January 7th, 2014

Wonk Watch: Tight Bright Blue Intern Screw

The same day that dripping Tory wets Bright Blue back calls to ‘strengthen the minimum wage’ they have put an advert out for a job of their own:

“Bright Blue is looking for an intern to support the executive of Bright Blue with a range of activities, including research, communications, organising events and conferences, and administrative tasks. We are looking for a creative, hard-working individual who will contribute new ideas to the group.”

So what strength will the minimum wage be for this gig?

“The role being advertised is a voluntary one.”

Zero. Zilch. Kaput. 

They make some noise about paying if there are set hours, but:

 “We would like the intern to support us for 3 months, starting from 20th January 2014. They will be expected to be with the Director of Bright Blue once a week, and attend our monthly executive meeting and any events we host.”

Rich kids only, SVP.


  1. 1
    HHarman says:

    we don’t obey the rules of the little people


  2. 2
    Gordon Brown says:

    I`m a wonk!


  3. 3
    Chris from Eastleigh says:

    There should be one law for them and one law for us.


  4. 4
    y says:

    “The £500 million of official aid to Syria is the UK’s largest ever response to a humanitarian crisis, with £217 million being spent inside Syria and £236 million in neighbouring countries”

    whilst this fucking government kills the poor in Britain


    • 7
      Eva Brown says:

      now they’ve got some dosh maybe i can arrange for the office of Sarah and Gordon Brown to give them a little speech.

      £50k up front please.


    • 9
      Ed McLuskiband says:

      Yeth qwite wite. We should have gone in and dealt with the pwoblem when we had the chanth.


  5. 5
    Ed moribund says:

    The price of fish has risen since 2001. its a cwisis..A weal cwisis.

    Vote onenashionLabour!


  6. 8
    Big Bird In Need Of Benefits.. says:

    Can you tell me how to get…how to get to BENEFITS STREET!!


  7. 10
    carlo gambinoi says:

    Amazing, no, given they do it full time, just how useless at actually thinking are think tank employees.


  8. 13
    I [actually don't] know says:

    Who and what is/are bright Blue? Can’t say I have ever heard of them.

    Where do they get their funding from, and how much per annum?


  9. 14
    Fittbee Wetherstone II says:

    hey guys, come on you’ll like this one:-


    the DWP will sanction any young people who refuse a job in the sex industry


    exactly what is this government for?


  10. 15
    Little English People says:

    I could never tire of punching that smug BB git in the face.


  11. 16
    Psyche the Dog says:

    I think the two sides in the Tory party should part company with each other, the Deep Blues could unite with a right wing of Ukip which will evetually split and the Light Blues unite with the LibDems they may even pick up some of (I hate to use the name) B’Liarite section of Libore, would be more of a centerist party.


  12. 23
    Astute Businessman (in the food logistics sector) says:

    Is Guido saying he supports a stronger minimum wage, and thus despises the hypocrisy…it seems like he is. Does Guido not realise that higher wages crushes business by reducing profit.

    Ah but I note the term ‘Tory Wets’ in reference to the Bright Blue group, so maybe he is a fan of keeping wages low and thus despises the hypocrisy.

    I am all for lower wages and zero-hours, and wish to see more of the UK’s workers being subsidised by the government (in the form of top-up benefits). Businesses should have a subsidised workforce, only commies believe that low-paid people should expect some form of equality of earnings. Of course the taxation needed to pay top-up benefits for these workers should come from higher paid workers, not the businesses who can only survive by not paying them a decent wage.


  13. 24

    is this all there is guido ?

    are all the bilda burgers still rupturing their pelvis on the ski slopes ?

    i thought a reasonably juicy trial was supposed to be starting yesterday … was it not that guy matthew martoma who is looking at possible chokey time for insider trading in usa whilst working for steven cohen of SAC hedge fund ?

    at lesst it would be interesting …..relatively .


  14. 25
    Blue Arsed Flies says:

    Bright Blue.

    Yet another good reason to vote UKIP.


  15. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Why not paint benefit street bright blue, the spongers would get jobs doing it, the lefties would explode with rage and we would have something stimulating to watch on the tv. PAINT DRYING


  16. 30
    Dirty ole Bugger says:

    So they claim to have 39 supporter MPs who next year will be on 39 x £74,000per year = £2,9million between them but they can’t scrape toether £13,000 for a minimum wage?

    Fuck off tossers.


  17. 31

    Nuffink is for nuffink, innit?


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