January 10th, 2014

WATCH: Daily Politics Week in 60 Seconds

Via Daily Politics.


  1. 1
    Politics Week In 2 Words says:

    Vote UKIP


    • 11
      most of us says:

      At last, someone speaking some sense!


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      gg says:

      Owen Jones gets slagged off by Big Issue Founder

      “but the current system isn’t working either. Far from helping the disadvantaged, it traps its clients in poverty.
      For newspaper commentators such as Owen Jones of The Independent and Polly Toynbee of The Guardian, the claimants are seen as victims, lacking any self-reliance or autonomy, to be endlessly pitied rather than encouraged to work. ”

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2536893/At-TV-dares-tell-truth-benefits-says-founder-Big-Issue-magazine.html#ixzz2q0KjKqMU
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        Casual Observer 5 says:

        It is not difficult.

        Create conditions where jobs are available, and withdraw benefits to those who do not actually need them.

        IDS is dealing with the latter point, but EU immigration is undermining the former.

        Keeping people in a state of benefits dependency, or excluding them from the workplace, are pernicious forms of oppression which should not be tolerated.


      • 97
        Anonymous says:


        The big problem is that really we should be patting down the last bits of soil
        on top of the grave of Capitalism. True it worked quite well for a while but once the capitalists go on investment strike ( since around 1972 by fannying around with dollar exchanges) the the whole project was doomed to failure. To be fair to the Iron Lady she didn’t start the decline only added fuel to an existing fire by
        admitting British manufacturing Industry was not worth investing in. Instead she
        backed investment in the Service sector one of which was the Financial Services
        banking etc.

        Well he we are with cousin George helping the Financial service industry recover it’s losses caused by ‘Exubarance ‘ in the City of London. He is borrowing more money from the Markets ( the capital M tells you how important these bankrupts are ) to pay back the clowns who got us into this position in the first place. If George is borrowing more then it must be to pay someone or something? Being as welfare payments and many other spending departments have been cut, what exactly is he borrowing more money to do what with?

        Sorry to say but similar to what Clinton did in the U.S. the middle classes in the UK are doomed as there is only so much you can squeeze from the poor.

        Enjoy your austerity and watch Cabaret the movie for inspiration.


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      Ed Miliband says:



    • 27
      UKIP won't ever form a UK Government so don't waste your vote in 2015 says:

      Vote UKIP in May 2014 and Conservative in May 2015 unless you want Miliband in charge


      • 34
        Mr Potato Head says:

        If every Tory votes for UKIP in 2014 I will vote Tory in 2015? Is that a deal?

        The Tories are not to be trusted – like their leader who wants to invite 75 million Turkish Moslems into the UK. Exactly how is that anything but the action of a traitor?


      • 43
        Breaking News: the Cons are going to lose. says:

        The Cons are going to lose in 2015, so don’t waste your vote on them.

        Vote UKIP. They might not win, but at least you’re telling the Cons exactly why they’re being sent packing.


        • 46
          Can't bake cake without breaking eggs says:



          • Anonymous says:

            New Labour

            Ed Milliband.

            ” We dont want the bakery – a mince pie is sufficient!”

            ” WE only faked being Socialists to get elected.”


        • 52
          Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

          UKIP / Labour coalition is a very real reality.

          The question is, which would make the better senior partner ?

          There is an argument for UKIP, with Labour as responsible support.

          But Labour will need to scrub up a bit.

          Vote UKIP.


  2. 2
    Ed Balls touched me in my special place says:

    I got bored after 30 seconds. Could you cheer me up with a picture of Penny Mordaunt in a swimming cossie..?



  3. 3
    Ed Balls says:

    Ed Balls


  4. 4
    Jasmin Beckett says:

    I actually cried eating a Mars bar. I want all chocolate bars dead.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    What did I just watch?


  6. 6
    Diana Abbott says:

    Speaking on behalf of my community it be all the fault of the PO-lice.


    • 16
      Jabba Le Chat says:

      Iz coz hiz blak innit?


    • 39
      Afrocutter says:

      Life would be so much more pleasant if you and your bloody ‘community’ would fukov back where you all came from. Montego Bay is lovely at this time of year – and I suspect most of us would help out with the fares.


      • 54
        Diana Abbott says:

        Under Gangsta law there is at least one execution in the capital every month.
        I can live with that.


      • 104
        Anonymous says:


        Vernon will meet me when the BOAC lands. The keys to the engine will be in his hands etc…

        £1.2m million in accrued benefits and he’s not black. Not Montego Bay ( posh ) more Benidorm for white men.

        I say ‘ Scandal ‘

        What would the boys in Auchtermuchty say about that?

        Perhaps you are too young to know what the last sentence means?



  7. 7
    Mark Duggan, OG, Original Gangsta says:

    I was a good family man. I had six kids. By 12 different skanks. Blap blap!


    • 10
      retardEd Miliband says:

      You are jutht the thort of perthon in the thirty five perthent that we in the Labour Party want to reach out to, Thir!

      And even though you are dead, I can athure you that your pothtal voteth will thtill be counted towardth our victory.


    • 103
      Anonymous says:

      Hi 7

      That old street jive just keeps on comin’

      Respect blood.

      Big up for the Knightsbridege posse.



  8. 9
    Auntie Duggan says:

    No justice, no peas!


  9. 12
    BBC 24 Hr rolling bollocks says:

    As a public service provider we have a duty not to reflect the opinions of the majority of the public.
    But if it makes you happy here’s another series of Top Gear with that ghastly Jeremy Clarkson.
    Now go away and count yourself lucky.


    • 33
      Jeremy Clarkson says:

      Vote UKIP


    • 105
      Anonymous says:


      The BBC mission statement (pardon?)

      To read out other peoples news. Associated Press and Reuters.

      We do check these stories with Sky news but cannot be held responsible for the ensuing overenthusiasm or lack of it as the case may be.

      Jeremy Clarkson is not a member of Equity. Lapsed subs?

      Also he has never referred to fellow presenters as ” Brother or Sister” ( very 60’s and 70’s ) but does admit to wearing jeans to present a picture of being endlessly

      End of Mission Statement.


  10. 15
    Jasmin Beckett says:

    I actually cried chopping an onion. I want all onions dead.


    • 24
      National Horror Service says:

      I actually just cried reading about the deaths at Mid Staffs. I want all of Labour dead.


  11. 17
    Smell the sympathy says:

    My arse goes out to the family of Mark Duggan.


  12. 18
    General Pinochet says:

    Cameron, Clegg & Osborne………call yourself a ‘Junta’……………you three would have been first against the wall back in Chile – in the good old days………….or simply ‘disappeared’………..we could do that back in the day…….just like magic!

    Vote for El Presidente Farage…….vote UKIP………..not as right minded as Augusto – oh well!


    • 28
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      The left should be careful what it wishes for. ;-)


      • 37
        The left should indeed be careful what they wish for says:

        Absolutely.I mean what has a straight male with conservative values got to fear about Islam as compared to say..Owen Jones and Penny Red.


  13. 19
    sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    It would be interesting to know what the Duggan family have cost the taxpayer over the years with benefits,legal aid etc and of course with six kids we just keep on giving the taxpayer that is which is a word that would not be in the Duggan lexicon.I hope one the Duggan family or their entourage try to relate hs death to Stephen Lawrence,a young innocent black youth murdered by white rascist thugs,it would be a challenge to Doreen Lawrence someone I have the utmost respect for.


    • 29
      Goodbye London welcome south central LA says:

      It wouldn’t be interesting it would be horrifying to see how much this far from unique bunch of c*nts cost the country.


      • 38
        Mr Potato Head says:

        The London riots for one thing.


      • 45
        Afrocutter says:

        I thought I read somewhere that young Lawrence was involved in drugs and stuff, so maybe not quite so lilywhite as Dame Doreen would have us believe.

        When does Mrs Duggan get to join her on those rarified red benches?


    • 36
      Auntie Duggan says:

      No justice! No pizza!


    • 55
      Edith Braithwaite, aged 92 from Dorking in Surrey, says:

      The inquest into his death will have cost us a fortune, never mind all the benefits his mong family claim.

      To reduce the cost of these animals, in future there should be no inquest if the police kill someone who’s got previous convictions.

      “It was a criminal, we killed it.” Job done.


  14. 21
    Ippikin says:

    I see that PC Keith Wallis has ‘offered to resign from the Force’.

    If there is any justice whatsoever, that offer will be accepted due to his being unable to continue with his duties whilst he has accepted an invitation from Her Majesty to reside elsewhere.


    • 47
      A compromise says:

      He should go, but without any pension rights accruing from the date of the incident.


    • 49
      Afrocutter says:

      It is fukin disgraceful that this cvnt is being allowed to resign. He should be sacked on the spot and forfeit all perks and pensions. Bent coppers – docha just luvem?


      • 56
        pigs might fly says:

        When will Labour apologise to Mitchell for
        endlessly repeating the disgraceful lies against him.


    • 68
      Arthur says:

      Just fire him – no pension no payoff


    • 99
      Anonymous says:

      Fair play to PC Keith Wallis

      Even Luke Skywalker ‘ felt the Force ‘ but never resigned from it.

      It takes a man to resign from the Force.

      As Melanie Philips knows, everybody knows that.


  15. 23
    The Belmarsh Tooth Fairy says:

    Good-oh, no-one here will notice his calls for help!


  16. 30
    Knob Ed says:

    I see a photo opportunity. I need to get some pictures of me shaking hands with our core supporters in Benefit Street.


  17. 41
    No justice, no peas! says:


    • 44
      The Jury says:

      She’s wrong.


    • 58
      No justice, no peas! says:

      “For as long as it takes, god give my family strength”

      Don’t you have guns and AK’s for strength?


      • 60
        how about says:

        Will anyone be prosecuted for the threats and intimidation
        against jury members by Duggan supporters?


      • 71
        Arthur says:

        Given the family business I would have thought she’d have plenty of pharmaceutical sharpeners for strength


    • 61
      Eat,drink,be merry and leave fuckers like that nothing says:

      They are the future we are looking at.
      Personally I have adopted a scorched earth policy as to what I leave behind when I’m gone.


      • 100
        Anonymous says:


        I have the matches.

        Do you have the means and the bottle?

        If I don’t get my full pension on retirement things are gonna ( apologies for the American spelling which is for dramatic effect ) happen.

        I might be moved to write a very strong letter to the Telegaph or tut
        bit more than I do now.

        Heady stuff I know but the world will have to live with the reaction. These are
        troubled times.


    • 85
      More immigration? Yes please! says:

      bog trotting gobshite who likes the taste of black pudding.


  18. 48
    House of Lords Watch says:

    Some good further points raised in the debate:

    i) Public confidence in the power which they hold has been undermined by both houses on the issue of Europe.

    ii) This confidence should be restored as otherwise it constitutes the end of democracy.

    A good case in point – also raised – was the failure of Blairs promise to have a referendum / debate on Lisbon. Brown’s signing of that behind the back of the nation (without Caroline Flint even reading it) was touched upon.

    This and the selling of Gold to buy Euro’s (not 100% accurate, as it ignores the fact some bullion banks were being propped up also) perhaps are very good reasons why the electorate are concerned that their power has been undermined.

    This does point to returning the bill to the Commons for a proper third reading and debate.


    • 51
      Afrocutter says:

      … either that or the sacking and razing of that august House.


      • 64
        Anon says:

        Since our real government is clearly in Brussels/Strasbourg, we should demolish the Houses of Parliament and build in its place a much needed multi-storey public car park, with spaces big enough for Range Rovers and other large vehicles, and perhaps a petrol station on the ground floor.

        This would have the added bonus of really, really, really fucking off the LimpDums.


  19. 59

    My late realisation that I had won a certain accolade in the opposite column can be explained by the fact that I have spent almost the entire day, so far, sorting out a French inheritance tax problem. I am very little further towards finding a solution than I was when I started due to the dirigisme of the Code Napoléon. C’est un f***roi cauchemar!

    To anyone who might have property in France here, I would advise that they take all precautions to ensure that life’s contingencies are planned well in advance. A 95% mortgage granted by a vehicle under your own control but based overseas seems an excellent idea.

    My belated thanks to our host for his generosity in recognition of my feeble efforts which were spurred on by the real horror of what is happening in this lovely country.


    • 67
      retardEd Miliband says:

      Weal Howwor? Howwor? What Pwethident Hollande ith doing ith bwinging back Thothialithm, thir!

      I will emulate hith polithieth and weplicate hith thucctheth.

      Oh yeth!

      P-ETH: Cotht of living cwithith.


      • 101
        Anonymous says:


        I for one didn’t realise that President Hollande was a Socialist by his actions.

        Perhaps he should wear a badge saying something like ” I really am a Socialist but
        I tend to like the Finance Capitalists a little bit more, so redistribution of wealth from one to the other will be a little bit painful – Sorry”

        Quite a big badge to wear but he could get other Western leaders to chip in as well being as they all agree with him?

        Logo sharing between world Leaders. A new concept?

        I live in France by the way and usually witness misery.


    • 72
      sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      Another accolade ,you are definitely Guidos joie de vivre.


  20. 62
    digitaltoast says:

    Nothing about Plebgate, Guido? Or do you have to toe the official “stand by our story” Sun line, even though Keith Wallis admitted he made it all up?


  21. 74
    House of Lords Watch says:

    Very good argument made for the Lords not to defeat the bill – pointing out that it should be scrutinized, but because of the large majority it received in the Commons it should be speeded on its way to preserve the democratic credibility of the HoL.

    The ‘malevolent’ activities of Nick Clegg were also highlighted.

    General consensus seems to be forming that this bill is a Government / Prime Ministers bill presented as a private member bill. A trojan, for which the Lords feels that the Government should take responsibility for, and not allow the Lords to be blackmailed over.

    It is generally and rightly considered a bad bill, but primarily because it should have been amended before reaching the Lords, but the Lords recognize that if they do amend it that will de-facto kill the bill.

    There are some important constitutional and procedural points being made.


    • 76
      Politician = Liar says:

      I’m intrigued about the ‘malevolent’ activities of Nick Clegg, given that his campaign literature for the 2010 election stated he would (if he became PM) hold a referendum on our EU membership.


  22. 75
    sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    Back to Duggan I will be very surprised if they are allowed leave to be granted a judicial review,if they are then the decision will be political,you can guess who will represent them.


    • 102
      Anonymous says:


      Fair point.

      But is it legal to shoot a man when he has his hands in the air?

      If he did have his hands in the air?

      Of course you know as does the Sun newspaper.

      Steady now!


  23. 77
    House of Lords Watch says:

    Precedent being set right now with a Lord who is out of time not being called on the time overrun by the Government front bench / whips in the HoL.

    This is a delaying tactic for which the whips are responsible.

    Very shoddy, and bad precedent.


  24. 79
    Anonymous says:

    I subscribed to The Times last month. Can’t read the paper on the crowded train and the online service is poorer than the free ones I access so I called to cancel the sub. Can’t do so in under a year they said – a year! It’s in the T&C, apparently. They kept that well hidden. Who do they think they are – BT?


    • 88
      jasmine beckett says:

      I hate the Times and all that Murdoch shit you cant beat the Guardian with fragrant Polly and that lovely Own it makes me cry.


    • 95
      Jack Ketch says:

      I subscribed to Times. they sent me a load of coupons. Not a single newsagent within 5km would accept the coupons except a large bookshop chain, but they are in a shopping centre and do not open until 09h00. I am trying to get my £120 back–so far, no luck.


  25. 80
    y says:

    what sort of world is it that sees sick and disabled people persecuted by government and mocked by the so called ‘intellegensia’?


  26. 83
    Ian Smith says:

    Universal Credit will be delivered on time and on budget.


  27. 94
    Sue Brown says:

    Daily politics in NO seconds!


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