January 8th, 2014

Chuka Squirms Over Anti-Balls Briefing

Chuka Umunna was confronted on the Daily Politics with allegations that he may have been behind the Economist piece about Labour expanding BIS to neuter the Treasury if Labour make it back into government. Ed Balls will be delighted…

Yesterday Labour Uncut made the link that the author of the piece, one Jeremy Cliffe, who used to work for Chuka. To be fair it’s denials all round:

But fun to watch Chuka squirm.

Video via @liarpoliticians


  1. 1
    Ed the Eunuch says:

    Another loser in Labour that has to go!


    • 12
      New Labour says:

      Yeah we lied for 13 years in government and we admit it now, but THIS TIME we’re telling the truth – honestly.

      Lies and mendacity – it’s in our D-N-A.


    • 84
      I hate socialists. says:

      Chuka Ummuna spouted absolute crap on the Daily Politics . He has
      no idea of the real world.


  2. 2

    Poor old Brillo. Having such poor material to interview.


  3. 4
    Little English People says:

    Ed Balls, Chukka, Osbourne, Clegg, Cameron, Miliband – all believe in:

    * Big State
    * High Taxes
    * Massive Borrowing
    * EU Rule

    What is the difference between them & their establishment elitist “never had a job” parties?


  4. 5
    Herman Achille Van Rompuy says:


    • 7
      Tom Wätson says:

      Bloody hell, he makes even me look like I have a work ethic.


    • 11
      JH3094-0234-032 says:

      So the EU now has a President from a country that has been economically devastated by the EU.


      This President… they didn’t used to for a certain bank did they?


    • 16
      Herman Achille Van Rompuy says:

      PS – Send Money


    • 17
      Mitch says:

      Any chance of meeting the ordinary people of Greece for a very warm welcome?


      • 23
        Not Blowing Whistles says:

        No, because they have banned all public expression of dissent today in G’reece.

        Google for confirmation from the US media.


    • 31
      Little English People says:

      All street protests have been banned under threat of prison whilst the EU masters of Greece are in town.

      The Greeks should rise up & throw the EU elite off the Acropolis.


    • 65
      English is not his first language says:

      That should read

      “Hell on Earth Presidency”


  5. 8

    If Chuka’s been briefing against Mr Balls-Up then I will skewer him.


  6. 13
    Mrs Ed Balls says:

    Oh God! I’ve just looked at Ed’s mobile phone log!



  7. 14
    Warren Peace says:

    Kicking off over Duggan decision already, screaming blicks, coroners door kicked in, developing.


  8. 15
    Rob says:

    The definition of smug and oily.


  9. 18
    Ichabod says:

    Chucky doesn’t exactly have a low opinion of himself; just half an hour after his Daily Politics slot, he was one of the ‘reviewers’ of PM’s questions on the World at One. He’s spreading his thinnish talent as widely as possible. Please BBC let us have a rest from him.


  10. 21
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    British Justice is being treated with contempt.

    A jury has been accused of coming to a verdict based upon skin color.

    A Coronor’s Court’s door has been kicked in.

    A few days in prison for contempt perhaps.


    • 25
      A great big mess says:

      People who perform jury service should not be abused.

      They should also not be threatened.


  11. 22
    Plazma telly, ya get me, blud? says:

    Lock your doors tonight. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrap!


  12. 26
    Questions of our time says:

    Is Labour Uncut subtly anti semitic ?


  13. 27
    Read them the Riot Act says:

    I trust the family members and friends of Duggan who damaged the court house and abused the Jury will be adequately dealt with by the law. I would not like to think that I as a taxpayer will have to pay for the damage they have caused.


    • 35
      Dave "Nasty" Cameron says:

      Perhaps we should have a taxpayers’ strike until something is done.


    • 40
      Rob says:

      As they are members of the families of oppressed gangstas community they will be let off.

      Find a white heterosexual person to blame, RIGHT NOW!!!


  14. 28
    It's happening again says:


    • 41
      Danny says:

      Apparently not.

      Contempt of Court – though I doubt that they will face any sanction – it is as if the Courts & the establishment almost expect ethnic minorities to behave this way & therefore cannot place sanctions – disturbing that they believe that a failure to control yourself is an ethnic trait.


    • 42
      Mong Watch says:

      Who ? The CPS, the police or the enrichment ?


      This is all part of life’s diverse tapestry.

      Bring a motorcycle helmet and marshmallows, or relax at home with the telly and popcorn if outside London.


  15. 30


    • 37
      Sarah says:

      Iz it coz he is black?


      • 88
        Hendrik van Houtiekiller says:

        Of course few of you will remember Sharpeville-67 out of 14,000-better than in that film with Michael Caine. Pimville was pretty cool, 28. Boipatong was lekker–128 and we blamed it all on Buthelezi (who was in that film with Michael Caine). There’s not so much work for the lads these days, apart from Marikana platinum mines–so any jobs up your way, Bru?


    • 39
      Arrest that trouble maker says:

      MP Incites Riot. Take her down the nick and Charge her.


    • 45
      Mitch says:

      The man was prepared to carry a gun about in his car and threw it out the window just before the police arrived. As far as the police knew the situation was still potentially very dangerous.


    • 46
      Danny says:

      Diane, please respect the Law & due process – you are after all a lawmaker.


      • 51
        Not Blowing Whistles says:

        Her tweets are designed to incite hate.

        Do you think she writes them herself ?


      • 93
        Sam Beau says:

        If she is unhappy here, wtf does she not effoff back where she came from? Kingston is obviously much quieter than London.


    • 49
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      In street parlance:

      “Becoz the police is bent, innit.”

      And the powers that be want a riot in order to compromise UKIP.


    • 52
      Diane Abbott M.P. says:

      P.S. Vote for me.


    • 54
      Plane ticket for Miz Abbott says:

      Well go back to Jamaica then if you don’t agree with the Laws of Britain.


    • 55
      Susanne says:

      Probably need my Grandfathers elephant gun to take down something with the mass and volume of Diane Abbott – my goodness she is on the large side.

      Has Diane ever considered the merits of a salad?


    • 58
      greenpixie says:

      Just how ignorant does an MP have to be? If you try to understand the law then you will not ask questions in a manner that could incite further law-breaking.
      Why am I not surprised that the Abbess is baffled?


    • 66
      Hacky hackneyed-phrased Abbott says:

      Do you think that Diane and Justin are one and the same? Have you seen them in the same room at the same time? Me neither.


  16. 32
    It's happening again says:


  17. 33
    Common sense says:

    Hello boys, have missed me.
    One gangbanger scum lawfully planted, now move on to the next. Make our streets safe.


  18. 38
    Plazma telly, ya get me, blud? says:

    Duggan’s family denied he was violent, so they react to verdict… by being violent. Strangers to irony, I take it.


    • 61
      Ma­qbo­ul says:

      Then he must have been the Black Sheep of the family. And the gun he was carrying…? Most non-violent people carry illegal firearms with them in the car.


  19. 43
    Meanwhile Down Under says:

    Australia uses navy to push back asylum boats into Indonesian waters.


    • 94
      Sam Beau says:

      That’s because none of them is an asylum seeker; they are all economic migrants. Good on the Aussies.


  20. 48
    V53 says:

    When are people going to get it into their heads? Piss about with unlicensed firearms, don’t be surprised if sooner or later you’re on the business end of one.


    • 56
      The US Solution says:

      Increase the numbers of licensed firearms.

      Gun free zones are dangerous.


    • 57
      Plazma telly, ya get me, blud? says:

      News profile

      Mark Duggan was a “confrontational and violent” member of Tottenham Man Dem, a gang associated with drug dealing and violence, the latter usually targeted at other gangs in London. Mark Duggan was one of the 48 most violent criminals in Europe, and in 2011 was one of the targets of a police operation called Dibri which was focussing on a spike in gun related incidents in London nightclubs.

      The officer told the inquest there was intelligence that Mark Duggan had shot someone in a nightclub and on another occasion fired a gun in a club car park.

      He’d also been arrested, but not charged, on suspicion of murder and was twice picked up after allegedly travelling in cars where ammunition and a gun were found.


    • 62
      Charles Menezes says:

      Or catch the tube to work without a care in the world.


      • 83
        Roma of the dump says:

        If you stay in our country in the full knowledge that you don’t have the correct visa then you should not be surprised if you are slotted.

        Had you gone home to Brazil and not been here illegally you would be getting ready to enjoy the World Cup riots this year.


  21. 60
    Rob says:

    The Beautification of Duggan by the BBC and Guardian begins. They know how to choose their heroes.

    Also, ever noted that when they interview black people over stuff like this, they always choose aggressive looking young men? Why not try and interview old black women off to church, for example, and grateful that “da youf” the upper-middle class white Hunts at the Guardian admire from far away are under some sort of control?


  22. 63
    Give it a rest, righties says:

    I see the racists are out in force. Just because Duggan and his family are thugs doesn’t make all black people like that any more than Joseph Fritzl is representative of all white heterosexual men.


  23. 67
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    Duggan was a gangster violent and unrepentant he greaped what he had sowed,if Abbott dosnt like British law she cn always move on.


    • 74
      Fact Hunt says:

      The Bomber Harris protocol.

      ‘They sowed the wind, now they’ll reap the whirlwind’

      Sounds good to me.


      • 78
        Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

        Bomber Harris a hero unjustly treated after the way which was an absolute scandal definately one of the best military commanders Britain has ever produced.


  24. 71
    Fact Hunt says:

    Duggan made his choice. Our thoughts should be with V53 and his family.


    • 80
      Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      He also made his choice to have six kids to three different women no doubt the State will be keeping them and their mothers.He was only 29!


    • 86
      nigels parachute in 2015 says:

      It seems his choice was to surrender, since he was unarmed

      Either that or he wanted to commit police assisted suicide. Why else would you point a mobile phone at armed police officers


    • 90
      Jack Ketch says:

      If I were running the Met gang unit, I would recruit a number of the brightest Black thugs through intermediaries, train them up and fit them out with real weapons, no fifty year old broken revolvers, decent Glocks and Sigs–maybe a Skorpion or two. Ensuring that they had cash opportunities beyond their wildest dreams, I would then set them to rub out all the other Black thugs-when they had culled most of them, a hit on a couple of Black politicians (one so large they couldn’t miss perhaps) would create a furore at which point they are violently and terminally taken down.—Crime and future crime solved.


  25. 73
    John Tandy says:

    Typical…. Browns boys ?


  26. 85
    Anonymous says:

    Oh Chuckie have you and your little friend been naughty again?


  27. 97
    Mark Worthless says:

    Milliband should tell Chuka to stop waving his hands about like a “gangsta” or that will lose Labour a lot of votes


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