December 31st, 2013

Review of 2013: A Very Bad Year for MPs in Guido’s Crosshairs

It was a very bad year for the lying, cheating, criminal politicians that found themselves in the crosshairs of this blog. Guido was in court to see Chris Huhne sentenced to eight months for perverting the course of justice. You can enjoy it all over again by watching our Guy News specials recapping how Huhne lied and lied and lied again, a musical tribute to him “going down”, and 14 lies in 60 seconds. For the full story of how Guido hunted Huhne, from the day he walked out on his family and went to the gym having just told his wife he was leaving her for another woman, to his guilty plea, resignation and prison sentence, click here.

Santa delivered an early Christmas present by jailing expenses fraudster Denis MacShane for six months. During sentencing the judge said MacShane’s £13,000 expense fiddling constituted “considerable and repeated dishonesty”. The true figure is in the hundreds of thousands. You can read how Guido has pursued MacShane down the years, including reporting him to the police when new evidence of his criminality arose, here.

It didn’t end in court. Patrick Mercer was forced to stand down at the next election after being disgraced in a cash-for-questions sting. Guido has always know Mercer was a wrong’un, so it was no surprise to hear the bent MP’s fear of this blog revealed in his own words. Another sleazy Tory, conflicted Tim Yeo, escaped the same punishment after being exposed in a sting of his own, though he wasn’t so lucky with his local party who decided to give him the boot. Stay tuned as Yeo tries to fight for his political life in the New Year.

Guido has been on the case of randy Lord Rennard, the hands-on LibDem peer known as the ‘Door Locker’, for years before 2013 brought about his demise. Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander and Jo Swinson were slammed in a damning report on Rennard’s sexual harassment and the LibDems’ lies were finally revealed. Read Rennard’s sex pest history in full here.

Finally, spare a mention for Mike Hancock. Forced to resign the LibDem whip as he is privately prosecuted for sexual harassing a disabled female constituent.  The leaks from the unpublished independent report into his behaviour are damning. 2013 has seen MPs targeted by Guido for their various financial, sexual or criminal misdeeds drop like flies. Roll on 2014…


  1. 1
    ancientpopeye says:

    Oh how they do want to gag the media.

    • 4
      Handdycock whipping it out. says:

      I am innocent and the Grand Master will testify to that. Boaz.

      • 5
        Grand Master, Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street says:

        Handycock is most certainly innocent. When am I getting that villa in Spain from your boys Handy? Jahbulon.

        • 330
          Handycock Pervert says:

          I know how David Beckham feels Grand Master. I am bitterly disappointed that I have not been elevated to the peerage in the new years Honours list, you said you would fix it for me. Boaz.

        • 421
          A great big mess says:

          The political classes have screwed the Spaniards and the Spanish housing market big time.

          If you have not been able to nail a bargain buy in doom filled euros over the last two years you have been very daft.

          • 21stcnow says:

            The political classes Big Mess? And there we were thinking it was greedy bankers!
            And doom filled euros? Were you not telling us a little while ago the Eurozone would collapse. Has it. What a little pessimist you are. Remind me not to take any tips on anything from you. You get everything wrong. Wonder why?

          • Somepeoplethinktheyknowitall says:

            21stcnow – Any comments on 465 and486? Too much?

          • Bendy Weng says:

            A lot of the politicians have been in Banking you know.

            David Cameron is from an esteemed stockbroking stock.

            Frankie Maude used to work for Stan Morgan and John Major worked with some Nigerians in the Standard Chartered Bank.

            The list goes on and on and on……………………

          • Trevor from Treherbet says:

            I used to know that George Osborne before he discovered banking.

            George Osborne worked alongside me many moons ago when he was a humble data entry clerk in the NHS.

            Things have certainly changed.

          • Bemused says:

            Patience. The Euro will collapse in its own good time.

    • 54
      The Man who Really runs Britain says:
    • 147
      Psyche the Dog says:

      Happy new years Geedes and chums, you will have to start looking over your shoulder, you have upset quite a few quite powerful people, and things happen to folks who cross powerful people, do not make any mistakes or they will all be digging their daggers in, B’Liar is no longer charge, thank goodness, but make one mistake and they will all be on to you and Rupe will not remember you. In the dirty world of politics lying is part of the game, the trouble after a time, politicos of all parties tell porkies just so they can stay in power, power means money and in some cases big money, and when you get large or potentially large companies and very rich people money changes hands for favours, and to gain advantage comercially (strange how planning permissions get granted when there is a large public objection to a development).

    • 221
      Sir William Wayde says:

      Medieval kings had to touch scrofulous beggars in the expectation that it would miraculously cure them. Today, the Queen has to meet and smile at conniving scumbags without the slightest hope that it will make them honest.

    • 226
      Brillo says:
    • 297
      Reader says:

      Good work Guido, keep it up.

      I’d love it if you would lift a few more stones in local government.

      • 353
        Lord Stansted says:

        Yes indeed. However, I’m sorry Guido, you seem to have made a mistake in the first sentence. You use the word “politicians” – surely you mean bastards?

        • 432
          Good Luck, you're going to need it says:

          This site deals in chump change.

          It boasts of its involvement in highlighting a few grand being cheated from taxpayer funds yet when it comes to the hundreds of billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money being embezzled by the “free markets” not a word of criticism can be found. Indeed, this site actively promotes free markets.

          And at the same time it attacks and blames the state for the loss of cash due to the funds embezzled by those free marketeers. Now that’s chutzpah!

          You really couldn’t make it up!

          Anyway, Merry Christmas to all the readers.

          p.s you aren’t going to make another incorrect prediction for the next General Election like you did last time, are you? As long as those cheques from Tory Central Office keep rolling in who cares, eh?

          • François Hollande says:

            Please come to France where I’m constructing your kind of country.

          • I am the walrus says:

            You misunderstand Monsieur, I am not asking to squeeze them until the pips squeak, I am merely suggesting that the deficit would not be so large if the private sector stopped asking for handouts from the state.


        • 443
          21stcnow says:

          Low grade humour Stansted. Or maybe you thinks roads would build themselves. And pensioners would be paid by robots. And not new laws or betterments would happen. Are you a cretin or something or just a deeply unhappy UKIPper now your blessed Leader has asked you take in some Syrians

          • FFS says:

            We achieved more in the Victorian era with far fewer politicians getting in the way. Real progress in this nation has more or less halted because we are run by unelected politicians in the EU that haven’t a fucking clue what we want or need, and because “consensus politicians” have decided to follow a creed that has taken us on the wrong path since 1950.

    • 429
      Chump Change says:

      Guido deals in chump change.

      He boasts above of his involvement in highlighting a few grand being embezzled from taxpayer funds.

      Yet when it comes to the hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money being fraudulently claimed in one form or another by his beloved “free markets” (guffaw) he doesn’t merely go missing, he actually spouts out propaganda on behalf of his fellow reactionary free market embezzling masters.

      And all the while he attacks the state who provides these handouts to his bankrupt friends. Chutzpah at its most Chutzy.

      You really couldn’t make it up! He’s a busted flush (as are his loyal Tory free marketeer readers).

      Anyway, merry Christmas Mr Fawkes, here’s to a happy New Year.

      p.s. you aren’t going to make the wrong prediction yet again for the next General Election, are you? Who cares, as long as those Tory HQ cheques keep arriving in the post, eh?

  2. 2

    There are still too many of the scum getting away with it to be too triumphant.
    What about the property millionaires Hoon ,Vaz,Darling to name but a few who amassed fortunes flipping houses.

    • 137
      non taxable pikey says:

      and what about the sit on lawnmower, £4000 quid electricity bill chap too.

    • 168
      Psyche the Dog says:

      All those “expenses” should be allowances not fully chargeable expenses as they expect the lower orders to have, the darlings would have to pay 45% tax, all MPs should have their salaries and allowances payed into a UK bank account, in their own name, not into some sort of tax reduction vehicle, I cannot say avoidance that is illegal isn’t it.

      • 283

        Bollocks let them live on their pay like the rest of us , when did you last receive ‘allowances’?

        • 386
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Indeed, by isolating themselves ( deliberately ) from the financial consequences of their wicked policies. The political class have placed themselves beyond contempt.

          Thousands dead in NHS death camps, no heads rolled. Thousands dying every winter, because of deliberate policies to make energy an expensive ‘luxury’ not so much as a shame faced apology.

          Yet of course MP’s food, heating and petrol, among practically everything else a citizen is forced to find from their ever shrinking wages, is subsidised on expenses.

          The entire facade needs ripping down and the LabLibCon EU lackey’s replacing.

      • 684
        Expat Geordie says:

        1995 £4 per night “subsistence allowance”. I used to work away a lot and got a £15 per night meal allowance (usually covered a hotel meal and drink, but after six weeks at the Stakis Windmill in Leeds you usually went to a takeaway and got a curry with an inflated receipt). The £4 a night was for days that you were actually working and covered hotel laundry, phone calls home (no mobiles in those days and hotel phones were expensive) and condoms from the hotel bogs.

    • 172
      Darth Weevil the Eternally Crazed says:

      And too many of these fuckers get right back up even if they do get hit by Guido or the police…

      • 566
        Simples says:

        Give each MP a credit card with a personal limit. Once the limit is reached, they dip into their own pockets, not ours.

        • 583
          Psyche the Dog says:

          Wasn’t there a bit of a problem with Scotland Yard detectives and credit cards a few years ago?

    • 316
  3. 3
    broderick crawford says:



    • 18
      Tosser Dave says:

      Now now. Calm down. We’re all living in the wonderful metrosexual equal thieving opportunity paradise that I and my LibLabConner incompetents have created.

    • 20
      Get the priorities right. says:

      If the M.P.s can, and do, steal ’000s of taxpayers money, why shouldn’t single mothers nick a can of beans or two?

      Crush all of the fucking hypocritical politicians first.

      • 23
        2112 says:

        …because two wrongs don’t make a right?

        • 33
          Get the priorities right. says:

          At least they can eat stolen beans. Stealing them is a minor crime compared with flipping second and third houses and buying fucking duck houses at taxpayers’ expense


          • Mr Potato Head says:

            Why does anyone need to steal beans when they can get all they want from food banks?

          • Dont let the truth get in the way of a good story says:

            No one bought a duck house nor indeed cleaned their moats at public expense as these claims were rejected. They did however provide much cover for the very real fraud which was occurring.

        • 43
        • 680
          Peter Stringfellow says:

          As I said to the Escort Agency, “Two mongs do not make a night”

          • Expat Geordie says:

            Or as an Australian immigration minister reportedly once said “Two Wongs don’t make a White”.

            Quite like the sound of that bloke.

      • 42
        21stcnow says:

        Spot on. And objections to a little thievery coming from a conservative seems a peculiar moral hypocrisy no?

        • 523
          FFS says:

          You are arguing yourself in circles.

          People on this blog want ALL the corrupt politicians in gaol. They make this clear on a daily basis.

        • 632
          ?dno says:

          cow no more. billi no more. dod dog veeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwweewns.

        • 639
          ?dno says:

          crow more row less.
          bark more Arch less.
          have a steak, be a man.
          or a wo,man,

          owl no more.
          no love.
          no fuck.
          no fuck no feather.
          duck the feather. shuttle the cock. travel. but drive first. by car, all the fun is in the mazda. do not settle for less.

    • 31
      21stcnow says:

      Whats wrong with single mothers stealing foodstuffs from rich supermarkets. Are they supposed to see their children starve to death on Tory England?

      • 85
        Any child who starves to death in this country has been murdered by its parent/s says:

        What are they spending their benefits on in not food ?

      • 123
        one of Labour's beloved parasites says:

        Increase me bennies!! Evil Tories capped ‘em at a measly £26,000 a year (tax free)! Me an me kiddies will staaaaarve!

      • 134
        Banned says:

        They should have kept their knees together and waited to have kids when they could afford to. They should have been responsible. They should have got a job and a proper secure relationship with a man to create a stable environment for their kids first. They should not have wasted their benefits on heat magazine, fags, booze, chocs and drugs !

    • 201
      Psyche the Dog says:

      b c, why should low life be treated any more harshly than those who have go away with millions. I am not condoning thieving, it seems these days to be a fact of life, low life see their “betters” who should know better, and are wealthy enough already, getting away with stealing and sometimes openly condoned by the powers that be, as long as they are not publicly found out, then the powers that be tut – tut and walk away. I remember a certain Mr. Poulson with his friends in the north, in the good times Poulson was giving largess but he did one thing which eventually bought the stack of cards down, he had a “little black book” (probably quite a large one) in which he wrote down the names of those to whom he had given largess, should it be ever needed in the late 70′s it was when work dried up, I think members of all parties were implicated, he asked them for for work and they turned their back on him, that little black book eventually was the dynamite that exploded and sent several to jail and eventually fizzled out in the mid 80′s when Maggie called time.

      • 228
        FFS says:

        They shouldn’t be treated any more harshly – they should ALL get gaol time.

        Apart from our left-wing activist friend helping stir things up this a.m. we all believe stealing of all kinds is wrong and should be punished.

        If someone steals in desparation it is up to the courts to sort that out. It is not up to some C.P. Plod to decide he is judge and jury and decide some chav is innocent before they’ve even been caught red-handed!

        That’s the real problem with Common Purpose. They take people that are supposed to be in independent parts of our constitution and bring them together. Before you know it they aren’t really independent, the appropriate checks and balances are gone and you have Chief Constables talking like they are Judges. And that’s not a conspiracy – C.P. are openly doing that kind of thing – they are basically a state sanctioned form of the men with the funny handshake.

    • 286
      A Right Fucking Bastard says:

      Turn the fucking caps off, cockweasel.

    • 302
      GORDON BROWN says:

      Please do use capitals. It makes you look mentally ill.

  4. 6
    Daedalus says:

    Just keep up this most excellent work in 2014. Could be in the honors list this time next year; errmh, maybe not!!

  5. 7
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Guido should get a gong for his services to the taxpayer and justice.

    More power to your elbow Sir!

    • 9
      Mr Potato Head says:

      For exposing the corrupt establishment? No chance.

      • 27
        Mr Potato Head says:

        A knighthood for Paul Tucker for not disclosing the BoE’s involvement in Libor fixing.

      • 29
        Mr Potato Head says:

        A knighthood for P*aul Tucker for not disclosing the BoE’s involvement in Libor fixing.

        • 214
          Fishy says:

          and Labour’s complicity

          • Mike Bushell Celebrity Mastermind says:

            Have you seen my trophy? And all the money I won, goes to charity. Thank you for paying my wages, paying me to go on the show and donating the prize money.


          • Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation says:

            Does anybody know why Sandy Toksvig has been given an OBE?

            Or why she would accept such an honour from the Establishment, which one would assume from her politics she roundly despises?

            By the way – John Fortune – a real political satirist who wrote all his own jokes.

          • ?dno says:

            she goo unni i. pin…pulll. blow.
            pin…put back…settle. pin… pull…blow.

          • Expat Geordie says:

            Ah, dear Sandi. First saw her on No.73 when it went nationwide back in 1983, I think, as the replacement for Tiswas. She wasn’t funny then, she isn’t funny now.

          • crikey says:

            wip. eh. oh. e.

  6. 8
    Mr Potato Head says:

    Appropriate songs for bad politicians,

    Hollande: Leaving on a Jet Plane.

  7. 10

    Who will be on this list the same day next year?

    Mark Beardy Git Thompson
    Chris Fatpang Patten
    David Gogreen Cameron
    Ed Wrongbet Balls
    Tim Windy Yeo
    Harriet Pieface Harman
    Alan Hamface Sugar
    Keith Viscosestain Vaz
    Handycock (does he have a real name?)

    So many to choose from…

    • 30
      UKIP or bust says:


      How about:

      Joyce Childsnatcher Thacker

      • 34
        21stcnow says:

        Farage deserves something for asking every Kipper to take in a Syrian. Now we will see whether they are truly closet racists or not

        • 55
          Anonymous says:

          I think you will find if you listen to what he said he was referring to Syrian Chrstians and not the ” Let them all ” in headlines that we had from the BBC, Sky and the newspapers

          The establishment have really got the wind up about UKIP and the Bulgarians and Rumaians on the way will just add to their votes.

        • 296

          It is anyones prerogative to be a racist

      • 45
        21stcnow says:

        Hope you are adopting a Syrian UKIP or Bust as Nigel suggests you should!

        • 75
          Mr Potato Head says:

          Adopt a Liblabconner and adopt a liar.

          • Warren peace says:

            Clogg is at it again in todays papers, imploring people not to vote UKIP, as it will ruin the recovery. Voting UKIP will ruin the LibDumb recovery with UKIP usurping them as the third party in British politics. Goodbye Clogg, you are the weakest link.

          • FFS says:

            That will be the Clegg that is already opening up the possibility that he might sign up with Labour next time?

          • Liar Clegg is finished says:

            May sign up with Labour?

            Clegg would sign upwith Stalin himself, if he thought it would get him ten more minutes at the liars top chair.

            The obstacle for Clegg though, is rather simple, his ragtag army of lefty misfits, is on collision course with fourth place come 2015 and by some margin.

          • Chew ishun fees says:

            Do not forget – students have very long memories.

    • 211
      Psyche the Dog says:

      Puss Cat, should that last one be “Handycock (does he have a real name?) So many to choose from…”

  8. 11
    Tristram Hunt says:

    The modern Left has two big goals: Redistributing wealth to unproductive people and encouraging moral anarchy through sexual freedom.

    • 24
      Tosser Dave says:

      I thoroughly agree with these aims, and have made significant progress in those areas.

      For instance, who would have thought that I would achieve the legalisation of bumsex marriage, when it wasn’t even in the 2010 conservative Manifesto?

      • 35
        UKIP or bust says:

        Come on piddley Dave, you can’t claim kudos for that you know you were only carrying out you EU masters orders.

      • 47
        21stcnow says:

        And who would believe 40% of heterosexuals engage in the same practice with their female partners? Golly Tosser how did you choose such an appropriate name?

        • 67
          Curious says:

          Did one of Dave’s Spads feed you that statistic, or did you invent it all yourself?

          • Bilda Berger says:

            It’s based on personal observation of her 300 lovers. Mind you, she’s well past it now and has to make do with a carrot.

          • FFS says:

            Well I can tell you from experience that 0% of women actually want large objects rammed forcefully up their butthole, totally missing their clitoris and G-spot.

            So that means 40% of women are being seriously abused and 21stcnow needs to stop wasting time engaging right-wingers which only gives us an excuse to rip her daft comments apart. Instead she should start a campaign to stop this apalling abuse she has dicovered.

        • 220
          Anonymous says:

          This one certainly takes it up the shitter – no doubt when the boyfriend tells her all the girls are doing it, she believes him.

          • FFS says:

            Her Somalian boyfriends tell her its the best way to avoid a baby, and from their perspective they’re right. And she sure as hell isn’t going to argue with any of them.

    • 37
      21stcnow says:

      And the modern Rights two big goals Tristram? Greed and Mean spirited nastiness?

      • 80
        Mr Potato Head says:

        The modern Lefts big goal is poverty for all and thus making all our children and grandchildren sex slaves. How is that for nastiness?

      • 91
        Any child who starves to death in this country has been murdered by its parent/s says:

        21stcnow: you must be champing at the bit for the revolution to begin so you can play your part in the slaughter of millions which the left have excelled in throughout history. Whos your fav pin up Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot or Mao ?

      • 109
        Anonymous says:

        Oh fuck off and come back when you’ve grown up and seen a bit of real life you sixth form dullard.

    • 306
      The National Debt says:

      They don’t want to redistribute wealth. They want to redistribute money borrowed from their grandchildren.

  9. 12
    Ambrose Pilchard Evans says:

    Why do you not all convert to Islam?

    • 13

      @Mr Ambrosia

      It is surely most important you don’t set a red herring running about the consumption of ham.

      • 104
        Sparks and Mencer auto modbot says:

        I’m afraid our modbot cannot deal that term due to religious persuasion. Please join another Queue and wait for another modbot to become available when your comment will then be processed.

    • 21
      Allan, you at t'bar says:

      I’d rather be a Moonie than a loonie.

  10. 14
    broderick crawford says:



  11. 15
    albacore says:

    When the British can’t see they’re being led to extinction
    The futility of even making a distinction
    Between the traitorous leaders caught out in overt crime
    And all the rest of the infected Establishment slime
    Is like trapping a few mice and thinking you’ve won the war
    While hordes of plague rats pour in through your house’s open door

    • 38
      21stcnow says:

      A little too much Christmas Sherry Albacore?

      • 84
        Mr Potato Head says:

        Amontillado or oloroso?
        Any port in a storm.

      • 142
        RSPCA says:

        Halal slaughter is barbaric and cruel, but we prefer to bury our heads in the sand rather than confront our future masters.

        • 252
          East India Company Wallah says:

          Muzzies dont keep pets so you lot dont have a future
          And they sure as hell dont sentimentalise animals

          • John Bellingham says:

            Anyone who dislikes dogs should be treated with contempt, however the Prophet had a cat called Muezza and a close and somewhat suspect relationship with a camel called Quaswa.

    • 180
      ujkgbu6 says:

      Who are “the british” you talk about “being led to extinction”? Bunch of thick DM readers.

      • 270
        East India Company Wallah says:

        They arent stupid enough to read the guardian though-are they?

      • 533
        FFS says:

        So what you are saying is, if the 6million people that read the Daily Mail were exterminated, that would be OK because they are “thick”?

        Please correct me if I misunderstand you.

        • 739
          Socialism is a mental disorder says:

          Exterminating dissent is a socialist obsession. For all their inclusiveness lies, it’s the thing they can’t accept. For the average socialist, if you do not accept their worldview, then you need re-educating or better still, eliminating. See Stalin, Marx, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot etc, for conformation.

  12. 16
    A Pensioner says:

    The occaisional cnut has gone to the “wall” but the show goes on.

  13. 17
    Joe Public II says:

    Well done Guido.

    There’s still another 600 or so of the thieving LibLabConner t(u)rds left to aim at. Plenty to keep you and us amused in 2014.

    • 39
      21stcnow says:

      And a rapidly falling number of Kippers? So many happy Syrians being welcomed into Kipper homes. You have to laugh!

      • 46
        Can't wait to stuff one below Dave's waterline says:

        Dave and you won’t be laughing after the May elections. He won’t be toast, he’ll be fucking ash.

      • 207
        Anonymous says:

        Far easier to laugh at you and your ilk – for all of UKIP’s surge in popularity, you and all the other little would be dictators who have hijacked the word “liberal” always had the racism accusation to lazily fall back on.

        It must really smart that Farage has taken the wind out of that particular set of sails.

        The more you whinge, the more you show how rattled you are.

        • 423
          Psyche the Dog says:

          It certainly got Dave and Chums in a flat spin, Farage played a blinder there, different messages coming from CCHQ, Dave could counter that by saying we might pay countries surrounding Syria to take refugees instead of moving them to the UK, unless Dave has his eyes on ready trained nurses and doctors.

    • 124
      Cor Blimey. says:

      But what a pity the Union Pilgrims seem to be growing in size and venality.

  14. 19
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:


  15. 22
    Mr Potato Head says:

    There are lies, damned lies and Lib Dems.

  16. 25
    21stcnow says:

    Good to hear the CEO of Barclays and the Archbishop of Canterbury on the BBC this morning. What went wrong with the banks they were asked. Thirty years ago a terrible philosophy came in they both said. Thirty years ago! Ah yes Maggie Thatcher and her greed is good evil. Conservatism Boris style. Nice to see Conservatives admit they messed up big time. And they rest of us in Britain have suffered ever since.

    • 32
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      The Libor party had nothing to do with the near collapse of the U.K banking system. The FSA was a brilliant watchdog. I abolished Boom & Bust.

      Oh, yes, I nearly forgot: it started in

      • 41
        21stcnow says:

        Feeling guilty Mad Bad and Dangerous to Know? Where was Libor mentioned? The Conservatives did not demand a light touch banking regime. Pleeease. At least get your history and facts right.

        • 51
          Thimpk says:

          Your brain appears to be as populated with ideas as your blog does.

        • 64
          Jim says:

          You do not seem to worry about them, so why should he?

        • 92
          Mr Potato Head says:

          It all happened under Brown and his FSA. He even cheered on the bankers the more they lent.

          “I would like to pay tribute to the contribution you and your company make to the prosperity of Britain,” Mr Brown told Lehman bankers in London’s Canary Wharf . “During its 150 year history, Lehman Brothers has always been an innovator, financing new ideas and inventions before many others even began to realize their potential.”

          According to 21stcnow logic everything that goes wrong with the NHS is ALL the fault of Labour as they started it.

        • 246
          FFS says:

          30 years ago? So Labour had 12 years to sort this out, but didn’t.

          Presumably they agreed with it all then, since Brown actually reduced the regulation still further.

          Or maybe they were just too damned busy dropping bombs on Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

          It’s your choice.

    • 118
      Good try at history rewrite epic fail though says:

      If it was so bad Brown should have changed it in the 10 years yes TEN before the final crash. He didn’t he weakened a good system by installing a wolf with no teeth the FSA and when warned by lilley ignored it saying he knew best

      Hence we are where we are and despite the desperation to try and attach this to Thatcher it was Labour starting with their “prawn cocktail circuit” and ending with the biggest bust of all times that’s are wholly and totally responsible.

    • 132
      Cor Blimey. says:

      I am so glad you believed our little joke of 30 years ago to blame Fatcher.
      The truth is that it began 18 years ago when the banks got rid of managers and installed electronic systems to hide behind and not deal with the nasty public.
      But please carry on with our good work in disseminating our fiction.

    • 284
      Thamsanqa Jantjie says:

      Quick-quack flick-flack tick-tack-toe
      Jigga-jagga zigga-zagga hey-nonny-no
      Bleep bleep bloop bloop blah blah blah
      Blubba-wubba rubba-dubba rah rah rah

    • 560

      How can anybody take seriously what the archbishop of Canterbury, or anywhere else, says ,seriously this is a man who crawls about on the floor praying, and worshipping his imaginary friend ,the big sky fairy

      • 643
        A Random Christian says:

        He crawls on the floor???? Not sure where you saw that.

        Jesus Christ is generally regarded as having been a real person. His philosophy is written in down in a popluar book. The philosphy is quite straightforward and most people wouldn’t have a problem following it, if they so choose.

  17. 36
    Anonymous says:

    If they exist in central government in a relatively small group, start looking in local government where numbers are larger and consequences of irregular practices are far more crippling on the tax-payer.
    There you will find, nepotism within officers ranks, cover-up, perception of the ubiquitous brown envelope, obfuscation assisted by council staff, flawed decisions by unqualified committees taken as evidence of legal due process, no minutes taken, ethics abandoned, the commercial equivalent of copulation with private firms in “public-private-partnerships” described as “taking the process forward”, and ordinary members of the public being silenced in newspapers through use of phrases like vexatious claimant.
    Guido – start a local operation in every council area and you might just bring about change in this country, otherwise stop haranguing these honest elected people who only want to serve their country by first serving themselves.

    • 98
      Anonymous says:

      Gordon Matheson at Glasgow City Council is a fine example of how council business should be conducted.

    • 165
      non taxable pikey says:

      Officers? when were they ever Gazetted?

    • 273
      Handycock says:

      Not in Portsmouth which is squeaky clean. Boaz.

      • 301
        Gerald Vernon Jackson, Leader, Portsmouth City Council says:

        Oh woe, woe and thrice woe! Does anyone know of a safe Liberal Democrat seat for me to contest at the next general election. I am supposed to take over from Handy in 2015 but obviously I don’t stand a chance now. My new husband has threatened to divorce me if I don’t become an MP. I am at my wits end, please please help me. Boaz.

    • 313
      Waltham Forest Council says:

      We hid all that sort of thing (and much much more, liek the election expenses records) in the basement of the town hall. And then ‘discovered’ that there was asbestos there and no-one should be allowed in there to have a look.

  18. 40
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Guido Fawkes & Owen Jones are the Everly Brothers of political tweeting and blogging.

  19. 44
    Polly is to Blame more than most though says:
  20. 48
    y says:

    Is Cameron shagging Karen Brady then? Or is her award in the phoney honours list purely coincidental? fucking cameron Fucking shit!

  21. 50
    A cheeky scouser says:

    Guido is taking the piss out of the taxpayer here.

    The only real surprise is that so many of the political classes are still walking the streets.

    • 65
      Stewie Hall says:

      Let us not forget Christopher Huhne and his ex wife from Greece.

      This man was more than happy to accept a Cabinet position knowing full well that he had lied and cheated the Electorate.

      He stood there in front of the cameras of the BBC and said he was not guilty and then after his Briefs failed to get charges dismissed on technicalities admitted his guilt all along.

      He should be rotting behind bars still this Christmas.

      2013 was the year British justice died.

      Do not believe everything the sun soaked Guido tells you.

      • 101
        21stcnow says:

        Bit weird coming from a Tory Stewie. Surely Jonathan Aitken Tory Cabinet Minister did much the same no? And many others?

        • 184
          Anonymous says:

          And recieved well deserved jail sentences for it . Your point is ?

          • Anonymous says:

            She doesn’t have a point, she’s just the latest silly little girl, still lives at home and is funded by mummy and daddy, and has to pretend to be of a certain political mindset in order to compensate for the guilt she feels at being born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

        • 289
          Monica says:

          Aitkin got 18 months and served 7 months
          Archhole got 4 years and served 2 years

          Huhne the Hoon got 8 months and served 2 months.

          McCrooksy will serve six weeks

          Easing up on the crooks as time goes by and we accept criminality as normal behaviour for politicians.

          • Judge Dredd says:

            There’s no ‘we accept’ about it. These are typical examples of crooks looking after their own.

  22. 53
    Colonel Blimp says:

    Flights and buses full as Romanians and Bulgarians head for the UK

    • 57
      Prime Minister David Cameron says:

      Meet the neighbours!!!!!

      • 94
        A great big mess says:

        10 years ago I last caught a bus in the UK.

        As a result of the behavior of certain passengers (indigenous white variety) the driver stopped the bus and called the police from his radio control behind his reinforced glass screened cab.

        Public transport in the UK is more than capable of dealing with a few teething problems.

    • 62
      21stcnow says:

      And Syrians moving in to UKIP homes?

    • 87
      Anonymous says:

      How many of them will be living in Primrose Hill with the Millibands et al. Thought not

      They will be shipped off to the Northern Towns to inflict yet more misery on the locals.

      The Muslim vigilantes in Sheffield will have their work cut out keeping order and still the daft f***ers still vote labour

  23. 56
    Dave and George That's another fine mess you got me into says:

    There is a full prisons worth that never made it to the dock !

    • 72
      Nigel Garage says:

      When I am your Prime Minister I am going to build three new prison within 12 months of assuming office.

      • 102
        Mr Potato Head says:

        No need. He just needs to send all the foreign criminals back to where they came from. That alone will save the taxpayer a fortune.

        • 110
          21stcnow says:

          Can you give us the number of foreign criminals here compared to say the number of British criminals in Spain?

          • 2112 says:

            ..and your point is…?

          • Mr Potato Head says:

            Nation Inmates in Inmates in %rise
            September 2011 January 2013

            Here are the East Europeans in our prisons

            Nation Inmates in Inmates in %rise
            September 2011 January 2013
            Poland 735 807 +10
            Romania 454 624 +40
            Lithuania 445 462 +4
            Albania 163 201 +23
            Latvia 201 183 -9
            Slovakia 76 98 +29
            Estonia 31 23 -26
            Moldova 6 10 +67
            All Europeans 4,307 4,441 +3

          • RUINED BRITANNIA says:

            Yes i can
            As of March 2013 there were 10,725 foreign nationals in British jails

            and according to Prisoners abroad there are currently 1745

            British nationals in prison in the whole of the rest of the World

            Rather a large difference wouldn’t you agree ?


            Any british criminals in Spain take great pains not to get involved with the spanish police, otherwise they are swiftly extradited, further more, they manage to refrain from either defacating in the streets, or strangling their daughters for smiling at a young man !

  24. 61
    1 and 3 Unlucky for some says:
  25. 69
    Genghiz the kahn says:


    • 122
      Future obit says:

      The BBC, following a long and severe mental illness.
      It will not be missed.

    • 125
      Harriet Harman labour party says:

      That’s ok we left her out of a list of notable women

      • 384
        Monica says:

        BBC left her out of a list of living British icons (when she was still alive): she didn’t make thhe top 100.

        Anyway, Saint Madeba is not on the list either. The Beeb loved him, but he wasn’t on the payroll, so doesn’t rank as highly as Beeb Celebs

        • 401
          Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation says:

          If you have the misfortune to watch any documentary, and I mean any, on any subject whatsoever, on BBC4, you will find that at some point, they find a way to make a reference to Margaret Thatcher, and then to put the boot into her.

          It’s absolutely amazing – the ingenuity they show in finding ways to put the message across that this woman was EVIL, everything she ever did was EVIL, and that’s what everybody should think about her.

          Because the BBC says so.

          • FFS says:

            They hate her because she exposed the falsehood at the heart of the Marxist Dialectic.

            Marx taught that the final stage of human social development would be property owned by the state and shared out to the citizens in a system he called communism.

            Thatcher showed that the real final stage of human social development would be property owned by all the people.

          • Chris "Hoon" Huhne says:

            “the real final stage of human social development would be property owned by all the people”

            Home ownership is going down, suckers.

            But I own seven houses, and my friends in parliament all own at least two.

            Suck it up, peasants.

  26. 73
    Happy New Year to the BBC says:
  27. 76
    Guy News Room says:

    This comment was left by Prime Minister David Cameron who has been blocked by our staff.

  28. 77
    Karma says:

    I fear 2014 will see the odious Tessa Jowell all over our tv as she is being called to offer her opinion on everything these days.

    • 96
      Anonymous says:

      This woman, along with Livingstone and Coe, should be in jail for making the decision to make the Olympic Stadium Althletcis only. They were told dozens of times to install retractable seats so that it could quickly be converted for Football or Rugby. Now the tax payer has a bill of ~ £40m to do the conversion.But hey ho it wasn’t their money and there were no consequnces for making the appalling decision.

      Will she be offering advice on motrgage applications.

      What always amazed me was the way papers let he off the hook on this one and her faux separation from her corrupt husband – who was found guilty by an Italian Court but was released on a technicality.

      • 111
        Anonymous says:

        We have to take her at her word that she did not realise what she was signing for or what her husband was up to, or where the money came from to buy their house, and that she really did separate fom her husband even though she really beleved him to be innocent otherwise that would make her a crook and a devios liar. Nope she must be telling the truth.

        • 116
          21stcnow says:

          And you tell your partner absolutely everything repeat everything Anonymous?

          • Anonymous says:

            If my partner came up with £200,000 as a downpayment for a house Id expect to know where it came from. Secondly if I was asked to sign legal forms I would want to know what I was signing . Thirdly if I thought my partner was innocent of something I wouldnt leave them, why would I ? Would you ? Why did Jowell leave her husband if she thought him innocent ? That quesion has never been asked never mind answered.

          • Left wing twat spotter says:

            I see you must be the duty left wing twat on duty for the new year period.

          • 21stcnow says:

            Nor should it be Anonymous. Stop prying into other peoples lives. What are you a snoop?

          • Anonymous says:

            Why did she then get back together when the dust settled

          • 21stcnow says:

            Why are so obsessed with what someone does in their private life Anonymous. A bit unhealthy no?

          • Anonymous says:

            Because she was in public office and was embroiled in a scandal which the Public have the right to know about .

          • RUINED BRITANNIA says:

            “Why did Jowell leave her husband if she thought him innocent ? That quesion has never been asked never mind answered ”

            It was the right thing to do , her career , to her was far more important
            She still popped round a few times a week for a “bit of piggy”as the papers reported

          • bergen says:

            If she is being groomed to be Labour’s London Mayor then I suspect we’ll have another Archer campaign with her having to withdraw once all the skeletons in the cupboard emerge. It could be vastly entertaining.

          • Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation says:

            But don’t expect the BBC to report it.

          • (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

            All legit questions, Anon.

    • 157
      Hypocrite says:

      So the Dame criticises Honours.

      PS. You are correct. For some odd reason she is constantly invited onto the rolling News channels to give her opinions. As she is a nobody I can’t understand why.

      • 189
        Hugh Jend says:

        Because she looks like ET perhaps?

      • 249
        RUINED BRITANNIA says:

        No where near as much as Lardy Smith ex homo secretary
        she practically lives on the BBC and Sky

      • 325
        Abolish the Lords says:

        It could be worse. They could be rolling out Baroness Scotland to comment on the benefits of democracy like they did in the Falkland Islands earlier this year

    • 322
      Not My Fault says:

      The 2005 Gambling Act

      One of the dodgiest pieces of legislation to grease its way through Parliament since the Scots agreed to the Act of Union.

  29. 88
    Eccles says:

    As an upright member of the community I trust you have passed on your information to the Police.

    That is the correct thing to do.

  30. 93
    Mr Dromey says:

    My New Years Resolution is to stop masturbating over my laptop and get my TV connected to the internet instead.

  31. 97

    Well done Guido. Keep on before the thought police and finger breakers come round.

  32. 107
    Anonymous says:

    Dave’s achievements for 2013

    1. Legalising Gay Marriage

    2. Almost taking us to war with Syria

    3. State control of the press

    And this man claims to be a Tory, he has been in a panic most of December with several press releases about how tough he was going to be in immigration and what has he actually done – what he always done – nothing.

    Lots of Tory MPs with small majorities getting very twitchy – its time for the men in grey suits to knock on hs door

    The guy is just a blowhard

    • 113
      Joe Public II says:

      All true. Dave’s is a traitorous lying disaster personified

      • 136
        One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

        Yes, but I’m going to be very very tough on immigration from now on. I know I said that before, and then increased immigration, but I really really mean it this time.

        I will be making further promises to be tough on immigration throughout the day.

        And then I’ll open the doors to an unlimited number of immigrants.

        Toodle pip!

      • 141
        21stcnow says:

        And Britains Prime Minister. Which you are not Joe. And never ever will be.

    • 120
      Anonymous says:

      Yes the Syrian situation convinced me that Cameon and Hague were dangeous and should be relieved of their positions as soon as democraticaly possible. They contrived to take our country to war on little evidence and attempted to dress speculation up as such.

      • 175
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        In that context a legitimate democratic solution does invove wiser men dispatching them with a bullet at dawn before throwing the corpses in an unmarked lime pit and moving on.

      • 326
        The British Public says:

        Syria is none of our business

    • 126
      21stcnow says:

      Don’t you just love those who cannot accept they are the wrong side of history? All over the world, country after country, state after state is legalising gay marriage. And why not? Who says a tax paying man or women should not marry who they please?
      I though we hadn’t gone to war with Syria. Since when has not taking us to war been a minus? Weak point here Anonymous.
      State control of the press? Where?. Name one article the press has been denied printing Just one.
      Sorry Anonymous that Christmas Sherry is addling your brain.
      The guy is the Prime Minister. You are not and never will be. Stop showing your

      • 138
        Anonymous says:

        He attempted to take us to war you clown

      • 139
        D Notice says:

        There are quite a few of me around you know

      • 151
        Mohammed says:

        “Who says a tax paying man or women should not marry who they please?”


        • 163
          Omar Shamshoon says:

          Quite right, though unfortunately the Moslem religion does allow homosexuality in a clandestine manner, but not lesbianism.
          The main problem is that these “married” people of the same sex are allowed to adopt children.

          • 21stcnow says:

            Isn’t this better Omar than allowing children to go lonely and unloved. Say you were 3 and your parents had been killed in a road accident or war. Would you prefer to be alone in a foster home or loved by adoptive parents? Its a cruel and evil man who would prefer the former because of some 9th century hadith.

        • 174
          21stcnow says:

          Prove God or Allah exists?

          • A bit of cognitive dissonance there, chap? says:

            God/allah/yahweh etc etc indeed doesn’t exist. But would you dare say that to one of your beloved muslims? It’s leftie apologists like you who’ve enabled muslims to trample on our way of life, demanding and getting halal meat in schools – THE most barbaric way to kill an animal – burka clad nurses and female genital mutilation without any prosecution. How does it sit with you, being such a gutless hypocrite who loves to talk about equality but are deadly silent when it comes to muslims preaching homophobia, misogyny, violence and anti-semitism? Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of right wingers here are homophobic too and they’re idiots. But you and your leftie friends never have any word of condemnation against muslims who call for gays to be executed and unmarried women who have sex to be stoned to death. That doesn’t quite fit with your politically correct “islam is peace” bollocks, does it? Much more comfortable to just shriek “Thatcher! Thatcher! Tories! Thatcher!”

      • 166
        It's all about politics and the BBC says:

        Marriage is a man and woman thing.

        Homosexuals already had the legal contracts recognised by the state. There was no need to re-define marriage and Dave was just playing politics in the hope of getting the Homosexual vote.

        • 182
          21stcnow says:

          You lost. Get over it. 85% of Britons want gay marriage. In a democracy the majority wins.

          • Troll watch says:

            In a democracy, the people get asked about such things. That never happened; no-one dared to ask them.
            There is no point you making up random numbers to support your ludicrous statements.

          • Prick Watch says:

            90% of men have cocks over 10 inches long… if you listen to them.

            Don’t present bollocks as fact!

          • Mr Potato Head says:

            85% of Britons want an EU Referendum now. Pity we haven’t got a democracy.

          • FFS says:

            90% of people didn’t want gay marriage because they wanted the government of the day to crack on with important stuff affecting 100% of us, not the 1% that feel we should all celebrate their particular kink.

          • Democracy when it suits says:

            Does that apply to capital punishment ?

          • Miss Print says:

            More English people voted for the Conservative Party than any other party in a recent election, but still lost to a minority.

            Some fucking democracy you seem to live in. Stupid cow. Get your arse out of your hijab.

          • cured lefty says:

            Fuckwit lefty reverts to type alert

          • Bemused says:

            85% of Britons want severe restrictions on immigration. In a democracy the majority wins.

            Nah, only when it happens to coincidentally line up with the government.

      • 169
        Legalised Perversion says:

        All over the world? In every decadent society more like.

        • 183
          21stcnow says:

          Another bad loser on the wrong side of the argument?

          • Above says:

            There was no argument and there is no wrong side. Homosexuals have/had binding legal contracts of partnership. The word marriage (in human partnership) pertains to the union of a man and a woman. There was no need for Dave to alter the status quo.

          • Non-Pervert says:

            In the interests of equality, is there any chance of civil partnerships for normal opposite sex couples?

          • Dave the Pink says:

            No. Gays are superior in every way to normal heterosexuals.


            You must be an arsehole monkey


            The stupid word homophobic implies a fear of sexual perverts, despite what the liberal lefties would have you believe, most people react not with fear, but natural revulsion, at the thought of the vile ,disease ridden practice of sodomy.

          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            The militant gay lobby continually push the image of homosexuals as the soul of the party, every female’s friend and of a happy group proud of their sexuality. What they don’t want you to think about is the physical mechanics of their sexual practices. Using the human body’s garbage disposal system as a sexual playground is something the average person would look on with disgust, and the militant gays know it!

          • The world of gays is sordid and promiscuous says:

            Not to mention the fact that without a woman involved, there is no restraint at all in the behaviour, as we saw with the recently married Stephen “three in a bed till they drug me and ass fuck me to death” Gateley.

      • 305
        FFS says:

        Country after country is legalsing gay “marriage” because it is part of an EU directive you numpty.

        They haven’t actually got a choice.

        There has been no end of serious backlash against it, in the UK it has been relatively muted by comparison. In France they have been commiting suicide in public over it and all sorts.

        • 327

          If they had any guts they’d have a choice ,tell Barrosso to fuck himself, easy !

        • 389
          Miss Print says:

          Really? I hadn’t realised that the USA was a member state.

        • 449
          21stcnow says:

          Strange that. I thought loads of countries and states nowhere near the EU were passing gay marriage. Its what electorates want across the world; 85% in this country. Only a few old codgers living in the past and wallowing in their bigotry just cannot bring themselves to see they have lost the argument. Bigtime. Talk about being on the wrong side of history. And whats the betting you call yourself a Christian or similar FFS. We have to laugh at your pathetic bigotry.

          • FFS says:

            Nope, quite a few straw dolls you have created there.

            What I object to is the state claiming it can “marry” people at all. What the hell business is it of the state? How is it reasonable for the state to sanction anybody’s relationship? It’s none of their fucking business. It’s fucking outrageous that agents of the state can say “ah yes, your relationship now has official approval”, let alone pick and choose what they think is an acceptable relationship and what isn’t.

            I don’t see anything in the 10 Commandments that has anything to say about gays, nor is it mentioned in the New Testament, so I take it that God doesn’t care too much.

            Having said that, promiscuous anal sex killed over a million gay men and has seriously damaged the lives of many more. So those that condemn it have a reasonable point to make.

            I believe only about 5 countries outside the EU have approved same sex marriage.


            Why is it bigotry to be repulsed by unhygienic filthy habits ?
            It is not just believers in the sky fairy who find these practices abhorrent, most people do.

  33. 112
    Champagne over here please Liebour are paying says:

    Even G and plod can’t get past so called British “justice” as we have a justice system designed to get guilty people off their deserved jail sentences which should not be counted in months but years, time the punishment fitted the crime for all these MPs and so called Lords and Ladies and uncivil servants who leech off the taxpayers and don’t give value for money, not just give them a slapped wrist and a nice number on the bBBC and the MSM to make up for the money they lost on lawyers.

  34. 114
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    Guido like the Daily Telegraph in 2008 need to be congratulated for their exposes,without them the likes of McShame,Huhne and all the other greedy,lying,thieving bastrds would get away with it.

  35. 115
    Ed Balls says:

    Is a CBE Commander of the Bulgarian Empire??

    • 121
      Prime Minister David Cameron says:

      All Romanians and Bulgarians will be getting an OBE on arrival tomorrow. As well as free health care and education for their kids.

      • 197
        ARoma says:

        On your marks, get set……

      • 336

        Get it through you skulls, these people are neither Romanians nor Bulgarians, the are thieving unwashed gyppos riddled with TB , polio , Dyptheria and whooping cough who have been issued with passports by the EU puppet governments in East Europe who saw an opportunity to rid themselves of a centuries old problem .

    • 129
      21stcnow says:

      At least Bulgaria exists. Where is the British Empire to be a Commander of pray tell.
      You have to laugh!

      • 156
        La la land watch says:

        It did exist at one time unlike your socialist utopia which has never existed. Never mind, next time comrade, next time.

        • 171
          21stcnow says:

          It did exist. So did Ghenghis Khan. And where is he now. Like the British Empire on the dungheap of history. As for the socialist utopia look around you La la Land. A £100bn a year NHS. A Welfare State. State Education. Care for the Elderly. £700bn a year spent by a Conservative government on social programmes to benefit society. Looks pretty socialist to me. You need to open your eyes a little maybe and leave your La La Land behind?

          • Anonymous says:

            All paid for by a capitalist economy. Idiot.

          • Screwed Taxpayer says:

            All paid for by ramping up the National Debt, selling assets to foreigners, and printing money.

            Fucking financially incompetent thieving LibLabConner bastards.


            We all know how this will end ,there comes a time when the bank printing presses finally run out of ink , I fear the time is coming sooner than many think

          • FFS says:

            I think perhaps you need to look at the definition of socialism before you make any more of a fool of yourself than you have already. A neat summary from Wikipedia:

            “Socialism is an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy”

            Nothing to do with the welfare state.

      • 543
        FFS says:

        And your point is? What exactly?

        We should have the empire back again?

        That the meaning of the letters needs to be updated? Yeah, probably. Big fucking political deal. Go back and play with your Nintendo.

  36. 119
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    I wish you woudnt mention Blessed Ruth in this way.

    • 573
      Ruth, the boy-babe says:

      Has she still a senior role in HSBC’s corporate development team’s strategy unit?

  37. 143
    Ride the gyppo tube! says:

    Starting tomorrow, users of the London Underground can look forward to even more Romanian accordion players accompanied by their money collectors who go up and down the carriage shaking a coin cup! As they would say: thank you please!

  38. 145
    The BBC says:

    CBE = Cocaine, Boys, Executive pay offs

  39. 146
    Stand there love while I take your photo...Bye Bye says:

    • 153
      Beyond doubt says:

      Any truth in the rumour that this hole has been dug to bury the Chilcot report ?

      • 264
        the millions killed by Socialism says:

        Is it too much to hope that it’s been dug to bury Blair ?

        • 288
          Sweet Dream says:

          No need. We’re going to drop Bliar into a tank of concentrated nitric acid.

          • 21stcnow says:

            He will still go down as a three time victorious Prime Minister with one mistake Iraq. Name a single Tory MP with so glorious a record. And if you name that absurd Thatcher pass the sick bag.

          • FFS says:

            He will go down in history as a corrupt politician taking bungs from unscrupulous businessmen who used money stolen from our children to buy three elections.

            He will go down in history as the man who lied to start a war in Iraq when a million people to beg him to stop.

            He will go down in history as the man who made millions from his time in office and even more millions once he joined JP Morgan.

            He will go down in history as the man who sold out the indigenous working class to import the great unwashed of Europe in the hope that they might keep Labour in power.

            And as for Thatcher she has already found her proud place in history, alongside that other great Tory PM, Winston Churchill.

        • 317
          Mr Potato Head says:

          That’s just to bury his loose change.

    • 186
      A Noble cause. says:

      I think Wendy should divorce Mark. He’ll be the death of her.

  40. 155
    Anon. says:

    Looks like BBC Adam Parsons has deleted his tweet. No correction or apology , of course.

    • 181
      Mr G says:

      The whole thing has been badly mis-reported and also Hi-jacked by medical business.

      He never was in a Coma caused by the accident. A medically induced coma is standard procedure in these cases.

      The suits were very quick to come out and say without a helmet he would be dead, thus protecting financial interests.

      As in the cycling world, skiing helmets are only really effective for low velocity impacts and can caused even more damage than no helmet in fast impacts. Facts that the Helmet manufacturers Lobby politicians and the press to hide, disguise.

      • 200
        Anonymous says:

        Eventually switched off the latest press conference for Schumacher as its going on and on and on. Seems the days of a brief statement providing an update are long gone. Hospital seem to be worried about getting sued as they are at pains to clarify every sylable which they utter. They should shut up and get on with their jobs.

        • 380
          Life on Mars says:

          Perhaps Schumacher is showing DS Hunt how to drive the Quattro properly and wondering wtf he is doing back in the 80s ?

        • 382
          Life on Mars says:

          Perhaps Schumacher is showing DS Hunt how to dr!ve the Quattro properly and wondering wtf he is doing back in the 80s ?

        • 393
          Miss Print says:

          Yes, this constant coverage on every single news outlet is getting as boring as the Mandelafestabollox.

        • 400
          Liebours friends at the BBC - All the staff!! says:

          Dog days with airtime to fill, just switch off all media apart from Guido. BBC showed it’s hand when Mandela died, must have had it all dammed up ready to roll, money unlimited to report every feckin’ angle FFS!

        • 413
          Anonymous says:

          BBC “news” is obsessed with celebrities. Worse than the trashiest tabloid.

    • 415
      Eva Braun says:

      German telly was over it all day. “Coma, critical”.
      It’s their Lady Di day

    • 416
      Owen's Remedial English teacher says:

      “*Whom* do you believe”

      Didn’t you learn anything at that posh private school and Oxford, Parsons, you fuckwit?

  41. 161
    21stcnow says:

    So many UKIP ‘fruitcakes loonies and closet racists’ on this blog. Dave was right. But great good to know they will never ever form a UKIP government

    • 209
      yoo hoo! anybody in says:

      You never know, the loonies and fruitcakes and closet racists in the LibLabCon have already formed governments and fked up and stole everything they could, they have done better than asset strippers in destroying UK PLC, even the braindead have seen through the LibLabCon gang, so give UKIP chance say 2020 .

    • 212
      Socialism is, and will always be, a severe mental illness says:

      So it’s Cameron paying you to post this shite ? Could have sworn that it was McCluskey Miliband – not that it makes much difference.

    • 263

      If you purport to be a shining example of what now passes for sensible…

      …then I am glad, I’m mad.

    • 344

      I am not a closet Racist, I am quite open about it, I also despise arse fucking perverts , fat ugly dykes, feckless idle chavs, illiterate morons, the EU, and thieving socialists !

      • 362
        Sub jocula says:

        Shit. That leaves Liverpool empty!

      • 441
        Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

        I am with you as are most of the silent majority one day they will awake.

      • 462
        21stcnow says:

        So not a closet racist but patently a fruitcake and loon. And thieving conservatives? Bet you love them right?

        • 508
          FFS says:

          I’m not a closet racist. I’m openly racist and proud of it.

          It isn’t a sin to say that white Brits commit much less murder than black Jamaicans or even white Russians.

          It’s a fucking fact so suck it up.

          I don’t believe in picking on individuals because that would be bigoted and prejudiced. But when you are talking about large groups of people, you can be as racist as the facts allow.

          • Expat Geordie says:

            Well personal experience now says that I have a big problem with the bloody Poles, especially the chavvy ones like my girlfriends neighbours.

            My industry requires five years worth of references, which was great until a few years ago when the bastards who had been here long enough started to qualify. At least we can stop some on lack of language skills, but too many are still getting through

    • 474
      Alan Chingachgook says:

      So glad you’ve brought up the racist tag for anyone who disagrees with you.
      New one on me. Clever.

  42. 162
    Gordon Brown says:

    In 2014, I will fly to more countries and make important speeches whilst ignoring my constituents. I will turn up to the House just once in the next 12 months to make a very important speech about tractor production between 2007 and 2010. It’s the right thing to do.

    • 453
      21stcnow says:

      Good on you Gordon. History will remember it was you who saved Western economies when the conservatives were squawking around like headless chickens

      • 516
        FFS says:

        Gordon juiced up the UKs economy with interest rates close to zero to buy his leader two elections to give him a chance at real power.

        But fate works in mysterious ways, and Gordon was to find himself drinking from his own poisoned financial chalice.

        History will remember him as the man that bought two elections with our children’s futures, and then choked on it.

      • 775
        2112 says:

        You are telemachus (see The Spectator comment threads for further details) and I claim my £5.

  43. 170
    Ride the gyppo tube! says:

    You want begging gangs? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

    “Hello please! Money please! Thank you please! Or my family beat you please!”

    • 185
      21stcnow says:

      What was that about fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists?

      • 191
        You says:

        There is only one fruitcake, loon and racist here dude. Stand before the mirror to see it.

      • 256
        prised you can still post with Ed Balls cock in your mouth says:

        What the fuck are you ?

        sniping little comments everywhere

        You’re like one of those little yappy dogs that nips at everybody’s ankles

        Sort of a “Left Highland terrier “

        • 257
          Suprised you can still post with Ed Balls cock in your mouth says:

          Aimed at 21stcnow

          • FFS says:

            Seems to end up arguing with herself at the end of every thread once the other commenters have run rings around her.

        • 395
          2112 says:

          It almost makes me miss Jimmy. At least he had a sense of humour.

        • 483
          Alan Chingachgook says:

          Yes..a sort of rancid little ‘caravan people’ dog, not sure of the colour because it’s covered in shit and diesel. Only craps on carpet..that sort.

        • 542
          CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

          21stcnow is a drive by leftie troll, content to snipe with engaging in argument and debate. It’s probably because lefties have lost all the arguments so now they just snipe from the sidelines – just like Miliband and the rest of the Labour scum.

          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            If Modbot allows my previous post,the first sentence should read “..content to snipe withOUT engaging in argument and debate…..”

            By the time Modbot decides to print my previous post, there’ll likely be another thread in the issue will be passé. Thanks a bunch, Guido!!!!

          • Sam the Skull drinking Buckfast in Maryhill and dodging the Strathclyde constabulary says:

            Guido is perhaps otherwise engaged, in the perennial and notorious recreation of his native land.

          • Guardianistas and the BBC Ice party says:
          • British Benders Corp. says:

            Mind you don`t get lock arse, boys.

          • Emperor Penguin says:

            Thanks for the entertainment. But you had best come and rescue the daft fuckers before anymore ships get stuck in the “melting” sea ice”.

          • Jack Sparrow says:

            Why is the rum, always gone?

          • Anon. says:

            They are still there.The Chinese helicoptor didn’t pick them up.
            A few more days and they will start eating each other. The madness is starting.

          • nell says:

            You don’t mention the fact that this scientific expedition is exploring ‘global warming’ in the antarctic during it’s high summer and is now locked in unseasonable ice flows!!

            Notable that the beeb has tried to present this, not as a scientific vessel exploring ‘global warming’ but as a cruise ship with fun loving passengers! ++++Laugh++++

          • A BBC expedition no less says:
          • The BBC says:

            Shut the fuck up you silly cow, we’re trying to keep it quiet….and if anyone asks, he’s on his holidays

          • Sock watch says:

            Happy new year

  44. 178
    Muggins says:

    Excellent work on behalf of the electorate Guido. Please. please continue your efforts and have a good 2014.

    Muggins, a life long Conservative and now one of Dave’s fruitcakes.

    PS. A word of advice, watch your back, you cannot trust the bastards!

  45. 187
    Ride the gyppo tube! says:

    “Council house and bennies please! Now please!”

    • 243
      Just To Dampen Things For A Day Or So says:

      You do realise tomorrow is a public holiday and the benny office is shut?

  46. 192
    Dave Cameron says:

    Got a girl back to No 10 last night but it ended with erection problems.

    She had one.

  47. 194
    Philagain says:

    My arse is like a scooped out pomegranate

  48. 195
    Liberal Democrats. RIP says:

    I take it Nick Clegg is shitting bricks then, if he has to devote his entire New Year’s diatribe to UKIP.

    • 215
      Nick Clegg, Cockroach-in-chief, Pervs Я Us says:

      My tribe will certainly be on a diet come May 22.

    • 319
      Mr Potato Head says:

      This is the idiot party that still wants us to join the Euro. Nothing more needs to be said about the Lib Dems.

    • 414
      Monica says:

      Does Nick Clog think Ukippers will defect to the libdumps rather than the Tories or Liebor when they hear his inspiring message?

      Or was the speech more for his prospective employers after 2015?

      • 461
        21stcnow says:

        Doubt he gives a toss. Who should? The BNP were eventually wiped out. UKIP is just another version of the BNP and will similarly pass into Hades where they belong

  49. 201
    Anonymous says:

    The ones that got away……….

    Margaret Moran
    Baroness Udin
    Jaqui Smith
    Linda Riordan
    Mike Hancock
    Hazel Blears
    Andy Burnham

    Oh the list goes on and on……..

    Maybe 2014 will be the year that sees this lot brought to justice ?

  50. 205
    Do as they say, not as they do says:

    May I suggest a new campaign, urging Polly Toynbee, Laurie Penny, Owen Jones, Billy Bragg and other high profile self-proclaimed socialists to move to France to enjoy its 75% top rate of tax? Surely they can’t have any problem with that? Polly and co would surely be happy to be taxed at that rate and would be keen to live in a country that has such admirable socialist ideals? There’s no way they’d want to keep the high net salaries they currently receive. That’s not what socialism preaches. It has to be subsistence-only. Any more than that is just profligacy and counter to the collective good. I’m certain Polly, Owen and gang want only to earn subsistence level salaries only. Right, Polly? Polly? Oh, looks like she’s flown to Tuscany. What about you, Owen? Laurie? Any of you?

    • 323
      Mr Potato Head says:

      I suggess Polly and the like be forced to allow a Roma family to live with them for a year.

  51. 206
    Ric"Tally Ho" Holden CCHQ says:

    638,000 lose EMA. 1.2m students see tripling of fees.1 mill young are jobless. 3mill young people’s lives wrecked by the Tories.

    Rejoice at that news !

    • 217
      Me just me says:

      Rejoice at the fact that Liebour brought in fees for college and removed the free education ladder, how many jobs could our kids have if Liebour had controlled immigration instead of getting pee’d off with Camorons crap and thought they would get their own back , turn to your Liebour gang of whitewash merchants for the problems we have now, yes Camoron is a weak sh1t.

    • 329
      Mr Potato Head says:

      How many young people have had their lives ruined by Labour’s debts that accumulated over 13 disastrous years through rampant public spending? The country will still be paying back those debts (with interest) in fifty years time.

      • 458
        21stcnow says:

        Thanks 100% to Tory Bankers who f****d up the British and global economies.
        Everyone knows it was the Tory bankers who caused the crisis. Why do you think the Conservatives did not win a majority.

        • 514
          FFS says:

          Thanks to Gordon Brown and Ed Balls who juiced up the debt pumped into the economy by dropping interest rates through the floor and injecting three times the debt over just 7 years.

          The dodgy bankers were merely doing their bidding, and as we have seen from the Crystal Methodist and Northern Cock, most of them were in Labour’s back pocket, not the Tories.

          Debt booms always end in recessions. I saw it coming so I made myself rich out of their fuck-witted economics used to buy themselves two elections.

  52. 213
    Dave is Very Nice Man. Come London says:
    • 233
      nell says:

      I feel sorry for them – they’ll not be enough street benches in London for them to sleep on and there’s bad weather on the way.

      • 361

        The coldest winter day in London will seem like a barmy spring day to them ,the subway at marble arch if by then a little crowded is no less comfortable than some of the shacks in which they normally live .
        Add in free doctors, free money, eventual free housing, free school meals life for them will be a bed of roses all at our expense ,because our so called prime minister is a traitor who’s first loyalty is to his puppet master in Brussels.

    • 234
      Loadaballix says:

      Skyscanner has plenty of flights, theres one on 2 January at 6am, from Bucharest to Luton …£159., wizz air

    • 285
      Welcome to Dave's 2014 says:

      Good bye (once) Great Britain, it was nice knowing you, growing up in the 50`s and 60`s, and welcome to new modern diverse Britain, where all we can look forward to is a coming civil unrest, that will last for years, until the government enforce draconian laws that will hammer the ethnic Brits into submission, and favour the feckless, the criminal and the incomers.

      Thank you Labour, thank you Conservatives, and a big thank you to the LibDums, who hog-tied the coalition into surrender. The country everyone loved has now sunk without trace, to be replaced by a cesspit of the world`s detritus, who openly hate the host country and whose only intention is to bleed it dry. But what will happen then ? Thankfully, I won`t be around to see it.

  53. 216
    What the BBC won't tell you says:
    • 229
      They've suddenly found the locals are pee'o somd off and are now pretending to dething says:

      Stables and doors and shutting.

      • 308

        Expect very soon to see them coming over waving german passports!!

      • 337
        FFS says:

        She’s another one that likes to suck up to whatever the press happen to be fixated on at any given time. Once the German papers have chased after another bone she’ll drop this talk about restrictions on EU migration.

    • 324

      I say you chaps , It’s your loss

      All the more for us What !

  54. 222
    Miner Doors says:

    2013 Was a Great year for the Tories, we lost our treasured AAA Status, and the Red Cross is providing Emergency Food aid in the UK

  55. 231
    Anonymous says:

    Kudos, Guido.

  56. 235
    Baillie Vass says:

    To our Children’s Children’s Children a present from our greedy bankers, £1.5tn worth of debt.

    • 335
      Mr Potato Head says:

      Nothing to do with successive corrupt Liblabcon governments pissing all our taxes up the wall then?

      • 391
        Dave the Pink says:

        Especially mine. In this Government I’ve more than doubled the debt incurred by all previous administrations put together.

        I truly am a magnificently incompetent lying cnut.

        • 457
          21stcnow says:

          But I am Prime Minister and you are not. And never will be. So rant on

          • FFS says:

            You are the prime minister?????

            Surely you jest?

            You sound like a 6th form political activist that happened on this blog by accident and got into a bit of a rage about the kind of comments you found.

  57. 237
    nell says:

    poor old cleggie if he thinks any of us still believe that tripe he keeps producing about the EU. We all know he thinks the libdems are going to fall at the hurdle in 2015 and that he will be needing a new job elsewhere. He’ll be after one of those lucrative eu commissioner jobs just like the kinnochios. What better place is there to make loads of money out of the taxpayer for no work?

  58. 242
    Gordon's old house number 11 says:
  59. 244
    Randy Handcock says:

    You haven’t caught me though. I’m still free and at large here in Portsmouth.

  60. 245
    Blowing Whistles says:

    21stcnow – are you lynton’s latest paid troll bint – ‘cos you don’t half read like it e.g. Dave was right. All your postings are rather revealing – and a bit to OTT. Subtle you ain’t.

    • 271
      Now that is below the belt... says:

      …and if BW can actually claim that you are not subtle then you are in deepest shit possible.

      • 430
        Blowing Whistles says:

        from above The revealing line “Dave … ”

        21stcnow says:
        December 31, 2013 at 10:03 am

        So many UKIP ‘fruitcakes loonies and closet racists’ on this blog. Dave was right. But great good to know they will never ever form a UKIP government

        FU Lynton C.

  61. 248
    The moment when Wendy and Rupe were doomed says:
    • 253

      I’d sooner have the one on the left than the one on the right (or even the three on the right!)

    • 433
      Blowing Whistles says:

      And to think back a while ago; that both men in that picture gave conflicting versions of testimony to Leveson. A Triangle of liars.

      • 571
        • 623
          Blowing Whistles says:

          The real SC would have twigged the Rupe Brown Leveson Triangle. Guido please bring back the real SC.

          • Oh God! Please tell me this is a sockpuppet. I really didn’t think you were that dense.

            Jokes are not as funny when one has to explain them – but I was playing on the fact that Sarah Brown is often considered to be Gordon’s beard (i.e. a man.) This fits in with the suspicion that he was an iron hoof before he “got married”.

            I know perfectly well what your triangle consisted of. It was the first thing they taught me at Oxford.

            But, hey! It New Year is upon us. Time to put down carping for just a few seconds. We can be nasty to each other again in the morning. Not long to wait to vent your spleen. I wished you a Happy Christmas and you ignored me. Now I wish you a very Happy New Year, genuinely old fellah! ;-)

            Let me know the very instant you don’t read this either.

  62. 251
    Colonel Blimp says:

    I say,it’s simply not cricket old chap.

    Romanians and Bulgarians taught how to claim UK benefits in return for joining Unite/Labour

    • 255
      John Bull says:

      Hear ! Hear !

      • 259
        A.Roma says:

        Housing, rent and council tax paid, midwives, schooling, bus passes, interpreters, MP assistance, jobs, big issues slots, -brilliant.

    • 466
      21stcnow says:

      Jealous Blimpy? Lets hope thousands upon thousands of EU immigrants flock here to give you UKIP fruitcakes a collective heart attack then we can all enjoy life without your endless meanspirited sniping that the world has changed.

      • 565
        FFS says:

        The world changed in the 1930′s.

        And then there was a big war.

        And then it changed back again.

        Be careful what you wish for children.

  63. 265
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Albinos – I can’t say fairer than that.

  64. 268
    East India Company Wallah says:

    What about jaqui smith the wankers wife

  65. 275
    Guardianistas disprove Global Warming...Al Gore will not be pleased says:
    • 278
      UKIP first and last says:

      BBC and guardian propagandists go to Antarctica in summer to get shots of ice melting as though that proves the man made global warming fraud is real and get trapped in the ice they claim is disappearing? Now that is irony so rich you could slice it with a knife.

      • 287

        No doubt in a year or so any pictures of melting ice would have been passed off as ‘taken in an antarctic winter’!

      • 465
        21stcnow says:

        If you don’t like the BBC don’t watch it. Or are you incapable of not watching it? Weird. Britons love the BBC. Get over it. Follow your Leader and adopt a Syrian

        • 574
          Bemused says:

          Just incapable of not paying for it. At least the Guardian doesn’t have the outrageous cheek of making me pay for their crap.

          • Alan Rustbucket says:

            I assure you that my plan to have my organ funded by the tax-payer has only been out on hold.

    • 280
      Ludvig says:

      Shhhhh, it’s a tourist ship, don’t mention the climate!

      Happy New Year

    • 318
      Straight up says:

      Guardian on the rocks.

    • 350
      A Ship of Tourists - My Bottom says:

      Taking a route that had less ice when Sir Douglas Mawson was there a century ago. So much for the global warming lies.

      “The central aims of this expedition are three fold:

      To repeat the original scientific experiments conducted by Mawson’s AAE 100 years ago.

      To spread the word of the value of scientific endeavor to as wide an audience as possible.

      To complete the program in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

      Our vessel, MV Akademik Shokalskiy, is well-experienced in these waters. She will carry a mixture of scientists and a limited number of fare-paying passengers. As a passenger you will be invited to act as a field assistant to help the scientists complete their ambitious programs.”

      “…Day 9-10 – 15 to 16 December 2013

      Working In Sea Ice Towards The Antarctic Coastline

      Each winter the sea around Antarctica freezes for several hundred kms out from the coast and in early summer the ice is persistent along the East Antarctic coastline. We anticipate it will take 1 to 2 days to work our way across this beautiful icescape, which is a critical habitat for diatoms, krill, minke whales, and crab-eater and leopard seals.

      Days 10-18 – 17 to 24 December 2013

      Commonwealth Bay And East Antarctic Coastline

      We hope to arrive at the fast ice edge in Commonwealth Bay on 17 December and commence our science work and over-ice approach to Mawsons Huts in earnest. Of course our progress will be dominated by weather considerations, but ideally we would moor the vessel against the fast ice edge so that ice and ocean studies can begin and we can send our airborne drone out to view the route towards Cape Dennison and Mawsons Huts. Once a route is determined we believe we will need to use our over-ice vehicles ( Argos) to mark a route then commence transporting scientists and passengers to the coastline as weather and ice conditions allow and the route is safe…”

    • 360
      nell says:

      This has been the most amusing story of the holidays to watch!! Long may the global warming scammers keep going – they are better than comedians!!

  66. 276
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Here is my last poem for you this year:

    A friend who’s in liquor production,
    Has a still of astounding construction,
    The alcohol boils,
    Through old magnet coils,
    He says that it’s proof by induction.

    • 298
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      Blowing Whistles = Albacore ? Scoop !

      • 339
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Correct – yet another IMPOSTER. They do however flatter me – by their constant attention.

        • 356
          Sub jocula says:

          Your impostor does write better poetry and tell better gags than you do, let’s be fair.

        • 369
          Ava Lamb says:

          Lighten up! Smoke some dope! Shag a farm animal if no women will have you! Life is for living!

        • 375
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          Ok, so my scoop needs to go direct to the Guardian. :-(

          Good(ish) poem – suspect maybe someone trying to emulate a multi-state pussy cat as well.

          Keep spreading the love BW – and have a great new year ;-)

          • Roger the Butler says:

            How would you like it spread, sir?

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Thank you CO5 and the very best to you too for the New Year. The ‘Ship in Antarctic distress’ has been the Icing on the cake. I suspect that 650 MP’s and many others will not know (want to remember) what that whole distressing issue was about when they come back from their school holidays – mind you they have all lost their BEARINGS and appear to have no moral compass anyway! Cheers!

          • Over bearing says:

            Has the needle become stuck here?

  67. 281
    He has a good point says:

    Senior Roma says Britain should be more concerned about its bankers ‘stealing billions’ than surge of beggars from Eastern Europe in 2014

    • 294
      Give me a banker (not to be confused with trader) anyday says:

      Nah to the best of my knowledge. Bankers don’t park their caravans in local beauty spots, fly tip, nick metals from back gardens and the train tracks, shit in the streets, rip slates off pensioners roofs and charge to replace, beg in the streets, pick pockets, clear gardens and dump at the next layby, threaten people with curses and live outside of the law.

      • 728
        London Commuter says:

        But Roma don’t pack the train to Ascot with their drunken oik behaviour and chav essex girlfriends

    • 340
      FFS says:

      Can we not be concerned about BOTH then?

      Some people have a peculiar grasp of logic. Maybe that’s why Eastern Europe is such a shit-hole.

      • 418
        Bertrand Russell, 3rd Earl, OM, FRS says:

        Madam! Of the six people who read Principia Mathematica, three were Poles who were unfortunately liquidated by Hitler.

        All the main computer work in imaging is done with Hungarian inspired algorithms. Do not forget that Ernő Rubik also comes from this country.

        Just as in our fine country, there are a range of abilities from incredibly bright to bovine spongiform ignorance which you may observe around you on this page.

        • 420
          Brooke Bond says:

          Calm down, dear, have another cup of tea.

        • 426
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          Hungary is also toying with a fascist government right now.

          The fools have never really got over 1956.

        • 487
          21stcnow says:

          Spot on Bertie. What a little bunch of largely aged Angry Old White Men we see on this page. Makes one ashamed to be British. Maybe they are really an enemy within sent to try and undermine the British spirit for tolerance, decency, fairplay and moral justice. Great to see they are not succceeding. Indeed they are failing miserable. Sad old Alf Garnets. Thankfully we had guys like you Bertie who proclaimed “To see in the imagination the society that is to be created where hate and greed and envy die because there is nothing to nourish them”

          • Banned says:

            Hey, I’m only 42! And not angry – just depressed.

          • A Kenyan says:

            “British spirit for tolerance, decency, fairplay and moral justice.”

            Do you know anything about the Mau-Mau rebellion? Or indeed any history at all?

            The British have a long history of losing their temper with foreigners and then killing them. Importing foreginers is only going to make their job easier.

          • @A Kenyan

            Only the British?

            Not the French of course! Nor the Belgians! Nor the Dutch! Nor the Germans, God forbid! As for the Russians under that lovely man Stalin, of course not! Oops! Nearly forgot the Spanish, never! Not the Khmer Rouge, lovely blokes! The House of Drăculești, Vlad III, they called him the Impaler just as a joke! He would never have hurt a flea! Lovely bloke! Oh, did I mention Stumpy in France? Kim Jong Il ? Emperor Caligula? Ne Win? Turkmenbashi? They all loved their mothers…

            No you are quite right! Britain has been uniquely evil! Thank you for pointing this out to we lesser beings.

    • 354
      Rent-a-Gob Watch says:

      What is a ‘Senior Roma’? Is that like a ‘Muslim Community Leader’? Or someone like a ‘Party Activist’ or a ‘Social Commentator, Owen Jones’?

      • 366

        They soon latched on to that one , coming soon night after night on the BBC news
        Roma community leaders !

        • 402
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          Wasn’t there some plan to ensure that there is at least one councilor of R’oma origin in each of the Councils across England and Wales ?

          • LKW Logistics, București says:

            They are all going round that dreadful ring road in Brussels, the E40, at this very moment. A whole convoy of them all closing in on us. Some took the wrong exit at Sterrebeek, just south of the airport, and ended up going around the longer loop to the south. They should still be on for the 09:00 sailing, providing they pre-booked, which will berth at Dover’s eastern docks on the stroke of midnight, which allows for the hour’s difference. Otherwise the next available ferry with free space is Thursday at 15:00.

            Unfortunately, those who rely on donkey powered traction are still at Miskolc, due to the shortage of carrots currently experienced in the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén region. Beginning of March is the best estimate for them, assuming the snow stays off.

          • Asda says:

            The donkey powered traction will arrive on the 10th February in time for our Special Meal for Two Valentine’s Day Lasagne Promotion.

          • 21stcnow says:

            Hope so.

          • Bemused says:

            Oh don’t be silly young lady, you know full well you’re only saying that to sound “contraversial”.

            It’s not big and it’s not clever.

          • Euro Commuter says:

            “They are all going round that dreadful ring road in Brussels, the E40, at this very moment.”

            So I’m not the only one who’s got lost on that fucker on more than one occasion

    • 463
      21stcnow says:

      He has a good point

  68. 291
    Roma Bob, wife Babette and there five kids says:

    Google Translation:-

    “Bags are packed and were ready to go, just wanting for Big Ben to chime now!
    Thanks Dave” :)

    • 472
      21stcnow says:

      Welcome!. Did you know according to the Financial Times 4.7 million Brits live in other countries. 800,000 in Spain alone. So don’t worry Romas at the few snide racist remarks you hear from our one foot in the grave brigade. They are a bit short on logic, statistics and mental health. We call them UKIPpers. Our Prime Minister rightly calls them fruitcakes loons and closet racists. 89% of the country agrees with him repeat 89% or 9 out of 10 according to the latest poll

      • 490
        Piers Morgan fractured a rib... Hahahahahahahaha says:

        Get back to Dave’s cock.

      • 563
        FFS says:

        And did you know that the 800,000 Brits living in Spain are not permitted to claim access to any public services until they have paid a significant amount of tax!

        Wow, isn’t that exciting! Perhaps we should consider that over here.

        And I’m only 48, so I expect to be haunting you for a good few years yet ;-)

      • 769

        The British in Spain tend not to shit in the streets nor assault and rob people at ATMs, also most of them are retired with decent pensions ,so are not a burden on the Spanish welfare system ,or whats left of it.

  69. 293
    ROMA CANDLE says:

    London New Years Eve 2013: Scratch ‘N’ Sniff ‘Multi-Sensory’ Fireworks Celebrations To Kick Off In The Capital ”

    20 tons of fireworks for Edinburgh , god knows how many tons for Londonistan
    (with all those explosions it will make the residents think they are back in their own country)
    and now we have flavoured fire works 90% of which will be blown miles away before it hits the ground

    Maybe it’s to celebrate the arrival of a million Eastern European Gypsies ?

    Politicians really know how to waste OUR money

    Scratch and Sniff my Arse you load of wasters !

    • 334

      50 tons of fireworks would have fed all Britains poor for six months

    • 482
      21stcnow says:

      And watch hundreds of thousands on the Embankment and millions on tv watch it with glee. It must be very lonely being an old misery guts. Your real isn’t Scrooge by any chance?

      • 572
        Bemused says:

        Do the flavoured fireworks work on TV then?

        Nah, you’re just a prat!

        And you wouldn’t catch me trying to eat that stuff anyway. Wait for the stories tomorrow about people getting sick eating it, or confusing firework flavouring with dog dirt and such.

  70. 299
    Chlöe Sal Gerbeeba says:

    Surprised that there’s no award to the BBC for services to children.

  71. 331

    At midnight
    I will have my head under my pillow , sucking my thumb

    and hope that nature stops those pesky gypsies getting into the country by gale force winds and high seas

    I’m not very good am i what ?

  72. 332
    Jimmy says:

    Guido’s employer would wish to stress the above is a complete list of all politically related court cases this year.

  73. 345
    Expose the Left says:

    Another annual review for your delectation, and my new years gift to you all:

    The Guardian/CiF’s looniest lefties have created their own little forum, where they can squeal and shriek their nonsensical horseshit with moderator impunity. It’s utter gold from start to finish. Behold!

    • 355
      LOL! says:

      “6. Worst New Contributor

      Awarded for the worst new journalist / contributor appearing in the Guardian this year. Their output is considered by FTN members to have been an embarrasment to a serious paper.

      Chris Huhne Uncontested award.

      FTN members were scathing of Huhne’s contribution. His article blaming civil servants for a lack of trust in politics (talk about people in glass houses) and his slasher article on selfish pensioners (for daring to be old) were particular low lights.”

    • 495
      21stcnow says:

      Leftish views dominate in most decent societies Expose. Open your eyes. You have lost all the main arguments. Bigtime

      • 556
        FFS says:

        That’s funny because I could have sworn that the UK has had right wing governments most of the time. And from what I have seen LAbour doesn’t bother with arguments, it ignored the 1million people that begged Blair to stop the Iraq war and used money stolen from our children to buy votes.

  74. 351
    BrownnosesRus says:

    I would just like to congratulate Guido on a great video compilation of Huhne’s “going down” at the top of this blog.

    A thoroughly enjoyable watch.

    • 373

      Sadly he’s ‘ back up ‘, with no doubt a few million in the bank and plenty of BBC appearance fees to look forward to and a handy few quid from the guardian !

  75. 358
    FFS says:

    Well done Guido. Keep up the good work. It’s important for all of us.

    In 2014 I’d apreciate it if you took a closer look at Dennis MacShane’s family background. Why did his father move from Poland to the UK in 1946 a long time after the Soviets had invaded, and how did his family of modest means manage to find the money to send him to a top public school?

    • 376

      The question to ask is not WHY did his father move from Poland but HOW did his father move from Poland

  76. 364
    Boris Johnson says:

    A feast of fruity flavours including peach snow, edible banana confetti and orange-scented bubbles are set to descend on revellers at London’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

    The aim is for an estimated 50,000 revellers, in an area around the size of three football pitches, to be able to taste and smell the party atmosphere when they flock to the banks of the River Thames for the annual fireworks display.

    In what is being billed as the “world’s first multi-sensory fireworks display”, there are to be clouds of apple, cherry and strawberry mist, peach snow, plus thousands of big bubbles filled with Seville orange-flavoured smoke and 40,000 grams of edible banana confetti in the tie-up between the London mayor’s office and Vodafone.

    All of the flavours conform to halal and kosher standards.

  77. 371
    Waynesca and waynettasku from Bulgaria says:

    Where nearest unison office so we be learned to benefits the claim
    Thanks you

    • 374
      Mezzetski - The confused Russ!an !slamic Fanatic, funded by MI-6 says:

      Excusy pleasy. Where I go to blow up Russ!an in London and get benefitski ?

  78. 372
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    An Ed Balls based internet porn fetish piece in the style of William S Burroughs would be much more appropriate.

    Am thinking along noose lines…

    And to think that this is a family blog… :-)

    • 526
      pO2rn blocker says:

      You have done it now. Guido’s site will be blocked because it contains that word p*rn.

      We must be more careful with our intercourse here.

  79. 385
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Who’s getting the Nobel prize for Fraud this year? (or next year).

  80. 390
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Cobra or Kingfisher? Naga, vindaloo or phall? Samantha….choose my meal tonight please.

  81. 396
    Truthteller says:

    It’s only the tip of the iceberg, really need to step it up in 2014. Don’t let the b@astards get away with it.

  82. 397
    John Bird says:

    Woe is me ! My longjohns have been rent asunder.

  83. 406
    fed-up in britain says:

    the big problem with call me dave he has the opioun of the last Hunt who sat on his face.bastard.

  84. 411
    The most horrible man in British politics says:

    Did I really see that slimy little creep Lord Oakeshit on the news earlier complaining about people receiving honours and titles which they didnt merit?

  85. 424
    David Cameron is a piece of shit on Milibands shoe says:

    Cameron’s policy of rubbing the lefts nose in it with immigration, re the diseased filth that is about to engulf, is going to backfire on him.

    The guy is a complete fucking retard.

  86. 428
    The British media are cunts says:

    Once again the VERY WHITE English and Scottish dominated BBC are lecturing the nasty Brits about how being against all those wonderful immigrants is racist.

    Still my questions to Radio 5 about where are all the immigrant radio presenters and producers go unanswered.

    Surely the BBC are missing out on all this enrichment, not to mention the millions it could save in wages?

    Surely all those kiddie fiddling drug taking homosexuals at the BBC can’t really be closet racists, can they?

    • 435
      Dave should resign now says:

      There is nothing rac!st about disliking a bunch of economic migrants who quite frankly don’t belong here and will not be welcome.

    • 452
      Homo Erectus says:

      There is no such thing as racism. We are all of one race.

      • 494
        World Joowery says:

        Apart from us of course, we are the ‘chosen people’ don’t you know!

      • 540
        Bendy Weng says:

        Oh yes it is all the fault of the immigrants who have not even yet arrived that UK Plc is in the mess it is today obsessed with economic growth figures of a fraction of one per cent per economic quarter .

        • 562
          FFS says:

          This comment is not connected to any previous comment. You have made a straw man.

          75% of the prison population are either black or asian. That is the situation as regards current immigrants. People are merely extrapolating that out to the likely experience we will have of future immigrants.

          Unless you are saying that the Bulgarians and Romanians won’t cause so much crime because they are European? Nah, you wouldn’t say that. That would be racist.

  87. 434
    Pete Wrong says:

    You can an MBE for being a coke/e head.

  88. 451
    Damn Tessa Jowell says:

    There’s nothing like a Dame. And I’m nothing like a Dame.

  89. 468
    Squeaker Bercow says:

    I think Guido Fawkes and Owen Jones need to talk.

  90. 470
    Gotcha, 21stc twat says:

    You’re a Blairite. I knew it would be a matter of time before you showed your true colours. Yes, I suppose you could call Iraq a mistake. One that resulted in a million deaths but has made Mr Tony very, very, very, very rich. And as Peter Mandelson said of Labour: “We’re perfectly relaxed about people becoming filthy rich”. Which is why Labour cut the top rate of tax for the richest for 13 years. Oh, except for the last 4 weeks before the 2010 election. Also the reason why Labour raised pensions by a whopping 75p.

    But yes, you’re right. That was the only “mistake” the “glorious” Blair regime made. That and PPI contracts in the NHS handed to his personal friends, resulting in hospitals being charged £350 to have a lightbulb changed and has left hundreds of hospitals in debt to the tune of millions, all going into the pockets of Tony’s cronies.. Oh, and calling September 11 a good day to bury bad news. But that’s it. Oh, wait, and there was the top down targets culture in the NHS which resulted in thousands dying in hospitals, followed by Labour covering it up because Andy Burnham and co didn’t want to be publicly embarrassed by inconvenient stories about elderly patients dying whilst lying in their own faeces. But that’s it.

    Wait a second. There was also Labour Health Department officials ordering crates of champagne while patients at Mid Staffs drank from vases. Or just died of thirst.

    So it’s just those mistakes. Nothing else. Actually, there was also smearing Dr K e lly as a Walter Mitty type and hanging him out to dry in public, followed by his TOTALLY UNSUSPICIOUS death in the woods.

    Not forgetting the biggest increase in peacetime state surveillance in history. That was grand. And the smearing campaigns against anyone who dared criticise His Holiness St Tony, like the scarred train crash survivor who condemned Labour and as a result Al Campbell set his pack of wolves the task of finding out who she voted for at the most recent election.

    Other than all that, yes, Tony was and is the messiah.

    • 491
      A former Labour supporter says:

      They also allowed 4 million immigrants into the country “to rub the Right’s nose in it” and then wondered why (a) there was suddenly a shortage of affordable housing and (b) high unemployment among the low-skilled (ie traditional Labour voters). And a shortage of hospital beds, primary school places, GPs, and so on and so on.

      And don’t forget the “edjerkayshun” policy that left a generation of school-leavers more or less illiterate (and unemployable).

      Or Miliband’s Green Taxes which are causing ever-increasing energy bills (or “a cost of living crisis” as Miliband likes to call it, conveniently ‘forgetting’ that he’s the cause.)

      And the utterly useless (but compulsory) £450 Home Information Packs.

      And the 100% increase in council tax.

      I suppose one could go on indefinitely.

  91. 471
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Due to Austerity and debt left by the Last Labour Government there will be no Firework Display in London tonight.

    • 478
      One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

      (However, if you go to India you’ll be able to proudly watch lots of rockets going into space, courtesy of Britain’s foreign aid.)

  92. 477
    An Inconvenient Lie says:

    The Grauniad’s moderators seem to be working overtime on New Year’s Eve deleting sceptical comments about their ‘blockbuster’ lead story about planetary warming.

    • 488
      Banned says:

      Like the moderators here if you mention anything even slightly negative about the chosen people.

    • 558
      Gary P o'Reilly says:

      Just added my two penn’rth. Let’s see how long it survives. :)

      • 586
        Gary P o'Reilly says:

        Still there – I’m amazed !

        Let’s see then :
        Someone has invented a kind of cloud that somehow reflects heat from the sun so that the earth gets colder, yet it also fails to reflect heat from the earth so that the earth gets colder. This type of cloud is therefore to be demonised and more taxes are required in order to fund its elimination.

        Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad (as Euripides didn’t say, apparently).

        • 630
          Podiceps says:

          It was written by Publilius Syrus, a Syrian writer of the first century AD, in his collection of Latin maxims, which is why it’s in Latin not Greek — Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius — but he may be been quoting a lost play by Euripides. The singular deus refers to Jupiter or Zeus.

  93. 479
    Persona Non Grata says:

    I see the Bulgarians have a similar liar spinning his provocative crap in Germany to the one we have to endure with the Bulgarian Ambassador here.

    He’s whinging that people who complain about being swamped by his impoverished countrymen harm the ‘European idea’.

    • 504
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Bulgarian Ambassador – Think not what Bulgaria can do for you, but what you can do for Bulgaria – Leave!

  94. 486
    Piers Morgan fractured a rib... Hahahahahahahaha says:

  95. 500
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    A Russian Ice Breaker or a Chinese rescue helicopter, fuck me, I’d start walking if it was me.
    Top tip for something decent check out Henrik Freischlader on youtube.

  96. 503
    Keith Vaz speaker in waiting. says:

    Luton Airport tomorrow,7.40 am sharp. With clip board and bic ball point.

  97. 505

    The wisdom of George Parr:

    • 570
      Another day, another new moniker says:

      Many a true word, eh ? :)

      John Fortune will be much missed.

      • 602

        Have to say, I could not believe this when I saw it broadcast live. Not only did it say everything I had warned about from the turn of the century but it was so wonderfully ironic too. Most people can watch this now and think how ridiculous they sound. Yet there I was in 1998/9, a full 8 years earlier listening to the real people and thinking You must be out of your tree!

        If you listen carefully, you can hear some gasps of astonishment coming from the audience. As if what they were saying was too audacious. Irony is normally taken to mean speaking the opposite of what is meant. I heard this same conversation, repeated in snatches, all that time beforehand. The people who were saying these things actually believed them. That is why it is going to take so long to turn this around.

        So perhaps I was stupid not to stay and line my pockets… I am happier with how it has turned out though.

  98. 507
    Anon. says:

    The BBC are on the case. The BBC must know that they don’t have the money for flying? If there was a chance that they were flying,the BBC wouldn’t be checking airlines.

    • 569
      Roma says:

      It will be as it will be. Patience. If we come you will know all about it, believe me.

    • 594
      roma n holiday says:

      Your dailie snail told storie of 17 of roma in bus for 6 yesterday, but it can go only slow.
      Sorrie if you think roma alwise eerlie.

  99. 511
    Keith Vaz speaker in waiting. says:

    Vote for me and it’s silk cushions for all. :-)

  100. 517
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:


  101. 518

    I say you chaps , i’ve just received this in my in box
    I wonder if it’s from one of our new Romanian friends ?

    anyway where is my public cheque book ?

    My Dearest One, Good day, Please I really need you to stand as my Guardian. I am Miss Qattara Nora 20yrs old the only Daughter to my late Daddy & Mommy. I needed your help to be my guardian in the management my inheritance from my late Daddy.

    My late Daddy left the sum of $8.5 million u.s dollars in one of the finical house for me before he died. I want you to stand as my guardian and appointed beneficiary and the fund will be transfer into your account in your country. I will offer you 25% of the total amount for helping me to transfer the fund into your account.

    I am waiting for your urgently reply so that i will give you more information and how you will help me. Thanks and God bless you and your family.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Miss Qattara Nora.

  102. 524
    anonymous says:

    This sounds racist. Voting for people because they are no White?

    7:02 minutes into video. The video is not listed in search,hence the low views. and it says:
    “This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing”.
    Now what could that mean?

  103. 525
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    Well we are heading towards the end of another year,the country continues in decline,the political class are not only corrupt but stupid,the benefit class continue to leech on the rest of us concerned only with their benefits.One can only hope there is a C change next year bit I cant see it happening.This time next year we will talking about the same things and the lost oppotunities and yes I am a angry middle aged white man paying 484 pounds a month in income tax on my two pensions.

  104. 528
    nell says:

    “Frankly, you know, those arseholes are so fucking rancid that I just hope every morning they wake up and think: ‘I’m ashamed of the job I do.’”

    Well I deplore her unladylike language but I + laughed+ Presumably she failed to appreciate that she thought she was talking about the press; in truth she was expressing the view of most of us out here about uk politicians, especially labour ones.

    • 536
      Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      Jowell is the epitomy of Labour politicians greedy,self serving,thick and totally out of touch with the people she is supposed to represent.The whole sorry tale about her marriage breakup,her supposed ignorance about her financial affair and her over inflated role in the London Olympics if she bacomes Mayor of London then God help London.

  105. 539
    No such thing as Happy New Year in Edinburgh shitty. Same Auld leeching Tripe! says:

    Chris Huhne was a Hunt.!

    Anyhoo, Happy New Year to everyone except for the plague of leeching parasites in Edinburgh shitty! Utter Hunts!

  106. 546
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    And its Brett Lee from the Pavilion End.

    Morgan is hit in the lower abdomen, one ball left.

  107. 559
    John Fortune RIP says:

    • 607

      Bird: We can afford to either have the aircraft or the carriers – but not both.
      Fortune: Doesn’t that present some difficulty?
      Bird: I’m sure we will find a way round it.
      Fortune: How?
      Bird: Taxation will probably do it.


      I used to watch these guys half a century ago. They have not diminished in their wit.

      RIP John Fortune, a really nice guy.

  108. 576 the doors! says:

    On the bus on my way, got the family with me and the brochures on the NHS and social services……. you stupid tax payers!!

  109. 590
    anonymous says:
  110. 592
    Amanda Skwezem-Plumz says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know what Boaz means?

  111. 593
    Deluded fucking cunt says:

    Turney also responded to speculation from climate sceptics who have taken to social media sites in recent days to attack the scientific consensus on climate change, pointing out the apparent incongruity of there being so much sea ice around the Shokalskiy in the middle of the Antarctic summer.

    “There’s a misconception here – we are not trapped in new ice that’s been created because its cold,” said Turney. “This is very old, thick ice that’s been re-mobilised. It was attached to another part of the continent and has broken out and, with the south-easterly winds we’ve had, has pushed it up against the coast … and pinned us in.”

  112. 597
    Enriched Eric of Enfield says:

    Wasting no opportunity to tell us how luckyvwe are, this evening`s Flog It found a whole middle slot free of any chattels to tell us how enriching asian food has been for the poor UK diet, all those lovely restaurants blah blah.

    Pity then they chose the Sheer Caan (phonetic) to show lovely adoring praise and food in preparation when their Traff Centre outlet was closed due to appalling health standards (in a 3 year old building!).

    • 600
      I used to deliver food to curry houses says:

      If you saw the state of the kitchens, you wouldn’t eat in the restaurants.

      (And the inspectors, if they’re not related, are obviously being bribed.)

      • 613
        Bemused says:

        Quite a lot of establishments in the UK doing Italian food. Don’t think there are 7.5million Italians here though…..

        • 617
          Wendi spooned says:

          But the point is ……an antiques roadshow has no connection with ethnic stinking dirt food. Unless you are from the hallowed BBC and their love of all things mooz, pity really as the benders will be the first to be strung up when Anjam`s ilk gets in.

          • British Benders Corp. says:

            We are proud of our stand on ice, minorities, horrible beastly tories and other things that are, well, sensitive. Pass the bandit cream.. Julian love.

  113. 606
    What time is it kids? says:

    Yes you’ve guessed it…. It’s Pat Rant time again and here is Pat with a New Year rant just for you!

  114. 610
    Wendi spooned says:

    A big hap new year to mi Toni.

  115. 615

    Thе 364 еcоnоmіsts whо wrоtе tо thе Timеs аnd gоt іt wrоng іn 1981 dіd nоt suffеr. Thеy dіd nоt gеt sаckеd (аs thеy wоuld hаvе dоnе іf thеy hаd bееn runnіng іndustrіаl cоmpаnіеs оr fооtbаll clubs.) Nо sаnctіоn fоr fаіlurе hеrе! Оnе Mr M Kіng wеnt оn tо bеcоmе Gоvеrnоr оf thе Bаnk оf Еnglаnd. Оthеrs sit tоdаy оn thе MPC. Hоw cоmе? Аnоthеr bеcаmе аdvіsоr tо Tоny Blаіr аnd wrоtе Thе Thіrd Wаy (1998). А numbеr оf thеm wеnt tо thе Lоrds. Sоmе оf thеm hаvе wrіttеn tо sаy hоw thеy wеrе rіght аll аlоng! Nо fеwеr thаn 54 оf thеm (15% оf thе tоtаl) cаmе frоm Cаmbrіdgе. Mіnd yоu, thіs Unіvеrsіty аlsо prоducеd thе Аpоstlеs, thе Cаmbrіdgе spy rіng (оf 1951) аnd thе Blооmsbury Grоup. Tаlk аbоut dоdgy. Wе pаy fоr аll this misinfоrmаtiоn. If yоu hаvе а chоicе, yоu mаy cоnsidеr Оxfоrd оvеr Cаmbridgе. Thеy аrе аt lеаst hаlf sеnsiblе thеrе. Hеrе аrе thе guilty pаrtiеs:

    Аbеrdееn Unіvеrsіty: J. А. Cаіrns, Prоfеssоr M. Gаskіn, А. H. Hаrrіs, А. G. Kеmp, P. D. Murphy, D. А. Nеwlаnds, Prоfеssоr D. W. Pеаrcе, R. Shаw. Bаth Unіvеrsіty: Prоfеssоr D. Cоllаrd, R. P. Kаmаt, P. Mоslеy. Bіrmіnghаm Unіvеrsіty: R. Е. Bаckhоusе, R. Clаrkе, D. G. Dіckіnsоn, M. G. Kаnbur, Prоfеssоr M. А. Kіng. Brаdfоrd Unіvеrsіty: Sіr Frеd Аtkіnsоn (Prоfеssоr), J. Е. Dunwоrth, M. Wіlkіnsоn, P. R. D. Wіlsоn. Brіstоl Unіvеrsіty: J. Bеаth, R. Bеrry, А. А. Brеwеr, J. Brооmе, M. J. Brоwnіng, Prоfеssоr W. H. Buіtеr, M. Clаrkе, Prоfеssоr А. S. Dеаtоn, M. Іrіsh, І. Jеwіtt, R. Lаcоmbеr, H. S. B. Rееs, D. C. Wеbb, D. Wіntеr, L. А. Wіntеrs. Cаmbrіdgе Unіvеrsіty: T. Bаrkеr, І. Bеgg, V. Bоrооаh, S. Brоdеrsеn, Prоfеssоr G. Cаmеrоn, Prоfеssоr D. Chаmpеrnоwnе, K. Cоutts, J. C. Crаіg, F. Crіpps, D. А. Dаwsоn, P. M. Dеаnе, J. L. Еаtwеll, R. Еvаns, А. Gіddеns, Prоfеssоr W. А. H. Gоdlеy, А. Gоudіе, Prоfеssоr F. H. Hаhn, J. Humphrіеs, G. K. Іnghаm, R. C. Jоblіng, Lоrd Kаhn (Prоfеssоr), Lоrd Kаldоr (Prоfеssоr), S. M. Kаnbur, M. Kumаr, M. Lаndеsmаnn, А. Lаwsоn, Prоfеssоr J. Е. Mеаdе, G. Mееks, D. Е. Mоggrіdgе, B. Mооrе, H. Myоkеn, Prоfеssоr R. R. Nеіld, P. Nоlаn, M. H. Pеsаrаn, W. Pеtеrsоn, R. vаn dеr Plоеg, Prоfеssоr W. B. Rеddаwаy, J. Rhоdеs, Sіr Аustіn Rоbіnsоn (Prоfеssоr), Prоfеssоr J. Rоbіnsоn, J. Rubеry, P. Ryаn, S. Smіth, K. Stаrzеc, А. Suthеrlаnd, R. Tаrlіng, S. Trеіtеrеіd, J. Trеvіthіck, Prоfеssоr H. А. Turnеr, T. W. Wаrd, M. R. Wеаlе, J. R. Wеlls, C. Whіtеhеаd, F. Wіlkіnsоn. Cаrdіff, Unіvеrsіty Cоllеgе: C. Bаbеr, D. Bаrry, J. S. Bеnnеtt, R. Blаckmоrе, T. Bоyns, B. Curry, Prоfеssоr K. D. Gеоrgе, G. Hаrbоur, G. C. Hоcklеy, Prоfеssоr Sіr Bryаn Hоpkіn, C. J. McKеnnа, R. McNаbb, L. Mаіnwаrіng, S. Оwеn, M. Phеlps, D. G. Rhys, J. Shоrеy, D. R. Thоmаs. Cіty Unіvеrsіty: J. Аnsаr, N. Bоsаnquеt, P. Cооk, D. Grаy, Prоfеssоr C. D. Hаrbury, P. Hоll, K. R. Kіrtоn, T. Е. Tuttоn. Dundее Unіvеrsіty: P. G. Chаpmаn, А. А. Lоnіе, C. M. Lyntаg, M. J. Tооzе. Durhаm Unіvеrsіty: R. А. H. Mіddlеtоn, P. А. Wіnstоn. Еdіnburgh Unіvеrsіty: M. Frаnsmаn, D. H. R. Gеоrgе, L. T. Оxlеy, G. C. Rеіd, C. J. Rоbеrts, S. T. Sаyеr, Prоfеssоr T. Vаndоmе. Glаsgоw Unіvеrsіty: G. C. Аbbоtt, P. B. Bеаumоnt, N. G. Clаrk, M. W. Dаnsоn, J. Fоstеr, Prоfеssоr L. C. Huntеr, C. Kаy, J. L. Lаthаm, W. F. Lеvеr, D. Mаclеnnаn, R. G. Mіlnе, Е. R. Rаdо, L. Sіrc, Prоfеssоr А. S. Skіnnеr, Prоfеssоr А. Slаvеn. Hull Unіvеrsіty: Prоfеssоr J. S. G. Wіlsоn. Kееlе Unіvеrsіty: S. А. Hussаіn. Kеnt Unіvеrsіty: А. Cаrruth, M. А. H. Kаtоuzіаn, M. T. Sіnclаіr, W. Smіth, Prоfеssоr А. P. Thіrlwаll. Lаncаstеr Unіvеrsіty: H. W. Аrmstrоng, V. N. Bаlаsubrаmаnyаm, J. Chаnnоn, R. W. Dаnіеls, J. Fеndеr, J. Е. Kіng, Prоfеssоr А. І. Mаcbеаn, C. Mаcgrеgоr-Rеіd, D. T. Nguyеn, N. Оultоn, D. J. Pаynе, P. Rеgаn, M. B. Rоsе, R. Rоthschіld, P. N. Snоwdеn, J. Tаylоr, Prоfеssоr H. Tоwnsеnd, P. M. Wеstаll. Lееds Unіvеrsіty: Prоfеssоr А. J. Brоwn, J. А. Chаrtrеs, H. J. Rаdіcе, J. S. Rоthwеll, Prоfеssоr M. J. Surrеy. Lеіcеstеr Unіvеrsіty: D. X. Bhаttаchаryyа, Prоfеssоr P. M. Jаcksоn. Lоndоn Unіvеrsіty – Bіrkbеck Cоllеgе: F. Аtkіns, M. Bаll, R. Bеnnеtt, І. Brunskіll, H. Dаvіеs, B. Fіnе, G. Kеnnаlly, Prоfеssоr J. Muеllbаuеr, Prоfеssоr R. Pоrtеs, R. P. Smіth, D. Snоwеr, А. Spаnоs. Lоndоn Unіvеrsіty – Іmpеrіаl Cоllеgе: S. C. Hаll, H. Mоtаmеn, D. Shеphеrd, Prоfеssоr Z. А. Sіlbеrstоn, R. N. Strаngе, J. N. Turk. Lоndоn Schооl оf Еcоnоmіcs: Prоfеssоr А. B. Аtkіnsоn, Prоfеssоr P. Dаsguptа, J. Dаvіdsоn, C. R. S. Dоughеrty, J. Lе Grаndе, K. Klаpphоlz, А. Mаrіn, Prоfеssоr M. Mоrіshіmа, Prоfеssоr S. J. Nіckеll, J. Suttоn, Prоfеssоr P. J. D. Wіlеs. Quееn Mаry Cоllеgе: R. J. Аllаrd, J. S. Cubbіn, Prоfеssоr B. А. Curry, H. S. Е. Grаvеllе, Prоfеssоr M. H. Pеstоn. Unіvеrsіty Cоllеgе: Lоrd Bаlоgh, W. Cоrlеtt, C. Cаtеphоrеs, C. Hеаdy, Prоfеssоr P. D. Hеndеrsоn, А. Mаrkаndyа, M. Pеmbеrtоn, K. Schоtt, Prоfеssоr J. Sprаоs, M. Stеwаrt, D. Ulph, R. Vаughаn, D. Vеrry. Mаnchеstеr Unіvеrsіty: Prоfеssоr M. J. Аrtіs, J. M. Currіе, P. Dеvіnе, M. C. Kеnnеdy, C. H. Kіrkpаtrіck, P. F. Lееsоn, Prоfеssоr J. S. Mеtcаlf, T. Pеаch, W. Pеtеrs, D. L. Purdy, J. B. Slаtеr, Prоfеssоr І. Stееdmаn, P. C. Stubbs. Nаtіоnаl Іnstіtutе fоr Еcоnоmіc аnd Sоcіаl Rеsеаrch: P. S. О’Brіеn. Nеwcаstlе Unіvеrsіty: А. R. Shаh. Nоttіnghаm Unіvеrsіty: J. M. Bаtеs, K. А. Іngеrsеnt, А. N. Jеnnіngs, Prоfеssоr J. Mіtchеll, Prоfеssоr J. R. Pаrkіnsоn, Prоfеssоr А. J. Rаynеr, G. V. Rееd, Prоfеssоr J. H. B. Tеw, D. K. Whynеs, R. J. Yоung. Оxfоrd Unіvеrsіty: B. Bаnеrjее, W. Bеckеrmаn, C. J. Е. Blіss, Prоfеssоr Sіr Аlеc Cаіrncrоss, А. Grаhаm, V. Jоshі, M. C. Kаsеr, K. Mаyhеw, А. Оswаld, Lоrd Rоbеrthаll, D. Rоbіnsоn, B. C. Rоsеwеll, Prоfеssоr А. K. Sеn. Quееn’s Unіvеrsіty (Bеlfаst) : Prоfеssоr R. D. G. Blаck. Rеаdіng Unіvеrsіty: Prоfеssоr P. Е. Hаrt. Shеffіеld Unіvеrsіty: R. Clаrkе, Prоfеssоr G. Clаytоn, D. J. Gоаchеr, D. Kіtchіn, R. Lаwsоn, J. Pеіrsоn, S. G. Tеbbutt. Sоuthаmptоn Unіvеrsіty: C. J. Hаwkіns, Prоfеssоr K. Hіltоn, G. W. McKеnzіе, Prоfеssоr G. Е. Mіzоn, R. J. О’Brіеn, Prоfеssоr D. C. Rоwаn. Stіrlіng Unіvеrsіty: P. J. W. N. Bіrd, Prоfеssоr C. V. Brоwn, M. S. Cоmmоn, G. Еvаns, D. Ghоsh, R. T. Hаmіltоn, P. G. Hаrе, C. Nоrmаnd, R. Shоnе. Strаthclydе Unіvеrsіty: R. G. Brооks, Prоfеssоr А. І. Clunіеs-Rоss, K. Hаncоck, J. Scоnllеr, P. Wаnlеss. Sussеx Unіvеrsіty: Prоfеssоr T. Bаrnа, P. Lеslеy Cооk, P. Hоlmеs, D. Hunt, Prоfеssоr D. Wіnch. Swаnsеа, Unіvеrsіty Cоllеgе: N. Bаіgеnt, D. Dоnnеky, J. T. Hаrrіs, L. C. Hunt, І. Jеffrіеs, H. C. Pеtіth, D. Е. L. Thоmаs. Unіvеrsіty оf Еаst Аnglіа: D. Bаіlеy, Prоfеssоr K. N. Bhаskаr, S. W. Dаvіеs, M. Dіеtrіch, А. Е. B. Hеаdіng, Prоfеssоr H. F. Lydаll, Prоfеssоr А. Pаrіkh, Prоfеssоr А. G. Schwеіnbеrgеr, J. T. Thоburn. Unіvеrsіty оf Wаlеs, Bаngоr: Chаkrаvаrty, J. Flеtchеr, Е. P. Gаrdеnеr, R. H. Grаy, А. J. Hоpkіns, R. R. Mаckаy, Mоrrеll, Prоfеssоr J. R. S. Rеvеll. Unіvеrsіty Cоllеgе оf Wаlеs, Іnstіtutе оf Scіеncе аnd Tеchnоlоgy: N. F. B. Аllіngtоn, P. R. Brіdgеr, Prоfеssоr Glyn Dаvіеs, J. W. Еvаns, G. M. Hоlmеs, T. W. Tаylоr, D. R. Turnеr. Wаrwіck Unіvеrsіty: J. Brаck, P. Burrіdgе, Prоfеssоr K. Cоwlіng, Prоfеssоr А. G. Fоrd, M. Hаrrіsоn, C. G. Hаydеn, N. J. Іrеlаnd, K. G. Knіght, P. J. Lаw, D. Lееch, Prоfеssоr M. Mіllеr, S. K. Nаth, G. Rеnshаw, J. І. Rоund, B. Sаdlеr, M. Sаlmоn, А. Snеll, Prоfеssоr N. H. Stеrn, M. Stеwаrt, P. Stоnеmаn, P. А. Wеllеr. Yоrk Unіvеrsіty: D. Аustеn-Smіth, R. R. Bаrnеtt, P. Burrоws, Prоfеssоr C. H. Fеіnstеіn, K. Hаrtlеy, J. P. Huttоn, D. T. Jеnkіns, P. J. Lаmbеrt, J. M. Mаlcоlmsоn, А. K. Mаynаrd, D. S. Pоskіtt, J. W. Pоsnеtt, M. Sаwyеr, P. M. Sоlаr, J. Sucklіng, G. B. Stаffоrd, R. B. Wеіr, Prоfеssоr А. Wіllіаms.

    Did I mеntiоn thаt wе pаid fоr аll thеsе numptiеs!

  116. 619
    Do Easy Jet Carry Roma Caravans? says:
    • 633
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      This middle class moron with his head stuck up his arse thinks very poor Roma and Bulgarians travel by Jet plane.

      Let them eat cake.

      • 641
        Polly says:

        But surely everyone in this time of austerity travel to their villas on budget airlines?

        • 658
          Bemused says:

          And, of course, in the first two weeks of the new year.

          • Euro Commuter says:

            The last few seats on an easyjet are very expenive.
            I’ve used easyjet hundreds of times and though they can get very full, I’ve never been on one with fewer than four or six empty spaces.

            I’ve never seen an advertised scheduled easyjet flight fully booked on the website apart from the day Dortmund were playing in London in the European cup, and there’s only two flights a day from dortmund to London.

    • 635
      Joe says:

      Oh no, I can see one of those ivory tower moments coming back to slap you in the face Danny boy.

    • 645
      Mr Bean says:

      And this man calls himself an academic.

    • 650
      Frequent Flyer says:

      Last time I went by easy jet it was difficult enough getting my backpack on board let alone the Caravan and transit van.

    • 688
      Fishy says:

      Crikey. Given Blanchfower’s Gordon Brownesq ability for getting everything wrong, we are going to be swamped.

      We’re doomed.

    • 694
      Alan Chingachgook says:

      I think we ought to take Danny Blanchflower very seriously as there may have been one occasion when there was a chance he could have been correct. 50/50 anyway.

    • 760
      UKIP first and last says:

      The places to watch are the coach stations and the ferry terminals, but of course the MSM will go for the airlines where only the richest immigrants will use. An old transit van stuffed full of poor Roma is the preferred and cheapest method of travel, you can bet the farm the media will stay away from those places of entry. Other places that will be avoided? Housing and social security offices of course, you wont find the media anywhere near those places.

  117. 620
    Jimmy says:

    Wasn’t there another trial involving someone connected to the government?

    Name slipped my mind for a moment.

  118. 625
    Andrew Luck-Baker. The Beeboid in the Arctic says:
  119. 626

    Planet likely to warm by 4°C by 2100, scientists warn – Grauniad

    Will it be in time to rescue all Grauniad reporters in that ship caught up in the Antarctic summer ice, not to mention all the ships sent out to rescue them – which have also become stuck?

    One should not laugh but…

  120. 637
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I noticed how the blue cow from the 21st suddenly turned black. And then the blue ‘un – fucked off. Thanks for that blue bitch – I suppose my imposter will be back tomorrow. So much irony.

    RIP to John Fortune – he and the team were trying to ‘tell the fucking mongrels the truth the only way they could’ – satire / irony – but it shows how deeply decieved a mass of the general public are. But hey – the middle classes have woken up and the establishment – better fucking watch out.

    Release Maurice Kirk – you fucking lying toe-rags in government yes you the fucking AG and as for that fucking shyster Kier Starmer – yours is coming you bastard.

    Apart from that happy new year to all the truth seeking honest and decent people out there.

  121. 644
    SS Bender, Antarctica says:

    We shall…, we shall over…we shall come over big and strong. Watch our floes.

  122. 649
    Roma Bob, wife Babette and there five kids says:

    Not long to go now!

  123. 662
    UK Wide Open Borders Agency says:

    Please Note all of our members will be otherwise engaged tonight in seeing
    in this momentous New Year of 2014. There will be blank pieces of paper at
    each UK border’s entry point for people arriving throughout tonight to write down there nationality,name & new UK address to enable us to check up on
    these arrivals in the New Year. Do not contact us in the New Year as will we
    be very busy updating our records with quill pens & parchment & this may take some time !!!!!!

    Wishing everyone a Very Happy New year on our very over populated
    EUSSR small island !!

    • 667
      Roma Bob, wife Babette and their six urchins says:

      Google Translation Service:

      “Well thank you very much and a happy new year to you too, by the way can you tell us where the nearest food banks are? We’ll have to pay them a visit or too before the bennie shop opens on Thursday.”

  124. 668
    nell says:

    Not just a bad year for mp’s in the crosshairs Guido. bullyballs flatlining – too far too fast narrative bit the dust and militwit’s ‘blank sheet of paper’ ‘cost of living crisis’ and ‘help for childcare costs’ has found nobody listening.

    labour’s poll lead has halved in 12 months – one wonders where it will be this time next year; not I suspect back in double figures.

    With davemiliband they’d have played a different game and given this coalition a run for their money. But such is life!

    • 676
      Joe says:


      Nell thinks Dave is gonna win in 2015………


  125. 677
    SS Bender, Antarctica says:

    We need Attenboro here to organise the Anthro. Soon we will be eating ice and then each other. Help. Helpppppppppppppppppp.

    OK, number`s up. It was never a tourist trip.

  126. 692
    The BBC says:

    Julie Bailey? Julie Bailey CBE? New Year’s CBE for services to sorting out the NHS?

    Nah. Sorry, never heard of her.

  127. 693
    Expat Geordie says:

    Okay, the girlfriend is screaming at me (hard to believe that she was dying of the lurgy (a wonderful goonesq word, having been invented by Spike Milligan) only yesterday) as we are supposed to be at one of her neighbours for the witching hour.

    However, I’ve just got time to raise a glass of glenbollocks and wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year to Mister C (also known as Schrodingers Cat), CO5 (Observer being my rank in the late lamented Royal Observer Corps – g.o.d. I miss the Cold War), Nell, Sir Alan, FFS, Terrytory, Sunderland is a Labour shithole (or whatever you are this week), 98% Scouse and Blowing Whistles/Pete Woodley.

    • 695
      HRH Spike Milligan says:

      Grovelling bastard

    • 742

      Rather late on parade! Or perhaps early?

      I am afraid a wall of tiredness came over me at five minutes to midnight* and I sloped off to a nice warm bed. A I slipped into subconsciousness, I heard the fireworks going off but blessed sleep won!

      * Naturally, this would have been 10:55 in the UK.

      Happy New Year to you too.

  128. 696
    Magic, waited all year for this says:


  129. 697
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    Happy new year LibLabConners hope you get all you deserve bitches!

  130. 698
    Roma Bob, wife Babette and their six urchins says:

    Right we’re off!
    See you soon!

  131. 699
    David Cameron says:

    I resign

  132. 700
    Podiceps says:

    A very happy New Year to all the motley crew.

    • 704
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      We aren’t too motley here but thank you for the comment and a happy new year to you too. :)

    • 741

      Is it not another tick of the clock? If it was going to be a meaningful and worthwhile event, we would see some of these sub-humans coming to grief:

      Tony Adolf Blair
      Gordon Smiler Brown
      Alastair Unhinged Axeman Campbell
      Mark Beardy Git Thompson
      Chris Fatpang Patten
      David Gogreen Cameron
      Ed Wrongbet Balls
      Tim Windy Yeo
      Harriet Pieface Harman
      Alan Hamface Sugar
      Keith Viscosestain Vaz
      That twat who uses your and my monikers here.

  133. 702
    Londonistan says:

    Yeeepe… we’re being invaded again!

  134. 703
    SS Bender, Antarctica says:

    Happy new year from the new disbelieving beeboids/ grauniads, sob.

    • 710
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      Never mind eh, I guess if you wait long enough that ice you’re stuck in will melt away and set your ship afloat once again, although when that will be is anyone’s guess.
      Such is weather.

  135. 705
    No-one in Westminster says:

    Happy New Year

    Looking forward to the final collapse of the EU in 2014

  136. 707
    SS Bender, Antarctica says:

    hello hello anyone there?

  137. 708
    White wash makers unite says:

    Happy New Year people, EU vote and Scotland the only country in Britain to have a referendum, the politicians are so scared of giving people democracy, interesting times.

    • 749
      Old Moore's Crystal Balls says:

      2014 is likely to be a bad year for Cameron…he will do very badly in May’s European elections especially on the back of the expected influx from Roumania etc and in September he will preside over the break up of the Union when Scotland votes for independence…two things that his party are very likely to break into “open rebellion” about AND that’s even before the LibDems will be stirring things up prior to them leaving Coaltion in January 2015.

      Happy New Year everyone.

      PS 2014 will see Chilcot STILL not published but sources close to Inquiry brief that they hope to be able to finalise outstanding issues to publish it sometime in 2016

  138. 711
    And a happy new year says:

    I hope the weather takes a turn for the worse down there in Antarctica.

  139. 714
    Sock watch says:


  140. 715
    My eyes says:

    I see the BBC broadcasting its devil worshipping again.

  141. 716
    Fishy says:

    Happy New Year Guidoistas.

    I’ve made a resolution that I will be more understanding and less critical in 2014.

    Lets hope the c.unts and wankers at the BBC and Milibastard can do the same.

  142. 717

    I’ve decided to lifted restrictions on Bulgarian immigration.
    It’s the right thing to do… what what!

    Toodle pip and a happy mass immigration new year to you all you fucking mugs.

  143. 718
    The Bulgarian Horde says:

    Happy New Year.

    Pay us the money.

  144. 720
    Many Aliases says:

    Happy New Year to all.

  145. 724

    Am at the docks at Dover waiting for the first load of pikeys to arrive.

  146. 729
    Waynesca and waynettasku from Bulgaria says:

    Happy New Years to our English friends we have now on your land is good no?

    • 751
      Dave's New Friend says:

      Your Preziden Dave, he our special friend. he great man. where I go get house n girl having baby we nee dhelp. psss – you wanna scrap lead off church? very cheep very good

  147. 733
    Anonymous says:

    m055ad getting themselves a souvenir on nine one one

    • 747
      nuke russia bunch of ffaggoots says:

      fsb are a bunch of pussy sniffing eunuchs. no backbone no soul no nothing. all they are fit for ius beating upon queers and deviants and that is ir. putin in yeah put fucking in. what a deviant queer you are reality putin… propper cuunting cocksniffer. annihilate you no problem huh!!!??!!!

  148. 743

    From the Climate Change Dictionary:

    Settled Science Betrayal of the scientific method for politics or money or both.

  149. 748
    lord fondlebum of soft nutz says:

    i’ll rip your head off then turn it into a impromptu boxing glove then shit rape your arse into oblivion come on you cock sniffers i’ll fuck each and every of ya…………………….

  150. 750
    anonymous says:
    • 761
      Customs Officer says:

      “Keith”, Eh?

      You don’t look like a Keith to me.

      Step this way, Sir, you can board the return flight to Goa immediately.

  151. 753
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    So, it’s 8.28 am, borders have been open for over 8 hours, is the UK full yet?

  152. 754
    Tristram Hunt says:

    Happy New Year everyone. And don’t forget we can now all start referring to ‘next years General Election’ :-)

  153. 757
    Ric"Tally Ho" Holden CCHQ says:

    Assalam-o-Alaikum. May this year brings alot of happiness,May all wishes come true.Stay blessed. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  154. 758
    Non taxable pikey says:

    358 days to Christmas. Just put the Sprouts on a low heat.
    Happy New Year.

  155. 759
    UKIP first and last says:

    How bent is the MSM? A ship stuck in the Antarctic sea ice for well over a week and the MSM is not interested, I wonder why? The BBC and the guardian have their propagandists aboard a ship of fools on a global warming propaganda mission that went disastrously wrong, you can bet the media would have been peddling their stories like mad if the ship hadn’t become stuck in record sea ice. A multi million dollar rescue effort under way and not a sign of any real media interest or coverage, ice breakers called in and unable to break through, a real drama you would think the media would love. How bent is the MSM?

  156. 762
    FFS says:

    Manchester City Council have just taken £250,000 of taxpayers money and has put it in a separate fund to pay peoples’ food bills.

    Not content with doing this they have taken another £100,000 of taxpayers money and put it in another fund to pay peoples’ electricity bills.

    The only thing Cameron has done is say we should all be careful because his perception of an economic recovery is “fragile”.

  157. 764
    P l e b says:

    Cameron is going to have some egg on his face if the Romanian hordes don’t turn up….the UK ain’t that ‘sceptred Isle’ after all then?

  158. 766
    Non taxable pikey says:

    £12.5. Million to South Sudan. Camoron won’t have enough to pay the bennies for our new arrivals.

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Guido-hot-button (1) Guido-hot-button (1)

Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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