January 2nd, 2014

Quote of the Day

Dan Hannan describes Guido’s readers in this week’s Speccie:

“…some are high-minded libertarians, others are angry anti-politics types, a few are unhinged conspiracy theorists.”


  1. 1
    Angry spied upon libertatian says:

    And some are all 3…

    • 7
      e&oe says:

      & the other 99.9%?

    • 13
      joseph addison says:

      so reading this makes mr hannan – just plain daft?

      • 18
        Danniel "Part of the problem" Hannan says:

        I read this blog because I’ve got nothing else to do all day.

        Except claim EU-expenses, of course.

        So long, suckers!

        Mwaaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!

  2. 2

    Ohhhhh! Thats naice innit? Innit???

  3. 3
    LB says:


    Hannan doesn’t get it.

    He’s all in favour of returning power from the EU to Westminster, because the EU is out of touch. He then thinks that he and his mates will do exactly the same things the EU does to the electorate.

    It’s not about EU or Westminster.

    It’s all about the mess that people like Hannan (politicians) have created.

    With over 8 trillion of debts, rising faster each year than total taxes, the electorate is about to find out just how the state makes you destitute.

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Second Front Now!

  5. 5
    this ladder is ours says:

    He left out the sad leftie trolls.

  6. 6
    All lefty news says:

    And some are twots

  7. 8
    john in cheshire says:

    On what evidence does Mr Hannan base his assertion?

  8. 10
    Glyn H says:

    Hannan speaks a damn sight straighter than twerps like Clegg (exit would damage UK , from the man who said the same about not joining the Euro), Miliband (no apology for the Climate Change Act, or the Brown disaster) of Cameron/Osborne (what happened to £1m inheritance promise or reigning in public spending?).
    And I follow politics. No wonder Joe public says he doesn’t trust any of the sods!

  9. 11
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Hold on a minute – Hannan describes Guido’s “READERS” … as ….

    Guido clarification needed there me thinks…

  10. 14
    domino says:

    and some wonder why Hannan still clings to a failed party that’s about to get blown out of the EU parliament.

  11. 15
    Cupertino says:

    No different to most papers and most blogs then!

  12. 17
    Sarcastic David Laws says:

    He left out the Abbott-obsessed racists.

    Moderation magnet: pea.

    • 19
      Rt Hon (!) David Laws stole £50,000 so he got a really lengthy jail term I should think. says:

      Ere, who let you out of prison?

  13. 20
    brodericki crawfordski-bucaresti says:

    despite protestations to the contrary our danny is a committed left footer who believes in the sanctity of family life , the omnicompetence of the european ideal plus the joyful return of the holy roman empire in the cloak of barr-oh-so , van rump steak and and martin goebbels-schulz.

    oh and of course …. the brussels gravy train.

  14. 21
    Cabbage says:

    I’m just fed up with Hannan’s Party thieving more and more of my earnings. So him and his tax obsessed mate Cameron can fcuk right off and stop pretending they are Conservatives.

  15. 23
    Brown takes on a midget with one hand tied behind her back & loses! says:


    B.liar is third place? ffs!

  16. 24
    Brown takes on a midget with one hand tied behind her back & loses! says:

    “…some are high-minded libertarians,
    others are angry anti-politics types, a
    few are unhinged conspiracy

    I am all three the occassional satirist. :)

    The speccie geeks should stop labelling us & lumping us into various categories or we will label and categorise them as dumb fucks! Got that? Good!

  17. 26
    Rightwinggit says:

    Hannan? I’m a Conservative.

    That’s why I’m voting UKIP.

    Go fuck yourself.

  18. 27
  19. 28
    askerratt says:

    But Hannan is an arrogant twat with a funny shaped head. 

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  20. 30
    Foggy n Smoggy in the Eurozone. says:


    Basket case economy who scammed its way into the eurozone by cooking the books. Now those books are thrown into the fire creating a thick smoggy atmosphere over Athens. I imagine it will linger for sometime.

  21. 33
    East India Company Wallah says:

    Some are simply wind-up merchants here for a laugh,The Brown Terror was some of the best ad-libbed wit I have ever seen
    Even a conspiracy theorist would smile at the idea a student whose thesis was on a narrow strain of marxist trade unionism (scotch) would be given the strings of the biggest purse in the land as chancellor-now you and I both know Dan that aint gonna happen-oh!

    • 37
      Gordon Brown, man of action. Not. says:

      “thesis was on a narrow strain of marxist trade unionism”

      And it still took him eleven years to write it.

  22. 34

    Hannan, at one time used to talk some sense, especially on the EU, but more recently he seems to have watered down his assertions now it has become a distinct possibility that the UK might actually tell Barrosso’s gang where to go, and quit the whole stinking mess.
    If he had had the courage of his convictions he would have left the tory EU arsehole suckers in the EU parliament and joined with UKIP .

  23. 35
    Libertarians hate police says:

    And most are unproductive fucktoids with nothing to do but bitch inbetween whilst sucking on gweedo’s anal hair all day.

  24. 36
    Anonymous says:

    Proud to be described as all of the above, even though the unhinged bit is unfair, albeit typical of a scumbag politico trying to dismiss those who condemn their troughing and general all round dishonesty.

    Hannan used to come across as fairly decent, but over the last year or so he has morphed into just another quisling.

  25. 38
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    It so helps the UKIP cause begin called names by moderate Tories !

  26. 39
    Slartibartfarst says:

    When you have no rational argument left with which to steer a debate or discussion in your favour, then use The coward’s last resort – the logical fallacy of ad hominem.

  27. 40
    Sungei Patani says:

    And most are just plain bonkers.

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