December 28th, 2013

Top Ten Stories of 2013


WATCH: Sun’s Footage of Terrorist Attack Aftermath 245,343
Rolf Harris Arrested By Operation Yewtree Police 206,236
Sunday Sleaze Special 122,034
Exclusive: Cops Trying to Remove Private Eye From Shops 61,394
WATCH: Serbian PM’s Full Frontal No Knickers Flash Interview 46,115
Leveson Effect: Can You See What It Is Yet? 45,766
Claire Perry’s Website Hacked By Porn Prankers 45,448
Jim Davidson Arrested by Operation Yewtree 43,803
Gloria De Piero Topless Photos 40,572
On the Dole Because He Didn’t Want to Get Up For 8:00 a.m. 38,263
Attorney General Warns Press Over Rebekah & Andy 34,827

These are the top ten traffic stories on the blog this year which helped generate some 30 million page views. The shocking footage of the Woolwich jihadis was seen by more people here than elsewhere because of paywalls andf the ITV website crashing under the strain. We were first with the news of the Rolf Harris arrest and we were first with the news of his house being searched as well. Due to the Leveson Effect we were also first with the news of Jim Davidson’s arrest. We hinted at the Brooks – Coulson Affair, despite the Attorney General’s warning. Sex sells; Serbia’s answer to Kirsty Wark has a different technique when it comes to interviewing Prime Ministers, Claire Perry’s porn issues and Gloria De Piero’s boobs are what our readers really want to know about. Paul the unashamed shirker from Clerkenwell amazed readers more than once this year…


  1. 1
    Ed Moribund says:

    I never read this webpage


    • 13
      Oh dear says:

      This worryingly crowded isle: England is officially Europe’s most densely packed country

      – England has overtaken the Netherlands and is second only to tiny Malta

      – Over the next 30 years the gap is expected to widen even more

      – Figures show the huge impact of Labour’s open-door immigration policy

      Population growth is so rapid that four times as many people will soon be crammed in as France and twice as many as Germany.

      England has overtaken the Netherlands to become second only to tiny Malta as the most densely populated nation in the EU.


      • 17
        The Green Party says:

        And of course when it comes to tearing up the British countryside to build houses for all these people we shall stay quiet.
        Multiculturalism does trump environmentalism after all.


      • 18
        Sofia Budapest says:

        Room for 2 million more?
        Move on down at the back!


      • 25
        Cassandra says:

        These figures don’t include the 2 million illegals already here which are not being removed – the latest instruction to the Immigration Service is “Follow the Three Brass Monkeys ” principal and boy, are they following it.


      • 42
        nell says:

        Have just been for a walk in morning sunshine around our neighbouring country park . The only people I’ve met are dog walkers. There are more dogs in this country than people I sometimes think! I absolutely detest dogs!!


      • 141
        Judith Charmless says:

        You again with the fucking Daily Mail links. Yeah yeah fucking yeah, we get it, the country is overrun with immigrants, big fucking news that is. You scaredy c/u/n/t little wank stain, if all the gypos and p@kis and spud heads and dharbs and chicken munching monkeys bothers you all sooo fucking much do something about it then. Don’t just sit there wanking off into your Daily Mails and filling the fucking internet with VOTE UKIP slogans because that aint gonna fucking work. Get yourselves, en masse, down to Dover, or Victoria, or wherever these vermin are entering the country and carve the c/u/n/t/s up. Send out a serious message, you need at least a few hundred of you to make it work, if plod get involved Blakelock one of them live on TV so they know where to fucking stand.
        Do a google search for making your own flame throwers, as the bus loads of tracksuited greasy scum arrive, toast the fucking lot of them, take action, fuck the powers that be, they don’t care about you. They laugh at you, time to stand up and say ENOUGH! Burn the gypos, save your country.


      • 180
        Expat Geordie says:

        The Netherlands and Malta, both places that I have visited several times and love. However I can’t for the life of me comprehend the attitude of the locals towards us. They like us. Why is that?

        In Malta we were the colonial power, and when Italy joined WWII the nearest part of Britain that they could attack was Malta, so from day 1 it was bombed to hell, and became the most bombed place on earth until Laos took that dubious honour in the 1960’s. They were bombed because of the British. They were starved because of the British. And yet, with the exception of the late Dom Mintoff, they like us.

        The Dutch like us (it must be a cultural thing – as far as many people are concerned the Dutch are British people with really funny accents and a strange liking for chocolate sprinkles and camping). When I have visited Arnhem, as I have done on several occasions, the locals really like us. Yet if we hadn’t attacked the town there would have been no big battle, their town wouldn’t have been destroyed and there would have been no hunger winter. So why the hell do they like us.

        The Belgians on the other hand don’t really like us all that much, for much the same reasons as the Maltese and Dutch should dislike us. As the Americans would say, go figure.

        Both the Dutch and the Maltese do have immigration problems. The Dutch have a huge múzzíe issue, which they are too liberal to do anything about. The Maltese are getting lots of North Africans sometimes literally washing up on their shores. I doubt that the Maltese will go down the Dutch route though, being rather conservative and very Roman Catholic.


        • 277
          E G says:

          in the world of ai, e is the exception.

          e is ee as e is a s ee ker.

          e is not b. b is p. r is m. r swings. p is h.

          and wish is a bone. got a bonar yet


          • truth is in the ee. says:

            see around the edge.
            earth may be condensed but it there is hedge around the edge,

            is st nicklaus still in.


        • 279
          Cardinal Biggles says:

          My uncle was in the RAF during WWII and on Malta for a fair time – he had a few amusing anecdotes of his time hunkered down thereabouts. Later on, during the push up Italy he told us some stories of flying in Wellingtons and delivering loads of bom*bs down Vesuvius if the weather was too inclement to get to the intended target – just to see if they could stir it into action. I’ve also got his photos of Il Duce and Clara Petacci hanging upside down in Milan.

          A few years ago I holidayed in Laos, a fascinating country. I used to work with a chap who had been captured by the Pathet Lao whilst flying light aircraft out that way, working for some oil company, allegedly – he spent about a year in captivity, moving from place to place before being released. He reckoned it was all dead boring, the highlight of the week being getting his hair trimmed. Anyway, as we flew over the plain of jars to Xiang Khouang the landscape looked like a rather verdant lunar landscape – bom*b craters everywhere! When we wandered around the site there were numerous warnings to not stray from the marked paths as there were still vast numbers of mines in the area.


    • 19
      dai depressed says:

      the table shows just why tabloids sell


      • 30
        reset says:

        press ron ron ron ron.


      • 78
        Psyche the Dog says:

        But they are all tabloids now, you mean the red tops, well they are very easy reading, not too much depth, half the paper taken up with the footy and ads, and of course some of them have the scantily clad tart somewhere they convenient to take to the reading room in the house or workplace.


        • 480
          all is psyshe. says:

          all is psyshe and all is gogumgo.
          it is a mungo.
          robbie is elastic.
          david loves wah
          li is si si is simon
          co says who woo who
          my simon is mine who will piers.


          • simon is sim says:

            simon is me
            and the huwain will meet,
            it us naga. it may be suckie so says the duck.

            commect rhyme with wine,
            comet is klwed out, supports a friend who is AIDS.
            He knowV mmm


      • 523
        Blind_leading_the_blind says:

        Obviously “Tittle Tattle, gossip and rumours about Westminster’s Mother of Parliaments” wasn’t working.


    • 27
      sexiSale says:

      goto top of the klau.


    • 79
      Dave says:

      Bigoted Woman. We have thrown billions at windmills and then she has the cheek to complain about no electricity over Christmas.

      Whose idea was it for me to talk to her?


    • 246
      Get a real job says:

      Time for Guido and our elected representatives to get themselves a real job, preferably without a mic, camera, key board being used or meetings to attend.


    • 251
      D E lastic says:

      spring on.


    • 403
      Anonymous says:

      Twas the night before Christmas and all round the place
      Tories have realised their losing the race
      UKIP have gotten them right on the ropes
      In the EU election they haven’t a hope
      R+B immigrants let in by these fools
      Will all require healthcare, housing and schools
      The Tories it seems obey EU orders
      And flatly refuse to shut down our borders
      So it’s good-by to Cameron and all of his mates
      And hello to someone we know Cameron hates



      • 414
        his is a season to be says:

        eus ll
        have a liein.

        when in london watch the oh.
        factor five


      • 441
        Mr Nobody says:

        Nigel Farage has come out and said we should open the floodgates to hundreds of thousands of Syrians with who knows how many islamist nutjobs among them. The Tories won’t allow that to happen.


    • 524
      left wing, right wing, they're all turkeys. . says:

      Does this set a precedent?

      Happy New Year.


  2. 2
    Just can't get over it says:

    I haven’t been able to enjoy my Christmas, I’ve been so upset about Mandela …


  3. 4
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today you may address me as Darth Syrius.
    With my newly-usurped authority I hereby abolish all ball games.


  4. 5
    Claire Perry says:

    It appears that stories about sex are what googlers are looking for.

    You should pass on the tip to your paymaster.


    • 111
      Handycock whipping it out says:

      In that case I should be the number 1 story on this blog. Boaz.


      • 146
        Grand Master, Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street says:

        Still looking for whoever leaked this story Handy. Have your boys had any luck? jahbulon.


        • 148
          Chief Constable, Hampshire Constbulary says:

          Don’t worry Handy. We and the CPS are looking after you, we are after all, the second most masonic police force after the Yorkshire force. This should give you a bit of confidence. Jachin.


        • 227
          Portsmouth Police have arrested and bailed a 69 year od pensioner for stalking Mike Hancock MP says:

          This is how it is done in Portsmouth.


          • Masonic Portsmouth Police says:

            The pensioner we have arrested and bailed for stalking
            Handy, is disabled and travels around on an electric wheelchair. We therefore consider him highly dangerous, although he has only seen Handy once in the last 12 months. We cannot understand why a prominent human rights lawyer has volunteered to represent this reprobate. The case will be coming before the Crown Court on 13 january 2014. Boaz.


          • Handycock the Pervert's Pervert says:

            Well done boys. Boaz.


      • 268
        out of a aim high says:

        bill gates exception.
        handihock exceptional.


        • 497
          GVJ says:

          I need some advice as my husband has no political antennae whatsoever. This is what Handy plans for the future.

          Although he has lost the LibeDem whip as an MP, he still sits as a LibDem Councillor in Portsmouth with executive responsibility for planning which he has held for decades. The trouble is Handy does not realise that if we endorse a sexual abuser, molester and pervert to stand (now that the Pascoe report has been leaked), none of us are going to get re-elected. Handy is determined to become Leader so that he can continue his planning rackets for his boys and his masonic buddies with the asylum seekers, He has got us so involved in all his rackets that he says he will take us all down with him if he is not re-elected as a Councillor; the trouble is we will all go down if he is and he will not accept that. What am I to do? Boaz.


  5. 6
    I don't need the bloody Daily Mail to tell me we have a problem says:

    The top story for me this year is that we had three big issue sellers (beggars) dotted around my one horse market town Christmas eve.
    When I lived in London I only saw big issue sellers in the centre of town.
    Oxford st,Kings cross etc
    Now I see not one but THREE of the fuckers here in the wilds of wonny.
    Safe to say none of the three selling the “Beeg Ishoo” were English.
    Message to Clegg and Cable.
    If we have that many immigrants in this country that they can afford to send out gangs of beggars to a small town like mine,then we have TOO FUCKING MANY.


    • 9
      BBC Metrosexual Marxist says:

      How racist of you. Don’t you know they enrich our culture and do the jobs our own white youth are too disgusting and lazy to do. White English people think begging is beneath them – so only lovely immigrants can fulfil this useful role in society. If you don’t like our editorial left-wing slant there is NOTHING you can do about it, since non-payment of your telly tax will have you branded a criminal. Ha !


      • 93
        Psyche the Dog says:

        Just think for a while, Dave’s pals in big industry want cheap labour and don’t forget his “glory project” HS2, a lot of manual labour needed, they want to put pressure on the lower orders to keep wages down so do all the CBI and Inst. Directors plus if they have worked on similar projects abroad they will only need the minimum of training a very expensive item to an employer. Just think of the doctors (mostly junior doctors) now working in NHS hospitals and of course nurses and doctors in private hospitals, especially in Londonistan


      • 172
        Cinna says:

        Are you saying we have such a shortage of indigenous Big Issue sellers we have to recruit them from abroad?


        • 205
          Alan Chingachgook says:

          I have found their ‘Big Ishoo’ cry captivating and am also pleased that very few Eastern European sellers have dog assistants. However I have also found that most of the copies are some weeks/months old and have assumed a wholesale distribution scam. I do like my issue to be up to date.


          • Expat Geordie says:

            I’ve stopped buying it. Unless the seller speaks proper English and is identifiably British, I’m not interested. However, British Big Issue sellers are people too. (Struggling with the grammar on that last bit, “to” or “too”?) and when one near us was beaten to death by a bunch of “lads” it didn’t go down too well because the bloke was quite popular.

            (How can it be manslaughter when you attack a man when he is asleep, and then go away, only to come back with a shopping trolley to drop on his head? Murdering little bastards – the jury must have been asleep when the judge explained the difference between murder and manslaughter. And the longest sentence was only two years.)


  6. 7
    No female Serbian journos in MY wank bank. says:

    Why oh why did you have to block out her fanny?


  7. 10
    Burgers are bad for you says:

    With a bit of luck the best read story of 2014 will be about the assassination of our three traitorous “leaders”, followed closely in second place by the implosion of the EU.


    • 12
      Long John Silver's parrot says:

      Brooks in prison?

      Coulson in prison?

      Rolf Harris in prison?

      Nicholas Sarkozy in prison ?

      Sergio Berlusconi in prison ?

      Jerome Cahuzac in prison ?

      General Musharraf in prison ?

      Sodje in prison ?

      2014 promises to be a fascinating year


      • 14
        Trust Dennis to spoil it says:

        McShane out of prison


      • 16
        Expat Geordie says:

        The first three I can agree with, but the rest are none of our business.


        • 71
          Arrest the lot of them says:

          Musharaff is supported by a (n allegedly) corrupt cabal of councillors and small businessmen in the UK – who network together across British political party lines. This becomes our business when you see how much public money these guys are able to get their hands on.


        • 171
          Expat Geordie says:

          Hey, I have my own doppelgänger. I don’t agree with the first three actually, especially since I’m not sure that any of them, especially Harris, can get a fair trial.


      • 35
        The Spirit Of Christmas Present says:

        Tony Blair in prison?

        Come on, you’re not even trying.


        • 57
          I'm usually quite a nice person says:

          Not prison for Blair, but a lingering nasty illness.


        • 130
          The Report that the British Public will NEVER see published says:

          NOT until Chilcot is published AND that is unlikely anytime soon(most certainly not before 2015 election and then if Labour win…NEVER) and even if it is then the old “I acted in the national interest on the facts and information before me at the time” Defence


          • That excuse wont wash says:

            He cant use that defence as he was quite equivocal that the intellegence he had seen was ‘beyond doubt’. It turns out it was no such thing. Blair misled, end off.


  8. 15
    Kebab Time says:

    Great year Guido, you have got a top team in the Guy news Room :)

    Merry Christmas to all in Guy news Room and readers and a happy new year :) xx


  9. 22
    'Call me Dave' Dave says:

    Just received initial list of people who have ‘opted in’ to p0rn with their ISP.

    Needless to say I’m sending it straight on to SOCA and all child protection agencies so they can add to their databases. No smoke without fire!


  10. 23
    nell says:

    Interesting year all round – bandwagon militwit still preserving his blank sheet of paper, bullyballs still espousing hollande’s economics where 17500 more unemployed is ‘reducing unemployment’ – disloyal vince cable still running round trying to stab his colleagues in the back – vacuous chuckusyamoney still spending £3 plus a new suit every month or so – hodgethedodge still knocking others over taxes whilst doing much the same herself .

    I’m sure we can expect more of the same in 2014. Happy New Year folks!


    • 31
      BBC 24 Hr rolling bollocks says:

      The bad news from the BBC is,you will be getting shit for 2014
      The good news. there’s plenty of it.


      • 44
        nell says:

        haven’t watched the biased beeb in years – and certainly not their excuse for a ‘news’ programme.


        • 85
          C.O.Jones says:

          Too right, their “indoctrination lessons” are for the those who cannot think for themselves and are happy to have leftie drivel shoved down their throats year in year out.


    • 52
      Blowing Whistles says:

      And remember when politicians national and local are telling you fibs – they all spout the no1 mantra word “Aspirations” – and derivations thereof.


    • 112
      Psyche the Dog says:

      ” vacuous chuckusyamoney still spending £3 plus a new suit every month or so ” good grief you cannot get a suit at a charity shop for that!


  11. 28
    altruism in industry says:

    I think that climate change ship is still stuck. BBC can’t bring itself to say ” thick ice” but rather it says “dense ice”


    • 32
      BBC red bottom says:

      The science is settled.
      Global warming caused floods and wind and heatwaves and waterfalls and long grass and poverty and the bedroom tax and foodbanks and Mandela’s death and …well…everything!


    • 46
      nell says:

      A ship full of climate change believers stuck in the antarctic ice in the middle of a southern hemisphere summer. ++++Laugh++++


    • 119
      Psyche the Dog says:

      To all those Globle Warming Deniers do not faulter, Guido Fawkes gives his absolute cast iron guarantee that there is not global warning and is even willing to bet his life earnings thay nothing will change in his life time, there, he cannot do better than that can he.


      • 313
        Thick or what? says:

        There is no such thing as a global warming denier, the climate always fluctuates. There are many deluded imbeciles however, who imagine puny humans can actually change the weather.


    • 156
      Mong Watch says:

      The arseholes who are stuck on that boat should be fed to the penguins.

      Those who are trying to tax for Green shit in the UK, and have fucked up energy policy must be hanged.


    • 181
      Expat Geordie says:

      Heard on Radio 4 a few days ago some bloke saying that thicker ice cover in the Antarctic was proof that global warming existed. Nearly dróve my car off the road when I heard that. It might have been “Inside Science” or some such drivel.


    • 183
      Expat Geordie says:

      Héard on Radio 4 a few days ago some bloke saying that thicker ice cover in the Antarctic was proof that global warming existed. Nearly dróvé my car off the road when I heard that. It might have been “Inside Science” or some such drívél.


      • 190
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Why don’t you do some research on the pathetic Climate change / AGW report that Lord Stern offered up to the Labour Government in 2007 – which was then bought into by Ed Milimarxistand a j’ew for which we are all being ‘forced to’ pay increased taxes for.

        Stern has recently rowed back and created yet another pitiful excuse to promote his busted myths – the man is in denial that he bought into a madoff-style scam.

        The whole Communist thing was a j’ew creation – not by all j’ews but by the Internationale nomad arm of them – who today comprise of many of them and their non due dupes – the zio boys like blair.

        Take yeur fucking blinkers off expat you twat.


        • 201
          JadedJean says:

          Of course, you are broadly correct, however there are some J’ews, who are labelled as “self haters” by their brethren, who also see their behaviour for what it is.

          Mr Blair, does he, and his champions/funders, read any of this do you think? In my humble view, one group is making a takeover bid for the whole of Europe, and the model is democidal liberal-democracy ;-(

          Note ‘Political Correctness’ (including anti-racism) was a creation of the Frankfurt School in order to undermine outgroups…to further its own group’s agenda.

          Politics. It’s a dirty game, and what goes around tends to come around – eventually.

          Remember, behaviours are largely inherited. what I’m trying to say is that they cannot help the way they behave. It is done unconsciously.


          • Not Blowing Whistles says:

            The self hating, sane, insane and other permutations of 2×4 self projection are irrelevant.

            What is relevant is that !srael is a nuclear armed major gas producer in the middle east, and not really aligned too well with anyone at present.

            In fact their real enemies are now forming in response to this upset to the balance of power over hydrocarbon control.

            That puts them squarely on the meal table, as a koshered course.

            The 2×4’s have for once a right to be very scared, and vengeance will be meted out sooner than many politely suspect.

            If they get in the way of commerce, just nuking those who offer resistance is an option. Look at what happened in !raq.

            As all things come around, one should think again about the war on terror, and which particular terrorists the real powers are fed up with appeasing now.

            When you have both America and Russ!a seeking to contain and exert control, and an indifferent Ch!na and Europe, some bleating sheep in the UK are not going to make any difference.

            That fabled isolation held up as an opaque propagandized shield becomes a very focused mirror of accidental reality.

            Will be an interesting new year for some, perhaps more so for the bone head thug that is holding office in T’el A’viv… ;-)


        • 231
          Expat Geordie says:

          Pissed again Pete. Well at your age (78 isn’t it) the booze does tend to take effect more quickly. And of course the fact that you are still working at 78, despite being “dísábléd” is going to make you all bitter and twisted.

          And Ex-army (twice) and ex-TA (twice) as well. Can I ask which unit? Wouldn’t be 49 Para would it? Bet you are itching to deploy with the rest of the walts.

          Anyway, here are the results of the Redhill and Northbourne Ward by-election in Bournemouth on 31st May 2012, as quoted in the Bournemouth Daily Echo:

          “David D’Orton-Gibson, who unsuccessfully stood in the ward last May, topped the poll this time with 675 votes.

          Labour candidate Jo Kennedy came second with 539 votes and former councillor Pat Lewis came third for the Liberal Democrats with 424 votes.

          Another former councillor Claire Smith was the top Independent candidate, coming fourth with 398 votes.

          UKIP received 327 votes, the Green Party 54, Independent Paul Graham 51, the B&P 42 and Independent Pete Woodley 15. ”

          Fifteen vote, eh Pete. A whole 15. That works out at 0.6% of the vote. More people in Redhill and Northbourne believe that Elvis is still alive than believe in you.


        • 233
          Expat Geordie says:

          Pissed again Pete. Well at your age (78 isn’t it) the booze does tend to take effect more quickly. And of course the fact that you are still working at 78, déspite being “dí sá bléd” is going to make you all bittér and twisted.

          And Ex-ármy (twice) and ex-TA (twice) as well. Can I ask which unit? Wouldn’t be 49 Pára would it? Bet you are itching to deploy with the rest of the wálts.

          Anyway, here are the results of the Rédhill and Northbóurne Ward by-election in Bournemouth on 31st May 2012, as quoted in the Bournemouth Daily Echo:

          “David D’Ortón-Gibsón, who unsuccessfully stood in the ward last May, topped the poll this time with 675 votes.

          Labour candidate Jo Kénnedy came second with 539 votes and former councillor Pát Léwis came third for the Liberal Democrats with 424 votes.

          Another former councillor Claire Smith was the top Independent candidate, coming fourth with 398 votes.

          UKIP received 327 votes, the Green Party 54, Independent Páúl Gráham 51, the B.&.P 42 and Independent Pete Woodley 15. ”

          Fifteen votes, eh Pete. A whole 15. That works out at 0.6% of the vote. More people in Redhill and Northbourne believe that Elvís is still alive than believe in you.


        • 421
          wake me up wit says:

          when u ouys and grrrls have wound not. time will shoft.

          silent s.
          sow me .


  12. 34
    Anonymous says:



  13. 37
    'Chillaxing' Dave says:

    Every day, in every way, I make England crappier and crappier.


  14. 38
    David Cameron says:

    I have sorted out all this flooding nonsense. I have told Serco to be quicker at offering canoes for hire.

    Toodle pip.


    • 124
      Psyche the Dog says:

      Go on Dave you can sat it now you are back in your nice dry house, “We are all in it together”


  15. 43
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Lynton Crosby has tuned into and prised out the true spirit of the Tory Party – a Party of hatred. A party that hates those who can least defend themselves, the poor, the immigrants, the ethnic minorities.

    Tory Party is now a UKIP + Wonga Party. A Party takes donation from Wonga who preys on the vulnerable with 5000% interest rate.

    Cameron : “I am a Wonga”, Boris: ” I am a Wonga”, Osborne: “I am a Wonga”, Party anthem ” Wonga Wonga Wongagaga, Wonga Wonga Wongagaga, let’s keep this land of ours for the white English people and a land for the preys of Wonga”.


    • 48
      nell says:

      which is worse MK wonga loans or the labour party, and militwit particularly, accepting £100 of £thousands in donations from the boss of Bet365?


      • 137
        Mr Potato Head says: is a British payday loan company offering “short-term, high-cost credit”. The company was founded in 2006 by Errol Damelin and Jonty Hurwitz.

        So remind me who was in power in 2006?

        Hint: The same party who was in charge when food banks first opened up.


    • 51
      Ianto Evans says:

      I always though the Tory Party was full of rich stnuc.

      I never have a problem with them starting from this position but I do keep my hands firmly in my trousers.


      • 60
        nell says:

        Indeed and the labour front bench is made up of such poor people – multimillionaire militwit and his equally rich brother who has run away to the USA to make more money as a hugely overpaid charity boss. chuckusyamonay who thinks nothing to spending £3000 on a suit because his father left him a very wealthy man. Then there’s hodge the dodge so poor with her £millions she can’t even afford to pay proper taxes.

        And we must not forget the real multi millionaires of the labour party – gordonbrown with his £millions salted down into a charity to prevent HM Insp of Taxes from getting their sticky fingers on his money , tonybliar with his multimillions hidden away in a myriad of secret companies for some reason and mandy , who spent a fair few £million on the last fancy house he bought.

        Oh yes labour are very modest , genuine working class, poor people. LOL!


        • 65
          Arrest the lot of them says:

          Some are out and out thieves who have taken the money and hidden it in overseas accounts; others choose to build up unfeasibly large and expanded property portfoliios with no obvious provenance for their funds. There are several who, like Hain, are so rich they can ‘forget’ where they mislaid six figure sums.


          • Tessa, fuck off babe says:

            Oh, the fragrant Tessa Jowell, bidding to become Mayor of London, but having no idea of her mortgage, husband’s activities, or much else really. She is nowt more than an ugly gobshite, a hypocritically pious rent-a-gob.
            One day I may actually say what I think of her and her con-man husband.


          • Berlosconi, criminal and teen-molester says:

            Is it yet officially in thw public record that I was the one who paid for her house


          • Separation of convenience to avoid having their home possessed by the police says:

            Tessa Jowell claims she didnt realise she was signing a mortgage form yet she wants to run one of the largest cities in the world. Fuck off !


        • 73
          Ianto Evans says:

          The problem is the Labour stnuc are two faced so you never know which way they turn.

          The Tories are stnuc and they know that you know it.

          As Labour are out of power with no hope of a return you can safely forget about them. The only thing is the Tory stnuc are in Downing St with the cars and expense accounts and you have to guess how they are going to fcuk you next.


    • 59
      Regular reader sometime commentator says:

      Being as this is Christmas I shall not do my usual ignore your comments MC but instead say this.
      You are a C*nt.


    • 82
      Sam the Skull drinking Buckfast in Maryhill and dodging the Strathclyde constabulary says:

      England is now Wonga Wonga land? How is this different from Bongo Bongo land? Or Bojo Bojo land?


      • 114
        Loopy Lou says:

        What goes round comes round.


      • 318
        Jack Ketch says:

        That is interesting as Errol and Jonty are both South African (plus Israeli in case of the need to do a bunk and avoid extradition). Bongo-Bongo, Wonga-Wonga, Sabie-Sabie, Mala-Mala, Zuma-Zuma, Skinto-Skinto—all the same Bwana.


        • 324
          Psyche the Dog says:

          So tell us Jack when are you going to board their galleon, and make them either walk the plank or hold them to ransom, could be rich pickings there for buccaneers.


    • 177
      Alan Chingachgook says:

      Infantile shit


  16. 54
    Voice Of Reason says:

    If UKIP are the real people’s party then why have they failed to have any MPs elected in the 15 years or do that they’ve been around? Seems to me that they enjoy coverage which is way out of proportion to their actual support.

    We have no history of electing fringe parties such as this which are organised around a very narrow policy objective, due to our ‘first-past-the-post’ electoral system. They have managed to get Euro MPs elected mainly because of the low turnout such elections attract.


    • 61
      Democracy Now says:

      You can say the same of any of the three main parties. When was the last time a government of this country was supported by more than half of the potential electorate? Or even of those who bothered to turn up and vote? When, for that matter, did we last have any aspect of our electoral system even approximating to One Man One Vote?


      • 317
        Thick or what? says:

        Fringe party?

        Are you talking about the Lib-Dem’s who can’t even muster 10% in the polls?

        The die is broken, change is coming and no matter how much you hate it, the end of the LabLibConspiracy is in sight.

        Suck it up.


    • 62
      Logical conclusion says:

      I agree in fact let’s go further and merge the LibLabCons together and face up to the fact we live in a one party fucking state.


  17. 58
    Methylated says:

    I tried to make a list of categories of workers, parts of society and public bodies the Tories have run down since 2010. e.g.NHS, Doctors, Police, Firemen, Education, Unions,Teachers, Immigrants, Church Clergy , Unemployed, single mothers EU etc.

    The list become rather long. You coold be forgiven for thinking that they hate Britain and its values.

    I have come to the conclusion it’s simpler to find groups they haven’t yet demonised. e.g. Financiers, Rich , Multi-National Corporations etc


    • 62
      nell says:

      Well the NHS and state education was rubbished by labour long before the current government came to power. I’ll give you that the present government hasn’t done a great deal to repair the damage since 2010. But let’s be fair burnham and bullyballs were responsible for the trashing of those two institutions not this government.


    • 68
      None hates the Brits as much as Labour says:

      Public and civil servants were priced out of the housing market under labours watch.
      Or doesn’t putting a roof over your head count as part of the cost of living?


      • 86
        Normal Guy says:

        Many civil servants are useless lumps doing pointless things. I am not too bothered about their fate because as a whole they have selfishly looked after themselves while running this country into the ground. No doubt there are a few exceptions, but that is how I feel these days.


  18. 64
    Joss Taskin says:

    Is Peter Mandelason Nelson Mandela’s son ?


  19. 66
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:

    Time to increase my Green taxes….


    • 80
      Normal Guy says:

      So. Sea levels will rise if there is an ice age, and sea levels will rise when there is global warming.

      And the environmentalists wonder why some people think they are a bunch of tossers just making guesses at random in the hope that some of them will strike lucky.


      • 84
        Environmentalist says:

        We’re all going to die if taxes are not increased!!!


        • 94
          Blue Peter Goldfish says:

          Just had some bad press (though little reported), Russian Tourist ship stuck in ice in Antarctica (summer), Chinese ice breaker sent to rescue them stuck in ice in Antarctica, Is Monbiot pulling my plonker?.


        • 97
          C.O.Jones says:

          An environmentalist is a scientist with no formal need for maths, physics, biology or chemistry.

          And if you do not believe me then go on any university website and look at their entry requirements for undergraduate study in Environmental Science – some universities require only one of the above subjects without maths at A level. Many require none.

          Yet you are still awarded a BSc. Some science that is!


      • 88
        Blue Peter Goldfish says:

        Man proposes, God disposes!.


    • 202
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Thank you for this little gem – from the New York Times of 1969. What with so many gems being looked back at as in what was published many years ago – I do believe there is a big panic on in the highest echelons of the deluding and duping ranks and that one of the most worried men on the planet should be Henry fucking Kissinger – a cold eyed barren of all humanity greedy SOAB.


      • 321
        Jack Ketch says:

        I am so nostalgic for the Frost Fairs on the Thames from the 1500s to 1814, or the freezing of New York harbour in the 1700s. Of course that was before people began to pump so much CO2 into the atmosphere.


  20. 67
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    Anal Jihad ~> What will Owen Jones say about this? Yes, there’s video!


  21. 89
    The First Browning PM says:


    • 102
      Chukka Harrison says:

      Some lazy journalists call me the new Mandela. Its not a comparison I have ever encouraged.

      PS – Please see my new wiki page – Chukka is The New Mandela


    • 109
      Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:


  22. 98
    Jimmy says:

    Obviously the blog has a very discerning audience.


  23. 101

    The State’s acts are described rather differently compared with how exactly the same acts are described when done by an individual. Here are some examples:

    ║                     ║                             ║
    ║     STATE           ║         INDIVIDUAL          ║
    ║                     ║                             ║
    ║                     ║                             ║
    ║ income tax          ║ theft                       ║
    ║ bailout             ║ handling stolen property    ║
    ║ subsidies           ║ receiving stolen property   ║
    ║ quantitative easing ║ counterfeiting              ║
    ║ old age pension     ║ ponzi scheme                ║
    ║ welfare payments    ║ highway robbery             ║
    ║ 0% interest         ║ stealing from the elderly   ║
    ║ permits             ║ mafia behaviour             ║
    ║ foreign aid         ║ fraudulent conversion       ║
    ║ TV licence          ║ aggravated robbery          ║
    ║ property forfeiture ║ armed robbery               ║
    ║ police raid         ║ breaking and entering       ║
    ║ airport pat-down    ║ sexual assault              ║
    ║ war                 ║ terrorism                   ║
    ║ collateral damage   ║ murder                      ║
    ║ regime change       ║ genocide                    ║
    ║                     ║                             ║


    • 105
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      Samuel Johnson got it all wrong :-)


    • 144
      Judith Charmless says:

      That’s an American bit of shite you have posted there you thick fucking retard mong, fuck off back to your shit blog, everyone here detests you. Sad sack of lonley unfunny shit. The loser at the end of the bar on his own one man pub quiz team because everyone else in the pub knows he is a c/u/n/t.


      • 193

        I am most grateful to you for responding to my post. I have seen the item to which you refer but it is cloaked in Americanisms, so I have made an attempt at an English version. The theory holds good, at least for some of us.

        Clearly you have no problem with income tax and think that everyone should be paying much more. That is possibly on account that you do not pay any. Either you are on benefits or you are employed by the state, in which case we effectively pay your tax for you.

        That being the case, may I invite you to make love and travel. Should you not invite me, then that makes it very simple. If you don’t like what I write, either don’t read it or fuck off.


        • 203
          Judith Charmless says:

          Wind your fucking neck in Nobby-No-Mates. I rip your shitty little post to fucking shreds, call you out for the sad lonely wanker you are and the best you can do is accuse me of not paying taxes? Very fucking weak. I don’t even live in your fuck hole of a country, too many arsholes like you moaning on all the time without the balls or the brains to do anything about it. I do however still pay full tax there, I’m kind of sentimental like that, I enjoy the fact the gov can sp’unk it up the wall on d’harbs and spudheads and lefty lesbo asylum seekers that wind ‘tards like you up. So in a round about way c/u/n/t/w/a/d/d/ you owe me, you fucking owe me big time you sad pathetic toss pot. And some extra info for you, no one on here likes your fucking comments, no one thinks you are funny or clever or witty. They all, quite rightly, think you are a massive fucking annoying, sad, lonely bell end who lives alone and only has the internet for company, I genuinely hope you are house bound, preferably in constant pain and fear, that would at least be an excuse for your fuckwittery.

          Have a wonderful new year.


          • I enjoy the fact the gov can sp’unk it up the wall…

            Wow. And you think I have a problem!


          • Auntie says:

            Take no notice of him, dear.


          • Polly Toynbee says:

            JadedJean has lost it tonight.


          • Awwww are you missing cock...? says:

            Mouthy little arsetard, all mash and no sausages ain’t ya pal?


          • Alan Retentive says:

            I prefer his conceit to your ill temper.

            You do not have the faintest idea as to the make up of opinion on this blog regarding SC, do you? You are simply guessing, and projecting your thoughts as fact.

            Not very clever.


          • Restorer says:

            Anyone who actually wants the govt to spend more on this blog is a troll and JJ is certainly one of those


          • Thanks for sticking up for me, but I know that most people on this blog think that I am a pseudo-intellectual twat and I do my best to live up to that billing.


          • Most people know that 12:32 am is yet another feeble sockpuppet.


          • @Judith Charmless (mimesis?)

            So you are a public employee then. Thank you for confirming this by signally avoiding mentioning it. I owe you nothing but your salary is paid by me and others here like me. In typical socialist style you throw it in everyone’s face who pays real taxes i.e. money that they have had to earn without the state paying them.

            This feeling is enforced by your overweening suggestion that you are empowered to speak upon everyone else present, another hallmark of socialism.

            It may not have occurred to you that when I comment here, the last thing I do is concern myself as to whether people will agree with me. If they do, that is great but if they don’t, I will still say what I do because I believe in myself.

            Ronald Reagan once said: Some people go an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. Marines don’t have that problem. I was never a marine but like them, I do not have that problem either.

            Things you are almost bound to do today have been affected by my work. What is more I do not expect the world to support me just for that, as you appear to do.

            Your extensive ad hominem reveals your own deep insecurity and lack of ability to argue the facts.

            I see someone suggests you are JadedJean. I do hope you are not.

            Have a wonderful New Year yourself.


          • Jack Ketch says:

            You are the head of the BBC Language Unit and I claim my expensive lunch at a Soho restaurant!


          • Alan Chingachgook says:

            Dear Cat,
            I think the lunatics have gone. Phew, thank goodness for that.
            Have a very happy new year.


          • @Alan Chingachgook (shorn of your longer style – even the dogs have to rest sometimes!)

            Thank you so much and the same to you.

            There is no problem with disagreement and I am not shy of using strong language myself but, when people are totally taken up with personalities and ignore content, you have to worry for their sanity.

            Everyone can be wrong, myself included, but if that idiot harping on about popularity and relevance had taken the bother to cast his eye above the title on the other side of the page, where it says Tell Guido What You Know, then he would have seen something which did not accord with his stance.

            It was my feeling that I had to win the argument against him without resorting to such indicators, as the ego trip thing never did matter that much to me – except perhaps to make fun out of. Thank you for now giving me that opportunity. :-)


        • 453
          Judith Charmless says:

          When did I say I work for the public sector? You are just a fucking parody mate, a mash up of reactionary, tutting, middle class Daily Mail/Telegraph readers. I don’t work for any fucking public sector you insulting little shit. As i said earlier, I don’t even live in the fucking hell hole UK anymore, I earn my crust elsewhere, have a look at your blog stats if you wanna find out where I live you fucking tard. It does seem I have successfully managed to troll the living fuckery out of you though judging by all the times you have decided to reply, apparently with a straight face. I am at least honoured that you took the trouble. My good friend Chinky Davey never elicited such replies from you. ;- )
          “May the Yuletide log slip from your fire and burn your fucking house down”


    • 175
      Libertarian says:

      You missed out:

      green belt laws ║ theft


  24. 106
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:



  25. 108
    David Cameron says:

    I see that the England cricket team continue to impress.


  26. 125
    Larry the Cat says:

    The RSPCA is “sinister and nasty”.

    I have heard some crap in my time but this latest offering from the Independent really takes the biscuit.


    • 128
      Forward with guidance says:

      Well according to Tristram white schoolboys are failing at school because of immigrants from Eastern Europe.

      That really is the daftest thing I have read in a long time.


      • 133
        A BBC Special Correspondent says:

        If you could understand French you would be falling off your chair right now listening to Hollande explaining how single handedly he has turned around the curve of unemployment.

        It is truly priceless.


        • 136
          Labour will make Hollande's Socialistslook actually fiscally competent says:

          Watch out for ” Labour’s Economic Strategy for the UK” coming to the UK in May 2015


      • 135
        A Mystery says:

        One of the reasons they fail is because in the early 90’s the GCSE exams were re-jigged away from one off exams that required vast amounts of facts to be memorized and then regurgitated into Project Work which accounted for over 50% mark at GCSE. The former favored “Boys” whereas the latter favoured “Girls”(and of course Some Parents” who anecdotally were allegedly responsible for over 30% of completed projects achieving A*


        • 142
          Mr Potato Head says:

          Project ‘work’ also favoured those who got other people to do the work for them, including copying from the internet.


          • Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

            My nephew told me his school never lets him write an essay at home because they think it will be written by an adult or copied off the internet.


          • Thomas from Tonna says:

            One of my relatives is a teacher.

            When she gave little Johnny 0/20 for copying something off the internet the parents kicked off demanding she be sacked.

            When she quoted the URL page reference in full things went very quiet.


          • A Mystery says:

            That’s why most universities specify that students must submit both a “hard paper copy” and an electronic copy of any essay and their dissertation and failure to submit electronic copy is an “automatic fail”. Allegedly universities are supposed to have some sort of wonder software that will pick up phrases etc(unless properly annotated as references which is allowable) and stop plaguarism although I am not totally 100% convinced that firstly they have such a system and secondly that it works


          • Lord Wreath says:

            Funny, why do TV detector vans immediately come to mind ?


        • 326
          Jack Ketch says:

          @ A Mystery says:
          There are several examples of plagiarism detection software available. Top universities use “Turnitin”, although there are supposedly better products around. There is a semi-free (i.e. limited free use plus basic paid use) product called “Grammarly” that one can download. I have used to to stuff-up a few pompous blowhards on political/economic websites


      • 145
        Daft, dismal, and fooked says:

        What about Thomas the Tank Engine being the reason that there are so few wimmin train drivers?


      • 197
        Edward Lear says:

        “Telegenic Tristram Twat
        used to Hunt, but not a lot.
        Now he’s into white boy bums:
        they cannot read, nor do sums.”

        [Submitted for the Cholmondeley Award.]


  27. 138
    Watch Kieron play football and mop the floor says:


    • 151
      No female Serbian journos in MY wank bank. says:

      “The only jobs i can do are sitting down, i don’t have the qualifications for that”

      What the fuck does that mean..?

      This ginger twat has the IQ of a coat hanger.


      • 162
        Lazy Bastards says:

        Do any of his parents work ? Just curious.


        • 174
          Pick litter for bennies says:

          How does he put his trousers on/socks/wipe his backside or is his mother hoping to become his carer.More to this scammer than meets the eye.


          • Cinna says:

            He comes from Oldham…say no more!


          • Bilda Berger says:

            Right at the beginning of the video he leaves the kitchen, walks into the hallway and notices something on the floor — which he is just about to bend down and pick up when the cretin remembers he is being videoed, so he just walks on.

            He should be put on a chain gang and made to repay everything he’s stolen from the taxpayer since the age of 3.


      • 291

        It means he doesn’t have the mental capacity to squat on a shitter!


    • 191
      David Cameron says:

      Bone idle fucker


    • 400
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      Slag of a mother drinking Coke, no wonder she’s fat! What’s with the father? He comes across as a smack-freak. Son looks like an axe-murderer, look at his eyes!


  28. 157
    Fuck the EU says:

    Vote UKIP.


  29. 161
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Dame Butler-Sloss is a fucking lying bitch as are so many of her colleagues wearing fucking wigs.


  30. 163
    Real Conservatives vote UKIP says:

    Bright Blue will publish a “liberal Conservative manifesto” in April, to ensure there is a “balanced, moderate message” from the Conservatives. This will call for an increase in the minimum wage and a focus on schools, childcare and dementia – issues that matter to the vast majority of people.

    … while totally ignoring the issues that most people have at the top of their priority lists. Let’s consider the chosen subjects :
    Schools – mostly trashed by pushing a warped ‘PC’ Common Purpose agenda.
    Childcare – making sure the abusers lurking within the ‘establishment’ are protected.
    Dementia – ensuring that the majority of our supposed representatives are mentally ill and open to suggestion by their controllers.

    You couldn’t ask for clearer proof that the Conservative party has been infiltrated and is being destroyed from within.
    Cameron & Co. are toast.


    • 184
      Libertarian Times says:

      But infiltrated by whom and what is their agenda?


      • 189
        fuck your modbot Fawkes says:

        Google ‘cpexposed’.


      • 200
        Blowing Whistles says:

        The Internationale – a combo of the Right sided craft and Left sided CP – yes the left and right who are desperate to maintain their faltering grip upon the misinformed British Public. Adam Wieshaupt pulled a right good stunt on the craft some 100 or more years ago – he knew they could be bought for their own personal and financial greed.


    • 221
      One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

      I understand what you’re saying, but what this country needs, in addition to a hugely expensive HS2 thingy that we don’t need and certainly can’t afford, is unfettered immigration and absolute total subservience to the EU, what what what.

      And, by Jove, I will bally-well ensure we get those things!


      And I’m going to increase foreign aid again. Super!


      • 325
        David Cameron ( Fabian socialist ) says:

        We need much more windy power, you know, the stuff that is catastrophically inefficient, unreliable and expensive, to generate the economy and our future prosperity.

        Well the future prosperity of me and my family, that is.


  31. 169
    Sir John Chilcot possibly a future Lord Chilcot depending on the amount of whitewash says:

    It was a super christmas with Tony and Cherie Blair, loved the villa they promised me.


  32. 173
    pc toby rowland known as roly poly toby not built for anything except bun consumption says:

    I am a trustworthy copper, and have no agenda.


  33. 178
    Jimmy Savile Takes Young Girl To Prince Philip says:


  34. 182
    nell says:

    Into music tonight. Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year. Enjoy!


  35. 192
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Kier Starmer is a fucking lying duplicitous shyster – but of course what have the Labour party got left in their box of shyster tricks? btw I hate the fucking tory shyster infested party to. The libdems – they’re toast so I won’t bother saying too much save that Menzies Campbell is a fucking lying duplicitous scottish shyster.


    • 194
      No one cares what you think you twat says:



      • 198
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Plenty of people care you fucking legal Rsole.


      • 199
        Blowing Whistles says:

        On second thoughts you could be Carl Gardner – and I have a paper trail which does for Carl Gardner – so stick that up your Joshua melanie loving rse.


      • 236
        Expat Geordie says:

        Hello Carl. Carl, meet Pete. That’s Peter Gordon Woodley to the rest of the world, but you can’t blame him for keeping the Gordon bit quiet.


        • 249
          Restorer says:

          not when theyre a wanker like pete


        • 254
          Expat Geordie says:

          I had no issue with him. Some of the stuff that he posts is quite reasonable, although he never delivers on his promises of mind blowing scandal, just odd silly hints and bollocks. But then he appears to start posting the sort of crap that blames the j.e.w.s for everything (I’m C of E by the way, so have no vested interest), and gets very personally abusive to people on here, especially late at night, so is presumably pissed, then you get a bit hacked off with him.

          And as for it being bad form to name someone who wishes to remain anonymous, well he has threatened to name me, although I dread to think which poor sod was going to get my name. I’m all for serious discourse, political name calling, light hearted banter and a bit of piss taking, but he is nasty, bitter and twisted, and doesn’t like getting it back.

          I’ll lay off if he stops being a prick.


    • 235
      Hand Picked by Labour to taint the law with Common Purpose says:

      He Sure is.


    • 243
      Restorer says:

      Your a twat to Pete


    • 284
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      Kier at least tried to do something about the p’edo stuff whilst in office, or at least his PR would like you to believe that.

      His successor is attempting to properly quash all that stuff down, in a similar vein to how the CPS / DPP were complicit in the disposal of the Cyr!l Sm!th files.

      If Kier was genuine in his attempts to deal with those issues and save some face for the organization he was running, he has been at least partly successful.

      The CPS cannot help but notice that their perceived authority is diminishing on a daily basis as further revelations emerge about their own involvement in covering up certain crimes which really should have been prosecuted a long time ago.


  36. 196
    Owen Jones says:

    Well, I’ve just beaten my previous record for the number of insertions in one day!!

    Anyone else been using Ebay to get rid of unwanted pressies?


  37. 207
    Maggie's Thatch says:

    What about me?


  38. 210
    Alan Chingachgook says:

    I’m alternating between Pharrell Williams and the Tallis Fantasia.
    Does that make me a Schizophrenic.


  39. 212
    nell says:

    Here you go. We’ve spent the year worrying about second class politicians who rip us off and don’t pay their own taxes .

    Let’s ignore them for a little while and celebrate Great Things like Tina Turner’s Simply the Best! Enjoy!!


  40. 216
    Leave my sausages and Christmas pudding alone, till girl says:

    It would seem that the country has woken up finally. A revised order of behavioural standards will be required imminently. Hopefully this will mean, eg, no more human shite deposited in the main street of Manchester. Do the “powers” ever wonder why people are no longer shopping?


  41. 222
    anon says:

    As there has been no serious road building for decades, rail stations are like refugee centres with bead dangling taxi drivers the only group allowed near with their filthy vehicles and appalling driving behaviour, could we have a new north south motorway before the top price HS`2 becomes a white elephant so that we and the next wave of incomers can actually move and a 200 mile trip to London does not take 7 hours (27.1.13).


    • 273

      It might be a good idea if the east european coaches had a terminus away from Victoria coach station in London , that way the rest of the country wouldn’t be forced to wait so long before they experience the benefits of the coming cultural enrichment and diversity which Londoners are so eagerly looking forward to


      • 332
        David Cameron ( Fabian socialist ) says:

        Londoner’s are a minority within a white minority in London. The ‘enrichment’ process, has succeeded and the filthy English will be eliminated eventually, praise be to Allah.


  42. 223
    Enriched Enfield Eric says:

    As there has been no serious road building for decades, rail stations are like refugee centres with certain taxi drivers the only group allowed near with their filthy vehicles and appalling driving behaviour, could we have a new north south motorway before the top price HS2 becomes a white elephant so that we and the next wave of incomers can actually move and a 200 mile trip to London does not take 7 hours (27.12.13).


  43. 226
    Zorba the bust cypriot geekess says:

    Your blogs are meaningless if you insist on modding you fat sloth.


  44. 234
    The Tweet of a Racist Tweeter says:


  45. 248
    Restorer says:

    pissing myself that jadedjeans comment has been fucked off


  46. 257
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    Special Nurse Brodie simply refuses to believe my trousers spontaneously fell down.

    Seventeen times!


  47. 258
    G Brown says:

    I wish you all the best of luck for 2014.


  48. 259
    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:


  49. 266
    Jessa Towell says:

    <b. those dark, satanic mills.


    • 269
      Londoner says:

      She’s a crook.


      • 282
        Not Blowing Whistles says:

        She’s a crook.

        Her husband is a convicted crook, with a very dodgy quashing of that conviction involving Berluscon!.

        The shit she pulled when she was in office, starting back in the department for health, she should be hanged for.


    • 271

      This is the same socialist crook who suddenly found £160,000 in a bank account she just didn’t happen to notice ! To these crooked c -nts it’s just a bit of spare cash , an insignificant sum , a bit of small change really, but to most of us it represents 20 years of hard work .
      There are non so wealthy as a rich socialist ,I despise the lot of the stinking evil bastards!


    • 278
      David Mills is a criminal says:

      “The dame’s tirade came as she was asked about her split from Mr Mills (left), who was prosecuted in Italy for allegedly accepting a bribe from Silvio Berlusconi”

      No alleged about it. He was convicted.

      He appealed and the case was “timed out” owing to “B”s change in the law.


    • 504
      gobble gobble says:

      Tessa Jowell has a neck like a turkey.


  50. 272
    Pricky Vyce says:



  51. 274
    Despicable says:

    Anelka is a cùnt.
    Throw the book at him.


    • 289
      Gimme de munny says:

      I did not see or hear any Spurs fans complaining about a simple arm gesture. These 4 x 2s are far too sensitive, poor little lambs. Still, anything to stir the shyte and distract from their own nefarious activities.


  52. 290
    albacore says:

    The European Court of Human Rights
    Another gang of unelected shites
    That’s telling us what we can and can’t do
    Or else we might have to leave the E U!
    Oh my, wouldn’t that be an awful fate?
    Erm, no. Most folks feel it’d be just great
    Apart from the LibLabCon fifth column
    Which, for the British is blind, deaf and dumb


  53. 292
    Hey, Dave, hope you've got your trunk packed says:
          ?==========+?M       +M=~~IMD        ,;:+?L,             
         M=+============+=7M:O=~==~~=:~=~=FUEU~~~~~~~=~~M           ;ZMM+     
         8====+=+=~========+D=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~===+M      ,M$+=====B 
         O================+I=~~~~~~~~~~P   ~M   =~~~~~~~~+=G:I?===========++E,
         ‘N===============~L~~~~~~~~~~?    Z+   D~~~~~~~~==E================: 
         ~G==============+;~~~~~~~~~~~+ MM O:MM D~~~~~~~~==R+===============L 
         ,O=============+B~~~~~~~~~~~==M; Y=M; Y:~~~~~~~~+==:===============I 
    ;====+?M7=+======+NM ,M:~~~=~==~~=~;:9WW9::;66;,M~~~~~~===UKIP========T  
    J+===++=+=+=======MZ  ~O=8OIN?~==~~~=~=~~~~~=~~M=FYC~==+IF ,MN========Y,  
    U=============++7MM?N       ,$~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Z8,   ‘WW’   D====M====!!  
    S===========DM?=+++M~8M,,,,,M=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~=~+~M:        M+====+===~N: 
      ,WHE:   IS~======~M+==~~~~~~==,,,,,,,,,,,~=7~~~~====~M==IS++=======~W’
                S==~=========+==IM+M~,,,,,,,;=I77:MOMMD+========;SO  $+=?F  
               I;===================I?M   ,N,,,,,,,,,’=~=+==;,,£+++++£          
               T~===================II+    +7+,,,,,,,,,,=~==;,,,;££££          
                E==+D77M~======Z8:==I?M     M==I$,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;;Z          
                 ‘=I~:~:+??8O~N: ‘8IIM,      N==IZO;,,,,,,,,,,,,;;=M$           
                  =M~ :7F~  :F~:  +M:         ‘M:+L=~:;;;:;;;;;;;~M’           
                    ‘?MN~=W=I7:M$W’             =L= ‘7F’ :F~: +IM?             


  54. 293
    Non taxable pikey says:

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why Inspector Nacker isn’t flogging off Macshame’s stuff under “Proceeds of Crime” legislation? Plod seems happy to do it for little shiite drug dealers. I have been watching Leicestershire Police do just that on ebay recently. The sale is ongoing and fascinating. They have sold the brand new Range Rover Sport for £29K but are having difficulty shifting the £9K gold Rolex and the first edition Comics. I can understand the Rolex problem when you can get an adequate facsimile for £20 from Honest Achmed at the Spitfire Bar in Alexandria.


  55. 294
    nell says:

    gordonbrown might have been our much loved illiterate economic clown but I see the french have one too in the shape of hollande.


  56. 295
    nell says:

    I see cleggie says he will support bullyballs for chancellor in 2015 ‘when’ he joins labour in a new coalition government. ++++Laugh++++


    • 361
      Rule Britania but not if Labour wins in 2015 says:

      Sums up the lib dems really. They work hard in a government to put right what the left yet again screwed up but to retain a hold on power they would sell their soul to the devil, the devil that caused the problem in the first place.
      I utterly despair that people cannot see through the con of what is Labour and the damage they would do to this country if they got back in. I reiterate again that should they win in 2015 there will never then be anything but a Labour government because these people will ensure “the project” is comp,eyed and fix the system further to ensure no other party has a chance of winning. The country will then not be a fairer society but descend into the cesspit that most Labour constituencies are because Labour keep them that way even through the 13 year reign of terror. The country would also be tied so tightly to the EU by Labour there would never be any escape.


  57. 298
    • 304
      Dave with trousers down says:

      Shit. Spaddy — get me on the Beeb 24hr news immediately — I’m going to challenge Nigel to say how many Syrians he will let in — then up it by 10 tenfold


  58. 299
    Chasing the Deer says:

    Cameron warned that his complacency on Scottish Independence Referendum could break the Union and lose Scotland AND southern voters will blame HIM


    • 362
      Saltire satire says:

      I always said they are asking the question the wrong side of the border and to be honest I can’t wait for the porridge munching moaners fuck off and in doing so decimate Labour at Westminster. After all its only the jocks keeping Labour in any race so good fucking riddance to them and enjoy your socialist republic of jock land


    • 365
      Anonymous says:

      You don’t spell THANK as Blame!


    • 405
      Sam the Skull drinking Buckfast in Maryhill and dodging the Strathclyde constabulary says:

      The original Guido Fawkes declared that his intention was to “blow those Scotch beggars back to their native mountains.” We’re still here, and likely to remain. Get used to it, after all those years.


    • 416
      nell says:

      Southern voters will blame cameron if Scotland goes independent? What planet are you living on? – such a move would save we hard pressed English taxpayers at least £9billion a year. If cameron can achieve that he’ll get my vote!


  59. 302
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Along with the entire population of this great country of ours,the performance of the England cricket team makes me ashamed to be English.

    The so called English cricketers can wave goodbye to any chance of getting an O.B.E. and will be paraded through the streets of London upon their homecoming as village idiots.


    • 307
      The 1922 Committee says:

      We welcome a public flogging of those who masquerade as the English cricket team.


    • 329
      Must get a pseudonym one day says:

      Except that many of them will suddenly remember they’re not really English and will revert to their real Southern African nationalities.


      • 337
        Jack Ketch says:

        Bloody typical Poms! They are quite happy to hail “Mo” and a whole army of raggle-taggle jungly refugees as “British” when they win, but “foreign” when they lose. Just like Zola Budd and Andy Murray.


        • 346
          Sports my left leg says:

          I am one of the many who doesn’t give a fck about sport, people can lose now and win later, so long as people have enjoyed playing or watching the sport, who really cares, who wins or loses.


        • 353
          FFS says:

          Hey! We’re not all the same you know!

          I’m just pleased that sometimes we win at sport. It wasn’t that long ago we couldn’t win at anything. From ’89 to ’05 we were nowhere in the ashes or indeed any other sport.

          As has been pointed out, if you took the ethnics out of the last Olympics Team GB would still have won a bucket-load of medals, but it’s still nice to see the ‘fugees contribute something positive to this nation, rather than stabbing people in the back for looking at them funny.


    • 363
      Ed Millibowling says:

      I demand a public enquiry


  60. 303
    Tristram Hunt says:

    Food banks: Tories can’t face the truth about them and the fact that a real fear of hunger afflicts thousands


    • 306
      Labour's supporters are worthless retarded subhuman filth says:

      Food banks: Lefty mongs can’t face the truth: Start handing out free food and lo and behold a queue of grasping parasites will form.


    • 327
      Mr Potato Head says:

      Food banks were started by Labour and they only exist because greedy people spend all their benefits on non-essentials and because Labour opened the door to millions of poor people from poor countries. What else do you expect when that happens? That is the truth.


    • 342
      FFS says:

      You’re right. I can’t cope with the truth. The truth that there is a political party so venal that it would stoop to creating news and a false story of “starving millions” in the hope of getting positive airtime on the TV. I can’t cope with the reality that this political party would pay activists to come onto websites to troll them and spread the same lie.

      In short I struggle to cope with the reality that Labour exists at all. The ppor deserve much better.


      • 350
        Merry food bank day says:

        Must have been awful for all those millions waiting for the food banks to open before going off to wait in the Christmas sales for tat they could wait for in July when the real sales kick off.


      • 352
        The BBC Bites every Time says:

        Except they know that the BBC will give them free air time.

        Any skanky pressure group can issue an anti Tory led coalition statement and the BBC will be all over it like a rash. So much so that they start their news item with what the esteemed and highly regarded Skanky pressure group has found and follow with a cynical quote from the Tory led government and and then an in depth analysis from a senior Liberal.


      • 356
        The most amusing claim ever says:

        At least whilst they’re pushing this “lie” they aren’t pushing the other one about thousands of disabled living in cardboard boxes due to the Nasty Tory “Bedroom Tax”…..


      • 383
        Democracy Now says:

        The Labour Party is no more of a proper political party than the LibDems are.

        One of the most ridiculous fake parties of all is the ‘Co-operative’ Party, which seems to have no substance at all other than in the Co-op’s PR and slush fund budgets.


    • 348
      Gift Horse says:

      Bank Gives away capital at zero interest.

      And lefties are surprised the bank is popular?


    • 351
      All socialists are hypocrites says:

      Less that 1.50% of population rely on food banks according to Trussell Trust(i.e. 1 million from UK population of 63.25 million)which is not an increase from those many that relied on them under Labour although apparently Food Banks were never mentioned when Labour was in government.

      So once again Labour are proven to total and utter hypocrites but then again this was a government that saw an offic cleaner pay a higher percentage of her income in tax than the company chairman of the company whose offices she cleaned.


      • 355
        More or Less says:

        No one on benefits relies on food hand outs, unless they have otherwise spent the benefit money on purposes for what it was not intended.


        • 360
          The most amusing claim ever says:

          Having spent many years dealing with people who had debt problems it was always unsurprising that people who professed to be on the breadline could still buy their ciggies, booze;expensive i phones and that most had Sky TV. They also seemed to spend vast amounts on takeaways when they could have fed themselves and family for a quarter of what they were spending on such stuff although many seemed totally gobsmacked when this was pointed out to them. So I am afraid you tend to disbelieve a lot of this guff being spouted by an opportunistic Labour Party


          • Londoner says:

            I agree. People who are much worse off than I seem to eat take-aways and drink far more than I do. Yet I am supposed to be sorry for them.

            I am not. Nor am I jealous, as I think I have a better diet and not wasting the money they do leaves me with much less to worry about.


        • 378
          Anonymous says:

          Truth eloquently described


      • 381
        Londoner says:

        If you think the population is as low as 63.25 million you have not been to have look at some of our urban centres recently. There are at least 2 million more ‘unrecorded’ illegals in the South East.


  61. 305
    The UK is already full of people says:

    Theresa — are you going to get your fat arse down to Dover to see the New Year in and help start counting the immigrants?

    No — of course not — your going to be all concerned and caring like Dave — and actually do fuck all


  62. 328
    Guardian says:

    Cabinet members fear Lady Warsi is penning bombshell political memoir
    Former Tory party chairman’s ‘furious scribbling’ prompts speculation about diary that could include damaging revelations


    • 373
      Spice Merchant says:

      She wouldn’t dare. There is a shedload of stuff that has yet to come out about her connections with the Pakistani underworld.


    • 392
      FFS says:

      They’re hoping. Exactly what did Baroness Token know about the Tory party? Fuck all. She was like those characters in Star Trek that only appear for one episode. You know they are going to be gone before the end of the show.


  63. 338
    nell says:

    poor old tessajowell seems to think trying to match alastairdarling’s wife in the foul mouthed language stakes will win her the London Mayor’s job. Let’s hope not! What is it with these labour politicians that they seem to think being foul and potty mouthed will win them votes?!


  64. 339
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I accidentally walked into the women’s toilet today !

    I had to buy a tampon just to look like I was being serious !


  65. 340
    Blowing Whistles says:

    My phone just filmed a three hour documentary about life inside my pocket!


  66. 344
    Dream Weaver says:


    • 358
      Rhetoric Watch says:

      Who the fuck does he think he is?…Simon Cowell!


    • 364
      Dreaming of the new Liebour world says:

      We have already had 13 years of Liebours dreams, to most people of this country they have been nightmares, seems Liebour whitewash covers peoples dreams.


    • 366
      Chukka says:

      I dream of inheriting a load of wealth, dodging all the taxes due on it and then lying my way into government.


      • 396
        You know fuck-all about Semantics says:

        Make up your fucking mind. Are they dreams or aspirations?


        • 459
          The Oxford English Dictionary says:

          Pronunciation: /driːm/

          1 a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep:I had a recurrent dream about falling from great heights
          [in singular] a state of mind in which someone is or seems to be unaware of their immediate surroundings:he had been walking around in a dream all day

          2 a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal:I fulfilled a childhood dream when I became champion
          an unrealistic or self-deluding fantasy:maybe he could get a job and earn some money—but he knew this was just a dream
          a person or thing perceived as wonderful or perfect:her new man’s an absolute dream it was a dream of a backhand


    • 368
      Fishy says:

      WTF do Socialists know about aspiration? Keeping people in their place is buried deep in their DNA. Success and achievement are dirty words.

      One thing we learned from Blair and Brown was whatever Lefties say, the opposite is always true.


    • 388
      Julie o'Middleton says:

      Chuka and his defining purpose are as common as muck.


    • 394
      Owen Jones says:

      In dreams, I walk with you
      In dreams, I talk with you,
      In dreams you’re mine,
      All of the time,
      We’re together in dream, in dreams!


    • 456
      Harrison Had a Dream says:

      Chuka is now Britain’s Martin Luther King


    • 500
      that black yank geezer who got assassinated says:

      I have a dream that one day a twitter twat will use the limited space available to say a coherent sentence


  67. 345
    John Bellingham says:

    Nigel Farage has come out in favour of Britain accommodating a “number” of Syrian refugees as the UK has a humanitarian and legally binding duty to do so. This contrasts with the Government’s narrow view of “not our problem” and the Retard Party’s idea of taking in about 500. What a coup! Nigel buggers up the normal BBC/Guardian/Conservative/Retard/Lib-Dem/ SWP/ Turdburglar narrative about UKIP at a stroke, although commentators are already saying that he is faking it as they have been caught with their slit-seat panties around their ankles.
    Personally, I would be glad to welcome Mrs Assad into my home–as long as she comes with her money and not that awful husband.


  68. 367
    Tristram Hunt says:

    The Ambridge Socialist: Vote for the Proletarian Hero of Ambridge 2013


    • 372
      Sally Bercow says:

      The Ambridge Socialist Editorial team look forward to the Ambridge year in 2014

      Ambridge in 2014

      George Osborne buys Lower Loxley at auction as a country retreat

      Further victims of David Archer are discovered as the cast list of the BBC version of events in Ambridge is reduced for cost reasons

      More dogs mysteriously die in Ambridge. David Archer blames badgers

      Rob Titchener resumes his liaison with Helen

      Bert Fry is still missing but the BBC haven’t noticed

      The BBC continues its campaign of vilification against proletarian heroes such as Darrell, Jazzer and the Grundys


    • 377
      Prime Minister David Cameron says:

      Thank you Tristram, we have already counted your vote.


  69. 376
    Jessa howls says:

    I don’t have any problems


  70. 385
    LeithLurker says:

    I always have to remind myself that internet forums are the new asylums. Like the old victorian places the sound of the mad and demented is amplified by being inclosed, but keeping all the loons in one place is for the benefit of the wider society. Have a good new year.


    • 391
      Sir Barnabas Benjamin White- Spunner (Eton) says:

      You talk a lot of sense sometimes, I knew you’d agree with Nigel sometime soon.:-) Happy New Year Guido.


  71. 389
    Benjy the Binman says:

    My wife tells me she has just seen a gypsy woman going through the neigbours’ bins. I said she is probably looking to see who has goine away for Christmas so she can come back later and burgle them, but my wife thought she was looking for things she could salvage. Or maybe both.

    Either way, we really can’t have people coming over here, rummaging through the garbage and taking my job.


    • 398
      altruism in industry says:

      probably a Sunday Times reporter


    • 410
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      It is illegal to go through another persons dust bins.

      File a report with the police, and then file a complaint against them if they do not follow it up.


      • 425
        Benjy the Binman says:

        You live in a fantasy world. The police don’t care. This is London. The nearest policeman is two miles away in a helicopter.


        • 446
          Jock says:

          I’m all cut up about that.


        • 448
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          The police are a political animal in part driven by statistics.

          If people do not report, and then not file complaints about inaction, the paperwork runs dry and the Police are off the hook.

          Once the paperwork starts to build up, and gets the attention of the press, and it becomes political, then change will happen.

          It starts with not accepting the ‘they don’t care’ meme, filing, and then putting the Police in a position where they cannot credibly argue the fact that they have not been doing their job.

          Look at the Jimmy Savile revelations for further details.

          Of course, in a modern economy, someone would perhaps devise and market a R’oma proof garbage bin and perhaps create some jobs and make money through its manufacture and distribution.


        • 449
          Casual Observer 5 says:

          The police are a political animal in part dr!ven by statistics.

          If people do not report, and then not file complaints about inaction, the paperwork runs dry and the Police are off the hook.

          Once the paperwork starts to build up, and gets the attention of the press, and it becomes political, then change will happen.

          It starts with not accepting the ‘they don’t care’ meme, filing, and then putting the Police in a position where they cannot credibly argue the fact that they have not been doing their job.

          Look at the Jimmy Savile revelations for further details.

          R’oma (or anyone) going through peoples garbage should be regarded as a security risk. They are most likely looking for discarded bank statements and other materials to commit identity fraud crimes.

          This is why there should be a zero tolerance on such activities, and also why it is illegal to go through other peoples garbage.

          Of course, in a modern economy, someone would perhaps devise and market a R’oma proof garbage bin and perhaps create some jobs and make money through its manufacture and distribution.


  72. 393
    The Resident Rasta says:

    Shadow police minister Jack Dromey was once arrested for insulting…the police. Fancy that!


    • 395
      Squeaker Bercow says:

      I will request that Hattie wears that outfir at the very next PMQ’s.

      There won’t be a dry eye in the House.


    • 424
      The King of Thailand says:

      ‘Insulting the police’ is the sort of charge one expects from a two-bit junta, not a democratic country


  73. 397
    Jimmy.StVile says:

    All gone quite on the Max Clifford front


  74. 402
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    Cameron should go, even now he is following the last government in ensuring that we will be inundated by poor Roma and Bulgarians. The last government deliberately let them in to ‘rub our faces in it’ whilst Cameron is doing exactly the same.
    Treachery however you look at it.

    Stand by for the next LibLabCon orchestrate invasion.


    • 409
      Casual Observer 5 says:

      Cameron is the pus that oozes from a diseased dogs anus shortly before it dies – in political terms.

      He should prepare the way for the real conservatives – or those that remain in the party should lance this boil, and prepare the way for the return of the actual conservative party and start preparing the paperwork for exiting the EU.


      • 435
        albacore says:

        Today’s fake Tory party is not just Dave
        He’s only the foam on the crest of the wave
        You reckon they’re that wet that they didn’t get
        A safe figurehead they could fit and forget?


  75. 407
    Casual Observer 5 says:

    Farage is playing some very interesting politics over the Syr!an refugee question.

    At first blush this does look like he is playing devil’s advocate over the whole refugee question period, and a confused one given his alleged stance on the Romany problem.

    He is not actually criticizing UK government though, but rather certain serious EU policies.

    In a nutshell:

    i) Not all EU member states are honoring their international commitments to allowing in Syr!an refugee’s. G’ermany has taken in a token 5000 or so, as have a few others, but that seems to be the limit. The overall EU position on this seems to favor seeing the desperate drown in the Med trying to get to !taly, or running the gauntlet in G’reece.

    ii) The Roma problem: Farage has been the strongest voice criticizing the governments where these people continue to be persecuted and discriminated against by their governments. Shipping them to the UK is not a solution, as shipping them around the EU has failed as a broad policy over the past 20 years or so.

    However, the UK perhaps should consider taking in some Syr!an refugee’s, but thanks to the Left’s (and perpetuated under this coalition) moronic immigration policy, public mood is perhaps primed to say: No.

    This is a very odd state of affairs.

    The UK could win easy moral political points over the EU, and do some genuine good in that part of the world if it did take a positive stance.

    However, seeing as Russ!a is essentially controlling that region and process now, perhaps it would be better to question instead how Russ!a is supporting its new obligations.

    This is a question which would be eminently pro-EU though, which is unfortunately why Farage is not asking the question, and the EU trying to still win ground for its Ukraine acquisition is resolutely not going to be asking that question either.

    Still vote UKIP – but thank the EU and mainly the UK left for putting the UK public opinion in a position where the UK now has zero moral lead in meeting its traditional commitments under international law regarding non-EU refugee’s.

    Farage should navigate these waters carefully, as it will be harder to get this very important distinction across. Much harder than defusing the Left’s ‘any question about immigration is rac!st’ meme.

    Vote UKIP.


    • 422
      United nations High Commissioner for Refugees never says:

      Refugees should be provided with refuge in the first safe country they arrive in. As the UK has no border with Syria, that will not involve anyone in the EU, except possibly Cyprus and Greece if people cross the med in a boat.


      • 434
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        A very good point on the exact terms of international law, and Turkey of course is very much a hot potato in all this.

        Perhaps the EU is moot on Turkey’s commitments for that reason: Doing the right thing may well see Erdogan finally out.

        The EU has already stated its commitments – but the honoring of those by all member states is somewhat patchy.


    • 429
      Expat Geordie says:

      Pretty much agree with everything there CO5. And to be honest I no difference between Farage’s view, and the view of most decent people in this country regarding the Syrian reffo’s. However, we must make sure that they are genuine. Ask anyone from the Oxford area what they thought of the “Kosovan” refugees in 2000 and the reply will be unprintable, as most of the “Kosovans” were actually Albanians. And these Albanians were muslim, misogynistic and criminally inclined.

      Of course you couldn’t say any of this at the time, otherwise St. Tony and his mates would have had you locked up for being “racist”, but the crime figures in general spiked, with the sexúál assault figures going through the roof.


      • 436
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        It can be argued that Tony Blair has damaged the UK’s willingness to provide a safe haven for refugee’s, and also damaged its international credibility abroad as being a nation worthy of respect.

        On the Syr!an question – given the number of anti-Syr!an government groups which are operating out of London (and generally pumping a lion share of the anti-Assad propaganda), there could be other security implications for the UK in letting people in which the UK government is not willing to be honest about.


      • 440
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        Oh – the reality of people who are fleeing war zones is that they generally do not give a toss about so called rule of law. Especially if they have been exposed when young.

        That does not excuse the criminals who were allowed to take advantage of the UK asylum system under Blair, and who should be deported.

        A real problem the UK does face is where to house these folk ?

        Given that UK born are essentially priced out of the housing market, and there is not much public housing available, how can folk who literally have nothing (if they are genuine refugee’s) be accommodated when even the locals are having problems finding a place to live ?

        Of course – the latter point is a reflection of poor policy mainly under Labour, including their immigration policy and the baby boom that appears to have given way to now.


  76. 411
    Alan Bennett's right about Thatcher says:

    Someone who lacked a sense of humour was detached from humanity.


    • 413
      Ban the Left says:

      It is a pity that no one offered Thatcher the job of EU president.

      Perhaps if they had had a spell of her, the EU might be worth the membership fee.


    • 445
      Sigmund Fraud says:

      That describes virtually every Socialist that there’s ever been.


  77. 420
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    The theft of the Royal Mail…and the carve-up of the NHS…and the expensive fuck-up of ‘free’ schools…and blocking any reform of the financial system…and the stoking of a new housing bubble…and the sell-off of the forensic science service…and its immoral treatment of disabled people…and the bedroom tax…and workfare…

    Jesus wept. It makes you wonder what is wrong with us all that we put up with it.


    • 427
      FFS says:

      The War in Iraq, the War in Afghanistan, mass immigration to gerrymander the electoral system, selling out government powers to a Fabian-socialist EU that doesn’t believe in democracy, taking bungs from foreigners and tobacco advertisers seeking to achieve political advantage, faking GCSE and A level results, killing of the vulnerable in NHS hospitals, using radical left-wing students to block up polling stations so working people couldn’t vote, postal vote fraud.

      Jesus wept. It makes you wonder what is wrong with us all that we put up with it.

      But we didn’t put up with it. During the last Labour governement this country saw some of the biggest political demonstrations it has ever seen.

      But did Tony Bliar’s government listen? Did it fuck. Instead it just imported yet more people whose votes could be stolen through the post, so it could happily ignore those demanding it change course.

      Labour was a government relying on 50% of its votes from recently imported foreigners who in many cases didn’t even know they were voting. Without them Labour would be finished as a political entity. It is a zombie party living a half-life with a belief in a political system that has failed every time it has been tried.

      The poor deserve better. They deserve a left-wing party that might give them the opportunity to dig themselves out of the gutter, to have a decent life and to be proud of it. But Labour prefers the poor pushed as far in the gutter as possible, then feeds them to the gills with anti-depressants and cheap supermarket alcohol to keep them quiet, just as George Orwell said it would. And why do they do that? Because the zombie party Labour only really wants their votes and the untold JP Morgan riches that come with those votes.

      Labour are utter shit.


      • 438
        Expat Geordie says:

        When you look back at our post war prime ministers, I have often been struck by the names of the PM’s who I think did actually give a shit about the poor and the working man, and those who didn’t. Despite their methods being completely different, the two at the top of the list would almost certainly be Atlee and Thatcher (or Thatcher and Atlee – you can’t really split them) closely followed by Major.

        Atlee had worked with the poor in the East End before WWI and Thatcher, the grocers daughter, saw hard work, thrift and education as a way out of poverty. She also saw a prosperous working class as good for Britain and ultimately good for the Conservative Party, whereas Labour sees a downtrodden working class as good for the Labour Party, which is why Atlee is the only Labour PM in this list.

        Major had been brought up in poverty, and knew what it was like to be unemployed, with, to approximately quote him, “too much month at the end of the money”. When I was unemployed after graduation, although I knew that the government’s obsession with the ERM was causing the problems, at least I knew that Major did give a shit about people like me.

        Last two on the list, MacMillan, who had encountered real poverty as an MP in Stockton during the 1930’s, and wanted to prevent it from happening again. And Eden, who was born into wealth and grew up in Bishop Auckland of all places (when he wanted to enter politics he tried to get selected for the safe tory seat of Sedgefield, of all places – later Tony Blair’s safe Labour seat), was brought up a philanthropist mother and caring for the poor was part of the deal. (My grandfather died in the Lady Eden cottage hospital there, which she established and was named after her.)

        None of the others ever gave a shit about the working man or the poor.


    • 491
      yawn says:

      414 extra yawn.


  78. 423
    Romanian escort on 1st January says:

    Hello! I am a good looks girl! I look for the man with the honest intentions and good heart. I await reply with much anxious. Thank you please.


  79. 426
    Farage calls for UK to allow Syrian refugees says:

    How does Nigel Farage’s call for the government to allow in Syrian refugees sit with UKIP folks here?


    • 437
      FFS says:

      Not well at all, unless we are talking about a handful of Christians. Here’s why:

      1] We rescued the Muzzies from Idi Amin and what has happened since is we got overwhelmed by yet more of them and 25% of those that have come here make it clear they hate Britain and the British. Which is rather rude at the very least.

      2] We are one of the most over-populated countries in the EU, indeed in the world – why are we always first port of call?

      3] We have a population which is now 25% ethnic minority with more certain to come. We reached this state in just over 50 years. If we continue like this the homeland of the British will not be British and our own children won’t have a nation to call home.

      4] Farage is making the mistake of all politicians who forget they are elected to SERVE the people that vote for them, note serve their own interests or the interests of outsiders. He presumes to offer the charity of the British people without even asking the British people if they feel that charity should be offered. Bloody rude I call it.

      5] Siding with one set of immigrants over another undermines the entire anti-immigration argument

      6] I’m married into an immigrant family. Even they admit that by running away from their homeland and not standing to fight they were being self-seeking and leaving their compatriots high and dry.

      7] We have no way of filtering out the bad eggs from any group of refugees. Time and again we have found “asylum seekers” to be nothing more than criminals and terrorists.

      8] The reason why they have problems in Syria and similar countries is because they haven’t reached the level of civilisation of Europe and the West. By importing these backwards peoples we import all their problems and add them to the ones we already have. Just as we have with previous waves of imports.

      9] Because refugees believe in very different things from the majority British we struggle to find a sense of community with them and it becomes increasingly divisive. We hate paying benefits to Muzzie families with 10 kids living in Kensington that look down their nose at us non-believers and think their daughters are too good for our sons even though they’ve never worked a day in their lives.

      Farage better take a step back or he’ll be yet another fucker not getting my vote.


      • 442
        Casual Observer 5 says:

        Do some googling on the broader EU hot topic which he is speaking about. G’ermany has already taken some in – but they have drawn the line. Most others in the EU have agreed, but are refusing.

        This is a damning indictment of the state of the Eurozone at present.

        Personally – I do not feel that letting in a bunch of Syr!an’s who are fleeing a war zone is in the best interests of the UK.

        But there is much deeper politic at work.

        I think that Farage is reflecting more a view of the European Freedom and Democracy movement in preparation for the upcoming elections. And expressing what would once be considered a reasoned and sensible view.

        He is trying to appeal to the more compassionate center ground – perhaps more pointedly at Labour’s on the national level, but his rhetoric (still not left wing) is really going down like a lead balloon which demonstrates just how far off the scale UK public opinion has shifted.

        This is not completely cool as it perhaps implies that the UK is at a tipping point of sorts.

        A significant point is that rhetoric which is designed to appeal to compassion appears to fall flat, which is why Farage does come across at first blush a bit of a schmuck with this line.

        This is important as the other parties will try to spin as this being a problem with nasty UKIP’ers next.

        Farage isn’t a schmuck, and UKIP’ers are not inherently nasty, but there are some very deep politics at play here, and somewhat unpleasant.

        This is really all about EU expansion efforts into T’urkey and U’kraine, and the stupidity of importing the R’oma criminal class into the UK in order to free up land for hydrocarbon exploitation.


        • 450

          @CO5 & @FFS: Have been out of the running for most of today but have skim read the page and your interesting dialogue with both of you making good points.

          I suspect that Farage’s position is being made with regard to the need for UKIP to take a greater amount of Labour support so that he cannot be accused of letting the socialists in, a long-standing criticism of UKIP, which holds some water.

          There is still time for him to pursue this course without having to wrestle with the long term triangulation problems which will inevitably arise. I wish him luck in this and, as you imply, Farage is being rather more than cute here.


          • Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

            Simple a vote for UKip in 2015 will let in Labour,if you analyse the 150 marginal seats that will decide the election that is the conclusion.I will vote UKIP in 2014 and Tory in 2015,my vote will mke no difference in 2015 but anyone living in those 150 constituencys who want to keep Labour out its simple vote Tory.


          • Casual Observer 5 says:

            The problem of how to deal with this across the Eurozone are perhaps going to be highlighted in the Euro-Parl elections.

            The Freedom and Democracy bods are right to take the lead, as the other groups do not wish to touch this because of the general state of public opinion on this matter across Europe.

            It is sort of political catch-22: If the other groups agree, and try to take the high ground, then they will be creamed for sure at the elections as the F&D parties really need to say no more.

            If they do not, this is golden rhetoric as the F&D parties can then shift from concern about the issue to the real meat which is being able to put forward a credible arguments that parties aligned with the other groups (and the EU itself, in the case of parties like UKIP) are fundamentally uncaring, malevolent and somewhat nasty.

            The nasty smear would be perfect as that should translate well across most of the member states.

            UKIP supporters perhaps should regard this as a test of political maturity. Really, the issue of R’uss!a and T’urkey should be brought to the fore. For T’urkey the argument is simple:

            This country the EU desires to join, but they are singularly not doing enough to help with the Syr!an refugee crisis to the point that the UK’s involvement is being questioned.

            If the UK is smart, it could point to several derelict but serviceable T’urkish Cypriot cities in Northern Cyprus which with a little aid could be made fully serviceable to adequately house maybe half a million refugee’s until the civil war is over. Those cities are at present no man’s land territory, mainly as a result of an problem between the T’urkish government, G’reek government and UN that has been dragging on for about 40 years.

            It should be noted that the EU has singularly failed to resolve or move that situation forward in any positive way despite efforts.


          • FFS says:

            I don’t think Farage has that kind of room to move. It is pretty obvious from the barrage of anti-immigration comments I see on even the BBC website that the moral argument has been lost and “racism” is no longer seen as a sin, but more or less as a badge of indigenous pride.

            Fact is we were lied to. When I was a young lad growing up in the 70s we were told that black people were just the same as us and didn’t really commit a lot of crime – we were just racists that put black people in prison for the smallest excuse. We were told that Muzzies and Seiks would come round to our more advanced way of thinking and would adopt the British way of life.

            Well those were lies to our face and my generation knows it for a fact. We are being murder in our hundreds by the blacks and the Muzzies spit in our faces. We have had a god-awful mess dropped in our laps by the previous generation. The political party that lied to us about the immigrants now relies totally on their votes to have any chance of power.

            UKIP offers the only hope of re-gaining this nation back for its people at the ballot box. It is the only hope that the division that now exists between immigrant and indigene can be papered over peacefully. It is the only way that the democratic process can regain moral authority. If that doesn’t happen, god help us. We may find ourselves in much the same situation as Syria.


        • 466
          Cilla Bollox says:

          If you think England is a Christian country or not most people ( except for the criminal fraternity) were probably brought up thinking that Christian values, as taught, are probably something to aspire to whether you believe in the Ascension or not and so it does hold us to protecting others in extreme situations even if it is to our disadvantage, that is different to accepting economic migrants.


    • 458
      The British Public says:

      Syria is none of our business


    • 468
      Play it Straight Nigel says:

      I don’t agree with what he says one little bit.

      It’s a political stunt, trying to get the BBC/Guardian onside but as Dave found out with his Homosexual wedlock debacle, no fucker will thank him.


      • 482
        Corporal Bill Blogs (retired) says:

        Syria is an absolutely massive country with a relatively small population.

        There is absolutely no need for them to come over here. There is plenty of space over there for them to live if not together then side by side in perfect harmony.

        The country has loads of oil so the people can count themselves lucky they do not have to put up with the green nonsense we have to here .

        if this is the best Nigel Falange can come up with then I am very disappointed.

        I am beginning to think if you turned him upside down a Conservative party membership card would hit the floor.

        He simply is not the man to lead this country to a prosperous future.


      • 488
        They trimmed their sails to the current wind of public opinion says:

        Had it not been for Farage and UKIP anyone talking about immigration would still be classed as a “racist” by Labour and BBC with debate about the issue closed down by the 3 main stream parties who are ALL culpable for the present state of affairs


        • 494
          Horatio the Butler says:

          But we are still heading for ever decreasing living standards despite despite UKIP Farage, Facebook , Twitter , iPads and Barratt Homes.

          If the BBC and Labour think they can rely on UKIP to fool all of the people all
          of the time then they are in for a shock.


  80. 428
    A food bank intern says:

    Now that France have approved 75% top rate of tax there’s a section of the EU community I would encourage to move to UK.


    • 443
      Nigel Mirage says:

      I’d rather open the gates to millions of Syrians.


      • 475
        The Home Office says:

        Gates? Ha ha ha ha ha

        We haven’t had any gates at the borders for well over a decade.


        • 487
          Nick Anelka says:

          And if ,whilst abroad and avoiding in full the 75% tax , I want to make a gesture with my arms I will do so and take no crap from some weak kneed socialist twerp who if it was not for the public sector would not have paid a centime in income tax in a lifetime.


  81. 430
    Sam the Skull drinking Buckfast in Maryhill and dodging the Strathclyde constabulary says:

    Guido, how about putting some new material up on your web? We know you’re home in the land where the only snakes there go on two legs, and that you’re probably thinking about losing weight while doing the opposite. Isn’t it time to get back on the job?


    • 431

      Yes the papers are full of no news….


      • 455
        Lou Scannon says:

        Guido, as one who tends to skim just a few of the major ‘papers’ on-line, it’s struck me that they are reporting far less that’s worth reading these days than they were (say) 6 months ago. That suggests to me that the MSM have all now been got at in a major way, regardless of the recent moves towards censorship. Wonder if you agree ?


      • 457
        Reader says:

        Certainly, there is nothing worth reading in the Sun.


  82. 433
    Cilla Bollox says:

    Can we proscribe the masons this year please as they undermine our democracy and are a bunch of evil fuckers.


  83. 447

    Peter Expat has just been round for a drink and a chinwag.

    We established that the only difference between the politics here and back in the UK is that a number of ex-politicians here, including premiers, are in prison for rather longer terms that the softy UK lot.

    Quite right too.


    • 506
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Where is it you reside S.C.?
      Drank a lovely Pietro Sartori Amarone 2010 Della Valpolicella the other day.


      • 518

        My wines are generally less than one twentieth of the price of that very fine wine, but they still exceptionally good.

        My exceedingly good fortune is to live at approximately 13° East, at a distance from both north and south of the Alps which is why I frequently traverse them.


  84. 454
    Reader says:

    I see you are plugging the Sun again Guido. Links to a paywall are not really what blogging is all about, are they?


  85. 460

    …liberty thieving, looting, bastards

    If Guido were not to be constrained by the 140 character limit, how could his description of lefties be improved?

    anally retentive

    After just five minutes, I realise that this list could become huge…


  86. 464
    Bonnie and Clyde says:


  87. 465
    Jailed Pervert Writes for the Guardian says:


  88. 474
    Thanks For The Mammaries says:

    Can’t wait for the publication (legitimate or otherwise) of the new comprehensive government register of ladies with massive surgically enhanced titty-witties.


    • 476
      Frankenstein says:

      Will potential hapless husbands be entitled to see whether their large handed spouse-to-be has had falsies put in to go with the undeclared willy-snip?


  89. 483
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Farage is following in labour’s spin and bandwagon footsteps as he says Syrian refugees should be allowed into the UK. The two faces of UKIP!


  90. 486
    Vikki Souvlaki says:

    I love old lags me.


  91. 490
    Drop a daisy cutter on David Cameron says:

    Want to know who Donates to your Tory MP? Type MP name & reveal Donors ( ) What’s the odd £371,856.62 among friends?


  92. 492 the doors! says:

    Not long to go now…… 29th, 30th, 31st and wow 1st January, many thanks to all you stupid people in Labour, we will undoubtedly have many benefits :)


    • 495 the doors! says:

      To all you tax payers in the UK, keep working ‘cos we need our human rights and your benefits !!


      • 499
        nell says:

        One wonders whom this might benefit if it is as bad as they keep saying.

        Will it benefit labour , who are advocating open borders and closer eu connections, in 2015?

        Or might it benefit the tories who are going to be campaigning for tighter border controls and an eu referendum?


  93. 496
    nell says:

    ed militwit says he’s bringing in his wife as his secret weapon to win the forthcoming local and eu elections in 2014.

    The reasoning apparently is that she was once an actress so can put on an act so to sp e a k.

    Well that says everything about labour.


    • 510
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Well Miliband has hidden behind lies and hypocrisy, so he may as well hide behind his wife now.


  94. 505
    The BBC says:

    We are pleased to announce a new program for spring 2014. It’s called Food Bank Crisis Watch, and will be presented by Stale Cracker, a former labour spin doctor. We will have guest presenters from the labour front bench.


  95. 508
    Getting ever more desperate says:


    • 511
      Nature watch says:

      Sloppy journalism though.

      An iceberg doing what an iceberg does.

      Climate doing what the climate does.

      So how is the West responsible for these when they were happening before there was a West?

      If the Guardian followed their logic through then the West would have to pay for the setting of the Sun and the rising of the moon.

      And why have they got a failed politician and multimillionaire property developer who has been detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure writing about Science?


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