January 2nd, 2014

Data Shows Cost-of-Living Crisis About to End

The consensus of broadsheet pundits is that Ed has, with his cost-of-living crisis line that prices are rising faster than wages, nimbly and cleverly switched from a losing argument on the economy to a winning “retail offer”. Guido thinks this successfully plays into the British national psyche; grumbling about both the weather and the cost of things rising. However as the economy rises unemployment falls and earnings will caeteris paribus begin to outstrip inflation as sure as the sun rises. The ONS data shows this is about to happen…


Guido is beginning to worry that Miliband, like his former mentor Gordon Brown, hasn’t really got a strategy. The whole “too far, too fast” thing was bound to end in tears unless there was a permanent recession. As it happened the predictions by Ed Balls of a triple-dip turned out to be über-pessimistic, statisticians say there wasn’t even a double-dip. The only recession the UK suffered originated under Gordon Brown.

The energy cost argument still generates headlines, however international comparisons show that UK energy costs are middle of the league table for Europe – though US fracking and shale gas means their energy costs are way below ours. Fracking however is opposed by Ed Miliband.

What then? Having lost the argument on debt and the economy, followed – food banks notwithstanding – by the cost-of-living crisis evaporating, Labour will have to change tack again. Labour can’t fight on economic competence, because so contaminated is Ed Balls that he even loses to George Osborne. Labour are blamed for the economic mess and are suspected by the voters of still being untrustworthy on dealing with the deficit and debts. They would be unwise to fight on leadership; “weak and weird” Ed versus “posh and out of touch” Dave is not a great prospect for Labour.

Guido’s guess is they will try to have it both ways, partially accept the coalition’s spending envelope and pretend they can tax their way to prosperity. A policy Miliband’s socialist frère Hollande has now abandoned. All the chatter (spun by his adviser Stewart Wood) about Ed’s plans for “big changes in our economy” - a strategy based on East Coast academic theories from Harvard professors on new “Varieties of Capitalism” - will have Lynton Crosby crying with laughter into his (Australian) Chardonnay. Doesn’t mean Miliband isn’t going to try it…

UPDATE: The FT has surveyed economists and they mostly think households will start to feel better off – this is after consumer confidence surged 20% in 2013. Well spotted economists…



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    Normal Guy says:

    Whenever I try to babble on about big-sounding political strategy stuff like that, someone interrupts me to tell me it’s my round. I then have to down my pint, which i’ve been drinking too slowly, put my cigarette out and go back inside to queue up at the bar. That Polish bird behing the bar never understands my order, either.


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      Photo opportunity watch says:

      When those climate scientists get back to Oz after their escapades in the Antarctic will they be met by Keith Vaz ?


    • 28
      loony Lefty says:


      • 143
        Walthamstow says:

        Stella, Stella, Stella…

        I am so sorry that Bangaldesh didn’t disappear due to global warming like you told us all when you were tring to get elected las time. Not that I am sorry about Bangladesh, of course, I have nothing against bangladeshis and would never wish on them the fate you so gleefully rpredicted when trying to spin Ed Miliband’s Copenhagen Treaty nonsense. But I am disappointed that you were so very, very 100% wrong at such great expense to the taxpayer.

        If you are now going to take up health issues instead of spinning the green malarky, can you take one up that actually matters to ALL your constituents?

        Have a look at the NHS choices find a GP surgery website. Search under Walthamstow. And now ponder to yourself why so many of the GPs in your constituency would not be recommended by their patients to other people. Even the expensively refurbished ones like the The Forest Rd Medical Centre and the The Wood Street Medical Centre which are each recommended by only 48.9% of their patients. Or the St James Health Centre and Grove Medical Centres, which manage to please a tad over half of people with a 52.4% approval rating? On the Vicarage Road Medical Centre in nearby Leyton which many of your unfortunate electorate have been doomed to rely on?

        Just why are GP services in your constituency, and the local ‘inadequate’ Whipp’s Cross hospital so very dire despite ever greater amouts of money being poured into the NHS? Why are so many of your constituents dying of late diagnosed diseases like cancer which are spotted and cured in other parts of the country?


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          brodericki crawfordski-bucaresti says:




        • 365
          Foxie says:

          Called a locum on Christmas/Boxing Day night. Mum (89) had had breathing difficulties and needed oxygen and hospital.

          This ‘Asian’ doctor tried to prescribe morphine until the senior paramedic stopped him. (Opiates of any kind suppress the ability to breathe).


          • devil in a dress says:

            open wide morpheus.


          • 2112 says:

            Morphine only depresses the respiratory centre if too high a dose is given. Depending on the cause of the breathlessness, a small dose of Morphine can actually be beneficial as it a) dilates the vessels and lowers blood pressure and b) relaxes the patient, meaning that they take longer deeper breaths instead of rapid shallow ones.


    • 34
      gordon's brown hole says:

      you all know whence the economic sun shines!


    • 139
      jimbo says:

      Guido thinks though…a phrase that will send shock waves through the world

      Not Uncle Rupert says


    • 329
      Anonymous says:

      ” However as the economy rises unemployment falls and earnings will CAETERIS PARIBUS begin to outstrip inflation as sure as the sun rises. ”


      EVOLVES . .



    • 331

      Dont worry my son, just as Cornwall is about to be wiped out by flooding, Gales and a pisspoor Environment Agency now reduced to Call Centre Status : Mrs Stewart Jackson MP ( aka Express Hack Sarah O’Grady ) from the MP’s publicily funded Mansion in hard up Peterborough has scribed that

      Cornwall top spot to buy a second home

      WEALTHY Britons seeking out the perfect spot for family breaks have turned Cornwall into the nation’s holiday home hotspot.

      By: Sarah O’Grady
      Published: Tue, October 23, 2012


      Padstow pulls in the second-homers []

      The county has 10,169 cottages, houses and flats which have been snapped up as second homes and are used just for holidays – the highest total of any area in England or Wales.

      Picturesque spots such as Padstow and Rock have long been a magnet for the wealthy, fuelling concern that outside buyers send property prices soaring so young people cannot to live in the area where they grew up.

      The Cornish boom, revealed in new Government figures, is mirrored by Gwynedd in Wales – home to most of Snowdonia National Park – which has 7,784 holiday homes.

      North Norfolk, which is famous for holiday villages such as Brancaster Staithe and Cley, has 4,842 second homes, while South Lakeland in the Lake District has 4,684.

      In total, just over 1.57million people in England and Wales – about 2.8 per cent of the population – have a second address in another local authority area, according to the first survey into second home ownership by the Office for National Statistics.

      Picturesque spots such as Padstow and Rock have long been a magnet for the wealthy, fuelling concern that outside buyers send property prices soaring so young people cannot to live in the area where they grew up

      More than three-quarters – 77 per cent or 1.2 million – said they used their second home for other reasons than work or holidays.

      They were mainly the home addresses of students, but also included the second addresses of children of separated parents. Some 12 per cent (188,837) recorded that they were for work.

      And 11 per cent (165,095) said they had bought them as holiday homes – although the figure hardly compares with the 820,814 Britons who have decided to chase the sun by buying a second home abroad.

      Using data from the 2011 census, researchers found that although Cornwall has the highest number of second homes overall, Gwynedd has the highest number per 1,000 permanent residents at 64.

      Of the top 20 local authorities where people reported that they had a second address of any type, 18 were in less densely populated, rural or coastal areas.

      The other two areas were the City of London, (at the top of the list with 185 people per thousand) and Westminster (20th with 61 per thousand).


    • 336
      Edwards Ball says:

      Labour need to start taxing the lumps in pavements sicks


    • 473
      FOoDpP says:

      you got an abs?


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    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:



    • 43
      That famous footballer says:


      • 53

        Only Blanchflower thinks the 2008 bubble GDP figures were evidence of success rather than excess.


        • 107
          (In praise of Gordon. Or was it Mandelson? says:

          At least Gordon did a couple of sensible and useful things to boost the economy, hundreds of thousands of ordinary folk benefited from the car scrappage and warmfront boiler/central schemes.

          The only people to benefit from Dave’s subsidised “green” windmills are the land owners and big business (foreign big business)


          • Your grandchildren says:

            The foreign-owned car industry benefited fro the car scrappage scheme. The British taxpayers (of the future) paid for them


          • Anon says:

            No the scappage benefitted the UK economy. Most low to mid price cars these days are sold at little above cost, the idea is to offer long warranties that require annual servicing so that dealerships can bank on another 5 years income from every new sale. Also there was something about VAT and scrappage (escapes me now) that meant it did not cost the government very much at all.


          • It was Gordons policies that caused it all along says:

            So the very company who used there own credit card for their customers to buy cars with, were bailed out by a primentilist who as the chancer in no11 and his pals in the small Scottish banks, later to be very large and over levridged through light touch regulation rescued us, sounds like the old one about the Doberman Collie cross.


        • 201
          Jeffrey Bernard says:

          Much as I detest Milibandwagon and his naked opportunism and wholesale lack of principle, your figures, Guido, do not quite bear the weight you seek to place upon them. It is going to take some time before the aggregate differential between CPI and earnings evens out (you would need to rebase each graph to 100 as at May 2010 and track them forward on an indexed basis from there). Howeveer, you might be on stronger ground if you looked at average earnings net of tax as it is possible that the coalition’s tax cuts (principally in the form of an increased personal allowance) may compensate for the increase in CPI.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            JB – the average earnings figures are not properly weighted and have never been. They give a totally false impression. I put up a simplifed explanation of how the AE figs are manipulated back in 2012 on this site. Go figure.


          • brodericki crawfordski-bucaresti says:



        • 575
          (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

          “Pass the hot milk, please.”


      • 61
        Blowing Whistles says:

        I am very wary ‘not cautious’ of much that Brooks Newmark MP speaks of. He has form himself from whence he has come.


        • 86
          tn02 says:

          And he’s another 4×2. I just can’t figure out how there are so many in the HoP given that they only represent 0.5% of the entire UK population and all of our equalitarian legislation.

          “In June 2013 Newmark expressed his support for a peaceful resolution to the Syrian conflict but if this failed he supported the arming and training of forces (but not sending British troops) opposing the government of Syria in a Mail on Sunday article…Newmark first met Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in 2006 and continued “regular” one-on-one meetings until 2011, the start of the civil war. Newmark also expressed in the article that he believed chemical weapons had been used by the Syrian government and that “Syrians faced genocide” ”



          • FFS says:

            By focussing on one particular type of “foreigner” you are missing out on the bigger picture.


          • Anonymous says:

            No, FFS, Irsael Firsters are large part of the big Picture. The rest are incidental.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            It is rumoured that some 28 pages of a heavily redacted 800 page congressional report of September 2001 – have had some light shone upon them. And of course mossad had nothing to do with all whatsoever ever.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            p.s. Perhaps that is why the ASP/COBRA boys have really been having a meeting – they do not meet for a chat about the fucking weather mind you the unravelling of the CC myth could be another (T)reason?


          • ShareWatch says:

            Has a naturally superior demeanour I see, much like vaz.


          • Delete says:

            dirty stinking bhasssssssssss


        • 303
          surlyscot says:

          Guido and whoever else dreams up this weapons grade drivel conveniently ‘forgets’ about the £1.4 TRILLION quid UK plc owes to the Chinese! standard of living going up?? in your dreams mate.


        • 481
          Delete says:

          taut is thee. up ur processor me.


      • 401
        do me a favour says:

        Blanchflower is completely discredited.
        I wouldn’t believe him if he told me the time.


  3. 3
    C.O.Jones says:

    If surveys shows a Tory loss in the 2015 election then Cameron should stick the higher rate of income tax up to 75%. Nice little plant to repay them in kind.


    • 5
      Taxpayer says:

      Only a twat would want taxes to rise. For any reason.


      • 109
        Anonymous says:

        Decent schools, hospitals, policing, armed services and all those other needed things taxes pay for…yep only a fool would want these things.


        • 118
          FFS says:

          Decent schools – yeah, where?
          Decent hospitals – yeah, where?
          Decent policing – you’re havin’ a laugh, right?
          Armed services – aircraft carriers with no aircraft????

          We’re paying for all these thing but not getting what we’ve paid for. Now you want more money when the things we have already paid for haven’t been delivered.


          • Anonymous says:

            “Decent schools – yeah, where?”

            The grammar school that my sons attend, less than a mile away!


          • FFS says:

            Same teachers, same curriculum, same exams as everywhere else.

            Your kids will have forgotten 90% of it 6 months after leaving school.

            Just because grammar schools set an entry exam that pre-selects those that are going to get 9 A-grades at GCSE level doesn’t actually mean the schools are any better – it just means the students are better.


        • 123
          Banned says:

          And they could all be paid for with lower taxes if we didn’t have to fund benefit scroungers, immigration, the EU and failed government IT projects.


          • ShareWatch says:

            Visit Africa today, see its peoples. All at your local NHS now, both working and attending. Marvel at how few indigineous people you will see. Have fun now.


        • 173
          Labour first ruined the pensions sector and then the country says:

          Firstly you need to understand economics and also go back to the Harold Wilson Government in the 60′s when income tax was a staggering 98% marginal tax rate….the first thing that hapened was that tax revenues fell as many people left the UK and therefore did not pay tax(Brain Drain)therefore the government had to borrow more which ultimately led to Healey having to call in the IMF in 1976 with the Uk economy essentially busted…THIS is what would happen if Miliband carried out his economic policy ably assisted by Balls they would finish the job they started under Brown and who would suffer ? Not the rich or the bankers(the bête noires of the left)but the ordinary citizens and especially the poor. BUT go ahead vote Labour……


        • 222
          mongwatch says:

          You have failed to different between taxes and tax rises.

          You, sir, are a mong.


        • 228
          Anonymous says:

          We already pay taxes to fund those things. We don’t need tax increases.


      • 184
        Gordon McFuckwit Bust says:

        Hello, I did


    • 22
      is this good enough says:

      green crap to be 30% plus future annual rises of house hold energy bills
      NI to be 20%
      constituent chairmen and chairwomen shall have a vote on the commons
      large house tax
      large garden tax
      second car tax
      first 3 pages of all papers to be vetted before publication


  4. 4
    Taxpayer says:

    Why is it that with all this cheap foreign labour coming in to work in our pubs, the price of beer never drops?


    • 8
      C.O.Jones says:

      Everything is corporate now, pubs, estate agents, high street fast food etc etc.


      • 13
        The Economy says:

        You would think that, wouldn’t you? Especially given the degree to which Westminster politicians bend over backwards to appease corporate interests. Except that the evidence suggests otherwise. Most business is small business.


        • 284
          Herewegoagain says:

          Agreed, trouble is that 90% employ 10 or less and can’t afford party ‘donations’…


  5. 6
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Would I lose any of my enormous credibility if I brought back Postman Prat to replace Ed Ballsup ?


  6. 7
    Ariel Sharon says:

    I’m a courgette!


  7. 9
    Labour don't include house prices in inflation figures or the cost of living..Why? says:

    The cost of living crisis began when average house prices went above three times average earnings.
    Within Labours first term in office if I remember correctly.


    • 46
      bergen says:

      I think that the bubble started to inflate in the second half of 2001- the start of their second term.


    • 185
      Prudence ? My arse !! says:

      Brown actively encouraged retail borrowing to drive the UK Economy and his illusionary “Boom”. Allowing banks and mortgage lenders to lend 125% of propoerty value was always dubious and based on the assumption that propert prices would always rise not fall…when the bust came in 2007 the result was inevitable..To think that Brown was once described in the years 1997 – 2005 as the “Gretaest Chancellor the UK had ever had !!” Some joke on the poor saps who believed him


  8. 12
    Political Hic says:

    Chablis is a place not a grape.


  9. 14



  10. 15
    Robert says:

    Oh Guido, surely you know that there is no such thing as an Australian Chablis.


  11. 17
    Don Caster says:

    Miliband’s a busted flush.

    I wonder who will last longer on the front bench, him or Ed Balls?


    • 19
      RED LEN says:

      I make those decisions.


    • 141
      Mystic Meg says:

      I see the prow of a proud ship, holed below the waterline… two figures standing, arms outstretched…. two Eds are better than one…. how long can they hold their breath….?


  12. 21
    Gordon Brown the most incompetent c*nt the Treasury has ever seen says:

    Before it loses value I reckon now would be a good time to buy Gold.


  13. 23
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    The cost of living crisis was always a Labour mirage.

    However, the deep problems in the UK economy still remain.

    This is why there has been more cooking of the books than usual – which is partly feeding into the latest propaganda that all is good on the economy front:


    Immigration is what is going to take Cameron out.

    Irrespective of the propaganda, letting in a load of undeserving scum from Eastern Europe, whilst ironically reneging on real obligations which exist in Syr!a will finish the Cameron Qusling.

    Vote UKIP.


    • 27
      Reader says:

      Syria is none of our business.

      The 1951 Refugee Convention, the 1967 Protocol and the ‘UNHCR Handbook’ is quite clear, as is UK Law. The UK has no obligations whatsoever towards Syrian refugees, who should be protected in the first safe country they arrive in.


      • 37
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        The EU has signed up member states to take a certain number regarding the EU as a bloc as being the first safe country, rather than leaving obligations on individual member states.

        There are also obligations towards people who enter the EU and have family here under Lisbon as well, which Brown signed the UK up for.

        Seeing as Cameron was all gung ho for bombing the shit out of the place, and has been funding the more interesting and violent of the insurgents, there is actually a moral obligation in the eyes of many to do the right thing here.

        Letting in a bunch of worthless East European criminal filth vs. letting in some who are fleeing literally for their lives, does not make any sense, and internationally makes the UK look like a fucking retarded banana republic.

        Am not trying to make an argument for letting in refugees, but am trying to highlite the deeply fucked up state of UK foreign policy and border control, and also highlight the fact that this does the UK’s image no favors abroad.

        An image that is tarnished by the continued lack of holding a certain Mr. Blair to account.

        Until this is straightened out, the UK as a country can be considered a toilet, and it is fitting that the latest shit to be let in seem to like to use the doorstep as a latrine.

        It would appear that only UKIP as a party, at least through Farage, have been able to point this out so far, and it is a national embarrassment that the media have singularly ignored it in favor of shoddy photo ops of the likes of Keith Vaz.


        • 166
          FFS says:

          “reneging on real obligations which exist in Syr!a”

          What real obligations? You type stuff without thinking.

          Syria wasn’t even a former British colony. We have no responsibility at all.

          You seem to be under either the right-wing impression that we should be “policemen for the world” or the left-wing impression that we can have “responsibility without having control”.

          Fuck both of those concepts. If either of them had ANY validity, we’d still have an empire.

          Stop drinking the MSM kool-aid and wise-up to reality.


          • Casual Observer 5 says:

            You are missing the point.

            By your argument, what obligation does the UK have towards what are effectively refugee’s from R’omanian and B’ulgaria ?

            The UK has less obligation to those countries than it does to Syr!a, yet it is happily letting them in.

            Why ? Because the EU told it to. And further, the EU has passed a directive which does require member states to take in a certain number from that region who show up in the EU, and also those who successfully get status, in a separate EU state under Lisbon, have every right to come to the UK if they have a familial connection here.

            This could of course all be straightened out by exiting the EU, rather than there existing the somewhat pick’n’mix enforcement of EU directives and regulations which seem to be more concerned with undermining individual national sovereignty’s than upholding any sort of common spirit or order.

            There would be better geopolitical interests served by realigning on more peaceable terms with Syr!a, and assisting with the refugee problem is a step in that direction.

            Be aware that a lot of the Syr!an’s who would and are trying to get here have family here, and many of those were acting on the UKs behalf (not only in the hacking people to pieces scene – the UK has given sanctuary to Assad’s family for example).

            The destabilization of Syr!a was in large part orchestrated by the actions of a certain Mr. Blair (in his capacity as Mid East peace envoy), and UK interference in the country has been extreme over the past few years, up to and including the thankfully failed vote for unwarranted involvement in military action in that country.

            This is not MSM Kool Aid, but if you perhaps would care to look at the situation from a slightly broader perspective then the problems will become clear.

            The current foreign policy is not one that can be regarded as traditionally British, and is certainly not acting in anyway in the UK’s favor.

            This is the policy of the gutter, worthy of a failed EU shit stain like Cameron and his dubious cohort Hague.


          • Ad Hominem says:

            Perhaps if the likes of your Grandparents, like Miliband’s parents, had not undermined the war effort, then the UK might still have an Empire, you fucking schmuck.


          • FFS says:

            My grandfather fought at Passchendaele and the Second Battle of the Somme during WWI.

            I also had two uncles that were in the Navy during WWII. One was severely wounded by shrapnel.

            My father was in the RAF and saw action in Aden.

            You are talking out your arse.


          • haisydaisy says:

            dmilli is a slow paw.
            he full off shame.
            if only he was the last man on earth. it would be easy to be a daisy.


          • 5 raw eggs. says:

            all the duck do is get a stiff. the point being.
            there is a dish in my pond but daaah sunday obsava is hislop’s duck. always. always duck the question. hence. ?dnoooooooooooo


          • Ad Hominem says:

            @FFS: The ones who were wounded sound like shirkers, not winners, aka losers. Bit like Miliband’s father.

            They gave way to retards like you who seem to enjoy personal attack on others rather than debate. And I would suggest enjoy seeing liberty given away, as you deride the empire which they were – ahem – fighting to defend.

            You cannot talk out of your arse on a blog, but it looks like you type with yours.

            Wipe the keys when you’re finished, fucktard.


          • FFS says:

            I didn’t deride the empire you fucking idiot.

            That’s the fucking point! These fucking countries begged and fought us for their independence and now they’ve got it they are always coming pleading for our help.They want us to shoot up the place and then walk off and leave them to it. We’ll be lucky if we get a “thank you”.

            Fuck them.

            If they want us to help we should demand full control. Back to the days of empire. No control = no responsibility. Want us to be responsible? Well give us full control then. Give us our fucking empire back.

            And I always engage in debate. Care to do the same? Thought not.


    • 30
      It's all at your co-op says:


    • 205
      A lesson from history says:

      “………reneging on real obligations which exist in Syr!a” Stop taking your facts from BBC and Guardian and read history.

      There is NO British obligation whatsoever historical or otherwise …Syria was part of the Ottoman Empire and ceded to France in the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916. Britain has NEVER EVER had any responsibility for Syria.

      In 1920 Syria became a short lived independent state but after civil war was taken over by France again in 1925


  14. 25
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Regrettably it’s more than likely that the mosty important segment of Ed Mili’s supporters are a band of people for whom the key issue is how much money can be transferred from others to them without them actually having to do any work other than vote Labour. The main work for the Labour leadership is of course to pretend otherwise and there’s some higher, noble calling driving their crew. In the meantime the mob managers make a tidy living from their cagnotte.


  15. 26
  16. 29
    Me Anonymous says:

    A very interesting price of analysis – thanks Guidi.


  17. 33
    Anonymous says:

    You haven’t got a clue about punctuation, have you?


  18. 35
    Vaz is Sussed says:


    • 304
      Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Immigrants and Criminals says:

      Oily scumbag Vaz is the stereotypical MP of the modern age. He will do anything for a bit more media exposure, so any chutney ferrets out there only need to ask.


  19. 39


  20. 40
    Dave Leads Mum up the Garden path. says:


    • 65
      Mornington Crescent says:


      It’s a poxy London garrett that, judging by the state of it, is a repo – which it will probably be again in 18 months’ time when Sharon (!) realises the utter stupidity of Dave’s policy…


      • 78
        Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

        Only about 6000 have signed up for this scheme – total value of mortgages affected ~ £1bn.

        She probably only has the ground floor in that place, and they are not showing any pictures of the inside, or round the back.

        The field like nature of the front lawn, and lack of proper path says it all really.

        Vote UKIP.


        • 174
          Lord Stansted says:


          I feel sorry for Londoners. Most of them work all day, every day, for salaries I can only dream about – and yet they end up living in 2-up, 2-down slums.


      • 100
        Metrosexual alert says:

        I think Maisie could well have problems ahead. He looks like a boy to me.


    • 124
      Man just off the plane from Romania says:

      I Like England, I like David Cameron. I like the custom here for the Primer Minister to give people houses, welcome them in and personally hand over the keys. I will phone my family tonight and tell them to pack up and get on the plane.

      I don’t like the Keith Vaz though, he is oily and slimy.


    • 140
      The Roma Transit. says:

      Good parking I like.


    • 566

      There goes the interest on YOUR savings !


  21. 42
    Winston says:

    We all know Miliband has no plan or effective policies. However, this spin on the economy is just propaganda, that Guido appears to have been convinced to publicise. The facts are small growth, but:

    GDP per head down, we are on average much poorer. Within that pool of GDP, some have been doing very well, but many have been doing badly/
    Productivity per head is down
    Inflation has massively outstripped wages growth for several years.
    The UK has become a low wage economy, with the elite creaming off the top.

    Keep voting LibLabCon for more of the same.


    • 48

      You are right on GDP per capita, inflation has outstripped wages, the point made here is that is changing.


      • 63
        Winston says:

        Fair enough, but I suspect there are a number of other factors. Its no good earning 2% higher Gross salary, if you are paying 3% higher taxes. A number of tax increases are about to hit and many are going to lose their child benefit. Also, household debt is on the increase. I do the accounts for several SMEs in varied industries. There is no doubt London is doing well. However, I see average salaries down. The advertising/media market, for example, is buoyant and there are a huge number of grads trying to get into the industry, which means low salaries and higher profits/income to the owners/senior management.


      • 80
        Taxpayer says:

        Changing my ar5e! To recoup the money my household has lost due to the ludicrous marginal rates of tax Cameron has a liking for & loss of child benefit under the grossly unfair system in place would take a monumental pay increase ( or taxes reverting back to those under Loabour I’m sad to say). Cameron can talk it up all he wants but he’s just a big state high taxer like Milliband. Low tax Conservative? Don’t make me laugh. Lib/Lab/Con are all the same sides of teh same coin.


        • 92
          FFS says:

          Quite right. Given that you are in the same tax bracket as me, we are the ones paying for everybody else. Nobody below us makes any real contribution at all.

          Only real solution is to try and get my employer to reduce my days worked from 5 to 4. But of course, my employer actually wants me to turn up to work as often as possible – that’s why I get paid a good salary.


  22. 44
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    This is all very well, but Ukip are going to take votes from the Tories, Labour are going to get the most seats, Clegg will stand down as leader (because he’ll have lost his seat), and there’ll be an anti-Tory coalition.

    If Cameron hadn’t been so silly there would have been a seats redistribution giving the Tories another 20 and things would maybe have been different. Stll, we’re all – right and left – dying to say goodbye to Beefy aren’t we?


    • 76
      Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      This is why the fools who vote UKIP at the next Ge will get the exact opoosite of wht they want,further entrenchment into the Euro project,more borrowing,higher taxes and a bigger state.I am not madly in love with the Tories,gay marriage etc but the alternative is a nightmare,The Tories need to come to some accomodation with Europe,an in out referendum would be the deal changer.


      • 101
        FFS says:

        “The Tories need to come to some accomodation with Europe”

        They’ve been talking about that for some time. Not happening though is it? No scheduled meeting to discuss repatriation of powers. Nothing. Talk is cheap. Wise up.

        “an in out referendum would be the deal changer” An in-out referendum led by a pro-EU PM would result in all the EU immigrants getting a say and constant pro-EU propaganda and fear-mongering. It would lead to a “Yes to EU” vote which would then be considered definitive for all time.

        Voting in an anti-EU party in a first-past-the-post system would only require 25% of a vote split 4 ways. That would be just as democratic as the Maastricht referendum and the Lisbon referendum – i.e. the votes that never happened.


        • 122
          Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

          Look the whole Establishment want us to stay in Europe Im aware of that,but if UKIP split the Tory vote at the next GE we will end up with Millitwit and Ballsup then it wont matter whether we are in Europe or not we will be fucked.


          • Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

            As the Conservatives have shot themselves in the feet, unless they commit electoral fraud on a massive scale (or a genuine miracle happens between now and 2015 – unlikely) then they do not stand a chance.

            People voting Conservative should stop the split and head towards UKIP.

            Really the vote splitting is a bit of a misnomer though.

            A very large number of people do not bother to vote at elections, and they are likely to come out for UKIP more than any of the others.

            Hence – the vote split is a bit of a myth.

            One suspects that Labour will try to use the larger than normal turnout as cover for their regular postal vote scams, which perhaps may just see them into power, but that could happen irrespective of UKIP.

            Dave has not got and never has had a majority of either seats, or the electorate behind him.

            Labours vanished in 2010, when they had their record number of seats lost.

            Vote UKIP.


          • David Miliband says:

            If the Conservatives were pursuing anything other than centre/left policies, you would have a point.


          • Short term mammary loss. says:

            I will vote UKIP .
            LibLabCon can go down an each-other.
            You get what you vote for so vote us out of the EU please.


          • Universal Hiss says:

            Just bloody vote for the party/person you want.

            I’m quite sick of vote this,you get that. No one can possibly know. Never mind what you think others may possibly say they may do.People lie.All the time.

            I’m voting yes for Scottish independence & SNP because I don’t want anymore Westminster nonsense & I hate the SNP a little less than the rest.

            I’ve thought about this long & hard & this is the best conclusion I’ve come to after wading through utter shit.


      • 183
        The 'game changer' is getting rid of liar Cameron says:

        There will be no deal while Cameron and his cabal of dishonest, EU loving ‘progressives’ are anywhere near the leadership.

        He had his chance for outright victory in 2010, but threw UKIP’s olive branch back at them, along with his snearing ‘closet racist’ jibes.

        He’s a committed EU-phile and has said many times he will never leave the rotten club of thieves, even if the people voted to leave, in a referendum.


      • 249
        I'm voting UKIP in the morning, ding dong the bells are going to chime says:

        If you don’t want Labour then don’t split the UKIP vote by voting for bum-sex.

        The tories have already lost. They could not even win outright against Gordon Brown when they had the best chance and had not alienated their supporters and grass-roots campaigners.

        Anyone who thinks the tories can do better than not win again are deluded.


        • 407
          Tell it like it is says:

          Oh the Tories can do better than “not win” by simply saying they will stop all immigration. Immigration is rapidly rising to the top of the electorate’s concerns. In order to stop immigration they would need to pull out of the EU – but this doesn’t even need to be stated explicitly. They could stand on more-or-less the same platform as UKIP and pull up another 10-15% in the polls and be well ahead of Labour.

          The fact that Cameron refuses point blank to go down that route tells you all you need to know about Cameron. The fact that the Tories refuse to get shot of Cameron tells you all you need to know about the Tories.


    • 130
      Fishy says:

      ‘…If Cameron hadn’t been so silly there would have been a seats redistribution giving the Tories another 20 and things would maybe have been different…’

      In what way has Cameron been silly?

      The equalisation of constituencies was part of the Coalition agreement that the Yellows reneged on.

      Meanwhile the ‘democrat’ Miliband want’s to stick with Labour’s electoral advantage…something that needs to be stuck on Miliband.


  23. 45
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  24. 47
    this ladder is ours says:

    Can I go back to dr*nking Stella again..? I’m fed up with Hurlimans.


  25. 50
    Nemesis says:

    That graph is as false as a beggar’s glass eye. There is no way that wages got that close to cost of living in 2013, if anything, the gap between wages and cost of living is at an all time high. The so-called recovery is based on consumer spending on credit – and just watch how this will end in calamity when interest rates rise as they inevitably will. Look at the despair of the young people (highlighted today in several reports). Unfortunately there is not one political party that can get us out of this mess because none will admit to the politically correct elephant in the room.


    • 52
      Up! says:

      I want interest rates to rise now, if not sooner. I’ve paid off my mortgage but my savings earn less than the rate of inflation.


      • 187
        The Millionaire Ed Miliband says:

        Mine too.


      • 199
        Anonymous says:

        Nemesis is one of those twats that had it showed a disposition in the opposite direction would have totally agree with it. Bit like the BBC picking the worse bits out to attack the coalition.

        Just another Left wing labour troll


  26. 54

    The Minibandit and Academic Capitalism combined with Global orientation. Definitly the way forward innit?


  27. 55
    I am not Playing says:

    I am not going to play Dave’s game Geedo. This bounce in the economy (GDP) is built on debt, it has foundations of sand.

    I reckon it is time they stopped using GDP as a measure of a health economy anyway, it is a false yardstick and is used by many to justify their idiotic claims, the benefits of mass immigration being one of them.


    • 57
      LORD POLONIUS says:

      Neither a borrower nor a lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry. This above all, to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.


    • 59
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      Agreed, we need to get back to fundamentals.


      • 74
        JadedJean says:

        What we need is an industrial policy. But SOME just can’t turn their hands to industry.

        Think of it as a feminised brain thing.


    • 88
      FFS says:

      GDP = money earned + money spent

      So naturally if you spend a lot of money you haven’t got your GDP figures looks great.

      It is a game the whole world is now playing.


  28. 56
    Floury Baps is back says:


  29. 58
    Zero Hedge says:

    How Will The Economy Improve In 2014 If Almost Everyone Has Less Money To Spend?



  30. 66
    Brillo says:


  31. 69
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    Went into my local Waterstones this pm whilst browsing I noticed that Peter Tango Hains book has been price cut to 299 pence,I asked the assistant whether she had sold any she said not a single copy and that it would be reduced to 99 pence shortly.Even at that price its overpriced.


    • 108
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      Not surprised, who on earth would read a book from some old leather skinned self hating commie banging on about the ‘good old days’ and basking in the reflected sunlight from Mandel’s arse hole?

      My be Waterstones can do it’s bit for the environment and recycle it on to a roll for resale in Aldi.

      Just a thought.


    • 114
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      They should pay you just to take it off their hands :-)


    • 120
      Terrence Beerfart says:

      They might sell a few copies if they reduce the price to slightly less than it costs to buy economy toilet roll.


      • 145
        Fuck the LibLabCon says:

        Thinking on it has some glossy pages with pictures of Hain marching about with his comrades in arms, getting arrested and noshing on Mandel’s cock. I’m sorry but I can’t see it making it as toilet paper, it just would’t afford the absorbency one requires resulting in excessive smearing. Not even the economy toilet roll buyers at Aldi would put up with that shit.


      • 207
        Anonymous says:

        Probably make money if they put it on the bar b que section next to the firelighters


      • 214
        Henry Crun says:

        You’d wipe more on than off


      • 532

        If they get any cheaper it will be a good idea to buy the lot , compressed paper will burn quite well in a wood burning stove.


  32. 71
    albacore says:

    Woffle about it just as much as you please
    Parliament itself is a lethal disease
    Whichever side buggers the economy
    Means sod all with no British autonomy


  33. 75
    Penfold says:

    Ed M is genetically programmed to tax and spend, and he will……….

    £ £ £
    £ £ £ £
    £ £


    • 116
      Screwed Taxpayer says:

      And Dave won’t have eliminated the bulk of the Deficit by 2015, as promised in the 2015 Manifesto, because the fucker hasn’t cut Government expenditure enough — e.g. as a minor example the cnut has even INCREASED the number of Spads — Dave is a complete and utter failure.


      • 146
        Taxpayer contd... says:

        Quite right. “Bonfire of the Quangos” was another belter. Whatever happened to that gem of an idea?


      • 374
        FFS says:

        Hey be fair! He’s not a complete failure. What about the “Big Society”? Well it will definitely be bigger by the time the Romanians/Bulgarians have washed up here.


  34. 79
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Nobody outside the Westminster village believes Militwerp will be PM – even the Shad Cab have written off 2015.

    He’s a boy doing a man’s job. He’s never been outside Zone 1 of the Tube in his life, let alone the M25. Far from being another Kinnock, he’s another Michael Foot – without the oratory skills.

    The only way he could get into DS is thanks to UKIP splitting more of the Con vote than the Lab vote and then getting into bed with the LimpDums.

    One thing’s for sure: with the uselessness of all our current crop of politicos, we’re heading for a record low turnout in 2015.


    • 121
      albacore says:

      That does, though, require the ingenuous assumption
      Not necessarily held by folks with some gumption
      That our electoral administration these days
      Is much safer than all else with which the E U plays


  35. 82
    No such thing as Happy New Year in Edinburgh shitty. Same Auld tripe says:

    Ed Miligimmick is ridiculous. Balls must stay as he makes the rest of us feel like a gifted economic genius. I wonder how long it will take the Labour voting thickos to realise that Miligimmick & Balls’ ideas are not grounded in common sense? How long?


    • 119
      Foetus says:

      Dave’s doubled the Debt I’m going to be lumbered with all my life.


      • 150
        Fishy says:

        Good try – the debt has continued to grow as a consequence of Labour’s liabilities, their broken benefits system and the compounded debt interest that Gordon and the two Ed’s left us


  36. 85
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    Compared to that bastard Cameron, Ed Miliband is decent, honest and more intellectually capable of running this country & The Tory’s are scared of that fact.


  37. 87
    widescreen2010 says:

    Nice analysis.
    Every time I hear Labour blaming the Tories for the ‘cost of living crisis’ I get the impression of someone smashing-in your windows then blaming you for having a draughty house.


  38. 89
    mike lewis says:

    What a load of bollocks, our debt ratio to GDP has never been higher.
    As for recovery, if you believe that Fawkes, you are even more of a pillock than I thought.


  39. 90
    UKIP to the max says:

    The UK is taking in hundreds of thousands of Somalians as asylum seekers who then go home for holidays using the money they have milked from the benefits system, you couldnt make it up could you?


    • 142
      FFS says:

      A lot of those Somali “asylum seekers” were booted out of the Netherlands when the Dutch got sick and tired of the violence associated with them.


      • 235
        Give us all a break says:

        Once they get that shiny EU passport, they can go where the hell they like in the EU and they seem to like our benefits system, very much.


  40. 91
    Tristram Hunt says:

    It’s all over for Dave the Incompetent !

    The monthly projection from Electoral Calculus sees the LAB majority down from 80 seats to 78 http://bit.ly/1dWBll8

    A 78 seat Labour majority suits me and the country down to the ground.


    • 106
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      I’ll bet you any money that if Miliband & Balls are still in place come the next election that they get fewer seats than they have now.


  41. 96
    mike rigby says:

    DATA means sod all.
    We have a huige debt to gdp ratio, the national debt has doubled.
    This is pure propaganda.


  42. 97
    It will end in Tears this EU Technocrat controlled politicasl elite. says:

    So Gordon’s solution was to print Money.

    Dave, Nick and Gideon’s solution is to print money.

    Lib, Lab, Con. You can’t get a fag paper between them.

    Here’s a novelty. Hows about making things again rather than encouraging even more consumerism and and even bigger bubble to pop?


    • 105
      Tina Thatcher says:

      But if you print lots of money then you just inflate debts away and your endowment policies and houses look really good investments.

      Stock market valuations go up too.

      Best not to sell any national treasures such as Lloyds and the Royal Mail until early 2015 at the earliest.


      • 115
        The House of Charlatans says:

        “But if you print lots of money then you just inflate debts away and your endowment policies and houses look really good investments.”

        That’s why we always have more than one house!


    • 546
      The Critic says:

      No – Gordon’s solution was to tax you to death but allow you to borrow against the artificially inflated value of your assets. You therefore thought you were well off.

      Those assets were always going to see a value adjustment(called reality) however, the personal debt mountain you acquired during this process remains and has to be serviced. This is part of the reason why disposable income has dropped.

      No politician will ever mention this. New Labour never did during 13 years of telling us how to do everything and legislating for it. e.g Leylandii pruning.

      This demonstrates exactly how these scum think of us – useful idiots perpetuating useless ones.


  43. 103
    Jon Parjeter says:

    Britain deserves better than Ed Miliband


  44. 104
    Prime Minister Comrade David Cameron says:

    I’d like to live in a Britain without an Eton I’d like a Britain where if you went to Eton it disqualified you entering politics completely.


    • 117
      Tony Eden from Eton says:

      Perhaps UK PLC is suffering from on oversupply of Eton educated politicians.

      Best they stand aside in favor of the Comprehensive types, methinks.


    • 159
      Vlad the Loudhailer says:

      What a wonderful idea, we can fill up the HoC with those highly educated beings who under Ed Balls’s education ministry couldn’t count when they left school but have an A* for counting!


      • 167
        Mandypandy says:

        But they’re gifted at holding their breath till they turn red, waving their hands around aimlessly and throwing a tanty when the other oiks have mocked them in front of the cameras. How can that be a bad thing?


      • 202
        FFS says:

        If you think public schools are any better when they use the same teachers, the same curriculum and the same exams, all with a splash of champagne socialism, think again. What’s worse, their students already know they are set up for life by parents pulling strings to get them first into Oxbridge and then in a top job in the city, so why should they bother studying?

        My youngest has been classified as “extremely gifted” so I looked to find a public school that might bring on his abilities. Didn’t find one that focussed on achieving outstanding academic results.

        Public schools aren’t about being good educators. They are about taking posh kids that are duffers and making sure they leave with the right contacts and a posh accent so nobody spots they are actually thick.

        Cast Iron Cameron and Tony Bliar are living proof.


        • 419
          comp kid says:

          Huge numbers of Labour MP’s and their socialist supporters
          attended private,religious or selective schools as well as Oxbridge.
          They just want to prevent others from enjoying the same educational


        • 424
          East India Company Wallah says:

          100% correct,however you failed to mention most are boarding establishments where the parents negate all responsibility for their childrens upbringing and hive it off to a “professional”-like a council estate tenant does with a social worker
          When you hear a socialist bitch wittering on about wraparound childcare’look up,look down you will pay for it but never see it
          Everyone rides the middle class


  45. 126
    Liar.Politicians says:

    “Cost of living crisis” is only ever going to get worse. UK’s war on savers, protecting the criminal banks, protecting the borrowers / those with mortgages. Quantitative Easing, rampant inflation (including hidden inflation of pack size shrinking but price staying the same), UK Pound devaluation, currency war.

    It’s going to get bloody ugly in the US and UK (the two biggest money printers)… (we can discount Japan as their economy is a 20 year QE lost cause).


  46. 128
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    No wind or rain forecast for tomorrow.

    The Met Office have advised everyone to make unnecessary journeys


  47. 129
    A Labour voting thicko says:

    So Miliband is going to hijack the Global energy market and force them to reduce their prices?. Plus,more & more Filipinos will be forced to work again for a quid a week so we can get our t shirt & trainers for an overpriced tenner? I really think they should work for 50p a week! We are going to use donkeys to transport perishable goods to drive down the cost of food. Bring in an influx of slaves from Thailand and use them for cheap childcare in which they are paid five quid a week plus food. Hoorah!

    Vote Labour! Cos your worth it!


  48. 131
    Anon. says:

    The youtube channel that had Prof Chris Turney descending into icy madness and near to tears has been removed. They are shameless.


    • 175
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      Shameless indeed, so it’s a run and hide strategy wile the censorship and spin takes place. Straight out of the common purpose hand book.


    • 223
      You Tube says:

      Did you try searching under ‘Chris Turkey’?


      • 276
        Anon. says:

        Found another copy of the video on another channel. It’s not Turney it’s someone else.[To be honest they all look the same to me]


  49. 132
    Physics student at Kirkcaldy College says:

    Our local MP came in today and demonstrated how to produce Brownian motions


  50. 133
  51. 136
    Mehdi knows a thing or two about awkward situations says:


    • 152
      George Osborne says:

      Nice MILF!


    • 155
      Are you sure about this Dave? says:

      Not so sure the taxpayer should be subsidising the mortgage of an unmarried mum on bennies.


      • 158
        Thank God for the Daily Mail says:

        I would not be surprised if she is an actress.


      • 206
        Taxpayer says:

        Where is the father? Why doesn’t he house his offspring?


        • 256
          Give us all a break says:

          No doubt the state is the surrogate father, with socialist Cameron as father of the statist / welfarist culture. Where money is confiscated from the successful and re-distributed to favoured groups within society.

          All very Marxist progressive no?


    • 160
      Ad Hominem says:

      Now then, now then, Cameron channeling Jimmy Savile ?


    • 169
      chris says:



    • 179
      oldwease says:

      But Cameron has no strategy and no policies so don’t expect anything like coherence. Oh, the mug did manage to increase and ring fence foreign aid (corruption) to go along with the unreformed bottomless pit known as the NHS.

      Nevertheless, these lightweight, clueless dandies can see the writing on the wall. Self-preservation means that vote buying is already underway with such taxpayer supported schemes as ‘help to buy’, all ably abetted by a central bank hell bent on stoking inflation and maintaining loose credit. Further token gestures will follow.

      So, an inflationary surge, miraculously labelled ‘growth’ by the fraudulent data providers, with some pick up in low grade employment is the best they can hope for. The media will do the rest with such stories of ‘recovery’, the UK ‘leading the way’. the ‘strong man of Europe’, etc, etc. Propaganda, lies and deception, the real currency of modern Britain.

      In truth, the UK economy will remain weak and distorted, wholly dependent upon leverage, debt , inflation, asset bubbles and accounting fraud to provided the mirage of prosperity.

      There is no chance of balanced or sustainable growth through investment and capital formation and no chance of either the BoE or the Treasury setting policy in accordance with the interests of the economy as a whole. Even less chance of a government prepared to reduce its own bloated, pig-swilling girth.


    • 233
      Taxpayer says:

      I see the pavements have their usual potholes and undrained standing water. You just can’t trust the public utilities to do anything right these days.


  52. 137

    Caeteris Paribus?

    Wasn’t that the French bank which went bust?


  53. 147
    Potty Toynbee says:



  54. 157
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    I’ve tried to make this point before.
    Everybody bangs on about growth yet growth is a menace to the environment that supports us.
    Why is it necessary to import massive numbers of people into the country ? Is it to do jobs that need doing ? Better would be to consider what jobs really need doing by a human if it is not cleaning up mess left by humans. A fertile Island with a temperate climate would be the ideal place to experiment creating modern industry to manufacture textiles, food and spaceships and a planned reduction of the population over time to give a life opportunity to the insects and little animals and plants that we share the island with.


    • 170
      Libertarian Times says:


      Wash your mouth out with soap and water.


    • 176
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      FFS another eco-loon, they are even worse than the god botherers.


      • 230
        the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

        @chopper I think you are being a bit mean spirited and short sighted. It is clear that no politicians nor industrialists know what the outcome of their actions will be in the long term. If I was being mean spirited I would say that your attitude is ” Well, let somebody else deal with that later”


        • 246
          Realist says:

          There is only one reason for encouraging the mass movement of people from one location to another, and that is if they are sitting on something you need or want.

          Looking ahead, the one outcome of the influx is more cannon fodder for the next war, and plenty of new kids to abuse, perhaps without irritating the indigenous population so much.


    • 310
      Universal Hiss says:

      I’m having a problem with an immigrant in my garden.

      Japanese Knot Weed. Total pest that costs lots of money to eradicate.

      Another immigrant around here are mink who do lots of damage to local wildlife.

      The bloody snails the Romans brought with them I’d like to send back to Italy on the first available boat.

      Otherwise I’d agree with your rather sweet post.


      • 315
        Bear Grylls is a fake says:

        Japanese Knotweed is edible.

        Use the shoots before they get much over 6″. Treat like rhubarb.


        • 330
          Universal Hiss says:

          I hate rhubarb but thanks for the culinary tip.

          Probably go well with minced mink & stewed snails.

          I’ve just made myself a bit nauseous.Reaches for the brandy.


          • Fools gold says:

            when i met my wife she made rubarb tart. It was 3ft long and would,t go in the oven.


          • the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

            the Romans brought ground elder with them apparently for eating and it is a fucking nuisance to get rid of.


          • From the schooldays says:

            Long and thin
            covered in skin
            red in parts
            goes in tarts.

            What am I?


  55. 170
    Ed Milliband and flatline balls says:


    It means we will have to come up with yet another bullshit line we can squeeze into every interview and have repeated ad infinitum by our mates at the BBC even if it is bullshit


  56. 180
    Tin foil tophat says:

    Dear Daniel Hannan.
    I am a high-minded, angry-politics, unhinged libertarian conspiracy theorist.
    I will not be pigeon holed; so shove it.


    • 191
      The British Public says:

      Who is Daniel Hannan? Has he done anything important with his life yet? Has he saved the country from invasion?


      • 248
        Tin foil tophat says:

        Not until he goes into the EU parliament and opens fire at Barroso with a tommy gun.
        Churchill would have approved.


      • 322
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        Hannah is the pseudo-intellectual mong who gives MEPs a good name, yet really just conceals his treachery better than the other LIBLABCON MEPs who do not have the same kind of public attention in the UK.

        If he was genuine he would switch to UKIP: That he is not indicates that he is genuinely not interested in the best interests of the UK and is just another EU shill.


    • 397
      Blowing Whistles says:

      He appears to have spoken out against Guido’s readers – have to buy the piece or wait to read it some time soon – anyone got a link? Note ‘against Guido’s “readers” – I will repeat that “readers” not posters on his website.


      • 478
        Strange but true says:

        Yes, I saw that.

        He might be surprised at the extent to which he has mistaken the alter ego of one of his own supporters for someone else. Demonstrates an uncanny lack of judgement.


  57. 181
    Yes Minister says:

    I take it Owen Paterson has never been to Cornwall in the winter. He’s gone off on one thinking that wind and heavy rain is exceptional winter weather down there and seems to be getting excited that there are tides twice a day and Spring tides twice a month.

    Or it could be that he is covering his arse.



  58. 189
    It's a good job they didn't get stuck in the ice says:


  59. 212
    Gideon George Osborne says:

    Not a great start to 2014 for European share markets: UK’s FTSE100 -0.46%, Germany’s DAX – 1.59%, France’s CAC40 -1.6%, Spain’s IBEX -1.58%

    Vote Tory !

    Hear ! Hear !


    • 258
      KMV says:


      The FTSE is up at 6,717.91 you numpty, a couple of weeks ago it was ~6,500.

      It will go up and down again, we are in a period of prolonged volatility.

      £200 billion of Labour QEasing is one of the culprits.


  60. 213
    Jackaline Dromey says:

    There’s definitely something wrong with my keyboard. I typed in Evil Tory Foodbanks and Huge Black Dicks came up.


  61. 217
    Coming to a European Court near you says:


  62. 218
    Ed Millionaireband says:

    Labour’s main weapon is Doublethink (the ability to hold two or more contradictory thoughts at the same time) and propaganda

    Labour’s two main weapons are Doublethink, propaganda and bluster

    Among Labour’s weapons are Doublethink, propaganda, bluster and misleading statistics


  63. 221
    BBC back to normal supporting the left wing says:

    The BBC’s flagship radio news programme came under fire today for dedicating much of its output to bizarre music and poetry and a string of left-wing rants.
    The Today programme guest edited by singer PJ Harvey featured journalist John Pilger attacking David Cameron and Barack Obama, a diatribe against the Olympics as a ‘neo-liberal trojan horse’ used to roll back civil liberties and Julian Assange, wanted on sex charges in Sweden, was hailed for his ‘great courage’.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2532552/Radio-4-Today-programme-guest-editor-PJ-Harvey-praises-courageous-WikiLeaks-fugitive-Julian-Assange-reads-Thought-Day-Ecuador-Embassy-bolt-hole.html#ixzz2pGMZ4Dyg
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


  64. 238
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    489 days & counting until we get a chance to vote out this ghastly Conservative led Coalition – The worst government since World War 2.


  65. 240
    Hat tip The FT says:


  66. 245
    UKIP to the max says:

    Dan Hodges over at the Torygraph getting a well deserved kicking in the comments section for claiming only two Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants turned up and so UKIP is to blame for immigration scaremongering. He quite forgot the usual entry points are ferry terminals and coach stations.

    Needless to say the comment sections was closed faster than you can say UKIP.


    • 281
      The numbers, the numbers says:

      The press doesn’t seem to realise that there are 9 UK airports with direct flights from Bulgaria.


    • 299
      Universal Hiss says:

      I normally like Dan’s musings but he has got this one very wrong.

      I didn’t see much kicking below the line as they have been deleted.

      However the article about The Guardian’s attitude to immigration is really funny with loads of replies.

      I can’t C&P it as I look at the Telegraph through private browsing to get around the pay wall.


    • 341
      Popped ballon says:

      News reporting quiet at airports no increase in activity at Victoria the channel tunnel etc. journalists struggling to find any one to interview
      So just UKIP tossers pushing scare stories then and blaming Cameron for something labour signed up too and we all can do little about.


      • 379
        Immigrant Logitics PLC says:

        Daily Mail has plenty of pictures of people getting on the buses today. It’s a 48 hour journey. First batch should be delivered on Saturday I guess. Fair play, they did have New Years day to get out the way first.


      • 482
        FFS says:

        100,000 tourists enter the UK every day.

        You only need 1000 immigrants entering every day to have a serious immigration problem on your hands. But you wouldn’t actually notice them coming in.


  67. 254
    Blowing Whistles says:

    RIP – the Dead Tree Press and its propagandist, politicised and lobbying correspondents.


  68. 257
    Blowing Wind says:

    Rail fare rise comes into effect

    An average 2.8% increase in rail fares comes into effect on Thursday, pushing the cost of some commuter travel to more than £5,000 a year.

    Vote Tory !

    Hear ! Hear !


    • 266
      Gulag comrade kommandant says:

      Good point.

      Vote UKIP!


    • 267
      Lies, Damned lies & Libor statistics says:

      Fare increases never happened during The Reign of Terror 1997-2010.


    • 340
      Fishy says:

      £5000 a year from Basingstoke….how much would a commuter’s Basingstoke home cost in London? How much extra a year would that cost in mortgage payments?

      Although Labour and their media arm the BBC will quite the highest possible figure, £5000 seems like a good deal (it works out at £25 a day return assuming that you work 40 weeks a year), especially as 92% of all rail infrastructure spending is in London and the South-east. Rail spending has been accelerated to and is running at £180bn (excluding HS2).

      Edited to contradict the BBC who said £5000 for this journey when it is £4088


  69. 265
    The ghost of Dr K e lly says:

    Never forget me. Or those who killed me.


  70. 268
    Chris Turdey says:

    Being stuck in the Antarctic ice is irrefutable evidence of global warming, as it has created cold currents flowing and now I really am talking out of my arse.


    • 441
      Greenpeace hypocrite says:

      Dear Mummy,
      It’s really cold in the Antarctic.
      Please send a helicopter and hot water bottle.


  71. 269
    Jess The Dog says:

    Yes….until inflation rises, interest rates rise, and homeowners and personal debtholders (behind recent growth) feel the squeeze again.


  72. 270
    Jess The Dog says:

    No reason to assume food price inflation rises will slow down.


  73. 273
    Roma says:

    Look below.Is from Wikipedia. See we small businessmen. Like, how you say “Del Boy”. Yes? We not rely on benniez. No. We beg instead. No need benniez. Except housing benniez. But Cameron say is OK.

    “By 2011, around half of Big Issue sellers in the north of England were of Romani origin, many of whom having migrated from Romania and Bulgaria. In London, 30% of rough sleepers are Eastern European. In 2012, a Romanian Big Issue vendor obtained a court ruling which confirmed that she is entitled, as a self-employed person, to receive housing benefit. The Big Issue has been criticised for enabling migrants to access the benefits system in this way. The magazine responded by asserting its role in reducing benefit dependency, highlighting British Prime Minister David Cameron’s description of it as ‘a fantastic example of how we can reduce dependence on state hand-outs’.”


    • 342
      Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      I never buy the Big Issue its just a scam to access the benefit system in the North East there is a hard core of about 12 Romanians who vary between Newcastle,Sunderland Middlesborough always outside of M and S they making a effing fortune out of the benefit system.


  74. 275
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    If you’re anything like me, a great way to kick-start your post-festive detox is to stop reading the Daily Mail.


    • 294
      you just can't handle the truth says:

      The Daily Mail is hugely popular, makes a decent profit, and has the biggest online website of a daily on the fucking globe. Thick and stupid Guardianistas just don’t seem to understand that.


  75. 280
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    Didn’t do so well sticking to New Year resolutions; Special Nurse Brodie says she considering pressing charges :(


  76. 285
    Danny Boy says:


  77. 289
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Ed Miliband’s crisis campaign has gone too far and too fast. Now he has nothing left.


  78. 291
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Anyone seen or heard from Nigel Farage?


  79. 293
    BBC executive in the Seychelles says:

    The ice in my G&T is melting. This is proof of climate change.


  80. 300
    Mark Oaten says:

    Those Roma rentboys are cheap I got totally shitfaced last night for £15!


  81. 309
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    I see ‘Cast Iron Dave’ is back on form again and we’re only on the second say of the year and we have yet another U-turn.

    David Cameron’s EU referendum bill ‘unlikely’ to become law



    • 311
      Podiceps says:

      Do you think he would have offered it if there had been any chance he would have had to deliver?


    • 321
      The Unelected Emperor of Europe says:

      Is there anyone who believes him on this issue? Certainly not in Europe. When he announced the referendum the story barely made any serious papers in Germany or France.


  82. 320
    Michael Fishy says:

    A woman in the Scilly Isles has just called the MET office to saying that there’s hurricane is on its way…but don’t worry, there will just be some high winds tomorrow!


  83. 323
    UK Borders Agency says:

    The UK Borders Agency has issued a Vaz Flash Light Alert. Passengers arriving in the UK are warned to stay well clear of Vaz or risk possible eye damage.


  84. 326
    Democracy4U says:


  85. 334
    Photo opportunity says:

    Is Keith Vaz going to Cornwall tonight to meet the incoming tidal surges and the Atlantic storm?


  86. 338
    Surprise surprise says:

    The BBC says it would not be a good idea to move to a subscription only model because there are poor people who could not afford it.


    • 350
      Obviously BBC have not heard of free view tv says:

      In effect then they are saying they would increase their price if doing so. Why? If they can manage on what they get now just make the pay per view the same price as the licence subject to the standard increases over 10 years. Either that or remove British from their name. We will so see who is popular then


    • 354
      Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      The sooner subscription the better get rid of 24 hr rolling news,radio 6 and bbc3 not to mention cutting down on the local radio network.


      • 373
        ShareWatch says:

        How about manufactured news stories, one of today`s told by the excited fat welsh newsfeeder re: depressed spotty teenies who want a job, well sort of but too much to stretch a muscle any direction.

        Well try visiting a hospital, the needy, join the world, armed forces, community groups, ffs shut the fuck up and get a spine you morons.


        • 393
          Ed U Cashun says:

          ….plus you shouldn’t have @rsed around in school for 11 years, then you might have had some qualifications.


  87. 339
    manicbeancounter says:

    Although energy costs are about in the middle of European levels, they are still rising much faster than the rate of the inflation. Ed Miliband blames it upon rising profits of the energy companies. I have looked at the figures. It is actually due to rising costs as a result of the Climate Change Act 2008 – which was passed when Ed was Secretary of State for Environment & Climate Change. Check for yourselves.


    What is more, the cost of renewables is rising, as most of the growth in renewables is in offshore wind power – 2.5 times more expensive than electricity from coal or gas, as opposed to onshore wind turbines which is “only” 1.8 times dearer.



  88. 343
    P J Harvey says:

    I’ve got my Radio Station back.


  89. 349
    abdul says:

    Vaz: surely this can’t be true of the prospective Speaker ?



  90. 352
    The BBC says:


    We love him. We Love him. We really love him.

    We want to have his babies.



  91. 353
    One Term Dave, lying all the way to 2015 says:

    What? You thought there would actually be a referendum in 2017? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


  92. 357
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    That’s all for tonight, thank you for your calls, texts, tweets and emails. All your comments are read and appreciated. Goodnight!


  93. 359
    Anonymous says:


    • 375
      ShareWatch says:

      Preferred the Story of O.


      • 461
        East India Company Wallah says:

        why did he not start in 1905 to give some balance,pre and post state socialism
        Another way of looking at is this,once the state dominated house building the state curtailed it by forcing out private investment because it undercut demand by practically giving away houses

        Take the canals,built through private means – killed by the state

        take the rail network,built through private means-30% closed by the state within twenty years of nationalisation

        I could go on


  94. 372
    Democracy says:

    “Like everyone else I click the button without reading the rules,” said yet another piece of shitty Parliamentary lobby-fodder who we allow to pass our nation’s laws.



  95. 376
    ShareWatch says:

    Advise you all ignore the shit shoddyphone ad hereunder, bunch of lying cheats.


  96. 381
    Alistair Darling wants to throw N Ireland out of the Union says:


    • 384
      Democracy says:

      No it isn’t. You have refused Scots in England the right to vote.


    • 385
      Jock de Bennies says:

      I vote to keep claiming Buckie vouchers.


    • 387
      El Gordo McMental says:

      I wish to keep on representing my constituents in the manner which they deserve.


    • 388
      The Jockenese Tax Haven says:

      They would be foolish not to try it.

      If they scrapped vat on fags, fuel and booze, which they could being outside the EU, they would make a fortune from the English coming over the border.


    • 412
      Camoron the clown says:

      The moment they blocked England being part of a referendum for the break up of Britain, is the moment they killed off Britain it ceased to exist, we now have two separate countries, Scotland and England even if the referendum says no, it’s still Scotland and England two separate countries separated a rigged referndum.


    • 418
      Lazarus of Atos says:

      Is this Jock Typeset? For those too pissed to ead conventional text?


    • 477
      Move over Darling says:

      He’s not doing a very good job is he.


    • 485
      UKIP to the max says:

      Yeah and if they make the ‘wrong choice the SNP will force another vote and another and another until they get what they want you plank, cut them loose now and save the years of moaning by the SNP.


  97. 383
    Danny Blanchflower says:

    You might have noticed that every single one of my economic predictions for the last five years has been completely wrong. I’ve been advised to get in touch with the Guinness Book of Records.


  98. 386
    Positive Spin says:


    • 484
      UKIP to the max says:

      Twat watch?

      They are arriving by coach and old transit vans, they are coming in by the cheapest methods as twats like Turner watch the airports, the most expensive method of travel.

      You couldnt make it up.


  99. 391
    Stat Tractor says:

    What, exactly, is the point of this blog?


    • 425
      Offa says:

      It’s just a Klingon on the hull of the Starship MSM, which a few but people buy but don’t read.


  100. 396
    Traitor Watch says:

    By Robert Buckland MP

    Britain is in desperate need of immigration from the EU


    Top comment:

    “Sickening and disgusting anti-British propaganda!

    You want to eradicate your population so you can keep the money flowing?!

    It’s now totally clear: the “conservatives” are 100% traitors.

    Only one party offers a chance of hope: UKIP!”


  101. 400
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:


  102. 405
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    hello, London gangster, can you tell me is you are worrysome about bulgarian gangster taking over your patch like ?


  103. 406
    fed-up in britain says:

    cameran bears the opione of the last person who sat on his face.the flabby fat Hunt.


  104. 414
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Can I claim to be the most hated blogger / poster on this site?


  105. 417
    Lazarus of Atos says:

    At least we got the f@ckers off their jaksiks, the lazy hunts.


  106. 422
    Danny Boy says:


  107. 436
    Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff says:

    IMF paper warns of ‘savings tax’ and mass write-offs as West’s debt hits 200-year high



    • 442
      Zero Hedge says:

      Martin Armstrong Warns Europeans Of The Coming Expropriation Of 10% Of Everyone’s Accounts


      “Anyone who thinks it is a fantasy that government will simply just confiscate 10% of everyone’s accounts in Europe better have another look at the fool they see in the mirror staring back at them. This IMF solution is traditionally French and is really coming because the people in charge are effectively Marxists and this idea came from the IMF under the control of French ideology. They will expropriate these funds to save a banking system that they screwed up and will never reform anything because they are incapable of admitting any mistake.”


      • 452
        Blowing Whistles says:

        There are no fucking debts – they are ‘false instruments’ created by the rothies and their shysters and duped shysters to enslave economies around the world into their slavery game.


        • 455
          Are thesae the people you are referring to? says:

          “Rich Will Keep Getting Richer In 2014″ – In 2013, Top 300 Billionaires Added Half A Trillion In Net Worth


          “All the pundits who preach an economic recovery in the US always fall strangely silent when asked to share their thoughts on the following chart (taken from the St. Louis Fed), showing the annual change in real disposable income per capita in the US. What seems to stump them most is that aside from the 2012 year end aberration (due to accelerated distribution of dividends ahead of the 2013 tax hikes) is that in November the series finally posted its first Y/Y decline (-0.1%) since the Lehman collapse.”


      • 567

        I dare any body to confiscate 10% of the french bank accounts they will have to invent a new word ‘ riot ‘ won’t begin to cover it .


    • 472
      Voice of Reason says:

      The internet has holed the ‘élites’ below the water-line.

      Day after day, comments on sites such as this one demonstrate people’s deep understanding of what has happened with the political and economic landscape in the last five or six years, and it is clearly resented by a majority, certainly in the UK.

      When one looks at creatures such as the Milibands who have propelled themselves into the political hierarchy without any popular mandate from the grassroots, founded on life experiences working hard in real jobs in real communities (the same can be said of Cameron and Osborne and Clegg, of course) then one realises that these individuals’ time is running out.


  108. 440
    Anon. says:


  109. 457
    Bloomers says:




    • 464
      Blowing Whistles says:

      The wording states 29 million ‘can’ Gareth Baines. Are you in any way trying to deceive the readers of this blog / your twat followers and are you going to admit that you have been economical with the truth in your tweet?


    • 471
      Captain Mainwaring says:

      They are already here. They slipped in un-noticed with a couple of hudred of their mates yesterday.


    • 565
      PICKFORDS REMOVALS (Van for a Mr Cameron) says:

      Surely Clegg and Milibland are Pro any good media headline/ bandwaggon


  110. 468
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Is Alistair Burt MP a fork-tongued, duplicitous, two-faced Christian?

    btw – good night.


  111. 469
    Ariel Sharon says:

    I’m a lemon!


    • 531
      This is not truth, this is EU 'truth' says:

      You’re certainly not a carrot or even half a carrot.
      Carrots are fruit.
      Because we said so.


  112. 475
    Some say Guardianistas "refused" to board ship when ice was closing in. says:

    Who pays for the rescue of the Akademik Shokalskiy? According to the Age: The operators of a ship stricken in the southern ocean are facing a multimillion-dollar expense bill, as a third vessel began a rescue attempt five days after the tourist ship became trapped in sea ice. Under the Treaty of the Safety of Life at Sea, vessels are required to respond to a distress message, with the costs incurred a matter for the ship owners after the event, the AMSA said. These can include fuel costs, crew costs and loss of revenue.



    • 488
      Porridge says:

      So 22 crew members are abandoned to their freezing fate while
      the ‘global warming’ conspirators need rescuing to return to
      civilisation.Truly pathetic.


    • 511
      Anonymous says:

      The ship and the voyage will be insured by underwriters potentially some from Lloyds of London and other international underwriting institutions. Each will carry a % of the risk. The final costs are met by the “names” , those are people that put up cash to cover the risk. It can be lucrative when things don’t go wrong and they make lots of money but when they do go wrong then the names have to cough up and it can be very very expensive for them.


      • 514
        Something ain't right says:

        But why the distress message anyway ( picked up by Falmouth Coastguard Christmas day), when as soon as the fare paying passengers have gone the ship is considered safe for the 22 crew.

        I notice the BBC and the Guardian still insist in calling it a research vessel when in fact it is a Tourist cruiser and was on a Turney organised cruise to retrace Mawson’s voyage to ice free commonwealth bay a hundred years ago.


        • 516
          Reader says:

          Good question. Presumably, if the distress message was made without there actually being a danger to the vessel, the insurance claim for the costs of that won’t be valid.


  113. 487
    Anon. says:

    The rest of Chris Turney’s life mapped out…


    • 527
      Not Dame Lawrence of Arabia (where is it quite warm actually) says:

      The Oz PM should jail him and his merry band for 60 years for bringing the country into disrepute.


  114. 490
    Sickened with the BBC bias says:

    Somebody should take Milipede up on his use of the word crisis. God knows what he would do if he ever faced a real crisis. The only crisis he ever experienced was the day his Guardian wasn’t delivered.


  115. 492
    Sentence them to 450 years, American style says:

    I welcome Cameron’s announcement about bringing in US style hundred year sentences as a way to get round the ECHR’s disgraceful ruling on whole life tariffs, but why are we even taking notice of what they say anyway? Other member states have ignored their rulings. They’re not binding. I’m fed up of bleeding heart leftie judges in the ECHR telling us how long we can lock up serial killers and nonces. I know the likes of the despicable Howard League and the evil Francés Croòk would like to see the likes of Rose West, Ian Brady and Mark Bridger released and given a job at a local primary school, but I don’t want bleeding heart leftards dictating what happens to scum like that.


    • 498
      Could not disagree more says:

      I don’t.

      The Prime Minister and the government of a Sovereign country. A civilised sovereign country with one of the fairest justice systems in the world should not have to evade a pack of politically motivated lawyers from countries that have just come out of the dark ages.


    • 506
      They do as they please, but at our expense says:

      “but why are we even taking notice of what they say anyway? Other member states have ignored their rulings”

      Because our judicicary, the ones that proudly proclaim their independence, decided that they are subject to the European Court and its ruling. All by themselves. Nothing we can do about it, because they are independent.


  116. 494
    Ariel Sharon says:

    When I die, please, whatever you do, don’t invite Blair to my funeral. That fucker just loves showing his face at every high profile funeral.


  117. 496
    That Romanian Invasion in full says:
  118. 497
    Some stereotypes are true says:

    Is it my imagination or is it accurate that, among the leftie/ champagne socialist/ Hampstead/ liberal elite, as they get into their 40s, they begin to display certain stereotypical traits, notably a sudden love for “world music” and salsa dancing? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with world music or salsa dancing, but having had the misfortune of coming from a family of leftie siblings, I often observed that their friends fitted this stereotype of loving trendy world music and other traits, like wearing sandals and eating trendy arty food that typically involved lentils and couscous. And I always get the feeling that they’re not really into the music but that they’re making a point of letting everyone know they listen to it, purely for leftie brownie points.


    • 502
      It's all in the hormones says:

      Low testosterone levels to begin with, getting lower as they age. Results in them becoming feminised.


    • 504
      From Plain Fag Packets to the Boxing Day Hunt. says:

      I don’t mind them doing that if they wish, but I object to them imposing their lifestyles on the rest of us.

      A good example of this. Was when the electricity companies started introducing green tariffs and if you were so minded you could go onto those tariffs, pay much more for your electricity and save the planet. While those who did not wish to could just stay on the standard tariffs thus making the Guardianistas feel even better about themselves.

      Then suddenly the Westminster elite decided everyone should go on the expensive green tariff, electricity prices went up for all, the Guardianistas were no longer a smug select and everyone now hated them.


  119. 500
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:



    • 507
      Find a problem, any problem and the only solution is to hose it with monet...The Lefties says:

      I do wish a lefty for once in his or her life would tralise that the best things in life really are free.


    • 512
      Reader says:

      They used to have council sports facilities which you didn’t need any kind of membership for. They were cheap.

      They were ruined by tossers who upgraded them at massive expense and reinvented them as ‘leisure’ facilities. They were usually then privatized. Normal people don’t use them.


    • 520
      They lie with stats says:

      BBC pump out the Labour line that prices are rising, but the average price has risen 4% since 2010 wheras inflation has caused the rpi to rise by 9%.
      Therefore the story should be that average prices have fallen by 5% since the tories came in.


    • 521
      EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

      Vote UKIP


    • 526
      Non taxable pikey says:

      Luciana doesn’t go for a gym, its a Chukka for her.


    • 540
      Screwed Taxpayer says:

      Energetically sliding up and down Chukker’s pole will give Lucretia some of her usual exercise.


  120. 503
    The average age of a Kipper is 70 says:


  121. 510
    #innocentface says:

    Mrs Bercow, take note.

    Saudi Twitter user is jailed for three months and sentenced to 80 lashes for falsely accusing a Kuwaiti pop star of adultery



  122. 524
    UKIP to the max says:

    Meanwhile the coaches are starting out from Romania and Bulgaria bringing yet more enrichment for our enjoyment:

    Next stop Britain on this benefits bonanza express from Romania
    HUNDREDS of penniless migrants last night waved goodbye to Romania after boarding the first buses bound for Britain. The freezing streets outside the crumbling central bus station in downtown Bucharest were heaving with those who had saved for months to get seats.

    The gruelling 1,600-mile journey to the “land of opportunity” takes an exhausting two days and passes through six countries before arriving at London’s Victoria coach station tomorrow. From there it heads on to Manchester and Liverpool.

    Tickets cost £100 each, with some saying the marathon trip was worth it for the benefits bonanza they hope to reap once in the UK. Similar scenes were witnessed in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, as hundreds departed.

    Constantin Binciu, 46, was lured to London because he earns just £4,000 a year in Romania. Once settled in the UK, he plans to bring over his 18-year-old son.

    He said: “If I don’t find a job, yes, I will claim benefits. Britain is attractive to people like me. I am leaving behind a bad life to start something better in Britain – it’s a land of opportunity for us.”

    As the double-decker executive bus left Bucharest at 6.30pm, those aboard smiled broadly and waved, excited at the prospect of being in the UK within 48 hours.

    And this is happening as the likes of Keith Vaz are watching the airports.


    • 528
      Cameron is merely a figure head(and not a VERY good one either) says:

      Don’t forget Cameron who could have re-imposed controls for another 3 years under existing EU regulations “to protect the domestic jobs market” but refused on the usual “lame excuse” that Clegg and LibDems who are polling less than 8% in the polls wouldn’t like it


      • 530
        Joe Erskine says:

        When I employ someone i do not give a damn about the colour of their skin,their sex age religion or country of origin .

        All I want is someone who can do the job at a price that I can afford.


        • 541
          Screwed Taxpayer says:

          The point is that the U.K. is full. Reduce British unemployment instead of taking on immigrants.


        • 570
          Anonymous says:

          Well believe or not, the country doesn’t exist as a glorified labour camp for your business.

          I’m sure the mill owners in the 50s and 60s in places like Bradford didn’t care too much about importing cheapo labour from rural P@arkistan. But look at the consequences that has had for the rest of the country decades later, and will continue to have in the future.

          Actions have consequences and seeing the country subservient to your business needs is part of our problem.


    • 535

      Watching the airports was always just a distraction tactic , does that grease ball Vaz really imagine that the thousands of Roma would be even allowed onto an aircraft with their bundles and hordes of snot nosed brats with filthy nappies.
      The real invasion will be into Victoria coach station in London and after that ,through the maternity wards of a hospital near you !


  123. 537
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I’m sure you saw it, Guido: Yesterday the Daily Express splashed the offensive and misleading headline “£1.4bn benefits bill for new EU migrants coming to Britain” across its front page.

    The story is shockingly deceptive. It insists that, based on (inaccurate) unemployment figures, almost one in five new Romanian and Bulgarian migrants will live on benefits, costing taxpayers almost £1.4 billion. These figures are wrong and rely only on the misleading testimony of unnamed “experts”.

    But the Daily Express isn’t concerned with the facts — they know fear sells, and they’ve got their eye on the bottom line. It’s a disgusting abuse of journalistic integrity and we must hold them accountable.


    • 563
      The Lost Supporters are queing up to dump Cameron says:

      Methinks that both the Daily Mail and Daily Express are lost to Cameron and the Tories along with The Sun. In fact the Daily Mail is now castigating Cameron every day in their editorial as an ineffective useless waste of space masquerading as a Tory


  124. 538
    Guy News Room says:

    Nick Griffin declared bankrupt. Bankrupts used to have to resign from Parliament. Sadly not the case in the European Parliament.


  125. 539
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Polly Toynbee is a damn good reporter She comes from the school of life not straight from college to a desk like most of our lot.


    • 548
      Dreaming just dreaming says:

      She comes from the school of the rich and cossetted and hasn’t got a clue what real people go through, her view is from the umpteenth floor of a large building looking down or through the window of an airplane whilst sitting in the first class seats flying to one of her multiple homes.


    • 561
      All socialists are hypocrites says:

      Toynbee has had a cossetted upbringing, education and life…she has NOT the slightest idea of reality outside of her own privileged existence of Primrose Hill…to her the influx of more immigrants from eastern europe just means cheaper domestic help


  126. 543
    bill says:

    what we need is a prediction blog.

    so if an economist,met office boffin,economic forecaster etc etc makes a predicition it is easy to look up their past predictions and see whether they were right or wrong.

    lets face it the met office costs us £230m to wrongly predict the weather most of the time.i understand they are caught in the elf and safety trap of not getting sued for wrongly predicting armageddon.

    lets see the names of all the people who predict and we can make up our own minds.


  127. 544
    Ashcroft says:

    Bedroom Tax: Mum hit by charge for disabled daughter’s sensory room challenges David Cameron to visit her home http://bit.ly/1iysEmB


    • 554
      Yawn says:

      A Cheap shot. There will always be these obviously wrong cases that have nothing to do with the PM but some lacky at the local council not awarding the discretionary grant that the government has made available.


      • 559
        FFS says:

        It’s in Runcorn in Cheshire. Solid Labour council.

        Cameron and IDS should indeed go and visit Mrs Lennon. Then they should ram the reality down the throat of the Labour council. It won’t be reported in the Mirror if they do, mind!


  128. 547
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    Jobs in flood protection to be axed as part of government austerity cuts, Guido Fawkes confirms http://bbc.in/191pZi4

    Is David Cameron stark,staring bonkers ?


    • 550
      The 1922 Committee says:

      The answer the second part of your question is YES.

      David Cameron is a bloody disgrace.



    • 552
      Liebour enemies of the people says:

      Liebour whitewash merchants produce report about cuts but forget to remind people the same whitewash merchants were doing the same thing, seems Liebour whitewash merchants were saving the country by pissing taxpayers money on themselves whilst our army they sent to sandy places were running about in unprotected vehicles, whitewash merchants reported same army coming home at least 3 times, Liebour, whitewash merchants to their mates the bankers and millionaire lawyers and just use the plebs to vote and lord it over the plebs.


    • 558
      Civility is an Engineer says:

      Let houses built on flood plains flood. If they build flood defences around these follies then the river will only flood down stream even worse than before.


      • 572
        FFS says:

        No it won’t. The entire flood plain will fill with a couple of feet of water except for those dwellings protected by a flood wall.

        I would try Google images for “floods” and “flood defences”

        You will see the following:

        1] Most of the houses that are impacted by river floods are older properties that were built near rivers to take advantage of the amenity value of rivers, as they have been throughout our history.

        2] It is entirely possible to build a flood defence around a single property such that it will sit like a dry island in a vast flooded plain filled with water.

        Sea defences are much more difficult, but river flooding is relatively easy to deal with. Housing previously susceptible to flooding but then protected by flood defences will gain in value to the extent that flood defences are effectively self-financing, so the fact we can’t manage to get ourselves organised to provide such flood defences is a damning indictment of the quality of our governance.


  129. 551
    WOLF!!!! says:

    Not too bad a day here in Cornwall. I suppose if the BBC try hard enough they will find a large puddle or a wave breaking on a harbour break water.


  130. 553
    Who? says:


  131. 555
    Guido Fawkes says:

    The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of Guido Fawkes.


  132. 556
    PICKFORDS REMOVALS (Van for a Mr Cameron) says:

    Sky news reporter ” I’m standing here on top of this sea wall some 30 ft above the beach
    At high tide last night the water was 50 feet over the top of this wall”

    Jesus Someone better call Noah !


    • 562
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      High tides are due to the effect of the relative positions of the Sun-Earth-Moon and the geography of the coastline you lefty fuckwit.


      • 564
        PICKFORDS REMOVALS (Van for a Mr Cameron) says:

        50 feet ABOVE the 30 foot high sea defenses ? you fucking numb aids riddled sphincter


  133. 557
    Tristram Hunt says:

    David Cameron,I wonder if there’s a point at which your ideas become so stupid that you should actually be forcibly ejected from society.


  134. 577

    Different numbers.


  135. 580
    Crisis? What cost of living crisis? (Sonny Jim) says:

    Politicians are trying to spin reality in order to up their chances in the May and 2015 elections. However, almost everyone, with the exception of politicians, recognises that UK is in deep crisis in terms of our economy, NHS, public services, cost of living and quality of life.


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