January 2nd, 2014

François Hollande Abandons “Milibandism”

In a panicky new year message France’s President François Hollande has pledged to cut public spending, lower taxes and reduce labour costs for businesses in a bid to convince French voters that he is trying to avert le triple dip. The opposite of the policies which can be described as “Milibandism”.

It seems only yesterday that Ed was welcomed onto the steps of the Elysee Palace with a handshake from his new best comrade, saying:


“What President Hollande is seeking to do in France and what he is seeking to do in leading the debate in Europe is find that different way forward. We are in agreement in seeking that new way that needs to be found and I think can be found.”

Socialist Hollande now has the lowest net approval rating ever recorded for a French President at +20%. When you are a loser no one wants to shake your hand, as this batch of photos of Hollande with world leaders shows. Well, all apart from one other socialist leader with an even worse net approval rating of -34%, Monsieur Miliband…


  1. 1

    And when he was up he was up
    And when he was down he was down
    And when he was neither up nor down
    He was always Ed Miliband.


    • 7
      Ah! M says:

      The ‘Ed’ seems superfluous. HNY


    • 23
      dai laughing says:

      the problem with ‘lower labour costs for industry’ euro-style is subsidies

      sure the french consumer is screwed sideways by utilities prices – but industry is not, and, perhaps, as in supposedly efficient germany, is heavily subsidised

      could his idea be to subsidise labour costs rather than reduce (ludicrous0 labour taxes on employers?

      which would put the pressure back on megaband – if nic’s aren’t income tax – then why are uk employers paying part of them? and why are uk employers paying business rates several times the level of the cost of services that they consume?


    • 99
      Sir William Wayde says:

      What is it with short, ambitious Frenchmen?


      • 162

        They want to get taller?

        They lost the flower of their youth in the World Wars and are now essentially a peasant nation of runts.


        • 182
          Le Petomaine says:

          Their official “military” losses in WW2 include resistance movement (fair enough) plus colonies plus … err 38,000 who were killed fighting for the Axis.


          • Jack Ketch says:

            Actually, the Napoleonic Wars reduced the average height of Frenchmen by five inches, as they began to recover along came WW1, after that–syphilis.


    • 130
      left wing, right wing, they're all turkeys. . says:

      Is it just me? or does Hollande look like the one having second thoughts in the bottom picture?

      There’s no loser like a labour LOSER…..

      Aaaah ha ha ha HNY


    • 133
      left wing, right wing, they're all turkeys. . says:

      Is it just me?
      Or does Hollande look like the one having second thoughts/regrets in the last picture?

      No LOSER like a LABOUR LOSER!

      Ahhhhh ha ha ha


    • 156
      Mr Nobody says:

      A pair of losers. Socialists are clinging on to the fact that they have a small poll lead 16 months from an election and that they don’t need much of a lead for a majority. Unfortunately, they haven’t grasped the concept of the electoral cycle any more than Brown and Balls did the economic cycle.

      It isn’t enough, Miliband is heading for a big defeat.


      • 183
        Back to school says:

        Hey, if Miliband loses its back to school, be it post eighteen level. Happy days returns, like Daddy. Lecturing and writing from his readings will keep Miliband happy for the rest of his life.


      • 204
        Hung Parliament 2015 says:

        Thankfully, so is Cameron.


    • 167
      Hugh Jend says:

      There’s an ugly old bag named Beckett
      When camping she’d sh1t in a bucket
      She looks like a horse is a trougher
      Of course…
      And when she got caught she said
      F**k it!


  2. 1
    Loser says:

    Stop associating me with Hollande and Miliband.


    • 14

      One and one is one
      One and one is one

      My Head needs some Medicine:

      It is Adobe so I will forbear from the proper link or it will fuck everyone’s computers up… :-)

      Sort your jump-to commands as well, G, it is all over the shop!


    • 35
      Gerard Depardieu says:

      When you prefer to live in Belgium ffs, you know your country is finished.


    • 81
      I hate socialists. says:

      Gods gift to the Conservative Party , Red Ed Miliband and Ed Balls .What a pair of muppets.


      • 160
        Mr Nobody says:

        All this talk of Miliband ditching Balls is irrelevant. Labour’s unelectability is primarily because of Miliband – it is him they need to drop if they are not to face defeat a la Michael Foot.


    • 176
      Psyche the Dog says:

      Those two females are too busy posing and he profered his hand to a Muslim cleric, the 3 guys bottom left also seem to be posing the one on the bottom right looks as he has smelt a rather smell


  3. 3
    The good news keeps on coming so don't vote labour says:

    Inflation down employment up the country getting better
    Don’t vote labour back in for more years of terror


    • 15
      Fanatical times says:

      Ft this morning

      Britain to boom in 2014. Hahahaha

      fuck you Balls with your flatlining shit.


    • 73
      I hate socialists. says:

      Over the next year ,the Conservatives should have posters and full page adverts
      showing Miliband embracing French socialist policies and then people can see what
      a first class dickhead he is along with his bag carrier Ed Bollox


  4. 4
    this ladder is ours says:

    Holliband is a thick socialist twat.


    • 10
      Le Milliband says:

      Hollandth hath the polithies that I want to copy and make thith country juth like fwance. There ith another way to desthsruction led my me the gweat leader and my chancellor ed balls.
      TheNHS is thathe is our hands and ignore sthatthord.


    • 71
      FFS says:

      The funny thing is he is considered to be something of a left-wing intellectual with a large number of academic works on socialism published.

      So basically he’s the best the left can get.


  5. 5
    Ah! M says:

    Technical Problems with our country too. Is it the 2014 bug?


  6. 6
    Tuscan Tony says:

    -20%, shurelee?


  7. 11
    Gordon Brown says:

    You don’t give a monkeys about approval percentages when you have saved the world with +0% growth. Tractor production is more important.


  8. 13
    Lib Dem Poll machine says:

    8 out of 10 women who expressed a preference, preferred not to be felt up.

    Note to self. Next time don’t ask.


  9. 16
    Red Alert says:

    Manufacturing data today show France is further on the slide.

    Mad Franky Hollande’s pro-unemployment policies of loading new taxes on business, extra job regulations and scaring the wealthy out of France means he’s driven the French economy up a cul-de-sac.

    What a plonkeur! And to think Labour still want to copy his loony ideas.


    • 58
      Anonymous says:



    • 68
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      It is notable that France is drifting further from G’ermany now at what appears to be a geomteric rate.

      That is the end of the EU right there – no point in pretending otherwise.


      • 88
        Angela Merkel says:

        On ze contrary, it is just how ve planned it.

        Europe does not need your nasty indecisive Anglo-American democracy shit.

        You may haf believed zat ze dreams of ze surd reich ver over. How wrong you ver.

        Ve put all ozer politicians on meat hook and ve were still runnink Germany in 1946. Ze French Vichy, ze Facist in Spain, ze Facist in Italy all still runnink ze show. Our show.

        We give you ze pretence of democracy in ze EU with ze puppet European Parliament and behind ze scenes ve Germans run everysink. Now even ze French do not dare get in our vay.

        We are destroyink your little island. Soon you vill be little angry English pigs living in ze countryside too scared to confront ze foreigners invadink your cities. Zen you will be finished and no more a thorn in ze side of ze Great European empire. Ver Napoleon and H1tler failed, ve will succeed.


        • 109
          Sir William Wayde says:

          I wish we had a leader with Merkel’s brains, integrity and courage.


          • Charlie says:

            Hollande’s future may depend upon when and if the German people realise they will have to carry the French economy in order to keep the Euro together. Already some analysts are saying the French economy is beginning to look like Spain’s


          • this ladder is ours says:

            I bet Dave has the tighter pussy.


          • Not Dame Lawrence of Arabia says:

            If Perky Merky was really that clever, she would pull Germany out of the EU and eurozone before the weekend – then let the others get on with it themselves without German cash support.


  10. 17
    Joss Taskin says:

    When can we expect the Miliband/Balls U-turn ?


    • 19
      Anonymous says:

      Soon BBC briefing underway already


      • 168
        Mr Nobody says:

        The BBC won’t report on anything which makes Labour look foolish. If Balls and Miliband modify their position it won’t be reported as a U-turn. On the other hand, the merest hint of a change in any Tory policy area will be loudly trumpeted as such ad infinitum.


  11. 22
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Jaw Jozzbourne needs a Plan B: cut VAT, waise taxes, incwease Government spending.

    If you don’t change course, the economy will continue to flat-line.

    Like me, it’s simple.


    • 28
      Plan B is GO being sent to the back benches says:

      Why does he need to do that when he’s engineering a plain vanilla housing bubble for the 2015 GE?


    • 32


      • 51

        You c**t!

        I deliberately did not post the link to a vid to prevent this from happening.

        Now you have fucked the page up! Put stars in the link until Guido can sort this mess out: h**t// etc.

        Happy New Year by the way. :-)


        • 64
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          Just FYI: Disable plugins in Chrome – the page is still loading Ok for me.

          You could also sign up for the html5 trial with youtube as well – I found that puts up the html5 vid player rather than the Adobe bollox most of the time – much more stable.

          Did not post the above – but the embedded videos on tweets which were posted up on another thread relating to those cúnts in Antarctica seemed to get around that and play with audio initially despite showing themselves as muted. That stuff was very annoying…


          • Thanks, but rather committed to Firefox at the moment due to some projects I am undertaking where several of the add-ons assist. I also want to keep the Google eye out of the picture until I am more advanced as otherwise some bastard will want to pinch it before I can monetise the damn thing. :-)

            I may do without Adobe for a day or two until this gets clear. The alternative is not to come here but I don’t want to disappoint the trolls, that would be awful for the poor darlings at this time of year.

            …those cúnts in Antarctica Could not have put it better myself. On how many levels is it possible for people to be wrong simultaneously?


        • 125
          Wotak Hunt says:


          Happy New Year, by the way.


  12. 25
    You should read the reply tweets says:


    • 34
    • 36
      The Duke says:

      Why do these leftie twats hate our country so much? A country that has given them so much to be thankful for.


      • 38
        KEITH VAJAZZLE says:

        Don’t you like our multi-Cultural Revolution ?


      • 93
        FFS says:

        Because in the last election only 4.5 million indigineous Brits voted for them. That’s just 17% of the adult white population, and that number is declining fast.

        Labour need migrants and they need to suck up to them big time, otherwise they are finished. It also has the advantage for them that migrants only want their residency status confirmed, so they don’t care about other issues and Labour can do what they like.

        If it all goes tits up and civil unrest follows, Labour believes that their placemen in the police and the UAF etc will bring about some kind of glorious Marxist uprising.

        Migration is a win, win, win situation for Labour.


      • 137
        Charlie says:

        Probably because she had bad time at public school , in her case Brighton College. Brighton is mixed , so good looking and sporty girls lime Pippa Middleton have good time wheres Laura Penny types are ignored.

        Most left wing middle middle and upper class types tends to be the unfit , non -sporty and less attractive types who were unpopular at their schools , especially is they attend public schools. Sporty types who played for the school or even better county or country tend to be popular , even if they happen to less academic whereas swotty non-sporty types tend to get cold shoulder. those who are academic, sporty and attractive tend to receive all the laurels.


        • 143
          Proper Charlie says:

          That or she’s just has a personality disorder.


          • FFS says:

            She was hospitalised with anorexia. Eating disorders are commonly associated with personality disorders.

            In Penny Red’s case I’d plump for Narcissistic Personality Disorder since she seems to have many of the symptoms revealed in her writing.


      • 142
        Foreigner Watch says:

        “She is of Irish, Jewish, and Maltese descent”

        That’s why.


    • 41
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      Well at least she is admitting, subtly, that Global Warming is bollocks.


    • 57
      Laurie Penny Fan Club says:

      Careful Laurie, this new batch of scroungers are known to kill dogs, like what you have in your photo, for fun, food and pleasure.

      Don’t worry though, as they will deposit back on doorstep once digested, but the collar may end up on EBay.


    • 94
      How can we ever repay you? says:

      I’m sure the r@ped children of Rochdale, Rotherham, Oldham and a dozen other enriched cities thank you from the bottom of their little hearts.


      • 108
        Cinna says:

        As well as taking over all the “fast food” outlets in those areas, they seem to have driven all anglo saxon cab drivers out of business.


    • 163
      Foreigner Watch says:

      “She is of Ir!sh, Jooish, and Maltese descent”

      That’s why


  13. 27
    Ariel Sharon says:

    I’m a tomato with renal failure.


  14. 30
    Robert says:

    Hollande has just increased VAT.


  15. 48
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    It likely isn’t, but the woman with the long blonde hair in the top left photo does look an awful lot like S’ally B’ercow. Snubbed by S’ally, even a look alike, is very poor showing.

    The wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons…

    … and not a fan of H’ollande ?


  16. 49
    Weygand says:

    Hollande may promise it, but he has neither the will nor the political support within the PS to do it – and any such steps will be met by riots in the street.

    This is a country which considers it worthy of congratulation because this New Years Eve yobs only torched 1067 vehicles in the street – a fall of 10% on New Year of 2012.

    France still in need of the liberating experience of a few years à la Dame de Fer.


  17. 50
    Chew on this percentage Guido says:


    • 59
      The Libor party says:

      Rail fares fell every year during The Reign of Terror 1997-2010.

      This was financed by planting more Money Trees in the back gardens of Downing street.


    • 67
      Fishy says:

      Labour Liars (as usual)

      From the previous thread. Rail expert and fares analyst Barrie Doe says, since privatisation rail season tickets have increased or in some cases DECREASED by +/- 5% in real terms.

      Rail fares were hiked when LABOUR introduced the rail fares escalator in 2004 (inflation + n%).

      Anytime fares have increased but only 20%* of people buy those types of tickets, most are advance and off-peak tickets which are substantially cheap now than they have ever been.

      *Those 20% are usually business people who see themselves as too important to lower themselves to buy a cheaper ticket…or who are crap at planning their journeys, or who work for the BBC and can’t be arsed to save other peoples money.

      The question is, will the BBC challenge Labour on this?


      • 74
        BBC News Editor says:


        We will however continue to use Tonto as our guest editor on the flagship Today prog.


      • 77
        RomaBob....hello and thank you for benefits! says:

        The answer is………… NO ! The BBC will not challenge Labour on this.


    • 70
      Blooming Godfrey says:

      So why didn’t Liebour re-nationalise the railways when they had the chance???


      • 79
        JadedJean says:

        Because they are really libertarian and right-wing. This happened when they rescinded clause iv and did a deal with the City’s predators with light touch regulation.

        They are right wing shills. It’s why Murdoch originally backed New Labour.


    • 78
      Don Caster says:

      It’s actually lower than under Labour and besides, almost all the rail deals in place were designed and signed by Labour.



    • 82
      BarryW says:

      Why do rail users expect the general tax payer to subsidise their travel by something over 30%?


      • 123
        Err...... says:

        Why did Mary Creagh say Labour plans would see fare increases of 3.1% instead of the 2.8% they increased today….and the BBC interviewer never batted an eyelid?


      • 132
        A Pensioner says:

        Because we wouldn’t be able to get around?


        • 146
          Joss Taskin says:

          Ever thought of using your savings ?


          • Mr Nobody says:

            Savings? Are you mad?!?!

            There are too many doves on the BoE MPC, they’re already sowing the seeds for the next cycle of boom and bust by keeping rates this low for too long.

            Anyone with any sense has taken their money out and invested it elsewhere.


          • Joss Taskin says:

            Can you cash in some of the investments then, rather than look for a handout from the Taxpayers ?


  18. 55
    Rhodes Boyson says:

    If the little French genius does not meet the Budget deficit target of 3% this year big tough Dave should really stick it in him.

    It will be good for Britain, good for France and good for Europe.


  19. 61
    Fishy says:

    Morning Miliband.

    How many Syrian kids’ deaths has your support for McClusky, Putin and ‘Mother Russia’ led to this Christmas?

    Nothing, not even morality, gets in the way of this gurning idiot’s ambitions



    • 100
      Sorry, all out of guilt says:

      Off you go then, join up with your ‘rebels’ at the nearest mosque.

      What’s that? You don’t actually want to fight yourself, but you expect others ie British Soldiers to fight for your moral vanity?

      Well thanks, but no thanks. British troops will needed on the streets of this country soon enough, containing the mess the liblabconers dumped on the rest of us.


    • 171
      The British Public says:

      Syria is not of our business


      • 186
        The Report that the British Public will NEVER see published says:

        I think we made THAT abundantly clear….Syria was a USA war-by-proxy TOO far even for the usual yankee-philes in Parliament although it appeared NOT for our Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary.

        There’s ONE thing the country should thank Bliar for and that is that no future British Prime Minister will be able to stand at the Dispatch Box and lie to parliament and say that it is in the British national interest to invade another Arab country


  20. 63
    Prime Minister Comrade David Cameron says:

    U know that Lenin statue in the Ukraine which the “pro EU” protesters toppled? Well, it went back up hours later ;-)


  21. 65
    A great big mess says:

    Hollande seems to have admitted by inference in his New Years address that he has misjudged the economic situation over the first 18 months of his Presidency.

    I take it therefore that Eurobonds are now well and truly off his radar.

    He signed up to the EU Fiscal pact. If he cannot deliver then I think there will be a minor earthquake on the European political front.

    The Printing presses will be working hard and debts will be deflated away.


  22. 72
    The Tour De France starts in Leeds this year says:


  23. 84
    Ziggy says:

    It just goes to enforce the facts that why should any country allow such useless twats to determine our present and futures? In the real world the majority of these half-baked political fuck wits wouldn’t be allowed to manage an elevator let alone a country. If it wasn’t for their “connections” and “parental influences” the majority would be destined and placed in the bin of obscurity!
    Why do we as electorate always vote for these incompetent entities?


  24. 85
    C.O.Jones says:

    A German take on a current theme.


    • 106
      A vacant plot of land opposite the Palace of Westminster says:

      I think I know where they can put them


    • 122
      Soon to be happening near you says:

      Should be compulsory viewing. Bet we won’t be seeing that on the Beeb.


      • 129
        C.O.Jones says:

        Seeing it on the BBC. Pop out and buy a lottery ticket for tonight, jackpot is over £90M, you stand more chance of winning that.


      • 131
        Err...... says:

        I hope Vaz has a load of these undesirables move in near his house…and they shit on his driveway


      • 165
        T May never says:

        That would only expose the absense of police walking the beat on the streets in British cities. If the Germans can do it, why can’t our police?


        • 203
          Not Dame Lawrence of Arabia says:

          …. because Angie can afford to pay for them, unlike Dave who prefers to give 11 billion to wasteful foreigners.


      • 225

        The most frightening thing about this video is the mealy mouthed response of the Police and the local Council, deathly afraid of making a non politically correct response .


  25. 86
    NotTheBbc says:


  26. 89
    Hollande says:

    I fart in your general direction.


  27. 91
    Penfold says:

    Hollande will do as he is told by the french farmers who will take to the streets in their tractors followed by the air traffic controllers and dock workers.

    Hollande is a dangerous example of an apparatchik given responsibility over his grade level.
    He is also a typical example of an EuroSozi. (A French version of Clegg).


    • 102
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      When Hollande visited that agricultural show in Paris last year he was actually photographed stroking a cow .

      Contrast this with non animal loving Sarkozy who thought he could side step the whole event.


      • 110
        Tina Thatcher says:

        Madame Merkel is keeping her distance and her counsel !

        She might be fat but she is not daft.


        • 195
          Hergé says:

          If you watched the BBC Documentary on Merckel last year you will realise exactly what a smart political operator she is…no one survived under the East German regime and then rose to prominence in a re-united Germany without knowing who to schmooze and who to give the “Black Spot” to. She was elected as the token woman in the Christian Democratic Union Party hierarchy after re-unification and quickly and ruthlessly got rid of the “old farts” that promoted her on the assumption they could control her ambitions…like most they found out too late that she was smarter than the whole lot of them put together and twice as ruthless


          • Not Dame Lawrence of Arabia says:

            Bit like that callow Korean youth then?


          • Jack Ketch says:

            Hmm! The last time an outsider was promoted by old farts in the German government who thought that they could control their creation, it all ended in tears–although he did have a coherent policy about Roma.


  28. 97
    Blowing Whistles says:

    A Vazzz…st there pirates – What powerful piece of persuasion could have led to the dujas being granted their port passes back in time?


  29. 103
    Brillo says:


    • 148
      Climate Change Scam watch says:

      The guy’s even got skin in the game re the climate change scam

      “I am an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow and Professor of Climate Change at the University of University of New South Wales where my team and I are focussing our efforts on using the past to better understand the changes we are seeing today. To do something positive about climate change, I helped set up a carbon refining company called Carbonscape which has developed technology to fix carbon from the atmosphere and make a host of green bi-products, helping reduce greenhouse gas levels.”



    • 153
      Reader says:

      Thanks for that. Following the link through to the article and the comments is very informative.


    • 154

      Give them enough rope and what do they do?



      • 208
        Not Dame Lawrence of Arabia says:

        If Gordon had wished the rescuers success, that chopper would have ended up upside down about 5 miles from that stuck boat full of *%&$$$#@s


  30. 105

    Excellent comment piece by Robin Shepherd in Commentator.

    You can expect a pretty brutal response from him if you start denigrating the peoples of central and eastern Europe, Romanians and Bulgarians included.

    Me too.

    Blame the EU and our successive governments, not people who are trying to better themselves and are also prepared to work for it.


  31. 111
    UKIP or bust says:

    Looking at those photos of Hollande, I can’t help think that he is some kind of puppet leader.

    Thing is though who put him there?

    And have they come unstuck or is it all going to plan?


    • 118
      The Franfurt/Austrian/Chicago School says:

      Don’t worry, it’s all going to plan.


    • 151

      We are please with our puppet leaders, if we weren’t they wouldn’t be leading.


      • 185
        UKIP or bust says:

        “Common Purpose”.

        Didn’t Devious Dave say “We all have a common purpose” in his new years speech?


        • 205
          Not Dame Lawrence of Arabia says:

          He did – and everybody on here noticed it at the time. He was also wearing a purple tie. We need to resurrect the tumbrils as this is all getting beyond a joke now.


  32. 112
    Naughty Nev says:

    Angela Merkel can inspect Little Nev any time she likes. He will stand to attention like a proper boy soldier.


    These French bum-boys can go and suck each other’s tiny little cocks though. Pointless, garlicky country.


  33. 124
    Valerie Trierweiler says:

    If you knew what Francois does with those fingers, you wouldn’t be so surprised.


    • 228
      Anonymous says:

      I don’t know anything about what Francois does with his fingers, but perhaps you could explain what Miliband is doing with the middle finger of his right hand, while clasping Hollande’s right hand (in the second photograph)?


  34. 139
    Athelstan says:

    The borders are still open and the Bulgarian and Romanian hordes are still pouring in. Instead of meeting to deal with this invasion, COBRA discusses the British weather.


  35. 140
    Gangsta rap says:


  36. 145
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    I guess that ship will be lost for quite sometime, maybe forever now they have abandoned it and helicoptered out. The sea ice only grows from here on out.


    • 152
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      It will be crushed like a tin can.

      Shame the eco-loons won’t be on board when it sinks without trace :-)


      • 157
        A Polar Bear says:

        It’ll be fine if the wind changes direction and stops compressing the pack ice towards it.


      • 159
        Fuck the LibLabCon says:

        I wonder…

        How much carbon dioxide and pollution do three ice breakers, seven helicopter trips, two rescue ships and the ship that will be lost and probably sunk in the Antarctic with all the fuel and oil spilling out produce?


      • 164
        Too Far says:

        It’s realy odd, or is it? that the British Bullshit Corp. forgot to mention that these Ecoloons where investigating (trying to prove) the ice sheet was shrinking. Sometimes I think there is a God… priceless


        • 169
          The BBC Telly Tax says:

          Sadly, it is not priceless. The bill for this fiasco will be massive. Guess who will be paying for it?


          • Fuck the LibLabCon says:

            How utterly embarrassing for the BBC. They paid all that money to support this scientific expedition to report on how the ice is melting at an unprecedented rate, even sending a reporter along, an now its all gone pear shaped with their reporter stuck in record levels of ice, they’ve had to impose a news blackout on the trip.

            An inconvenient truth indeed.


          • lojolondon says:

            The ice cap in Antarctica has been growing steadily for several years – the greenies manage that information by completely ignoring the fact, and never mentioning it, while focusing all their attention on the Western edge of the Arctic…. So much for ‘global’ warming, which only works if you ignore 50% of the earth’s poles!


        • 179
          UKIP or bust says:

          Disgusting picture, where are the blac faces?

          Are they racist as well as hypocritical twats?


          • Fuck the LibLabCon says:

            I not sure but I think I’ve spotted at lease one ‘yellow’ face so all must have been well on the HMS Socialistic Utopia, well until reality bit and gave them a brain freeze they’ll never forget.



            Embarrassing for the BBC ! you’re joking they are an organisation totally without shame ,to them embarrassment is an alien concept ,their first instinct will be to find a way to spin themselves out of it.


    • 219
      Dan "Mr nepotism 2013" Snow says:

      I will fly out later this week to do a programme on the history of this episode.

      So long, suckers!


  37. 150
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    It can’t be long now before the IMF bailiffs come knocking on Hollande’s door :-)


    • 210
      Not Dame Lawrence of Arabia says:

      Mme Christine probably has more sense than to do that!

      Any one else notice how white her hair is now. Must be a very trying job running the International Marxists Federation.


  38. 161
    nell says:


    I’ve just realised that militwit issued his New Year plans for ‘revamping the economy’ on Monday but apparently no-one bothered to listen to him. It was all about something called a cost of living crisis – not sure what he was on a about.

    Any Happy New Year Folks!


  39. 170
    Plan B not going so well says:


  40. 188
    Mr Nobody says:

    2014. The year Labour ditches Miliband…?


  41. 189
    The BBC supports "responsible capitalism" says:

    Unfortunately for most of the electorate THIS is of no interest and they are stupid enough to belive the BBC lie and elect Labour in May 2015 because they believe that Miliband and Labour will make things better….instead of finishing the job that Brown ably assisted by Miliband and Balls started in 2007


  42. 191
    RomaBob....we benefit you! says:

    “beeg issue, beeg issue, beeg issue…yes please, thank you!”


  43. 200
    Mr Nobody says:

    Ha! Apparently, the NUT has commisioned a poll and excluding don’t knows, 16% of teachers would vote Tory. Honestly, if the Tories are in double figures among teachers, Labour really do have a serious problem with their leader.

    Ed’s going to get annihilated…


    • 211
      Not Dame Lawrence of Arabia says:

      What!! You mean 16% of teachers actually know the meaning of the word ‘vote’?


  44. 202

    Monsewer Minibandit ees a still seeking ze vay forward.


  45. 209
    Banned says:

    I can’t be the only Thatcherite Tory university lecturer in the north of England can I?


  46. 217
    Ed Millionairband says:

    Oh Thit!


  47. 223
    Bye Bye Miligimmick says:


    France was out performed by Greece! OMG!!! . Do not let Miligimmick & Ballsup anywhere near our economy or u get slapped!


  48. 224

    Thanks in favor of sharing such a fastidious idea, piece of writing is fastidious, thats why i have read
    it entirely


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