December 27th, 2013

Wrong Type of Power Comes To Kent

The ministerial Land Rover was splattered with mud for some good telly pictures of the PM working hard for the flood victims of Kent this afternoon. It seems the ghost of the 2007, when Dave went to Rwanda instead of his own waterlogged constituency, still haunts the Cameroons.

The people of Yalding were not exactly enamoured to see him. Just what you would want after losing power on Christmas Eve and having your home destroyed. No wonder he got heckled.


  1. 1
    Millibands socialist hero coming to somewhere near you if labour win in 2015 says:

    French president accused of being in denial as unemployment hits 3.29million but he says country has ‘turned a corner’
    Francois Hollande’s electoral pledge was to halt the rise in joblessness
    Number of people out of work in France rose by 17,800 in November
    Social president says temporary contracts should not be part of figures
    But opponents claim move is an ‘artificial attempt’ to reduce numbers

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    • 17
      Anonymous says:

      What has this got to do with the article?

      • 30
        nell says:


        • 32
          BIG MAMA's Knickers says:

          do you mean hijab time.

          • Hi V says:

            positive has become negative.

            HI V intense is the
            part C
            actualisation changes the inner train of thought.
            actualisation equals inner train of thought plus one.
            face is inner face plus one.
            outer reality as seen by the outer eye , through the outer eye, as imagined to be seen through the outer eye is inners ource reality plus one.

            plus one minus one.
            shake it all about
            when in Congo, do the Bongo Bongo where is my Congo dance.

          • I am so fucked off about the puppets that I have only commented using this name a couple of times today. Fortunately, the regulars know each of our other names.

          • fuck minus one is huck says:

            schro (as a prefix of dingerwinger blah) minus one is crow.

          • To correct the arsehole sockpuppet at 11:54 pm above, yesterday was a beautiful cloudless and sunny day and I had selected it over a week ago to make my journey over the Alps.

            It is possible to go in almost any weather but it is much more enjoyable to chose the better circumstances and, outside of Salzburg, there was little traffic on the road, which made for a pleasant and efficient journey lasting some six hours on the road but extending into some shopping time in Italy.

            My intention had been to leave an hour or so earlier so I arrived in the daylight as I had switched off the water before I left in case of a freeze which can happen occasionally here. To switch it on, I have to climb down into an underground chamber and that is easier to do in the daylight. But he I can take a torch. I would have liked to see the sea too but that will be possible in under two hours.

            Unpacking took a while and, still being tired after my exertions in Cannes last week, I decided not to switch on my computer but go to bed instead. The result is that I have awoken slightly early after a wonderful night’s sleep. It occurs to me how different my life is to my sockpuppet because I have a large amount of work to do here and have decided to get into it asap, rather than waiting for January. My shadow probably does not understand what a day’s work is…

          • DirdyDance says:

            work on simus.

      • 53
        Ed jumping on any bandwagon says:


      • 73
        vile labour ruined my wife says:

        it means the libertarians (code for ‘i do what I like but no one else can) are seriously worried Ed might win in 2015.

        • 101
          Dimmy Dave is the worst Prime Minister ever ! says:

          Ed might win in 2015?

          It’s a done deal.

          Dimmy Dave is going to make sure of that.

          Dimmy’s Roma apocalypse starts in .. 5 days.

          Bye bye, Dimmy Dave!

          • Red Ed Milibandwaggon says:

            Good Grief! I must get out and visit flooded Labour supporters and I expect the BBC to have a team with me and support me.
            I am so glad you support me as the next PM, though I will do nothing about the Roma and if you reveal yourself I may give you a job. We need more and more incompetent people like you.

          • Anonymous says:

            Camerons a wanker

          • Vote Tactically Against Labour says:

            Ed has no hope of victory in 2015. His lead at this point in the cycle is miniscule, Labour are going to be annihilated in 17 months or so. TYhis is an austerity election and Foot and Kinnock were both doing much better back in their day.

            Of course, if Labour change their leader it could blow things wide open. But I don’t believe Labour are that smart…

      • 108
        Judith Charmless says:

        Sweet fuck all but this t’ard just bleats on and fucking on about the spakka wanker in France on every fucking thread. It is like he is obsessed with the bald frog fuck. Who in the name of all that is fucking holy cares what happens to the little French shits? We should get some of our unemployed chavs into the factories and get them making mustard gas and cluster bombs then surprise out d’harb loving French foes early one morning. Failing that just carpet bomb the inbred k1d fuckers. As for Cameron, fuck him and his m0ngy kids, serves him right for throwing his lumpy beans up that horse faced inbred bitch. Of course her wonky womb was gonna produce a fl!d and a ginger m0ng. I think the ch1nks call it karma.

      • 392
        broderick crawford says:



    • 37
      FFS says:

      It has turned the corner.

      It is now heading in the same direction as Greece.

    • 70
      vile labour ruined my wife says:

      vote UKIP, we guarantee there will be no more weather, ever. if there is, Mr N Farage will masturbate on a picture of Mrs M Thatcher.

      • 111
        Ronnie Ray Gun's Piss Stained Pants says:

        I’d buy that for a dollar. What day is it Nancy? Nancy? Nancy?

        • 314
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          UKIP will get us out of the fascist inspired EU love in, that the LabLibCon refuse to even contemplate and in the end, that’s all that matters.

    • 127
      David Cameron says:

      I’m a loser, I’m a loser
      and I’m not what I appear to be

      the last GE was won but with a cost
      the next election is one that I’ve already lost
      and although I’m worth forty million my friend
      the people hate me and so I’ll lose in the end

      I’m a loser, and employ my friends too frequently
      I’m a loser and I’m not what I appear to be

      Although I laugh and act like an average joe
      Behind my mask I believe you are all just my hoes
      And when your tears fall like rain from the sky
      It makes me laugh as I get really high

      I’m a loser, bound to lose in the end
      I’m a loser who gives jobs to my friends

      What have I done to deserve such a fate
      I realise I have left it too late
      and so it’s true pride comers before a fall
      the next election will not be a close call

      I’m a loser etc

      thanks to John Lennon

    • 222
      David Davies says:

      I always said that Cameron was a wet

    • 297
      Barnehurst Bob says:

      I’ve just been moderated by you lot. Pointed out that woman in payday loan story may have sold her story and then paid off the loan. That tells its own story.

      So, Dacre, who bought all the prezzies for a good story?

    • 325
      Good Question says:
      • 361
        Psyche the Dog says:

        So Fawkes do you think Dithering Dave is somehow losing the plot, and he is most acceptable leader of the Cons to the general voting public, things are not looking good for the Cons. To be fair to Dave he actually go to Kent with the best of intensions to show his face and give his sympathy, but the reaction seems to be as if he had said “we are all in it together” if he had he would still be there

        • 362
          Psyche the Dog says:

          It seems like a little like the time that B’Liar was confronted by the wife of a patient who wanted help in getting an operation done.

    • 421
      Anonymous says:

      Twas the night before Christmas and all round the place
      Tories have realised their losing the race
      UKIP have gotten them right on the ropes
      In the EU election they haven’t a hope
      R+B immigrants let in by these fools
      Will all require healthcare, housing and schools
      The Tories it seems obey EU orders
      And flatly refuse to shut down our borders
      So it’s good-by to Cameron and all of his mates
      And hello to someone we know Cameron hates


  2. 2
    DemonSpectre_of_Brown says:


  3. 3

    Get your tools out and Dave’ll fix it!

    • 25
      Frontal Lobotomy Dave says:

      My hands are far too soft for that sort of thing!

      Tally hoooooo!

      • 274
        lojolondon says:

        Typical Cameron – solution is upside down – should be : 1 remove water, 2 restore electricity, 3 restore basic services. His solution is : 1 phone insurance companies, 2 call council re skips, 3 electricity.

        Like everything else, back-to-front and upside down….

        • 405

          It is not his problem, it is a matter between the householders and their insurers, the electricity companies,and the landowners.

          • alexsandr says:

            how are the leccy companies supposed to fix the electricity stuff when its flooded? And even though the environment agency do loads to reduce flooding threat, it it rains a lot then it will flood. and there is nothing anyone can do about that.
            and stop talking about people being back home for new year. they will be out their homes for at least 6 months because thats how long it takes to dry a house out.
            oh. sandbags are a waste of space. they dont stop anything.

    • 284
      Mortuary out says:

      defoe is in. mittons are off. comment is in.

    • 365
      Psyche the Dog says:

      No, Dave will GAMI, get a man in

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    What can he do climb the fucking pylon and join the wires with his bare teeth?
    Surprised Millitwat has not gone by on a waterborne band wagon demanding an enquiry into all the flood defences Labour should have built but pissed up the wall instead

    • 18
      nell says:

      Oh wait for it – militwit will do exactly that if he thinks there’s some political capital to be got out of interrupting his xmas hols!!!

    • 22
      I hate fuckwits...especially toff fuckwits says:

      Ever heard of the phrase “Arbeit Macht Frei”?

      No, I didn’t think so…and neither has Cameron’s clan either.

      • 56
        Ed jumping on any bandwagon says:

        There are more public school millionaires in Labours front bench than the Tories so your point is precisely what?

      • 229
        East India Company Wallah says:

        Work sets you free
        In many a home I am familiar with the idea you would give up sponging on £560 a week in favour of earning £450 before tax and have to pay all your own bills is just silly
        Who would babysit the 72″ telly
        You cannot go to work in your onesie or PJs
        The neighbours would think you were a welfare grass
        The pets would have to go as the vet would want money
        I honestly think Unite the union will start a branch for the jobless
        “They offer you a job,we will fight your case”

      • 265
        Non taxable pikey says:

        If hard work was good for you the rich cnuts would keep it all for themselves.

      • 303
        A Right Fucking Bastard says:


    • 54
      Sir William Wayde says:

      He could divert money from subsidising the EU, into flood defences at home. ‘Twould be a step in the right direction.

      • 102
        A right fucking Tory bastard says:

        Err…we’ve already thought of that one…

        The tangled tale of Lord Deben and a dodgy Severn barrage

        A proposal for the biggest infrastructure project in British history has shaky foundations but some powerful friends

        • 320
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Deben and his family are all share holders in the company bidding for the Severn Barrage contract. If they are successful, they will all make millions, if unsuccessful, their shares are worthless.

          Deben is the person who decides if it is yes or no. Cameron has total faith in Deben’s ‘impartiallity’.

          Cameron also believes wind farms are the future, work the rest out for yourselves.

      • 223
        Cardinal Biggles says:

        Perhaps a grateful India will return some Dave’s, i.e. taxpayers’, largesse aimed at their space programme, as flood aid for us.

    • 91
      Stop encouraging development above flood plain, Prime Minister says:

      Cameron’s allowing his developer chums to have a profits feeding frenzy and they’re concreting over our crucial rainwater soakaways.

      Consequently too much rainwater runoff drains into rivers like the Medway, raising the level of the water table and rivers – up stream of too many places like Yalding.

      That’s the cause of far too much of our flooding: political ineptness and greed.

      • 137
        FFS says:

        What bollox. Floodplains exist precisely because rivers sometimes flood in heavy rain.

        Many towns are built near rivers because they have always provided water, sewage disposal, transport and indeed in the old days places like Guildford gave money making opportunities as there were tolls for crossing the rivers.

        Flood plains also gave flat productive land so there were many farms and naturally market towns have grew up to service the needs of those farmers on those floodplains.

        Due to the vast expanses of flat land and the excellent transport connections these traditional floodplain towns have grown steadily over the centuries. Cambridge, Oxford, Gloucester, Tewkesbury are all good examples of traditional towns that lie on floodplains and are subject to flooding in heavy rains. Modern housing tends not to suffer so badly because the new housing estates are pushed out further from the rivers.

        Even in my time there has actually been less flooding because many of the rivers have been straightened out to encourage faster flow to the sea.

        Only a Labour activist retard could try and claim that floodplains are the result of Tory policy.

        • 161
          Joe Public. says:

          You are being far too logical. At this moment we have scores of Liebor trolls on this website spewing out their inane mantras and bile.
          The are generally called the vocal hyprocritical minority.

          • Dessert Rat says:

            Thanks for that; I thought floodplains had been introduced as part of the Blairite reforms of our constitution: I should take more notice of that daft Hunt Geoffrey Lean. He was not a star on Rainbow for nothing.

          • Anonymous says:

            What we must look like to the rest of the world i dread to think.The slightest thing goes wrong and people are out there whinging away.Dont want your house to flood ? dont live on a flood plane. Dont want to have your flight cancelled on Christmas eve ? travel on a more fecking sensible day ! FFS.

          • left wing, right wing, they're all turkeys. . says:

            Would do us all well to remember the old ARMY expression. ….

            “The wheel that squeeks, gets the oil!”

            Jiihadists….. get the oil
            Politically correctists…Get the oil
            Bbc peados….get the oil
            LIARBOUR TROLLS….get the oil

            F@#& them All and start squeaking I say.

        • 204
          Anonymous says:

          FFS: You are in never never land. Rivers were never for sewage disposal. Rivers were for water. Sewage never existed. The privy was a dry structure and dug out for the land. No one would ever put sewage in a river. Urine yes. Ever wondered why humans get urges when they hear running water? Why cattle make cow pats yet walk into a river to drink and urinate at the same time. Our modern ways are abhorrent to those that understand nature.

          We have a free country. The issue is how much freedom. When land owners and developers decide to build houses the “system” should make sure it is done properly. Yet for 50 years it has not achieved this, in the race to fill this country with houses and roads.

          The country is just not looking at its infrastructure and is becoming a sprawling “shanty town”. Having a government, we assume they will allow freedom without others suffering. Sadly they only are interested in their own pockets.

          As each housing estate is built and the roads become congested so new bridges are built. Each bridge is built to ensure only a small alteration to the flow of the river. But over 100 years each small change is cumulative. No one adds up all the small increments and stops further building. That would not be freedom. Why should the final developer have to pay for something everyone else got for free.

          Also days gone by the local builders and road construction would use the river silt and stones. In fact it is still in our laws that even private road owners can dig from river beds. The recent (50 years) stopping of this local extraction has left the rivers clogged. Why would we stop sustainable local extraction from rivers?

          As for flood planes they are distinct levels in the river banks caused by the frequency and severity of the historic river flow rates. However they had no walls. They were an area that water flows through and not an area to fill. A flood plain is not horizontal, but slopes down with the direction of the river. Imagine a breach at the top of a section of walled flood plain. What the authorities call flood plains today are not what rivers need.

          Also look at your example towns. A river crossing is not made where the river is crossable, but instead where the river is constrained horizontally. The town is built on the hill/rock that is constraining it. The bridge is then built between the higher ground either side. Look at the old bridges, they used to have arches either side that were well above river levels. These were not built for dog walkers. These were put there by real engineers that knew how rivers worked. Now in the towns you mention these features have been removed and in some cases the stepped river banks have been replaced by roads built high enough not to flood.

          For every record flood event in the recent years I can show you the bridges, roads and walls that have caused it. Do not play with nature, she will always win.

          • FFS says:

            Floodplains tend not to slope significantly. Take the river Thames. It is 346,000m long but its highest point is only 110m high. Most of its length has hardly any height on it at all. That is fundamentally what causes a floodplain – low elevations across the length of the river. The river tends to meander across the flat land making the flow of water even slower. Thousands of years of flooding deposits river silt across the plain creating the characteristic flat landscape.

            Cambridge is built on land no more than 10m above sea level, the Severn also has a suprisingly low drop.

            These rivers have always flooded and always will.

            You only need to look at aerial photographs to see what has actually happened. The floodplain has itself become saturated with water and this water cannot quickly make its way to the sea across the flat land. So it simply forms a huge puddle. Bridges and driveways make precious little difference – they are all inundated by the huge puddle that simply cannot make its way quickly to the sea even after it has burst its banks and poured around the bridges and other obstacles.

            There is nothing that can be done about this. Much of Southern England is only a few tens of meters above sea level. A plumber would insist on a fall of 1 in 50 for good drainage. Our rivers only manage 1 in 3000!

            Maud Heath’s Causeway is a wonderful pragmatic solution to regular flooding in Wiltshire going back 500 years. Maud obviously got very fed up of traipsing through the wet mud on her way to market, and made sure her fellow citizens wouldn’t have to suffer the same fate.

          • A Right Fucking Bastard says:


        • 313
        • 418
          Ken Livingston says:

          It were the evil Tories that made the Labour government allow building on flood plains.

        • 420
          alexsandr says:

          they have built new homes on floodplains all over the place.

          doing stuff upstream, like straightening watercourses and concreting over vast bits of land, makes flooding worse lower down.

          we need to make developers build ponds to hold their runoff for release into the rivers in small amounts later. And make it so all new drives are built with porous material to reduce runoff.

      • 383
        Ed jumping on any bandwagon says:

        Dave is building? Hang on Labour say he’s not
        Typical left wing tosser having it both ways again

    • 176
      filipinomonkey says:

      Don’t be silly, under a Labour Government floods will be banned for two years…

    • 196
      mrs sensible says:

      when Brown turned up in his green wellies last time there was flooding ,he was praised and thanked ..

      • 327
        Great comment and true. says:

        The only purpose of Labour is to convince the British public they can lift a turd by the clean end.

        The only purpose of the Liberal Democrats is to convince the public they can lift the other clean end.

        The only purpose of Cameron’s coalition is to hope the previously mentioned two are successful while keeping their own hands clean.

        UKIP is all about getting out a shovel and cleaning up the yard.

        H/T WB

  5. 5
    Simon lewis says:

    Cameron doesn’t care

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    What can we do? Stop building on flood plains might be a good start.

    • 19
      A Landlord says:

      I hope there’s no more building anywhere!

      • 88
        Russo-Sino Oligarch's Landlord Association says:

        Us too!

        • 323
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Mass uncontrolled immigration is a landlord’s best friend. No wonder the build, build, build crowd, are such staunch supporters of it.

    • 41
      FFS says:

      Where do think we should move LONDON to then?

      Somebody else that listens too much to MSM propaganda without engaging their brain first.

      • 118
        Stefan Dennis says:

        Yeah man, right on, coz you is such a free thinker aint cha? You a radical man, people like you we need in these times man, you dont go with the flow, you dont swallow what the MSM tells you do you? No you “research” things dont you? You are a fucking crusader aint cha man?

        Only kidding, I think you are actually probably a fairly intelligent bloke who cannot help but coming across as a fucking huge bell end t’ard every time you open your fucking stupid mouth.

        • 162
          Big Momma says:

          Dear Stefan, Please take your medication, there’s a nice little boy.

          • I know all the celebs, me! says:

            He can’t help it. Too many years in Neighbours. Are you doing panto here in the UK, Stefan? Go on, you know you can’t resist a free plug.

    • 59

      Where else can you build most, if not all, of the low lying land of the UK is on one flood plain or another.

      • 74
        Hip Po Ta MAS says:

        now swing the hip.
        and says hu hu rA

      • 97
        Stop encouraging development above flood plain, Prime Minister says:


        Where else can you build most, if not all, of the low lying land of the UK is on one flood plain or another.

        That’s what the Australians said when the Aborignes warned them not to build on or around flood plains..and they carried on building

        • 250

          The australians had slightly more land area from which to chose , and in any case the aborigines had no understanding of western infrastructural requirements and technological expertise .

      • 157
        Just sayin' says:

        On a serious point, I moved to a small Oxfordshire village six years ago. In the first winter some houses were flooded, not badly but the water got past front doors, although not mine. There was an outcry, but rather than blame everyone else, on examination it was found that the principal reason was that in previous years lack of maintenance of drains and ditches had created blockages. Obviously when it rained there was overflow. The village is low-lying and parts are subject to risk. Many centuries ago ditches were dug to provide drainage. All concerned and responsible got together and acted; these blockages have since been cleared by frontagers, farmers and the Councils. We’ve had no more floods even though we’ve had just as much heavy rain. Many could learn from this as politics and special interests were put aside. It is an object lesson in recognising reality and the acceptance of responsibility.

        • 298
          East India Company Wallah says:

          All very well but where is the money for the public school socialists?
          it is only considered a success when you start a quango or charidee so that half a dozen chosen bastards get to trouser a hundred grand a year while continuing flooding ensures job security

    • 94
      Stop encouraging development above flood plain, Prime Minister says:

      Well said, anon!

  7. 7
    Banned says:

    Typical hysterical woman who doesn’t understand that some things in life are not “somebody’s fault” but a mixture of the power of mother nature and sheer bad luck.

    • 10
      nell says:


    • 201
      Dessert Rat says:

      Wot Gordon Brown wouldn’t have let this happen. He said he was going to keep the planets temperature rise below 2 degrees and he was as good as his word:
      ; what a clever twat!

    • 272
      Anonymous says:

      “mixture of the power of mother nature and sheer bad luck.”
      Howcome mother nature never seems to mix with good luck?

      • 311
        Banned says:

        She does… raining when there is a drought, snowing on Christmas day or bringing warm sunshine. Screaming hysterically at the PM when you are unlucky enough to be hit by a storm does not make sense. Everyone should have insurance. Everyone had ample warning beforehand. Did this woman do nothing for herself?

        • 326
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          Yalding is ona flood plain, it floods regularly.

          So do most places on the Medway and it’s tributaries. Short of razing the place down, politicians can do nothing.

          Gesture politics at it’s worst, yet again.

    • 408
      It's Infrastructure Man! says:

      She just wants someone to give her some electricity.

      If only the national electricity board had not been sold off and eventually most of the power companies purchased by foreign powers, Dave might have been able to help.

  8. 8
    tn02 says:

    Oh the classic phrase…”we need to learn the lessons”.

    Bah humbug.

  9. 9
    nell says:

    Well dave should have told them “I’m not Canute I can’t turn the weather”!!

    My biggest laugh tonight has come from from Prof Chris Turney, ‘Climate Change scientist’ frozen in ice at the Antarctic awaiting rescue with his fellow global warming believers!!

    • 15
      Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      With any luck the polar bears will get Turney!

      • 20
        Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        Oh shit, didn’t read it properly, ” antarctic” oops
        Well fuck it let the penguins peck the bastard to pieces, lol.

        • 47
          FFS says:

          Yes, it is the Antartic, in the Southern Hemisphere, currently mid-Summer. And the global warming scientists are frozen into the ice.

          God has a dry sense of humour…..

        • 58
          Sir William Wayde says:

          Average number of Atlantic hurricanes, per year: 6

          Met Office’s forecast for the 2013 season: 9

          Actual number: 2

          ….and these people think they can forecast the weather in 30 year’s time!

          • Gone with the wind says:

            They couldn’t forecast their own bowel movements.

          • The British MSM are Cunts says:

            The ship full of tourists, explorers and climate scientists was sailing in Antarctica on a voyage from New Zealand, when it got stuck in the ice.

            Note how the BBC purposefully avoids mentioning the fact that the scientists on board were climate change scietists in the following piece.

            China icebreaker close to trapped Antarctic ship


          • Centurion says:

            Shame leopard seals can’t climb ladders.

          • Cardinal Biggles says:

            Could it be an early centennial celebration of Shackleton’s voyage in the Endurance?

            I don’t suppose they will get such great photographs as Frank Hurley did on that epic expedition.

          • JH29389023849023 says:


            ‘There had also been fears that blizzards could hamper the rescue effort.’

            Blizzards of what, you warmist mongs? Warm rain?

            No, SNOW. You complete fucking twats.

            Note they claim the ice was ‘driven by high winds’ on their position, rather than forming there naturally because it is, you know, really really cold.

        • 82
 the doors! says:

          Since when has the truth got in the way of a good global warming story :)

      • 205
        Gordon Brown says:

        I’ll ask my favourite band to give them a hand.

    • 24
      Cymro oddi ar y llinell says:

      Properly spelt Cnut.

    • 38
      Pleaseoleaseoleaseplease says:

      Can’t that ice close right in and then start crushing the ship?

    • 202
      Dessert Rat says:

      I the fucking Antarctic summer as well, you could not make this stuff up.

  10. 11
    The Last Quango says:

    At leAst he didn’t walk off and call her a bigot ;)

  11. 12
    10,000s of Romas on their way says:

    Engleesh, dry out quickly, yes please? Out goats cannot do, how you say, the swimmings!

    • 26
      Deacon says:

      UKIP are going to look like right plonkas if the “flood” of Romanians proves to be a false scare story!

      • 28
        A Realist says:

        Yeah, right.


        • 328
          I Remember You Hoo says:

          False scare story?

          Just like the millions of East Europeans who never showed up?

          What colour is the sky in your world?

      • 55

        Try as they will the BBC , Guardian etc will try to launch a cover up of the real numbers but the truth is there are thousands of them here already .
        Romanians themselves are not so much a problem as the gyppos travelling on Romanian and Bulgarian passports, something I suspect they never bothered to obtain before .
        Judging by the reaction of east European EU puppet governments to any threat of restricting this mass exodus from their countries tells you all you need to know ,there is no government on this planet that would welcome the emigration of their educated classes.
        The fact is many of these East Europeans are seizing the opportunity to rid themselves of a centuries old gypsy problem at our expense, before the inevitable happens when the UK quits the EU,leaving us saddled with this problem forever.

        • 124
          John Bellingham says:

          The South East is bursting at the seams with “Slovak”, “Czech” and “Hungarian” passport carrying Gypsies. I even came across a couple the other day with Polish passports. I assume that the documents can be informally purchased for a fee,


            We will soon see German, French, and Austrian passports amongst them too , this is too good an opportunity for our ” european partners ” to miss , a great time for a bit of house clearing !

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            You can buy a Romanian passport for $25. The Romanian government sell them to Moldovians, who they consider on par with Roma and also make them aware of the most generous welfare system in Europe, the UK.

            They can ‘earn’ more in benefits here, than by working full time in their homeland, why would they not come and get a ‘free’ life?

      • 80
        broderick crawford says:


  12. 14
    Behavioural Analysis is the key to understanding these lying bastards says:

    Judge them by their actions, not their rhetoric.

  13. 16
    Weird Ed says:

    I think that it is dithgratheful that Cameron allowed the wind to blow ath hard ath it did and for it to wain all over the holiday (not allowed thay Cwithtmath).

    Thame old Torieth.

    P Eth: Down with Thomath the Tank Engine. Gender thpethific toys mutht be outlawed. They divide and theparate.

    • 43
      Fishy says:

      I wonder what Portillo will have something to say about that.

      The Loony left has returned

      • 78
        Fuck the LibLabCon says:

        “I wonder what Portillo will have something to say about that.”

        The loony left/right never left…unfortunately.

    • 411
      Playtex says:

      Dear Mr Miliband

      please desist from infringing our trademarks and copyright, in particular “divide and separate”.

  14. 29
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Dave was in a no-win situation; good of him to get off his arse and visit.

    Perhaps that typical gobby Kentish scrubber might like to know:
    1. Yalding is at the confluence of no less than three rivers: the Medway, Teise and Beult. Flooding is not new here and it’s been hacking it down for days. What did she expect?
    2. The Environment Agency have been putting flood alerts out for days; what did she do then? Sit on her arse and wait for “the cahncil” to do “somefink”?
    3. The “cahncil” doesn’t supply her “electric”; the electricity companies do.
    4. Anyone who calls their electricity supply “the electric” is an utter, utter mong.

    • 35
      Self Employed says:

      Well said MC.
      DC get her to fit Hydro-electric!!

      • 85
        broderick crawford says:



        • 163
          Just Saying says:

          Can you generate electricity out of limes?
          I know you can top up an ipad with a lemon and wire.

    • 39
      Fishy says:

      I bet she was sat on her arse while all the menfolk did the English thing at Dunkirk. God ever help us if the country was in trouble now. She’s the sort of woman who’d blame Wonga for lending her some money.

      We’re seeing the effect of 13 years of Labour and Brown, during which time the ‘people’ became used to the state controlling everything, including their brains and wiping their arses for them

      • 51
        Filipino nurse says:

        No, I’m the one that has to do the arse-wiping.

        Fuckin’ filthy farang

      • 52
        Bullshit spirit says:

        Give just two pounds a month. This will buy idiots like this a lilo .
        Give 80 quid for a good compressor and they can pump the fucker up as well.

    • 63

      Are some of these people too bloody stupid to move their furniture and carpets upstairs for a few days when the alerts are issued?

    • 103
      John Bellingham says:

      I was born in the area. The place has been subject to regular flooding since the Middle Ages.

    • 113
      John Bellingham says:

      @Mornington Crescent.
      Historical note. The triangle bounded by Sheppey, Ashford and Tonbridge was the heart of the Kent fruit and Hop area. The mainstay of the migrant pickers were the people that Charles Dickens referred to as “Pikey-Men”. In the 1960s these people were “settled” in the area and large clumps of their children and grandchildren live in certain, otherwise desirable areas. Apart from that awful accent and unfamiliarity with the English Language, they can be identified by other key characteristics.

      • 135
        Mornington Crescent says:

        …namely dr1v1ing off in other people’s cars and starting fights in pretty much any pub you care to mention.

  15. 31
    Mary Portas says:

    As I’ve been saying, we need 100s of dy kes in every town and village across England.

  16. 45
    Marshy places tend to flood you silly cow says:

    Given the amount of water flowing around the land here Cammo should just have called her a ” boggot”

  17. 46
    Dave says:

    I’m soaking wet!

  18. 48
    The Spirit Of Christmas Present says:

    Wrong type of Prime Minister.

  19. 49
    Sally Bercow says:

    I luv the festive period. Av even got a speshul tampon for it 🙊

  20. 60
    The Cabinet millionaires Acountant says:

    Good news, Cabinet millionaires!

    The strong winds means payments to turn off your windfarms to balance the Grid have sky-rocketed. Not producing any power is making as much money as those Chelsea flats the tax-payerss bought for you!

    I’ll be in touch on 1st Jan 2014 to advise how to can profit from the influx of Romas.

    • 345
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      Why so shy about Miliband’s involvement in the wind farm ‘green energy’ debacle?

  21. 61
    Hard-bitten Northener says:


    • 75
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      We’re all in it together…so shut the fuck up and pay the fucking climate change tax!

  22. 62
    Anonymous says:

    Not quite sure what DC can do to prevent storms and restore electricity supply brought down by the weather. These things happen and as King Canute proved 1,000 plus years ago there is a limit to politicians’ power over natural events. I am sure power company staff are working round the clock in very difficult circumstances. Minor I know in comparison but our Sky (TV, phone and broadband) was down for a day. We have lost most of our fence and all timber merchants are sold out. These things happen. There is a limit to the number of staff or equipment and raw materials that are available at any one time to deal with these situations.

    • 89
      Blowing Whistles says:

      I love Mother Nature. Just when the global warming monsters are screaming and squealing about there being a drought and its the end of the world – she ‘pi55e5′ all over them.

      And then, when the same mob of deluded myth believers are screaming about it being the end of the world when it hasn’t stopped raining for a couple of days – she shines a light upon their sorry little asses.

      Mother Nature I loves you.

    • 99
      Universal Hiss says:

      He can lean on the energy companies to behave better & stop all the pointless green taxes.

      Lets see.Many power lines are not just blown away by the wind.Trees growing near power lines blow over in the wind,bringing down power lines.So,employ people to walk the power lines in spring & summer,identify rouge trees,fell them & sell wood to green idiots. Same for all rail networks.

      Don’t build on floodplains.Don’t flog off the whole country to hedge funds & wonder why nothing fucking works.

      These are simple problems with simple solutions.

  23. 64
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    I have noticed that the places that never get wet no matter what extreme weather conditions we encounter are the Churches and Castles, those 11th century engineers knew a thing or two about flood plains.

  24. 65
    Cynic says:

    New line of Prime- ministerial Authority – to turn back the tide.

    Stupid woman

  25. 96
    Rev I M Jolly says:

    Dave’s “Gay Marriages” start in England on 29 March 2014.

    Floods of biblical proportions in England on Christmas Day.


  26. 98
    Cunning Linguist says:

    As with the Eskimos, residents of Surrey now have 50 words for flooding.

  27. 106
    The Prime Mincer says:

    Gay marriage and sorting out their new tax codes will continue to be the priority.

    • 115
      Dimmy Dave is the worst Prime Minister ever ! says:

      Hey! Dimmy Dave will be able to sort out the new tax codes whilst riding the maiden voyage of the luxurious loss-making £32billion £44 billion £50+ billion HS2 trains that are going to save Britain’s economy (when they’re finished in 20 or 30 years’ time)!

      You know, because you can’t work on trains at the moment.

  28. 109
    Anon. says:

    Where’s Nick Clegg,is he back in Spain again?

  29. 110
    Anon. says:


  30. 116
    GrandstandingCameron says:

    I know it’s been raining and windy but, hell, I don’t care, you people should all be gratefull I’m here to save you, now please, get out of my way I’ve still got four weeks holiday left ………

    • 305
      Mr Potato Head says:

      Yes you twat you should be on holiday then people can whinge about you not being there when other people are suffering.

  31. 117
    Conspiracy Watch says:

    Perhaps these power cuts are part of a strategy to condition people into accepting rolling blackouts. Given the problems which UK generating capacity faces thanks to the failure of UK energy policy, that is credible.

    The flooding problems are like last year and are due mainly to Defra not pulling its weight. Look into the issues surrounding Defra and Flood Re (insurers) to get a slightly better perspective.

    • 146
      FFS says:

      Um, I think it might be more likely that the rain water and fallen trees has caused dead shorts in a lot of the cabling. For some reason the power companies don’t like feeding megawatts of power into dead shorts and instead they back off the power until the water recedes and any fallen cables repaired.

      • 214
        Conspiracy Watch says:

        Seem to be an awful lot of dead shorts every time the wind blows a bit, and the rain falls a little.

        Bit like the problem with a leaf on the line bringing the rail network to a halt, except this time it is with peoples electricity supply.

        Strange this is happening at the same time UK generating capacity is unable to cope with a real peak in demand….

        • 307
          Mr Potato Head says:

          Well I don’t know about the memories of other people but I can’t remember so many gales in such a short time period before. And I am 64. Must be the onset of dementia.

          • I Remember You Hoo says:

            You can’t remember, period.

            Whole towns have been washed away in the past by storms, try reading books now and again.

  32. 123
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    She must have thought Cameron was fucking King Canute,its every fuckers fault except hers plenty of warning,living in an area with a history of floods and some of the worst rin for a few years what the fuck de she expect.Its a good job that pestulance is long gone.We would never have won two WW with fuckers like these this country is fucked.

    • 138
      Universal Hiss says:

      Why does she have a Gonzo mask on the back of her head?

      Now Kermit I could understand given the wetness.

    • 142

      The pestilence is on it’s way in the shape of anti biotic – resistant TB , it is rife amongst ,the Gypsies of Eastern Europe together with Polio , whooping cough, and Diptheria , if your children aren’t immunised get it done now, before it’s too late!

  33. 125
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    I apologise for my profligate use of the Anglo Saxon but fuckers like her do piss me off.

  34. 126 the doors! says:

    Just thinking, perhaps we could fix the infrastructure of this country if we did not give away billions to natives in bongo bongo land :)

  35. 128 the doors! says:

    Why do we never see the deputy PM getting out there and seeing if he could help? Perhaps no TV cameras and people unlikely to say,” I agree with Nick.”
    Such a silly bunt he is!

    • 133
      Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

      See my reply to your post on Phillipson and her fucking mother on the item before this.

  36. 131
    National Socialist says:

    Thomas the Tank Engine needs more female trains, Labour MP says

    “Mary Creagh, Labour’s shadow transport secretary, says Thomas the Tank Engine needs more female engines to encourage girls to be train drivers

    Mrs Creagh said: “In the Thomas the Tank Engine books there are almost no female engines. The only female characters are an annoyance, a nuisance and in some cases a danger to the functioning of the railway.”

    The non Western world understands the last statement above.
    Men are builders and women are wreckers. Remember that.

  37. 132
    My fee's a trillion pounds says:

    How about this for a solution Dave? The government should embark on a programme of digging up the land all around the coasts of the country and piling the soil into big heaps inland. Then build lots of new houses on them with domed roofs over. That will guarantee no more flooded properties. After that build windmills on top of the domes for the power.
    Genius wot? I can see the task force being set up already. I need a lie down.

    • 253
      My fee is more than the UK can afford, and I am not Tony Blair says:

      Problem with that idea about the windmills: Would interfere with light coming into the dome, and would probably be somewhat noisy. Also a little scary for the inhabitants if one of the windmills blew up or fell over.

      Problem with the dome – would get a bit whiffy inside without decent ventilation.

      Perhaps better to stop letting in EU mongs to ease the pressure on housing.

  38. 141
    Just sayin' says:

    God bless the English. These are the funniest and most heart warming comments I’ve read in ages. We will never be defeated.

    • 153
      The Chosen Ones says:

      “God bless the English…We will never be defeated.”

      Wanna bet?

      You are being defeated.

      The white fuckers in Germany nearly wiped us out in WWII so we’re making sure that you white fuckers are diluted as much as possible via immigration and invented political correctness to keep you fuckers all in-line whilst we do it.

      Remember we are more clever than you and we have something called chutzpah with which to prove the point.

      The “Stupid Goy” has a certain ring to it dontcha think?

  39. 143
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    Take note Chuka…

    ‘Brand You’: how Facebook, Google and Twitter are turning us into narcissists

    “Social media wants to turn you into a narcissist. Tell everyone about yourself: you’re important! Where are you? What are you eating? Who are you with? What films do you like? The world wants to know!

    Chuka…you have been warned!

  40. 144
    DAVE , Caring for Rich people since 2010 says:

    I say it’s frightfully muddy where these poor folks live what !
    But never the less great photo opp having pictures taken with these common folk
    makes it look like i actually give a fuck what

    now , i don’t want to stay to long i’ll be late for the fox hunt


  41. 145
    discuss says:

    socialism is like having a wank

  42. 148
    Anon. says:

    Latest update on the floods from Kent Lib Dems.

    • 211
      Arial says:

      Keep leaves out of your pond as they will destroy the ecosystem by absorbing the oxygen.
      You should think about ordering your seed potatoes. Mother Nature has made planting easy by softening the ground for you.

  43. 150
    Nemesis says:

    Once again, ad nauseam, the term “Lesson will be Learnt” is used. It’s about time that these fucking idiots at the top learned the lessons before they occur – it’s called having foresight!

    • 160
      An Engineer says:

      No…it’s called a DFMEA.

      And engineers have been using it since WWII (but it wasn’t properly used by TEPCO in Fukushima, Japan).

      Yet again, it’s just politician’s empty (throw-away) rhetoric to make the stupid proles thing that they are important, effective and “doing something useful. Lets face it, when has an ex PR person ever been useful? He has soft hands for a reason.

      Judge them only by their actions. His type are wreckers, not builders.

  44. 151
    Alan Chingachgook says:

    Thought Dave was entirely reasonable and the wobbly mad woman also understandable given her flooded/flattened/damaged house.
    At least Keith Vaz was unavoidably detained elsewhere.

  45. 165
    The British media are cunts says:

    Yalding always floods, some mong stated he couldn’t get insurance when he bought a house in Yalding. No fucking shit, the place floods every year.

    Here’s a tip, don’t buy a house near a river or where it floods.

    • 191
      F**K the LibLabCon says:

      Indeed, a simple observation many over look.

    • 270

      Or prepare for the inevitable , tiled floors , raised power points , a supply of sand bags, move valuables upstairs after flood warnings , why are some people caught by surprise every time ?

    • 299
      Genghiz the kahn says:


      2000 Floods, 2013 Floods. 2000 PM Blair turns up. 2013 Cameron turns up. What happened in between?

      • 356
        FFS says:

        Feck all. Something to do with the fact that improving the flood defences of this Georgian village would cost £20,000 per house or some such excuse.

        Now Yalding has an average house price of £440,000 according to RightMove and it seems to me that improving flood defences would be of great benefit to said (already rather high) house prices.

        So why the hell are the rest of us expected to pay for their flood defences?

        What they need is a mechanism for improving the flood defences but where the cost is born locally over a long period of time. In other words the council should have done it as a PFI project and put the cost onto local council tax. The people would have got dry houses and lower house insurance in return.

        Couldn’t run a piss-up in a brewery, any of them.

        • 407

          If they own half million pound houses why are they waiting for the council to do something ?

  46. 167
    Anon. says:
    • 170
      Do you have children of your own..? says:

      Err, it’s what small children do…

      Boys play with cars and girls play with dolls and pretend to make cakes.

      It’s not rocket science you thick bitch.

      • 179
        Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

        What else would you epect the cnut was McMentals PPS.

        • 195
          Fishy says:

          I think that we need some sort of counter revolution.

          When these thick bitches and Owen Jones get their regular slot on the BBC phone-in’s – people need to ring up and call them ‘thick bitches’.

    • 178
      Scottish feminists are daft says:

      Silly daft feminist cow

    • 186
      Alan Chingachgook says:

      For more Socialist gender/role fuckwit observations see opposite.

    • 188
      Tesco's high prices, fake offers, crap service and dodgy horseburgers are NOT progress says:

      Yeah. That’s right, Alison.

      Concentrate on the big issues that matter.

      What a thick fucking retarded Lefty c*nt.

    • 189
    • 413
      ghost of genders present says:


  47. 168
    Build-a-Burger says:

    Observe Mounsey being destroyed by Brillo!

    But of course, we all know that the LibLabCon are already the embodiment of the Libartarian Party today…dont we?

  48. 171
    john in cheshire says:

    I just want to register my opinion : Mr Cameron is a socialist. My understanding (from reading about the results of such mattersi) is that over 50% of a persons make-up is genetic. Therefore, Mr Cameron is not responsible for what he has done. However, logic would tell us that we need to exterminate the socialists in our midst to bring us back to a normal, civilised nation.

  49. 172
    Fidel Castro says:

    I remember a few years back when there was that hurricane over Cuba.

    I went into that TV studio and stayed there 96 hours (excluding toilet breaks ) conducting salvage operations in front of the people.

    I am of course the longest serving Leader in the world.

    • 173
      john in cheshire says:

      I name you dick head of the millenium. I wait to dance on your grave. And all socialists I hope you enjoy eternity in Hell. I pray to Jesus that I don’t spend my eternity with you.

    • 184
      Fidel Castro's dipshit brother says:

      I bowed my head and grovelled in front of the Great Obuma.

  50. 175
    Jack the Ripper says:

    CAMERON : I don’t understand it. Who put all this water here?

  51. 180
    Rt. Hon Butch Cameron MP says:

    What a found terribly encouraging was the pride these people have in their county. Wherever I went I was met with crowds chanting “Kent!”

  52. 181
    King Canute says:

    Been there done that – why on earth did they buy a house in a flood area?

    • 185
      Gullible BBC viewer/Graudian reader says:

      We was told there would be global warming and no rain.

      My God, we were lied to!! Why? WHYYYY??

      • 310
        Bilda Berger says:

        Hands up all those who spent £4,570 on gravel and bougainvillea for their “Mediterranean garden” … :-)

  53. 182
    Cabbage says:

    Still, look on the bright side…flood defences might be shit but all that council tax is providing decent pensions for the local council flood defence departments.

    • 199
      Lettuce says:

      Most of the council works are contracted out, so Councillors and their business mates who they did the contract work will be on free holidays while one of the officials of the contracting co will be ringing around to get hold of contract staff via an employment agency and all they are getting from contractors phones is continuous ringing or ou .

    • 423
      alexsandr says:

      flood defence is environment agency, not council.

  54. 187
    F**K the LibLabCon says:

    As soon as you hear that over used phrase “lessens will be learned” you the twat saying it is a politician from the school of Common Purpose.

    • 192
      Dimmy Dave is the worst Prime Minister ever ! says:


      “Speaking to television cameras he [Cameron] added: “We need the council to get around with skips so people can get carpets and furniture removed. We need to get power back on and then we need to learn the lessons.

      Bye bye, Dimmy Dave! Bye bye!

      • 194
        OnTehRobRoma. says:

        “We need the council to get around with skips so people can get carpets and furniture removed”.

        Sound good. :-)

        • 203
          altruism in industry says:

          Wouldn’t that make them look too cheery in the circumstances ? Better if they walk solemnly.

        • 422
          alexsandr says:

          whats the hurry. they will be out of their houses for 6 months while they dry out.
          Start finding places for all these people to live in.

      • 197
        Fishy says:

        Back to Labour Central Office sock-puppet

    • 230
      Clench your Buttocks Chucks says:
      • 231
        Show us your Tits says:
        • 245
          Build-a-Burger says:

          At least the fucker visited a factory.

          Before 2006 you could not obtain a picture of Blair in any factory whatsoever (check out the picture prees archives if you do not believe me). The first factory Blair ever visited was the B&D factory in his own cosstituency circa 2006.

          They are all cun’tz.

        • 248
          Build-a-Burger says:

          At least the fucker visited a factory.

          Before 2006 you could not obtain a picture of Blair in any factory whatsoever (check out the picture prees archives if you do not believe me). The first factory Blair ever visited was the B&D factory in his own cosstituency circa 2006.

          They are all cun’tz.

        • 389
          Burgers are bad for you says:

          WTF does any constituency in Scotland have to do with Chucky boy? Who paid his fare and lodgings?

  55. 208
  56. 218
    Point of Information X says:

    Why is Dave so keen on getting old carpets and furniture out of peoples homes, and the insurance companies to loss adjust new stuff in ?

    Ok – helps people out who have soggy flooring, but perhaps he is seeing this as a way to goose sales figures which may have been dire for Christmas…

    Osborne have any interests in carpet, alongside the painting and decorating, these days ?

  57. 221
    Once Bitten says:

    The Russians should never have released those Greenpeace loons.

  58. 224
    Barack Hussein Obama II aka Barry says:

    Dave needs his Joe the plumber

  59. 225
    Food Bank Smiles says:
    • 246
      Fishy says:

      I wonder if he’ll visit Stafford’s food bank

    • 255
      CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

      The Trussell Trust is a Labour front. Chief Exec. Chris Mould pays himself £150,000 per year and charges churches £15,000 to set up a franchise food bank. Oh, and he’s a lifelong Labour Party member.

      • 283
        Well Done says:

        Well exposed. Have a plus 1.

        Does our host know?

      • 308
        Jack Ketch says:

        No its only £100,000 per year (plus £30,000 consultancy fees) and the Franchise fee is only £1500 per Foodbank (TM). You make Mould out be a billionaire out of people’s sympathies and good heartedness, while he is a mere millionaire.

        • 312
          Jack Ketch says:

          Mind you, the Trussell Trust’s latest financials state “The exact emoluments paid to the directors cannot be accurately stated”.—-not sure what this means, but I last saw it in the accounts of Polly Peck just before that Turkish bloke buggered off.

          • Tony "Progressive" Blair says:

            Ah remember that backward Victorian belief that “charity” was about giving your time and money away to the needy expecting nothing in return?

            Well, new improved New Labour charity has made that a thing of the past!

            New Labour charity with added bonuses and incentives!

            New Labour charity – a whole new way to improve your proft margins!

            New Labour charity because we’re very comfortable with people becoming exceedingly rich

      • 373
        Tessa Jowell's 2005 Gambling Act says:

        So he’s a crook. What do you expect? Honesty in politics?

  60. 228
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:
  61. 235
    HS Train Wreck says:
    • 236
      T May says:

      Yankee go home

      • 252

        If anyone is in any doubt about the price of these vanity projects he should take a look at the London cross rail as it bulldozes its way through London’s history , after years of congestion ,temporary one way circuits, and third world oil drum traffic lights, it is still not scheduled to open until 2018, it will take many years before the disruption it has caused is ever repayed , just to enable a few city prats to take a later train into work ,no doubt the fare levels after the £billions spent will make it a drain on the budgets of millions of captive commuters.

        • 319
          Jack Ketch says:

          Surely it is well worth £50 billion with £48 million already spent on thinking about it, for 300-400 people to get from London to Birmingham 15 minutes faster than they do today? By 2040 when HS2 is in full service, its technology will be just 80 years old.

    • 258
      Isambard Kingdom Brunel says:

      Oh do fuck off, there’s a good chap!

      • 288
        Fancy a new go at the Atmospheric? says:

        But Isambard old boy you were able to raise private money for all of your ventures because there was a sound commercial need for them. Unlike the EU’s non stopping, passenger only line between the centre of Brum and the smoke.

  62. 241
    Vote Tactically Against Labour says:

    Labour are finished under Ed.

    • 359
      All socialists are hypocrites says:

      AND notwithstanding they’ll still be the government in May 2015…restores your faith in the stupidity of the British Electorate doesn’t it !!! Bust the economy, wage illegal war;implement massive uncontrolled immigration;increase benefits culture; under the control of the unions AND very likely will finish the job of busting the country they started …YET still the voters will elect them…..

  63. 251
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

  64. 254
    Bogdan says:

    What id coming to Kent?

    Bulgarians and Romanians.

    The Law of Vagrancy was repealed last week to facilitate their settlements.

  65. 259
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote LibLabCon to stay in! :)

  66. 262

    David Blunkett wants to put legally enforced limits on TV satire.

    For heaven’s sake, is the man blind?

    • 292
      Long John Silver' parrot says:

      If you stop dipping your stick where you should not be sticking it then I will stop being satirical.

      FFS that Mrs Quinn was a married woman.

    • 401
      Mr Slater says:

      The swine would probably have tried to ban the Parrot Sketch as an act of hatecrime if it had been an African Grey rather than a Norwegian Blue involved. I, on the other hand, merely find that warmed-over Footlights skit deeply disturbing and revealing, and take no offence, either personal or by proxy, over the matter. It’s Cleese I feel sorry for: like Coleridges’ Mariner with a Psittacene as an albatross!

  67. 264
    Hairy mingers says:

    Root and Carberry set a dreadful tone at the top of the order.
    They both need dropped. Not good enough

  68. 271
    Gorgon Brown MP says:

    My beard wife and I would like to wish nursey, matron and Bruno a very Merry Christmas and JELLY ROLL, I didn’t get JELLY ROLL, NURSE Nae mair boom and bustier DOUBLE D CUP SELL THE GOLD RESERVES THE NOO

    I AM GOD!

  69. 273
    Iain Duncan Smith in accounts says:

    Before we cut benefits to the most vulnerable perhaps we could stop wasting billions on MOD procurement and aid for China’s moon landings.

  70. 279
    Confucius says:

    Those in public life who go around looking for nice photoshoots inevitably come a cropper.

  71. 280
    Blowing Whistles says:

    At least the fucker visited a factory.

    Before 2006 you could not obtain a picture of Blair in any factory whatsoever (check out the picture prees archives if you do not believe me). The first factory Blair ever visited was the B&D factory in his own cosstituency circa 2006.

    They are all cun’tz.

  72. 281
    Build-a-Burger says:

    At least the fucker visited a factory.

    Before 2006 you could not obtain a picture of Blair in any factory whatsoever (check out the picture prees archives if you do not believe me). The first factory Blair ever visited was the B&D factory in his own cosstituency circa 2006.

    They are all cun’tz.

  73. 285
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    What I do not understand is why is my Prime Minister standing isolated in a pool of water wearing a suit.

    Something very strange is happening.

  74. 294
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Yalding was flooded in 2000, and was visited by Blair.

    Even the Guardian concede that nothing was done to improve the flood defences in the last 13 years.

  75. 295
    LOL says:
    • 332
      health and safety says:

      We don’t much like the look of those cobbles.

    • 368
      The Navy is in the Philippines says:

      Looks like a meeting of hand-wringers anonymous

    • 414
      ghost of glug glugs present says:

      Hmmm while you go back to Chequers and have a jolly toff time, we are waiting for some help from your pleb gov’t. 13 years later – no help yet.

  76. 300
    Sir barnabas benjamin White- Spunner (Eton) says:

    Vote Tory !

    Hear ! fucking well Hear !

    Tally Ho !

  77. 315
    Dave Goes Pink. While UKIP goes Blue says:
  78. 316
    Cameron's pants says:

    A snippet from the script of Dick in Boots :

    Dave : I appeal to you.

    Unwilling audience : Oh no you don’t !

  79. 317
    ghost of floodings present says:

    ‘We ‘ave to learn de lessons. ‘

    How I love this sound bite from politicians. NOT! These idiots do not learn anything – apart from how to milk the system.

    • 322
      Today's Lesson says:

      Stupid innit? As there are no lessons to learn. Build house next to river and get pretty views. Every now and then it rains cats and dogs in one spot, river rises and floods house.

      Then the sun comes out and everything is all right until the next time it floods.

      The best thing politicians can do is stay well clear on flood days and only visit on warm pretty days when everyone is happy.

      • 330
        A lesson that's never learned says:

        One important lesson which they don’t tend to learn: improved food defences in one part of a river increases the flood risk further down the river.

        • 342
          Dogger Bank says:

          Same with sea defences.

        • 348
          Blame AGW. It works everytime and the BBC lap it up. says:

          Madness to stop a flood plain from flooding, buts that what they do. Same with the Thames, London is built on a flood plain and the river should be many times wider, as a result it has to run faster to shift the water.

          The B’stards are of course fully aware of this but it is so wrong of them to blame the man made global warming when all they have done is to restrict land drainage (if not concreted over) into narrow channels that can not cope with heavy rain, and Not admit their mistakes.

  80. 329
    Tom Catesby. says:

    They don’t need another drip.

  81. 331
    Dave 'bright spark' Cameron says:

    I’m thinking of building an Arc.

  82. 344
    anonymous says:

    After 13 years of turning a blind eye to muslim grooming gangs as to not upset their base they come up with this. Trickle down pressure from Labour protected and therefore enabled those gangs.Now we have leasons learned?

    Guess who wants to be a Labour MP? All very common purpose.

  83. 346
    Tracey Worthless says:

    A pity Yalding is just outside my constituency otherwise I could have had my photo taken with the great Camoron. He could then have watched me play football in the flooded field.

  84. 350
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I stand corrected…

  85. 351
    The Daily Mail gives "an egregiously silly Prime Minister" a massive slap in the face says:

    Oh Dear…looks like 2014 isn’t going to be Cameron’s Year

  86. 357
    Anonymous says:

    Dave listed all those things that need but were not being done, to fulfil the real political task of serving the people. All that is except the need for politicains, who in addition ensure that such things ARE done and not just listed.

  87. 360
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Lessons will be learned from this as long as you keep voting LibLabCon, I’ll give you a cast iron guarantee on that!

  88. 364
    UKIP thug exposed says:

    Vicious Assault on Hunt saboteur by Huntsman and chum of Nigel Farage Hunt Saboteurs Assoc Press Release 27/12/13

    Right wing trash.

    • 371
      Butch Dave says:

      Get back to Ed’s cock.

      • 376
        Ric"Tally Ho" Holden CCHQ says:

        The Tories should introduce legislation to outlaw this right wing shower of perverts known as Countryside Alliance.

        “Countryside Alliance is right wing pro gun pro hunt organisation which supports wildlife cruelty & it has cheek to attack RSPCA opposing it”

        • 381
          Sturdy says:

          Ignorant townies, you know nothing, brain dead types, should leave the country people well alone. Or suffer the consequences you richly deserve for imposing your will on others, without their consent.

      • 402
        Anonymous says:

        Odd how fishing with a barbed hook is ignored by these left wing twats. Ah but that’s the working class so allowed innit

    • 374
      albacore says:

      It’s that time of year again for rueful reflection
      On a Parliament worthy only of rejection
      How can it be so rotten to the core a shower
      Was let anywhere near to the levers of power?

    • 387
      PR the lies the lies and the lies says:

      Wow!, Farage has friends, although Farage is not blamed, he’s a friend of a “Hunt saboteur”, so this is not pig sh1t being thrown at the wall and hoping some of it will stick to Farage by association, you lose, anything said against Farage at the moment will be taken apart and picked over and thrown back at the idiots.

  89. 382
    Mr Potato Head says:

    Dave is a Labour cuckoo in the Tory nest.

  90. 384
    Peter Hitchens says:

    Why I like Vladimir Putin

  91. 385
    Grant Shapps says:

    By now your carrots and other veggies should be a bit like UKIP’s PR machine. Off the boil.

    • 388
      Times are not changing just the depth of corruption says:

      LibLabCon, the party that has 3 heads, just like a hydra.

      • 394
        Wavey Davey says:

        We are not one party. This is back to the era of consensus politics.

        I admit it amounts to much the same thing

  92. 390
    Burgers are bad for you says:

    En passant, anyone know if the hosepipe ban has been lifted yet?

  93. 393

    Wotta Tossa

  94. 398
    Traitor Dave says:

    Just on my way to Dover. What. What.

    To welcome the first Roma family that lands on New Year’s Day.

  95. 399
    Confucius says:

    Council letting houses be built on flood plain best friend of developer. Developer building houses on flood plain makes much money. He who buys house on flood plain needs head examined.

    • 400
      Screwed Taxpayer says:

      No need to worry. The LibLabConners will bail the stupid fuckers out with lots of taxpayers money, providing they get their caring photo ops.

  96. 416
    Admiral Ackbar III says:

    Someone should have drowned the shit!!

  97. 417
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron has given the coded signal for Government inaction “lessons will /shall/must be learned.”

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Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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