January 1st, 2014

Tebbit’s Dicky Ticker Heart Scare

It went little reported and those who are not readers of Norman Tebbit’s blog may have missed this pre-Christmas:

In the small hours of Friday morning I was awakened by severe pains in my chest. I slipped out of bed and went to call my wife’s carer for help. She dialled 999 and very quickly an ambulance arrive at the front door, I was carried out and whisked off to A&E. It was mercifully quiet and I was rapidly admitted to the cardiac unit which had already been advised that I had a heart rate of up to 200. Well-qualified staff were on duty, and dealt with what was a most unwelcome and extreme return of a problem for which I had been treated in London over a decade earlier.

Tebbit plays it down on his blog, however at the time friends were, and still are, extremely worried. Guido wishes him well…


  1. 1
    Benny Fitzcheat says:

    My classes for scamming the benefits system are now fully booked until April 2014. Cash only please!

    • 5
      Mr Potato Head says:

      A socialist being asked to go out to look for work is akin to someone being asked to slit the throat of their granny.

      • 12
        fnar says:

        Socialists would have done that already. A more rigorous test must be devised.

      • 72
        leapy lee says:

        A politician who told it like it was,that will never do.
        We are now in the era of smarmy greasers like Vazoline,that is the future.

        • 79
          Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Immigrants and Criminals says:

          Tebbit was the original antiparasite. We need many more like him to get these millions of spongers off our backs.

          • rick says:

            Tebbit told simple home-truths – didn’t just court popularity.
            Stay with us, Norm, you and those like you are needed more than ever before.

        • 254
          Axe The Telly Tax And Tell My Wife To Stop Noshing Off Mini Cab Drivers And Making Me Film It says:

          Why are you speaking like he is dead? Or have I just missed that bit of news? I have a lot of respect for old Norman, he stood by his missus as she couldn’t when Guido’s bum chums blew up Brighton.

      • 93
        Piggy Banks says:

        But not as fearful as you lot having to pay 75% top rate tax?

        NEW YEAR WISHES to all the bosses, bankers etc.

        • 129
          WC Boggs says:

          “bosses” ROFL

          are you that bloke from the 1970s sitcom who wants to go on strike all the time?

          • Piggy Banks says:

            Better that then a sell-out ‘working class’ Tory. No, no striking all the time, just enough to protect workers wages & rights – AND give the bosses a good kick-up-the-ass. Also, if this country is really broke, better have a 75% top rate tax?

            P.S: Is there not is PC game called, Kick the Boss?

          • WC Boggs says:

            The class war is over mate, get over it.

          • Piggy Banks says:

            And yet, at this time of good will to all, the unemployed and disabled are still are getting the money stopped (for the least reason by the mini-Hitlers at the JobCentres). So, who would tell them: Merry Christmas the (class) war is over?

          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            Socialist agitators and politicians created “the Class War” to keep their Pleb core vote in their place. Can’t have people with aspirations wanting to climb out of their council house pits and better themselves through hard work and the application of their natural abilities. Oh no! Labour needs the hoi polloi to remain resentful and envious of the success of others in order to keep their M.P.s and councillors in the well paid manner to which they have become accustomed.

          • Anonymous says:

            If the Socialist ever used class war to maintain their core vote, it is Tory spin doctors and politicians that are now maintaining this attack – all in the name of reducing the national debt. For the Tories can’t admit that people might be happy in, and proud of, their council houses (homes which are, insultingly, call “pits”). For without joining the rat race, many council/social tenants better themselves. Yet, if we had enough, decent, low-cost council/social housing, few might want to put themselves into long-term debt – to keep the bankers and their friends in their well paid life-styles.

        • 163

          London is now the city with the 5th largest French population in Europe. Shows what 75% taxation does. Most wealthy people can manage their business from almost anywhere these days, do we really want to lose all our wealthy inhabitants and in so doing reduce the tax take?

          • Tell it like it is says:

            Most of the Frenchies came over for different reasons. Young French people find it very difficult to get a job. Especially the well-educated ones! This has been a problem in France for at least 20 years.

            Also, in more recent years, young ambitious French people have discovered it is MUCH easier to set up a company in the UK than in France.

            I have a French friend who used to be very patriotic, but she said to me the last time I saw her that she would never go back to France now. She doesn’t believe there would be any kind of future their for her or her children.

        • 284
          (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

          Piggy Banks? Piggy Wanks more like! What a tosser!

          • Piggy Banks says:

            Well, well, someone on this site agreeing that piggy bankers are also greedy wankers?

        • 292
          There-Is-No-Left-Or-Right--Only-Right-Or-Wrong says:

          “Workers Rights”? The only right a “worker” needs is to be able to sell his/her labour for whatever an employer is willing/able to pay. If I am a work-shy piss-head who didn’t work hard at school I don’t have a right to a large salary and generous benefits. However, if I have a useful skill, I am prepared to work hard and can be creative then I am empowered to seek the best opportunity available. What could be simpler?

          • Anonymous says:

            So you would refuse/give back any pay increase coming from union action? As for being “empowered to seek the best opportunity available”, you must be one of the few that still believed all that JobCentre/government spin. There-Is-No-Left-Or-Right? Come on, Mr Tebbit might be proud of such getting on your bike views.

      • 302
        Anonymous says:

        Mr Potato (Fuck) Head more like. Do you get paid by this site/Tory HQ to be this over-the-top and nasty?

    • 7
      Psyche the Dog says:

      So what has got to do with Norman Tebbit? Try to somehow to stick to the context of Guido’s article!

      • 95
        Anonymous says:

        People keeping to the point? On this site? We should be so lucky (lucky, lucky, lucky)

      • 114
        Anonymous says:

        Maybe Tebbit should have taken his own advice and got “on his bike”?

        • 125
          Anonymous says:

          He needed emergency medical care, not a job – he’s 82 and has been retired for a long time.

          Maybe you did not understand the advice, or the context of his quote.

        • 127
          Mr Logic says:

          He doesn’t need to look for work.

          • Anonymous says:

            Fully understood that the quote was about scoring needless party points at the cost of the unemployed. My point was that, had Tebbit got on his bike, it might have helped him stay healthy. (Hate all that Tories stand for – but do not wish anyone ill health)

          • Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous January 1, 2014 at 2:06 pm

            Suggesting people get on their bike was not about party political points or getting at the unemployed – it was making it clear that you have to strive.

          • 2112 says:

            Tebbit never said that the unemployed should get “on their bike.” he said that during the depression, his dad used to go out on his bike looking for work. In other words, if they wanted to work then they needed to go out and look for it because it wasn’t going to come to them.

          • Anonymous says:

            “I grew up in the ’30s with an unemployed father. He didn’t riot. He got on his bike and looked for work, and he kept looking till he found it.”

            So, as well as attempting to deflect attention away from Tory policy, he was implying that the lazy unemployed should get on their bikes.

          • Labour liars, cheats and treat with contempt says:

            It was the BBC and the left that perpetuated the myth of the on your bike. It was a lie then its a lie now but the BBC constantly pump it out at any opportunity they can

    • 9
      Norman Tebbit an extraordinary, ordinary man. says:

      Norman Tebbit. Became a politician unlike most of today’s non entities who started out as politicians.

      A true working class Tory

      • 16
        Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

        Cameron take note this man is a real Tory and didn’t give a flying F**k about focus groups; he did what was right for the country

      • 17
        Psyche the Dog says:

        Actually he was an airline pilot with BOAC, then he was the man at the top of the Airline Pilots Association – an in house union, then he started on his political career

        • 76
          Never believe anything you find on Google (or anywhere else on-line) says:

          Like Ronald Regan he was a conservative trade unionist and, but for the IRA, would have made a great successor to Mrs Thatcher – destroying marxist (as in Milliband) socialism for good.

      • 18
      • 64

        Quite right in every aspect, including your moniker.

        The other thing that is, at once, both extraordinary but ordinary about him is that he has no over-inflated ego – like so many politicians have now. This has always been the case with him. He engages with others as equals, including on his blog.

        Given the prominence to which he rose and the trials he had to bear, especially post Brighton bombing, it is hard to name anyone of his like.

        • 80
          I hate socialists. says:

          Yes ,a true gentleman and inspiration to many hard working Britons .
          Get well soon .

        • 186
          Err and numerous other onikas says:

          have 2 personal photos of him talking to my wife. They are situated by the front door so all visitors can see him and Maggie as they enter and leave.
          Thanks for the Thread Guido.
          HNY to Cat, nell and all.

        • 201
          Psyche the Dog says:

          Do you remember Psyche the Dog on the radio?

          • Anonymous says:

            No, but did you hear about the Psyche Meeting that had to be close ‘due to unforeseen events’?

          • (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

            “Life of Bliss” with George Cole, if memory serves. HNY to Cat, Nell and Taffy pub person!

      • 135
        Anonymous says:

        A true working class Tory. File under ‘oxymoron’.

        • 159
          Four-eyed English Genius says:

          What a stupid comment from a troll.

        • 273
          2112 says:

          An oxymoron that elected Mrs. Thatcher to power three times. Which is why Labour had to look abroad for their core vote.

        • 288
          John Bellingham says:

          You are an idiot! Have you ever analysed the last 100 years of British politics? —are you even British?

          • NE Frontiersman says:

            288: Could comments please specify which particular idiot they are addressing? The choice can be so wide as to be confusing, sometimes.

          • Anonymous says:

            While being a working class Tory makes no sense, there are all to many backward-looking and racist workers that, lacking class-awareness, can be conned into voting Tory. Did no one here ever watch Till Death Do We Part?

      • 177
        Baby Boomers Pay Your Mortgages says:

        I second that!

      • 239
        Alexsandr says:

        he should also be lauded for his commitment for looking after his wife disabled in the brighton bombing. Good bloke IMHO

      • 274
        Anonymous says:

        Norman Tebbit is a super guy in every respect. Loyal, unafraid to speak the truth, hardworking and a true gent. God bless you and keep you safe.

    • 10
      albacore says:

      Don’t worry, though, if you can’t enrol
      Dave’s got so many folks on the dole
      He’s letting in loads of foreign pals
      To tweak up the system, guys and gals

      • 26
        Psyche the Dog says:

        He is doing what B’Liar did, keeps the lower order wages down , also with selective admissions he will have ready trained doctors and nurses, for instance 5 years for medical degree and then a number of years as a junior doctor (twelve hour + days), engineers, chemists, in fact all those occupations where it is expensive to train members of the UK population, this has been the same since the end of WW2.

    • 19
      A True Man says:

      Unlike Blair and Straw and Cameron. Tebbit stands up to terrorists and does not appease them, or attend their funerals. Then again he knows first hand the evil of Terrorism.

    • 21
      dai hopefully says:

      do note the irony

      parts of the nhs work very well indeed – and somehow have to co-exist with the others

      very difficult survival foe the good staff (there are many) – because ‘management’ ain’t going to do anything to the others

      good luck mr t

    • 260
      Daedalus says:

      Tebbit is one of the few politicians who would stand up and mean what he said. Basically socialists are parasites on the the real working men and women of this country. Benefits are a drag on progress and real production improvements for the country. Why do better when the state will do it for you!?

      I hope Norman Tebbit makes a full and quick recovery and is back blogging at his best as soon as he can.

      • 293
        sailor says:

        A giant among the current lot of political pygmies.

      • 301
        Roger And Me says:

        While Tebbit might be proud of such dis-information and spin, the fact remains that the greatest drag on production was/is the long-term under-investment, bad management and policy of exporting jobs. As of the nasty and mean-mined attacks on the welfare state safety net – it does help you lot to keep the workers and staff in line. Then again, while business maintain a hate for the state – they don’t mind using top-up benefits to keep wages down. For why pay a decent living wage then the state do it for you?

  2. 2
    Whiffler says:

    The best Prime Minister we never had. And no way was he only a semi-housetrained PoleCat – he was/is the real deal.

    Get well soon Normo Tebbs.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    He and his wife had a raw deal when the IRA blew up the Grand Hotel.

    • 11
      Psyche the Dog says:

      Nobody deserves that

      • 34
        albacore says:

        The Establishment found those tactics too rude
        They didn’t put folks in a very good mood
        Immigration works faster than explosion
        When what you’re after is British erosion

    • 14
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Always remember Blair and the Good Friday Agreement let all the terrorists go free.

      Just to cap it all we have one of the leaders of the IRA as Children’s Minister – you couldn’t make it up.

      The Loyalists in Ulster are now being strong armed by two Americans to give up their traditional Orange Day Parade Routes and flying of the Union Jack on public buildings.

      Whatever the Catholics say about The Orange Day Parades they committed just as many atrocities as Cromwell and his men.

      • 143
        Gunpowder, treason and plot says:

        Cromwell was an authoritarian monster, but a man of his times. Just as his deeds there will never be forgotten or forgiven, the strategic reasons should never be forgotten , as to why he went into Ireland. Partly religion, partly imperialism, but one reason was that a traitorous Stuart King had raised Irish troops in order to fight the English Parliament on English soil.

      • 289
        Jack Ketch says:

        Children’s Minister? Didn’t one of the top IRA bods run a p@edophile ring?

  4. 4
    Nigel says:

    Hope you enjoyed the fireworks at midnight you cretins. Next week you’ll see what real fireworks are like when you are fighting off hordes of Romanians.

    • 6
      Mr Potato Head says:

      We shall fight them in the food banks.

    • 13
      Psyche the Dog says:

      OK Nige how much did that fiasco cost, all gone up in smoke, still I suppose it keeps the Chinese economy bouyant and firework display people in work.

    • 20
      Jon Parjeter says:

      Ukip scaremongering and exaggerating. You can’t take their wild claims seriously. Great comic value!

      Get well Norman.

      • 27
        Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

        Ask the people of Sheffield or Peterborough whether UKIP are scaremongering or not.

        If you are not bothered about the level of integration why not let a Rumanian Family come and live in your spare bedroom or camp on your lawn. Thought not

      • 33
        Mr Potato Head says:

        That’s just the same inane bullshit that was said before the Poles arrived en masse. Put yourself in the mind of a Roma living in REAL poverty and asking whether you would be better off in the UK with £26k a year in benefits plus a free house, free healthcare and a food bank next door. It is a no-brainer.

        • 54
          Al Forno says:

          The difference is loads have already gone to other EU countries. You can’t drive around Italy for 3 minutes without seeing a car with Romanian numberplates, same for Spain.

          Anyway, we’ll see if UKIP have this right or if they flop. It’ll be simple to measure by March or April.

        • 158
          It was Gordons policies that caused it all along says:

          Had to laugh the other day when that think tank said that the economy will overtake Germany by 2030 because of immigration reaching 70 million.
          Building over England’s green and pleasant land for jobs for the construction industry and estate agents and lawyers does not address the real issue and never will. Who will pay for their pensions or do we start this stupid cycle all over again in the name of so called growth.
          What the World needs is Condoms not Condominiums.

    • 304
      Anonymous says:

      They seek them here, they seek them there,
      Sky News seek them everywhere.
      Are they at the airport? Are they at Dover?
      Where are those damn elusive Romanians?

  5. 15
    Ship Stuck in Antarctica Raises Questions About Worth of Reenacting Expeditions says:

    The National Geographic condemns the BBC/Guardian pseudo exped to Anarctica.

    The truth is (my interpretation) that this had nothing to do with re-visiting Mawson and is a CAGW publicity stunt which has back fired in their faces. Of note is that the BBC are desperately trying not to mention that they are part of this folly.


    • 25
      Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle, 30 December 2013 says:

      Years ago, global warming believers renamed the phenomenon “climate change” – probably because of pesky details like unusually cold weather undercutting the warming argument. Now, just as advocates argue that Earth is approaching a tipping point, there’s so much ice floating in Antarctica during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer that the Australasian Antarctic Expedition posted in a statement: “We’re stuck in our own experiment.” Too bad the folks who are supposed to predict climate decades into the future are guided by scientists who could not manage to avoid ice floes during a five-week trip. –

    • 92
      bergen says:

      Yes we need a campaign in the Guardian to free the Antarctic 50.

      Absolutely hilarious.

      • 113
        Camp Gino says:

        I hope the fuckers fingers, toes, cocks and clits freeze off, I hope they’re reduced to slicing cuts of meat from their dead colleagues back-sides … and when, in the future, the survivors are struggling to open a tin of fucking beans with their stumps, they can think about their fucking lies.

        • 141
          you mentalist says:

          You are what my old dad would call “a nasty piece of work”.

          • Morality says:

            Yes, a tad extreme. But how much did the Green taxers think about the misery they have caused, and yes, the deaths, even, by their ludicrous projects and massive tax hikes on the cost on energy have inflicted on the economy as a whole and on the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society in particular?

          • Psyche the Dog says:

            M, like most on this blog, they could not give a monkey’s about the poor and those that all the Green Taxes have put into fuel poverty, they are talking the talk because it suits their purpose to do so, but not very good walking the walk.

    • 150
      Green Greeny says:

      Don’t let the politicians off either. There is an Australian Green Party senator on board that boat: who’d no doubt hoped to use the stunt to scare people into reversing the party’s electoral fortunes and filling its coffers.

    • 154
      Fishy says:

      As one commenter observes:

      Alas, this latter day expedition is just a vanity cruise, a publicity stunt that has suddenly become deadly serious

      And still the BBC are sneakily evading comment on their involvement

    • 192
      A Penguin says:

      First we had gesture politics, then we had gesture science.

  6. 22
    Anonymous says:

    But for the Brighton bomb, Tebbit would have been the true and proper successor to Maggie. Damn the IRA. Evil

    Then the whole history of the UK would have been entirely different, and infinitely better.

    Alan Douglas

  7. 23
    Alan says:

    But for the Brighton bomb, Tebbit would have been the true and proper successor to Maggie. Damn the IRA. Evil

    Then the whole history of the UK would have been entirely different, and infinitely better.

    Alan Douglas

    • 194
      Old Blue Eyes says:

      You can say that again – oh you already have. Seriously I couldn’t agree more.

  8. 24
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    If I was a politician the man I would look to emulate is Lord Tebbit. He is a genuine Conservative and a gentleman for whom I have the utmost regard and respect.

  9. 30
    Anonymous says:

    our local Spanish bar owner needs staff he thinks the Romanians will come to Spain.
    Mind you he never reads the papers.

    • 37
      eh? says:

      Spanish bar needs staff? Spain’s got about 50% youth unemployment.

      • 40
        Roman says:

        But we do it at half the Young Dago rate.

        • 110
          Typical non thinking leftard says:

          There’s nearly 6 million unemployed people in Spain. So let’s give any spare jobs to the Roma. That’ll work out well!

          • Roma says:

            You have to have paid taxes in Spain before you get access to public services.

            That’s no good for us Roma. We go all way to Spain and then starve?

            No, we go England. You give bennies and foodbanks. We manage OK for sure. Is most secure option for us.

  10. 31
    What can she mean? says:
    • 55
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Does she mean in her constituency where labour have been in power since the war, they have had 70 years to get it right and now in Hackney they have

      1. Very high rates of single parent families

      2. High youth unemployment

      3. More bookies than book shops

      4. A high street full of fast food shops

      and a education system so bad that their MP sends her son to Private School

      Diane Abbott a politician for our times; responsible for nothing and to no one

      • 68
        Willy Hill says:

        Would imagine everywhere in the country has more bookies than book shops, except for the pseuds paradise of Hay-on-Wye.

        • 85
          Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

          I am sure some one will correct me but I don’t think there are any bookshops on Hackney High Street.

    • 60
      Rice and Water says:

      She’s going to stick to a diet this year?

  11. 32
    The Foreign & Commonwealth Office says:

    BREAKING: Nick Clegg applies to Romania for asylum.

  12. 35
    A Presidential Decree says:
    • 38
      Why do they do it? says:

      So when a lickle poor country like Latvia changes to the Euro as its currency what does that mean for the Latvian in the street? Do they instantly become richer, poorer or remain the same?

      I assume there must be something in it for them or they wouldn’t do it, would they? Or is it for the benefit of the rich Latvians?

      • 57
        Alan Chingachgook says:

        They don’t give baboon’s arse, they’re all coming over here and depopulation is massive problem in Riga. By the way, rich Latvians … read rich Russians

      • 216
        Tell it like it is says:

        The ordinary man in the street ends up poorer in the end, but they don’t understand economics so they don’t know why.

        The rich like the Euro because it means they can play games with the Latvian economy and make themselves rich in the process but the currency will still retain its value so it can be spent in Germany.

        This is what happened in Greece. Rich people finding ways to line their pockets. Normally that would screw up the economy so badly that the local currency would be worth nothing, but not if your money is in Euros.

      • 229
        It was Gordons policies that caused it all along says:

        EUSSR grants by the fourth reich barrow load

    • 39
      eh? says:

      Yeah, congratulations on joining such a successful currency union.

      Your riots start in February.

    • 45
      A Cast Iron Euro warranty says:

      Who promises to pay the bearer on demand if the Euro goes tits up?

      • 52
        The G'erman Public says:

        Despite what Merkel may say, it will not be us.

        Guden Tag.

        • 128
          Angela Merkel says:

          It is already you. Why do you think Germany is not growing as fast as the UK and unemployment has just breached 3million?

  13. 36
    UKIP first and last says:

    The muppets of the MSM are busy watching the airports for the R&B Roma invasion while ignoring the points of entry the Roma have always used, coaches and ferries. And you can bet the media will be cooking up anti UKIP stories for supposedly making false claims about the numbers coming. Roma families spending thousands on airfares? Only the media could could expect that.

    • 43
      P l e b says:

      Cameron is going to have some egg on his face if the Romanian hordes don’t turn up….the UK ain’t that ‘sceptered Isle’ after all then?

      • 47
        Labour's supporters are worthless retarded subhuman filth says:

        Do relocate to the socialist paradise of North Korea. Chop chop.

      • 77
        Mission Accomplished and other Prime Ministerial sayings says:

        Au contraire..he will announce it as a great triumph that the government “scare” tactics were a great success and that only the Tory party will stand up for Britain and British Workers

        • 132
          Roma says:

          We will come. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but we will come.

          • Anonymous says:

            Maybe not tomorrow, nor the day after, nor the week, nor the month – well maybe next year? Then again, maybe not. For “in Bucharest’s Berceni market, as stallholders prepared for the last shoppers of 2013, there was no real interest from anyone Sky News spoke to in spending 2014 working in the UK.”

      • 178
        Fishy says:

        You keep saying that P L E B. OCD getting worse is it?

    • 44
      The BBC says:

      We imagine the Roma will travel club-class, like we do.

      Up the workers. Vote Labour.

    • 50
      Leslie Piggot says:

      Good point well made.

    • 233
      It was Gordons policies that caused it all along says:

      They have been picking pockets in Oxford street for well over a decade and the BBC has been positively spinning large established low skilled workers for months, so I think they are already here in larger numbers than admitted by our failed immigration policies and there makers.

    • 261
      Anonymous says:

      But what about Sky News? For their website talked to Mihai Fertig, chief operating officer of the Romanian arm of the biggest coaching group in Europe – running three services a week to the UK. He told them, “…we aren’t enthusiastic. I think the main part of the people who want to work abroad are already there. We expect, because of the opening of the market, that the bookings will increase maybe 10%.”

  14. 42
    fed-up in britain says:

    get well mr tebbit.. a true tory.Hope youre wife is well also.

  15. 46
    David Cameron says:

    Haven’t you heard? There are more than a million new private sector jobs and the only people on benefits are scroungers.

    • 74
      Stop moaning and put on a jumper says:

      Most of them part time zero hours contracts on minimum wage no doubt ?

  16. 48
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    It’s almost time for that “new year new me” bullshit.

  17. 49
    A Reader says:

    Happy new year to all, except the total fucking cünt known as
    David Cameron.

    Get well Norman.

  18. 53
    Yom Kipper says:

    Wouldn’t it be a fantastic gesture if I srael agreed to take the Syrian refugees? It would prove that they’re not a racist country after all.

    • 56
      Bone Head thug Netti-Yahoo says:

      We could relocate them to the occupied territories as there is not much space elsewhere, but the UN would go ape, and so would my wife.

    • 58
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Remind me again how many refugees Saudi Arabia has taken or how much aid the Gulf States have given

      The only aid they have given is for weapons so that one lot f Muslims can exterminate the other and Cameron thinks we should get involved.

      Leave the Arabs alone to sort out their own medieval wars

    • 59
      Bonnie Scotchland says:

      Or to Fife. Let Gordon practice what he preaches.

    • 138
      Tell it like it is says:

      Israel is not a racist country. It simply does not appreciate people living within its borders who refuse to take up citizenship. Nothing to do with race. There are plenty of Arabs living in Israel that ARE citizens.

    • 214
      Are u serious? says:

      Why don’t the arab countries take in some of the Palestinian refugees that have been living in camps in their countries since 1948???

      • 223
        Not Dame Lawrence of Arabia says:

        Good question – bu the answer is that the “Palestinians”, as they like to call themselves, prefer to remain as the poor victims of the whole piece and would rather remain in their squalor than make the effort to better themselves. UNRWA should be defunded and disbanded. Then let’s see what the ‘victims’ do.

    • 280
      Fbi says:

      israell treated more than 150 Syrians in Israelie hospitalss free of charge. Syria is still at war. Syrians cannot be trusted due to chemical weapons and Israels destruction.

    • 305
      Anonymous says:

      What would be fantastic is, if the British government would stop supporting the murdering rebels and help rebuild the country – so that Syrian refugees can return home. That said, had the House of Comments voted to bomb, how many more refugees would there now be?

  19. 63
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    And this apparently got 6000 or so thumbs up on the Mail site:

    Not a bad rating.

    So I guess Cameron is saying : Vote B & P, rather than UKIP.

    Vote UKIP, but perhaps go long black shirts, and ban the left.

    • 87
      UKIP or bust says:

      Up to 7477 now.

      Racists every man Jack of ‘em.

      • 196
        Tell it like it is says:

        I saw the 02 arena comedy gig on TV with asian comedian Paul Chowdhry asking if there were any racists in the audience. He looked pretty shocked when thousands of people cheered and proudly waved their hands in the air!

  20. 65
    Old Moore's Crystal Balls says:



    A large front is predicted to be approaching the UK shores early this morning from the east bringing stormy weather for Cameron. However the Prime Minister says that the country is prepared and will ride out the storm. However large numbers of reporters from BBC and the Daily Mail report that the front seems to have been exaggerated as they report all appears calm and that they have been camped out since midnight having come straight from New Year’ parties and that the predicted cyclone could well have veered off towards Germany or Spain who are expected to bear the initial brunt of it.

    The Prime Minister. at an early morning press conference at Victoria Coach station, tells people that the government’s precautions appear to have worked and totally dismisses the media who accuse him of panicking…”Better that we were prepared !” he says, “Unlike Mr Miliband and the Labour Party I will never play fast and loose with the nation’s defences ! Unfortunately an aide whispers in his ear at that point and he has to leave.

    His spokesman says that reports of large numbers of coaches approaching from Dover and M2 are greatly exaggerated.

    Meanwile Mr Farage tells an audience of newsmen over a New Year pint that whilst he welcomes Syrian refugees he cannot understand why Mr Cameron is in denial over the massive influx of people from Roumania and Bulgaria and mentions that he has been told that a minibus with Roumanian lettering has been seen landing at Dover.

    The BBC spokesman says that it has it’s reporters throughout the country and has been broadcasting since 6am but as yet as been unable to locate anyone to interview in Bucharest as the main square appears deserted. ” We can only wait !” says a BBC reporter ominously to the studio in London, “to see whether all of Roumania is en route to the UK or whether they are just still in bed after New Year celebrations….only time will tell !” A Roumanian Road Sweeper, the only person that appears to be about,tells him that he is not interested in coming to UK…”But you might ?” asks the BBC Reporter, “if you felt that you were able to get benefits ? What do you think about the Tory Coalition’s policies on immigration ?” The Road Sweeper however has gone to the other end of the Square and the BBC Reporter seems to be talking to himself.

  21. 66
    UKIP first and last says:

    Hundreds of thousands from outside EU could head for UK in passport loophole

    Bulgaria and Romanian offering passports to non-EU citizens
    Romania has offered citizenship to four million Moldovans
    Meanwhile Bulgaria has handed 90,000 Macedonians passports
    All will be able to come and work in the UK under EU rules

    And here is another story:

    Romanian Big Issue seller called the ‘benefits teacher’ is urging families to follow her to Britain

    Firuta Vasile, 29, is claiming £28,000 in UK benefits
    She is now passing on her knowledge to friends and family
    Best friend Nadia Porojan, also 29, now hopes to move to Oldham
    She came to UK last year in order to give birth to make claiming easier

    Houston we have a problem, the word is out, the UK is the place to go for generous welfare benefits and the courts are upholding claims for housing, extremely poor benefit addicts from the poorest parts of Europe are coming and they want some of the action.

    • 69
      Alan Chingachgook says:

      Truth and reality is a bugger when you’re a British politician. Bring it on and then we can get started.

    • 70
      UKIP first and last says:

      Part two:

      Now imagine just one welfare addicted family like a Roma single(supposedly) mother of four on full housing and benefits, she brings in an elderly clan member and gets carers allowance plus and we are talking about fifty grand plus a year not including free NHS and schooling.

      An awful lot of ordinary peoples taxes are needed just to support that one family, the real problem is not the young workers coming but those that are coming with a view to accessing the welfare system and they know how to play the system. Every welfare addict that qualifies will be heading this way.

    • 71
      Bennies-are-us says:

      £28,000? What happened to the benefits cap?

    • 75

      it’s all going as planned!

    • 81
      UKIP or bust says:

      According to some jet setting traitor on the Biased EUSSR radio this morning we no longer have to think of ourselves as English, that’s the “narrow” minded view, as we are now global citizens.

      All our history, art, poetry, prose, values, music, folk traditions or anything English count for nothing according to this piece of lefty NWO shit.

      And why, because he gets to float around the world being a NWO elite while all the rest of us are disenfranchised (as we are in the EUSSR, did you vote for Barrosso or Dish rag Rumpoy?) and left to exist without history or roots.

      • 148
        Tell it like it is says:

        We are now global citizens. Which means our average income will gradually be subsumed to the global average. Our crime rate will become the global average crime rate.

        Welcome to Progress. Welcome to Russia.

    • 169
      Londoner says:

      Britian should refuse entry to anyone bearing a Bulgarian passport on the grounds that the Bulgarian government has been committing fraud.

      And we should expel the Bulgarian ambassador today.

  22. 73
    Fbi says:

    Sorry you are in hospital You received better treatment than I had at Northwick Hospital Harrow
    I had to wait 8 hours to see a doctor. I am OK
    Get well soon
    The reason for the delay was they had too many patients.

    • 181
      Fishy says:

      If you’d have been seriously ill you would have been seen sooner, if not immediately. That you were not seen for 8 hours says it all and puts you in the ‘cut finger’ category.

      • 213
        Tell it like it is says:

        Oh no, not what I’ve experienced.

        My wife got admitted to A&E with chronic pains in her abdomen. She was screaming with the pain.

        We didn’t come by ambulance so we were immediately considered non-urgent.

        Then when I started kicking up a fuss and they couldn’t put up with her screaming anymore they let us through – but no consultant.

        I demanded she at least got some morphine for the pain but the doctors were all busy treating children, because thanks to Burnham’s target systems children are always a higher priority than adults. Even if the children have only fallen off their bike or broken their arm!

        They only got my wife some morphine after I had taken a huge risk and threatened one of the nurses with having her spine ripped out because they “left me with no option”

        My wife had a burst appendix, it turned out.

        • 225
          Not Dame Lawrence of Arabia says:

          I also had one of them – nearly killed me. Hope your good lady recovered well and fully.

  23. 78
    Fbi says:

    Norman get out of hospital and on your bike to a full recovery. Get well Quickly. GUIDO

  24. 82
    Pie Key World says:

    Happy New Year eengleesh. What time benefit offices open?

    • 89
      UKIP or bust says:

      Sorry old chap, but you’ll have to do a bit of light-fingered ‘work’ for three months till you can get your full whack, I’m afraid.

      • 180
        Cameron is as thick as shite says:

        Alternatively, any new arrival from the EU can simply go to a no win, no fee immigration lawyer, claim racial and ethnic discrimination, take it to the EHRC and get awarded millions in compensation.

  25. 83
    Britisher Bulldog says:

    Get well soon Lord Tebbit!

    (A great politician is sick and 90% of the spammy comments are from UKIP bores trying to hype up talk of immigration. How rude!)

  26. 84
    One Term Dave says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to keep making promises and to keep mentioning hard working people. Vote for me in 2015.

    • 91
      ace ventura says:

      UKIP drones – a single issue party with one policy seen as the new dawn by the right wing equivalent of the bliar/clinton/obama loving wingnuts

      • 112
        Mr Potato Head says:

        The Liblabcons have one single issue. To become the puppets of a European government run by the unelected, and unaccountable in more ways than one.

      • 136
        Fuck the LibLabCon says:

        Get back to Dave’s cock!

        • 183
          Cameron is as thick as shite says:


          Ace is a full time Van Rompuy cock sniffer.

        • 189
          Fishy says:

          HNY, to all the deluded UKIPpers who infest this site.

          I hope that you all get well soon.

          (BTW: One of the fuckers was (on the Speccie site) explaining the steps that Farridge needed to take to become PM. Farridge as PM? – I kid you not. It’s clear that there are some serious mental health issues that are not being tackled at the moment)

  27. 86
    Athelstan says:

    Best wishes and prayers for Lord Tebbit’s speedy recovery.

    Delighted to see that the NHS can still work sometimes.

    Vain hope that cast Iron Dave will pay attention to Lord Tebbit’s example of principle before expediency.

  28. 88
    Nick Clegg says:

    Scotland needs England like I need to vote tory because they care. Vote yes, be free, scrap trident.

  29. 90
    The Great British Public says:

    New Year: Here’s 100 reasons from The Great British Public to tell David Cameron’s Tory-led Coalition where to get off in 2014


  30. 94
    Anonymous says:

    This blog is being overun by hordes of UKIP teenagers complaining about non-existent Romanians

    • 100
      Not a swivel-eyed loon says:

      Welcome to order-order, a veritable Jurassic Park, a cornucopia of verminous, parasitic, xenophobic, lickspittle, non empathetic sociopathic swivel-eyed lunatics, these reductive whores of Social Darwinist voodoo economics, who wish to reduce every aspect of humanity to mere units of production, who despise ordinary people, who see their only value as an entry in a profit and loss account, to be exploited by the human garbage that this sub-strata of humanity are, and the corporate fascism they serve. One only has to read the comments by Rightist shills posted daily on Guido’s blog to see the true face of their malignant, cancerous moral degeneracy, and in that, they at least serve a purpose. I would recommend the guillotine but much like the gargoyles on a church spire, they represent a grotesque warning of how deformed one’s humanity can become. These end-of-pier, amateur-hour economists, these neo-liberal whores are nothing more than errand boys sent by banksters, rentiers and hedge fund managers, to collect a bill that we’ve already paid in full. Long may they continue as a reminder of supreme idiocy and malevolence.

      • 104
        RomaBob....open the doors! says:

        Keep paying your taxes ‘cos I love you England!

      • 137
        Keef_Vase says:

        I wholeheartedly agree with all the above. I even ordered a Rumanian Salad but when it came I could not help thinking it looked like a plate of sick, so I sent it back.

        • 166
          A Very Very Rich Person says:

          I am personally all in favour of Roumanians coming into UK…I mean after all WHO will supply the waiters/waitresses,chambermaids and receptionist or supply cleaners to the 5 Star Hotels I frequent if we stop them cos’ our citizens are too fucking idle to get out of bed and work 80 hours for £6.31 per hour

          • Welcome to benefit island, free house, free food, free education, free healthcare this way>> says:

            You think the Roma will work? They don’t in Romania so why here?

          • Roma says:

            We work in garden no problem.

            Make easier to break in house later.

      • 200
        We ARE coming to get you says:

        Oh boy, are you scared of the growing power of the right!!!!!!

      • 272
        walmartisation says:

        Best comment I’ve seen for a while but one nation politics died decades ago and it hasn’t been a left-right dichotomy for a long, long time. It’s all up-down instead while this sinkhole of a country kills itself with immigration.

    • 152
      Roma says:

      Is not point coming to England public holidayz.

      Benniez office not open, yes?

      We come when you all back at work. Is easier.

    • 175
      Londoner says:

      You shoud get out more. London has loads of them here already. Very few are an asset.

  31. 96
    Kebab News says:

    Bulgarians and Rumanians have delayed their journeys to the UK today because England is closed. Scotchland is closed tomorrow also.

  32. 97
    Kebab News says:

    In other news, there is no truth in the rumour being circulated by the Guido Fawkes blog, that Norman Tebbit has a heart.

    Kebab News.

  33. 98
    RomaBob....open the doors! says:

    Thank you Mr Vaz for welcoming us at Luton Airport this morning, we are the first and 100,000s :)


    • 99
      RomaBob....open the doors! says:

      Welcome to Britain! Labour MP Keith Vaz greets new arrivals on first flight from Romania (and even bought some a coffee) as doors open to more EU migrant workers today
      Labour MP even bought some a coffee to find out why they are here
      Romanian Victor Spiresau told him he would send his cash back home
      ‘I don’t come to rob your country. I work and then go home,’ he said
      Companies advertise 5,000 jobs to recruit Romanian workers
      Adverts promise cash daily and say command of English ‘unnecessary’
      Today 4,896 jobs advertised in England, but less than 150 in rest of Britain

    • 156
      Lorraine Chase says:

      Vaz caught Aden and abettin’.

      • 195
        Fishy says:

        Well now they have free entry, he doesn’t have to go sorting out work permits and fast-tracking passport application and citizenship for them.

        I suppose he’ll be at passport control saying, Welcome to Britain….you want to get In-du-ja?

      • 290
        Jack Ketch says:

        Is he a Yemen Curd?

  34. 102
  35. 103
    ukip.i.am.not says:

    So UKIP tells us that we’re about to be swamped by millions of east Europeans coming here to nick our jobs, claim benefits and inundate the NHS, schools and housing.

    Right – let’s take some direct action to stop it!

    Let’s blockade the airports and sea ports – but hang on: I’ve just checked up on the flights, trains and buses – and guess what?

    Those cunning Bulgarians, Hungarians and the rest have concealed their travel plans!!!

    There are no extra flights, buses running or ferry bookings – there is no change whatsoever in the numbers of people coming here at all!!!

    Not one extra plane, train, bus or ship – not one additional person more than normal entering and leaving the UK – indeed, there are plenty of spare seats on most flights out of these countries and the traffic falls off hugely after the holiday period….

    It must be a huge conspiracy – maybe the RAF is secretly flying hundreds of thousands of people into military airbases overnight – but hang on, the RAF don’t have enough capacity to do their job as it is and has to hire commercial planes…

    Could it be that UKIP have got it wrong?

    Could it be that there is no mass immigration happening at all?

    Could it be that this was a racist scare story designed to whip up panic and play on peoples’ fears?

    Could it be that East Europeans have been able to come here for years if they had a job lined up, so there are no immigration floodgates about to be opened today?

    Could it be that UKIP are simply another racist minority party trying to hoodwink the British people by scaring the bejesus out of them about non-existent immigrants?

    Could it be that Nigel Farage is a lying, deceiving, scaremonger who should be laughed out of public life?

    • 121
      UKIP first and last says:

      Ahem….have a look at this before you gob off eh?

      Benefits Britain here we come! Fears as migrant flood begins
      BRITAIN will today be hit by the first wave of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants keen to take advantage of our gen­erous taxpayer-funded benefits.
      By: Giles Sheldrick
      Published: Wed, January 1, 2014

      At least 5 000 are expected in the first week alone At least 5,000 are expected in the first week alone [JONATHAN BUCKMASTER]

      At least 5,000 are expected in the first week alone.

      Visa restrictions on low-skilled nationals from the two eastern European countries ended at midnight. The first sold-out flight from Romania is due to land at 7.40am today.

      Coach operators say that thousands have bought tickets for as little as £50.

      The first coaches leave the capital Bucharest tomorrow for the 1,600-mile journey, arriving in London on Saturday.

      One operator predicted that nearly 1,000 a day could come here over the next seven days.

      The Daily Express has found evidence of an exodus from hundreds of impoverished communities across Romania.

      With families struggling to survive on the equivalent of £20 a month, all roads lead to Britain.

      Yesterday in Jilava, a small Roma town outside Bucharest, Nicoleta Chivu, 43, and daughter Gabriela, 13, had already packed their bags.

      Jobless Nicoleta, 43, who receives £10-a-month child support, has paid £100 for coach seats to London. She said: “I don’t have a job but the standard of living is good for Romanians in BRITAIN – we know it is where you make money.

      “I am excited but the British seem to have a bad opinion of us.”

      Toni Samdu, 40, sleeps in a freezing room with his wife Mia, 38, four children, Marcus, 14, Laurentiu, 10, Jacob, eight, Denisa, six, and grandparents Elena Moise, 64, and Vasile Dumitru, 63.

      He said: “We can’t stay here because things are so desperate. We will leave for Britain because we can have a better income.

      They are coming and they are coming by road/van/car/coaches, extra coaches are being laid on if you had bothered to check.

    • 133
      A great big mess says:

      Well Vaz was at Luton Airport this morning and seemed absolutely gutted that only 140 got off a 180 seater flight from the East

      He also just happened to let slip that he was part of the original ascension talks.

      Unfortunately for us there was no reporter with half a brain around to ask him to confirm that everything that should have been done was done all those years ago.

    • 139
      Camp Gino says:

      Dave needs his nob polishing, get to it, chop, chop.

    • 164
      Tell it like it is says:

      Did all the Poles turn up on the first day?


      A few came over at first. Once they established themselves they encouraged their mates to come over.

      Pretty soon the numbers grew exponentially to millions.

      The numbers of Poles that came over kept rising gradually until it reached a peak about 2 years ago. Now it has levelled off (probably because there are only so many Poles that can leave Poland – it isn’t that big a country).

      The Romanians and Bulgarians will come, and we will no all about it by 2015. Those that claim UKIP are scaremongering now will just find themselves with egg all over their faces by 2015, and the Daily Mail will be telling people all about it.

      Don’t forget also that France has a serious problem with new Roma in Paris. These people can’t easily claim benefits in France because French rules are different. These Roma must be keen as mustard to get to the UK. Is anybody watching out for them?

    • 198
      A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing says:

      I would wait until the Orthodox Christians have finished with their Christmas holidays before making any judgments on this. These are a week or so behind ours. Most people leaving their country for a new life would likely get these important social and cultural events behind them first.

  36. 105
    RomaBob....open the doors! says:

    We love you England and your generous tax payers!

  37. 106
    nell says:

    Aggressive begging by bankers for billions of taxpayers´ money will make beggars of us all sooner or later.

    Where are all the dawn arrests for these white collar financial terrorists who have bankrupted the global economy and forced people from their homes onto the streets and into the food banks?

  38. 107
    Eric Pickles says:

    Bulgarian spotted on Wimbledon Common …

  39. 109
    nell says:

    Aggressive begging by bankers for billions of taxpayers´ money will make beggars of us all sooner or later.

  40. 111
    Mrs May says:

    Georghe Hagi is selling The Big Issue on my street corner! ;)

    • 146
      Gobs says:

      That dirty bastard was sent off for spitting in a NI player’s face at Windsor Park. The rest of his countrymen are about it to do it UK-wide.

      • 220

        No they are not ! The coming invasion consists almost entirely of gyppos or to be politically correct, Roma ,the East European ,EU puppet governments are taking the opportunity to rid themselves of a centuries old gyppo problem by issuing passports to thousands of these people, and then pointing the scum in our direction .

  41. 115
    David Cameron says:

    I cannot keep my promises in another coalition after 2015.

    (This does not affect any promises I may already have given)

  42. 116
    Sally Bercow says:

    And I staggered downstairs to find a small Romanian village squatting in my living room. But they did make me a nice breakfast.

  43. 118
    It IS all Thatcher's fault says:

    So £1.6 BILLION left on the table after the Royal Mail sale, and the Tories want us to believe they’re the party of financial competence.
    They should stick to hookers and crack cocaine.

  44. 119

    British libel law becomes marginally saner – boingboing

    Only marginally so though…


    • 165
      Chukas Yermunni says:

      Pay for my own suits instead of charging them to the tax-payers ? No !!!!!

      • 173

        Surely, we are the ones who have been fitted up.

        • 182
          Chukas Yermunni says:

          My tailor suggested that my next suit might have a felt collar.
          What kind of dummy does he think I am ?

          • Stuffed or stitched, one must imagine.

          • Chukas Yermunni says:

            Legless, maybe, but don’t make the mistake of thinking me ‘armless ;)

          • Oh, so you do smoke Manikin? :-)

          • More please – this is a really witty intellectual exchange.

          • Sock Watch says:

            Witless @ 4:33 pm

          • Chukas Yermunni says:

            Nothing beats the shear enjoyment of seeing the Venus de Milo rendered defenceless.

          • Sock Watch says:

            Perhaps they were Parian on the marble?

          • Bryan Ferry says:

            You’re never a pariah within a strand.

          • Exactly! No need for the Bride to Strip Bear but Voutier also rejected Let’s Stick Together it seems.

          • Sly and the family stone says:

            Voutier was a Brest man so, in spite of the demolition, he was probably signalling the truth when he said that smoke was getting in his eyes.

          • Oh! Let’s face it. Venus de Milo must have been a B cup. Despite this, she has been wildly popular over the centuries, beating into the ground all the silicone enhanced whores of today. A firm pair of tits is much more appetising than a couple of walnuts dangling in a pair of socks.

            In The Midnight Hour, The Thrill of It All as Both Ends Burning and no Jealous Guy in the background one realises that Love Is The Drug as you look into her Angel Eyes and think All I Want Is You and you complete the evening Like A Hurricane.

            Some three decades ago I had a gf who was besotted with him. Took her to see the shows and enjoyed the rest of the evening in a manner that was probably really meant for him. She later went and married the wrong guy who beat her up and still had three kids by him. Then she divorced him and hooked up with another guy who treats her with respect and they married a few years ago. By chance I found her on the internet and we now communicate long distance from time to time. I am so delighted that she is now happy.

            Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made – Some Kant said this! :-)

          • Sly and the family stone says:

            One really Kant match that – wouldn’t you know it ? :)
            Such are the ups and downs of family life; I guess the thrill of the hunt got to her and she could no longer see the wood for the trees. The second son was bound to altar nothing.
            Good to know that the confetti escapee eventually found happiness and is in touch once more.

          • Sock Watch says:

            Strictly Confidential
            Maybe I’m a Sentimental Fool but While My Heart Is Still Beating, I look at her pictures and still could… notwithstanding The Space Between when we had A Really Good Time, but must admit she was not My Only Love in a Whirlwind age.

            Stronger Through the Years, thankfully I am not yet at the stage If It Takes All Night to do what I used to do all night. That would be Bitter-Sweet.

            Have we reached the End of the Line? If so, I must say Tara! But If There Is Something to Re-Make/Re-Model then Would You Believe? it, there will still be more Editions of You.

  45. 120
    David Cameron says:

    Look, let’s be clear about this…I’m chillaxing today – OK?

  46. 122
    Hung Fat says:

    Has Chris Patten resigned yet?

    Have these people no honour?

    • 205
      Seeds of revolution says:

      You’re on baron ground if you’re searching for honour among politicians.

  47. 123
    Roma Bob, wife Barbette and their six urchins says:

    Hello you little Englishers!

    We are here to help pay for your lazy baby boomers retirement. :)
    You know, that selfish generation who couldn’t be bothered having enough kids. Pissed all the money up the wall and left it for their very few children and the likes of me to pay off. Barbette can’t wait to get to your care-homes and start wiping their arses.

    • 167
      Baby Boomers Pay Your Mortgages says:

      Are you nuts? Don’t answer, that was a rhetorical question.

      It is only thanks to billions of savings interest stolen from Baby Boomers by the coalition that your mortgage rate is negligible as opposed to 12% to 15%.

      Baby Boomers are paying your mortgage with their interest free loans to the the banks, building societies and government.

      • 172
        Baby Boomers Pay Your Mortgages says:

        Oh, and how did the Baby Boomers acquire their savings?

        With the life long hard work, self denial and thrift that your profligate generation are so averse to. Idjit.

    • 241
      Nemesis says:

      @Roma Bob, wife Barbette and their six urchins says: “…and the likes of me to pay off.” I bet you’ve never done a days work in your life you lazy twat. Don’t comment on work until you’ve done aroud 50 years of it. I’s your idle generation that can’t get out of bed to go and look for a job – that’s why the Poles etc are taking the jobs.

  48. 126
    Podiceps says:

    Norman Tebbit is the only politician to have flown an aeroplane through a hangar. It was a Gloster Meteor and the engine flamed out on take-off. He left the wings at the front door.

    I hope he gets well soon.

  49. 131
    Lefty Cunt says:

    Cue an aroma of Fairtrade vegan brown rice risotto, as preparations are made for weirdy beardy street parties.

  50. 140
    BBC says:

    Vote Labour!

  51. 153
    Gobs says:

    This must be the year people show their contempt for LibLabCon scum.
    Whilst UKIp mightn’t be the complete answer, let them benefit on Election Day with an overwhelming victory.
    Then the fun will start.

    • 202
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      The Tories can’t win in 2015 as
      1. No boundary changes
      2. Pilgrims still in position actively campaigning against the Government of the day using taxpayers money
      3. Union education fund is still in place
      4. No TU reform allowing Crow and his mob hold us to ransom
      5. Tory constituency parties are disintegrating in protest at Cameron’s liberal policies
      6. The Tories will lose 7/8 seats along the route of HS2 to single issue candidates
      7. The Tories will lose one seat in Portsmouth due to shipbuilding being concentrated in Scotland
      8. No control of mass immigration
      9. Public spending still out of control and the national debt rising on a daily basis
      10. Human Rights Act still in place
      11. No referendum on Europe
      12. State control of the press introduced
      13. Cameron wanted to take us to war in Syria
      14. Gay Marriage

      • 245
        Hell for Leather says:

        Cameron is not aiming for an outright win (whatever he says).

        He feels more comfortable in coalition with the LibDems. But I’d question whether he can even achieve that in 2015.

    • 207
      Oliver Cromwell's Ghost says:

      The LibLabCon have sat too long for any good they have been doing.

  52. 161
    Daily Telegraph from 100 years ago says:

    Amazing! How things have changed.


    • 176
      Today's Daily Teenygraph says:

      Twitter users around the world tweet their New Year messages this morning (pages 2,3,4). One user, Fickhead09 tweeted, “I hope this is best year 4 XFacta LOL!!” In other major news, Google celebrated New Year with a special Google Doodle (pages 5,6,7). etc etc.

  53. 179
    One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

    My New Year’s resolutions:

    1. To be even more out of touch.
    2. To increase debt and immigration.
    3. To sit and watch the estimated cost of HS2 rise beyond £70 billion and yet still insist it’s “absolutely vital and jolly good value” and scream and spit at anyone who disagrees.
    4. To generally fuck off everyone and their dog.
    5. To put the Conservative Party on course for a crushing defeat in 2015.

    By jove, I think I’ll do it, too!

  54. 185
    A Prawn Sandwich says:

    According to Labour today British workers have been left “unprotected” from competition from Bulgarians and Romanians.

    I suppose after their views upon legalizing homosexual relationships and leaving young children to be corrupted today’s insanity can come as no great surprise.

    The average Bulgarian or Romanian is pig shit ignorant can’t speak English let alone read and write it and knows nothing about feet and inches and pounds and ounces.

    My cat provides a greater threat to British workers than these Bulgarians and Romanians and he does not demand a salary and expenses on the public purse.

    • 190
      Anonymous says:

      There is no end in sight to Socialist stupidity.

      I kid you not here, as this appeared in the good old Indy, that Creagh woman been putting it about that the shortage of female train drivers in the UK is all the fault of wait for it……………. Thomas the Tank !

      Can you believe loonies like this are walking around our country getting salaries out of the taxpayer.

      It is crazy I tell you and connote last much longer.

    • 193
      No light at the end of the tunnel, while Liebour still rule says:

      Keep thinking that as all the British jobs are taken over by EU workers, it’s already happening in different industries , where the Polish have got the foreman’s job and are sending home for their mates to take the workers jobs what’s left the British are getting complete with zero hours contract and half the pay, vote Liebour, lose your livelyhood. .

      • 203
        Fuck the LibLabCon says:

        You mean, vote LibLabCon and lose your livelyhood culture and country.

        There, fixed it for you.

      • 211
        Equal Opportunities is a Lie says:

        It is a common pattern. How many jobs for British people are there in Asian-run businesses? Proportionately very few. Once a firm has Asians or Eastern Europeans in management, there will rarely be any promotions for British workers, who will be systematically squeezed out. Anyone complaining will be branded a racist.

        • 221

          Agreed, just take one look at the ethnic makeup of any supermarket!

        • 242
          Do Keep Up says:

          re: “How many jobs for British people are there in Asian-run businesses?”

          Tata Steel is Asian-run, no? Employs some 19,000 people in UK.

        • 283
          Potemkin Village says:

          Cannot agree. As a mostly Anglo-Brit, I have the great good fortune to work for a small, professional company owned and run by Asians. They are admirable people; bright, competent, meritocratic and supportive. Oh – and ethical. Unsurprisingly, they’re leaving most of the Euro competition in the dust.

  55. 208
    Anonymous says:

    Damn, you got my hopes up there :-)

  56. 230
    Not Dame Lawrence of Arabia says:

    … and finally, did we all notice that Cameron slipped in his usual reference to common purpose in his appeal speech to the porridge eaters today?

    @014 would really be a good year to not only sharpen the pitchforks but start using them on all these traitorous cvnts in Westminster and the civil (?) service.

  57. 234
    Lord Haw haw's mum says:

    I don’t have a problem with the Poles. Many still living here fought in WWII with great distinction AND we betrayed them by allowing Stalin to invade their country. We owe them!

  58. 236
    Jimmy says:

    Tebbit has a heart?

  59. 243
    Do Keep Up says:

    It’s taken this blog 12 days to recycle this news?

    Not the first instance of standards slipping in recent months.

  60. 267
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Can’t stand his politics but it’s hard not to like the old bastard. Hope he does well.

  61. 277
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Norman Tebbit’s DT blog is an excellent example of the way for politicians to engage with the wider electorate.

    In true Tebbit style he gives an unvarnished view of the chosen issue but then devotes the last third of the column to dealing with BTL comments from his previous blog. Even the tin foil hate wearers and dribbling socialist are dealt with courteously (although disdainfully).

    It is very different to the sort of pompous nonsense spouted by Polly Toynbee, George Monbiot and (dare I say it ) Boris Johnson.

    • 291
      Anonymous says:

      On the other hand, this Little Englander is a good example of how Tory politicians attempt engage with the most backward/racist sections of the working class. For the hard-right need a thug like him, with the skill to project a fake man-of-the-people/working class Tory image. Sounds like anyone else from history?

  62. 278
    PICKFORDS REMOVALS (Van for a Mr Cameron) says:

    What was the scare , they thought they had found he had one ?

    • 279
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Tebbit has far more compassion and heart than socialists like Death Camp Burnham, house Flipper Balls and Blair.

  63. 282
    Cressida's Dick says:

    Say what you mean, mean what you say. That’s our Norman. Get well soon.

    If Niggle Farridge wants a blueprint, he need look no further.

  64. 294
    maggiegravedancer says:

    Is it the 1st April already,
    He has always had the demeanor of the grim reapers creepy uncle,
    and looks like a Goebbels love child.
    Who ever elected this bastard in the first place.

  65. 297
    It was Gordons policies that caused it all along says:

    Would not expect you to understand a man who spoke from the heart and not a script wrote by a war criminal

  66. 298
    ukip voter says:

    Get well Norman, one of the few of true, good ,honest, clear thinking, level headed politicians left in this once great Country.

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