December 20th, 2013

WATCH: Upturn Abbey

Via BBC.


  1. 1
    Frank says:

    Kevin Maguire let out from ITV then to spout even more nonsense. Hope he enjoyed the food and drink snorted at their Xmas party last night.


    • 6
      So He's not a vampire then. says:


      • 10
        Anonymous says:

        Ah yes. Jonathan Neil Reynolds, Labour and Co-operative MP, a UNITE stooge, also bought and paid for by the people who brought you Rev Flowers, mysterious payments to Balls and the Labour Party’s dodgy loans.


      • 16
        he pyre says:

        hip hip pyre

        in the umpire.

        hip hip pure

        in the impure.
        honey suckle.


      • 20
        i don't n eed no doctor says:

        War criminal Blair saved by what is now the Chilcot Whitewash, and it’s only cost £7.2 million of taxpayers money. How many foodbanks could that help Ed Miliband? Your labour Ed Miliband, that took us to war, or are you like Rachel Reeves who is not responsible for anything labour did because she wasn’t elected at the time (re Brillo DP Show).


        • 24
          Reeves can't take it both ways says:

          If she is disclaiming responsibility for what Labour has done, then I take it she has waved all rights to boast about their beloved NHS start up.


          • (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

            And you are actually proud to be associated with this pile of human excrement.
            You politico’s have a strange sense of whats right and whats wrong.


  2. 2
    Theatre Review says:

    Laboured jokes with leaden actors. A hit!


    • 15
      RomaBob...ethical immigrant. says:

      Total rubbish…….. hardly brought down the ceiling.


      • 33
        Joe Public. says:

        Unbelievable loony left crap from the BBC and to think this is what taxpayers are paying for.
        Also what on earth does Quinton Letts think he is doing?
        I have to have drinks with part of my family on Xmas day evening and they tell me they are going to watch Downton Abbey.
        Well it is a better option than Coronation Street last year, I suppose.


  3. 3
    Robert says:

    Wow, a bigger pile of lefty crap you couldn’t even find on channel 4


  4. 4
    The Meissen Bison says:



  5. 5
    Cymro oddi ar y llinell says:

    Don’t call us….


  6. 7
    PR spin spotter says:

    Re your reference to Daniel Hamilton’s article

    I see he is a director at Bell Pottinger

    Who are they being paid to lie for now?


  7. 8
    Ambrose Pilchard Evans says:

    Well I thought it was funny!

    Now that things are on the up and up in Britain and the USA it’s time for some light hearted fun, which is my speciality!


  8. 9
    Stop rewriting history says:

    Amusing your article from the JC about Mossad “training Mandela” in order to rewrite history

    Here is the truth about Ysraeli coopperation with A partheid South Africa sraeli-leader-who-mourned-mandelas-death-helped-white-regime-get-missiles?lite


  9. 12
    NotTheBbc says:


  10. 13
    Duncan Kaminski says:

    Lashings of humble pie for Maguire who has been wrong on the economy all year and probably all his life.


  11. 17
    Monica says:

    The normally mild mannered mummy’s darling Portaloo got very shouty-over poor old Nige on This Week while Brillo was slumbering in a haze of booze.

    Noone ever seems to shout over the dumb blonde celeb bimbos who usually provide Duh Awtuwnativ Voyce on This Week.


  12. 19
    Pissed up Kev says:

    Haddaway and shite yuz ruskie sounding huckle


  13. 21
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Kevin Maguire, friend of Ed Balls, fellow turkey.


  14. 23
    Wait - what! says:

    and people wonder why I absolutely loathe the BBC..


  15. 28
    Fat Pang says:

    A typically vacuous waste of licence fee payers’ money!! Hurrah!!!!


    • 34
      UK Taxpayer says:

      400,000 UK households can’t be wrong in throwing out the telly.
      This idiotic series proves the point.


  16. 30
    mikis says:

    I wouldn’t bother to put up part 2 on the site.


  17. 32
    Man in the Street says:

    Loved it this morning when the BBC radio 4 had Obama stating he was going to think and work hard on reforming the NSA etc etc.
    This morning Obama flew with his family to Hawaii on a 17 day holiday.
    BBC up to date and tells us the full truth? NEVER.
    Also this morning they had two left wing hacks supporting the kitchen goddess and also that old has-been Geoffrey Robinson doing the same on her court case (that should never have been started).
    Could it simply be that the BBC is protecting its own interests with its kitchen sink drama with the damaged goddess?


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