December 30th, 2013

Rich’s Monday Morning View


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    James Henson says:

    Sam the bald eagle ?


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      Oh God! I thought we had been reprieved says:

      But who is it really?


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      Peter Hain not says:

      How come temporary acts of mercy to assist refugees and the politically persecuted in their hour of need ALWAYS results in permanent residence in the UK?


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          Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

          Clegg, Cameron and Miliband making a joint plea for money for Syria over the weekend. Remind me again how much money Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Gulf States are providing ?

          How many refuges are the North African Arab countries taking.

          Syria like North Africa is an Arab problem; they are fighting a medieval religious war and we should have absolutely nothing to do with it.


          • The British Public says:

            Syria is none of our business.


          • Mr Potato Head says:

            Just for a laugh compare the density of population in Great Britain to Saudi Arabia. OK they have a lot of desert but we have Wales and Scotland.


          • Ingrowing Toenails says:

            The desert is merely neutral


          • Django says:

            Iran is our problem ergo Syria is our problem. UKIP & BNP TROLLS ARE THE STUPIDEST OF PEOPLE WHEN IT COMES TO UNDERSTANDING EVEN THE SIMPLEST OF INTERNATIONAL MATTERS… My advice to yoU all is to to go to bed with a nice hot drink and let the adults deal with important issues!


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          Tom Catesby. says:

          The Syrian refugees are presumably in places of safety by being in the countries they sought sanctuary in. I do not doubt they are largely genuine cases, fleeing a murderous regime in their own country. I have no objection to our government making an appropriate contribution along with the other rich countries in the world, perhaps Saudi Arabia, Dubai etc and others of their fellow muslims could take a lead, in supporting the cost of keeping them in the countries they have fled to and aiding their return to Syria when it is safe to do so. It is not necessary for them to arrive here in the UK and I understand that international laws, treaties etc require refugees to make any claims for protection and sanctuary in the first safe country they arrive in.


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        non taxable pikey says:

        Someone needs to ask Camoron just how many young Kosovan Males are still “refugees” in the UK. Young British and Nepalese men risked their lives and got their country back for them and its about time they went back home.


        • 98
          Oakington says:

          Very few Kosovan waifs came here. They were mainly hulking Albanians pretending to be four or five years younger than they really were.


          • Stealth Genocide says:

            The English in the UK are fast becoming like the Red Indians in N. America.


          • Indigenous one says:

            Where do I apply for my reservation and tax free Casino?


          • broderick crawford says:





          • Tom Catesby. says:

            We are indeed the victims of a form of national and ethnic genocide, by replacement and displacement from increasingly larger areas of what was our country anyone who continues to deny it is either a liar or a fool.


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        Lifesaver says:

        Good point. Why don’t we offer a few of them temporary refuge, say for 6 months, in the sovereign base on Cyprus?


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      Mr G.B. MEP. says:

      I’ll keep it simple.

      Nigel has slipped up. Well he sack himself?


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      Maggie the dog says:

      It’ll not happen and he bloody well knows it.


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      Astute Observer says:

      I think Nigel means the Christian Syrians.


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      thai on the hard snow says:

      was it something.


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        broderick crawford says:




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      Carry Hole is a porcine homunculus says:

      Farage: “I’ll be checking”..

      because Border control won’t!

      End subsidised immigration.


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    Jabba Le Chat says:

    Hmmm…that is supposed to be Niggle Farridge?


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    Deacon says:

    He seems a bit confused, probably hit the sherry.

    No to Bulgarians wanting to come and work but yes to Syrian refugees who will need housing, benefits and more? Doesn’t make sense.


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    Joss Taskin says:

    Desperate Dan ?


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      Straw, hope the depression worsens mate, I really really do says:

      One sincerely hopes that Blair, Straw etc are desparate as Chilcott is suposedly to be published next year.
      Blair that step nearer to Hell. Great!


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        Blowing Whistles says:

        Blair already operates an office from hell and has bought himself a foundation stone there for his eternal damnation. All paid for by JP Morgan.


        • 332
          broderick crawford says:

          LORD …. Bliar if you don t mind .

          I ve heard a titter ( not a twitter ) on the Year End Hnours wires … if not this year next year or next summer .


          • Psyche the Dog says:

            B’Liar is entitle to a hereditary title as is Brown for merely being PM as is Major-Ball. Guido has mean known to have written his thoughts on B’Liar, he wondered why the Liebore mob got rid of B’Liar and voted for Basher Brown.


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        The Report that the British Public will NEVER see published says:

        I am still NOT convinced and until it IS published with ALL the correspondence then I won’t be either that this won’t for all the PR be just another “Hutton style” whitewash


        • 134
          FFS says:

          It will be a whitewash.

          Chilcott is at this moment pacing up and down scratching his head and saying “Oh my god, what can I do? The evidence is damning and yet somehow I have to find a way of absolving the establishment from war crimes”

          He’ll find a way to absolve Blair, because the penalty for failure is being found in a tent with your wrists cut by a third party.


      • 73
        Reader says:

        The delay and shenanigans regarding that report already means it is discreditted.


        • 341
          Blowing Whistles says:

          “The delay and shenanigans” are proof positive that – Blair is guilty of all manner of criminal acts.

          i.e. If it had been in any way otherwise – there would ‘not’ have been all the stalling, procrastination, evasion, delay and obfuscation. And by so acting in such a manner the establishment have walked themselves right into a corner and hoisted themselves by their own petard.


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    nell says:

    Ah another confused politician. Just when we thought we understood what he believed in , he changed his tune.


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      Joe Public. says:

      But when was he last in Syria, and how can we decide who is genuine and who is either an Assad stooge or a Jihadist?
      I have three friends that managed to escape Syria and another one in the UAE who is an Assad sponsored “refugee”.
      Farage has shown his total naive and opportunistic side, and it is not nice or welcome in out benighted land. He should leave such bandwaggons to Miliband.


      • 37
        nell says:

        militwit’s new bandwagon is ‘ affordable childcare’ +Sigh+ He can only think one thought at once!


        • 54
          Labour first ruined the pensions sector and then the country says:

          Who cares. If Labour is elected the UK is totally and utterly f**ked within 6 months anyway whether they offer free childcare or whatever else the gullible can be convinced with into voting for them


    • 339
      Psyche the Dog says:

      He is a wanna be politician that is what they do, he played a blinder there though, CCHQ will be running rings around each other.


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    andy says:

    I think we all know what Nigel’s on about. He wants our moral duty towards refugees in peril to be taken seriously. Our generosity has been abused, used against us to fulfil Marx’s dream of destroying the NATION STATE.
    Hardworking, aspirational immigrants from less developed countries? Wouldn’t those admirable traits benefit their home countries?
    Colonial style pillaging, by the left.


    • 30
      Thimpk says:



      • 202
        Anonymous says:

        I think its hilarious that Nigel had been so dogmatic about no immigration for ages (Unintelligently, as it happens) and now he has alienated his eece wearing pensioners in one move.


    • 39
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Only deluded and duped turkeys use the word ‘Aspirational’.


    • 55
      FFS says:

      The idea that we have a moral duty to help such people is just another Socialist lie.

      Do we have control over what happens in Syria?


      If we don’t have control over a situation, can we be responsible for it?


      If we are not responsible for a situation, can we be responsible for the victims of it?


      We are not responsible for the refugees in Syria. The Syrians are. If we were responsible for the million refugees in Syria we’d be equally responsible for the starving billions in Asia and Africa. The only way we would become responsible is if we took control in Syria, but then if we took control in Syria there would be no need for refugees.


      • 92
        Ambrose Pilchard Evans says:

        but..but…but Nigel is Soooooooooooooooooo clever.

        Let’s hope that they are all lawyers!


        • 335
          broderick crawford says:


          SEND THEM ALL BACK ?


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    Just asking says:

    Is this another desperate attempt to discredit UKIP as Tory Boy Dave is panicking ?


    • 16
      Cor Blimey. says:

      Farage seems to be doing the job quite well without help.
      This is the sort of gimmick expected of Miliband.


      • 66
        Fishy says:

        Like his call for HS2,3 and 4, at the last election. Suddenly he is dead against it, ’cause he ha sniffed some votes in rural Buckinghamshire.

        Why o why do morons like Farridge get such traction?


    • 20
      Anonymous says:

      JUST ASKING.Are you saying that the PM got Nigel drunk and forced him to make stupid comments anout Syria or what ?i dont follow you reasoning bringing the PM into it, please clarify.


    • 29
      Take your Rosey specs off says:



      Has scored an own goal. The other side are just looking on with incredulity.


      • 80
        Britannia says:

        Wrong. He knows that at heart the British are a generous people. They are sick up to the back teeth of that generosity being abused, but the impulse to be good citizens of the world remains nevertheless. By identifying those in genuine need he can contrast this with the wasteful and self-defeating ‘aid’ which this government focusses on the underserving.


        • 163
          FFS says:

          Have you ever been to India? There are hundreds of millions of people in genuine need. Do you think they can all come here to be rescued from starvation or whatever?

          Ordinary people that are more astute than yourself have realised long ago that this argument is a crock of shit. We cannot afford to be generous to the 6 billion people that are not in the West and are victims of violent crime, war, disease and hunger, so it makes no sense to do some kind of pick and mix and rescue a small proportion to make us feel nice about ourselves.

          Ordinary people read the Daily Mail and the Express and the Sun. They very often don’t like immigrants, don’t like Islam in particular, want to see criminals put in gaol for a long time. They want these things because ordinary people have to put up with the consequences of immigration and high crime. Despite this, some vote Labour simply because Labour offer to put more money in their pockets.

          Farage would have been better off appealing directly to those Labour voters by making it clear he will keep their tax and benefits as is, because he is focussed on getting out of the EU, cutting immigration and putting crims in gaol for longer.

          Instead he has attempted to appeal to Guardian reading voters. They are never going to vote UKIP, and even if they did there are so few of them it wouldn’t make a difference.


          • Britannia says:

            Yes, I have been to India. Terrible place. Some of the richest people on the planet Earth live there and do nothing for their fellow citizens. There is no current social problem in India which could not be solved by the Indians themselves and no need for any Indians to come to the UK other than on business. (Though those who do should be more thoroughly vetted than they are at present: Indian business ethics stink.)

            Your argument is a total Aunt Sally. Providing temporary refuge for a few people fleeing war is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. There are not 6 billion people on this planet currently affected by war, no one has argued for such a thing and there is no need for us to help such folk. Personally I would slash the current foreign aid budget to zero – but I would still be willing to have a small budget to help genuine refugees.


          • FFS says:

            Oh for God’s sake wake up.

            According to the UN there are 8000 Syrians leaving the country every day, and if the West were to open its door to them the flood would suddenly grow exponentially.

            Oh, you’re right not all the world is at war. Just half of Africa, large parts of the middle-East. Afghanistan, Chechnya

            I’d rather see a bullet put through your brain than have the future of my fine sons pissed up the wall by hand-wringing liberals like you.


  8. 9

    Really all looks and sounds like, Very Innit?


  9. 10
    Blowing Whistles says:

    It’s a very cold winter’s night, so three homeless blokes huddle up close to stay warm.
    When they wake up in the morning, the bloke on the left says, “I dreamt somebody was pulling on my dick.”
    The bloke on the right says, “I dreamt somebody was pulling on my dick.”
    The bloke in the middle says, “I dreamt I went skiing.”


  10. 12
    Silent Majority says:

    Farage is off his rocker.

    Let the French take the refugees, they were so keen to invade anyway.


    • 62
      FFS says:

      French former colony too.

      But then the Syrians wanted to be independent.

      Seems that “independent” means “independent until we get into any kind of bother and then we expect you colonialists to come along and rescue us even though you had nothing to do with creating the situation within our borders, and no we wouldn’t dream of imposing on our Arab brothers because their welfare state isn’t up to much”

      Yeah, like the Syrians would even dream of rescuing the French if the tables were turned.


      • 350
        Every right-thinking Englishman says:

        The former French Colonies are a bunch of toilets. They didn’t build infrastructure and took their own middle-ages religion to impose on the locals


  11. 14
    Porky says:

    Clever lad…


  12. 17
    BBC Intern says:

    *Looks long and hard at picture*

    Oh, I get it, it’s supposed to be funny, ‘Independent but International Britain’ Farage saying we should honour our international obligations and take refugees because ‘Bomber’ Cameron hasn’t – DC only wants to kill Syrians. Funny old world, ain’t it.


    • 25
      Anonymous says:

      But he wont allow people in, who have the right to come here as they are from EU countries !The fool must have been drunk, and im sure he has lost a lot of support.Hurrah !


      • 51
        Political intigration was NOT what we voted for says:

        Just because Brown signed a piece of paper. Does not give anyone the right to come here and free load off our benefit and medical services.

        Being in the EU is about a free trade zone, NOT free loading.


        • 283
          Cinna says:

          Ah! The big lie. That’s how they sold it to us in the referendum. At least I can say I didn’t buy into then and I’ve been proved correct in not doing so.


      • 96
        BBC intern says:

        That ‘right’ to come here can be contested and changed. This is about helping people who have nowhere to go, except large refugee camps in Lebanon etc. We took Vietnamese people in their hour of need, and had no obligation to, except international obligation to refugees. That’s what being an international community is about. We are not talking about 1m people, but a few hundred, maybe a few thousand. It’s the same as helping the people flooded out of their homes.

        Sheesh, some people are so blinded by their bigotry, they can’t see the obvious, even about Nigel Farage (who is married to a German).


        • 177
          FFS says:

          In the case of the Vietnamese they were on the other side of the planet, only a handful were brought over, they mostly intermarried with the general population and caused no trouble at all. So can we rescue some more of them please? They were quite nice.

          On the other hand the Muzzies have caused nothing but trouble and its getting worse. And you don’t know how many might come over. We only let a few thousand Muzzies escape from Idi Amin and now we have millions of them.

          Finally. don’t use the word “bigotry” when you are talking about large groups of people. Bigotry only applies to the treatment of individuals. We are talking about a large group of Muzzies and the impact they will have on the UK population. Individual Syrians will be perfectly OK, but as a group their impact is sure to be negative. We have no way of sorting the wheat from the chaff unless you think Assad is going to give us a list of the nice ones.


          • BBC intern says:

            Some of those Syrians, the most persecuted, are Christians. Most Islamist terrorists are Sunni, not Shi’a who are also a persecuted minority. Sheesh, and again I say sheesh.


  13. 28
    Village Idiot says:

    ….Any true British person would understand the distinction between economic migrants and refugees fleeing war!!Those that do not are being mischevious!


    • 34
      TEven Farage makes mistakes says:

      That’s why the UN has set up refugee camps with our money to look after the refugees until the war is over.

      It never was part of the deal that the refugee camps were UK council estates.

      UKIP, (or is it just Farage?) have made a stupid error on this one.


    • 44
      Land of dope and Mori says:

      How many true Britons are left?

      Most have fucked off.


    • 67
      FFS says:

      Economic migrant: Someone fleeing possibly early death due to stravation

      Refugee: Someone fleeing possible early death due to war

      Struggling to see why you think there is a real moral difference. These nations fought for their independence from nations like Britain and now some don’t like the outcome.


      • 260
        JH3290480493285-23 says:

        I doubt many economic migrants are here to flee starvation. They are usually the youngest and fittest.

        Refugees should flee to the nearest safe country. I welcome French millionaires, at the very least they will spend that money here and put upward pressure on the quality of restaurant offerings.


  14. 33
    Oops says:

    Big jump in time civil servants work for unions on taxpayer time
    The amount of time spent by civil servants working for unions has jumped by nearly a third since Coalition was formed, new figures show. Telegraph


  15. 35
    While we have idiots like this still in denial we cannot remove the cancer of Labour says:

    The comments are a hoot

    Labour to fight election on free childcare pledge: Miliband uses video message to put policy at heart of party’s attack on the cost of living
    Ed Miliband signals election policy in New Year message
    Free childcare would be funded through taxpayer
    Would stimulate economy by helping parents back to work

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


  16. 38
    Whatever the BBC and Guardian think the UK is not responsible for ALL the world's problems says:

    Where should we be allowing Syrian Refugees into this country when ther are plenty of Arab countries nearby ? Syria is not OUR problem and we have done ENOUGH. Let other in both EU and the region do SOMETHING for a change


    • 52
      Joe Public II says:

      Quite right. It is the Syrians’ civil war. Let them get on with it and take all the consequences.

      Bleeding heart assistance will just prolong the whole thing — the only real purpose is to allow the fucking liar politicians to pose as “carers”


  17. 41
    Sir William Wayde says:

    Who is it meant to be?


  18. 42
    Russell Brand says:

    Looks rather like my old mate Peter Hitchens!


  19. 56
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Wasn’t Lardy Prezza wined, dined and 69’d by the casino lobby – yet now he and his have turned turtle. Oh dear Ministers who are corrupted, tainted, entrapped ‘n blackmailed who’d of thought?


  20. 59
    Bob Geldof says:

    Ah the Guido Monday cartoon. I owe this everything, it inspired me to write the song that launched my career and I have dined out on ever since.

    Tell me why I don’t like Mondays.


  21. 60
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Do Farage and Miliband share the same bandwagon?
    Is it a cost of Syrian refugee crisis that should be assessed in a calm and measured way, before it becomes an omnishambles adding to the food bank crisis, or the cost of living crisis, or the cost of energy crisis, or any other crisis labour can dream up.


  22. 63
    CaptSinker says:

    Surely the Arab League need to step in… they have plenty of land mass available. A big mistake from Farage, one which may cost him dearly.


  23. 64
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Still awaiting Ed Miliband to tell us,
    What price we should be paying now for gas and electric.
    How much we will save on gas and electric if he were to freeze prices for 20 months.

    Anyone can say the things Miliband says, but why doesn’t he tell us the cash savings?


  24. 65
  25. 70
    Tories to increase electricity Bills says:

    Four million solar panels covering land the size of 3,400 football pitches should be built on government land and property including schools and prisons, a minister will announce.

    Greg Barker, the energy minister is Barking Mad. And He’s a fucking Tory MP too.


    • 78
      Sparrow says:

      The Conservatives have cut the “feed-in” subsidy several times and they’re busy cutting out the “green crap” despite Lib Dem meddling.


    • 83
      • 105
        Second Law of Thermodynamics says:

        No, sorry. Wrong!


        • 115
          Pot Boiler says:

          Been trying to work out if putting the kettle on the wood stove for the hot water bottles is removing heat going into the house, no effect, or boosting it by having a warm toasty beds all night.

          What do the Themodynamic Laws say?


    • 91

      There are no prizes for guessing where these stupid useless solar panels will all be manufactured !!


      • 101
        Chaucer's Tale says:

        … not to mention that they don’t work this far north of the equator, even at the height of summer. The Chinese clearly put Dave up to this idea during his visit – but one wonders what the quid pro quo was.


    • 111
      Think of a number then Log it says:

      You just know that this is going to cost dear, very dear. The civil service will be taken to the cleaners by the contractors.


      • 149
        Ingrowing Toenails says:

        Can’t they just burn more babies as in the good old days? It has got to be much more fuel efficient.


    • 142
      The science says NO says:

      In central Colorado, which receives daily insolation of 2200 Wh/m²,[4] such a panel can be expected to produce 440 kWh of energy per year. However, in Michigan, which receives only 1400 kWh/m²/yr,[4] annual energy yield will drop to 280 kWh for the same panel. At more northerly European latitudes, yields are significantly lower: 175kWh annual energy yield in southern England.[5]


      • 167
        The maths do not add up says:

        So 175 units from a panel at the most generous tariff of 14.9p a unit (now expired) will provide the owner with just £26.07p a year.

        And that is Southern England with a roof pointing due south, most will generate far less. I can’t see how this even covers the maintenance and depreciation costs.


        • 291

          Many people just don’t seem to realise just how far north we are, New York , for instance is considered in the US to be a northerly city is on a similar latitude as Gibraltar.
          These solar panels will be no more beneficial than their preposterous wind turbines , doomed to abject and costly failure , just who the fuck is coming up with these batshit , barking mad ,lunatic ideas


          • Jack Ketch says:

            The best place is a desert like the Kalahari or the Sahara. But then one needs a least one person per 100M2 of panel to clean the dust off every day.


          • (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

            I was taught that New York was at the same latitude as Madrid? I can’t be arsed to look it up.


  26. 81
    Fishy says:

    BBC’s your call was a bit different this morning. No Nicky Cambell to spend all the programme preening himself, or censoring anyone to the right of Owen Jones, so we got some real voices for a change.

    Almost all callers against… but some really good contributions from one in particular that having been in the region said that they need to go to countries that they had a cultural and religious affinity to. And that they hate the west.

    So who would we give asylum to…the sort of people Blair did…the people who would kill us, Qatada, Hamza and the like who the French warned Britain about?


    • 94
      Chaucer's Tale says:

      No good the French warning anybody about anything, especially when they were the ones who let the original Mad Mullah free to return to Iran and create all the subsequent mayhem.


    • 230
      Blowing Whistles says:

      What I would like to know about the bbc is who were the ‘actual persons’ who cobbled together the bbc charter for some long term dirty plan?


  27. 89
    FFS says:

    I was just thinking the other day that UKIP should stop banging on about leaving the EU specifically and instead focus on the benefits of being outside the EU, since it is those benefits that affect people’s lives.

    One of the most obvious benefits would be less immigration to this overcrowded nation. He has now succesfully undermined this argument.

    It seems that whilst UKIPs early support was based on being set-aside from the existing liberal elite, Farage has decided that he can only become PM if he joins the liberal elite and succumbs to the pressure of the BBC.

    He may have wanted to send out the message that UKIP is compassionate. He actually sent out the message “When push comes to shove we will take your votes and do whatever the BBC thinks we should do”. A big mistake and he has let us down.


  28. 92
    Dean Garthwaite says:

    For once a Monday cartoon to laugh at

    The idea of Farage now supporting asylum claimants is hilarious. I think he’s been eating too many alcoholic choccies over Xmas!

    Let others take the Syrians, we’re full.


  29. 95
    Thanks says:

    That looks like Chris Huhne just when we’re trying to forget.


  30. 99
    DAVE , Caring for Rich people since 2010 says:

    The out going useless twat Cameron has agreed to give yet more of our taxpayers money to the Syrian rebels
    That is on top of the original tens of millions and on top of the further tens of millions on top of the extra tens of millions that he has already given to these Christian hating ,westerner hating terrorists

    The one thing this useless tosser will be remembered for is giving away Your money to anyone that wanted it , whilst failing to pay off the deficit , the promise for which he was elected

    and of course failing to stop immigration from Romania / Bulgaria and keeping your pay rises to under 1% while allowing The Fat fuckers of Westminster to trouser another £11,000 of your hard earned


  31. 102

    The out going useless twat Cameron has agreed to give yet more of our taxpayers money to the Syrian rebels
    That is on top of the original tens of millions and on top of the further tens of millions on top of the extra tens of millions that he has already given to these Christian hating ,westerner hating terrorists

    The one thing this useless tosser will be remembered for is giving away Your money to anyone that wanted it , whilst failing to pay off the deficit , the promise for which he was elected

    and of course failing to stop immigration from Romania / Bulgaria and keeping your pay rises to under 1% while allowing The Fat fuckers of Westminster to trouser another £11,000 of your hard earned


  32. 103

    Every comment i tried to post containing Dave was blocked by the mods


  33. 106
    You're All Missing The Point says:

    Cameron wanted to bomb them.
    Nigel wants to nurture them.
    Who would you rather have as Prime Minister?



  34. 112
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    What is it with these people?, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water (Farage Syrian immigration policy). I finally f*cking give up!.


  35. 114
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    My New Year’s message to the British public is that throughout 2014 & 2015, I shall be droning on incessantly about the COST OF LIVING CRISIS.
    The following list is just a sample of prospective Labour whinges and is not exhaustive:-

    Fuel costs
    Energy costs
    Water costs
    Food costs
    Childcare costs
    Mobile phone costs
    Shoe leather costs
    Clothing costs
    Haircut costs
    Dry cleaning costs
    Cinema ticket costs
    Travel costs
    Light bulb costs
    Holiday costs
    Housing costs
    University costs
    Internet costs

    Labour are the only Party that can make you feel unnecessarily miserable – for free !


  36. 119
    JH23984092385-23 says:

    I wonder if any sad bastard has ever ‘bought the original artwork’, aka a copy of the (probably unlicensed) Photoshop file.

    Maybe they can spend the proceeds improving this shit, preferably by just taking it down.


  37. 120
    Dick the Butcher says:

    Just a thought – if Blair & Co. had not let in millions of Pakist anis we might have room for some genuine refugees in need of our help.


  38. 123
    Blow Job says:

    Outcry as Muslim M&S worker refuses to sell ‘unclean’ Bible book


    • 141
      M&S BOYCOTT says:

      Right, the M&S boycott begins today.


      • 172
        Tiptoe through the Tulips says:

        Can I eat my mince pies first or do I have to throw them away?


      • 277

        Aye up cock duz want job o’th stall me owd muzzie rag yed chum ?


        • 309

          Your’e an imposter I regularly do business with the black pudding stall holders on Bury Market they sound nothing like that!


          • Chaucer's Tale says:

            Many years ago I went to Bury market – and did not understand one word spoken to me. I suppose they would have the same problem down in Petticoat Lane.



            The main difference between the two is that Bury Market is a Famous food market selling the finest farm produce from north west England ,whereas Petticoat lane are the purveyors of dodgy batteries, cheap Bangladeshi children’s clothes,and fake perfume


    • 143
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      I posted a few days before Christmas that the original incident with alcohol at an M & S store was part of a co-ordinated campaign and here we have the second stage.

      Muslims are chip chip chipping away at out culture and Lib/Lab/Con will do nothing about it as they perceive that they need their votes and give us another lecture on diversity and multiculturism.

      Will M & S sack her !!


      • 155
        Nigel Mirage says:

        Was she a Syrian refugee ?


      • 184
        UKIP first and last says:

        What did you expect? They are now at near 5% of the population, at that level they begin to agitate to get special treatment over everyone else citing their religion. Just wait until the 10% level is reached, then the fun and games really starts with things like having their own legal system. Islamic colonisation follows a very standard well noted and defined path according to the percentage of population they reach and our leaders know this and intend to do everything they can to help the islamists get what they want.


        • 317
          Chaucer's Tale says:

          They tried that in Spain a few hundred years ago. Worked fine until the natives got fed up with them and chased them all back to Morocco. I suppose we’ll have to chase our lot out along the chunnel, then we can blow it up.


    • 152
      Reality Check says:

      The religion of peace:

      Deaths at the hand of Jihad;

      Christians – 60 million
      Buddhists – 10 million
      Hindus – 80 million
      Africans (North) – 120 million


    • 273
      Anonymous says:

      Surely if you sign a contract of employment that doesnt say you are excused ,pork, alcohol or Bible transactions,the employee should be sacked ? its a fecking shop !


    • 304
      Every right-thinking Englishman says:

      “Yet agaiin another example of how this degenerate government has given away our birthright to a bunch of religious freaks.
      VOTE LABOUR !!!”

      Quote of the year!


    • 312
      Jim says:

      Always follow the money!


  39. 125
    Statistics are Dangerous in Fatbott's Tweets says:


    • 128
      Diane Fatbott says:

      If they’re using cannabis & cocaine, there’s always going to be a high.


    • 130
      Timothy Leary says:

      So it was just 450. And all a result of the permissive sixties. Hardly worth a tweet was it Diane, but you just can’t resist it can you?

      Now what is happening in you own country, ganja crime capital of the world?


    • 146
      Dean Garthwaite says:

      These pensioners should be billed for their self-inflicted complaints.

      Fed up of paying for others to sponge.


    • 194
      Fishy says:

      Just rung the ‘in crisis*’, overstretched NHS to get a doctors appointment.

      Dr’s surgery offer profuse apologies – they do not have any appointments available … ‘Will 09:00 tomorrow be ok?’

      *in crisis – the term adopted and used by the BBC in liaison with their Labour / Guardian colleagues


      • 255
        Crisis What Crisis says:

        I have lived in suburban Surrey for 30 years and my wife and I and our two children have never not been able to get a Doctor’s appointment the same day.

        Not always at a convenient but always on the same day

        A brilliant service

        Maybe if the NHS didn’t have to deal with

        * The obese
        * Smokers
        * Binge drinkers
        * Health Tourists
        * An uncontrolled wave of immigrants

        Then maybe everyone would be able to see their GP when they wanted to


    • 220
      The Facts Mam just the Facts says:

      ADAM WITHNALL, should not be allowed to write stories that he clearly hasn’t researched. Can you please supply evidence of these pensioners that have overdosed on cannabis, because my understanding of cannabis is that there is not one recorded overdose…… EVER!!! I can’t believe that anyone would employ such a halfwit. ADAM WITHNALL I think it’s time you started researching facts and printing them, instead of fictitious nonsense like this!!! What a joke of a man you are!!!


      • 285
        Bemused says:

        Which begs the question, why were these oldies in A&E for cannabis treatment?

        Did someone think it was funny to give Granny one of those funny cakes without her realising and she had a bit of an “experience”?

        Ends up in A&E with the doc going “I hate to tell you, but you’re as high as a kite love” and she goes “Thank gawd for that, I though I was havin’ a near-death experience”


    • 228
    • 238
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Fuck off Abbott you fat waster.


    • 257
      G Brown says:

      They were probably trying to find some gear.


    • 259
      Stoned Pensioner says:

      If you don’t ask you don’t get.


    • 313
      Every right-thinking Englishman says:

      That’ll be the bloody layabout sanctimonious swinging 60s hippy generation.

      Their freedom fought for by their parents, and their pensions paid for by their kids.


  40. 126
    Mike Hancock says:

    Give me your tired, your weak, your muddled missus.


  41. 140
    ENGLAND says:



  42. 145
    Mr Potato Head says:

    So Rich, Nigel wants to invite 500 Syrian refugees while Dave Cameron wants to invite 75 million Turks. Do the maths.


    • 175
      The Turks Head says:

      Err no. The Syrian refugees would definitely come but the Turks have no need to as Dave has just paid Ford to close its manufacturing in the UK and relocate it to Turkey


      • 198
        MIKE OXHARD says:

        If they want their economy to keep growing , they need to stay well clear of Europe !


      • 208
        Someone in the know says:

        That was done years ago. The main Ford Transit plant was in Genk/Holland and was relocated to Kocaeli/Turkey during 2001. Most of the standard Transits you see on the roads in Europe today are already made in Turkey. Southampton only supplied some of the UK market and for the specialised Transits required for flatbed vehicles.


        • 227
          Someone in the know is Wrong. It was announced last year says:

          Thursday 25 October 2012

          The car company, Ford, announces the closure of two of its UK production facilities, leading to the loss of around 1,400 jobs in Britain. Production will switch to Turkey.


          • MIKE OXHARD says:

            They have to show false growth in the Turkish economy , to sell the idea of inclusion into the EU to the lemming populations of the Federal State


          • altruism in industry says:

            there was an interesting program on the telly when I used to have a telly.
            Ford was a cash business, they demanded 30 days from their suppliers and made the outlets pay cash on delivery, so they made the car and got the money for it before it cost them anything which is quite impressive. The son, when he took over the business, said ” er, how much money do we have ?”. “I dunno, do you want to go take a look ?”


          • Someone in the know says:

            “Someone in the know is Wrong. It was announced last year”

            I’m not wrong because I worked at Ford Southampton and Kocaeli and visited Genk many times during the transfer process. Two-thirds to three-quarters of all Transit van production has been in Turkey since 2001. At one point 350,000 Transits vans were being made in Turkey compared to only 70,000 in Southampton during 2008. These figures do not even include the Transit Connect vehicle just the larger Transit vans. Only the larger Transit vans were made at Southampton. Ford’s intentions to close down the Southampton plant has been on the card for at least the last 12 years and most of the workforce in Southampton knew this.


        • 322
          Chaucer's Tale says:

          Sick Transit Gloria Monday.


  43. 154
    Anonymous says:

    More than a million Americans will lose their unemployment benefits after an emergency federal programme expired on Saturday.

    That will get them back to work.


  44. 169
    Farage against the machine says:

    I’ve been a silly-billy!


  45. 171
    Far age against the machine says:

    I’ve been a si lll-bi lly


  46. 179
    Sell gold buy mortgage books says:


  47. 182
    Reader says:

    I see you are up to a lot of censorship today Guido. Does M and S pay you good money for that or is it an ideological thing?


  48. 191

    One of those opportunities which got away:

    Brown thought he had a plan to turn gold into lead. Just £500bn of investment might have realised his dream (before cost overruns).


  49. 203
    Blowing Whistles says:

    I noticed Kier Starmer approaching the tv cameras the other day. He gave out a hand signal which has become rather annoying and many high profile people also use this hand gesture. The gesture consists of thumbs touching and index fingers touching – then the gesture rolls into a triangulated from. Is it code / signal for that the person gesturing has been through a common purpose course and is now a full on Marxist nutjob?


    • 209
      Del Boy says:

      Sounds like he is one of those freemasons to me pal.


    • 237

      A more pertinent question is why a public servant and head of the CPS thinks it is appropriate to be approaching TV cameras , there was a time when senior civil servants carried out their duties discretely without courting publicity , impartially and without believing themselves to be media stars.


  50. 217
    Any word from those coloured lawyers yet? says:

    What about Anelka’s gesture? That racist cùnt should be banned forthwith by the FA and sacked by WBA.


  51. 218
    M103 says:

    There are two things Britain could do without more of. One is unskilled immigrants and the other is feral, idiotic, silver-spoon, right-wing Conservatives. However, if pushed I would gladly export the Tories and import the unskilled eastern Europeans. It would be a more than fair trade


  52. 219
    Dave the Invetebrate says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to make many more promises to be tough on immigration. It worked well for me in 2013.


  53. 226
    Tristram Hunt says:

    The bastard Tories don’t want you to be reminded that:
    🔹they raised VAT on petrol to 20%. 🔹Petrol is up 13% in price since May 2010.


  54. 229
    nell says:

    Poor Cameron, struggling and fighting to do what his electorate want but his hands are tied by EU law.**sob sob**.

    There is good reasons why there will be limited or no benefits for EU immigrants, so when the Romanians and Bulgarians arrive in force to replace those expensive Poles….you got it, they will be taking themselves home or starve.

    Cheaper labour.
    Larger corporate profits.
    Just enough unemployed to keep the electorate scared and subdued


    • 246

      As soon as he is overruled by Barrosso all the benefits he threatened to withdraw will immediately be reinstated.


      • 254
        Blowing Whistles says:

        There are movements afoot to see Barrosso off – the chinadailyhave flagged up Martin Schulz as his suckcessor … The manoeuvering and manipulation games.

        The EU is rotten to its core.


        • 282
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          Barroso is due out this year – Merkel among others have had enough of him. The rumors surrounding his being a p’edophile involved in the M’cCann abduction need to be addressed.

          On a different note – purely as a politician, it will be sad to see him go. Barosso has tried to move the EU closer to the peoples of Europe, in particular the younger generation. He has not been afraid to attempt to exploit the new communication mediums to close the gap – a very bold move in politics which has not been completely unsuccessful.

          He has completely outplayed Dave at virtually every step, but to be honest, as Dave has been outplayed by Balls and Miliband for most of the past three years, that does not really do justice to how smooth and consumate an operator Barosso is.

          Schultz was tipped (and has been partly groomed, along with van Rompuy) some time back. They are the G’erman choice.

          Schultz, to channel Godfrey Bloom, is a bit of a fascist, or more confusedly, a Stazi schooled East German with hard line communist leanings which are somewhat is line with the NSDAP edition of ‘fascism’.

          Would perhaps be better to clear shop – but the EU executive is a thoroughly discredited and corrupt operation. It is nothing more than a Soviet style polit bureau, however one that has less legitimacy than what once ran in Russ!a.

          The one benefit of seeing Schultz maybe take over is the welcome speech from UKIP, and the subsequent positive noises which will ensue moving forward.

          He is also preferable to having some of the Baltic state arseholes in power, such as those who are trying to remove press freedom from the EU, and the poorly qualified ECHR judges who are helping the No Vote in the UK.

          Another benefit of seeing Schultz in is that he is eminently disposable, should anyone perhaps seek a more permanent end to things.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Yes but does schulz have a leaning toward being an Israeli Firster?


          • Casual Observer 5 says:


            At least not with the current state that !srael is in.

            Now that it is a hydrocarbon producer, !srael is on the menu – special privileges are rapidly being removed – if you look ;-)


    • 255
      nell says:

      ‘morning Moniker Thief managed to get out of bed this morning then, finally.


  55. 239
    nell says:

    The EU:

    We were sold a pup – we were told it was a super-free-trade agreement, there was nothing about unrestricted immigration. I voted then, so I know how well they fooled me, in my callow youth failing to read the small print. For voting “Yes” I humbly apologise.

    Indeed, the full freedom of movement of labour did not come till Maastricht. History will judge Heath as a fool and Major as a traitor


    • 258
      nell says:

      +Laugh+ Moniker Thief you are very funny – you should post under your own moniker – you might quite enjoy it.


    • 261
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Some homo’s back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s deliberately blackmailed others to persuade them to do political things – that group do not deserve any pardons whatsoever. Cameras were all the rage back then people used them and abused them.


  56. 242
    Pie Keys R Us says:

    See you soon eengleesh. You will find me at your nearest ATM looking over your shoulder.


  57. 249
    Tell it as it Is says:

    Something for the Politicians to ponder in the New Year – the sayings of Thomas Sowell

    My favourite is
    “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it”


  58. 253
    MIKE OXHARD says:

    You know , as a country we give billions of OUR money to look after and keep these fuckers in their own regions , in every corner of the globe , then when the gravy runs out
    The fuckers up sticks and follow the smell of the Bisto right back to our fuckin kitchen

    How long and how much more is it going to cost us apologising for the wrongs (or rights) of our once great Empire ?


  59. 271
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    It must be getting serious.

    Even Rich is having a go at trying to draw a Farage likeness.

    Will be fun to see how these politics play out.

    Syr!an’s who do make it to the UK may not be so friendly here – considering the UK was trying to lead the charge to bomb them indiscriminately back in to the stone age.

    Well – Dave tried, and predictably failed.

    New refugee center in Witney is a must for the new year. Could staff it with ‘honest’ Roma. Am sure the Syr!an’s will forgive the attempted charge of the mong brigade after they have sampled some UK food bank fare.

    In other news – notice the 10 year Gilts are creeping up.

    More – the US T-Bonds went up.

    Perhaps just year end clear out, or has Ch!na and Saud! started dumping.

    Spike in Bond yields is a portent for another poor economic year ahead, despite the attempts to put a cheap Osbornesque gloss on the numbers.

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 275
      Cabbage says:

      “Even Rich is having a go at trying to draw a Farage likeness.”

      …and he’s almost got it to be fair. Right arm is passable, left hand needs a little more work and the torso will probably suffice. Just substitute that face with something vaguely resembling Farage and he’s there..


    • 278
      Socialism Ate My Future says:

      I would worry about Saudi, methinks Putin is going to slap the house of Saud after the events of the past few days, following Prince Bandar’s threats.


      • 294
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        Russ!a is moving to contain Saudi Arabia from the North.

        It is questionable how Put!n will handle the Muzzie attacks – perhaps funded by Saud! – that have started up again in Russ!a.

        Suspect that Saud! will be safe until after the Soch! games are finished, but that all depends on whether Put!n considers Russ!an national security a bigger priority than attempting to play the PR game for the international media.


    • 279

      We already have a refugee center in England. It is called Birmingham.

      You are right about the impending bubble in the mid distance. Selling each other services (like tattooing) and property inflating can only deplete savings or increase borrowings. It is not a good recipe for long term stability.

      All these millions of people and we just can’t manufacture (notable exceptions lauded but it is simply not nearly enough.)


      • 292
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        If you look at the flow of money, and non-property inflation in the UK the bald picture is thus:

        i) There is monetary deflation: Falling wages, increasing costs of borrowing and in particular energy / property, is sucking money out of the economy. This is deflation.

        ii) There is supply side inflation.

        Whereas you would expect prices for goods and services to fall, housing is being propped up by narrow and poorly conceived monetary policy, energy is going up because the producers are dealing with massive dollar depreciation abroad.

        The reason why food and consumer items are going up: Food there is supply side inflation (caused by several years of bad harvest + increasing energy), consumer items are largely going up because Ch!na is putting its prices up.

        There is a massive squeeze which is becoming more acute as time passes. The only exit from this is to either default and reset the economy, or, continue on this path and accept having a country where extreme poverty is a reality for a double digit percentage of the population.

        The bond bubble may break this year. The yield spike might have been year end – technical – but if yields do not come down sharply in the next few weeks it can be confirmed that the low interest rate environment is going to be coming to an end before the next election, and with it all apparent economic improvements made under the coalition.


      • 293
        Fishy says:

        Birmingham’s already full (of Somalis).

        Talking of which, if they are fleeing tyranny, in fear for their lives. How come they are allowed to return home for family weddings and the FGM’ing of their kids, returning to blighty as and when they see fit.

        Surely if it’s safe to go home for a family ‘do’, they should stay there.


        • 301
          JH3290480493285-23 says:

          Lefties will tell you that Birmingham should be full of Somalis because their home country is chaotic, blood soaked and backward.

          What they don’t mention is that the main reason their home country is chaotic, blood soaked and backward is that it is full of Somalis.


        • 320
          JH3290480493285-23 says:

          PS – They also don’t mention that Somalia is further away from us than most other countries on Earth. We have absolutely no historic ‘obligations’* to them either.

          * ie, we have never been there to drag them out the stone age, an act for which we are expected to feel guilty for later


          • Expat Geordie says:

            Remember British Somaliland? Oh, of course, that is the bit that is trying to break away from Somalia.


  60. 274
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am a twat


  61. 298
    Sir Roger de Senseless says:

    I’ve no idea if Farage is being sincere in his pro-refugee/anti-immigrant stance. He’s a politician, so probability suggests not. The question is, is he right. I would suggest that at the very least he has a point.

    Anyone who wants to see the truly sickening hypocrisy of the Blair Government revealed would do well to read Craig Murray’s book ‘Murder in Samarkand’. At the same time that the government was going out of its way to promote mass immigration into this small archipelago in order to gerrymander elections and ‘rub the right’s nose in diversity’, a small family – three, four, maybe five people – showed up at our embassy in Tashkent. They had done nothing that would be considered wrong or criminal in any civilised country and were in genuine fear of their lives. Shamefully, they were also denied refuge.

    The above cartoon suggests that the author is labouring under the misapprehension that most immigrants into this country are genuine refugees and that Farage is being hypocritical for only favouring Syrian ones (though he – the cartoonist – is probably just being dishonest or deliberately blind in order to try, and fail, to appear funny). Hardly any immigrants fall into that category and if our leaders hadn’t embarked upon the insane and destructive mass immigration policy, we would still have room for the few truly genuine refugees. It is also worth pointing out, that if our “government” – or what passes for it these days – and others hadn’t given succour to terrorists – or, as the impartial BBC calls them, “activists” – in the formerly relatively peaceful Syria, there wouldn’t be any Syrian refugees knocking on our door in the first place.


    • 331
      Syrianist from Surrey says:

      The different Syrian groups have lived in relative harmony for ages. The Assads may not be the most wonderful lovely family on earth, but they kept the peace and jumped hard on any burgeoning insurgency (much like Saddam and other similar mid-eastern ‘strong-men’) or similar would be trouble makers.

      So the question is who financed this uprising and why; and where did all this hi-tech weaponry suddenly appear from.


  62. 340
    annoyed user says:

    If you think this is bad you should read the UKIP defence policy, it is actually worse then the LibDems’, which I wasn’t sure was even possible.


  63. 343
    all lib dems are liars. says:

    Quelle suprise farage is just showing what a two faced hypocritical Hunt he reslly is.


  64. 347
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    Farage has just shot his fox and revealed,like most of the political class,that they know nothing about the Middle East.The war in Syria is a religious war being fought between two branches of Islam and has nothing to do with the West,they have learned nothing from Iraq.We now have a Tory Minister saying we should take in Syrian refugees,Bollox we do not want any more refugees from religious wars in the Middle East or from the Balkans and any party encouraging their arrival is doomed.


  65. 356
    Blind Pew says:

    Did my old eyes deceive me or did I see Keith Vaz being tipped as the next Speaker?


  66. 360
    S..MO..KING says:


  67. 362
    ukip voter says:

    totally disagree with the majority of the posters on here. it’s a fine smart move by farage. wait and see.


  68. 364
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Just read the latest ‘IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD’ propaganda panic message by avaaz – what a load of old baloney.


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