January 9th, 2014

Hogan Howe Scandal Rumours


  1. 1
    M102 says:

    Such as???


  2. 2
    Lord Gaga says:

    Do enlighten.


  3. 3
    Hamish Macbeth says:

    Pray tell more


  4. 4
    Antipo-dean says:

    “What are they?” “Tell us!” “Do they hurt?”


  5. 5
    Gossipmonger says:

    He’s not a qualified copper?


    • 41

      who is these days … 45days in the hendon habitat ?


      • 250
        Spartacus says:

        no ten days – five for dna rigging and five days for speed camera defending

        unless you count the special course of 35 days marksmanship shoot to kill training


  6. 6

    Does it involve a funny handshake? Or a questionable liasion?


  7. 7
    Maggie the dog says:

    What another bent copper well I never


  8. 8
    Mr Plod says:

    Go ahead: with an office in the capital, I suspect that Mr. H-Hs bods will be around…


  9. 9
    Camerclegband says:

    Don’t tease; tell !!!!


  10. 11
  11. 12
    Sunderland is a Labour thats why its shyte says:

    Is it sex or money?


  12. 13
    Will says:

    Has his Champney’s membership and air miles been revoked????


  13. 14
    Mr Potato Head says:

    I never believed the crime figures under Labour. When crime was reportedly falling so much and yet more and more people were still going to jail it was just far too irrational.


  14. 15
    Norman Baker MP says:

    He’s from the planet Zorak 9 in the Andromeda Nebula?

    I knew it!


  15. 16
    chewbakka says:

    You are joking! A copper promoted for being PC and a pro EU fanatic? Surely not?


  16. 20
    Sunderland is a Labour thats why its shyte says:

    I did not have sex with that woman Mrs Duggan!


  17. 21
    Butchers' Assistants and Bellhops says:

    Was it a slimming product in the early 80s?


  18. 26
    Anonymous says:

    He’s a useless fuckwit?


  19. 27
    Liar.Politicians says:

    He’s doing the bidding of David Cameron to install the police state in the UK. That’s hardly news.


  20. 27
    Adolph Miliband hated Britain and so does his mutant son says:

    He helped Adolph Miliband kill that kitten?


  21. 30

    It is my belief that those appearing in front of select committees should have to give their evidence in the nude.

    Moreover, their questioners should have to do likewise.

    That will strip, not so much the clothing, but the undeserved gravitas that these occasions confer upon the contributors either side of the horseshoe table.


  22. 31
    Officer Crabtree says:

    You tease Guido.

    Give us a clue. Is it: boys, money, drugs, animals?

    At least give us some indication.


  23. 33
    Ian Duncan-Smith says:

    Universal Credit will be delivered on time and on budget.


  24. 34
    Anonymous says:

    Is he a progressive leftie and part time Methodist Minister?


  25. 37
    Mornington Crescent says:

    He’s been fitting up democratically-elected politicians to force them out of office? No, can’t be that bad, surely…


  26. 43
    Arthur says:

    Hopefully it will be something much spicier than misuse of police property, poking a junior officer or getting one of his mate’s sons off a DUI charge.

    A connection with the Rev Flowers or a career criminal like Denis McShane perhaps


  27. 46
    Disco Dave says:

    If he does exit stage left, will his replacement be the best man for the job or will other factors dictate who takes change?


  28. 47
    ss says:

    Truncheons & small boys, no doubt?
    In the same masonic lodge as Thomas Hamilton?
    Hunt what ever else he is.


  29. 48
    Disco Dave says:



  30. 49
    Kindergarten Robbo cop says:

    Oh please let it be the dressing up as a baby one mentioned yesterday


  31. 50
    Confused.com says:

    Was he firearms officer V53?


  32. 55
    Mornington Crescent says:

    The bird on the “Bad Idea T-shirts” banner is back and her breasts are as succulent as ever.

    Thank you.


    • 66

      It looks like a case of the three Fs to me. :-)


      • 92
        NERO says:

        You mean the 4 fs find them,feel them fcuk them anf forget them,just like the iow in 1969


      • 140
        sunderland is a labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

        Cat you have me confused now I am ack from my nero moment.


        • 162

          Mad Frankie Haddock and I have had a long running arrangement to hold a spit roast when a certain person who has no mates (allegedly) becomes available for our mutual delectation.

          His use of the soubriquet Cоdfather of Sоul led me to believe that your use of the last word (above) was a signal to me that NERO was he, especially as he uses caps for his monikas.

          The confusion, once started, is difficult to arrest, just like Hogan-Who.


          • smd says:

            “Mad Frankie Haddock and I have had a long running arrangement…”

            It’s obvious what sort of arrangement you’ve got duckie.


  33. 57
    Ken Barlow says:

    What I want to know is who is going to replace him ?


    • 74
      Rolf Harris says:

      If he goes we will have too reopen the Mitchell thing all again.


      • 81
        Judge Dread says:

        Did Mr Hogoandhow ever meet Jimmy Savile ?


        • 222
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          He was on South Yorkshire force as an inspector during the time of Hillsborough.

          Savile admitted that he had corrupted many police officers in that area.

          Hogan-Howe was very vocal about Savile investigation not being witch hunt, critical of the fact that information had not been centralized and pointed out that no one had been able to join the dots.


  34. 58
    Arthur says:

    Same masonic lodge as Handycock and the Chief Constable of the Hampshire police.


  35. 64
    Tom D says:

    He’s a big fan of Splash?


  36. 65
    David Cameron says:

    I am a twat.


  37. 68
    Madame Defarge says:



  38. 70
    Co-Operate with the Police says:

    He’s The Reverend Flowers’ dealer?


  39. 72
    Rev I M Jolly says:

    Cressida Todger and Bernard Hyphen-Howe are one and the same!

    Have you ever seen them together in the same room?

    I rest my case, m’Lud.


  40. 73
    Not Blowing Whistles says:

    I wonder if Guido might need to h/t Blowing Whistles ?


  41. 78
    Ed Miliband says:

    Whatever it is. I want a judge lead inquiry, with Alan Partridge as our chief witness.


  42. 80
    Shurdyrover says:

    Got it He told the TRUTH !!!


  43. 82
    The Lancet says:

    He takes sugar in his tea?


  44. 84
    Nadine d'Orries says:

    I shall sue’


  45. 86
    fed-up in britain says:

    christ who is not bent in this bloody e-litest country. i bloody despair.


  46. 87
    The Mighty Sword of Truth says:

    Is this the reason?


  47. 89
    Anon. says:

    Keeeerching ££££££ :???:


    • 103
      Old Codger says:

      He was shot because he was black.

      No he was shot because he had a gun.


      • 118
        Bill d'Sarse says:

        Sounds to me like there are few people very angry because the inquest prevented the departure of the compensation train.

        They have all had to jump on the outrage bus instead.


        • 135
          sunderland is a labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

          If you offered them 50k now to move on they would snap your or rather the taxpayers hand off.


      • 153
        Richard Littlejohn@dailymail.co.uk says:

        Mark Duggan was the reason Abbot sent her son private so that he would avoid the likes of Duggan


    • 134
      Diane Fatbott says:

      I hope I never fall off my high horse.


    • 175
      • 215
        JH3094-0234-032 says:

        Hi Diane,

        What do you think of the fact that the vast, vast, vast majority of shootings in our major cities are black on black?

        What do you think of the associated wall of silence from your precious ‘community’ that prevents the perpetrators being caught?

        To hear some people talk about those executions you’d think they were just some naturally occurring event, with no real need to actually catch the perpetrators.


        • 307
          Taxpayer says:

          Not just that, but the amount of black-on-white shootings is vastly disproportionate to the relative numbers.


      • 219
        Anonymous says:

        WTF got Diane ready ?


        • 279
          grease 2 says:

          Has anyone ever seen her and Keith Vaz in the same room together?


          • Jethro says:

            276 Has anyone ever seen her and Jo Brand in the same room? I reckon she’s just Jo Brand blacked up… OHH! Sorryy! I meant ‘just Jo Brand in dark make-up’… OHHH! Sorry-sorryy! , not ‘dark’… um… sombre? Phew: I think I got away with it!


          • Alan Chingachgook says:

            Stand before the court Mr. Jethro,
            The charge is that you wilfully, knowingly and with full possession of your faculties made a bit of a joke that caused the Earth to tilt slightly
            and caused terror and offence in certain quarters….


        • 316


          Very subtle, I don’t think.

          Posting in the name of Anonymous.

          Adding the “Schrödinger’s cat” Website in order to make it look as if I had posted it.

          The only problem is you cannot write or punctuate in the way I do. Not even if you had attended school.


          • Keith Blakelock says:

            why does dianne fatbot get wheeled out every time a criminal from an ethnic minority gets turned over by the police?


          • Because if she had just one more IQ point, she could be classified as a geranium.

            But she uses her blаckness as a uniting point for her electorate:

            Never mind about thinking matters through, I am a blаck. I am female, I am fat. I am ugly. I can roll my eyes in my head. I can call anyone I don’t agree with ‘rаcist’ and, under the rules, the other side is finished. That is all that matters. You can win an argument over cleverer people than you just by using that trick, especially if you are in a BBC selected audience.

            It is reverse colour discrimination. Simple as that. It seems at times as if it is officially recognised by the law. If it were, it would not represent equality.

            Now, I travel regularly to Africa. I have many friends there in a number of countries. Some of them rank amongst the most intelligent people I know. So don’t anyone start coming onto me as being rаcist – because I am not. I make my mind up based on the evidence. If a white person is stupid, I say they are stupid. If a blаck person is stupid, I say they are stupid too.

            That is being even handed.


          • White rabbit says:

            A very perceptive and accurate observation SC.


      • 590
        Ancient Seafarer says:

        Anon, tqvm for posting that interview. I missed it yesterday, but as I suspected the Hippo was prevaricating like mad and totally ignoring the questions. Can somebody local (and quite strong) please do us all a favour and chuck her into the Clapton Pond.


    • 608
      Er says:

      ITV interview of Abbott was useless.
      Kay Burley on Sky was infinitely better and
      Asked the questions viewers wanted to hear.


  48. 91
    EU Watch says:

    Here is the secret to the non recovery:

    Fed : 0.25%
    ECB: 0.25%
    BoE: 0.50%

    Highlighted ECB rate as UK ‘recovery’ started when ECB cut last year.

    Looking ahead, FED is likely to start raising rates, UK may remain ahead, ECB will trail. ECB needs to stimulate Eurozone, FED needs to sort the US book out and BoE will need to contain inflation.

    Expect an odd recovery with some prices falling (due to strengthening GBP – as it has been).

    Don’t believe the hype though: The underlying economy will remain shot until lending to businesses resumes. Due to the nature of the capital which is coming at present (short term – 2 week / 3 month kind of stuff) that will not happen for a while.

    Spike in 10Y Gilts reflected that international investors have waning long term confidence.

    Ed Balls is right about the main street economy, but wrong with the numbers. He perhaps is irritated that Osborne is going to take credit for this – but it was the ECB cutting which created the new ‘upturn’ in the the UK.


  49. 93
    Paul Hogan Howe says:

    That’s not a scandal. THIS is a scandal.


  50. 94
    AC says:

    OK, it wasn’t ACRB but ACRBBHH.


  51. 98
    M­a­qboul says:

    He’s not bent ?


  52. 99
    What a scoop! says:

    Guido loves to say he’s fearless. So just tell us what the rumours are.


  53. 105
    The British media are cunts says:

    Banging Theresa May?


  54. 106
    Pàul Hogan Howe says:

    That’s not a scandal. THIS is a scandal.


  55. 108
    What are the rumours? says:

    Were he and Mark Duggan caught in flagrante delicto?


  56. 111
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    If this scandal is what it is looking like: Wow.


  57. 112
    Maggie the dog says:

    I see you don’t know your just hope we do


  58. 113
    The Moral Maze says:

    Should the kind of sewage shown on Benefits Street be prevented from breeding?


  59. 115
    john@loggerheads says:

    Couple of Hyphen Howe red herrings on BBC.
    No mention of fiddling figures.
    “Quelle surprise”, to quote a recently convicted thief.


  60. 122
    Strange rumours says:

    He’s actually Lord Lucan?


    • 217
      Bilda Berger says:

      No, he’s Shergar, as any fule kno.


    • 526
      Richard J. Bingham says:

      “He’s actually Lord Lucan?”

      Ha-ha. How droll.

      I’m alive and well and living in Jo’Burg, as I have been doing all along. Had a few close calls last month– thought some Brits who had come for Nelly-Boy’s funeral might have recognised me, even with my close-cropped silver hair and clean-shaved face.


      • 573
        John Bellingham says:

        No one of Bingham’s breeding would live in Johannesburg nowadays, Sandton, Bryanston or Hyde Park maybe , more likely the W. Cape. Didn’t we have drinks with Scratcher at Charlie Spencer’s place a few years ago?


  61. 126
    Ivor Biggun says:

    Forgive me but I’ve heard the rumours and I don’t understand why it’s a scandal. For people who like that sort of thing, that’s the sort of thing they like. Live and let live, ffs.


  62. 128
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Are the rumours from Fleetwood Mac?


  63. 131
    Strange rumours says:

    He’s bringing back the Berni Inn?


  64. 133
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Hogan-Howe and Tom Watson have both come out and have admitted to having a gay relationship. Apparently they are opening a Llama farm in Guernsey.


  65. 136
    David Dumbell says:

    On Question Time tonight I ask the audience ‘why do the police like killing black youths?”

    I’ll stir it up until a riot breaks out.

    Get the Helicopter ready! We’re pulling an all-nighter above the flames.


  66. 139
    The Metropolitan Police Commissioner says:

    Let us prey.


  67. 141
    It's the way I tell 'em says:

    He’s got a criminal record.

    A Cliff Richard album.


  68. 142
    Rabid dribbler says:

    I reckon he fancies Tom Daley…



  69. 143
    RHIANNON says:



  70. 145
    Truthteller says:

    Another one who thinks power and the moral high ground comes with the uniform.


  71. 146
    KIM NOVAK says:

    The strangest rumour about Bernard (and let’s not forget that he followed two totally incompetent numpties – bit like Beardie Rowan Williams picking up the Archbishop of Canterbury’s mitre) was that he chose to ‘trade’ under the name of a tacky American ice cream. Sir Bernard Haagen-Haas? Who’s going to take any notice ffs? “Move along now…nothing to see. Another Brazilian elecrician accidentally shot. Move along now.”


  72. 147

    Isrаel’s Shаron said to be in “Grave Condition”

    Does that mean like oven ready? All prepared to pop in.


  73. 149
    Hogans Heroes says:

    Don’t shoot me I’m only the piano player.


  74. 160
    richard johnson says:

    Kim I did love you so in Vertigo


  75. 163
    Rumourmill says:

    He thought Monty Python was funny?


  76. 165
    Rumourmill says:

    He thinks Labour MP Toby Perkins looks good in that jacket.


  77. 166
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Perhaps he has been exposed as one of many pigs who have aided and abetted the Labour Government to conceal their endemic criminality and corruption throughout the Reign of Terror?

    Let’s look at TVP for starters … state covered up murders. Found dead in the woods and then of course there are the wigged wonders …


    • 182
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      Matthew Byrne, Simon Byrne, Common Purpose, and covering up crime figures.

      Add Gladio style killings in London, orchestrated by Cressida, and things start to get spooky.

      But what is he going to gotten for…


      • 216
        The readership says:

        Careful now BW. You’re in serious danger of making sense for a hange


        • 429
          Blowing Whistles says:

          I take your comment as having been posted to NBW wrongly. The judiciary are totally and utterly politicised – they are not despite their mouthings independent of the government of the day. That is one of the biggest living lies going.


      • 296
        Taxpayer says:

        Probably covering up the degree of criminality that is foreign.


  78. 167
    Harry Krishna says:

    He has survived seeing Margaret Beckett without makeup!


  79. 169
    ex Yard 'tec says:

    Is he a friend of the Gold Commander who got caught in the brothel in Dorset Square, after she, the tom, still dressed in her school girls uniform and smarting from a sore red bum, went through his pockets and found his warrant card?

    She – have I just exposed another cover up at the Yard?


  80. 173
    richard johnson says:

    He thinks Miranda Hart is a comedianne


  81. 176

    His parents were married.


  82. 179
    Gordon Brown says:

    Strange rumours have circulated about me for many years, but I can assure you they are completely false.


    • 184
      Bill Quango MP/5 says:

      Gordon..don’t be alarmed, but its almost time for your annual visit to Westminster.
      Now..now..stay calm…only two more years and you can take the pension and not have to go anymore, OK?

      That’s just two visits..

      Now..do you want to pack Rainbow Magic book or Horrid Henry in your over night bag?


  83. 180
    Ed Moribund says:

    A pint of beer has risen 12% SINCE 2010.

    And in for tomorrow’s big speech .. the price of fish-fingers!


  84. 183
    Im from the government and im here to help says:

    Gerald Carroll


  85. 193
    Mike Smithson says:

    Visit my website and watch me big-up Labour at every opportunity.


  86. 198
    Mark Oaten says:

    Does it involve me…I hope so?


  87. 201
    john mackie says:

    Google the words Hogan-Howe and rent boy and all will be revealed.


  88. 203
    Ippikin says:

    I think he’s really Frankie Pentangeli from the Godfather.


  89. 205
    Reliable Yard Spokesperson says:

    His real name is Brenda not Bernard :0


    • 276
      H.R.H. Brenda says:

      It better not be. One is the only Brenda.

      It’s bad enough that the plods have been stealing one’s cashew nuts.

      If one’s nicked one’s name as well, I’ll have to send the Household Cavalry around to sort him out big time.


  90. 208
    Butchers' Assistants and Bellhops says:

    Hogan-Howe has faced criticism over his handling of the operation, based at Sheffield Boys’ Club.


  91. 212
    Urban Scum says:

    He thinks that Mark Dvggan deserved to get shot as he is a career violent criminal and drug dealer who, only moments before, was in possession of a hand gun.

    And this has scandalised Dianne Fatbot and the BBC


    • 251
      Ippikin says:

      I think if I knew he had a gun and was quite liekly to use it, I could very easily mistake a mobile ‘phone for that gun and shoot him.
      Given this is a micro-second decision, its the obvious thing to do
      You live by the gun, you die . . .


  92. 221
    Higella says:

    He’s totally gorgeous, but I did think it odd he brought his own icing-sugar to lick off my cupcakes(*)

    (*) I mean bare bre asts, obviously


  93. 225
    Non taxable pikey says:

    Its official, Met Office Chief says Camoron is talking out of his Rs about “climate change”


  94. 229
    Met Cowboys - Not A USA Football Team says:

    He must be all right, being in charge of the Met Cowboys and all that.

    No problem shooting dead a lawyer armed with birdshot, or a chap with a table leg in newspaper, but when it comes to head hacking mozzies, best they can do is a shot in the toe!


  95. 231
    Democracy? Don't make me laugh says:

    We live in a society where police, politicians, hospital executives and council executives are above the law. Just this week we learn that Met Police crime figures were fiddled and that whistleblowers reported dangerous goings on at Alder Hey children’s hospital which otherwise would never have been known. This on top of the Mid Staffs deaths and thug police officers getting off scott free over killing Ian Tomlinson and Jean Charles de Menezes. Add to that the Staffs hospital management have escaped any punishment and still work in the NHS, the politicians who enabled and then ignored the neglect and deaths are still in their jobs, and Sharon Shoesmith, who oversaw the Baby P scandal, got a million pound payout for unfair dismissal.

    Every 5 years we the little people are given the joke of a general election, where we supposedly have the choice to elect a government that serves us. In reality we’re offered two cheeks of the same arse with only slight superficial differences. The same corruption, the same crony politics and the same scandals ensue. No one’s held accountable and ordinary people suffer.

    Regular criminals who end up in prison have gone about their activities the wrong way. If they want to commit murder or abuse kids or let an old person die of neglect and get away with it, they should’ve become either politicians, police officers, politicians, NHS executives or council executives.


    • 248
      Anonymous says:

      plus a million


    • 270
      richard johnson says:

      A truly depressing post,but I agree with every word,Gawd help Britain.


    • 364

      The term elective dictatorship was used some decades ago by Lord Hailsham to describe the so-called democratic process in the UK.

      In fact it was coined by Garibaldi, one of the founders of the modern Italy, a multi talented individual who wanted his country to shake free of Habsburg dominance and pursued irredentist ideals resulting in the Risorgimento. In the process his home town of Nizza, now Nice, was ceded to France by Cavour and he organised resistance to this, including riots.

      Back to Hailsham, he was aghast at the way Harold Wilson could pass so many laws with such a small majority. He felt it was not reflective of the will of the people in the same way a larger majority might have been but was simply achieved by manipulating MPs. Take note, oh ye modernisers!

      The curious thing is that many people from all quarters have been arguing for the end of the House of Lords because it does not have a democratic foundation. The reality was that, when it was more powerful, it often stood against the government of the day, whether Labour or Conservative. The irony is that the reduction in the influence in the House of Lords has led to less democracy and not more. You will never see this argued in the media but I fervently believe it to be true.

      The Law of Unintended Consequences was never better illustrated than this.

      Elective Dictatorship is thus an even greater problem now than it was then.


      • 424
        Blowing Whistles says:

        SC – take a look around hereabouts at Unelected Executives. EU / UK local councils. I think your eyes might just open up a bit further.


        • 512

          Do you even begin to understand what I have written here? I sometimes wonder. If you cannot see the life’s irony, also a truth, in my fourth paragraph, then we have nothing to exchange.

          Of course I am well aware of the unelected slime, paid for by the public purse, in local, national and European administration. I used to write about it here long before you ever turned up.

          The other thing that would be nice if you managed to stop being so damned condescending. Other people, apart from you, have full lives and interesting and instructive experiences.

          Some contribute their thoughts here and they have moved my thinking on occasion not by bombast and rodomontade but from reasoned argument. You might do better if you learned from some of them if you don’t want to listen to me, a matter about which I am really not concerned.


  96. 233
    v53 should have gone to specsavers says:

    So many hypocrites on here. They are glad someone who broke the law was killed even if those who killed him broke the law


    • 237
      newsnighted says:

      only they didn’t according to the jury

      really sorry the jury wasn’t some of his mates from Totenham


      • 249
        v53 should have gone to specsavers says:

        Do you think it matters to the rightwing nutters on here if v53 knew duggan was not posing a threat?

        They are all glad duggan is dead. even if v53 had unlawfully killed him they would not be bothered


      • 255
        Chilcott Enterprises Ltd says:

        The police really are falling down on this, a nobbled jury could easily have been arranged.


    • 241
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      Would be good to see the person responsible for what you allege taken down by a scandal and prosecuted.

      The important thing is that they don’t start shooting the wrong people, and pleb gate was a bit close to the wire.


  97. 238
    nigels parachute says:

    His real name is margaret?


  98. 239
    Chucky Fucky says:

    Tonight’s Question Time will be popcorn worthy. On the panel are UKIP’s Pàul Nuttall, Nadine Dorries, Chucky Yomomma, Norman Baker, and Susie Boniface, AKA Fleet Street Fox.

    Expect Chucky to be smarmy, arrogant and bringing up obscure statistics he looked up 5 minutes before the programme, like the type he was on with Ken Clarke and tried to embarrass Clarke by asking him about youth unemployment in his constituency, and when Clarke said he didn’t know, Chucky reeled off the figure he’d obviously looked up just for the show.


    • 265
      richard johnson says:

      Not the greatest panel,Nuttall bit of a simpleton talks the talk,Dorries a vain useless bastard only interested in featering her own nest,Chukkayourmoney the Labour version of Dorries and as about much use,Baker dull even for the Limp Dems and Susie Boniface who I have never heard of aand is probably a ugly mouthy bastard,so I think I will go to bed.QT and the Week in Politics are beyond their sell buy date.No doubt the lawful killing of Duggan will be the main topic when theire isnt much left to say,he was a gangster obsessed with violence and guns he sowed the wind and reaped the whirwind get over it.


    • 536
      Ippikin says:

      The man’s just like a velvet turd!


  99. 242
    Taxpayers money down the toilet says:

    Sajid Raza, headteacher of a free school championed by Camoron, has been arrested for fraud. Another smash hit, Dave!


  100. 243
    Taxpayers money down the toilet says:

    Vote Camoron for more muzee free schools run by raghead crooks! Inshallah!


  101. 244
    Taxpayers money down the toilet says:

    And let’s not forget the muzee free school that was finally shut two months ago after it was discovered girls and boys were separated, boys received preferential treatment, and maths lessons consisted of the children being told to cut shapes out of paper. Inshallah!


    • 284
      Taxpayer says:

      Sounds just like extortion funded kompreehensiv skool

      Except girls and boys were taught together (which harms results), girls receive preferential treatment, and maths lessons are “taught” by someone with no maths knowledge.


      • 503
        The British media are cunts says:

        I don’t think any kids are actually taught in comprehensive schools, they are for proles and plebs, so no kids of Labour politicians.


  102. 247
    Saffron says:

    This and previous governments and their establishment lackeys has been riven by lies and cover ups.
    Time the voters of this land got their brains in gear and realised that this country is being sold down the river big time.
    We now occupy a multi shit nightmare compliments of this shower of shite who purport to have our best interests at heart,what a load of utter b/shite.
    We need to get rid of these shysters and look carefully at what we vote for next time round.


  103. 253
    Saffron says:

    Hogie Bogie Howie
    Waste of oxygen.


  104. 256
    Spartacus says:

    and will the caption competition ask how a lancaster bomber was found on the moon?

    or is that going to be a secret too (like last week’s competition)


    • 278
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      Last weeks caption competition was special.

      Guido ran a purloined copy of the Labour Policy sheet.


  105. 263
    v53 should have gone to specsavers says:

    Would it be acceptable if duggan got out of the taxi with nothing in his hands and his arms above his head and then got shot?

    You know most on here would not find this an unacceptable course of action for the police to take

    But if armed criminals begin to realise they cannot surrender without being executed then they really will start shooting back

    The police are shooting themselves in the foot if they shoot unarmed suspects


    • 273
      the cock, the whole cock, and nothing but the cock says:

      Er, were you actually there then? About time you came forward mate in the interests of justice.


      • 330
        v53 should have gone to specsavers says:

        You just carry on believing the police

        Time and again they have shown themselves to be trustworthy

        If v53 says he thought duggan was holding a gun who on earth could think this was a lie


    • 274
      Reality says:

      Depends on how many eye witnesses there were, or if anyone video taped it.

      Perhaps you could test your hypothesis empirically for us ?


    • 277
      newsnighted says:


      now every hard nut will know that carrying a weapon on your way to kill someone else will get you killed..might tighten the sphincter of the secret cowards , eh?

      sounds like you would be.. move along nothing to see if.. Dugup had been riddled with bullets in a Bonnie and Clyde shoot em up, after popping off his pop gun

      then it would have been ok , no ?

      the world is better without weldugin , in it

      don’t rest in peace


    • 306
      Never believe anything you find on Google (or anywhere else on-line) says:

      The jury had the evidence. Including of the Duggan family definition of “fighting a case through the courts”.


    • 357
      Alan Retentive. says:

      It is a matter of conjecture that somebody who has just collected a gun can be considered unarmed in the ordinary sense of the word.

      Nothing has been revealed to suggest this was police execution, which you seem to be hinting at, notwithstanding your feeble attempt to dress it all up as concern for the future well being of the police in armed confrontations with criminals.

      Perhaps you would take a moment to explain to us why you are so exercised by the fate of a person who was the cause of his own downfall. Having procured a gun, and possessed of a record for violent behavior it was clearly likely that any police involved in his arrest were going to be edgy, to say the least. I suspect the polices’ dislike of being killed was a major factor in what happened, and I for one wouldn’t criticize them for that perfectly rational emotion.


      • 363
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Alan your opening sentence is your undoing – ‘collected a gun’ – the CH4 news of last night reported that the cops in pursuit only got a tip off that he was to pick up a gun and that they saw no exchange take place … another flaw in the whole legal process – irrespective of whether he was a gangsta or not.


        • 374
          Blowing Whistles says:

          btw here’s a rumour – The MET are linked directly to SO19 (the Shooters). During the reign of terror SO19 were directly linked to FTAC. FTAC were directly and absolutely beholden to their existence via ‘funding’ from the Labour Government. FTAC therefore were directed to do the at arms length ‘bidding’ of whatever the Labour Government wanted them to do i.e. Silence dissent.

          Guess who didn’t have a hand in it at all – Damien McBride. And guess what … Hogan Howes underlings at Wesminster Cop shop are covering it all up – and have been since October last fucking year.


        • 386
          v53 should have gone to specsavers says:

          Exactly. A man was shot without any gun being aeen until after he was dead

          And even then it was nowhere near him


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            The law must be clear – where there is odd, strange, bizzare etc – look at the hand of the common free purpose masons combo acting contrary to the Public Interest.


        • 437
          Alan Retentive. says:

          Firstly I thought that A N Other has been found guilty of supplying the gun although I concede that at the time there may have been a lack of concrete evidence in the Police’s possession.

          Secondly, if the police had a tip off from a reliable and credible source that is relevant to their behavior and state of mind. You cannot be suggesting that the police are so in control of their behavior that this fact can be discounted in what they expect might be an armed confrontation

          Thirdly, he was a known gangsta as you put it, and police presumably perceived a serious threat to their safety, compared to arresting a drunk, for example. v53 could well have been quite frightened and decided to look after No. 1. Eminently understandable.

          A lot of people simply dislike the police, maybe with good reason, maybe not, but that doesn’t that mean everything the Police do is malicious and they deserve a fair hearing the same as any other group.

          This whole episode has a touch of the Raoul Moats about it. Fools demonising the police in contradiction of the recorded evidence solely on the basis of prejudice.

          Just heard Dianne Abbott trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube on Sky after her idiotic tweet. What an ar se in every meaning of the term.


          • v53 should have gone to specsavers says:

            Fair hearing?

            It seems all any firearms officers who kill an unarmed person need do is say they thought they had a gun

            That’s all that’s needed to give them immunity


      • 425
        v53 should have gone to specsavers says:

        They are unarmed if the nearest gun to them is 20 feet away on the other side of a fence

        Whichever way you cut it that’s unarmed

        And if police have good enough eyesight to accurately shoot a man how come they cant see him throw a gun 20 feet over a fence.

        Did they all blink at the same time?

        Regarding your feeble attempt nonsense. Are you suggesting I want police officers to be killed?

        If so id ask you to withdraw that accusation

        Im concerned about anyone being needlessly shot and killed

        I dont mind police officers having a dislike of being killed but I would prefer it if those officers have good enough eyesight to be able to see someone throw a gun away and good enough to identify the difference between an armed and unarmed man


        • 582
          Facts my dear boy facts says:

          V53 specsaver twat

          Personally I really don’t give a flying fuck ” what you think” the lying many times arrested, suspected murderer drug dealing gang member utter scumbag has finally been removed from the gene pool


          Good fucking riddance


    • 508
      Anonymous says:

      He threw the gun over a wall before he was shot, i would like to see you deal with a lunatic waving a gun around you boring fecker (specsavers fecking hilarious—not)


    • 653
      They Hate Her Because She Won says:

      How can they be shooting themselves in the foot if they are shooting suspects? Are they standing on the suspects heads and shooting them now?


  106. 264
    Sussex Sid says:

    The key evidence against Handycock which was on a CD and now lost by Hampshire Police
    has now been found in Hogan Howes lunch box. Strange but true.


  107. 266
    Mark Duggan says:

    I was a peace loving gangster in a gang called Tottenham Man Dem. I had no job but I did have 6 kids. Brrrrrrrap!


  108. 267
    Owen Jones says:

    We will never forget Mark Duggan. He was a national hero.


  109. 268
    Where Ed leads, Cameron follows says:

    Shares in William Hill and Labrokes tumble after David Cameron says he will address problem high street betting terminals


    • 282

      At least with those gaming machine the police must have a good idea of the whereabouts of many of their regular ‘ customers ‘.


    • 639
      Arthur says:

      Then people are confusing talk with action. You think they would know better after nearly 4 years of iDave


  110. 269
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Is it that he leaked information about who said what on plebgate to the press.


  111. 272
    ron says:

    Has he been found dead on Snowden?


  112. 275
    (optional) says:

    For Baron Workfare, UC is all about making the lives of the poor poorer.

    And the towel folder has said we need another £25 billion savings, half of which is to be taken from the poor and disabled yet again.

    Can we have a FOI request for the number of disabled funeral grants that the DWP has issued nationwide


    • 280
      Taxpayer says:

      Get off my back.

      You want money? Ask a charity.


    • 286
      idiot watch says:

      Oh do fuck off, the BBC would have reported every last funeral by now, you fucking simpleton.


    • 308
      nell says:

      Let’s not forget that Corporal Smith appeared in front of a Commons Select Committee a couple of months ago – a committee which gave him the easiest possible ride and accepted his lies at face value. Now those lies have been exposed – is he going to be recalled? Reprimanded? Sacked? Not a bit of it. Lie to Parliament, lie to people, lie to the nation – all in a day’s work for the Gauleiter of Slavery.


      • 372
        Welcome to Tory Britain says:

        IDS reminds me of one of those cartoon characters that have run out over the edge of a tall building or cliff without realising there is nothing supporting him. And then they look down in horror…

        No one wants to be the politician who wasted millions and suddenly finds all his friends have deserted him. All political careers end in failure Iain. Yours deserves to more than most.


  113. 283
    EU Watch says:

    In Hamburg G’ermany, the toilet brush is a new symbol of protest:


    • 347
      Jethro says:

      …friend of Jan Stone’s missus met her in Greenmarket one day, ‘n’ said, ‘Bessie, I’ve jes bin into Timothy White’s ‘n’ seen they’ got these lovely toilet-brushes f’r only one-an-lempnce: you ought to try ‘em!’ Week of so later, she met Jan isself in Causeway-head: ‘Did Bessie git one o’ they toilet-brushes, Jan? ‘Ave ‘ee tried un?’ ‘Eeas’, says Jan, ‘we tried un, but didn’ like un: weer goin’ back to paper.’


    • 441
      Vair arrh your Papers? says:

      “German police have a right to ask for identification at any time”.


  114. 287
    Sidney Cooke says:

    I bet he used to frequent Elm Guest House


  115. 288
    EU Watch says:

    Protests in Athen’s to mark start of G’reece’s presidency of the EU:



    • 452

      You could not make it up, the presidency in the hands of the skintest gang of chancers in the EU, how the German taxpayers must be delighted, is the EU rubbing their noses in fiscal incompetence?


      • 592
        Ich nich shspek Doich says:

        Yah, und now Angela has broken her pelvis she vill be even more pistov viz all zis EU sheisse…

        Zo vy duzn’t she just pull ze plug und frei ze Kraut taxpayers from zis nonzenze?


  116. 291
    Fish says:

    Some mad lefty bint on The Sky news review last night, not only said that Duggan was executed, but those Gangstas in Birmingham – The Johnson Crew and the Burger Bar Boys (the people who were responsible for armed warfare on the streets of the city) were doing a good public service.


  117. 292
    The Crap Factor says:

    Forget the Duggan riots. If chav icon Tulisa is found guilty of drug dealing in her trial later this year, expect outrage from chav Britain. Many Poundlands will be looted.


    • 507
      Bilda Berger says:

      She’s a bit leathery already, and only 25.

      If she had as many sticking out of her as she’s had sticking in her, she’d look like a bleedin’ porcupine.


  118. 295
    EU Watch says:

    Incursions into G’ibraltan waters by Spa!n up by 2000% over past two years:

    Border tension is predicted to remain high until there is a change of government in Spa!n.


  119. 299
    Never believe anything you find on Google (or anywhere else on-line) says:

    Just read Telegraph headline saying London riots caused by police ignoring Duggan family


    Might read better as, “London riots caused by police failure to respond when demonstration organised by known criminal family turned into street violence”.

    The jury appears to have been responding to the Duggan families definition of “fighting a case through the courts” as well as to the evidence.


    • 305
      richard johnson says:

      Shaun Bailey the Tory Lee Jasper,Cameron tried to get him into a safe Conservative seat at the last GE but the locals wernt hving it.


  120. 301
    richard johnson says:

    Oen Jones being mooted as the prospective candidate for Labour in the Goggins seat.


  121. 302
    Alan Chingachgook says:

    After a lot of thought I believe him to be a Russian spy


  122. 303
    Ariel Sharon's brain says:



  123. 314
    Steve Miliband says:

    He’s a Tory?


  124. 316
    Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

    Possibly the most important and responsible tweet from an elected MP this week:

    But P’enny M’ordaunt in a swim suit is a very close second.


  125. 323
    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:


  126. 334
    The public says:

    If this BHH thing is serious, can we have the knighthood back?


  127. 337
    • 360
      Jimmy says:

      There are 99 houses on “Benefit Street”. The first episode of the series touched on the residents of perhaps 5 or 6. How many of the other residents are pensioners? Pensioners “live on benefits” but I imagine few viewers would question their receipt. Surely, in nearly 100 houses, someone is hidden away behind those closed curtains Osborne so detests, bedridden and afraid, wondering how on earth they will pay the bedroom tax? It’s all selective.


    • 392
      Viewer says:

      Scratch a liberal and you’ll find a fasc1st.


    • 478
      Cassandra says:

      They can’t bear to see the truth about themselves – Benefits Street should be compulsory viewing for all inmates of the House of Commons and Lords and every champagne socialist including Toynbee and those twee lefty shites on Channel 4 news……………and definately all the bbc.


  128. 339
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    The Minimum Wage is one of Labours proudest achievements. Vehemently opposed in 97 by Tories. It ended jobs at £1 per hour.


    • 352
      Jimmy has a shadow as thick as him says:

      I wonder how many immigrants are on less than a £1 per hour and I wonder how many gangmasters are on more than a £1 per hour, minimum wage my left foot, Bliar and Brown destroyed any value of Minimum wages when they opened the doors to immigration, get used to it as you compete with our new immigrant friends from the many EU European nations.


    • 362
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      My greatest legacy is introducing all the Tax Credits, the Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit etc, etc.

      This trapped millions on benefits and thus created an enormous, feckless, workshy chav culture.

      It’s the right thing to do !!


      • 384
        Lard Pressclott of Beams, Bellies, Banjos, Bulimia, two bog seats, two Jags & Shags. says:


      • 433
        south of the M4 says:

        The one instrument governments have to relieve ‘ poverty ‘ is taxation. When Brown introduced tax credits -why did he not just reduce direct taxation instead?


  129. 342
    Out on a limb says:

    Did he perhaps warn the Whistleblower that bad things can happen to small children at the hands of p’edophile gangs ?

    He is a known associate of convicted p’edophile, Matthew Byrne, so such a threat could be credible if made.


    • 355
      Sinister says:

      Hadn’t heard of Byrne. Just googled him now. Very, very murky. A p*deophile who’s boss of a children’s charity and was chosen by Common Purpose as a role model. Downright sinister.


      • 369
        Out on a limb says:

        It is an odd past. The South Yorkshire force were Savile’s territory.

        BHH is partly involved in OGREAVE sh!t as well from there.

        The Byrne connection I think came into play for BHH after he left South Yorkshire for Merseyside. That was after Hillsborough.

        The photo’s of Byrne with Cameron are of interest also. Obviously all Common Purpose, but by Cameron’s body language you can see that he doesn’t really want to be in the photo with Matthew.

        For some reason, pro-EU H’eseltine seems very smug about the photo, very smug indeed.


  130. 350
    Blowing Whistles says:

    And Cameron comes out with the ‘we must respect the judicial process’ – oh FFS

    The whole judicial system is rotten to its core – especially when a senior CPS Prosecutor lied and lied and lied and then he is made up to be a QC Judge. FFS get agrip – you stupid fucking establishment wankers.


    • 379
      Alan Retentive. says:

      Hi there BW.

      I feel your angst at the alleged duplicity, criminality and downright corruption that infests every level of society, especially the judiciary and more especially those made of wooden roofing rafters of oblong section who watch football at White Heart Lane.

      Indeed how could it be otherwise when you post about it incessantly.

      Amidst all the invective I sense a grievance; and I would like to know what this grievance is, but with slightly more detailed way than your merely telling us repeatedly they are all cheats and rotters.


      • 390
        Ed Balls touched me in my special place says:

        It’s ‘White Hart Lane’. Sorry to be a pedant.

        Yes BW is a bit of a dick when it comes the RSP’s. Probably got bullied by one at school.


      • 408
        Blowing Whistles says:

        How can I post about it incessantly – well the simple answer is if I was posting untruths then I should have had a visit shouldn’t I? And do you think for one minute I would post if I ain’t got the evidence … and before you (or other msm mongrels) get up on your high horse – the evidence ain’t exactly going to go up here. The msm – know all fucking about it – but they are just too suborned and craven to publish a fucking word of it.

        Clue – A good whistleblower sent me the documentation some years ago of a certain ‘fit up’. Said whistleblower was subsequently shown the door. Oh and it was all during the Reign of Terror – and do you think that the current puppets of the establishment dare go there FFS?


        • 414
          Blowing Whistles says:

          p.s. There are “NO – No go areas” when it comes to miscarriages of justice – including one biggy of almost 70 fucking years ago.


        • 577
          CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

          Whistles, probably the “men in black” can’t be arsed about locking up a tin foil hatter with chips on both shoulders. You keep telling us you’ve beaten many top lawyers in court, but fail to tell us what the court cases were about. In fact you never give us any details that we could check out and confirm independently.

          You come across as a very sad,embittered failure in life who tries to impress others by intimating you are privy to information the ordinary person isn’t. You obviously suffer from very low self esteem.


  131. 365
    Welcome to Tory Britain and its Bedroom Tax says:

    “Caleb Hollow, 11, lost his life almost exactly a year ago as he crossed a busy road in Hayle, Cornwall, to catch the bus.

    After spending their first Christmas without him, his family received a letter telling them to move house or face an ‘Under Occupation Penalty’ of £13 a week.

    Caleb’s mother, Dawn, is angry at the decision, and said: “It’s been a tough year for us and this Christmas has been really, really hard.

    “Then to receive this letter was just shocking, absolutely shocking.”


    • 409
      Jamie says:

      And how many such letters went out after Labour (in 2008) scrapped the spare bedroom subsidy for people renting privately – an event which passed by with no interest from the media and no outrage from people oh so concerned for social justice and fairness?


    • 412
      Anonymous says:

      So what has that got to do with this ?

      Or do you simply crayon over everything in sight?


    • 413
      UKIP to the max says:

      If the lazy sponger got off her arse and got a job and stopped sponging off the taxpayers she could enjoy all the rooms she wants, these people have an entitlement disease. She cant be arsed to work for a living, thinks she can sponge off others and then has the brass neck to complain about any limits placed on her sponging? Sympathy is the last thing she needs, a kick up the arse more like.


    • 485
      Taxpayer says:

      It probably been harder on a family in a cramped house because someone who could move out isn’t.


  132. 366
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  133. 367
    Fbi says:

    Hogan Howe must be relieved of his command as two people have been killed by marlsmen. Thr Met have addmitted marksmen have not been properley trained

    How many more people need to die before Hogan Howe leaves office


    • 391
      Labour's supporters are worthless retarded subhuman filth says:

      “killed by marlsmen”.


      “Thr Met have addmitted”

      “Thr”? “addmitted”?

      “have not been properley trained”


      “How many more people need to die before Hogan Howe leaves office”

      How many? One, hopefully.


      Because you’re a retard.


      • 438
        Old Codger says:

        Fbi – the product of a Labour education.


      • 468
        A marlsman says:

        Oi ave spent many yeeurs diggin marl in me marlpit. An durin that toime oi ave killed many, many men as troied to steal me marl. Wiv me spoide oi dun em.


    • 649
      Anonymous says:


      I DID go granita s with Ed M the night before it closed and locked him in the cellars hoping he would be buried under the demolition rubble.

      But he rang Gordon on his mobile who arranged to save him as well as the world .
      To my eternal chagrin …..


  134. 368
    Belly Flops says:


  135. 370
    Jethro says:

    Wish people would get things right: it’s not ‘Sir Bernard’, it’s ‘St Bernard': in full it’s ‘St. Bernard Hyphen-Hyphen': you see, ‘St. Bernard’ is part of his surname – a bit like ‘St.Clair’. You know, like that Hyphen-Hyphen in charge when the ‘Comedy Terrorist’ gate-crashed a party at Windsor Castle.
    I don’t mind a lot of people addressing me, in familiar vein, as ‘Jethro’, rather than Geoffroy de Bodrugan-Vyvyan-St. Buryan Jethro-Jethro. I always make allowances – for ignorance and stupidity.


    • 377
      P l e b says:

      This man should not have been given a knighthood until he’d been in the job a good few years and had been an outstanding success.
      Next they’ll be giving MBEs to hairdressers who may have known the Prime Minister.


      • 383
        Labour's supporters are worthless retarded subhuman filth says:

        Or knighthoods to banksters who bring down RBS and cost us billions.


    • 487
      Cassandra says:

      Just refer to him as “Two Dads” as I believe his colleagues do.


  136. 373
  137. 374
    sucking up to the mob says:

    He’s not thick as shit?


  138. 378
    It this An In House Bust? says:

    Something a bit fishy about the Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe. It’s only a hunch based on years of snap and unsubstantiated judgements but I’d arrest him.

    It wasn’t just the bitey exchanges with the MPs on the Public Administration Committee. Truth to tell, the committee didn’t distinguish itself and it would be easy to get impatient with them.

    No, the man talks too much, and too often to conceal rather than reveal.

    During a previous committee appearance he had quoted a report which said the Met’s performance had been just fine. But in fact, the report had said Met performance gave “cause for concern”.

    Hogan-Howe’s explanation ran for a full fifty feet of videotape but is summarised as – “I was quoting from the executive summary and the criticism was in the text of the report.”

    The verbal slurry helped conceal the fact that the author of said report was Bernard Hogan-Howe himself. But then, why didn’t he remember what was in it?

    He had forgotten that he’d written it.

    He’d FORGOTTEN he’d – ?



    • 385
      Geedo Nails his man PT II says:

      Just turn off the tape and let me question him around the kidneys, Sarge.

      On the matter of fiddled crime statistics, had Hogan-Howe spoken to whistleblower PC Patrick as he told the committee he would?

      More low-value verbalising. No, he hadn’t specifically spoken to him as such, not personally. And why not? Apart from it being Christmas?

      Actually, they had approached him after his whistleblowing appearance in order to “enquire about his welfare”.

      That had been interpreted by the committee clerk as “trying to interfere with his evidence”. So, obviously, having said he wanted to talk to him he couldn’t talk directly to him in person, as such.

      And then obviously Hogan-Howe couldn’t speak to him about fiddled crime statsistics because PC Patrick is up on charges of gross misconduct for publishing evidence about fiddled crime statistics.

      The lesson from all this? “We need to learn what we can do to support whistleblowers.”

      Support them, you see, not “enquire after their welfare”. And the welfare of their children. Lovely looking little ones.

      Bernard Jenkin (whose hair is a crime category in itself) remarked that PC Patrick had been producing evidence of corrupt crime reporting for months and years and only after his committee appearance did Hogan-Howe take an interest in the matter.

      More slurry.

      Hogan-Howe is an odd one all right.

      The committee didn’t nail him this time. But life is long, and time, no doubt, will tell.



    • 387
      Plecostomus says:

      Who appointed him?


    • 398
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Note the words “the executive summary” – would that just be a Marxist / Communist style executive direction / order?

      Hello – haven’t all of our local councils been infested with UNELECTED Executive OFFICERS?


    • 519
      Anonymous says:

      I must admit to being very surprised at how badly Bernard comes over when on TV, he doesnt seem very bright and always looks shifty.Was he really the best man for the job ? if so its worse than i thought.


  139. 388
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Does anyone possess the final summing up by the Judge in the Duggan case – because I still suspect he may have crossed the line on impartiality – what were the terms of reference / possible findings that the judge sent the jury away with?


  140. 400
    Ed Balls touched me in my special place says:

    Has he been bumming William Hague…?


  141. 404
    Gongs Gallore says:

    He must be a brave man, with all those medal ribbons on his chest.


  142. 406
    Jimmy Savile's Ghost says:

    Come on Guido, set up a twitter account under the name of ‘Sally Bercow’ and dish the dirt!


    • 411
      Penny for the Guy ? says:

      This story could perhaps be worth leaving on a cliffhanger, to be resolved in the very reasonably priced Sun on Sunday.


  143. 407
    nell says:

    Well who knows. But if it’s anything to do with being gay – that is not of any interest or any sort of scandal anymore, thank goodness!


  144. 416
    MarxistWatch says:

    Tune in for the next episode of #benefitsstreet. The programme they don’t want you to watch. Owen Jones on the BBC again, newsnight this time and he’s defending his heroes from #benefitsstreet.


  145. 454
    BINGO!! says:


  146. 455
    Lampshade says:

    He’s got no sense of rhythm


  147. 475
    Anonymous says:

    I’ll bet tube train Clarissa has the answer.


  148. 476
    Traffic jam says:

    Typical crooked Republicans exposed with their dirty tricks.


  149. 477
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    So with the !ndependent’s article about endemic corruption in the Met, some corollaries :

    i) The focus on institutional rac!sm perhaps has been orchestrated by people to distract from this more deep rooted and serious problem within the force.

    ii) Given that officers appear to be easily compromised by criminal gangs, it would be foolish to assume that tactical armed units are immune.

    iii) Was the killing of Duggan ordered by a rival gang, or perhaps the person he was on his way to kill if that person had links to the police.

    One thing that has been strange is the focus on the wrong issues – race in this case – and the Met’s alleged desire to smear others involved.

    Plenty to chew on here… and one hopes the left will now shut the fuck up with the race card stuff.


    • 483
      Diane Fatbott says:

      In your dreams !!


      • 489
        Casual Observer 5 says:


        That’s fine.

        This is a gift for the right, of sorts.

        Anyone who plays the race card unreasonably now there is a reasonable suspicion that they are perhaps involved or controlled by organized crime, and perhaps should be detained for a spell whilst they are investigated.

        It is clearly not a race issue. It is very clearly a criminal issue.

        So who did M’itchell p!ss off in the underworld enough to order pleb gate ?


  150. 478
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    MY HERO !!!


  151. 486
    West Ham Fan says:

    thomas hitzlsperger…fucking poof.

    long live dieudonné


  152. 488
    OH no says:


    • 493
      Since when was Muslim a race? says:

      There is no such thing as a Muslim gene. A baby can be a boy or a girl of a particular race(s) but it is not a Muslim.


    • 499
      Aziz says:

      Oh yes I am feeling British. Many British girls twelve thirteen years old I am feeling. Is good feeling.


    • 547
      Adolphe Milliband's Son says:

      This is yet more evidence that One Nation Labour is a grass-roots phenomenon.

      Forward my mail to No.10 in 2015.


  153. 491
    Hans Blix says:

    He has his own chemical weapons programme?


  154. 492
    Popped corn says:

    Roll up! Roll up! Popcorn time with Question Time. For once, the lefties are outnumbered! UKIP, Fleet Street Fox and Nadine Dorries versus Chucky and Norman Baker, and even Baker is part of the coalition.


  155. 494
    The British media are cunts says:

    Dozy bitch on Sky News is shocked that Muslims are now starting to outbreed white people in England.

    She thought Muslims only made up a few percent of the population.

    No you stupid cow there are around 10 million Muslims in England akready, if you count ALL the family members allowed in.


  156. 495
    OMG says:

    OMG Owen Jones is on NN now.


  157. 501
    Question Time babe says:

    Fleet Street Fox is a fox!


  158. 502
    Chuck off says:

    Ten seconds into Chucky’s first answer and he reeled out the “cost of living crisis” line. Smarmy c-unt.


  159. 504
    Chuck off says:

    I can’t deny it. I absolutely fucking hate Chuka Umunna. And I hate his voice. Such an annoying voice. He’s like a combination of Leslie Philips and Blair. Oozing arrogance and self-love.


  160. 505
    Tell Dave says:

    The recent storms that have brought heavy rain and floods to much of the UK cannot definitely be linked to climate change, the Met Office has said.

    A spokesman said that was “a research project which hasn’t been done”.

    On Wednesday, Prime Minister David Cameron said he “very much” suspected that an increase in abnormal weather events was linked to climate change.


  161. 510
    Chuck off says:

    Chucky just said “our hearts go out to the Duggan family”. Speak for yourself.


  162. 513
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    Chucka is awful, but he has a home team audience.

    He didn’t answer the question though – which was: When is it right to shoot an unarmed man ?

    Just waffled about jury etc.

    Do not think he has seen the !ndependent just yet…


    • 517
      Sir Robin says:

      QT is recorded 2 hours earlier. They stopped doing it live back in the 90s.


      • 525
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        Oops – I forgot that.

        Hands up to mong comment.

        Cheers – no point in watching the live transmission :-)


        • 532
          From Wiki says:

          The highest audience figures to date, however, were recorded when Nick Griffin of the B NP appeared in an episode on 22 October 2009; the audience reaching 7.9 million viewers

          There’s a message there isn’t there?


          • Casual Observer 5 says:

            Yes – not why I switched off though. Prefer to be able to fast forward through the hand wringing :-)


  163. 518
    Chuck off says:

    Bearded muzee looking c-unt in audience said why do we have juries and we should look into something else which he’s seen in other countries. He’s obviously referring to that lovely thing called Sharia law. Bearded c-unt.


  164. 522
    Chuck off says:

    Nadine’s mentioned the elephant in the room. Duggan had a gun and he was on his way somewhere! The lefties screaming outside court yesterday ignore this. This was not a good man.


  165. 523
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    There’s a pogrom of the poor going on in Britain right now. We get to watch history repeat itself. Strip all of dignity; and all they own.


  166. 530
    Fish says:

    The British Social Attitudes survey shows that 77% of British people are concerned about immigration.

    Glad to see that the BBC’s ‘carefully chosen’ QT audience faithfully reflects those public attitudes.


    • 540
      Roses are red , so is Ed, roses smell nice says:

      Immigration according to the loons on QT is racist, we should be quiet and just let anybody come here.


      • 549
        Fish says:

        And be quiet about the NHS

        And be quiet about our failing education system

        And be quiet about the benefit system

        And be quiet about the failure of state imposed multi culturalism

        And be quiet about our successes


  167. 539
    Mod Botted? says:


  168. 544
    Biggest plant ever says:

    I’m speechless. I’ve seen Labour plants in the Question Time audience before but the woman who just spoke takes the biscuit. She reeled off a clearly rehearsed speech which she’d been coached to make, yelling loudly that the coalition are using immigration to shield their agenda of privatising the NHS, destroying the welfare state and – wait for it – returning the country to pre-1948.


    • 551
      Anon. says:

      Yes she was an obvious BBC plant,there were several. Surprised not to see Jasmin Beckett,perhaps London was too far to travel?


    • 554
      Fish says:

      Pre 1948, the Atlee government sowed the seeds for Britain’s decline, spending all of our Marshall Plan money on the nationalisation of our key industries, the NHS and on benefits.

      Germany on the other hand knew that by first investing in its industries and rebuilding its infrastructure, it would be able to use the proceeds of that investment to provide a great level of prosperity for its people. The rest is history

      Labour always destroys everything that it touches.


      • 575
        John Bellingham says:

        Have a good look at the history of the Beveridge Report and the Labour Government of 1945-1948 and the founding of the NHS. The Beveridge report was published in 1942. In 1943 there was a Tory sponsored motion to adopt the recommendations immediately but over a 100 Labour and ILP MPs voted against it. Bevan, especially was opposed to the idea. In 1945 the then Tory opposition were all for a National Health Service but wanted one based on local authorities, Labour-after much infighting, wanted a huge monolithic. centralised soviet-style organisation–and thus it became a stuff-up.
        Labour’s constant claim to have “founded the NHS”, is another of their half truths.


    • 558
      Policies-R-Us says:

      Returning the country to pre-1948? There will clearly be some issues re-establishing the British Empire – but otherwise a realistic and sensible policy platform.


    • 560
      Fuck up says:

      Ugly old bitch


  169. 555
    She still hasn't deleted it... says:


  170. 557
    OH YES!! says:

    Katie Hopkins absolutely wiping the Floor with Abbott on this week.

    Brilliant Telly


    • 559
      A Result at long last says:

      I’ve waited years for the benefit culture to be attacked on the BBC. Not in a nice fluffy way but with a blunt full head on attack. And tonight it happened. Thank you Mr Neil for setting it up.


  171. 562
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    Finally a bit of immigration debate on This Week. Kudos Mr. Neil.

    Abbot – utter bull sh!t.

    Portillo – recognizing that 75% concern for sure – recognized that it needs to be discussed. Pointed out need younger migrants in order to keep tax revenues up to pay for pensions – but most of the economic migrants who come here – especially the East Europeans – do not pay much tax here.

    Lib Dem made a rac!st point about the new immigration being white immigration from Europe, so it is surprising there is resistance.

    That argument ignores that the additional people pushes local young out the workplace and down the payscale. ie. GDP per capita goes down – the real economic issue.

    3 million over 13 years – Neil quoted.

    Portillo points out that UK cannot do anything about EU migration whilst UK is in the EU.

    – Perceived over crowding and reduced GDP per capita combined with real sense that there is no domestic control is what will decide the voters’ mind.

    The UKIP position wins in this context.


    • 574
      The state knows best ? says:

      “Pointed out need younger migrants in order to keep tax revenues up to pay for pensions”
      Most of the feared inverted pyramid has been self inflected by policy makers over decades.
      The below research was done in Japan, but helps explains why at a certain level of population density things turn negative.



  172. 564
    Anonymous says:

    Impersonating a Police Officer?


  173. 568
    Ed Balls says:

    Nick Clegg can be Ed Miliband’s Dutch cap.


  174. 569
    The Way of the World says:

    Labour Party crook gets 12 months for defrauding charity



  175. 571
    cured lefty says:

    david dimbilbum keeps reassuring us the panel don’t know the questions but he sure as hell knows who and where the plants are.


    • 576
      John Bellingham says:

      No one mentioned Dimblebore getting winter fuel allowance. Maybe he used it to heat the stables on his country estate.


  176. 578
    Rule Britania says:

    The youth of this counry get a lot of stick. Here is an example of youth in action With the odd exception all of these you see here are between the age of 12 and 18.

    Watch to the end and you see that Gt Britain is not yet done



  177. 581
    Facts my dear boy facts says:

    Dugan died of lead poisoning


  178. 586
    Head and shoulders says:

    Just looking a that photo at the top of the page with the met chief

    That’s some fucking dandruff he’s got


  179. 587
    In despair working all hours god sends says:

    Guardian doesn’t even bother to put the words bedroom tax in inverted commas anymore

    So it passes and becomes a ta when it ain’t

    Scumbags win again GET A FUCKING JOB FFS


    • 595
      The truth is out there (but not in Rustburger's organ) says:

      So it probably wasn’t the Gruinard that put Sharon in a comma after all.


  180. 596
    Elsie Hargreaves 5 Railway Terrace Dewsbury says:

    If it hadn’t been for Guido I would not have heard that the Police Commissioner is on his way.

    I know that that nice Mr Leveson was concerned we should all have access to information about matters that concern us all but it is worrying none of the main line Press are mentioning this story.

    I hardly had a wink of sleep last night.


  181. 597
    albacore says:

    It’s a bit late in the day for teasing enigmas
    If the arseholes in charge have got even more stigmas
    Are you being kind, Fawkes, ‘cos we can’t assimilate
    Any more evidence of how rotten is the state?


  182. 602

    So providing an executive summary can fail to reveal what is in the body of a report, then the rest of the world, who never bother to read the detail, is unaware of severe shortcomings of the body investigated.

    Those who never bother to read the detail have, on this occasion at least, included its author.


    1. The reports author is either a liar or otherwise completely incompetent thus being an unfit person to hold his job either way.

    2. The MPs, who form part of the Select Committee which questioned him, failed to put him on the spot sufficiently to secure his immediate resignation. Either there is some masonic-type racket at work (Common Purpose?) or they are likewise completely incompetent, thus also being unfit to hold their positions.

    3. We, the people, not only have to put up with this potentially fraudulent and probably criminal behaviour, we have to fund it.

    How am I doing so far?


    • 605
      The National Debt says:

      Fine until the point about funding it. We have long since ceased funding this nonsense. Our grandchidren will be doing that for us.


  183. 606
    Anonymous says:

    He ate Freddy Star’s dog.


  184. 612
  185. 613
    UKIP to the max says:

    BBC toady show this AM:

    Dobbs of the house of cronies claiming that his charade of a referendum was not a charade of a fake referendum. Dobbs just another regime stooge on a mission to help his dear leader out of a hole.

    And then Mandelson saying the people dont deserve a referendum as the issue is far too important for thick plebs to be involved, only the elites are clever enough and wise enough, far better for the elites to have sole control says Mandy of the house of cronies.

    At least Mandy is open about his contempt for pleb land.


    • 619
      Nostalgia says:

      Four hundred years ago or so Mr Mandelson would have been tried for treason and dragged to his death through the streets on a hurdle, to the obvious delight of nearly everyone in the land.


      • 641
        Afrocutter says:

        He’s an ex-EU Commissioner (proven to be more crooked that most of the others too!), so he has to make sure to toe the right lines otherwise his over-bloated tax-free EU pension paid from our daily contributions will be stopped.

        Just ignore every word that ever emanates from between his lying lips.


    • 625
      Dave from Witney says:

      Democracy is NOT for ordinary people….they may vote the wrong way.

      I have read the report from the Electoral Commission who suggest that voters must produce ID to allow them to vote…I fully intend to implement that policy but with the slight amendment that everyone must have at least a 2.1(preferably a First)from a good university(not these jumped up polytechnics)and have attended a decent public school.

      Must dash…the Ocado Van’s just turned up.


  186. 615
    The Land of the Jumblies says:

    He rented his hyphon to rise through the ranks
    and invented an image
    To garner the thanks
    Of a public he despises as slovenly and lank

    Bernard Hogan Howe
    Bernard Hogan Ho
    Rhyming with cash cow
    No bundles of dough


  187. 616
    Mr Potato Head says:

    Does he like big black cooks?


  188. 617
    Get on with it! says:

    No more on this so far, has Fawkes been bundled in to the back of a black maria for a bit of re-education?


  189. 622
    Jack Dromy says:

    Duggan had such potential.


  190. 623
    non taxable pikey says:

    High speed back pedaling Chukup. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25678829


    • 628
      England says:

      I see the same article has an unelected Luxemburger living high on the hog at British taxpayers’ expense telling us that the fears of the British puboic that we are bing invaded is a ‘myth’.

      We have seen arrivals in the UK on an annual basis equal to the population of her entire little country. Maybe half a million or so of us should all turn up in Luxembourg and see how they like it.


      • 647
        Taxfodder says:

        The only Brit they want is the Brit under their thumb.

        Nice to witness how this unelected Euro scum have got the wind up and at last woken up to the fact that most of the population of Europe don’t want them either.

        Hence all the flak, squawking, huff and puff…

        Follow the money…always the fastest route to the truth of the matter.


  191. 626
    Mrs.Hogan'sNowWashYourMouthOut says:

    He has probably just been reminded that his mom taught him never to speak with his mouth full.


  192. 631
    Plop. Plop. says:

    Is he Mark Duggan’s father?


  193. 632

    Do me a flavour call that a scandal, I call it a liberty!


  194. 638
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Strange man, strange rumours.


  195. 643
    Fbi says:

    Breaking News PC Wallis has admittef he was h.e carried out Misconduct in Public Office This iis anothet reason Hogan Howe has to resjgm
    The Met has to be sorted out from top to bottom in order to gain public confidence


  196. 659
    Anonymous says:

    If politicians were ever to find themselves in the invidious position of being ‘stiched-up’ by police, might it be as a consequence of schooling that service in the skills of bearing false witness? For instance, persuading them that making crime figures fit falling crime rate propaganda represents a
    methodology capable of achieving those outcomes considered desireable by some.
    Please read redacted/suppressed independent investigations/reports for examples. Oh! One can’t, can one.


  197. 663
    john mackie says:

    Mark Duggan is probably the illegitimate love child of Hogan-Howe and Diane Abbott.


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