January 9th, 2014

Steve Richards Takes Lobbyists’ Money


Guido can reveal that Steve Richards, the Indy’s political pundit and sometime TV talking head, has taken up a role with the public affairs lobbying firm Hanover Communications. When Guido spoke to Steve he was a little sheepish and seemed unsure of his role, he said he would be providing political advice to the firm. According to Charles Lewington, the former spinner for John Major who founded Hanover, Richards will be a “strategic advisor”. Hanover’s clients include fracking pioneers Cuadrilla, assorted investment banks like Goldman Sachs, various arms dealers, big oil corporations and pharmaceutical companies. Richards says he has cleared it with the Indy and “it won’t affect his writing”.


  1. 1
    Lord Duckhouse of Pondlife says:

    Nice little earner…….

  2. 2
    All the world says:

    Won’t affect his writing? – why, was it crap to start off with?

  3. 3
    Sunderland is a Labour thats why its shyte says:

    I am sure it wont affect his writing it was shit before and no doubt will continue to be so.

  4. 4
    Ian Duncan-Smith says:

    Universal Credit will be delivered on time and on budget.

  5. 5
    The House of Hannover says:

    Aber sprechen wir nur Deutsch.

  6. 6
    Rob says:

    It won’t affect his writing because the entire Left are hypocrites, stuffing their pockets with cash while rending their clothes at the ‘injustices’ of the world.

  7. 7
    David Cameron, blowing for votes says:

    Following in the footsteps of Owen Jones…

  8. 8
    He was Good once. says:

    He was rather good at that early Sunday morning Politics show he did on ITV. The broadcasting regulations meant he had to be neutral and he achieved it. But since then with all the slack he has been cut he’s proceeded to hang himself in red.

  9. 9
    Mitch says:

    So, really he can’t comment on energy, banking, defence, oil, and health. Does he write a weekly column on gardening?

  10. 10
    How to cut the debt says:

  11. 11
    Nu Attack Dog says:

    Wow – I’ve been out of the country for a while. Labour are now re-animating voters?

  12. 12
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    “assorted investment banks like Goldman Sachs, various arms dealers, big oil corporations and pharmaceutical companies”… in other words an advisor to a right den of thieves (Imho).

  13. 13
    Ugh says:

    This guy is so far up Blair’s arse.

  14. 14
    Maggie the dog says:

    And of course lots of black gold blood and bullets

  15. 15
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:



  16. 16
    Sir William Wayde says:

    Do they still use dip pens at the Pink ‘Un, then?

  17. 17
    Well Done the Lords. Democracy in Action says:

    Nudists, bell ringers, noisy children and carol singers defeat government attempt to outlaw ‘annoying behaviour’


  18. 18
    photo out of date says:

    What does Richards say about Balls on going unpleasantness. Should all of the ministers who worked alongside him be held to account. Should Copper he held to account. From McBride, to Financial regulation, failure, overspend… in denial to on going antics in the commons are not each enough to not tolerate him in public life?

  19. 19
    Fed up Taxpayer says:

    Name me ONE Taxpayer-funded IT project that ever has been. The so-called IT ‘experts’ love a good government IT project as it’s a nice little earner and goes on for YEARS.

  20. 20
    Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:

    We still use dip sticks in the Labour Party.

  21. 21
    One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

    Hell and damnation! I find those nudists, carol singers and bellringers’ behaviour to be frightfully annoying.

    I will not stand for it. Do you hear me? I will NOT stand for it. This is my country, I own it, and no-one (least of all you little oiks) is allowed to do anything I find to be annoying.

  22. 22
    Lord Trumpington says:

    £££ KERCHING! $$$

    I salute his entrepreneurial spirit, nothing to be sheepish about!

  23. 23
    Richard Chimney says:

    Won’t change a thing – his partisan b*llocks has always been unbelievable.

  24. 24
    Bennies for all! says:

    The first episode of a documentary series about residents of a deprived street in Birmingham have prompted almost 300 complaints to Ofcom.

    Viewers of Benefit Street were concerned about the negative portrayal of benefits claimants and the depiction of criminal activity.

    One sequence showed two men removing alarm tags from clothing apparently stolen from a shop.

    Channel 4 said makers acted in a “purely observational capacity”.

  25. 25
    BBC 24 Hr rolling bollocks says:

    A woman who just paid her last instalment to Radio Rentals for a tv she bought in 1973 gives Ed Balls advice on the economy.

  26. 26
    Jimmy says:

    Conveniently forgetting that we were already at this position before the last election. Four wasted years all because of an incompetent chancellor.

  27. 27
    Speckled Hen says:

    There should be 300 calls to the police to report people handling stolen goods.

  28. 28
    A software designer says:

    True to a point; I’ve worked on one government IT project and it was pretty grim.

    From what I gather about IDS’s entirely predictable fiasco, the Universal Credit system is actually live – that is, you can sit at a computer and put data in and get data out, so people have actually written lines of code, BUT.. there are some fundamental things it won’t cope with (such as married people).

    That to me (and I may well be wrong, but this is exactly what happened on the project I worked on) suggests that they’ve rushed in and coded the system before they’ve fully designed it. A bit like getting builders to build you a house before the architects have sat down and designed one to your specification.

    The result is a mess (possibly an almighty mess) that has to be untangled whilst people are still arguing over how it should have been designed in the first place.

  29. 29
    Left wingers don't know shit says:

    Left wingers like to promote the underclass as some sort of noble savage rather than the selfish cu*nts that they often are.
    Try living next door to a bunch of them like I did for ten fucking years.

  30. 30
    LimpDick says:

    Just how crap, incompetent and illegal does the DWP have to be before it’s closed down?

    Not only has it ignored the Judges ruling that the work assessment discriminates against mentally ill people but now it has been found to be using the bedroom tax illegally


    No doubt Duncan Shit will change the law retrospectively again and blame civil servants for the mess


  31. 31
    Anti-Jimmy says:

    But at least he hasn’t made things worst.

    Right there – that’s a vote winning line !!!

  32. 32
    Mr Potato Head says:

    The left hate to have their prejudices challenged.

  33. 33
    Captn P says:


    The quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness of the solutions and their requirements lie with the civil service.

    Blaming it on someone else is pointless.

    Put your frustration on the Organ Grinders, not the Monkeys.

  34. 34
    retardEd Miliband says:


    We mutht emulate the thucctheth of Pwethident Hollande! Hith thuperior thothialitht polithieth have worked wonderth for the economy in Franth, and they will work wonderth here ath well.

    Oh yeth.

  35. 35
  36. 36
    Anti-Jimmy says:

    This is the bar that government IT fails to meet:

  37. 37
    Captn P says:

    She has more of a clue

  38. 38
    Mike Handycock says:

    I can swing my bell end in the nude? sweet

  39. 39
    Dan Hodges says:

    I got there first.

  40. 40
    Jimmy says:

    So wear a suit and steal (eg Mr D Laws) = apparently acceptable?
    Dress like scum and steal to live = unacceptable?

  41. 41
    Anonymous says:

    Totally agree. In France I lived next to Roma Gypsies for about 4 yrs – exactly the same thing. Nothing noble about these savages. Absolutely selfish cnuts.

  42. 42
    Ian Duncan-Smith says:

    Universal Credit will be delivered on time and on budget.

  43. 43
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    David Laws and all the other LibDem scum will be rubbing shoulders with me in 2015 if Red Len’s plans come to fruition by 2015.

  44. 44
    Her Fame Grows says:

  45. 45
    What might have been says:

    If only Gordon and Balls had taken her financial advice.

  46. 46
    I hate socialists. says:

    Another champagne socialist.

  47. 47
    Left wingers don't know shit says:

    They don’t steal to live you dummy they steal(often from people in the same boat) to buy fags.booze and drugs.
    Then they get out of their heads and make everyone’s lives around them(often in the same boat) a fucking misery.
    Bunch of selfish cu*nts.
    I live amongst these fuckers by the way do you?

  48. 48
    The British media are cunts says:

    Labour could offer up Lard Prezcot and Diane Fartbot although if they jumped in the water several Japanese ships would try to harpoon them both.

  49. 49
    There is justice says:

  50. 50
    Polly Pot says:

    There aren’t that many low rent dwellers in Tuscany.

  51. 51
    P l e b says:

    Pickles would cause a tsunami.

  52. 52
    EH? So what is the normal number then? says:

  53. 53
    Bill Quango MP/5 says:

    I have inadvertently just taken a sip of tea with SUGAR! in it!

    is there a helpline I can call?

  54. 54
    Diana Abbott says:

    You know white men can’t jump? well I can’t float.

  55. 55
    Diane Fartbott says:

    I may be Britain’s sexiest woman MP but I am not appearing on Splash. They couldn’t find a pool big enough.

  56. 56
    NHS 111 helpline says:

    Keep calm drink plenty of non sugar infused fluids and wait for an ambulance to arrive.

  57. 57
    Jasmin Beckett says:

    I actually cried watching Titanic. I want all icebergs dead.

  58. 58
    The most amusing claim ever says:

    As me old Grandma God Bless her used to say during the Blitz…..Best thing for shock ..is a nice mug of hot sweet tea…….5 teaspoons should do the trick but then again the WRVS used to press packets of woodbines on any soldier in uniform they saw at railway stations….my Dad started out as a fresh faced 18 year old in 1939 and ended up a 50 a day man by 1945

  59. 59
    Anonymous says:

    What an enormous bell end

  60. 60
    Dis someone mention Bellends? says:

  61. 61
    Mornington Crescent says:

    The Scones Hotline?

  62. 62
    Ed Moribund says:

    Not only are dolly mixtures bad for children but they they have also gone up by 2p since 2010.

    Its a cost of living chance of dying crisis!!!

    Vote onenashionlabourhardworkingfamilies

  63. 63
    Anonymous says:

    @ software designer. Put rubbish in & you get rubbish out.

  64. 64
    Hate establishment politicos and their journalistic lapdogs says:

    Richardsalways comes over on radio/tv as one of those self-righteous, pompous liberal-lefties.

  65. 65

    Steve Richards has never written anything apart from fiction anyway.

  66. 66
    Ed Moribund says:

    Thank you for the advice.

    I have an e cigarette that I have used to stir up a plain water and elderflower liquid whilst phoning the John Major Scones hotline.

    Emergency services are on their way!

    [ if you have been affected by any of the issues raised in these comments please contact you local NHS trust partnership for an appointment}

  67. 67
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Not so easy if some nerk has nicked your phone…

  68. 68
    Lady Shirley Porter says:

    stop shopping at Lidl and Aldi, you Nazi bastards

  69. 69
    Ancient Seafarer says:

    Looking at that list of ‘clients” it seems a jolly old incestuous merry go round. Who pays for it all?

    PS: Only solicitors and prozzies have ‘clients'; everyone else has customers.

  70. 70
    Ancient Seafarer says:

    Ed Balls interviews the Scottish Brain of Britain 1927.

  71. 71
    i want my money back says:

    Kay Burley has just repeatedly questioned Abbot over her
    statements on the Duggan jury result.
    Perhaps BBC hacks could watch it to learn how to conduct
    a decent interview.

  72. 72
    Ancient Seafarer says:

    Following her advice by paying off 2 bawbees a week might take a while. Why did Balls not mention the increasing interest probably outweighs the amount she had in mind as weekly/monthly repayment. Balls is very good a publicly embarrassing the uneducated citizens of this realm.

  73. 73

    But saving me money

  74. 74
    Ancient Seafarer says:

    Don’t tell fibs, Di. With your built in upfront water wings you could survive floating in a force 10 gale in middle of the Channel.

  75. 75
    Ancient Seafarer says:

    So long as he paid for them himself, who cares?

  76. 76
    The BBC speaks to the nation says:

    The BBC will be covering the candle-lit vigil in full…it was what Nelson Mandela would have wanted

  77. 77
    Rob says:

    They live on plasma TVs and trainers?

  78. 78
    Ancient Seafarer says:

    Bill, avoid sugar; do what I do and add instead a large tablespoon full of NZ honey. You will know that honey is mooted as one of the best disinfectants, so I usually have a cup or two when I have finished reading this blog.

  79. 79
    Ancient Seafarer says:

    Blast, missed that. Did the Hippo give a straight answer to any of Kay’s questions?

  80. 80
    i want my money back says:

    Don’t be silly.
    Of course she didn’t.

  81. 81
    A software designer says:

    “Garbage in, garbage out”

    But that’s not really the problem here as I see it; they’ve started writing the system (and possibly, they thought, finished it) before they’d designed it.

    I wouldn’t mind guessing IDS himself pressurized staff so he could see “results on a screen” without really understanding that that’s a good route to making a complete sow’s ear, and no one explained this to him.

  82. 82
    Ancient Seafarer says:

    Phew, that’s alright then. I thought I might have missed something earth shattering!

  83. 83
    Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation says:

    BBC red button devoting a special section in the ‘News Headlines’ to calling the police as good as liars at the Duggan inquiry.

    By the way, they also seem to have failed to report the setting-up of IPSO, the antidote to Hacked Off’s beloved state censorship of the press, on News 24 and the usual bulletins and the red button.

    Wonder why that is.

  84. 84
    Burley 1 .... Paxo 0 says:

    Abbott got away with Lying to Paxo last night. All he had to do was confront her with the Tweets she had made just a few hours before.

    WELL DONE Kay Burley

  85. 85
    Proof that Abbott did Question the Jury's Decision says:

  86. 86
    The mod Bot is Blocking her tweet says:

    It reads

    If the #duggan jury believe that he did not have a gun in his hand when he was shot, how can they find it was a lawful killing? #baffled

    4:14 PM – 8 Jan 2014

    Proof that she lied to Paxo

  87. 87
    Sunderland is a Labour thats why its shyte says:

    I wish there was a woodbine ciggy bank at the prices they are now i will be skint before i am dead.

  88. 88
    Sunderland is a Labour thats why its shyte says:

    When Nelson arises there will be big trouble for all you whiteys he is our saviour,so sayeth the Tottenham branch of Zanu/anc

  89. 89
    Anon. says:

    Just wondering how much £ money Dianne Abbott has made from personal appearances #Duggan Death? She’s not the sort to do something for nothing.

  90. 90
    Sunderland is a Labour thats why its shyte says:

    I have a lot of time for Burley she is a very underrated journalist much better than Wark,Maitlis and Flanders

  91. 91
    Anon. says:

  92. 92
    Owen Jones says:

    Mark Duggan RIP

  93. 93
    Michael Portaloo says:

    Think she’s on Brillo’s programme tonight. Perhaps he will give her what for.

  94. 94
    Milking it says:

  95. 95
    It's Black and White says:

    Law maker has no respect for the law and intimidates Jury.

    Miss Abbott must surely be in contempt of the law.

  96. 96
    Someone needs to restrain and control Lee Jasper. says:

    What does he mean “our” ancestors? The Britons the Romans enslaved, or the ones the Vikings enslaved?

    Or is he mistaking himself for a black person, again, and talking about Africans?

  97. 97
    M102 says:

    Burley handed her her fat ass on a plate.

  98. 98
    julianlzb87 says:

    “it won’t affect his writing” True… it won’t make it any better.

  99. 99
    Sunderland is a Labour thats why its shyte says:

    Can someone use something to restrain his mouth!

  100. 100
    Wimmin says:

    Is this about Harriet or Hazel or smug-big-titted-Emily?

  101. 101
    Mark Duggan's rotting corpse says:

    I was resting in peace! Lying here in my coffin, quite happily minding my own business, and then my mong family started screaching and shouting! Give me a break!

  102. 102
    Roll out the usual cries says:

    Is it cos I’s black?

  103. 103
    All socialists are hypocrites says:

    Well he couldn’t get David Lammy to admit that Duggan was other than a misguided young man even when faced with the facts on this lunchtime BBC politics show desoite asking him 3 times so I don’t hold out much hope

  104. 104
    Hey, I know! says:

    One of Mrs Jack Dromey’s ball gags?

  105. 105
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    Perhaps moving her to the end of the couch reserved for Jacqui Smith and ignoring her would get the message across.

    An investigation into her Tweets would be most welcome.

    (The Lee Jasper Tweets I saw yesterday: If I had sent those out I would be with a duty sergeant receiving charge sheet paperwork by now…)

  106. 106
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    Rule Britannia: Britain’s never shall be slaves.

    Jasper is British ?

    He is not a slave, never will be, and is in a country which helped lead the way in the abolition of the slave trade.

    He is a free idiot though.

  107. 107
    I've seen ginger people with darker skin says:

    But he’s not black.

  108. 108

    ‘at’s right shirl girl,

    you tell ‘em… to get their rumps back to jack and tessie cohen s shops.
    they need the business now that the suits are managing the glue factory and they have abandoned the dictum of pile it high and sell it cheap.

  109. 109

    yes …. govt IT project are a bit like mushrooms

    kept in dark rooms and programmed with a particularly repugnant grade of ordure.

  110. 110

    does this mean gordo is making a return to decapitate Ed Milli and lead the new Labour govt in may 2015 with Ed B as his chief
    financial officer ??

    if so hand me the mug of whisky and the Walter PPK immediately.

  111. 111
    Jack Ketch says:

    How about a remake of Moby Dick?

  112. 112
    Jack Ketch says:

    Then make a formal complaint.

  113. 113
    John Bellingham says:

    Historical note. Wooden collars were used by African slavers when transporting their fellow Africans to the coastal baracoons. Once sold, slaves tended to be secured by metal leg shackles as White people knew how to work metal and valued its durability.
    Wooden punishment collars were however popular in Portugese Brazil, they picked up the idea from the Chinese.
    I would guess that Mr Jasper knows effall about effall.

  114. 114
    Airey Belvoir says:

    The tip about lining shopping bags with cooking foil to defeat security tags will alone cost retailers a fortune. Very poor judgement to leave that in by C4.

  115. 115
    Yorkiebarlad says:

    He had the cheek to do a turn at the York University 50th anniversary bash, as if he was sweetness and light and butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth……and now we discover he was just another lobbyist. Dirtbag.

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