not represent your view or that of the majority of the electorate.

    It is said time and again that a vote for a minority party is a wasted vote, as they will never get in. Worse still the mainstream parties shout loudly that a vote for a minority party will ensure the other lot get in. As a result this always ensures that the major parties stay in power. Clever isn’t it.

    Furthermore, many people blindly support a party out of tradition and loyalty or that they actually hate the other lot sufficiently always to try and keep them out of power. Political parties do this because they actually believe their ideology is the best for the country and also because of the joy of being in power.

    I cannot believe that you do not care about how you are governed or by whom! That you don’t care that successive Labour and Conservative governments have been too frightened by environmentalists to not have built new coal, gas, and nuclear power stations to replace those that would need to be replaced, thereby leaving us at the mercy of foreign powers for gas and electricity supplies.

    I cannot believe that you not care about the types of food that are available, where it comes from, who has created it, and how much it really is costing you. Or that thriving towns and villages all around our coasts are now stagnant, run down and with high unemployment because the livelihood of the fishing fleets have been given to the other nations of the EU.

    That farmers cannot produce a wide variety of crops here because it is uneconomic to do so because of huge subsidies paid to French farmers through the Common Agricultural Policy.

    That your local council can build unreliable wind farms at huge cost to deface the local landscape or seascape, that will not keep the lights on when the wind doesn’t blow, and will increase the cost of your electricity bills.

    That the right to not be taken into custody by a foreign national without a warrant, or not to be detained and kept for an indefinite time without charge has now been taken away by the European Arrest Warrant. That any national of any country within the EU can now come to the UK and receive all the rights and privileges that have been fought for, and in many cases died for, by citizens of the nations of the UK since 1642.

    That we no longer have a voice on the world stage except at the UN because our interests are now subordinated to a representative of the EU negotiating on behalf of the combined interests of the EU.

    That you are not concerned that working practices, workers benefits, working hours, materials, methods, and product specifications and the much abhorred ‘health & safety’; are now decided by administrators of the EU Commission, over whom we have no redress.

    Our rights as UK citizens.

    There are certain rights that as modern citizens of the UK we have grown up with, and take for granted.

    They are the ancient right of habeas corpus that means we cannot be arrested and kept in confinement without warrant or proper charge.

    That we are allowed to say anything we like provided that it does not cause libel, defamation of character, or now incite terrorism or racial hatred.

    The greatest gift of all, though often not realised, is the right to remove a government that we are not happy with, by means of an honest ballot, at periods not exceeding 5 years.

    Why you should vote

    Now we have seen the result of a coalition of Conservative and Liberal parties with almost opposing political ideology, whereby each of the partners is able to blame the other one for doing things that neither of its voters would approve, and worse still to renege on fundamental promises in their individual manifestos and used to achieve power.

    Labour has a legacy from 13 years of government when in the last two years in power it overspent by £122 Bn on public services and welfare that is so hard to roll back. Conservative reneged on its ‘cast iron promise of a referendum on Europe’ and Liberals reneged on its promise to oppose increased tuition fees for undergraduates. They just cannot be trusted!

    All three of the traditional parties want to remain part of the EU, though they refer to it as Europe. We can trade with Europe without being ruled by the EU Commission. Other countries of the rest of the World do trade with Europe without being part of it politically.

    The rights of the citizens of the UK are being steadily taken away by transference of power to the EU with the consent of successive Westminster governments. It is unlikely that UKIP can go from being a party with no seats in Westminster to one with a majority in parliament in one go BUT it is possible that UKIP can take many more constituency seats than Liberal and become part of a coalition government. That will happen only if three things occur:-

    1. That you go and vote in May 2014 for Members of the European Parliament and give UKIP a majority.

    2. That you again have the nerve to vote for UKIP at the next general election in May 2015.

    3. That the terms of a coalition by any party with UKIP includes an IN/OUT referendum on membership of the EU.


    • 274
      Ukip have no chance says:

      Too long.


      • 282
        Mike Handycock says:

        I can’t help it my farther was too, but please give me a chance you never know my princess.


      • 598
        Rhubarb says:

        Get another beer out of the fridge, sit down comfortably and then try to maintain the activity in your one mutant/mutated brain cell to actually read it and try to understand what is being mooted. It may just spark a quiver in you.


    • 299
      ying vote UKIP get Milliband and entrenchment in the EU for ever says:

      So vote UKIP is what you mean

      Get miliband if you do and never scape from Europe


      • 312
        NickEdDave Cleggibanderon says:

        We are Cerberus, the guardian of the gateway to Hades. There is no escape from the hell that is the EUSSR as long as we are here.


      • 424
        FFS says:

        It’s only a matter of time anyway. Can’t keep Labour out forever, and every time they do get elected they will leap closer to the EU.


  62. 276
    It could only happen in Britain says:

    “Mark Duggan coroner invites family to help shape police gun policy
    Keith Cutler says he hopes unusual step will help transparency in ‘highly charged and high-profile case'”


    • 286
      I give up says:

      Why are gangsters being allowed to shape police gangster gun policy?

      And why the fuck does Cameron respect gangster families?


    • 287
      sunderland is a labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      Why are these fuckers falling overthemselves to placate the Duggans,the jury found a lawful killing end of.


      • 297
        Another load of bollocks from ex-public schoolboys playing at socialism says:

        If I were a cynic I would think it’s because they don’t want to upset “The Community” and that it’s cos e woz black innit ?

        Ethnicity of course has absolutely nothing to do with it. He could be black, white,brown or green It’s just a smokescreen to hide his basic criminality which resulted in his death.
        The jury brought in the correct and only verdict they could on the evidence before them…… Duggan’s no hero;no martyr to police brutality. He was just a small time criminal who decided to carry a gun and paid the price for it


    • 289
      Cassandra says:

      The self appointed intelligentsia of this country need a very fast reality check. If they were forced to spend, say, two months living in Tottenham (fill in whatever shithole you prefer) amongst the likes of the mob baying outside the court after the Duggan verdict then surely they would realise that the more they pander to them the worse is their behaviour.

      Appeasement never worked, never will. Get real and get some backbone Judge.


    • 301
      Abide by the law and get taxed don't and get respect....apparently? says:

      That coroner needs to fuck right off. I don’t want this disjointed family anywhere near gun policy. I also don’t respect them one little bit.


      • 317
        altruism in industry says:

        something has gone terribly wrong. I thought we had laws and wotnot that reasonable people had made that we are supposed to obey ? Now it seems crooks are doing the policing and we are governed by lying incompetents. I fucking despair.


        • 332
          @# says:

          Have you noticed how many of the groids surrounding the Druggan family don’t want to show their faces?


          • Fish says:

            It’ll be Lady Duggan of Tottenham before we know it and Auntie Duggan will be off to the next Venezuelan elections with Abbott and Owen Jones, to declare them free and fair.


          • Rhubarb says:

            Then let’s hope they stay there. Border controls must be able to keep them out Shirley?


  63. 279
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Over tired and emotional.


    Must be fun at the Presidential breakfast table.



  64. 285
    Precisely what I have been saying vote UKIP get Milliband and entrenchment in the EU for ever says:

    But what the events of yesterday confirmed is that The People Who Know Best – (labour) who so shamefully denied the public a say over the Lisbon Treaty – are going to strain every sinew to ensure no referendum takes place.
    The bitter irony is that if he fails, and a split Tory/Ukip vote allows Labour to limp into government, Lord Mandelson and his friends will have won by default, the people will be denied the right to express their opinion – and the EU’s grip on Britain will grow ever tighter.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2537544/DAILY-MAIL-COMMENT-Labours-contempt-public-Europe.html#ixzz2qCg9Raws
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


    • 293
      Warren Peace says:

      Let’s wait to see what happens in May. If UKIP do as well as expected, then Labour will offer an in out referendum, and the Tories will cave in and a pact with UKIP will be assured.


    • 307
      We are the losers says:

      It’s simple for me, I’ve given up on Camoron’s Conservatives and I believe the only hope of reclaiming England and getting it back in the centre of the world is to vote for UKIP, If Milliboy gets back in 2015 then so be it, the country is bankrupt and will be even worse after a year of Liebour, in 2016 even the brain-dead will kick off, their’s have Arab Dawn’s we will have an English dawn, if Scotland hopefully votes YES at the end of this year then the 2015 vote will be a nothing vote as 2016 Scotland goes it’s own way and everything will be up for grabs, if it’s NO then Scottish people are more stupid than I thought and deserve to go bankrupt just for hanging onto our shirt tails.


  65. 288
    genghiz the kahn says:

    beeboids having a dig at Hollande.

    Must be the only cuts they really approve of.


  66. 294
    Beeely Hague says:

    I am a traitor to our country and its democracy


  67. 296
    A question for Auntie Duggan says:

    I want to ask Auntie “No justice no peace” Duggan something. If they cared so much about him, why did none of them do anything to pull him away from his criminal life? He was a member of the Tottenham Man Dem gang. He went to buy a gun on the day he died for fuck’s sake. Why didn’t they try and persuade him to change? Or is it the case, as I strongly suspect, that the whole family are involved in crime as a way of life.

    He was a thug, pure and simple. His family are using his death as a springboard to get a whopping sum of money in compensation. Innit.


    • 331
      Anonymous says:

      Its never ever their fault is it. Its always someone else to blame.


    • 344
      White rabbit says:

      Indulging and appeasing a criminal sub-culture for the last 20-30 years has resulted in families like this really thinking they have a pivotal role in society. They can kick doors down, bellow threats, encourage sedition.. in virtually complete freedom.


      • 438
        Karl Marx says:

        They are the Lumpenproletariat. Marxists believe they are as much the victims of capitalism as the proletariat. A Marxist will always side with a criminal in preference to siding with the capitalist establishment.

        It is this thinking behind the scenes that has got us to this point.


    • 375
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Spot on.


    • 379
      Old Codger says:

      He wasn’t a criminal he was just a very naughty boy.


  68. 300
    Car crash TV says:

    Good grief. Ann Widdecombe on celebrity Family Fortunes at 7.45 on ITV.


  69. 308
    Forward with guidance says:

    I have just heard what baldy Smith has been saying;

    If you are an EU citizen and come here you won’t get any benefits, but if you stay for more than two years we will “be happy to pay you benefits.

    I am very sorry but I don’t like this talk from any Minister of any political persuasion.

    All Governments should be committed to reducing unemployment to a healthy 2 or 4 %.

    the acceptance of failure should not be accepted .


    • 319
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      Lib/Lab/Con love the EU because it is the perfect get out clause, they would like to do this that and the other (allegedly) but Brussels says no!, a convenient abrogation of all responsibility.


      • 601
        Rhubarb says:

        That is precisely why these political cvnts established all the effin useless – and exceptionally expensive – Qangos; just to pass the buck away from those we pay to actually accept responsibilty.

        We need to find a dry box of matches somewhere and get that famous bonfire going.


  70. 315
    @thewash says:

    The ‘worms’ are turning. The big coalition con is unravelling and being seen for what it is an attack on the out-of-work, the least paid and the underprivileged all of whom make up a large majority of the population

    The Tories will not be able to rely on the elderly to win the GE in 2015. Many of those have seen what has happened to the poorest and least well off and will not vote to have it repeated.

    The Tories have little support in Wales, N Ireland, Scotland and northern England – they are going to lose


    • 321
      Liebour enemies of the people says:

      It’s simple, a vote for Liebour is a vote to give an immigrant your job.


      • 329
        Anonymous says:

        The wash really is an utter imbecile if you believe bollocks like that. Labour have kept people poor for years to shore up the vote. They were in power for 13 years and the benefits system exploded so your statements are quite simply bolloks


    • 423
      south of the M4 says:

      …” out-of-work, the least paid and the underprivileged all of whom make up a large majority of the population “….

      Ever made the connection between your statement and the 13 years of Labour government that created this situation? No, didn’t think so.


    • 440
      FFS says:

      “out-of-work, the least paid and the underprivileged all of whom make up a large majority of the population”

      Well the out of work only make up 7% of the population. The least paid are presumably those on a minimum wage – they make up a tiny percentage of the population. The underpriveleged must also by definition make up a small percentage of the total.

      So they can’t make up a large majority of the population, can they?

      You are a tit.


      • 462
        A non emouse says:

        Those on minimum wage and just above it make up a surprisingly large proportion of the working population.


        • 602
          Rhubarb says:

          Then somebody should explain to them in words of one syllable why it is better just to become an idle layabout. 26k a year? Free? For doing sod all? One can probably struggle by on that… and not have to worry about catching that early over-priced train any more.


  71. 327
    45 minutes says:

    Geoff hoon named in document accusing British troops of systematic abuse between 2003 and 2008. ITV news sate that senior politicians at the time could be charged

    Itv news


  72. 328
    Double top says:

    Twins playing in the darts final…..glad one wears specs


  73. 330
    MarxistWatch says:

    “Social and behavioural scientist, teacher and school governor with a passion for education, communication and equality”.



    • 336
      National Socialist says:

      Sometimes some tough love is needed.

      Arbeit Macht Frei


    • 337
      Sir Cum Spect says:

      And there was I thinking it was Channel 4!


    • 355
      White Dee says:

      Wrong channel love.


      • 374
        Fish says:

        So she’s a thick social and behavioural scientist, teacher and school governor with a passion for education, communication and equality.

        Actually it goes without saying.


        • 555
          White rabbit says:

          I hear the word passion now and retch a bit.


        • 603
          Rhubarb says:

          Sounds like an immigrant to me. Why can’t Mr Gove have a general clear out of all the psycho-wierdos? All most kids need is a bit of discipline and they will knuckle down and learn – but that is totally abhorrent idea to the socialists.


    • 414
      south of the M4 says:

      If she had real passion for education she could view the programme as educating the viewer as to what life is like for such people. Or educating the viewer that such life styles exist. As a ‘ behavioural scientist ‘ she may have noted the community spirit displayed by those living in the street. But no, none of these things are on her agenda because she is tribal driven. One episode of five and she has made her conclusion -confirming only her slavish obedience to the socialist script and proving that she is not worthy of the title ‘ scientist’. I hope my taxes are not paying for her.


  74. 334
    Right on dude remaining on message says:


    • 338
      sunderland is a labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      Not another fucking weeper! I would like to make him cry by kicking him in the goolies.


    • 341
      Cry me a river says:

      And self dessicate mong brain.


    • 346
      The British media are cunts says:

      Owen Jones should be more concerned about the thousands in slavery today in England thanks to socialist cuunts like him.


    • 347
      Tin foil top hat says:

      Speaking as someone from a white working class background, I confirm this little c*nt does not represent me and he is a c*nt.


    • 361
      Wimp says:



    • 366
      Jasmin Bucket(pronounced Bouquet) says:

      I’m with you there Owen.


    • 367
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      How can you nearly cry? Fucking idiot.


      • 604
        Rhubarb says:

        Cry baby Bunting, daddy’s gone a-hunting
        to get a little wabbit skin to wrap the baby Bunting in.

        Maybe the eugenicists actually did have a point…..


    • 371
      Ms Beckett aged 17 3/4 says:

      I read Owens tweet and I cried. I want all films on slaveries dead


    • 385
      Fish says:

      Jones apparently only earns £20,000 pa from his Independent job…and despite the BBCs attempt to promote his book, gets a pittance in royalties from that.

      Presumably all of his other income is from his extensive ‘appearances’ on the BBC – and that must be substantial for him to live in Islington or wherever.

      It’s still only the 12th day of the New Year and he (who is about as far left as it is possible to be) has been on the BBC at least a dozen times so far this year. I don’t know why they don’t give the Trotskyist c.unt a staff pass.

      Another over exposed and over promoted lefty, as thin skinned as the others, refusing to tolerate anyone who would disagree with his pathetic views


  75. 339
    Lizard Dodger says:


  76. 351
    No Justice No pizza says:

    As the spokesperson for the Duggan/Noonan family can I express our outrage and dissapointment that Lammy,Abbot and Ummana didnt show up at the vigil.We gather that they were taking part in a Labour offensive known has CostaCameron,well let me tell them and all you right wing whiteys by the time we are finished it will be CostaFortune.


    • 605
      Rhubarb says:

      You lot were fuckin lucky that the Croydon mob didn’t drop by and kick your stupid heads in (after the match of course – got to get the priorities right, innit?).


  77. 354
    The frog peasants are restless and even the BBC is reporting it says:

    But surely one of the strongest arguments in favour of disclosure is that, in fact, a lot of people had already heard rumours of the presidential affair.

    It was just that, as usual, these people were the Paris “in-crowd” – the sort of people who gravitate around the same politico-journo-thespian circles that Hollande and Gayet both frequent.

    Events of recent weeks – the rise of the new populism as represented by the comic Dieudonne – should have convinced anyone that one of the biggest problems in France is the growing divide between those inside the “system” and those out of it.

    The long-standing complicity of insiders in keeping certain facts to themselves has certainly not helped



    • 358
      The politico-journo-thespian circles says:

      Just like the London elite then.


      • 363
        Podiceps says:

        Not entirely. In France, absurd government policies are countered by violent popular protest and withdrawn. Here the supine population accepts them, perhaps bitching about it but never actually doing anything.


  78. 364
    None of the above says:

    Vote UKIP at each and every opportunity.
    What is the very worst that can happen?
    No Change.


    • 373
      Anonymous says:

      Sorry Milliband. Remember the years of terror 1997 to 2010


      • 378
        None of the above says:

        And look what’s (not) happened since


        • 408
          Screwed Taxpayer says:

          Can’t see very much difference, personally.

          Interest rates kept artificially low. Deficit virtually unchanged. Debt doubled. Immigrants flooding in. Same old shit.

          Sorry I forgot. The Bumsex Brigade have suceeded in undermining the institution of marriage.


        • 419
          Anonymous says:

          If you cannot work it out then you deserve what’s going to happen to you from 2015 onwards. Of course you will drag us all down with you but idiotic twats like you just don’t give a shit about that anyway


          • Screwed Taxpayer says:

            If you can’t understand that Cameron & Co. are continuing to fuck up the U.K., then you must be blind and deaf as well as stupid. A typical Camoron supporter.

            Immigrants and benefiteers are everywhere, coupled with hundreds of thousands of jobsworth public servants doing fuck-all. The Westminster House of Thieves carries on regardless.

            Normal LibLabConning.

            The Country’s in the shit.


          • Anonymous says:

            Yeah great lets vote Labour back in then the architects of this. UKIP just cannot do it in one election and by 2020 it will be to late

            You and therefore I will learn the hard way I guess


  79. 365
    Satanist Watch says:


  80. 372
    This is becoming surreal says:


    • 382
      No Justice No pizza says:

      Community activists and legal professionals,in other words fellow travelers like Abbot who want to destroy this country.One of them should ask her why she sent her son to public school so that he would avoid trash like Duggan.Of course there will be no charge for use of the room etc as we will be paying for it.No doubt there will be loads of legal professional troughers there getting ready for judicial reviews,Courts of Appeal and ECHR challenges only in Britain


      • 387
        Anonymous says:

        This is the MP that sat on sky and stated that MPs should not question the outcome of juries.

        Hypocritical bitch.


      • 393
        This is becoming surreal says:


        But with each and every passing day the troughers and skimmers continue to bleed the country dry brings that day closer when there’s no money left to pay the police and army and it will be the “intelligentsia” aka the law makers and lawyers that will be strung up first.


      • 400
        Anonymous says:

        I love the way the abbot hypocrite says ” the question on everyone’s mind”.

        Well no it isn’t the question on my mind is how a person can be described as a lovely father, homeloving, peaceful church going individual when he was actually a gang leader toting a gun while dealing drugs with a crime sheet longer than the nile river who was lucky not to have been shot by someone earlier?

        Oh and why an Mp can waste time on this using premises I have to pay for with my taxes.


    • 391
      Fish says:

      So Abbott, having questioned the verdict ….then said we shouldn’t second guess the jury…is hosting a debate where she is questioning the verdict.

      What a scumbag.

      The question ‘that is on everyone’s mind’ isn’t a question that is on mind. If the thick cow can’t understand how the verdict was reached, perhaps she should g an ask one of the many lawyers in Parliament who will tell her.


      • 446
        Diane Abbott says:

        I didn’t have much to say about these things in 2005:

        “I have made clear to local police that fear of terrorism should not mean that the Metropolitan Police adopt a shoot-to-kill policy on non-white young men, who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In these difficult times the police may well have to fatally wound suspects but it should be on the basis of better procedure and better intelligence than appears to have been the case in relation to the tragic shooting in Stockwell. I continue to have great faith in our local police and intend to continue to work closely with the police in Hackney in their efforts to protect the public as well as improving community relations.”


        • 608
          Greville the Deville says:

          When are the thickheads of Hackney going to vote this overweight immigrant trollope out of office? Did basic education never manage to make it past Mile End Road?


    • 401
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      There are about 250000 people live in Tottenham do a few hundred representatives of the Duggan family and criminal classes represent them; I don’t think so.

      Duggan’s mother must be the new model for all chavs; does she ever mention the misery her son brought to families by selling hard drugs to kids.

      As for Abbott – as has been said many times if Tottenham and Haringey are such a great places to live why did she send her son to a private school

      The BBC and the Guardian trying to deify Duggan – welcome to modern Britain

      Hogan-Howe and May mouthing platitudes to the Duggan family you couldn’t make it up – all we should be doing is giving commendations to the officers that shot him.


      • 407
        No Justice No pizza says:

        Most of the crowd were SWP tossers hoping for the revolution mad as march hares,then of course there were the doves,irony is beyon these fuckers.


        • 478
          Happy Shopper says:

          They were the same ones who sign a different petition every week in front of Sainsbury’s


        • 493
          altruism in industry says:

          I wonder if Abbott is charging her normal appearance fee and secondly I wonder why this sort of exchange of twopences cannot be done online.


    • 488

      If Diane Abbott possessed a braincell, she might just be dangerous.


    • 610
      Pourquoi? says:

      Afeni, Unless you are actually one of them, WTF are you giving nationwide publicity to this utterly stupid fat bigoted immigrant female?


  81. 377
    MarxistWatch says:

    Red Len is organising a demo. Nineteen so far. :smile:


    • 384
      A caring liberal says:

      I hope it’s being held somewhere near Hampstead!


    • 392
      Anonymous says:

      If the left cannot control the news output and they then don’t like what is said they do everything to shut it down.

      The other show ” skint” in my view was worse.


      Watch an despair as you see what the left and Labour created and keep the same despite being in power 13 years and moan only when the others are in.


    • 429
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Unite and labour need their votes.

      Why doesn’t Unite ask all its members to pay extra tax to make up for the cuts in benefits – thought not


  82. 390
    David Cameron says:

    I’m a big state, high tax conservative.


    • 399
      Ordinary Joe says:

      You’re going to be toast in May, 2014, and fucking ashes in May 2015.

      479 days left maximum.


    • 474
      Vote blue, go to hell in a handcart says:

      You are a big state, high tax something or other, but what you most certainly are not, Mr Cameron, is any kind of a conservative.


    • 517
      Tin foil top hat says:

      Seeing as Labour turned the country into a socialist crap hole full of Muslims, I would say being a conservative now makes you a socialist, as you are conserving the current system.


  83. 395
    Un vrai 'BB romp' pour les rosbifs! says:


  84. 396
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I am going to wear my suit trousers to my knees to be down with da kids


  85. 397
    General Pinochet says:

    Back in Chile, we never had Dave Cameron or Nick Clegg……..but if we did you can be sure they would have soon ‘disappeared’. When we had the Libertarian Gringos come down to sort out our finances with their hot shot economists………..George Osborne might just about have made it as tea boy………..that’s if he hadn’t already ‘disappeared’!

    Viva UKIP……..Viva la revolution……..hasta Victoria la siempre UKIP!


  86. 398
    Rod Liddle says:

    Diane Abbott’s idiocy reaches new levels


    “On the evening of the Mark Duggan verdict, Diane Abbott MP tweeted the following:

    If the #duggan jury believe that he did not have a gun in his hand when he was shot, how can they find it was a lawful killing? #baffled

    — Diane Abbott MP (@HackneyAbbott) January 8, 2014

    Well, Diane, your bafflement is because you weren’t inside the court room for three months listening to the evidence, were you, you idiot? Does she think her tweet was helpful? Why does she not devote herself to tackling gun crime within the young black male community – or does she think that it is not a problem, a disproportionate problem, and that the reason we hear about it so often is because we’re all racists? She’s tweeted some daft and mischief making stuff in her time, but this one, I think, is the worst of the lot.”


    • 452
      Car 54 where are you says:

      She has enough to do practising rolling her eyes and looking heavenward, so that if anyone asks a question that’s not about her community she can feign superiority.

      That and trying to get a taxi.


    • 464
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Abbott loves to divide and stir the shit. She is a complete buffoon.


  87. 411
    Car crash TV says:

    Prepare for the bizarre spectacle of Ann Widdecombe and her family on ITV’s All Star Family Fortunes on right now.


  88. 412
    British Sovereignty & Trade only with the EU! says:


    Worth a read!


  89. 413
    Car crash TV says:

    Widder’s niece is good looking. Clearly genetics took a holiday.


  90. 415
    Liberals losing the plot says:

    Clegg you dickhead we are not saying you can’t have them we are simply saying the taxpayers should not have to finance them.

    Nick Clegg compares Tory child benefit plans to MAOIST CHINA: Deputy PM objects to ‘Chinese-style family policy’ restricting handouts after the first two children

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2538052/Nick-Clegg-compares-Tory-child-benefit-plans-MAOIST-CHINA-Deputy-PM-objects-Chinese-style-family-policy-restricting-handouts-two-children.html#ixzz2qDRT6tEg
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


  91. 416
    David Cameron says:

    I am a twat


    • 429
      south of the M4 says:

      And that Dave, is your good point. You are also an amateur, an embarrasment and a light weight. You do not have my respect and you will not get my vote. Your replacement might.


  92. 420
    Deny it enough and black becomes white says:


    • 428
      No Justice No pizza says:

      Grasper will no doubt be at the meeting organised by Abbot and maybe Lord Boateng but thats another story.


    • 435
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      Is Jasper using some of Bernie Hogan-Howes figures, or has he actually been counting bullet holes in those showing up at A+E ?

      What a moron.


    • 470

      Surely I do not detect evasion of the question by Mr Jasper here?

      Good heavens! I do.


      • 498
        FFS says:

        He’d rather evade the question than stand up and be counted against the ongoing slaughter.

        And then people wonder why blacks commit so much crime? Because other blacks just don’t give a damn, that’s why.


        • 501

          As a regular traveller to Africa (where there is plenty of corruption at higher levels), I see more honesty amongst the ordinary people than I do amongst their equivalents in the UK.

          Generalisations only take one so far but this is one I am happy to be held to account for.


          • Anonymous says:

            Obviously never been to west Africa then. If its not wedged down its gone and even if it is it could be


          • No. Not more than 30 or so times (just West Africa).

            Could say the same for London, Birmingham or Manchester. And you jolly well know it.

            Won’t have anything bad said against Liverpool, though. Nothing there worth taking anyway…


  93. 426
    Parliament says:

    Flash Light,

    (It’s no use)

    Spot Light,
    Red Light,
    Neon Light,
    Ooh – Stop Light.

    (Writing’s on the wall, Shinin’ on the funk)

    Everybody’s got a little light, under the Sun !


  94. 427
    WoRaft Chihuahua says:

    Love the way SE Cambs party workers are describing it as a ‘safe seat’. Due to the influx of population it may well go LD next time. Just to improve matters, the local muppets either messed up or perhaps rigged the count to choose the PPC to replace the retiring Sir James Paice.

    A review of voting from the open primary held to select a candidate in December discovered that far from losing, Mrs Allen had won. But miscounting of votes gave the nomination to her rival Lucy Frazer, and on Friday night the Tory association voted to retain Mrs Frazer.

    Aye, miscount. What is the point of pretending to hold open primaries if all you are going to do is rig it so the pet Islington barrister gets in, then confirm her even when it is obvious that she did not win?


    The rig was done by putting two votes for Frazer on top of a pile for Heidi Allen, so the pile was miss-attributed to Frazer. The SE Cambs party tellers are quite easy to baffle. They’ll be out there trying to rake a giant cheese out of the river come the next full moon.


    • 612
      Pourquoi? says:

      Voting fraud? Conservatives? In favour of a lawyer?

      Well, whoda thunk it?

      I demand a judge led inquiry into this blatant innumeracy.


  95. 439
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


  96. 441
    Paris Match & French Closer survey says:

    Can we vote for President Hollande to appear on Franglais Babe channel


  97. 442
    droit de seignur says:

    Looks like Lammy in the shit for not attending Duggans vigil,he has his sights on London Mayor and didnt want o upset we whiteys.


    • 454
      David Lammy says:

      Back in 2011 I had this to say about the cause of the Tootenham riots: “A Grand Theft Auto culture that glamorises violence. A consumer culture fixated on the brands we wear, not who we are and what we achieve. A gang culture with warped notions of loyalty, respect and honour.”

      I’m not really on the Duggan’s side.


  98. 447
    Helter Skelter says:

    From this point forward Diane Abbot MP should be known by her other name:

    Charlie Manson


  99. 453
    Curious says:

    Pure coincidence, I suppose, that all this BBC/Labour climate malarkey happened just before the bollocks climate change act was passed; I suppose that it had slipped the minds of the BBC, Labour & CRU East Anglia that temperatures had not changed in the preceding 10 years…….or maybe the endgame was to justify the higher, new & planned higher taxes?

    Ed Milliband, former Environmental Minister, could let us know.


  100. 455
    A cad and a bounder says:

    If any of you have a wife with big breasts, send her my way for a thoroughly good rogering and motorboating.


  101. 465
    Black Rod says:

    Oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd


  102. 468

    Have just been listening to Handel’s Messiah.

    We like sheep…

    Why isn’t it more popular in Wales?


  103. 472
    ukip.i.am.not says:

    If the wealthy paid a lot more in tax just for a few years and there were a few structural changes to the public sector and social security then just maybe the deficit would diminish a lot quicker. Sadly most wealthy people are not prepared to do this or are the bankers who are the main culprits willing to do this?


    • 481
      nell says:

      Unfortunately, a lot of them look upon income tax as optional rather than mandatory


    • 483


      It did not work, did it?


    • 486
      south of the M4 says:

      The ‘ wealthy ‘ already contribute the greatest % of tax. The answer is not more tax for the wealthy, but less tax for the lower paid. The one instrument – the most effective instrument – Governments have to fight poverty is taxation. But they do not use it. Why not?


      • 508
        FFS says:

        No, the real answer is efficiency.

        Take the BBC. It has an income 4X greater than the ITV and yet it’s output is no greater.

        Imagine if such efficiency gains could be made across the entire public sector?

        The sad reality is that the public sector is so corrupt that huge amounts go into it and nobody really knows why or what it is used for.


    • 487
      A Modest Proposal says:

      Balance the books and then stop all foreign aid, and, assuming we don’t go to war with anyone, there would be a gradual reduction in the national debt to a manageable size within about 25 years.


  104. 473
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    When they all agree on something the games up!

    This is all about removing one of the many argument points anti-immigration parties use against the LiblabCon in the MSM.
    Next we’ll here “well they can’t claim benefits for two years so lets let more in it’s good for the economy”. Mass immigration is far more than just an economic argument, but it would seem these devious greed bastards just can see that.

    More fool them.



  105. 476

    My father, his swimming pool and the Profumo scandal

    William Astor tells us what he knows.


    Nancy Astor was MP for Plymouth, where I was born. She lived next door to us in Elliot Terrace, but I am too young to remember her.


    • 490
      sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why it shyte says:

      William Astor would say that wouldnt he,The Cat is connected to th elite Viva Le Chat


      • 495

        There is no such thing as the elite, IMO.

        You hold anyone’s head underwater and they still drown.

        It is the thinking inside the head which matters. It outlasts the individual, if it is good.


        • 503
          sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why it shyte says:

          You may remember Cat as we were both in our mid to late teens at the time,there were rumours that RA Butler and a certain Grande Duc of Ecosse were involved.Happy days Noblesse Oblige.


          • I knew Phil was upset about being the only amoeba in Britain who could not pass his name onto his kiddlywinks but I must confess to being totally unaware at the time, or since, that he was engaged in pink sword combat at that point high above the river.

            As the patron-saint of non-PC in Britain, I don’t as much care as hope that he enjoyed whatever he could…


  106. 477
  107. 484
    Anonymous says:

    What has made Osborne so hard-hearted, selfish and cruel to the poor and the young (who don’t have wealthy parents to support them) ?
    This is a man who has received, on a plate and without effort or endeavour on his part, all the material advantages that life can offer. An elite education, an off-shore trust fund, a family business to inherit – along with a title which still counts for something in this benighted fiefdom of a country.
    If only he could be grateful for all that he has – and perhaps share some of his good fortune with others


    • 489
      ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

      Osborne is a Tory, through and through. He really does not care about those who do not share his privileges, does not identify with them, does not feel remorse about the impact of his polices on them.
      Osborne has mixed with similar people to himself all his life – qua Boris Johnson and Cameron, and literally has no experience of any other life than a highly privileged and cossetted existence.
      ‘Share some of his good fortune with others’ – no chance!


      • 494
        Tell it like it REALLY is says:

        Milliband is a rich bugger, through and through. He really does not care about those who do not share his privileges, does not identify with them, does not feel remorse about the impact of his polices on them.


      • 499

        You only see Tory, don’t you Moussa?

        Blinded by your dogma, you fail to see that any, or all, of them can be a fucking danger to society, whatever their meaningless badge of association.

        Dream on, pal!


      • 511
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        With the scrounging scourge of the left sucking the life blood from anyone with liquid cash, it is not surprising he keeps his hand on his wallet.

        So also do the Labour representatives, which is why they are rich.

        They got that wealth not through hard work, but because they have bigger fangs than the rest of the sponging vampires who follow them.


    • 497
      Objectively Speaking says:

      He hasn’t been cruel to anyone. He is still doing out vast sums of borrowed money to the poor.


  108. 496
  109. 499
    A day is a long time in politics says:


  110. 504
    Valerie Trierweiler says:

    Wibble wibble


  111. 509
    The British media are cunts says:

    So according to Clegg the cuunt if you’re not in the EU you can’t trade with it, so how come the USA, China and Russia manage quite happily Clegg you lefty mong?

    Oh and none of those nations have had to adopt EU employment law. More lies from Clegg and the BBC.


    • 513
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      If G’ermany wants to stop selling the UK BMW’s after we leave I would suggest shorting BMW stock.

      In any case, if we stopped buying from Europe perhaps the UK could create jobs in order to manufacture those goods domestically.

      The balance of trade is in our favor.


    • 518
      We are the losers says:

      After watching that piece of muck you get on your shoe, this morning, I get the impression he’s scared sh1tless, his troughing rights are on the chopping block and he’s gone over to defensive mode, he’s got too much to lose and his twisting and turning is showing, bye Clegg your time is up, please leave you keys to the trough at the desk


    • 523
      BBC Promotes their man says:

      BBC NEWS Home webpage top Headline of the Day

      “Clegg backs EU benefit changes”

      Since when has what Nick Clegg says been the most important thing in the World?


    • 547
      FFS says:

      If you import goods from outside the EU you must pay a duty. For instance, if you import a washing machine from China the duty to be paid is, wait for it, 2.2%.

      Of course the application of duties actually costs us Brits money, because we import a lot of goods (in fact 50% of all goods) from outside the EU. Whereas for a country like France protectionism can be quite useful, for a nation like Britain that relies heavily on imports it is bad news

      For instance we could import bananas from the Canary Islands and avoid the import duty, but in fact bananas from the Canary Islands are not good quality and can be obtained cheaper from other countries outside the EU. So because we go right ahead and do this, the EU “punishes” us by slapping on a duty.

      There is no reason to believe that we would have to pay duty to export products to the EU and if we did we could easily offset this by applying exactly the same levels of duty on imports from the EU, since the two are quite well balanced, then use the taxes raised to pay the duty on our exports to the EU.

      We would be better off outside the EU. It actually punishes us for doing so much trade with the RoW.


      • 549
        The British media are cunts says:

        @546 Spot on.


      • 625
        Buddy can you spare me a dime? says:

        I think I have this right–if not I will welcome corrections. I have a firm that makes widgets and has done so for 100 years. 50% of my market is in the EU and 50% outside of the EU. The EU has promulgated regulations of Widget-Standards–the Euro-Widget which is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, low-carbon and non-sexist/non-racist, it has also regulated trade in Widgets between the EU and other markets. These Euro initiatives mean that:-

        1/. All my widgets, whether for EU or non-EU customers must be made to the more expensive Euro-widget standard, even though non-EU customers have no interest in the more costly specification. I am no longer permitted to make the old-style non-EU standard product.
        2/. I am required to clean-up or close down my ancient factory that pumps naughty carbon into the atsmosphere.
        3/. The Trade agreement means that my widgets exported to non-EU territories acquire various tariffs, making them even more costly in those markets.

        This encourages non-EU countries to start making widgets of their own and–low and behold, as they employ three-year olds chained to benches and burn political prisoners for fuel, they produce a far cheaper, if mildly inferior, product.

        Overnight, my non EU business has disappeared and I have to downsize my workforce–but a saviour appears. It is one of the non-EU producers of widgets!
        He makes me an offer I cannot refuse. He will buy my business, close the factory and receive a huge payoff from the government (via the EU) for reducing nasty carbon emissions. He will ship the factory to his home country where they don’t give a tinker’s about Global Warming as it is already so bloody hot. The office in the UK will stay open with a staff of three or four, just to keep the brand name alive and provide a UK (EU) presence (and a passport for the CEO).
        My workers will move to Benefit Street. I will retire.


        • 632
          FFS says:

          Pretty accurate. Thr joys of being in a country that relies 100% on international free trade for food, energy and many other things but has wedded itself to an organisation hell-bent on protecting itself from any possibility of international trade, even though the countries within that organisation are making exactly the same things that we make, and nothing more.


    • 556
      Anonymous says:

      I understand that Turkey has a customs union with the EU.

      Switzerland is not part of the EU but I understand has the greatest amount of free-trade agreements with other countries in the world, including one with Japan. I don’t think the EU has a free-trade agreement with Japan.


      • 614
        Swees Cheze says:

        Switzerland does not really make very much so freetrade agreements only affect them marginally. FTAs (especially ones with the USA) really cost the counter parties.


  112. 510
    Butcher rot in pieces says:

    I’d like to dedicate the dump I took earlier to the memory of Ariel Sharon.


    • 514
      Londoner says:

      That is very thoughtful of you. I have had the squits all day and have dedicated each visit to the loo to everybody involved in the Middle East Peace Process during my entire lifetime.


  113. 512
    50p Man says:

    Whitewash for sale only 50p


  114. 516
    No justice, no trees says:

    Why is violence, looting and rioting by the underclass always excused with the mitigation that it was provoked? Case in point, people rioted over Duggan shooting. And yet no one rioted over the deaths of Tomlinson and De Menezes. Their families weren’t invited by coroners to help shape police policy. How have we reached the point where the family of a violent gangster is somehow lionised by the left as heroes? Their relative was a thug. The jury made their decision. End of. I don’t want this lot polluting the news every now and then with their campaign. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the aunt, the No justice no peace munter, is invited as a special guest at the next Labour conference.


    • 521
      Judge Dreadful says:

      “Why is violence, looting and rioting by the underclass always excused with the mitigation that it was provoked?”

      It isn’t. Don’t believe everything you read in the lefty papers, hear at dinner parties in Hampstead or find being spouted on the BBC.

      No one who was brought before the courts claimed provokation as a motivating factor for their looting. Not a single defendant claimed to have been politically motivated.


    • 522
      NSS says:

      see post #372


    • 618
      John Bellingham says:

      The leadership of all three main parties, the BBC, the Police and now even the judiciary have surrendered to the mob. They did the same with the IRA. They treat the militant muzzies the same. The long-suppressed truth that a dozen seriously powerful crime families have the nuts of the police, the CPS and parliament in their hands and any authority who hasn’t been paid off has been scared off, is now in the open. It is a long tradition in Britain–it is called Danegeld.


  115. 519
    Diane Abbott says:

    Mark Duggan’s mother has a Black partner, and two mixed-race children. And her partner is no “browning”. He is an unashamedly dark-skinned, Afro-centric man with a radical past.

    Well that what she wrote in the Jamaica Observer about another mixed race couple and their “browning”(Abbott’s description) offspring



    • 526
      So how much is she Charging? says:


      • 532
        Justice is given to the one who shouts the loudest says:

        Ten jurors made a decision on the evidence they had been given, if people don’t agree the jurors decision then they have a chance to take it to a higher authority, anything else is totally irresponsible and is not justice.


  116. 529
    Is there a vid of this yet? says:


  117. 531

    Here is some fun:

    A taxi firm in Middlesbrough (the biggest, incidentally) is attacked for refusing to carry disabled passengers on the basis that he has to send out a minibus, due to local regulations, rather than a car.

    He has a valid business point here, but the spokesperson/victim-seeker for campaign group Disability Rights UK, Sue Bott (OK, I know by now that you think I am making this up, but I am not…) declares herself to be absolutely outraged on the basis of equality (or do I mean non-equality? Whatever.)

    Now the twist… The owner of said taxi firm is Mohammed Bashir.

    Can you just begin to see the battle of special interest groups developing here?

    Get the popcorn and sit back…


    (If I were a smarter person, I would be penning a script for Channel 4 right now.)


    • 534
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      Am a little disturbed at your understanding and command of the new language of the left there cat. Please tell me cut and paste. (Didn’t see quotations…)

      Are you hanging a little to the left these days ???


      • 545

        Many years ago, amongst other things, I ran a finance company for vehicles licenced by the then Public Carriage Office, more generally (but incorrectly) known as black cabs.

        You should have noticed, being the discerning type of fellow which I believe you to be, that I used the formulation He has a valid business point here. This should have put your mind at rest. But we can all assume matters, sitting here typing at our screens as we do, unaware of what is happening in our interlocutor’s lives.

        It may be the case that your wife walked by at the critical moment with no clothes on. Or your girlfriend.

        Or, heaven forfend, both of them together… :-D


        • 568
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          Sorry – I was just gob smacked to see : victim-seeker, campaign group, Disability Group UK, Sue, outraged, basis of equality – under your moniker.

          Was just checking to make sure not a sock / troll, or that you had suddenly become a liberal progressive :-)

          (That has been known to happen to chaps who have head butted the TV in response to BBC b/s.)


    • 535
      Someone says:

      When did taking a taxi become a human right?


      • 538
        Silly boy says:

        About the same time benefits, plasma tellies and sitting on a sofa in the middle of a street in Birmingham not looking for work did.


      • 551

        Under the Conditions of Fitness of what used to be the Public Carriage Office:

        * A 25 ft turning circle
        * A 10-inch ground clearance
        * High internal headroom
        * A ramp for wheelchair user access
        * An ability to turn a wheelchair through 360° inside the main body of the cab

        There were pages of it…


        • 562
          Podiceps says:

          These rules apply in London to to the London black cab, an expensive vehicle with a high fuel consumption. The new, nasty-looking Mercedes Vito cabs are also expensive, though lighter on fuel. Outside London few taxi operators want to use these things, and you can hardly blame them.

          The problems of cab hire firms with wheelchairs would be fairly easily solved by taking one one Kangoo or similar vehicle, with minimum adaptations — one unpowered ramp at the back and a proper restraint harness for the chair would do it. Cheapter to buy and run than a minibus, and might recoup its cost in good publicity.


          • I am not arguing for the old system, which disappeared over a decade ago in that form, merely stating some of the requirements of it which went on for pages, all of which I had to acquaint myself with.

            Again, from my insight into it which ran to every major city in the country, many of the local licencing offices (there were some 300 or more) adopted the PCO’s Conditions of Fitness. Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Derby all did.

            The airport authorities, by contrast, would not let them pick up but merely set down and leave the precincts. Ever wondered why it costs a minimum of £30 just to get to the airport perimeter by taxi? I shudder to think what one costs from Heathrow to the centre of London now but must be £70 plus.

            Oh and BTW, guess who the PCO used to come under administratively? Yes! The Met! That filled one with confidence…


    • 541
      Lilly Livered says:

      This story reminds of a similar one about a month ago where lefty liberals got themselves into a right “two-and-eight”. It concerned female students being banned from speaking at Islamic seminars and forced to walk through a separate ‘sisters only’ entrance at a leading London university and Female students at the University of Leicester were even segregated at a Muslim seminar.

      You should have heard the liberals tripping over themselves when debating it on BBC R4’s Today programme. If it wasn’t so sad it would have been funny.


  118. 536
    V53 Snooker : Trick shot Widow Maker says:

    Why is the BBC hell bent on trying to make a drug dealer some sort of role model.

    Are they not content with Richard Brand ?


  119. 539
    Do as I say says:


    • 540
      Diane Abbott admits that she is a crap mother says:

      Diane Abbott: I sent my son to private school so he wouldn’t end up in a gang



      • 543
        In the real world where people tell the truth says:

        Yeah, right. Like the son of the local MP would be invited to join a gang in Hackney.


        • 559
          Anonymous says:

          Not the point. The point is after saying tht no one should o this she then did it herself. Her career is littered with such hypocrisies which ne’er seem to be thrown at her.

          Now she challenges a jury decision when saying elsewhere ms should not challenge the decisions of a journey.


          • In the real world where people tell the truth says:

            The point is, she is lying. There is no chance he would ever be drawn into a gang. She knows that. The real reasons for her reluctance to have him educated in a local school lies elsewhere.


      • 593
        The 'upper class' twat of the year in no. 10 says:

        I’m sure Diane Abbott would rather her sprog became one of my gang.


    • 550
      We're truly fucked as a country says:

      If I were to say that the hypocrisy and racism displayed by Abbott in that Daily Mirror piece was breath-taking, it would be a complete understatement.


      • 557
        And still they vote for her says:

        BR But you criticised Harriet Harman and Tony Blair for sending their kids to selective schools then you went and sent yours to a fee-paying one?

        DA I didn’t really criticise Harman.

        BR You said what she did made Labour look like they’re saying one thing while doing another.

        DA Yes, I did say that. But that was the only criticism I made.

        BR But couldn’t you see why there was anger? People on the left thought ‘we’re not surprised that Blair and Harman did it but we don’t understand why Diane Abbott did it because she’s one of us’?

        DA Yes, but they didn’t understand me. I’m a West Indian mum and West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children.


        • 560
          Anonymous says:

          the woman is just one stinking hypocrite from start to finish and plays the race card whenever possible. i


          • She's mad as a hatter says:

            She sees herself as West Indian and not British, because she is West Indian she can do what she says her White colleagues must not do.


          • Fish says:

            Her racism is doing the cause of racial harmony immense harm.

            There is no way that she ought to be allowed to bring the hard left / SWP supporters of gangsters, murderers and drug dealers into Parliament.


          • National Socialism is Socialism says:

            Didn’t the NSDAP do something similar at the Reichstag a few years back ?


        • 595
          The 'upper class' twat of the year in no. 10 says:

          Diane, babes, you will soon discover that it’s your sprog who has to go to The Wall for you. I should know.


        • 619
          The old grey mare says:

          Well, going to the wall and being a West Indian, why don’t you cadge a ride on the next banana boat going that way? Your now highly educated son will be a great asset to your tribes.


  120. 542
    Diane Abbott says:

    No justice, no ryce and peace!


  121. 565
    Of Course she courting Controversy for the Publicity and it is working says:


  122. 570
    Nowt shw won't do for the Publicity says:


  123. 571
    Beely Hague says:

    Hurrah. The Iranians have agreed to use three pin plugs.

    There is every chance that they will adopt eco-lightbulbs within the next 20 years.


    • 597
      The 'upper class' twat of the year in no. 10 says:

      All part of the plan to take them back to the Dark Ages. ;)

      [ my room or yours ? ]


    • 624
      E Lectrician says:

      One of these days even the Australians might also put in an earth pin… and build their plug points the right way up!


  124. 584
    altruism in industry says:

    could somebody translate this for me please ?


    Are they saying they will renege on Scottish share of UK debt unless they can share control of Sterling ?


    • 623
      Mrs McHaggis, the old grey mare says:

      After Independence, the Treasury can do the sums and allocate the numbers accordingly. The English bit will honour its own portion of the total debt, but the creditors can be told to bog off and ask Edinburgh to reimburse what they owe. Failure to comply may result in it being a bit difficult for them to have relatively easy access to further credit.

      The Scotch bit will be of no further interest to us. No reason why any blackmail in respect of sharing sterling should be entertained. Salmon and that woman can decide what currency they might like to use after independence. The euro sounds good…. or even the US dollar, the noo…..


  125. 611
    Hogan Hyphen Howe, Hendon says:


  126. 626
    Rob Roy says:

    So the Westminster Government has allowed UK debt to get out of control exponentially in relation to Scotland.

    This is unsettling the financial markets and the BOE are now signaling that they will guarantee all debts incurred prior to the vote.

    They are so kind this Westminster Government.


  127. 627
    Guy News Room says:

    Brighten up your Monday with a Tall Latte for £1.50 when you visit us before 11am.


  128. 628
    C.O.Jones says:

    I am so excited and shaking in anticipation while waiting for the Monday morning cartoon. It really is the highlight of my very full and exciting week.


  129. 629
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Muslims have been blaming people like me that we do not “understand” them. They are right! I do not fucking UNDERSTAND them! Do you?


  130. 634

    I actually do concur with all the strategies you’ve got released on the posting. They’re pretty persuasive and may certainly do the job. Even so, the threads are so short to begin with. May well you desire stretch all of them a little bit by pursuing occasion? Basically submit.


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