January 11th, 2014

Quote of the Day

Rianna Hull, layabout, bragging on Facebook

“Jst gta announce that i love every working person in cumbria cz fanx to uze i get to sit on my jeer all day nd help use spend yr wagez ! Yaz no hw t spend it wisely ya jenerous fuckz xxxxx.”


  1. 1
    left wing, right wing, they're all turkeys. . says:

    Ditto Scotland to English tax payers.

  2. 2
    SE says:

    The result of “Education, education, education ” I despair.

  3. 3
    @PittTheBlogger says:

    She has actually created a new kind of language. Which I believe is known as “twat”

  4. 4
    Mike says:

    Without doubt a fan of Owen Jones and Polly Toynbee.

  5. 6
    londonstatto says:

    I don’t understand that.

    • 9
      Old Codger says:

      I come from Cumbria too and I don’t understand it. Her face book page has no entries for the last 2 years but those that are there are in the same foreign language.

      • 13
        dai twerking says:

        me too – cumberland was renamed when i left

        it bears little relationship to the likes of:

        hast’ ivver sinna a cuddy lap a a five bar yat?

        ‘must have been a gay gran’ cuddy or a gay la yat

        (for listeners at home only:
        Q have you ever seen a donkey jump a 5 bar gate
        A ’twas either a very large donkey or a diminutive gate)

      • 14
        Old Codger says:

        She must have 2 face book pages now found the up to date one

  6. 8
    Mike says:

    She is valued representative of the unemployable of our nation.

    • 15
      Pascal Chimbonda's Window Cleaner says:

      Makes you wonder why binmen get paid £30-50k a year by the council when all these layabouts could be up early in the morning grafting

  7. 10
    Jazz Porridge says:

    Well at least she’s concious that taxpayers are working for her, even grateful it seems.

    But the authorities should cease payments immediately given the admission of idle scrounging

    High time people on benefits were put to work. Unemployed for more than three months? Then get sweeping on the streets, mop the floor in a care home or do something else socially useful.

    People who take from the pot should feel obliged to put something back and if they won’t then they must be compelled to contribute.

  8. 16
    Witty Moniker says:

    You just know that if that story was in the Daily Mail the Leftards would be complaining about stereotyping of welfare claimants.

  9. 17
    Orson Cart says:

    She has put no less in than illegal immigrants, who thanks to the EU come before us that have. Vote UKIP.

  10. 19
    kmc says:

    I’ve tried the Urban Dictionary and I’m none the wiser.. What’s a ‘jeer’? A bum?

  11. 20
    Arnold the anarchist(weekends only) says:

    We need diversity in this country. She belongs to an ancient English tradition which is best summed up by the slogan “go fxxk yourself”.

  12. 21
    Old Codger says:

    Her teachers must be so proud of this young cultured girl they have produced.

    • 22

      Believe it , they probably are , this illiterate specimen is a direct consequence of the deliberate undermining of the education system , this was no accident, there are millions of them !

      • 24
        Blowing Whistles says:

        As they say – but that some in the higher echelons don’t want – the truth will out.

    • 30
      broderick crawford says:



  13. 23
    Jumbo says:

    William Wales said much the same thing on his admissions application to Cambridge.

  14. 26

    Owen Jones will love and support her!!!!

  15. 27
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    The closer the country gets to default on its debt, the less tolerant honest taxpayers will be of benefit scroungers, immigrants and faux socialists, all of whom are in it to milk the country financially dry.

  16. 28
    Tin foil top hat says:

    Bit odd the MSN raised the issue of the Muslim birth rate yesterday, and the 2002 MET report today; almost as if they are trying to create a media storm to bury some other news/ event…like the Lords EU vote…

  17. 31
    Another Labour Educated Skank! says:

    What an arse. Labour educated, obviously. Another money for nothing idiot with no self respect.

  18. 32
    Another Labour voting thicko. says:

    What are the odds that she votes Labour? That’s if she can be bothered to actually vote!

    What are the odds that this skank is expecting a txt on her mobi from Ed Miliband informing her that she is the Noo Labour Youth & Culta Spokesperson? She is soooo worf it!

  19. 33
    Another brainwashed Labour voting thicko. says:

    I blame Noel Edmunds! He trots out these brainwashed, money for nothing, lefty arsewipes on a daily basis. Oh how we laugh our arses off, when these leeches break their heart when they discover their box is a worth fiver!

    Simon Cowell is a Hunt! Croak out a crappy tune and you too can be the next Susan’s Bowels! Instant warts n all fame!

    Big Celebrity Leech! A bunch of nobodies trying to be somebody, voted out by a bunch of brainwashed, uneducated, can’t think for themselves,losers!

    I can think of many other examples of the greedy media churning out shameless, money grubbing tripe for our amusement!

    The media must accept that they are partly responsible for the money for nothing and I want it now culture. The media will not take responsibility while it continues to profit from the wanna be celebrity nobodies instant fame.The media cynically blame the brainwashed, greedy arsewipes who buy into it, for all the ills in society, while the media absolve itself from engineering most of it for their own profit! Subtle? Not!

    Greed is King! The Media are bunch of hypocritical, greedy scumbags who encourage a greedy culture!

  20. 34
    Graham says:

    Closer and closer to an uprising in protest to this scum. Quite likely civil war. And this is the shit on whom Miliband and Liebour rely on , and will be responsible for a Liebour government in 2015.

  21. 35
    Uk Taig says:

    Is that the best you can do? Really?

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