January 7th, 2014

8 Loony Left Over Reactions to #BenefitsStreet

And Guido’s favourite, the Liverpool Labour activist who wants to kill the producers:

The revenge of the Welfare Party.

UPDATE: With an eye on her future political career Jasmin Amelia backtracks and apologises for calling for the murder of TV producers:


  1. 1
    M­aqboul says:

    But will these angry twitterers reach for their own wallets?

    • 18
      John Humprys is a total cunt says:

      Is that Jasmin Beckett of BBC QT “deliberate lefty plant in the audience” fame ?

      • 43
        Owin Jonesy says:

        No that was Amy 10 chins Rutland

      • 44
        Bleeding heart lefties...dontch just love 'em says:

        Hmmm…I wonder which council sink estate she lives on ?

        • 96
          Jasmine Amelia Beckett says:

          I am working class actually and so is my horse. My daddy put in extra shifts trading bonds at Deutshebank to get me into stage school. Vote Labour. Socialism! Woo!

          • The Meissen Bison says:

            Nominated for ‘Comment of the Day’ (maybe correcting the literal to Deutschebank?

          • Susan Bor says:

            Deut-she-bank would be clever because it was noticed one of the things that failed had in common that made them different from non-failed banks was that they had more female directors!

          • Gail Forswynds says:

            It’s beyond incredulous that any of these tweet-deploying class warriors think that C4 is anything other than a seething mass of lefty media types.

            Are they all utterly mental? Benefit Street exists all over the UK (cheers socialists!), why are they calling for the death of the messenger?

            By the way, will plod be investigating the death threats?

      • 73
        FFS says:

        Jasmin Beckett was another “plant” in that conference where Milliband tried to pretend he was talking to random “Normal” people about their problems with the Tory government.

        • 151
          Rightwinggit says:

          Poisonous little commie whore, isn’t she?

          • (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

            And now extremely contrite about her death threats.
            Dopy little airheaded tart.

          • Jack Ketch says:

            Funny how she only apologised AFTER the convictions today of people who made similar threats against a campaigner for putting women of banknotes.

          • Anonymous says:

            Frankly I find it pretty disgusting that people are turning to insult Beckett in this way, why introduce language labelling her as a prostitute? Just because she’s female. Great. Really makes for a compelling criticism

          • Rightwinggit says:

            Anonymong, all commies are whores, male and female.

    • 19
      Gordon says:

      They only give us one sheet to go with, so I’ve got to write small. Everybody must think I’ve disappeared, but I haven’t. They’ve locked me up and everyone in here is mad. Ed Miliband and Ed Balls must be sick with worry – I’m their hero and they’ve always advised me. If you ring them, they’ll get me out and demand a public inquiry.

    • 36
      Prince Rupert says:

      Very fake, very contrived, very organised, very childish. Labour were run through spin, this dishonest approach to public life is passe. Why are socialists so afraid of the truth, why do they feel they know all the answers and are prepared to condem people who dont agree with them. This controlling leftwing attitude gave rise to the Nazi’s and Adolph, the Communists and Stalin and Mao, and every other miserable, jealous, hypocritical and twisted numpty. Just grow up, and stop pretending you are upset when you are clearly not. The little minx’s who wants all C4 Producers dead should be reported to the police and arrested for inciting violence. If I Tweeted that I wanted all BBC producers who wasted so much tax payers money on a non entity like Mandela, I am sure someone would have complained, I would have been man handled and the Minx in the photo above would have felt justice had been done, so why cant she be arrested for inciting violence or whatever.

    • 59
      Hello Hello Hello. The Plod says:

      That’s a Twatter Hate Crime that is.

    • 76
      Cassandra says:

      These denizens of total unreality leftism will not reach for their wallets, they cannot even acknowledge the monsters they have created.

    • 210
      Jane Austin got my picture on the bank note says:

      Ah but will they be prosecuted? Me thinks not! they weren’t complaining, abusing feminist activists!

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Any articles on the loony right calling for benefit claimants to be gassed?

    • 10
      FFS says:

      Gas them? That’s going way too far. Castrate them. That’s what the Swedish Socialists did so it should please everybody.

    • 69
      Tin foil tophat says:

      That was the Fabian position in the 30s and 40s….

    • 161
      Psyche the Dog says:

      Not that I have seen, but this blog at times has come very close. I am not against genuine receivers of benfit, people who are having treatment for an illness, paraplegics, incureable and painfull illnesses etc, BUT I AM NOT in favour of benefit cheaters who have nothing wrong with them PLEASE DO NOT LUMP ALL BENFIT CLAIMANTS TOGETHER the deserving and lead swinging. Benefit cheats are in the same league as those other cheaters who make false insurance claims, everyone eventually pays for their dishonesty.

    • 209
      Who IS Harry's dad? says:

      “Any articles on the loony right calling for benefit claimants to be gassed?”
      Not with the price of gas these days

  3. 3
    Coeur_de_lion says:

    These lefties simply baffle me.

    • 16
      Hugh Janus says:

      They don’t like it up ‘em!

    • 194
      Bulls**t Baffles Brains says:

      I can never understand how the left can simultaneously believe -

      a) People on benefits are only out of work because they can’t find jobs, and
      b) We need lots of immigrants to to the jobs the British won’t do.

    • 217
      Andy says:

      Lefty reaction is driven by a terror that the media may actually begin to cotton on to the level of benefit abuse, which would make lefty bleeting redundant.

  4. 4
    JH34989342529345 says:

    I think we need to have an opt-in system as to whether our taxes go towards benefits for the professional benefit-claiming class.

    Then these little flowers can fund it all themselves, and pay for their own breathless moral superiority while the rest of us get on with our lives and spend our hard earned on the things we actually want to.

    • 48
      FFS says:

      We used to have such a system. It was called charity and was popular in Victorian times.

      Than somebody came up with a way to buy votes in the democratic system using other peoples hard labour and that was the end of that.

      • 65
        M­aqboul says:

        In particular the excellent system of Workhouses. Conditions were so bad and shameful that most people would work hard to stay our or get out. For those that failed in that endeavour they at least had a roof over their heads and food on the table, albeit for which they paid for by work.

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Random Tweeters tweet stupid shit.

    In other news – Bear poo found in woods.

    • 29
      This is the sewage we share oxygen with says:

      Not random though, are they? They include Labour party activists.

      • 87
        Yeah,right.... says:

        Yes, and whilst they cry foul at broadcasters drawing attention to the way some citizens ponce a living off the rest, they think it perfectly acceptable to ‘punch’ and murder those publishing it.

        Pol Pot would approve.

    • 169
      Sam the Skull drinking Buckfast in Maryhill says:

      Pope Francis certified to be member of the Roman Catholic Church.

  6. 6
    altruism in industry says:

    not having a telly I do sometimes feel on the sidelines of history

  7. 7
    perdix says:

    “Tory affiliated media machine” ? In C4 it helps to get a job if you are the daughter of a former Labour Leader.

    • 41
      Bill Quango MP (5) says:

      Lefties are always victims.
      Jon Snow was once referred to as “so done who is paid a lot of money to read out pages from he Guardian.”

      I still prefer C4 news to BBC. Because , as is happening now, every now and then a rouge producer gets in and C4 goes dangerously off message.

      • 100
        Winston says:

        A boy from my year at Grammar school in Buckinghamshire went to Uni to study history and politics and came out a radical socialist, moved into media and is now Head of Sport for C4. He’s the one who sacked John McCririck, saying he did not fit with his plans for a more inclusive output. More diversity, except for those in media management, who are all middle-class lefties, like him. I remember him as a safe, favoured pupil who was captain of the football team. Now, he rants against selective schools. Do as I say, not as I do – the socialist motto.

  8. 8
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Hilarious! Rather than condemn idle scroungers they attack a public broadcaster who dares to show what is going on.

    • 26
      LB says:

      It is going on. However, looking at some of them last night, the druggie for example, is beyond ever getting a job. He is unemployable. The question you have to ask, what role did the state play in him getting into that position? Well by and large they let him, by paying him cash.

      For the others, they need to get up off their arses.

      • 50
        This is the sewage we share oxygen with says:

        We fund her.

      • 91
        Yeah,right.... says:

        Yes, IDS crept out in the night and injected skag into his veins while the poor chap was sleeping.

        • 116


          • RomaBob.... Beeg Issue, Beeg Issue! says:

            Just wait until the new influx of Romas start to create their own ghettos, you ain’t seen anything yet :)

          • Bob Sherunkle says:

            I have been assured by lefties, the meeja and various politicians that this won’t happen, can’t happen and is a lie made up by racists and loonies.

            The Romanian accordian players outside my local ALDI, eastern European beggars and shoplifters/muggers in my area are therefore either a figment of my imagination or a well orchestrated black flag op by evil humanity hating right-wingers.

            Yes, that makes sense.

  9. 9
    Newsfox says:

    Easiest thing in the world to find some people on benefits, strip out all context and villify them. Could do absolutely exactly the same to the braindead, racist, moronic rich.

    Oh, wait a minute, we do….Made in Chelsea! (mainly watched by benefit claimants no doubt!)

    • 21
      FFS says:

      Nah. C4 duped the people into co-operating with them, but nevertheless they didn’t put words into people’s mouths.

      The alcoholic, for instance, genuinely believes that working people should be funding his “illness” as he puts it.

    • 214
      2112 says:

      “Easiest thing in the world to find some people on benefits…”
      In Britain, certainly

  10. 11
    Robert says:

    Tory affiliated media??? Have they ever watched channel 4 before?

    • 35
      All socialists are hypocrites says:

      Obviously not….half hour of Channel 4 News should soon disabuse them of their misguided beliefs

  11. 12
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Some of those accounts need suspending for abuse.

  12. 13
    D$ says:

    Isn’t incitement or malicious communications a serious criminal offence now ?
    Prehaps Guido should report Jasmin Beckett to the police for incitement to murder ?

    • 32
      Perry Mason says:

      I think you will find that all the CPS lawyers are either on strike or alternatively only accepting private paying civil briefs.

    • 78
      Tin foil tophat says:

      They only do that to non left wingers to make examples of them. Very effective control method. The police have been left wing lackies since they were done over with the “institutionalised racism” crap in the Lawrence enquiry. (Institutionalised racsim = is not biased in favour of minorities)

  13. 14
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

  14. 17
    D$ says:


    Her tweet is as serious as ALL of the above. if not more so IMHO.

    Its about time the left was made aware the law applied to them as well….

  15. 22
    Not a BBC programme says:

    Well done Channel 4!

  16. 24
    This is the sewage we share oxygen with says:

  17. 28
    Simon says:

    Hilarious. The Left are all in a tizzy because one of their usual bedfellows, channel 4, strayed from the party line by (shock horror) questioning the welfare culture and its impact. The hysterical reaction is typical of so many on the left when they discover their opinions are not universally shared.

  18. 30
    PC plunk egg says:

    We shall be mostly ignoring these lefty violent hate tweets.
    We only investigate tweets if they have a go at mussies.

  19. 31
    All socialists are hypocrites says:

    First those on the left tell us that Cameron and this Coalition are right wing …. then its that BBC is biased towards Tories(don’t just believe me trawl the comments section of The Guardian on any day)and now that Channel 4 is Tory !!!

    This is so amusing and shows just how much the left in Britain are talking total and utter shite. Trouble us they actually believe every single piece of the bollocks they type or utter

    • 102
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Just looked at the trailer; a couple of obese women so money for food not a problem and a couple of drunks so money not a problem for alcohol.

      • 121
        Cupcake says:

        Also-lots of fags. The Tories should use some clips of this show in their next PPB.

        • 174
          (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

          Lots of quality tatoo’s, expensive mobile phones and big tellies.
          Defenitely living on the poverty.
          Can’t afford loo paper but smoking tailor made ciggies, at £6 a pack, like they’re going out of fashion.
          Poverty my a**se.
          And if you don’t think the propaganda arm of one nation labour that is C4/BBC were simply rubbing the noses of “ordinary” people in the crap ZanuLibore created then you must be as thick as the left wing cheer leaders led by the dopy bint with the death threats and fake tears.

  20. 33
    Adam Beer says:

    Punch me.

    • 62
      Demagogue says:

      How come all these lefties want to revert to violence if they don’t agree with something/somebody?

  21. 34
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Get a fuckin’ job you bone idle layabouts!

  22. 37
    FFS says:

    I really struggle to see how a party that claims it believes in “social justice” thinks it is OK for a tenant farmer to work 80 hours week to put food on the table of a man how believes his alcoholism is an illness that should be funded by the taxpayer.

    At one end of society you have the rich in money, at the other you have those rich in time. I seem to have neither time nor money, but I am expected to donate both time and money to benefit the other two groups.

    • 68
      JadedJean says:

      That’s because you are an engineer. AKA a do’er.

      Those with PPE degrees just like to spout useless rhetoric and argue all the time. It’s also a female trait.

  23. 38
    Jon Snow is a total cunt says:

    Well C4 obviously didn’t seek pinko Jon Snow’s approval before airing the programme.

  24. 39
    Owin Jonesy says:

    Marxist moron wants a slap

  25. 40
    Ban the Left says:

    This was a propagandized show. Instead of reacting emotionally, the left should realize that they do not have the monopoly on such techniques and maybe start coming up with policy ideas which could address the problem that has been exaggerated on TV.

    Comparison to what was going on in G’ermany is perhaps a bit disrespectful, but again we see that the left truly do not care about real people, or for that matter History. For them, history is a paint by numbers source to be revised for whatever cause they are trying to advocate in the present.

    What people need to understand is that EU distortion of UK society, in part immigration is a factor there, and Labour policy 1997 thru 2010 combined with coalition policy to date, is what is responsible for what they are seeing on screen.

    If they cannot be bothered to come up with a sensible alternative, UKIP perhaps should fill that void.

  26. 42
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    If poor old Jasmin is so upset she can always volunteer, along with all the other lefties, to pay more in taxes so we can keep more of what we earn.

    She could take it a step further by letting a benefits claimant live in her spare bedroom or sleep on her living room floor – thought not.

    C4 a right wing broadcaster; I was astounded they even thought of making his programme.

    Is the public debate finally changing on welfare and benefits

    • 84
      FFS says:

      Jasmin can’t pay more taxes. The little sweetie doesn’t finish her “A” levels until 2015. She could let a benefits claimant sleep in her spare room but her parents might get a tad miffed.

    • 85
      M­aqboul says:

      Or she could set up a charitable system of “Booze Banks” so that the taxpayer did not have to fund other peoples’ habits.

  27. 45
    Anonymous says:

    they hate it when their years of mess gets exposed………the scrounger is their core markets for votes.

  28. 47
    Song for Balls says:
    • 54
      This is the sewage we share oxygen with says:

      I’d give her one though.

    • 60
      Ban the Left says:

      As I recall, at the end of the real video, doesn’t the guy turn out to be gay ?

      So, she is perhaps implying that Ed Balls is gay ?

      Not a very bright lefty, or, perhaps this is a scoop ?

      • 72
        A cheeky scouser says:

        It would appear that we are here dealing with an allegation of illegal under age sex.

        Unfortunately there is no one left to prepare the necessary paperwork for £46.50 at the CPS.

        • 79
          Ban the Left says:

          Ed Balls encouraging sexual activity with under aged Labour activists ?

          Well seeing as he hangs out with likes of Flowers, that is credible.

          Where’s that smear machine when you need it ?

    • 95
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Very white and very middle class, assume her parents work somewhere in the public sector

      Remind me again what she has in common with the white working class and how she is going to help them come off welfare dependency

      • 106
        M­aqboul says:

        That’s the last thing a lefty wants. Help the working class to better themselves and you create a generation of Tories.

      • 112

        They are NOT working class they are the scum class who’s sole existence is the direct result of the misappropriation of the taxes paid by the working class!

    • 98
      Child Expoloitation by the Left says:

      She’s only seventeen and the Local Labour party are already exploiting her and putting her in danger. Making her walk the streets and knock on strangers doors to promote the Labour movement, dressed up as Santa in a onesie.


    • 126
      Going going gone says:

      She’s pulled the vid. I wonder why?

      • 140
        WoRaft Chihuahua says:

        She’s barely legal so now would be a good time to revise that comment.

        I’m torn between laughing and feeling bad because a very little girl is foolish enough to put her bedroom pin-ups on her twitter feed. Since one of them is Hugh Bonneville I can’t help thinking ridiculous things. I’m a bad person and I’m going straight to hell. But if I were her mother I’d be removing much of this material now before the silly kitten picks up a serious stalker.

        17 year olds are allowed to be earnest and fluffy and silly – if not then, when? – but politics is a serious business. The local Labour party should not be staking out a fresh kid with the cynical aim of tempting in a load of hungry old komodo dragons.

        • 141
          WoRaft Chihuahua says:

          “That comment” was a much earlier one rather than 125. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

          • Anonymous says:

            Agree now that her age has become apparant. Her local Labour party have a duty of care to her and they are not exercising it properly. Geedo should think about this too.

        • 175
          John Bellingham says:

          Why are middle-aged politicians allowed to exploit teenage girls in this way? Isn’t it called “grooming”?

    • 134
  29. 55
    Alternative reactions says:
  30. 56
    Tin foil tophat says:

    Funny how socialists are alway invoking national SOCIALISM to slur their opponents…

  31. 57
    Anders Breivik says:

    That Jasmin Beckett scares the shit out of me!

  32. 58
    JH34989342529345 says:

    I think a worm is turning. People are finally getting fed up with the parasitic classes, be they BBC executives or hopeless alcoholics on bennies.

    The magical incantation of ‘racist!’ is also losing its power to get the sanctimonious left whatever it wants at someone else’s expense.

    I worry for them. They have got nothing else left in the bag. :)

  33. 64
    Dr Freud says:

    Rather than outrage at the poverty, ignorance and waste these loons blame the TV channel. It seems they cling to delusional ideas and get aggressive when challenged, as if they know they’re wrong but cannot admit it.

    These people must attack the media rather than confront the serious social concerns, they place their delusions ahead of those in need.

    • 104
      FFS says:

      They blame the TV channel for exposing what Labour’s policies are doing to Britain.

      Labour don’t want anybody to know what decades of buying votes has done to people at the bottom end of society. They don’t care about right or wrong. They just want the votes.

  34. 70
    The twitter says:
  35. 75
    Rob says:

    “Mr Ethical” – your twitter name, your beard – everything about you points to you being incredibly, suffocatingly smug. What a wanker.

  36. 80
    Rickytshirt says:

    I didn’t watch this program but the fact that it has apparently upset so many totalitarians means that I will definitely have a butchers online.

  37. 81
    Benefits Claimant says:

    Dey is rite. I wuz stiched up proper by dem TV peeps. Dey left out all de bits wear I wuz wurking an erning monny. Dey even tryed to say robbin howses n sellin skunk diddent count.

    • 93
      Tracey says:

      Doz you have a 60 inch Plazma telly? If you ain’t, dat is povertee! 60 inch plazma is a ooman right, ya get me?

      • 114
        Benefits Claimant says:

        Dat is the trooth bruv. You need dem 60 inches to show off wot da PS4 can do. Dem grafix on da noo Call Of Duty is sick.

      • 117
        Roma immigrant says:

        I could not agree more. My cousin Djordji has a 40 inch TV and he might as well have a DVD player instead of blu ray. You need the bigger screen for the HD picture and for 3D. I make fun of him when we are signing on together and then going to Paddy Power.

    • 196
      Cinna says:

      Could you speak English please!

  38. 89
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Labour have been found out yet again, but this time it was broadcast on TV for all to see.
    If the lefty twats want to complain about something, then complain about the £100,000,000 the BBC wasted on its failed computer system. Let them ask how that money could have been better spent e.g. flood defence.

  39. 94
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    On the C4 benefits programme a TV was left on with nobody watching. These are the people labour support and yet labour complain about energy prices. The taxpayer is footing the bill.

  40. 99

    There is a widespread misapprehension how the benefits system works. It is structured so that a certain level of income is received one way or another. If you lose out on one benefit, you make up part or all of the the deficiency on another.

    Take the state pension as an example. If the State pension rises less slowly then the amount swallowed up by pension credit for those with little or no income bar the state pension and no substantial savings will rise, as will housing benefit and council tax benefit for those with little income who rent. As the majority of pensioners have no .substantial savings or a pension other than the state pension, the overall amount of money the taxpayer would have to cough up is unlikely to radically change if the uprating of the state pension is put on a footing which results in lower increases.

    There is even a potential loss for those with more generous pensions and savings who pay income tax after retirement age. If the state pension rises more slowly, this group will pay less income tax.

    To make any significant savings on pensioners, the whole pension and benefits system would need to be radically altered.

    • 122
      FFS says:

      It is the same with benefits

      If you are not working you can claim child tax credit, housing benefit, child benefit free school meals etc. up to a limit of £26,000 per year.

      If you are on a minimum wage you can claim working tax credit, child tax credit and child benefit adding £10,000 on top of your £13,000 salary, but you can also claim housing benefit on top. You will pay almost no tax. All together you will likely have an after tax income of about £30,000.This is equivalent to about £40,000 before tax.

      As you go up towards in salary you lose progressively more tax credits and get taxed more until you reach £32,000 p.a. but at that point your after tax income is only about £28,000. So although your employer values you 3 x more than the lady cleaning the toilets, the government disagrees and actually levels your net disposable income via the benefits system so that you take home more or less the same, and it isn’t much different from someone claiming full bennies.

      As you go above £32,000 you now get taxed at 40%. So you really need to be earning more than £40,000 to start making an appreciable difference to your income compared to someone claiming full bennies. But remember, you are basically going to be working 40hrs a week to be something like £4,000 a year better off than someone on bennies!

      Once you go above £50,000 you not only get taxed much more you also lose your child benefit. At this point it becomes sensible to start thinking about working fewer hours to avoid paying excessive tax, because once you are paying income tax at 40% and losing child benefit as well the marginal rate of tax is as high as 65%.

      Once you go above £60,000 you are paying as much tax as you can be and your benefits are gone so now you start to make gains on the extra income. In 2014 an MPs salary will rise to £75,000p.a. On this kind of salary your net disposable income is at last significantly higher than someone on bennies.

      Gordon Brown achieved communism without anybody noticing. We now have everybody on the same net disposable income regardless of their value as measured by the free market. Only the elite have net disposable incomes higher than the rest of us.

      We have not yet realised the full impact of what the last Labour government has achieved, because many professional people have previously bought homes in middle-class areas well away from those on bennies, but this is changing as councils are forced to rent homes in middle class areas for those on housing benefit and banks start to consider tax credits as part of overall income towards mortgages.

      In one generation we will find our professionally qualified children living cheek by jowl with people that haven’t worked a day in their lives and have no intention of doing so.

  41. 105
    Add one to the ratings says:

    Cheers Lefties. I hadn’t heard of that program, never watch CH4 anyway. But thanks to your publicity I will have to see it now.

  42. 108
    M­aqboul says:

    Has Jasmin deleted her tweet yet ?

    • 111
      Chris Patten says:

      Just like to say this is appalling biased material and the BBC would never stoop to show anything like this unless we could adequately reflect the appropriate left wing views for a much longer prime time slot.

    • 163
      Susan Bor says:

      Eh up! Haz Yasmin tweeted ‘er delete yet?

  43. 109


  44. 113
    M­aqboul says:

    I love that bit about being down to your last pound and you have to choose whether to buy toilet roll or sugar. This should be a no-brainer really.

  45. 118
    Andrew Efiong says:

    And another thing, if these people are idle I’d like them to write 50 thank-you letters a day to the taxpayers who support them with their hard work every day.

    I’ve never heard of a claimant saying thanks, such is their lazy culture of entitlement.

    • 198
      Cinna says:

      That’s because they view their benefits as “their” money. Not the taxpayer who is subsidising their idle and feckless lives.

  46. 120
    2nd home scandal says:

    I’m on a desert island,I’d rather have Danny than Rupert

  47. 123
    Right Full Rudder says:

    This is a real local news story from Dartford in Kent:


    A JOBLESS gipsy is demanding a new home from Dartford Council after discovering a man died in her flat – saying her religion forbids her from living there.

    Lisa Bowden, 40, has not worked in 15 years and claims £260 in benefits a week and was given a newly-decorated two-bedroom home just two months ago.

    But she claims she can feel the presence of the spirit of the former tenant and says it is against her gypsy religion to live in a home where someone has died.

    The former heroin addict who has four children by two different fathers, is now asking Dartford Council for a three-bedroom house with garden.

    She said: “When someone dies from a gypsy culture, we would burn the caravan.

    “It is forbidden for us to enter somewhere where someone has died, it is not good for us. I can feel his spirit and it gives me the shivers.

    “The council need to give me a new home. One with a garden and three bedrooms so my daughter can visit.”

    She gets £70 weekly employment and support allowance, and £60-a-week in child tax credits.

    She also rakes in £80-a-month in child benefit, and her £90 weekly rent is paid for by the taxpayer.

    In her taxpayer-funded pad, Bowden has a large number of expensive gadgets and furnishings, including two flat-screen televisions, a PlayStation3 console, a Nintendo Wii, a new leather sofa-bed and a new microwave, kettle and toaster from Next.

    At Christmas she bought an expensive new laptop for her nine-year-old son.

    When she was given the flat at the end the council – who also pay her £90-a-week rent – gave Bowden nearly £200 to redecorate and she got a new bathroom and kitchen.

  48. 124
    Right Full Rudder says:

    This is worth reading. It’s not a spoof, it’s a real local news story from Dartford in Kent.


  49. 125
    The Boys In Blue says:
  50. 129
    Anon. says:

    Is this the Labour MP for #benefitsstreet, what does she actually do for the area?

  51. 137
    Guardian Reader says:

    This programme should be pulled down! These type of programmes are nothing more than propaganda and brainwash those with faulty mindsets (non Labour voters).

    We need to set up re-education camps to make sure people think correctly.

  52. 138
    (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

    These simpering, hate filled dim wit socialist plums really should take a long hard look at themselves.
    What a bunch of over opinionated ideollogically brainwashed s**t for brains idiots they really are.
    Unfortunately they dont even see the irony of their faux “working class” small minded comments.
    Like Owen Jones, Russel Brand, Stephen Fry, Tristam Hunt, Chuka Umana the Eagles, Balls and Cooper, Prescott, Johnson, Clegg, Cameron, Milliband et al they just think we are all thick (and they, obviously are genius) Times are changing I hope, close the BBC, leave the EU to its corrupt and increasingly meaningless devices, make the twitterati the butt of all your jokes and vote out the common purpose goons in parliament for a start. Rather UKIP, independents and a little chaos than the total dross we have put up with for the last 20 years.

    • 159

      yeah …. but ukip only if nigel reinstates ole father Bloom and makes him chancellor of the exchequer !!

    • 181
      Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      Brian you are dangerous but perfectly right in your analysis,the political establishment are beyond parody one is reminded of Nero fiddling while Rome burnt,this country is on the road to hell.

  53. 139
    labour are hypocrites says:

    Maybe the message for “adam” is that if he is sen on the street, he is fair game and we should nail his bollocks, presuming he has any to the nearest lampost.

  54. 146
    Will says:

    I do believe the makers of this programme did edit the programme to make it worse than it is, however the fact remains is that none of the individuals was forced to contribute to the programme or admit any misdeeds.

  55. 148
    Ed the Eunoch says:

    Why do people watch Crap4 or Bore4?

  56. 149
    • 190
      Eamonn O'Lith says:

      Police quote:

      Supt Long added: “The Winson Green area of Birmingham is a diverse and vibrant community and the Soho neighbourhood policing team – which covers James Turner Street – enjoys a very positive relationship with local residents and community groups.”

      “Diverse and Vibrant”.

      Fantastic euphamism, or Orwellian doublethink?

  57. 150
    Piss-poor Comedian says:

    Stephie Mackinnon asks, “Remember germany in the 1930′s?”

    No, and neither does she, the daft cow.

    And it’s Germany not germany, and 1930s not 1930′s. Otherwise a great tweet.

  58. 152
    Anonymous says:

    “I want every producer at C4 dead.” So this silly little girl is so upset at a television program, but is quite happy to leave families of people that work at C4 without a mother, father or sibling?

    Typical lefty. Spews hatred whilst taking offence at the slightest thing.

  59. 153
    Squeezing Pimples says:

    The trouble with these people, how on earth can they can claim they are too ill to work is that it makes people think that all people on benefits are like them. The outrage by the left and Labour shows how out of touch they are with reality yet they will defend their core supporters.

  60. 154
    Camerclegband says:

    At least the poor things have got their iPhones, plasma telly’s, tabs and beer to help them thru’ the hard times; and have you seen the price of tattoo’s these says !! They should be on the NHS !!

  61. 156
    Big Bird In Need Of Benefits.. says:

    Can you tell me how to get……..how to get to BENEFITS STREET!!

  62. 158
    Behold a Pale Horse says:

    Benefits Street: a transference of evil

    do not be divided or conquered . . . the main political parties are all nasty parties and the agenda is the same . .it’s just the spin that differs

    • 165
      Its O'Fish Ali says:

      I think there are gov’t trolls now on this blog as part of the ‘nudging’ of society . . . I see a different character to the comments from what I saw a while ago . .

    • 166
      Anonymous says:

      Two questions:

      - why the shades?
      - why are you waving your hands around like a mong?

    • 167
      Airey Belvoir says:

      That is hilarious, best thing since ‘Doreen’. Real, or a clever bit of satire? Full marks for a most entertaining rant.

    • 180
      Anonymous says:

      Excellent entertainment!

    • 200
      Cinna says:

      Vocabulary challenged, in my opinion. Apart from that….hilarious.

    • 203
      Mong Watch says:

      Someone should feed the exhaust fumes back into his car during the next youtube clip.

  63. 162
    Lord Palfery says:

    right wing, tory, nazis – all the same – chunts

  64. 177
    Anonymous says:

    How far down your throat is murdoch dick you fucking halfwit,

  65. 178
    Another Headshrinker says:

    Filthy communist bitch, she is only sorry that she got caught! Is she fellating Euan Blair?

  66. 183
    Anon says:

    I,m sure if it was hooray Henry’s carrying on the left would have been screaming about the behavior and thanking channel 4 for exposing them in there true light.

  67. 184
    Anonymous says:

    The left’s visceral hatred for those who do not share their opinions should make anyone think twice about voting for them.

    Remember Greenpeace and “We know where you live”?

  68. 186
    The Lobbyist says:

    I want to report Jasmine’s Twitter comments to the Police. Anyone got advice as to the best way to do this?

    • 187
      Bob Sherunkle says:

      Phone your local police and make an official complaint, give them the details.

      Ask for an incident number.

  69. 189
    PG_Bill says:

    Well of course loony righties don’t like their propaganda being exposed. Try getting some facts at https://twitter.com/jonrosling/status/420306594962751488/photo/1

    • 191
      Eamonn O'Lith says:

      Right, ignore blatant criminals because they’re one of you?

      Ignore people making death threats on Twitter because they’re lefties?

      Not very consistent “thinking” there.

      Looking at the twitter comments on that post is hilarious – muppets actually seem to think Channel 4 is secretly run by disgusting tories.

      LOL just doesn’t cover it.

  70. 201
    tigerowl says:

    Thirty years ago those people would have been working in the hundreds of engineering factories around Birmingham But good old British business prefers to have its products made in China. So if you want to remove the benefits from people, tell British industry to bring back manufacturing to Britain.
    And is this the level of debate now on this blog? ….”No, but can you please stop sucking his cock?”…. copied from above. And that person has the vote?????

    • 206

      THOSE ARESHOLES WOULD NEVER HAVE THE INTELLIGENCE TO WORK IN AN ENGINEERING FACTORY.The scum class are direct result of the benefits system, they would not even exist if it were not for the single muvver industry.
      These filth are depriving the genuine claimants of the level of help that they need , and parasitising on the backs of the working people who see their hard earned money being wasted on them.

  71. 202
    Labour dross ruined Britain says:

    these lefties are scum. There is a simple answer here – if youbelieve in continued support for benefits you can foot the bill. Alone. Socialism is about the state helping itself to other people’s money and nothing else. You are welcome to your bent morals but don’t expect me to contirbute to their cost.

    Benefit continuance is like feeding junk food to animals at the zoo – you’re not helping them and they just expect more and acquire bad habits.

  72. 207
    PC PC says:

    Is the labour poster saying she wants the C4 producers dead going to be investigated for threats as the tweets are to the occupants of thus wondrous street?

  73. 212
    Nu Attack Dog says:

    Funniest thread for ages – thank you

  74. 213
  75. 216
    Andy says:

    Yes this shows the level of benefit dependancy that was entrenched by labour. People now take free cash and accomodation for granted and want more.

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