December 29th, 2013

Bah, L’Humbug!
Hollande’s 75% Tax Rate Approved by French Courts

Francois Hollande’s Christmas present to the French people is a 75% tax rate. The hike was ruled unconstitutional a year ago but the French courts have u-turned and now, despite huge protests from business leaders and the country’s star footballers going on strike, those earning over €1 million will pay a top income tax rate of 75% to their socialist government. Another nail in the coffin of the Hollande plan that Miliband endorsed. Expect a queue of Ferraris on the French-Swiss border tonight…


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    Cymro oddi ar y llinell says:

    Joyeux Noel!

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      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      But if Labour caused the economic crisis in the UK…who caused the crisis in France, bearing in mind tha there was a right wing (Sarkozy) government in place leading up to the financial crisis.

      Perhaps Hollande is targeting those that caused the crisis (bankers not footballers) to pay their fair share.

      Perhaps they are really all in it together unlike the paltitudes we get from the thieving political cnuts we have here.

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        ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

        Labour didn’t cause the economic crisis.

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          Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Immigrants and Criminals says:

          Yes they did, it was that idiot McRuin that spent like a drunken sailor and flogged our gold for a pittance.

          • Mr Potato Head says:

            “I would like to pay tribute to the contribution you and your company make to the prosperity of Britain,” Mr Brown told Lehman bankers in London’s Canary Wharf . “During its 150 year history, Lehman Brothers has always been an innovator, financing new ideas and inventions before many others even began to realize their potential.”

          • I don’t see how the bankers caused the crisis. Whilst every newspaper and politician tries to blame the bankers, there does not seem to be any substance. Nor is any distinction ever drawn between the high street bankers (such as yours truly) who did a fair days work for a fair days pay, and the nutters who gambled millions depending on the look of the chocolate on top of their morning coffee.

          • I believe that I now hold the record for the longest standing “Comment of the Day”. What a happy way to end what has been a great year for me on this blog.

          • As I am sure everybody knows, the comment @5:28 was posted by a sock.

          • this ladder is ours says:

            Don’t worry, you’re ‘socked’ so much it’s easy to spot your doppelmongers.

          • Sock Watch says:

            @5:09 pm, @5:28 pm & @5:31 pm:

            If you are going to use SC’s moniker, perhaps you might punctuate properly?

          • Charlie Don't Surf says:

            I love the smell of socialists running out of other peoples’ money, in the morning.

          • Here to help says:

            Don’t worry SC we can tell the difference. When a comment posted under your moniker has the required amount of pompous , self important hot air then we know its you.

          • Who waives the rules... says:

            hmmm Mr S.Cat – you reckon that the banking industry did not have at least the slightest influence on the economic problems we are experiencing. Who the fuck lent 100+% mortgages to assholes who could not afford them. We (the fiscally sound and the poorer classes) are now paying for these terrible decisions.

            hey pussy cat fuck off and have a think before you rant and rave.

          • @Who waives the rules…

            Good morning to you.

            You are so extraordinarily dense that one wonders whether it is possible for your condition to occur naturally and one begins to consider you must have had special training for it.

            Further, your failure to observe what has been written and is provable as a matter of record illustrates that you seem to have a much bigger faith in dogma than in the truth. Since you have used my own words in your moniker, that proves for me that you must have mental health issues.

            If you had taken the care to read and remember what had been posted before, you would see that the very reason I left banking was because this business was being transacted and I did not believe in it. That was back in 2000.

            Never have I said the banks were not to blame and you can see this elsewhere on this page (except you can’t and won’t.) Thus the whole premise of your tawdry little remark falls way.

            What you appear to know about the subject could be written on the back of a postage stamp and even then it would still leave plenty of room.

            Are you as obsessive as Blowing Whistles can be? Or perhaps you are actually Blowing Whistles? Whatever, good day to you. This is the last time I will bother to explain this for you.

          • Liar watch says:

            At 5:07 pm yesterday you said “I don’t see how the bankers caused the crisis”


            I seem to remember that you also lied about your dad on this blog.

            Your hostile approach is particularly apparent when you are caught out saying something stupid or lying.

          • Don’t be a сunt all your life. Take a day off.

            That was one of my trolling fan club sockpuppets. Are you going to hold me to account for what they say?

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          • Anonymous says:

            The Laffer Curve is economic voodoo. There is no science behind it whatsoever.

          • Very good.

            I am pleased that somebody here has some intelligence.

          • Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Immigrants and Criminals says:

            Agreed there may be no science behind it but that does not mean the concept is wrong. The evidence so far is that French high earners are already leaving the Country because the tax rate at 75% is perceived to be unfair. This indicates there is elasticity in marginal tax rates and tax receipts. The moronic Labour Government who promised to squeeze the rich under Denis Healey just drove high earners to the US!

          • Ailurophile says:

            Once you go beyond the Laffer 50% point, you generate a Black Economy amongst the tradespeople who deal in cash, and you precipitate offshore dumping amongst the serious “haves”.

            Proponents of Max Tax just cannot see this, but the man on the Clapham Omnibus clearly can.

          • Sock Watch says:

            Kindly use your own moniker at 5:17 pm.

          • Anonymous says:

            Dear SC. The reason your Comment of the Day has remained untouched since Dec 9th is because Guido is visiting his relatives in Ireland and they don’t have broadband in Third World Countries.

          • Sir Paul Hewson K Bonobo E says:

            In the 70s The Rolling Stones were based in France to avoid the high tax rates in the UK. Therefore they were paying £0 to the taxpeople whereas they would have paid something at realistic rates.

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          FFS says:

          Astonishingly, that decrepit twat Gordon Brown not only managed to fuck up our economy he managed to convince several other countries that he was doing the right thing and they should follow his lead.

          It really is quite extraordinary that a historian that seems to have forgotten the causes of the Great Depression mananged to convince politicians all over the world that he was a great economist.

          • Fuck the LibLabCon says:

            So it was Gordon that came up with the originate-and-distribute (i.e securitise) banking model as apposed to the the originate-and-hold banking model.

            The big UK banks started sacking all of their experienced branch bank managers and replacing them with snakes-in-suits salesmen years before Labour came to power in ’97.

            And what about the elimination of Glass-Steagall in the US at the end of Clinton’s tenure. That obviously had nothing to do with the financial crisis.

          • I retired and was not sacked – but they did sack people even at my deputy under branch manager level.

          • Fuck the LibLabCon says:

            I was obviously referring mainly to the top bankers and the prop desk traders.

            Not only were they gambling with other peoples money, but money that was being created from the retail side. It was only the big banks that could do this. They held the the goose that laid the golden eggs that allowed them to do this. The idiots actually belived they could eliminate the risks via securitisation and they had Gordon fooled too. But he was only an historian. If he was guilty of anything, it was that he could control the predatory snakes-in-suits in the City ONLY. He had NO influence in the US which has a far bigger economy than ours.

            Nearly all the top, big shot bankers came from the casino prop trading side of the banks and not the retail because during the manufactured boom time they made the big bucks.

          • Fuck the LibLabCon says:

            “could not control”

          • FFS says:

            Yes, everything you say is right BUT there is a fundamental reason why they were pushed in that direction.

            When I took out my first mortgage under John Major the interest rate was about 8%, so the banks didn’t need to lend out much money to make a decent profit.

            When Gordon created a credit boom in 2001 to compensate for the dot-com bubble bursting, he convinced the yanks to do the same. They dropped interest rates through the floor. The EU was forced to follow suit.

            So if interest rates drop to 3% when they used to be 8%, how can they maintain the same profit level, let alone grow profits?

            Only one way – shift a hell of a lot of loans. Three times as many loans.

            That was the idea – get the banks to shove a lot of debt into the economy to counter a presumed recession caused by the dot-com crash.

            But who do you shift the loans to? Any fucker that will have them. All the people that didn’t qualify before 2001. The new loans were so risky that they had to insure them – that’s where credit derivatives came in. Dodgy mortgages, and explosion in credit cards, people buying brand new cars on the never-never, the whole shebang.

            So Labour managed to convince not only the UK but the entire world to enter an ultra-low interest rate era which caused debt levels to explode out of control until the entire bubble burst just like in the Great Depression. Keynsian stimulus on steroids. Gordon should have known about that since he was a historian. None of the politicians at the time cared because they were all corrupot and too willing to buy their way through the next election using other people’s debt. The Yanks still can’t manage to wean themselves off the era of easy money created through debt.

            Now Labour tries to blame it all on bankers. Well, who else do they have to blame? Only a moron would believe it, but Labour have always relied on morons.

            Labour really are shit.

          • Sock Watch says:

            Kindly use your own moniker at 5:09 pm.

          • Fuck the LibLabCon says:

            Do you honestly believe that Gordon “convinced the Yanks to do the same”?

            Remember, is was Alan Greenspan (why are they all from the same tribe btw?) that was the Govenor of the Fed at the time. It was he that introduced low interest rates in order to avoid a recession following 911 and to offset the cost of the dotcom bubble. That bubble was far bigger in the US as that was where most of the dotcom comapanies were domiciled. The tail did not wag the dog in this case.

            Glass-Steagall was repealed bt the Gramm-Leach-Bliley financial services modernisation act at the end of Clinton’s tenure in 1999. That was the cue for laissez-faire capitalism to let rip.

          • Nigel Mirage says:

            Let’s open the floodgates! Bring in more diversity, lots of multiculturalism! We love militant islamists!

            Those other horrid parties don’t want to enrich us with jihadists. Vote Ukip and we’ll make sure Britain is full of them.

          • M says:

            Surely the problem stemmed from the small but never the less important “detail”
            that DEBT at some point needs to BE PAID BACK .
            Theres Devil in the detail hey

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          • Mr Potato Head says:

            It doesn’t matter what banking system you have when the PM allows banks to offer 110% mortgages. That stupidity would never have happened under Thatcher. And it was all done because Brown allowed house prices to soar through mass immigration and so much higher demand.

          • Fuck the LibLabCon says:

            The PM at the time didn’t allow the banks to offer 110+% mortgages, it was the now defunct FSA. they were asleep on the job. Hector Sants was maneuvered into the top job at the FSA just after the crisis began. And now look whats happened to him (breakdown???).

            I will however concede that Sant’s predecessor was admonished by Tony Blair early in his tenure for the back door introduction of laissez-faire financial control. Blair sent him the famous (still secret) letter telling him to shut up or put up.

          • Nigella says:

            Vote UKIP for more Syrians!

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          this ladder is ours says:

          The most desperate post EVER…!

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        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Immigrants and Criminals says:

        The French are totally mad. It is well known that the optimal tax rate is a maximum of 40% before you get diminishing returns. Wait and see the headline in 6 months, “French higher tax rate leads to 70% reduction in receipts”.

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        FFS says:

        “Perhaps Hollande is targeting those that caused the crisis (bankers not footballers) to pay their fair share.”

        And what do you think the bankers will do, hmmmm? I would expect them to simply move either themselves, or possibly their whole HQ, to somewhere more conducive. Monaco perhaps. or Luxembourg. Very convenient. Maybe even Jersey.

        They won’t pay, anymore than David Bowie or Elton John paid when they faced the same problem in the UK in the 70s. In the end France will probably lose ALL the income tax and quite a bit of the corporation tax as well.

        Eventually the socialists run out of other people’s money, and Hollande is just the man to prove it!

        • 65
          Fuck the LibLabCon says:

          Ah, the old “they will all go elsewhere” chestnut.

          Let the predatory fuckers leave.

          You simply don’t understand banking my friend. They only have the ability to casino gamble the way they do because of the implicit guarantee that when their bets go bad the large taxpayer base in the UK will bail them out. They are too big for the likes of Monaco, Switzerland etc. etc.

          It’s way they the retail side of the umiversal banks weren’t properly separated from the casino prop desk side.

          They only place they could realistically re-locate to is say Switzerland (and some of them did). They cannot all do it mass. Switzerland actually has meaning ful immigration control. For starters there is not enough housing and school placess for 10K bankers to move en-masse.

          The cantons are all already Full!

          • FFS says:

            …and you don’t understand macro-economics.

            The reason that the governments of the UK and France won’t risk having the banks fail is because for 8 years they were juicing up the economy by forcing the banks to provide a Keynsian stimulus through a massive exdpansion in debt to counter the presumed 2001 recession.

            God alone know why they thought a maximum 5% contraction in economic activity needed a 300% expansion in debt of all kinds. Seems they got a bit addicted to the easy money of Keynsian stimulus, as politicians are prone to do. Lots of money to spend, nobody needs to be taxed and so what about our children?

            So what do you think would happen if all the banks went under and the long term debt that is good wasn’t being rolled-over? All HELL would break lose. We would be looking at the kind of deflation that would make the Great Depression look like a mere playtime practice session for the real thing. Some of the foreigners that lost money would be calling for us to be nuked.

            These games have been played many times before and nobody should be running a major economy without learning the basic lessons of the Great Depression. Gordon probably knew those lessons. I take it he didn’t care. It’s a win-win for the Marxists in Labour – as long as the economy is doing well on a growing debt you get to stay in power and when it all goes inevitably tits-up there’s a great chance that Marxist revolution might rise up from the ashes. At the very least dupes like you will believe it was all the capitalists fault. But an economy where interest rates are effectively set by the government and where banks become so crucial to transmission of goverment economic policy that a government can’t allow them to fail isn’t really a capitalist economy at all.

          • Fuck the LibLabCon says:

            You seem to be absolving the banks of all culpability here.

            What about the LTMC, Sub-prime, AIG, rehypothecation, PPI mis-selling etc. etc. the list goes on and on.

            The predatory fuckers in the City will always find a scam to rip off the cognitively challenged in society.

            Perhaps you work in the City?

          • FFS says:

            Funny, you see all these problems across all these banks all at the same time. I wonder why that is?

            Could it possibly be the case that the reason all these problems occured here in the UK is because our own UK government caused them?

            You are mixing up all manner of things here that has nothing to do with the UK situation at all.

            Northern Rock was caused by Clinton’s repeal of Glass Seagall? I don’t think so. It is a classic case of a small provincial bank getting too big for its boots by shifting loads of dodgy loans until it found it was considered it was such a big risk that it couldn’t roll-over the debt. And that bank and Labour were in bed with each other.

            Fact is that Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Ed Balls were Fabians. If you think a society that aims to bring about communism in the UK by small steps in the right direction has the interests of banking and the City in mind you’re crazy.

            Credit booms ALWAYS lead to recessions. They cannot end any other way. Systemic credit booms are started by governments. It really is that simple. Governments deliberately ignore that fact because it suits them to buy an election and bankers ignore that fact because during a boom period some of that money will go straight in their pockets.

            If we had any sense we would put constitutional limits on the amount of debt that can be created, but governments would stand in our way.

          • Casual Observer 5 says:

            The US experience demonstrates that debt ceilings and limits really do not work when there is no political will expedient to reign in debt issuance.

            However – there as in the UK, it is primarily the central bank which is issuing the debt.

            The role of Government is to remove the enforcement of the regulatory environment. It is the relaxation of rules and the lack of enforcement of existing rules which leads to the commercial banks and other actors in financial services to start behaving in what could be considered in many cases to be a fraudulent manner.

            However, as central banks are purported to be independent of political control continue to issue the fuel for the fire – which is cheap credit in an economy which is not so productive – the fire will continue.

            There is not much point in getting angry at Capitalism or the banks.

            Capitalism would have seen widespread b’ankruptcies by now removing the dead wood and wholly unproductive sections of the economy wholesale. Capitalism does not exist at present, save for the obvious borderline ‘crony-capitalism’ – which is fraud.

            The banks themselves are continuing to go bust and under perform. They are simply not capable of generating meaningful profit in the current environment. The smartest thing anyone could do is to ensure that their exposure to debt is minimized, and the amount of capital loaned to the bank (which is what your bank deposit is) is similarly minimized.

          • Macro matters says:

            But the BofE is not remotely independent. It is set up to look like it is independent but it is not.

            It has a growth target and an inflation target set by the government. It has no debt ceiling, nor can it reign in government spending as the Deutsche Bank could (the Germans having gone bust in 1953 due to government debt). Consequently it is in essence set up to create growth by maximising debt, as long as the debt does not cause inflation.

            Increasing debt does not usually cause inflation because inflation excludes house prices, so in practice there is no limit on injecting debt into the economy to maximise growth. Until, of course, there is so much debt nobody can possibly pay it back.

            The BofE is not independent. It is a puppet controlled using two strings held by the government.

          • Casual Observer 5 says:

            The BofE is a privately owned institution, not public.

            In this sense it is independent of Government, in addition to the incredible independence of the monetary policy committee.

            The BofE can reign in government spending quite easily: It can put up interest rates.

            That it has not is only because it has no need to at present. When that need arises it will, and at that point if the tax payer is unwilling to agree to the corresponding increases in taxation government would be forced to reduce.

            The record low interest rate environment is certainly not sustainable for the long term. But the BofE and government have a mutual interest in trying to keep the UK economy at least looking credible from the outside, and in maintaining economic activity within to occupy enough people in order to maintain a civic status quo.

            It is that shifting balance which is looking more precarious now than it has in a few generations, which is perhaps manifest in that many are beginning to question the logic and attribute blame for what they perceive as a systemic failure, rather than just accept that such matters are a normal part of life.

          • FFS says:

            The BofE is not a private institution. You are getting it mixed up with the US Fed which is a private bank set up by the other banks. In the UK the arrangement is different, the BofE is part of the treasury. It was nationalised by Labour in 1946 as one of the first things they did in office. Check it out on Wikipedia. So the idea that Labour made the bank “independent” is a complete and utter lie (as usual).

            Which means when the BofE printed money to buy back some of the government debt, the interest charged on that debt goes from the BofE back to the treasury. In other words, the government pays no net debt interest.

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        Dumpster says:

        Gordon Brown wrote his economic policy while have a shit

      • 453
        Anal says:

        And Bush caused the one in the USA. It wasn’t a right-left thing – it was that almost all governments in the ‘NICE’ decade couldn’t resist buying off their electors with an unsustainable housing boom, cheap credit secured by worthless assets, and funny money. All except the Polish one, for some reason. And having said all that, I still wouldn’t trust Ed Balls to run a bath…

      • 454
        Mr Quelch says:

        Spelling, grammar and content lead me to believe you were educated under a labour Government.

    • 8
      The Admiral says:

      Was looking forward to 2014 too…

      • 38
        I hate socialists. says:

        What Hollande has done for France will seem like a picnic if ever those two idiots
        Miliband and Balls get anywhere near the reins of power in this country.

      • 43
        altruism in industry says:

        all those high tax french “mais non” payers should come and live here. There is a culture that I don’t want to integrate with as I like it just the way it is.

    • 118
      David Cameron says:

      Austerity is a concept
      by which we protect the wealth of the rich
      I’ll say it again
      Austerity is a concept
      by which we protect the wealth of the rich

      Don’t believe in Jesus
      Don’t believe in God
      Don’t believe in the Bible
      Don’t believe in society
      Don’t believe in social responsibility
      Don’t believe in humanity
      Don’t believe in the teachings of Christ
      Don’t believe in any religion
      Don’t believe in helping my fellow man or woman
      Don’t believe in justice
      Don’t believe in empathy or compassion

      Just believe in mammon
      mammon and me
      I pray to my god
      by chanting the word austerity

      With thanks to John Lennon

      • 141

        Austerity is a concept by which working people try to keep the thieving hands of the feckless, bone idle, moronic, underclass labour voting chavs out of their pockets !

      • 169
        Concrete pump says hello says:

        Happy new year Moussa TAT . You sad old, lonely, fuck.
        Been socking on here for years and years now. Wot a knob.

        Is that blog any closer to being yet? It’s easy to do.
        You said you were going to have more readers than Guido. Yet 5 years blog.
        And no readers.

        You pathetic old bummer.

        • 172
          Do Not Take Your Lord's name in vain says:

          TaT usually appears in the run up to General Elections.

          I understand he scares the living daylights out of the Tories.

      • 182
        Liam Byrrrrrrrne says:

        Ain’t no money left honey chil

      • 205
        Vile Nasty Bankers Underminded My Country says:

        From the comments on this site, it seems that the rich don’t believe in:
        In the NHS
        public services for the needy
        the Welfare State/safety net
        paying a decent wage
        Public Spending
        Social Justice
        Limiting (44%) piggy bank bonuses
        Blaming right-wing policy
        Wind farms
        Paying tax

        So it is a good job someone is willing to confront hard-right lies, and force the big business to pay a fair years tax for a fair years profits. And if some of the greedy gits want to bugger off – then why not let them? You know it makes sense.

        • 264
          Mr Potato Head says:

          The vile nasty Labour party undermined my country. It got into bed with militant unions and then it got into bed with the News of the world and the bankers. Gordon Brown was forever singing the praises of banks before they went tits up. This is fact. What you say is just your ignorant bigoted opinion.

          “I would like to pay tribute to the contribution you and your company make to the prosperity of Britain,” Mr Brown told Lehman bankers in London’s Canary Wharf . “During its 150 year history, Lehman Brothers has always been an innovator, financing new ideas and inventions before many others even began to realize their potential.”

          • NE Frontiersman says:

            259: Well, he was right about the second bit.

          • Vile Nasty Bankers Underminded My Country says:

            So, in your hard-right/Daily Mail view of Britain, any union that attempts to defend the rights and wages of their member are called “militant”? And, instead of a proud and long-standing links with the labour movement, the Labour Party is “getting into bed” with the unions? (Notice you don’t mention the close relation between the Tory Party and big business) Also, so what if Blair was relaxed with people getting rich, and Brown had a love in with the piggy banks, for were not Blair and Brown two cheeks of the same (New Labour) Ass? As for ignorant bigoted opinions, without them – what would became of the Tory Party?

          • Mr Quelch says:

            Steady on. Mr Brown met bigotry head on and (as long as he thought nobody was listening) dealt with it. Apart from that can’t think of anything nice to say about him.

        • 286
          Liam Byrrrrrrrne says:

          In the NHS : Ain’t no money left honey chil
          public services for the needy : Ain’t no money left honey chil
          the Welfare State/safety net : Ain’t no money left honey chil
          paying a decent wage : Ain’t no money left honey chil
          Public Spending : Ain’t no money left honey chilc
          Social Justice : Justice should be for white people too
          Limiting (44%) piggy bank bonuses : none of my business
          Blaming right-wing policy : damn right
          Wind farms : not windy enough, or too windy
          Paying tax : we pay more tax than all lefties put together

          • Vile Nasty Bankers Underminded My Country says:

            But what about all the billions (of tax payers money) wasted on bloody and illegal wars? What about the tens of billions for UK Weapons of Mass Destruction? The money is there for war – but hard luck if you are poor.

          • Liam Byrrrrrrrne says:

            I agree with you about wars.

            Bear in mind though that our current war in Afghanistan is Labour’s war, as were the other 4 that we were involved in since 1997 (the 1st and 2nd Iraq wars, Kosovo and Sierra Leone).

          • Liam Fox says:

            The Conservatives voted for all of those wars too, so they wouldn’t have been possible without our support.

    • 260
      come and have a go if you think you're hard enough says:

    • 295
      Gaga Woof Woof says:
      • 329
        altruism in industry says:

        Civicdog seems like a good nickname for anyone in government

      • 358
        Cinna says:

        Could you translate that into the English that the indigenous, population can recognise, please?

        • 381
          altruism in industry says:

          it is a reference to the above tweet.
          the word “dog” indicates a lowly animal which should obey it’s master and be kept on a leash in public. The word “civic” indicates an authority of a municipal area so “civicdog” indicates a person who works for a civic authority who should obey their master ( the public) and be restrained.

        • 382
          Mayor of Lambeth says:

          I AM writing for the indigenous population of Lambeth. Pigeon English is all they know.

    • 343
      Ed Bollaux says:

      So what?

    • 373
      dai amusant says:

      jacques un a sangatte!

    • 380
      So True. So very True says:
      • 456
        Mr Quelch says:

        The BBC say Global Warming is a real and current threat. Mind you, they say the UK has no future outside of the EU, and I think they’re still on the fence about Elvis.

    • 443
      Diddley says:

      They’re French. just tell them to fuck off….

  2. 2
    Blowing Whistles says:

    first possibly

  3. 3
    Cymro oddi ar y llinell says:

    Or, if they come this way, they can hitch a ride with the Roma convoy.

    • 197
      Handycock Immigrant Trafficker says:

      Send them all to Portsmouth. My boys will house them and I will provide the planning permissions. Lots of loverly money. Boaz.

  4. 5
    George says:

    So hwo long before this becomes EU policy and they sequester 50% of the tax ?

    • 13
      Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

      I love it when you talk dirty.

      I can’t want to clamber into bed with Miliband & Balls.

    • 422
      Bill d'Sarse says:

      So how long before this becomes EU policy and they sequester 50% of the tax ?

      About a week after the UK leaves the EU and they realise that they bit the hand that fed them just a few times too often.

  5. 6
    Francois Hollande says:

    Zose seelly leetle French people, zey love my 75% tax rate really, just like zey love ‘ow I have managed ze economy. Zey just like to tease me by telling ze polling companies zey would sooner have zat Marina Le Pen running ze country zan me. Ha ha ha what a sense of humour we French have.

    • 16
      Sometimes life does surprise you says:

      The French voted for Francois Hollande so serves them right, no sympathy, you get what you voted for.

      • 26
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Sometimes life and Mother Nature suprises us all. That Chris Turney (Climate change professor from NSW) is still stuck in the Antarctic Ice. I am sure that we all wish him and the others well and hope that are eventually rescued.

        No doubt the story will be spun inside out by those who have a vested financial interest in continuing to promote the busted myth.

        • 46

          You could strip these Eco lunatics down to their underpants and set them adrift on an ice floe off Greenland in January, and they’d still be bleating about global warming , assuming that they weren’t first eaten by an almost extinct polar bear.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            I bear your comment in mind; but could the Eco loons bare their souls to the truth – could they bear to be honest down to the barest facts … have they lost their bearings … [Puns intended] …

          • Cassandra says:

            The eco loons are spinning the “ice-in” as being due to more glacial melt which is freshwater and that his freezes more quickly. FFFs.

          • Anonymous says:

            So you don’t you think it was a little warm for this time of Year?

        • 91
          Right Full Rudder says:

          I don’t wish him well, I hope he’s gang-banged by crack-smoking penguins.

        • 250
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          One might feel a twinge on sympathy if the misguided mong freezes to death in the middle of summer :-D


            Not one jot!

          • Dim sum says:

            Can’t the RAAF drop them a few crate of snow shoes and sledges etc and then they can all do what Prince H and his disabled colleagues did – walk the few miles to the edge of the ice. That will at least keep them warm.

  6. 9
    Orson Cart says:

    50′s 60′s and 70′s saw U.K top rate of Income tax at 90%. Could be again if we return to the Party that taxes for putting our bins out.

    • 44

      In the bad old days, I had some customers paying 75% income tax on their salary and a further 23% on their investment income.

      • 71
        Anonymous says:

        Were you personally happier in those “bad old days”?

        Did society seem more equal and relatively more peaceful?

        • 96
          Right Full Rudder says:

          What, with the IRA bombs, strikes, blackouts, race riots, Ford Capris and Robin Asquith movies? No it bloody wasn’t.

        • 206
          Alf Garnett says:

          You only had to breath in the wrong way and some lefty fukwit would call a strike.

          One out, all out, Brothers!

          The closed shop

          British fucking Leyland

          3 day week

          Power cuts

          The Austin Allegro

          The Bay City Rollers

          Football Hooliganism

          The Cold War

          Real Racism – when real people got the shite kicked out of them, not someone calling their ethnic group a “bad name” on twitter

          Jimmy Saville

          It was a fucking shite storm of shite

        • 269
          Grew up in the midst of the shite.. says:

          They got away with it because the British adult population in the 50s and 60s had just come out of 39-45 and anything was better than war.

          It was one continuing ‘war economy’ of state controls..with twats like Wilson and George Brown running the show. Thatcher put a stop to a lot of that …and look at the thanks she got.

      • 105
        Sock Watch says:

        Kindly use your own moniker.

    • 102
      JH29389023849023 says:

      How anyone can think that snatching 75%+ of someone’s earnings is moral is beyond me.

    • 136
      Suicide Bomb says:

      Wasn’t it 95% at one point?

      19 for me and 1 for you, according to the Beatles…

      …though what business John Lennon had complaining about that, I’ve no idea.

      • 195
        Here to help says:

        It was George Harrison actually. No matter Lennon secured his ‘socialist ‘ credentials by writing imagine sjortly beore he fucked into tax exile in the USA.

        • 223
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Lennon’s loony tune – and specifically the words of it was hijacked. However I would like to remind people that Lennon spoke / sang of it as being ‘a dream’ – because that’s all it fucking well will be and is. The Marxist brothers hijacked it and have been slowly and creepily promoting it as their slogan for their misbegotten utopia. It is the utopia of ‘dreamers’ and desperate fantasists who have lost their ability to realise that we are humans and humans are supposedly (?) of higher intelligence that ants and bees. Socialism is a fucking J construct. Get over it – it ain’t gonna happen.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            And btw Guido et autres – Libertarianism is just another fucking construct.

          • you have shrunk says:

            FFS It has happened you c’unt. Are you so fucking stupid as to think the world is not in the grip of socialism only two decades after the stake was driven right into the centre of socialism’s heart? God, you can be so thick. Unbelievably thick.

          • That's Rich says:

            At least, that is what you lot hope. No undue profits to be made from folks that have no want or needs? Money!

      • 215
        Exile on Mainstreet says:

        and the Rolling Stones had to escape to France, oh the irony, so they could earn enough money to pay their tax bills, before fucking off into tax exile in the USA.

      • 365
        bergen says:

        It was 98% made up as 83% on pay and 15% “investment income surcharge” on interest on savings, dividends etc.

        It seems astonishing now. There was also Development Land Tax. If the “second appointed day” under the legislation had ever been put into effect, private house building would have ceased overnight.

    • 416
      Psyche the Dog says:

      Late 1940′s & earl 50′s still rationing but it is amazing how little compared with today things actually cost eg 1945 petrol 2/6 gallon + the inevitable ration coupons, but again wages were not very high, it is just the actual purchasing power of of money that has got less and less, the notes have been getting smaller as time has gone on and we have steel “copper coins” now.

    • 442
      Anonymous says:

      With Roy Jenkins’ (later, in his EU days, aka Roi Jean Quinze) special 50% levy the top rate was in fact 148%.

  7. 10
    UKIP if you want to says:

    Looks like Nigel Farage is alienating his core vote by calling for the UK to accept Syrian refugees. I’m going to have another mince pie and watch South Park.

    • 22
      The British media are cunts says:

      Proves my point that at heart UKIP are just as fucking wank as the rest.

      • 112
        Fuck the LibLabCon says:

        They are libertarian, as are all of the rest of the LibLabCon choice.

        You could be right.

        Hoever, I feel that their single issue platform, namely Europe, is their unique selling point. He could simply be a Manchurian candidate for the City of London should have EU legislation acted against the City of London’s ineterests i.e lassaiz faire regulation.

        Stranger things have happened at sea.

    • 89
      JH29389023849023 says:

      We should be perfectly happy to take x Syrian refugees, providing 3x ghetto-formers leave beforehand.

    • 101
      Right Full Rudder says:

      UKIP has always had a policy of accepting genuine asylum seekers, like every country does.

      That the Tories are considering keeping them out, while allowing literally anyone from Europe to come here (Beggar? Pickpocket? Convicted multiple rapist? In you come!) tells you all you need to know about them. Licking Brussels’ arse till it gleams.

      • 148
        The British media are cunts says:

        These are not asylum seekers but refugees. We’re under no obligation to take any of them. As for asylum seekers they all have to pass through other safe countries first, they should seek asylum there first.

        None of it is our fucking business, enough is enough.

      • 167
        FFS says:

        These genuine asylum seekers…. do they come with a certificate of authenticity?

        Because it seems some of the ones we’ve had before are faulty, and appear to be terrorists underneath.

    • 145
      Anonymous says:

      I think mad Nige has just shot himself in the fecking foot ! Ha Ha Ha Ha.

      • 151
        The British media are cunts says:

        Farage is an idiot, quite why he thinks keeping Scotland is a good deal is beyond me. Same as the thick Tories.

  8. 12
    'Chillaxing' Dave says:

    I will not eat foie gras for a week in protest!

  9. 17
    Tony, international statesman says:

    Any very wealthy French ladies (under 35 only, please!) are welcome to stay in one of my nine houses and pay rent in cash or kind!

  10. 18
    The British media are cunts says:

    I don’t see the problem? Shouldn’t there be a queue of rich left wing socialists at the Channel Tunnel wanting to move to France? You know, Polly Toynbee, Toilets Maguire etc. Surely they’d be happy to hand over 75% of their earnings to a left wing government?

    • 45
    • 171

      In the same way as they were all clamouring to fling themselves over the Berlin Wall in the 60s ,70s, and 80s in order to avail themselves of the proletarian delights of the socialist paradise beyond.

      • 219
        Richard Hed_leffti says:

        We can only watch in wonder as the successful and rich people of South Korea impale themselves on the barbed wire on the border with North Korea as they struggle to get into the socialist utopia so they can starve to death.

        • 304

          OR the thousand of US citizens crossing the treacherous waters off the coast of Florida in leaky ,unseaworthy, boats in a brave attempt to share the poverty and degradation spurned on by the beacon of hope that is the glorious socialist nirvana of Castro’s Cuba!

          • Working for Uncle Sam says:

            Free to live in real poverty and total degradation. Free to be unemployment? Free to be gun-down be your school ‘friends’? Free to live without access to health care and or good schools? Are yes, the Land of the Free.

  11. 19
    Scottish Chav says:

    vol d’État

  12. 24

    Ze rich zis vay pliz, ze verrrry rich follow me pliz. Zankyou ver moch!

  13. 27
    Napoleone Buonaparte says:

    Merde en bas de soie.

  14. 28

    For anyone who is thinking of buying a property in France, now is the time to start looking for good deals. The Pound is up but for reasons which cannot sustain in the long term (think property bubble in 2-3 years time.)

    The Euro is depressed and French properties are taking several months to shift. It takes two months over the irreducible minimum for the Notaires to pull their fingers out. That is only partly their fault, the whole process is a mire of red tape as some here know. :-)

    But the best time to do this may well be some way before the 2017 election.

    • 42
      The Boy Plunger says:

      If you buy and sell a property in France costs and taxes will set you back 15 to 20% virtually double what it would in England.

      Also the supposed free marketeer Sarkozy made some crafty tax changes which will hit property owning ex pats.

      Most of the French are like the Germans: they only own when they inherit and otherwise rent.

      Brits, Germans and Dutch and are generally regarded as plain daft by the French when it comes to buying property.

      If you have to but then buy in Central Paris or London.

      DYOR because if anyone asks I have not got a clue what I am talking about.

      • 52
        Pizza Delivery Man says:

        If you want to make money on the exchange rate don’t bother buying overseas property just open a Forex Account denominated in euros.

        If you want a place for a holiday then book something direct through Trip Advisor

      • 100

        Cannes prices are the exception and compare favourably with Paris ones. Croisette locations with a view of the sea start at over €1m for two room apartments. Prix m² haut can exceed €12k.

    • 51

      I was drinking coffee in a very agreeable bar in the middle of a very pretty village when my sock made this comment.

      • 69

        Only my sockpuppet drinks coffees in very agreeable bars. Who pays for them, God alone knows. Probably we do in our taxes as he lives off the state, so pointless is his existence.

        Having had a problem with my Firefox this afternoon, it meant that I had a very late sleep which only began just after dusk, just before this pathetic 5:19 effort was made.

        He has been criticised by me before for his overuse of the first-person singular subject pronoun but one imagines that he has no idea what that term actually means, even though it totally dominates his pathetic existence…

        • 98
          You self important git says:

          Does anybody care that somebody else uses your fake name. If you were commenting using your real name, and somebody else was using that name, then you might have some cause for complaint. Are you to embarrassed about your comments to post under your own name. How many hours a day do you spend posting on here – I look every few days and you are always here.

  15. 31
    A special correspondent from Boulevard St Germaine says:

    I live in France and I have decided to take things nice and easy in 2014 cut my income to the bone and have lots and lots of holidays.

    The President’s New Year’s Address to the Nation should be interesting because as soon as he finishes Vat is going up not just from 19.6% to 20.0%.

    The French cannot keep anything simple because a whole raft of things are charged at 7% and this will go to 10%

    Just to wind things up nicely a whole range of things are going to go from 7% to 20% overnight due to a reclassification.

    I will be in sunny Morrocco until further notice in the hope of avoiding the riots.

    Bonne Année !

    • 120
      Cassandra says:

      Dear 31 – Special Correspondent from Boulevard St. Germaine – I claim £5 for identifying you correctly as Andrew Neil aka Brillo – I assume this means we will not be seeing anytime soon unless, of course, the bbc showers even more of their largesse on you.

  16. 36

    Another nail driven into the Euro coffin , Germany can’t bail France out , the cost of doing so is totally of the scale of reality.
    Things are looking better every day for Le Pen’s party

  17. 41
    Jacques Vingtras says:

    Time for another Commune.

  18. 47
    Farage against the machine says:

    Oh dear, did I say something silly? I’ve been on the falling-down water!

  19. 48
    A great big mess says:

    And the French cannot understand why there are no new jobs.

  20. 55
    Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:


    • 193
      pease pottage says:


      ha fucking ha

      how much did the guardian give

      the manchester guardian

      can the bbc subvent funds to the labour party

      labour ffs

      all they know about is striking

      i don’t find that very striking

      what c’u’nts

    • 309
      NE Frontiersman says:

      My Labour council gave £1.5 million to the Coop to stage six firework displays. Our Labour MP, who campaigns against the high interest rates paid by the poorest, who cannot borrow from such banks as the Coop, is a member of the Cooperative Party.
      I’m quite sure that this was all above board, and that none of the money should be showing in the graph above.

  21. 61
    Podiceps says:

    What you see in France today is what you will see here in 2015 after Cameron hands the election to Miliband. Don’t expect Miliband to learn from the French economic disaster; socialists don’t learn.

    A home in Slovenia is looking like a good choice.

    • 90

      The only trouble with Slovenia is that it is a basket case economy.

      To give an example, they introduced a motorway vignette five years ago at a cost of about €45. The price had risen to just under €90 by last year. In 2014 it is set at €200. It does not take long to work out that this is an exponential increase which, if continued, would hit over €1m well inside 10 years!

      Needless to say, I will stop buying one when mine runs out in February and will use the back roads instead on which they may not charge under EU law. That means they have lost the opportunity to make money from me.

      For those without vignettes, the fines can be as high as €800. They fondly imagine that the fines will make up the hole in lost purchases. It will not.

      From independence, their economy grew very quickly as they relied on skiing holiday revenue and a small industrial base. The industry has collapsed almost completely and their commitments based upon expectations of increasing income are now hanging around their necks like twenty brace of albatross.

      Go a few kilometres further south. The economy is still poor but never rose as high as Slovenia did. Unlike Spain, it is not overdeveloped. The skyline is mostly wooded, especially when viewed from the sea, the food and drink are very reasonably priced. Fuel is much cheaper. The Germans, Austrians, Dutch, Scandinavians and the Russians are all buying properties. The hours of sunshine in a year (2,600) are almost double that of the UK (OK not saying much at 1350 hours!) The French Riviera has some competition.

    • 231
      optimist says:

      Estonia is the place to go.

      • 237
        Podiceps says:

        You may well be right. It is the calmest country in the world. Here is a story told me by a Lithuanian, not without envy.

        An Estonian farmer and his two sons are coming back from the market in their cart. It is a long road and the horse is slow.
        An animal runs across the road in front of them.
        An hour later one of the sons says, ‘That was a fox.’
        After another hour the other son says, ‘No, it was a rabbit.’
        One more hour goes by, and the farmer says, ‘Cease your quarrelling, you wild Estonian youths.’

      • 310
        NE Frontiersman says:

        226: Estonians disagree. 10% of them live in Ireland alone. A young Lithuanian who works in Currys in Leyton and has no plans to return told me that these countries are dying.
        It’s curious to see how persecution and oppression can perpetuate a culture for centuries, but a short spell of freedom of choice can dissolve it.

  22. 62
    Ippikin says:

    Good-oh; as long as they pay their taxes here,

  23. 64
    Boris Carloff says:

    From what I have seen and read Hollande is a thoroughly nasty individual, with a idiotic brain, not unlike the foo that leads the Labour Party in this country, and the nasty idiots who assist him. I only hope between now and the election he brings down France, making starvation and begging in the street, to illustrate what voting Labour can achieve here

    • 68
      a Ship's Lawyer says:

      There are also a lot of people living in caravans and converted vans and trucks who avoid paying taxes.

      • 78
        i don't n eed no doctor says:

        And pak is and ind ians that always pay with cash at our local wholesale warehouse. Never a card in sight.

        • 155

          Guess the nationality of the owners of the currency exchanges at London’s main airports are?

          Guess the nationality of the owners of the largest money brokers in London, who will deal with private individuals.

          Very respectable people. But they have little need of banks, outside of their settlements.

          The high street banks are now no more than spies for HMRC and NSA.

    • 434
      By the way says:

      If they were totally nasty and brain-less, no one would vote for them. And yet you lot waste your time insulting/attacking them. What is there to fear – that 75% top tax rate might start winning votes?

  24. 66
    Wonk says:
    • 72
      On International Rescue's expenses says:

      Surely that should have been “15 hours door to door 1st class”.

    • 74
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Oh do fuck off Miliband twat senior, you are just as full of shit as your brother.

      • 83
        Blowing Whistles says:

        He is only one of two people who signed the Lisbon Treaty and legally comes under it. He and Gordo did not have my lawful consent to sign that false instrument. I don’t suppose the pitiful of the msm will wake up to their having been duped about it all any century soon nor the legal fraternity? Note the distinction between legal and lawful and light will shine into your minds.

        • 322
          Sorry to be boring but... says:

          …. something I have been saying since the day after the dastardly deed was done. They both (Milipede and Brown) need stringing up to the nearest EU flagpole.

    • 175
      Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      He is probably in Shields to sel his house and to maintain contacts in the corrupt Northern Labour heartlands so he renter politics when his idiot brother loses the next election,he hardly ever spent much time in Shields when he was incumbent so what the fuck he has come back for is beyond me.

    • 204
      now with added soon says:


      door to door from where – exactly?

      fucking gateshead?

    • 227
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Fucking traveller.

  25. 70
    Just askin says:

    Just wondering if Sky News is part of the bBBC or the bBBC is part of Sky News, if you change channels the only difference is the reporter talking.

    • 76
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      …and usually the same items at the same time…

    • 79
      Libertarian Times says:

      Yes indeed we do live in libertarian times. The MSM are bought and paid for.

      I think it was John Pilger that said a few years ago that an aquaintance of his who lived in one of the former Soviet Bloc countries said to him “at least during those times we knew all of the news was just propaganda!”

    • 159
      The British media are cunts says:

      @69 you’ve just noticed? The entire British media reports the same stories with the same sound bites interviewing the same people. The only difference is the BBC are more left wing than Sky or ITV.

      Let me give you an example, take the alleged gassing of Syrian civilians by Assad a few months ago, every single British media outlet used the same video and the same false statements to blame Assad, there was no proper scientific proof, but that didn’t matter to the UK media, they wanted a war.

      Notice that since then the entire British press has gone quiet over this gassing story. Why? Because it’s clear that Assad didn’t do it, there is no smoking gun and more and more evidence is showing the supposed opposition (you know the ones who behead each other and eat the hearts of their enemies, you know the ones William Hague likes and gives our taxes to) were in fact to blame and had the access (from Saudi Arabia) and were the ones to benefit.

      You have to go to other news sources like RT or Al Jazeera to get any sort of ‘other opinion’ that does not go along with the British media.

      Do you really think the journalists in the British press didn’t know about MP’s fiddling their expenses? The only reason the Telegraph ran the story was if they didn’t then the CD’s would have ended up on the internet possibly even on this blog and the press would miss out on a good feeding frenzy.


      • 198
        +infinity says:


      • 228
        Blowing Whistles says:

        ffs don’t give exp any clues as to who owns the friggin msm – he might just have a heart attack.

      • 303
        The British Public says:

        Syria is none of our business

      • 323
        Ancient Seafarer says:

        Ah! That must explain why Sky give so much free air time to crooks like T.Jowell, J.Smiff, etc and allow motormouth McGuire to waste all our electricity with his loony lefty rantings.

        One had higher hopes of Sky, but one has been severely disappointed. They could also do with a better quality economics team – folk who might actually know something about the subject. When I have the gogglebox turned on these days I spend more time watching Discovery Channel than either/any of the so-called news channels. Al Jazeera has its own twisted agenda which becomes clearer the more you watch it – so I don’t.

  26. 77
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    BBC Countryfile – It’s amazing how Matt loses his accent depending on who is talking to. Voice over Yorkshire accent, face to face no Yorkshire accent. How does he do that?

    • 115
      Expat Geordie says:

      Funny, I thought that he came from North Durham. For people like him, and me, Yorkshire people are southerners, and a lot of fun can be had by telling them that. Unlike him, I have no desire to go back.

  27. 80
    Anon. says:


  28. 81
    It woz al the bankers wot dunnit says:

    Bankers did not cause the financial crisis. There are and were plenty of stupid and greedy bankers mostly in the investment banking/trading arms of banks who contributed to the fiasco, as did the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in the US (although it has hardly ben observed for decades) and the “light touch” regulator regime in the UK which was New Labour’s “brainchild”. Ultimately it was caused by the collective desire of the population of the UK, USA and much of Europe to live beyond their means. There was a wave of deflation which resulted from China and other Asian countries industrialising and developing service industries (think India in softer and call centre/back office operations). The Western response to this low paid competition was to continue to borrow and spend and to create an ever larger state sector in order to pretend that jobs were not being lost and living standards eroded. Banks just enabled this idiocy which was encouraged by politicians who had decided that the best policies were whatever people wanted to hear and not harsh reality. New Labour did more than its fair share of this. As for France’s 75% tax, London is already the sixth largest French city and will only get larger, and the high earners can work elsewhere. They are not all bankers, but apart from London and Switzerland you will find that they are already starting to leave for Dubai and Singapore.

    • 88
      Blowing Whistles says:

      UK Corporate Governance – what f’ing UK Corporate Governance – it was all a big F’ing lie to protect the worlds centre of money laundering.

    • 129
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      If the bankers tried what they did here and in the US (and elsewhere in the West) in Dubai and Singapore, they would be strung up from the nearest lamp posts, and they know it.

      The only country that has effectively dealt with their criminal banking cabal was Iceland who effectivel locked them up and put their PM on trial as well. They also did not allow the Icelandic tax payers to foot the bill (it was probably impossible to do so anyway given the size of their population). They have, of course, become the West’s banking pariahs.

      But hey ho, they were the first to recover from the economic mess. But the MSM turns a blind eye to that story.

      • 173
        FFS says:

        Bollox. You know fuck all about macro-economics. A systemic failure of the economy can really only be caused by government. Bad banks are nothing but a symptom of bad government.

        Ordinary young people that want to start a family need a frigging house. They ended up competing with hordes of immigrants demanding the council house them because they had a baby on the way.

        Gordon “no more boom and bust” Brown created exactly the kind of credit boom that he claimed he despised when Nigel Lawson created one. Only Gordon’s was much bigger.

        Ed Balls and Gordon Brown are Fabian Marxists that deliberately fucked up the UK economy and then pointed their fingers at the banks that were more or less doing their job. “Oh look it’s all the capitalists fault!”. Yeah right, like they are the ones that pushed BofE lending rates down below 1%. If it was all their fault why did Gordon bail them out?

        Labour are bastards of epic proportions. You merely underestimate them.

        • 196
          Labour are the bit that is disposed of after circumcision says:

          “Labour are bastards of epic proportions”

          That is far too kind.

        • 212
          Anonymous says:

          The Right Honourable Tony Benn

          “By the end of the 1970s, Benn had migrated to the left wing of the Labour Party. He attributed this political shift to his experience as a Cabinet Minister in the 1964–1970 Labour Government. Benn attributed his move to the left to four lessons: 1) how “the Civil Service can frustrate the policies and decisions of popularly elected governments”; 2) the centralised nature of the Labour Party allowing to the Leader to run “the Party almost as if it were his personal kingdom”; 3) “the power of industrialists and bankers to get their way by use of the crudest form of economic pressure, even blackmail, against a Labour Government”; and 4) the power of the media, which “like the power of the medieveal Church, ensures that events of the day are always presented from the point of the view of those who enjoy economic privilege.

          As regards the power of industrialists and bankers, Benn remarked:

          Compared to this, the pressure brought to bear in industrial disputes by the unions is minuscule. This power was revealed even more clearly in 1976 when the IMF secured cuts in our public expenditure. [...] These [four] lessons led me to the conclusion that the UK is only superficially governed by MPs and the voters who elect them. Parliamentary democracy is, in truth, little more than a means of securing a periodical change in the management team, which is then allowed to preside over a system that remains in essence intact. If the British people were ever to ask themselves what power they truly enjoyed under our political system they would be amazed to discover how little it is, and some new Chartist agitation might be born and might quickly gather momentum.”

          • Macro matters says:

            Tony Benn, another Fabian Marxist.

            Honestly, if you are looking for him for credibility you really are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Another champagne socialist. Gave up his seat in the lords but kept a vial of his “blue blood”! Ha!

            Honestly , we don’t need people like him on our side. He’s on his own side.

            As for his comments on bankers, I presume his reference to the IMF would be the previous time when Labour broke the economy. That was when we had to call in the IMF (you know, the last-stop bank for third world countries). They bailed us out and told us the deal was we had to cut spending or there would be no more money. Well if you don’t like the deal don’t accept the terms.

            Interestingly, that whole event was inspired by Dennis Healey “taxing the rich till their pips squeaked” which caused them to either leave the country or hide their cash.

            Neither Benn nor Healey ever really understood that the secret to reducing poverty is to increase production of those things that poorer people consume. But why would they? They were still labouring under the false Marxist dialectic that told them seizing the means to production was the solution.

            No big surprise that Benn blamed the government for not being left wing enough. He was hardly going to blame himself. They were taxing the rich at 75%. Strangely Benn managed to keep hold of his country pile. I wonder how he managed that?

      • 328
        It woz al the bankers wot dunnit says:

        Wrong. Q. Singapore dealt with the Libor/FX rigging scandal by arresting exactly how many bankers? A. None. highly paid people have actually left France for the UK and have left the UK and France for Dubai and Singapore. Unlike you I am not guessing or saying what I want to happen-I am telling you what I observe firs hand. However, this bit is a prediction-there will be more to follow.

    • 168

      The banking crisis was caused in the USA under the Clinton administration to satisfy the equality lunatics who decided that ” ethic minorities ” were being given a raw deal in the mortgage market , by making it virtually impossible to deny them mortgages irrespective of whether or not they had any assets or means of meeting the obligations, millions of dollars were lent to these people.
      Many borrowers were unable to make the first payments , some of whom did not even understand what they were getting into. When the market collapsed under the strain thousand were left with a huge negative equity .
      That is why the banks went bust, being forced to give loans on Mississippi shacks in order to appease the PC lobby in the name of equality!

      • 177
        Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

        A worthy and well researched post,you are perfectly correct,The banking crisis began in Hope Alabama in 1992,Clintons policies were then icorporated by New Labour which led to the crisis here in 2008.

        • 449
          Sir Paul Hewson K Bonobo E says:

          The great Barry Obama was involved in a case to get a brotherwoman a loan for which she had not the credit score for and at the same interest rates as normal scored people because Clinton’s lesbian token appointment Tractenberg* wanted to use Jimmy Carter’s redline laws to get more democrat voters into home ownership so it started in Change Illinois.

          *William did say that Hillary had more pussy than he did.

      • 178
        FFS says:

        Oh yeah, that’s why Northern Rock went bust. They were buying shacks on the Mississippi for people with no money.

        More MSM bullshit primed by Labour and Balls. “It started in America”. Look! not over here, over there!It wasn’t us it was those evil criminal banks…. which we bailed out…. with your money… oh shit hope they don’t spot the flaw in the logic there!

        UK banks went belly up because they were shifting shit loans and mortgages in the UK but the risk went up and they couldn’t roll-over the debt with their financiers. And why were they shifting so many dodgy loans all of a sudden? Why hadn’t it happened before? Because UK interest rates went through the floor and they had to shift more loans to make any money.

        It has happened many times before in post-war Britain but not on the same scale.

        • 199
          fuck all socialists says:

          are you that bint up in scotchland? because you are ok if you are

        • 226

          The situation in the UK was as ever made worse by Labours mounting public debt ,accumulated during the Blair / Brown regime.
          The gold reserves having been sold off to prop up the Euro , and billions spent on PPI s the numbers of public employees at an all time high , local authorities being encouraged to borrow more and more ,creating hundreds of thousand of town hall
          non jobs,and mass immigration ,the public finances were in such a state that any financial shock would haver wider implications.
          This is why interest rates are so ruinously low, with people unable to get a decent return on their savings, those with ISAs losing thousands of pounds per year.

        • 233
          Fuck the LibLabCon says:

          Northern Rock was just another victim of the Sub-prime banking crisis. It was precisely because they were not a universal bank that they were allowed to fail. The rest of the economy was not at risk after the collapse of NR. Alistair Darling and Mervyn King knew this when they discontinued the the bank’s overnight facility with the BoE. Northern Rock were one of the first banks to offer 125% mortgages. The bank ultimately failed because it could not secure funding from the banking markets for its short term operating needs required for its long term obligations.

        • 236
          Blowing Whistles says:

          The British banks – were duped into buying the ‘concealed debts’ of the american banks dressed up as cdo’s. The yanks banks.ters were caught with their trousers down and had been ‘selling on the pyramid scams worldwide’ to hopefully lessen the eventual implosion of the madoff-style scams. Madoff was a tiny tiny player in the bigger picture.

          • JadedJean says:

            Remember, it’s a case of numbers. In a Ponzi Scheme, the early investors can often do quite well at the expense of later investors. If you look closely at how the Madoff scheme worked it was by invitation only. Many of the initial feeder funds were J’ewish groups. What one has to bear in mind is the losses and the gains over the entire span of the scheme which began in the early 80s. A feeder fund may have invested 40 million in 1989, but taken out 130 million over the course of the scheme, and then lost say the 40 million. One has to be careful when talking about losses too. One also has to bear in mind the early vs late investor group size. In the USA, the J’ewish community comprises about 2% of the population, so many of the larger, later, domestic and international based feeder fund investors were in effect have been paying the early (largely J’ewish?) investors, and statistically these later investors would highly probably have more non J’ewish given that 98% of the USA poplation alone is non-J’ewish. A Ponzi Scheme is thus a very good scheme for a small, tightly knit, group to benefit at the expense of much larger group it has settled amidst. See the BBC programme a while back about the nature of the Madoff feeder funds.

        • 248
          Me innit says:

          Northern Rock went bust because of the inter-bank credit freeze resulting from the sub-prime mortgage fuck up in yankland.

          Gordon Brown then failed to expose the banks’ true balance sheets, and we still don’t know most of them to this day.

          UK banks also suffered through buying derivatives that were classed as AAA, by yank rating agencies, but which later turned out to be shite.

          Gordon Brown exacerbated the problem by bailing out the UK banks instead of merely protecting savers but allowing the banks to fail, and thereby giving us the Trillion Pound Debt.

          Gordon Brown also exacerbated the problem by borrowing to spend like a fucking lunatic at the height of the boom, as well as selling off our gold reserves at the bottom of the market.

          A heap of shite, but mostly due to lefties in the USA (as mentioned by another poster) and in the UK, ably assisted by yank credit raters.

          Given the shit storm imposed upon BP by Obamessiah, one can only wonder why both Brown and one-term Dave failed to attack the credit raters.

      • 185
        JadedJean says:

        What’s been going on over a very long period is the encouragement of demand for loans amongst the less cognitively endowed through promotion of a dysgenic birth rate, after all, what businesses want customers who look after their assets, they’re much harder for the money-lenders to provide ‘services’ to, as they will avoid debt given they can more readily perceive the longer term cost. This, I suggest, is really why we’ve seen so much immigration in recent times, and why it’s so politically incorrect to point out major inequalities in intelligence – i.e. it’s bad for business because low-skilled immigration and a higher birth rate amongst the less educable increased demand for private housing as well as financial and other services (ever more being privatised and deregulated) when the indigenous birth rate was at a record below replacement level low. :-(

        Tell me how this isn’t an accurate description of the figures and trends.

        • 192
          Brian says:

          How cognitively endowed are you?
          Just asking.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Fuck off Leveson you lying duplicitous Marxist f-wit wig wearing shill.

          • Brian says:

            You aren’t JadedJean. He is wrong 60% of the time but you are not even that good.

            Not every person called Brian is also surnamed Leveson BTW.

            Appreciate that’s a lot for you to master but there you have it. Legend.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Brian – its all about humor and satire – read the fucking STRAPLINE.

          • Brian says:

            So what are you doing here?

        • 202
          Left & right both profit from open borders says:

          Never underestimate the pure financial motives behind mass immigration. It’s not all driven by cheapo labour, lower wages and gerrymandering.

          Companies like Tescos want their stores stuffed to the rafters with punters 24/7. They couldn’t give a sh!t who the punters are, where they came from, or where they get their money – wages, benefits, mugging old ladies – just so long as they are in their shops, spending it.

          With that mentality prevalent in the business world – profit first, second and third, and screw the consequences – is it any wonder the doors to our country have been ripped off their hinges?

        • 308
          Mandelson says:

          Given that the Labour Party actually admitted why they went around looking for immigrants to come here, you seem to have made this all up in your imagination without any refernce to facts.

      • 324
        It woz al the bankers wot dunnit says:

        That’s where it started and that was indeed part of the cause.

  29. 82
    PiersMorgan'sawanker says:

    Great news! France into the toilet. Vive le Pen. Vive the 5th Republique. And the 6th….

  30. 84
    • 99
      FFS says:

      Hilarious. Galloway looks like he’s modelling himself on a stereotypical James Bond villain.

      • 146
        nell says:

        Well his sense of style with that weird jacket is definitely off. But then the man is very peculiar to say the least.

        • 162
          Traducer Watch says:

          Peculiar he may be, but he gave the duplicitous lying Yanks in DC what for, a few years back. Perhaps he is smeared in the MSM because he is one of those peculiar men of principle.

          Watch the reaction of the audience over Galloway’s shoulder.

          • FFS says:

            George “I love Saddam” Galloway is a “man of principle?”

            Jesus, have you taken leave of your senses completely?

            The mans a ranting demagogue that wants to become some kind of Muslim Stalin.

          • Can't they both hang says:

            The lying Neo-cons or the lying Galloway. What a choice.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            The point so many of you miss – is that he spoke the truth while ‘Parliament (The UK’s) had been dissolved’ [Check the fucking timeline] He spoke out without being UNDER the constraint of the establishment.

          • heezacarnt says:

            Galloway was speaking without constraint of the establishment when he was sucking up to Saddam and that Libyan fuckwit who died with a stick up his arse courtesy of his own people.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Hey Hezza – didn’t think you gave a fuck – thought you were braindead after listening to you droll on about the fucking EU some time ago.

    • 164
      Alan Chingachgook says:

      Misinformed millions…..the tiresome British people, know your place.

  31. 86
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:


    • 97
      JH29389023849023 says:

      Yeah, great way to encourage exports.

      Send a doddering buffoon who spends half his time slagging off the very companies and structures that make them possible.

    • 130

      Any chance of them keeping him. Naturally, there would be no charge.

      He did once have a thing about Stalin.

      • 135
        nell says:

        Bet he won’t be going to france! Not much chance of exporting there in a contracting economy!!

        • 247
          JH23984092385-23 says:

          Happy to import their talented, successful and/or moneyed.

          Better they pay 45% here and support our economy than the socialist mess across the channel.

          Prefer them to the wannabe-gangsta pack animals that seem to be at the front of the queue. But then taking them in lets middle class lefties feel well of themselves, doesn’t it.

    • 184
      Arrest that MoFo says:

      Oi, Putin, can’t you bang this w@nker up. Crimes against civilisation or something.

      Is Cable related to Barbara Spectre in some way? He’s got the same demented drive to displace a native European population through mass immigration.

    • 307
      Small Business says:

      Why is that useless drone still sucking off the public teat?

  32. 87
    Ontehrobroma. says:

    Vive la France

    We come soon 3 day. :-)

    • 139
      nell says:

      I think we should produce a leaflet advising them that the best places to camp are on the green in front of Parliament and outside the Downing Street gates – good security to look after their safety and loads of tourists and mp’s to target with begging/pickpocketing and that sort of stuff (if the media is correct of course) !! Oh and they can also be a constant/annoyance reminder to mp’s about their failure to do their job properly and arrange immigration to suit the country’s needs.

      • 153
        Anonymous says:

        Ho, ho nell!

        I like the cut of your jib, but I guess you don’t need to be told that they will probably be moving to a “des res” near to you in Peterborough.

        Are there still any swans left in Peterborough?

  33. 92
    Blowing Whistles says:

    On a French theme – now what is it that the courts have on their walls below some ensign oh yeah “Dieu et mon Droight” / aka God and my right … indeed?

  34. 110 the doors! says:

    Come on you lazy f*ckers, getting working, we need you to pay taxes so we can have lots of benefits !!

  35. 117
    Alizee says:

    Right, I’m off to Spain!

  36. 119
    Zorba the bust cypriot geekess says:

    Why were Northern Rock and BBBS sacrificed when the Halifax wasn`t? Its not fair.

    • 430
      Jim says:

      Brown wanted Lloyds to bail him out. Lloyds messed up on due diligence which is why the Co Op didn’t catch them the second time around.

  37. 122
    roma n holiday says:

    Today our 7 seter bus fitted 35 good roma foks who are now bizzy on their way to your butifull Hunt ry. We will need large benns becoz we are poor (but not stupid-that is reserved for you inglissh).

    As Mr Garage now says sirians should come also, some of us will be travvelling in that butifull Hunt ry furst.

  38. 123
    roma n holiday says:

    You have censorsit seems–hunts not typed.

  39. 124
    anonus says:

    It seems ipad doesn`t like this site, it constantly reverts off, I see there is no app for this site either; errr…why?

  40. 131
    Come vist me Alizée, I'll take care of you says:

  41. 133
    Dud says:

    car is the tee.
    zee is ali.
    huq is claim.

    • 158
      ha rah ol says:

      Hump or THUMP
      Dump or Harrem.

      ump or mum

      pump or num

      ba or rah

      ba or ra


      • 190
        Tossa de Mar says:

        Ankh is wank









        • 234
          words, sounds and characters says:

          wish i was mor.
          cock u.
          a will su.
          v funni.
          having just visited ‘ol mac. the virtues of the turkey in the bab roll r under consideration. hence, wish i was a turkey.

  42. 150
    Resolution says:

    Hey righties. I trust you’ve had a nice christmas. May I suggest as a new year’s resolution that you try and go 6 days without making a comment about gays/ bum sex/ darkies/ wimmin/ gayers/ arse sex and all the other variations of derogatory comments about blacks and gays that are usually made multiple times a day. If you can go at least 6 days without doing that, I’ll clone Maggie and bring her back to life just for you.

  43. 163
    it's a wonderful life. says:

    hump dump

    bah ha
    sah wah
    mah nah
    bah nah
    ha kah
    hum bug
    ma la
    o o no
    u chaeiou
    tu an
    geet tonic
    key is he.
    eh is he.
    key is keeh
    hu is kum
    hum is kum
    get more than.

  44. 174
    I hate lefties says:

    Why are lefties always banging on about how intellectual thy are?

    Not even the IQ of a glass of water between them.

    • 253
      JH23984092385-23 says:

      I think you just answered your own question.

      90% of our problems are caused by self-appointed faux intellectuals who think that a bullshit liberal arts education entitles them to co-opt the media and education institutions so they can tell everyone else what to do and how to think.

  45. 176
    Ed Moribund says:

    Finally! Something to write on that blank piece of paper. A real vote winner!

    1. 75% tax rate.

  46. 203
    Fbi says:

    Cobra met in emergency session how to get Dave relected in2015 He forgot about peoples suffering by not giving funds to people whose homes were destroyed He used a lot of time to bolster his image for the EU elections May 2015.

  47. 211
    Laours BBC report on the 75 % tax rate b says:

    BBC’s take on the French coming nightmare, still shrill ing for the leftards I see.

    Polls suggest a large majority in France back the temporary tax.
    Unlike many other countries in Europe, France aims to bring down its huge public deficit by raising taxes as well as some spending cuts.

  48. 213
    Blowing Whistles is Pete Woodley says:

    Pete Woodley is Blowing Whistles

  49. 251
    Perry Barr says:
  50. 263
    Brillo says:
    • 266
      Brillo says:
      • 278
        Blowing Whistles says:

        How are your BskyB shares faring these days or did you sell out back in 2003?

      • 279
        Sir Alan says:

        Bless! They are scientists, after all.

        Empiricism. The Empire on which the sun is always settled.

      • 296
        altruism in industry says:

        Boris’s receding hairline caused by global warming ?

        • 299
          Herr E Wenker says:

          You only noticed it because all those bleeding windmills were blowing his locks out of place.

      • 305
        Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

        STFU and pay my Carbon Taxes, Green Levies and Eco Extras

      • 349
        nell says:


        climate change scientists stuck in growing artarctic ice during the southern hemisphere’s mid-summer still insisting the ice is receding and francoise hollande insisting, despite a 17500 increase in french unemployed last month, that french unemployment is decreasing.

        What is it with these socialists?

  51. 289
    Farage says:

    Praise allah. Come my Syrian brothers.

    • 317
      'Lord Newcombe' says:

      If I’d had my way then this problem wouldn’t exist.

      Toodle pip !


      BTW, how do you like the moniker ? I’m trying it out ready for when I get booted out of no. 10.

  52. 293
    Rabbi Lionel Blue says:

    The Lord lift up the light of his countenance upon you and give you peace.

  53. 297
    Zero Hedge says:

    Keynes & Copernicus: Debasement Of Money Overthrows The Social Order And Governments

  54. 311
    Muzzies kicking off again in that there Russia says:

  55. 326
    Micky P from Morocco del Sol says:

    those Berber boys could suck the cork out of a bottle of Moet

  56. 327
    John Bercow says:

    Over every life a little fool must reign.

  57. 333
    bill says:

    hollande will be surrounded by mad lefty economists saying he is right.

    remember in the uk 12 MONTHS AGO the british version of these people wrote to the papers and courtesy of the bbc go air time saying we should borrow more of our childrens money to stimulate the economy.
    like an alcoholic being told to drink more booze to sort out his problem.
    completely barking.

    lets see what happens in france,but i guess a french thatcher is not on the horizon yet,but what a gap in the market.

    • 338
      Guardian Reader says:

      It’ll all be fine because The Laffer Curve is complete lobblocks. In fact let’s tax everyone @ 100%. That would bring in a fortune.

    • 350
      Non taxable Pikey says:

      Rather than a French Thatcher perhaps a Gallic Lee Kuan Yew.

    • 364
      Marine Le Pen says:

      I am waiting. It’s not bad enough yet, but the moment will come.

      • 397
        JH23984092385-23 says:

        I remember the histrionics from the left when your daddy got close to being elected.

        Their magic spells – mainly consisting of accusing anyone who disagrees of being a racist – have lost most of their power since then.

        • 418
          To lose the plot says:

          I might only have an “O” level in economics but I always thought that if you increased a tax such as VAT alongside income tax this would stifle economic growth and reduce employment.

          In France they are saying if you raise Vat now this will create loads of lovely new jobs starting next month.

          I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

  58. 337
    altruism in industry says:

    the French are like the artistic hippy relative you have to keep supporting.

  59. 339
    • 353
      nell says:

      I suspect cameron is shrewdly blocking publication to get it as close to the next election as possible. Unless it’s a complete whitewash, a la hutton, chilcott is going to be very damaging to the last labour government – gordon will be hiding in his gloomy kirkcaldy study and bliar will clear off on one of his millionaire pal’s yachts to escape the fallout.

      Sadly , regardless of the outcome, I don’t suppose we shall see bliar hauled up before the Hague – more’s the pity.

    • 367
      Blowing Whistles says:

      It says that they are going to be ‘transparent’ – yeah as mud more like.

    • 411
      Redaction team says:

      Laughs all round.

  60. 340
    Mr Rich says:

    Where’s the Monday cartoon?

  61. 341
    Mr Potato Head says:

    Making envy and jealousy a political weapon always leads to disaster for the economy. It is a doomsday weapon.

  62. 345
    Guido Fawkes says:

    We’ve just been told to prepare for strong wind, disruption, chaos and untold misery.

    Not sure what time the mother-in-law is turning up.

  63. 347
    Deacon says:

    Mad Franky Hollande is at it again.

    Venez nombreux a Londres mes amis Frenchies!

    • 355
      Non taxable Pikey says:

      Mad Franky has just done a deal with the Saudis for $3Billion to supply arms to the Lebanese army.

      • 377
        UKIP or bust says:

        But, but, I thought socialists were against guns and that, let alone making money (a capitalist thing) out of them.

        Well, I live and learn.

  64. 354
    A Dalek says:

    I’m having trouble with the stairs. Might need an appointment to see the Doctor.

  65. 359
    Ric"Tally Ho" Holden CCHQ says:

    MISSING – Black sock. Goes by the name of ‘One Termer”‘. Last seen in 10,Downing Street,London. Not microchipped.

  66. 361
    Larry Livingstone says:

    The French are well and truly cfuk ed and they know it.

    Here in England it would be nice for the Government to show its colors by getting the New Year off to a good start by announcing a windfall tax on Royal Mail shares.

  67. 362
    albacore says:

    And so, all along, there’s been a real get-out clause
    Though, strangely, not enough to give Parliament pause
    In surrendering to an unarmed invasion
    Explain that, then, Dave – come along, no evasion

  68. 363

    Thе 364 еcоnоmіsts whо gоt іt wrоng іn 1981 dіd nоt suffеr. Thеy dіd nоt gеt sаckеd (аs thеy wоuld hаvе dоnе іf thеy hаd bееn runnіng іndustrіаl cоmpаnіеs оr fооtbаll clubs.) Nо sаnctіоn fоr fаіlurе hеrе! Оnе Mr Kіng wеnt оn tо bеcоmе Gоvеrnоr оf thе Bаnk оf Еnglаnd. Аnоthеr bеcаmе аdvіsоr tо Tоny Blаіr аnd wrоtе Thе Thіrd Wаy (1998). А numbеr оf thеm wеnt tо thе Lоrds. Sоmе оf thеm hаvе wrіttеn tо sаy hоw thеy wеrе rіght аll аlоng! Nо lеss thаn 54 оf thеm (15% оf thе tоtаl) cаmе frоm Cаmbrіdgе. Mіnd yоu, thіs Unіvеrsіty аlsо prоducеd thе Аpоstlеs, thе Cаmbrіdgе spy rіng (оf 1951) аnd thе Blооmsbury Grоup.

    Аbеrdееn Unіvеrsіty: , J. А. Cаіrns, Prоfеssоr M. Gаskіn, А. H. Hаrrіs, А. G. Kеmp, P. D. Murphy, D. А. Nеwlаnds, Prоfеssоr D. W. Pеаrcе, R. Shаw. Bаth Unіvеrsіty: , Prоfеssоr D. Cоllаrd, R. P. Kаmаt, P. Mоslеy. Bіrmіnghаm Unіvеrsіty: , R. Е. Bаckhоusе, R. Clаrkе, D. G. Dіckіnsоn, M. G. Kаnbur, Prоfеssоr M. А. Kіng. Brаdfоrd Unіvеrsіty: , Sіr Frеd Аtkіnsоn (Prоfеssоr), J. Е. Dunwоrth, M. Wіlkіnsоn, P. R. D. Wіlsоn. Brіstоl Unіvеrsіty: , J. Bеаth, R. Bеrry, А. А. Brеwеr, J. Brооmе, M. J. Brоwnіng, Prоfеssоr W. H. Buіtеr, M. Clаrkе, Prоfеssоr А. S. Dеаtоn, M. Іrіsh, І. Jеwіtt, R. Lаcоmbеr, H. S. B. Rееs, D. C. Wеbb, D. Wіntеr, L. А. Wіntеrs. Cаmbrіdgе Unіvеrsіty: , T. Bаrkеr, І. Bеgg, V. Bоrооаh, S. Brоdеrsеn, Prоfеssоr G. Cаmеrоn, Prоfеssоr D. Chаmpеrnоwnе, K. Cоutts, J. C. Crаіg, F. Crіpps, D. А. Dаwsоn, P. M. Dеаnе, J. L. Еаtwеll, R. Еvаns, А. Gіddеns, Prоfеssоr W. А. H. Gоdlеy, А. Gоudіе, Prоfеssоr F. H. Hаhn, J. Humphrіеs, G. K. Іnghаm, R. C. Jоblіng, Lоrd Kаhn (Prоfеssоr), Lоrd Kаldоr (Prоfеssоr), S. M. Kаnbur, M. Kumаr, M. Lаndеsmаnn, А. Lаwsоn, Prоfеssоr J. Е. Mеаdе, G. Mееks, D. Е. Mоggrіdgе, B. Mооrе, H. Myоkеn, Prоfеssоr R. R. Nеіld, P. Nоlаn, M. H. Pеsаrаn, W. Pеtеrsоn, R. vаn dеr Plоеg, Prоfеssоr W. B. Rеddаwаy, J. Rhоdеs, Sіr Аustіn Rоbіnsоn (Prоfеssоr), Prоfеssоr J. Rоbіnsоn, J. Rubеry, P. Ryаn, S. Smіth, K. Stаrzеc, А. Suthеrlаnd, R. Tаrlіng, S. Trеіtеrеіd, J. Trеvіthіck, Prоfеssоr H. А. Turnеr, T. W. Wаrd, M. R. Wеаlе, J. R. Wеlls, C. Whіtеhеаd, F. Wіlkіnsоn. Cаrdіff, Unіvеrsіty Cоllеgе: , C. Bаbеr, D. Bаrry, J. S. Bеnnеtt, R. Blаckmоrе, T. Bоyns, B. Curry, Prоfеssоr K. D. Gеоrgе, G. Hаrbоur, G. C. Hоcklеy, Prоfеssоr Sіr Bryаn Hоpkіn, C. J. McKеnnа, R. McNаbb, L. Mаіnwаrіng, S. Оwеn, M. Phеlps, D. G. Rhys, J. Shоrеy, D. R. Thоmаs. Cіty Unіvеrsіty: , J. Аnsаr, N. Bоsаnquеt, P. Cооk, D. Grаy, Prоfеssоr C. D. Hаrbury, P. Hоll, K. R. Kіrtоn, T. Е. Tuttоn. Dundее Unіvеrsіty: , P. G. Chаpmаn, А. А. Lоnіе, C. M. 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    Shаmе оn thеm аll!

    • 368
      Screwed Taxpayer says:

      We paid for all these useless parasitical bastards — LibLabConners the lot of them

      We don’t need fucking economists, any more than we need all the Spads that the Cnut Camoron has not only failed to cut, but has increased — the lying t(u)rd.

    • 402
      C.O.Jones says:

      Trouble with academics is they are scared.

      If they saw this supertanker of an economic downturn coming and spoke out then they would be shouted down by the rest.

      If they did not see this massive gigantic clusterfuck of a supertanker with all lights blazing and sirens and foghorns at full blast coming at full speed towards them in clear weather – then they were in the majority and could rest easy in the knowledge that they had done their jobs as good as the best of them.

    • 405
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      So many experts all over the world, and look what a fucking mess it’s in.

    • 414
      Professor David Coleman says:

      Surprising how few were from Oxford. You get a better class of brain there.

  69. 366
    Gordon Brown says:

    It has come to my notice that there is more than one of me.

    • 370

      Come back Gorgon — all is forgiven — Camercnut has incurred more debt than you ever did.

      • 372
        Any permutation of the PMs name says:

        . . . . as one of labours usefull idiots I post that, but, showing that I can think for myself:

        “I want Dennis Skinner as speaker.”

        There arn’t I clever?

      • 388
        While we have idiots like this still in denial we cannot remove the cancer of Labour says:

        Should have turned off the tap right away then but how you would have squealed then.
        Cameron is in an impossible position purposely placed there by Brown to fuck up anyone who came behind him. Brown should come back and then go to jail.

  70. 371
    Mr Potato Head says:

    In left wing ideology failure is success.

  71. 375
    First Mark and now Rich. RIP says:

    Has Rich Died?

    The first ever Monday without a toon.

  72. 376
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:


  73. 378
    Best start packing Mr Neil. You're out. The BBC says:
  74. 384
    nell says:

    severe cold and growing icecap halt second attempt to rescue climate change ship in antarctica . It is now mid summer in antarctica so what has happened to all that global warming?

  75. 386
    While we have idiots like this still in denial we cannot remove the cancer of Labour says:

    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:
    December 29, 2013 at 4:35 pm
    Labour didn’t cause the economic crisis

  76. 390
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    My New Year’s message to the British public is that throughout 2014 & 2015, I shall be droning on incessantly about the COST OF LIVING CRISIS.

    The following list is a sample of Labour whinges and is not exhaustive:-

    Fuel costs
    Energy costs
    Water costs
    Food costs
    Childcare costs
    Mobile phone costs
    Shoe leather costs
    Clothing costs
    Haircut costs
    Dry cleaning costs
    Cinema ticket costs
    Travel costs
    Light bulb costs
    Holiday costs
    Housing costs
    University costs

    Labour are the only Party that can make you feel miserable.

    • 417
      While we have idiots like this still in denial we cannot remove the cancer of Labour says:

      All labour do is attempt to get the BBC to put the words “gate” , “crisis” or ” tax” behind the headline

      Even when its not which is normally the case

  77. 392
    Guy News Room says:

    Congratulations to our Spiritual Leader,Guido Fawkes.

    The right political blogger,Guido Fawkes has topped a list of best-dressed men – which also included Harry Styles, David Beckham and the Duke of Edinburgh.

  78. 398
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Doorbell rings at the brothel. A tart answers the door and sees a bloke with no arms and no legs.
    The tart asks, “What do you think you’re doing here?”
    The bloke says, “I rang the doorbell, didn’t I?”

  79. 400
    Scumbag says:

    Rather quiet on the Anelka front.
    Are anti-Semitic gestures ok these days in liberal pc world?étendent-que-la-quenelle-n-est-pas-un-geste-antisémite.html

    • 409
      Mr Potato Head says:

      Methinks France is slowly turning into a country run by National Socialists.

    • 412
      To lose the plot says:

      The problem is that in France the Socialists want to ban Anelka’s mate from performing his comedy act in public places because it is not in keeping with their own views .

    • 420
      Blowing Whistles says:

      This subject was covered in the printed version of the Independent on Sunday at page 36 – a very interesting read.

      Having just read the IOS – I also noted the leader comment about clemency etc but it also spoke of that there is no royal prerogative on clemency such that power has been taken by Ministers and that only on their advice do things happen. So how many ‘corrupted’ , ‘tainted’, ‘entrapped ‘n blackmailed’ Ministers are there in government?

  80. 424
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve been hiding in the cupboard in the nude.

  81. 433
    Del Boy says:

    So what I want you to do, Jean, is go out to work.

    For every four euros you earn I will take three and leave you with one.

    Vous poussez ma bitte, monsieur !

  82. 439
    50 Calibre says:

    Hollande, the daft little twerp, is trying by this move to ingratiate himself to those who voted for him and are mightily disappointed because he’s failed to deliver on any of his pre-election promises. It won’t make any difference, they’ll still kick the diminutive arsehole out at the next election. When they find out that the tax take from those affected actually reduces as a result of his stunning grasp of economics and there’s still no footie and they are still losing their jobs, Hollande will be in fear of his life. He might even get dumped by his live-in bird from Paris Match.

    • 441
      A cheeky scouser says:

      What with that Royle woman and her the guy is clearly a few centimes short of a euro .

      Those women are simply nasty.

  83. 440
    Poirot says:

    Hollande or Pays Base?

  84. 447
    Le Anon of Sensible Socialism for Society says:

    this is a good move.
    75% tax rate for those TAKING millions from France every year.

    Let’s face it…. those people are not spending all that money in France.
    Take, take, take….until the country’s wealth is gone and in the hands of a few.

    LOL at the footballers.
    Thousands of French working class people paying them millions…. don’t want to pay tax cause the French society who payed them obviously don’t need it.

    A 75% tax rate for those who TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF A COUNTRY is a small ask.

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Guido-hot-button (1) Guido-hot-button (1)

Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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