January 7th, 2014

Benefits Bad Blood Blows Up, Again

Osborne’s hypothetical £12 billion in future welfare cuts has had the desired effect in roughing up Balls and irritating Clegg, but it’s also re-opened old cabinet wounds. Sources closes to IDS have been very chatty, telling the Guardian that he is “alarmed” and the Times that: “You can’t keep hacking at the same people.” The speed at which this row has hit the front page two national papers would suggest to Guido that DWP were not completely in the loop in regard to yesterday’s announcement. They’ll be pleased though with news that the minimum wage is set to go up in yet another stunt designed to unsettle the opposition. 


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    Mitch says:

    Why is every election only concerned about a few % of government expenditure? We should be talking at least 10-20% cuts overall.


    • 6
      Camp David says:

      I cut George Bush’s hair for years, and never got a gong.

      Will have to buy him a paint by numbers book.



      • 32
        Cupid Stunt says:

        We should withdraw from the EU and instantly save £22 Billion EACH AND EVERY YEAR and cut the Foreign aid budget saving another £12 Billion EACH AND EVERY YEAR!


        • 78
          Psyche the Dog says:

          Maybe moth ball all Dave’s glory projects, chiefly HS2 before it goes beyond the point of no return. Nobody wants it, the folks along the route, sensible northerners don’t want it, and more importantly the country cannot afford it, nobody will be able to afford to used the service, £80Billion (take the proposed cost now then double it or even triple it) to save 30 minutes, like a lot of these glory projects they will be financed by debt or keep off the books PFI’s. One thing with glory projects governments never factor in, is the routine maintenance, continually on going.


        • 178
          The Polish Prime Minister says:

          You must pay for Polish children living in Poland.

          As the great Bod Geldord used to say, just give us the feckin’ money!


          • Mr Quelch says:

            Sir Bob, if you don’t mind. Of whom it was stated (Rupert Everett in Red carpets and other banana skins) ‘Bob Geldof who famously liked to be paid in cash’.

            Give us the feckin’ money!! Well, as long as its someone else’s.


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      Mr Potato Head says:

      Hang on a minute here. Maybe I am missing something but if there are far more people in work then there should be far less money needed to pay for welfare (outside pensions). So why shouldn’t the welfare budget reduce substantially without it affecting anyone on welfare?


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        Client State says:



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        FFS says:

        You think the Romanians washing cars in Sainsbury’s car park are contributing a lot in net tax do you?

        I think you will find that the importation of people into minimum wage jobs paying no tax and not involved in exporting industry is one of the major contributors to the increased cost of the state without an increase in general taxation.


        • 25
          Mr Potato Head says:

          I agree.


        • 36
          John Humphreys is a total cunt says:

          Nigel Farage just said the same thing on R4’s Today programme this morning.


        • 43
          DWWolds says:

          It also has a massive affect on productivity. Why on earth should employers modernise when they have ample supplies of cheap labour to enable them to continue in the same old way? So, we are trapped in a low added value economy [ie fast food chains] rather that developing high added value businesses in technological fields.


          • FFS says:

            Exactly. We are developing an economy which is half-British half-East European. Consequently even the perpetually wrong Danny Blanchflower was able to point out that GDP per capita (rather the nominal) is indeed falling.


          • A lefty says:

            That would require an industrial policy, and the House of C’unts don’t do industry.


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        Casual Observer 5 says:

        Because those people in work are receiving in work benefits ?


        • 27
          Mr Potato Head says:

          Yes but nowhere near as much as if they are not working at all.


          • Casual Observer 5 says:

            Yes, but there should be no in work benefits for those working.

            If government wishes to offer such benefits it should do so by reducing income tax, not the fucking about that Labour brought in.


          • Lord Palfery says:

            OR MAYBE EMPLOYERS SHOULD PAY MORE RATHER THAN SLAVE WAGES _ not impossible hey?????????FFS stupid, miserable tory c’unts


      • 21
        Jim says:

        There is more people in work, not less claiming Welfare. It is Labour Policy to buy votes and the Tories are unable to counter it. It is Godly to Give, its bloody hard to Take Away.

        By the way is this a Labour Blog now? There have been some funny views expressed here by Guido recently.


      • 24
        Handycock whipping it out says:

        The population of this country has increased by one third in the last 20 years from 42,000,000 to 63,000,000 while the birth rate has been falling because of rising house prices. This increase in population has been organised by we politicians for the following reasons:
        1. It helps keep wages down and therefore keeps the Unions off the Labour Government’s back.
        2. Most of the public sector, final salary pension schemes are unfunded and with a declining population, the time was fast approaching that they would not be able to be paid.
        3. Big business wants immigration to keep costs down, especially in service industries.
        4. There is lots of money to be made out of it, viz my boys housing all the ones I have brought in to Portsmouth and making millions out of it.



      • 89
        Psyche the Dog says:

        If an employee has a job paying BMW a couple depending how much they earn are entitled at present to benfits if they have children, that is a large slice of the benfits system, if the vast majority of jobs in an area are basic min wage folks are stuck, ok move to Londonistan but the dump is overcrowded as it is.


        • 104
          FFS says:

          The vast majority of jobs in an area are never normally minimum wage jobs.

          What some businessmen have realised if they can get people to do some poxy menial jobs like car washing for fuck all money, they can make a profit out of it. Hence you have people setting up car washing businesses in Sainsbury’s when we all used to use the machine for £3.

          They deliberately import people from low-wage countries to do this for them. They know full well that you can’t support a family on those low incomes, but they also know that there are benefits that can be claimed.

          Basically the taxpayer is subsidising the wages for the dodgy companies that employ people to do car washing or sell the Big Issue.


          • Ed Balls is a twat says:

            Ok..but…there aren’t 2 million immigrants doing car washing and selling the big issue.
            The original poster had stronger arguments against unlimited immigration. Ie – low paid workers add to the nations bills as the tax they generate is tiny and if they have just one child in school they consume more than they make in taxes.
            It only works if we weren’t importing people in whilst we have 1 million idle.


      • 189
        John Bellingham says:

        Because huge numbers of people in work and even on substantial incomes are still recipients of some form of welfare.


    • 14
      dai taxed mightily says:

      the targets of the dwp cuts are unlikely ever not to cost the rest of us quite a lot of £

      its as mitch says above – the cuts requirement is massive and across the board

      the real dependency culture is that of the public sector ‘work’force, the parasite professions and the phoney farmers


      • 23
        FFS says:

        Unfortunately whilst a 25% cut in expenditure is required to balance the budget the LimpDums have forced the Tories to ring-fence the NHS and education. Consequently we are still wasting money we havn’t got on untrained classroom assistants and public health information films.


        • 73
          dai expensively says:

          we sat yesterday for one hour in a nhs hospital cardiology waiting area watching staff doing next to nothing, whilst under the smug gaze of one of the ‘trust’s senior managers – on a poster telling us how wonderful the ‘trust’ is

          the manager has been suspended now for several weeks – we hear nothing – could it be financial?

          we gained nothing from the consultation – the vet couldn’t read the alleged ecg abnormality – so now we have to go through the (2 month?) waiting period to get proper tests done


      • 109
        Psyche the Dog says:

        “the real dependency culture is that of the public sector ‘work’force, the parasite professions and the phoney farmers” such as MPs, government ministers, (salaries and lovely tax free expenses), administrators (do that do this brigade), planners, landed gentry and non resident (for tax purposes) land owners. I have always thought that lowest on the workforce are the most vital, if they don’t turn up for work (illness etc) everything seems to fall apart or it creates inconvience to those above. Once the UK gets out of the inverted pyramid workforce things will improve, in Victorian times the counting house was the smallest section of the factory, now it is the biggest.


    • 15
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Major savings still to be made in the public sector

      1. They have pensions those of us in private industry can only dream of, at least they should be asked to contribute more towards them and not take them until 65.

      2. 35 hour week

      3. At least twice as much sick leave as in the private sector

      4. General productivity only two thirds what it is in the private sector

      In an economic downturn a private company would take 5-10% out of its tax base without batting an eye lid

      The proposal to bar people earning £60k pa for using social housing is a good one, that should put Bob Crow and Frank Dobson in the cross hairs – a couple of parasites feeding of the tax payer

      As for general savings

      1. Cut overseas aid

      2. Cut the contributions to the EU

      3. A real bonfire of the quangos

      4.Scrap windmill subsidies

      5. Have a good long hard look as to how much money goes to so called charities

      etc. etc.


      • 41
        Bystander says:


        • 52
          The BBC causes severe mental illness says:

          Andrew must be blind if he didn’t see that Cameron is not able to make any decisions without the approval of the EU.

          Anyone would think he works for an EU funded state broadcaster. Fraud.


        • 75
          M­aqboul says:

          Let’s just see which way the crow flies, Andrew.


        • 102
          Sir William Wayde says:

          Good. Cutting corporate welfare, such as green subsidies, may be better than cutting personal welfare. Corporate welfare includes a large deadweight cost, in that resources are misallocated. Personal welfare’s deadweight cost is that it takes people out of productive work. However, it allows people to live decently and they spend their money on things that are actually wanted.


      • 133
        Psyche the Dog says:

        Sick leave, those who regularily skip work, that also goes for the private sector but they don’yt do it so often, funnily enough, have you ever noticed they are the same ones every time, and they seem get away with it. That one about social housing for those above £60K let them pay the “full economic rent” all MPs from London area should not get housing expenses for a second house as they should already live there, that should apply to all MPs who live within 1 hours commute time to the HoC. for other MPs flats should be provided with amenities and furnished, I am sure that even in Lodonistan 500 flats would be affordable at £23K


    • 44
      The Sun says:


  2. 2
    Little English People says:

    That sums up Cameron & Osbourne – stunt merchants – no principle or policy.

    A bit like listening to that fake journalist Nick Robinson on R4 Toady this morning.

    “We should have told you about Damien McBride”

    “We should have allowed people to talk about immigration”

    What else has Nick not told us about so he can keep his lobby pass & expenses?

    Vote UKIP


    • 13
      The BBC causes severe mental illness says:

      Robinson’s ‘we should have told you’ b/s is perhaps Marxist reporting in action: revisionist and in plain terms, too little too late.

      What can be inferred is that Robinson is not a reporter but rather a nasty little shill who is perhaps now having a twinge of conscience but in reality is just trying to spin another line because he has been told to or his contract is up.

      Following his line the BBC should have said something about Savile.

      They did not and even after the guy was dead continued not too – even in the Pollard shambles.


      • 30
        FFS says:

        Nick Robinson is a nasty little Labour Party shill who has been informed that since the change of leadership the party line has changed.

        Millibland has now decided he will be talking about restrictions on immigration at some point before the next election so Nick now has to pave the way for that to happen.

        This is why we’ve had Blunket et al saying they’ve made a mistake on immigration. They are trying to make a 180degree turn-around look credible. Labour will make a big announcement on immigration in the run-up to 2015, mark my words, and Cameron will be left floundering.


        • 46
          The BBC causes severe mental illness says:

          Miliband has woken up to the reality that UKIP are taking his share of the vote and immigration has not translated to Labour votes and has alienated much of the party faithful.

          Agree that Robinson will be part of the normalization but they have left it too late.

          Irony is most immigrants if offered the choice will vote UKIP.

          They themselves do not really want more competition from others arriving – they know the type of people who are following – and as UKIP have pointed out that they will not be deporting anyone they can safely vote for the door to be closed thus increasing their economic benefit long term by reducing future competition.

          LibLabCon realize that the only ruse which will work in their favor is postal vote fraud in the confusion but that will fail. The unions in predatory mode are hoping to distort new comers by applying pressure through their shop stewards. Goon squads are likely being formed or planned for now.

          The immigrants have no political allegiance to any UK party or for that matter the EU. UKIP has high chance of being preferred choice.

          The BBC will not report that reality as they hope that by broadcasting rubbish which patronizes these people this will do the trick of winning votes for the red party. The new comers see through that immediately.


          • FFS says:

            Just one point – a lot of ethnics refuse point-blank to vote Tory because of Enoch’s speech. Many were living in fear of deportation after that. That has stuck in their collective memory. Ethnics are 6 x more likely to vote Labour than Tory, and this is the only reason Labour still has a chance of getting back into power.

            Whether the ethnics have the same fears about UKIP I don’t know. As you say, if they have full citizenship they might very well be more fearful of yet more new immigrants coming in. But since most ethnics don’t seem to care if they work or not I’m not sure if they care to vote UKIP.


          • Casual Observer 5 says:

            That should have worn off a bit.

            The ethnics here see what has happened to their kids and standard of living under Labour / Coalition and are perhaps a little more sensitive to that. They will also perceive the competition from new migrants – particularly EU more acutely.

            Moreover, many are now hoping for their kids to move on from the UK. Eg !ndian’s see their own country doing better than UK now, many prefer the US (less b/s) and a number see the political problems with oppression they wanted to leave behind originally forming right now in the UK.

            None have a real interest in the EU and most would prefer nothing to do with other EU states as a result of the conditions those countries projected abroad during the colonial era.

            Most migrants, not the EU ones, have worked hard to get here and feel a degree of loyalty to the country. Many are just as irritated as the locals with what has happened and are perhaps getting ready to jump if the UK goes the way of G’reece etc. That is more likely without a UKIP government.


        • 48
          Ed Milibandwagon says:

          Oh shit…we’ve been rumbled !


        • 116
          FFS says:

          Not many Indians here mate – make up only 1.5% of the population. Hindus make up 1% of the population but they don’t mind their children marrying out so they are happy to see their kids get on in the UK. Sikhs make up only 0.5% of the population, they don’t like marrying out but they see their kids chances of advancement as being much better in the UK than in India so they’re staying.

          The rest of the ethnics from the sub-continent, about 7million of them, are from Pak!stan and Bongladesh. 2/3rds of these were Muzzies that have dropped their religion and wouldn’t dream of going back and the 1/3rd that have stayed Muzzie wouldn’t want to go back to all that poverty anyway (they are so radical now they probably wouldn’t be allowed back).

          Some of the bl!cks have gone back to the Carribean because house prices are so low realtive to the UK, but the murder rate being 30x higher than in the UK needs to be considered.

          No, we aren’t getting rid of any of these folk anytime soon.


    • 22
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      This is an excellent post and is absolutely correct; journalists like Robinson and the rest of the press lobby in the commons refused to expose what Blair, Brown, Campbell and Balls were up to for fear of losing their HoC passes.

      All debate was stifled or people branded as racists so they could keep access to the MPs and their gossip.


      • 95
        A discredited news outlet says:

        When will that specks slap head be telling us that the BBc should have ‘told us’ about their global warming bias?


  3. 3
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Channel 4’s Benefits Street says it all.


  4. 4
    Floating Thicko Voter says:

    I’m sick of it. At every general election the useless Government always end up in power.

    Time for a change.


  5. 5
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    Minimum wage going up will ensure unemployment remains high.

    It will also not benefit UK workers who are discriminated against for those positions by employers policy of preferring migrants, or does UK minimum wage not apply to EU chancers who have just arrived off the boat so to speak ?

    Minimum wage represents unnecessary government interference in the employment market which distorts the cost of labor.


    • 76
      Jim says:

      No Disagree. It is morally correct to employ your own population first and not allow the job to automatically go to an opportunist. The opportunist is always the first to run away to feed on someone else and hates you anyway as a stupid mug with no respect for your own kind. Stopping Welfare reducing wages is part of the correct way forward.


      • 184
        I know, I know!! says:

        Minimum wage should be raised to at least 15k a year, then it would be possible to reduce the taxpayer’s contribution to the welfare tit.


  6. 8
    Gordon Brown says:

    If I wasn’t retired from politics, I would think this minimum wage thing was some hypocritical cynical last minute ‘land mine’ to trap the incoming Labour government.

    Best to bring it in 10 days before leaving, like I did with the 50% tax rate.


    • 83
      The most amusing claim ever says:

      Saw a snippet of the Third televised PM Debate on yesterday’s BBCpolitics show where each of the 3 “possibles” got to put a 2 minute statement “Why they should be Prime Minister” …Brown actually said one of the reasons that people should vote for him is that “I know how to manage the economy” and then gave his creepy smile…”but of course it’s for the British people to decide…” The man is a legend and a great loss to public debate……….


  7. 11
    Scarp countries just on your left says:

    If these so called government officials spent more time working to help the public seeing this is what they get paid for instead of playing up to the media pretending they are working hard for the public good, the country may be in a better state of repair instead just fit for the knackers yard.


  8. 12
    Rambling Roma says:

    Prepare to expand not cut your benefits budget – my village and I are almost with you (Donkey not so young anymore)


  9. 17
    Call me Dave, A total utter failure says:

    Morning everyone. Busy day ahead.
    Just going out for a jog before a game or two of Fruit Ninja.


  10. 19
    High Dudgeon says:

    Smith Duncan can complain all he likes but he’s lucky not to have been reshuffled following consistent poor performance.


  11. 20
    The Slog says:

    George Nobsore has written a projectile vomit-inducing appeal for Timothy Yeo MP to be allowed to retain his seat in the House of Commons. In the letter, Britain’s No Two Executive member describes Yeo as a “politician of principle” and someone who is “experienced, conscientious, thoughtful, loyal and steady under fire.” Writing to Yeo personally, he tells this sleazy, verminous man, “It would be a real loss to the House of Commons if you were forced to stand down when you still have so much to contribute. The Conservative Party at Westminster would be weaker without you.”


    • 35
      non taxable pikey says:

      Vote UKIP.


    • 40
      you won't get me I'am part of the union says:

      The country would find it cheaper to build a jail onto the House of thieves building and just have one opening fitted with a turnstile, even cheaper would be be to make a law if an MP or a Lord does wrong and gets a jail term then they lose the Lordship or MP status and pension rights and troughing rights and are permanently banned for life from becoming an MP or Lord.


      • 64
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        There already is one, of sorts.

        A small holding cell in the clock tower.

        Hence the term : under Big Ben.

        Old Palace Yard was once used for public executions. Fawkes being a notable example.

        Am fairly certain that traitors gate, a short boat ride up the Thames, is available. There is even a convenient place to board boats on the north side of Westminster Bridge.

        All the infrastructure is there it just needs to be used right.


        • 141
          FFS says:

          Fawkes wasn’t executed at the existing HoP. Those were burnt down. The existing HoP were built in Victorian times, a very long time after Fawkes.


      • 79
        M­aqboul says:

        String them to the vane of one of the thousands of windmills which mar this land of ours. We will have found a purpose for these monstrosities at last.


    • 174
      A black minge and a couple of lines says:

      Do they share the same Madam?


  12. 28
    The British media are cunts says:

    Needless to say old Dame Nikki Campbell is banging away at how brilliant mass immigration is in England again. I wonder if he were replaced by a £6.50 an hour Polish radio presenter he’d feel the same?


    • 31
      Wotta Tossa says:

      Hopefully his missus is being culturally enriched while he is on air


    • 51
      Mr Potato Head says:

      I’d really like to know how he calculates that someone on low income who pays his income tax in his home country and regularly sends much of his income home is benefiting Britain. These morons just spout their tosspot opinions without any thought.


      • 191
        John Bellingham says:

        It is the same logic that states that more immigrants=higher population=higher GDP. Well, China has a higher GDP than the UK and Brazil is about the same, yet GDP per head still makes Brazil and China poverty-sinks. Three years studying PPE at Oxford and they think that all other people are as stupid as they are.


    • 56
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Had a walk through Primrose Hill yesterday passed all the chintzy shops; didn’t see any Roma selling the big issue – wonder why


  13. 33
    David Cameron is a spineless yellow piece of EU filth says:

    Nice distraction from Cameron’s utter failure with defense policy.

    Or was the UK successfully invaded by Russ!a the other day ?

    Lickspittle Cameron would sell the liberty of the country for a little bit of personal security.

    Let’s see if people will be allowed the choice to Vote UKIP…


    • 37
      Raving Loon says:

      Never mind Russia, we’re being invaded by Bulgaria and Romania!


      • 90
        Jim says:

        Now, Now, the Russians were carrying live ammunition and if the Royal Navy had taken more then the 24 hours to reach them they may have commenced target practice on Scotland. Not a good thing before the Referendum!
        Any idea where the intelligence information needed by the Russians came from?


        • 125
          non taxable pikey says:

          And about 5 minutes for a Typhoon.


          • Casual Observer 5 says:

            Some of the weapons systems on that ship are designed to take down air defences within an 8 km radius.

            The Russ!an’s are not stupid, and would not have sent up a vessel solo which would be susceptible to air attack, and the planes would not have been able to get close.

            This is why a ship was needed to see it off – or submarine could have done the job.

            Dimmy Dave, the Cowardly Knave, perhaps needs to spend a bit of quality time with his defence advisers, rather than pansying around with gay marriage and other shit that isn’t really important.


      • 192
        John Ketch says:

        A Romanian took the job of Speaker of the House of Commons.


    • 45
      MPs the problem with this country says:

      We were sold to the EU in 1974 to enable MPs to have a millionaires pension without working


    • 62
      T May says:


      Yankee, go home.


    • 87
      Dave's Imaginary Navy says:

      HMS Bullshite; HMS Waffle and HMS Spin have been been called into action…I don’t think the Russis will dare show their faces again.If they appear again I am drafting in our latest aircraft carrier HMS Illusion…THAT should see them off


  14. 39
    George Osborne says:

    I wish my hair was Emo. Then it would cut itself.


  15. 42
    Brillo says:


    • 50
      Lateral Thought says:

      The hot air coming out of Channel 4 as they utter that crap ?


    • 80
      The British media are cunts says:

      Solar activity is the likely cause if anything


    • 115
      Bob Fleming says:

      C4 News have lost the plot – they were banging on about the banning of khat in the UK last night, as if anyone gives a crap..


    • 157
      JH34989342529345 says:

      Must be great having a theory for which every single eventuality is proof.

      Unusually cold = Global warming
      Unusually warm = Global warming
      Verruca on third toe = Global warming
      Cat sick under bed = Global warming

      Can you imagine the sunlit uplands of having such a mind? No troubling self-doubt whatsoever. Lovely.


  16. 47
    Righty right says:

    Hi racists!


    • 54
      Mr Potato Head says:

      Hi shitforbrains.


      • 55
        Righty right says:

        ^ Smart guy!


        • 63
          Ed Milibandwagon says:

          You need to get onside as I have made a 180 degree turn an am now anti immigration !


          • meanwhile Ed's paymasters love 'em says:

            Calling all immigrants-
            Just join Unite for help to claim your benefits.


          • Honest Translation of Unite's R'omanian Pamphlet says:

            Ok you lot.

            You value your knees and want benefits.

            Well, if you don’t join us and keep quiet when we cast your vote next year, our goons will break you and no one will care. Got that ?

            We expect a 20% cut of your benefits, which will be collected by us on your behalf.

            Welcome to England, Unite.


  17. 58
    A lefty says:

    Hello righties!

    How does restriction of immigration square with your libertarian principles of free trade and free/unrestricted movement of labour?

    Just wondering.


    • 65
      FFS says:

      1] It causes over-population which restricts my right to move freely in my own homeland

      2] It imports people of religious persuasions that believe they should spread their religious beliefs by violent means in direct contradiction of my own personal freedoms.

      3] It undermines the free market in labour by continually pushing down wages towards the lowest common demoninator

      Any more questions? Let us know when you decide to join UKIP.


    • 69
      Liam Byrne ( aka Baldemort ) says:

      Stand in the corner with your dunce cap on again, lefty and don’t speak until your brain cell count has moved up into double figures.


    • 70
      Say no to Undemocratic federalism says:

      It conflicts with the libertarian rights of a people to contribute to a welfare club and not have it raided by outsiders.

      The fact is that a Welfare state can NOT function in an environment of free for all imigration.

      What the EU has done is merged the right to work across Europe with the right to settle across Europe and they have done this to bring about a FEDERAL Europe. Alas all recent UK governments have gone along with this. TRAITORS


    • 71
      Righty right says:

      Love seeing cocky racists getting beat down.


    • 72
      Liebour enemies of the people says:

      How does your lefty principles square with stealing money that people worked hard for and telling people you can’t do that or you can’t talk to more than two people as you might be ganging up on other lefties who are in charge and are the champagne quaffers who just want to control other peoples lives, nothing wrong with immigration, but the countries that these people are coming from are the countries that need those people to stay and work at bringing those countries up to standards they want to leave to another country for.


    • 82
      A Libertarian says:

      It doesn’t conflict with librtarian principles at all as a libertarian ideals end strictly at the border.

      In fact the immigration policy is wholly anti-libertarian as it is causing harm by draining skills from other countries, harms the iterests of local people and also does harm to those who are allowed in.

      You are confusing libertarianism with liberalism.

      Unrestricted immigration is a liberal and anti libertarian policy.

      Perhaps you should check the diffference and maybe ask the libertarian left first. You should get roughly the same response.


      • 105
        A great big mess says:

        I trust that video has been handed to the nearest police officer.

        Both those poor excuses for citizens should be arrested and charged.


  18. 67

    Couldn’t give a shit about Osborne and IDS having a spat.

    What concerns me is the EU or rather the Highways Agency obeying an EU guideline (not law) about motorway air quality to the letter of that guideline in a totally Kowtowing manner.

    Between 7 and 7 the agency will restrict the speed of a 36 mile section of the M1 to 60 mph regardless of volume of traffic, wind direction, ambient temperatures or weather because they say the will obey this guideline set out over in continental Europe.

    My vote goes to the party who will knock some sense into the Highways agency and stick two fingers up to an air quality guideline directed at roads over on the continental landmass where pollution can get trapped in localised bubbles, and not North Atlantic Islands.


    • 100
      Fink bout tit, yeah? says:

      They are not obeying this guideline out of obeisance to the EU, they are using it as an excuse to reduce the speed limits on motorways so that they can install speed cameras and rake in lots of lovely dosh from the ‘criminals’ travelling to and fro work.


      • 126
        FUCKING CUNTS says:

        But what a Scam. The Highways agency spent billions widening the M1 above Nottingham and covering it with camera gantries. I had thought this was to speed up the traffic, not restrict the flow and record the average (reduced) speed over a 36 mile section.



    • 128
      FFS says:

      So cars spending more time on the motorways will reduce air pollution?

      If I drive to London at 70mph the engine will be runningand polluting for about 1 hour.

      If I drive to London at 1mph the engine will be running and polluting for about 70hrs.

      This policy makes no logical sense at all.


  19. 77
    Booty Flash says:

    What’s the big deal? She was showing a bit of arse, that’s all.


    • 103
      70s BBC personality says:

      Which station was next?
      Planning my next trip


      • 117
        Bojo says:

        I think the gentlemen was making a valid point.

        Young women should not be allowed on public transport to display openly their private parts and stick electrical devices in their ears.


      • 183
        The British media are cunts says:

        Could have been shorter. Why was he filming her? He had the camera on before she even appeared.


  20. 84
    Dave Ex PM says:

    Just one years free EU give away could preven flooding for all !


  21. 91
    Comment is screed says:

    Why am I not surprised? The Guardian saying even the worst offenders in prison should be given hope and the chance to change. Fuck that. I want the likes of Mark Bridger, Rose West, Ian Huntley, Michael Stone, Ian Watkins and Ian Brady to fucking suffer. Typical bleeding heart leftie bollocks.



    • 113
      JadedJean says:

      What most people in the criminal justice system will not admit is that most criminal behaviour is in fact genetic/inherited.

      There is no chance for most criminals to be reformed. But then most of those in the CJS would be out of a job if they were to simply advise locking up criminals for very long periods of time as the only answer to protect society.


    • 130
      FFS says:

      This is the same Guardian that says prison doesn’t work because most released re-offend!

      Self contradictory left-wing bullcrap.

      Prision works just fine as long as you keep people in prison.


      • 179
        Albert Pierrepoint says:

        four people per year on average killed by released ‘rehabilitated’ murderers; zero people killed per year by hanged murderers. No of innocent people killed as result of reneging on the lie about mandatory life (whole life term sentences) greatly outweighs genuine miscarriages of justice – probably many fewer of those than claimed – how is the pardon Hanratty campaign going since the DNA evidence?


  22. 93
    Samantha Cameron note on fridge says:

    Oh David, don’t forget to pick up a tin of yellow paint on you way home.

    Noticed you stripes were fading a bit.

    See you later honey



    • 134
      An awkward bastard says:

      Women like you should stay at home and cook the dinner.

      Perhaps you would care to let the Electorate know just how much they have paid for your two non IKEA kitchens.


  23. 94
    Piers Corbyn says:

    Ideas such as ‘temperature contrasts drive
    the Jet Stream’ are totally inadequate to explain or
    predict events. Such a picture cannot explain the
    relationship between Earth weather and events in
    the ionosphere, magnetosphere, the solar wind and
    on the sun and the simultaneity of extreme storm
    events across earth and their ~coincidence with
    (radio) storms on other planets. Indeed such a lowlevel
    Earth atmosphere centred view, notwithstanding
    certain feedbacks, is akin to suggesting the
    movement of tree braches causes winds.



  24. 96
    Piers Corbyn (modbeater version) says:

    Ideas such as ‘temperature contrasts dr1ve
    the Jet Stream’ are totally inadequate to explain or
    predict events. Such a picture cannot explain the
    relationship between Earth weather and events in
    the ionosphere, magnetosphere, the solar wind and
    on the sun and the simultaneity of extreme storm
    events across earth and their ~coincidence with
    (radio) storms on other planets. Indeed such a low level
    Earth atmosphere centred view, notwithstanding
    certain feedbacks, is akin to suggesting the
    movement of tree braches causes winds.



    • 127
      Sir William Wayde says:

      Indeed, they don’t appear to understand the scientific meaning of “drives”. The driver for the Jet Stream is the Earth’s rotation.


  25. 101
    The poor are always with you says:

    I would be a lot happier if this lot mouthed off as much about creating full employment as they do about dismantling the welfare state.

    If you tolerate poverty you will never get anywhere .


    • 106
      A flying seagull says:

      Anyone unemployed and on benefits for 12 months should be taken outside and shot.


      • 110
        coluche says:

        At least there is someone here who is talking sense and looking at viable solutions to the problems which confront the country.


      • 121
        Take Aim. FIRE. says:

        Shot dead I take it. It would cost the NHS and disability quangos a fortune if tens of thousands of Jeremy Kyle viewers were suffering from gunshot wounds.


    • 107
      Mr Potato Head says:

      If you allow uncontrolled immigration from poor countries like Romania you can never get rid of poverty. That is so bloody obvious yet some dimwits always ignore it.


  26. 118
    Baldy Bojo says:

    Sorry Nick, we all know that Cameron has bare backed the country with his EU ‘friends’.


  27. 123
    Great Opening Lines says:

    “I will not here relate how, at the age of fifteen, I became the mistress of the Earl of Chesterfield…..


  28. 124
    Truthteller says:

    Enoch Powell, the greatest Prime Minister this country never had.


    • 131
      The Times are a changed says:

      Those were the days. The Unions marched in favour of Enoch, Labour (mainly) were against the Common market and being made Lords.


      • 171
        JadedJean says:

        That was OLD Labour and they were NATIONAL socialist (socialism in one country). Old Labour were usurped by the the Socialist International (the kosher approved form of socialism). Hence the abandonment of clause iv and the rise of NEW Labour. A libertarian, right-wing that was adopted by Murdoch and his News International.


  29. 138
    East is a Beast says:

    Let’s face it. You only have to look at the Eurovision song contest to realise that the further East you go the stranger they get. Until you get to Is rail where they are either all homosexual or transgendered.


  30. 143
    altruism in industry says:

    I think there is an opportunity for somebody to make a modern textiles plant producing technical cold weather outfits, some of that stuff is presently several hundreds of pounds


  31. 149
    Here's Lucy says:


  32. 151
    Dimmy Dave, the Cowardly Knave says:

    …Sovereignty for sale, sovereignty for sale, 20p a £1, sovereignty for sale, come and get it but protect my sorry arse, sovereignty for sale…


  33. 158
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    So now we know – there will be savage cuts if the Tories are re-elected in 2015.
    They will go after the sick, the disabled and the unemployed, because they have amply demonstrated :
    1. They won’t pursue tax avoiders
    2. They won’t ‘supertax’ the bankers’ bonuses
    3. They won’t impose a windfall tax on the utility companies

    So if you’re sick, disabled, unemployed or just a low-wage earner, you know exactly what’s coming. Osborne confirmed it yesterday.


    • 162
      Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

      But then Labour actually did go after the sick, disabled and elderly by implementing a policy of euthanasia on the NHS when they were in power, for at least 8 years.

      So, you have a simple choice:

      i) Vote Tory for the possibility of cuts to funding, which given Dave’s track record with promises (see EU referendum) is questionable.

      ii) Vote Labour, for direct cuts in the form of murder.

      iii) Vote UKIP for a fresh start.

      Only a fool would vote Labour.

      The smart might prefer UKIP.

      Vote UKIP.


    • 164
      Ed Moribund says:

      Hey ! He’s attacking my core of vote of mongy, sickey, thickies.


    • 168
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      If Miliband gets in and you are a middle income earner with a mortgage and modest savings then he is coming for your money to pre-distribute it to someone else.

      Remember “predistribution” another one of Miliband’s intellectually suspect ideas which was a euphemism for taking working people’s money and giving it to labour votes


  34. 160
    Ed Moribund says:

    My speech lady is about the incredible rise in he price of pack of ordinary wood screws. I mean… £2.76 in B&Q.thats a disgrace. Just three years Go those same screws were £2.45.

    An ordinary voter wanting to put up a shelf must now face a cost of living crisis.

    Ps. My speech tomorrow is about the rise in price of Lego. It’s outrageous. That Lego Death Star I wanted for Christmas was £300! Fucking joke that!
    So Justine only got me the Boba Fett Slave 1.
    But the Han Solo in carbonite was missing! Tomorrow I’m going to talk about how people don’t do things properly anymore and the cost of things and wether the Lego Naboo Starfighter is worth having now its 25% off at the Entertainer


    • 168
      Free Market Thinking says:

      Buy the screws on EBay, much cheaper.

      Sell the leftovers off – you know the high street price, so should be easy to undercut, and that will find a buyer.

      People should stop thinking like communists, in that they have to go to a centralized store that charges a silly markup to buy stuff.


  35. 161
    Cynic says:

    Never mind that. If you want to see whats wrong in the UK look at this today

    Marion Price who bombed the Old Bailey has been at it again. She was convicted of promising a phone to terrorists to claim responsibility for the murder of two solders at Antrim in 2009 and for promoting terrorism by holding out a statement for a masked man to read out at a rally in which he threatened that Catholic Police officers would be murdered.

    What did she get – a suspended sentence because the judge said tthe risk of reoffending was low and (poor thing) health was now “poor and deteriorating” and if she returned to prison she faced a significant risk of severe depression.

    Well at least the two dead soldiers dont have to face that


  36. 163
    Anonymous says:

    George Smith (aka Iain Duncan Shithead) pretending to care about the poor?

    Must have started to realise what will be happening to him and his relatives when they are arrested after regime change.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


    • 167
      Comment scanner says:

      Nutter alert!


    • 172
      He Does though says:

      It’s true though. He spent years before the last election getting out and about with the poor and studying how the benefits system kept them poor. He’s bound to get flak by the nature of the ministry he controls. Of all people IDS does have a self determined passion to best help the poor and not tread them into the dirt under a wicked welfare system.


      • 199
        Anonymous says:

        ‘and studying how to make them poorer and punish them for being poor’

        Corrected that for you.


  37. 165
    Polly says:


  38. 176
    Tony Blair says:

    Just popped in to say “hi”
    See how you are all getting along without me.
    Everyone well?


  39. 182
    Anon. says:

    Is this the Labour MP for #benefitsstreet, what does she actually do for the area?


  40. 186
    Frank's son says:

    Why would an increase in NMW rattle the opposition? I thought it had risen every year since its inception? I just don’t understand Guido’s logic here?


  41. 197
    Pastcaring says:

    Trouble with Pinkoes is, they’re all barnacles on the arse of progress.


  42. 198
    Spartacus says:

    IDS will do anything tb-liar tells him is right.

    go to war on a false premise – OK tone, i will follow your lead . . .


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