December 20th, 2013

Cops Buried Evidence of Expense-Fiddling MPs

More evidence the police let criminal MPs get away with breaking the law during the expenses scandal in the Times today. The Met carried out assessments of 77 MPs suspected of breaking the law, launching full investigations into 14. Four of those investigations were not passed onto the CPS but instead buried, the evidence never to see the light of day. Worth remembering the police would have let Denis MacShane get away with false accounting, assuring him he wouldn’t face trial and only handing his file to prosecutors once the Standards and Privileges Committee published its own damning report. Following the Standards and Privileges Committee report Guido wrote to the police demanding they re-open the case.

The police should now hand over the four buried investigations to the CPS immediately. Who were the four MPs who aroused such suspicion and what were they accused of?


  1. 1
    Greed Watch says:

    Wrong question. Who are those 4 MPs who aroused such suspicion and what is it they have promised the police that won’t ever see the light of day?

    • 3
      The Meissen Bison says:

      Yup, why were the files buried?

    • 38
      Joe Public says:

      Doubt if the four MP’s promised anything.
      It would be leading political party officials that would block the police.
      My guess is that Harriet Harman is involved on at least one instance, probably with her husband.
      I also suspect that all 3 major parties are involved and formed a troika to block the police. Both Westminster and the Police can now be officially stated as corrupt.
      I also doubt if those four files now exist, though hopeful that some public spirited policeman kept some copies.

    • 76
      nphandley says:

      I reached this story because I was searching Mr Kevin Horak on Guidos Google serach. Mr Kevin Horak is Managing Director of Clearwater Special Projects Limited, a Private Security Company that has the ability to walk the corridors of the Palace of Westminster. I wonder if his extensive contacts have had anything to do with this? Apparently, he knocks on MP’s doors and offers his services……. Drinks tea on the terrace quite a bit.

  2. 2
    A Cynical Old Git says:

    Did they shake hands on that or was it just nodded through ?

  3. 4
    Ed Balls says:

    Look, look over there – Yvette’s taking her top off!

  4. 5
    I'm Voting UKIP says:

    I have my bottle of Champagne on ice awaiting McShanes sentence.

    What a great day it is today !!

  5. 6
    Rotherham Politics says:

    The ‘spin machine’ is also working overtime down in London, this time on MacShane’s behalf! Doing the rounds amongst the political chattering classes are these two interesting pieces of gossip.

    He is reportedly very annoyed at those he thought were his friends, for not supporting him publicly. And is said to be spitting feathers at having to utter the words, Guilty My Lord!

    He is allegedly threatening to write a book about the expenses scandal if he goes to prison.

    • 17
      I'm Voting UKIP says:

      That would be a best seller. !

      He could repent his sins by squealing on all the other naughty little piggies who are laughing at him because they THINK they have got away with it.

    • 26
      Thrill Seeker says:

      Sacks will be provided.

      Let the ferret fight being!

      • 40
        BBC- Bolshevik Biased Crap says:

        We cannot possibly comment on our Labour Comrade’s transgressions.
        Give the the facts on a Tory politician and it will be broadcast 24/7.

  6. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Possibly one word “FREEMASONRY”

    • 57
      Socialism Ate My Future says:

      That has nothing to do with it, my family have / are involved and they don’t eat babies or plan world domination.

      • 65
        cynic says:

        The crooks take over and work at a higher level. Naive and honest people are kept at a lower level to provide cover. Most masons would not have known about P2, and most Catholics are not pedophiles.

    • 64
      Catswhiskers says:

      Common Purpose are everywhere

  7. 8
    Black Dog says:

    Just pick any four of the thieving cnuts.

  8. 9
    Arthur says:

    Wasn’t Sadiq Khan one – I seem to remember a hoo-ha about him submitting an invoice for Christmas cards or the like that was rejected and then re-submitting an invoice with a different description in order to recover the money.

  9. 13
    Hampshire O*d B*ll says:

    We offered the M*t our full expertise on how these inve*stigations
    should (not) be carried out

    Our specialist brooms have there uses in so many different ways !

  10. 14
    UK Kleptocracy says:

    They are all in it together.

    The Police were politicised by Neo Labour – this is the result – a Police Force serving the political elite.

    And as usual, not one of them will lose their jobs or fat pensions.

    • 35
      Socialism Ate My Future says:

      Sad but true, we were unfortunately burgled Monday just gone and if if wasn’t for me checking CCTV at the local shop and talking to people in our development gathering statements the Police at Bethnal Green were going to close it (the investigation) on the Tuesday. Even forensics had to come out twice as they missed finger prints.

      I truly hope no one goes through what we’re going through as no one cares, if I was plod however…..

      • 42
        Big Momma. says:

        I had the same problem with total lack of police interest on a robbery, and so put a reward notice in a local paper.
        I got a whistleblower who complained about the neighbors stealing and trying to sell the stolen goods – they did not want a reward, only the jailing of the family and some peace and quiet.
        I went to the police with the facts, and eventually they raided the house and recovered my goods intact.
        Then I got a visit from the CID who told me the plod had not conducted the raid to procedures and the culprits would get off with a slap over the wrist.
        This happened, and I can only feel sympathy for the neighbors of this criminal family.

    • 36
      Arthur says:

      A process embodied by that exemplary New Labour copper Ian Blair.

      More interested in diversity training than clear up rates.

  11. 15
    Maximus says:

    Clear favourite has to be 5 Bellies and her privileged access to (a) lots of public teat, (b) the ACPO gang.

  12. 20
    Burn Labour Burn says:

    Over 13 years, Labour filled the police, civil service and other branches of the state with their cronies. We’re still suffering the effects of this institutionalised toxicity. That’s how Labour got the pigs to bury these four cases.

    • 46
      Stalin's Ghost. says:

      They learnt this trick from myelf and Labour apparatchiks are prominent in so called charities, from where they can feed anti Coalition disinformation to the BBC, and snipe at them from an “ethical” position.

  13. 21
    Jacqui Smith says:

    Me so horny. I mean, me so hungry. Me want another pork pie.

  14. 22
    HoP says:

    So will Geedo be writing to the boys in Blue with another demand to investigate the thieves of Westminster?

  15. 24
    Peter says:

    Even though MacShane has eventually been prosecuted for submitting bogus claims the Met police have ignored all his other fiddling and gone for the easy option where all the work had been done by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. The police are lazy in the extreme.

    • 61
      Same old, same old... says:

      … and overpaid.

    • 75
      John Bellingham says:

      “Baroness” Uddin’s expense claims were probably the most blatant example of bare-faced fraud–worse than McShane (Matyjaszek). Although excluded from the Lord’s until she coughed up a portion of the cash–Pold has refused to bang the foreign bitch up.

  16. 25
    Bravado from Denis. but he don't fool no one. says:
  17. 27
    For Once Chuka does the right thing. & the lefties don't like it. says:
    • 29
      The British Public says:

      Syria is none of our business

      • 37
        Round the Bend says:

        Good question, why was Galloway going to escort him back home and not Chukusyourmoney – nothing in it for him perhaps.

      • 41
        The ruling elite says:

        It’s our business, it’s the war on terror, and oil and money and contracts and global banking.

        • 47
          The British Public says:

          It may be, it may not be. We don’t care. Look after whatever your interests are using your own money and shedding your own blood. Don’t use our tax money and send our soldiers to fight your war.

    • 45
      Seriously, I listened to Chucka says:

      Is Syr!a too down market for Chucka ?

      Perhaps bongo bongo land is where his interests lay.

  18. 43
    Not Blowing Whistles says:

    Are the police complicit then in an underhand plot to discredit the government ?

    Plebgate and this – not that there was any serious doubt that there had been a cover up somewhere by those who should have been investigating / prosecuting at the time.

    Smells of an EU plot to undermine the UK public’s confidence in its own government, and perhaps see the infinitely more corrupt and odious European mob as being more acceptable ?

    UKIP is one of the few exceptions which makes the rule to the above assertion about the MEP piglets.

    • 48
      Man in the Street says:

      Listened to an interview on radio 4 yesterday where Hoagen Hey (sic) stated that the 3 police officers did not spin the facts about their meeting with the then Minister.
      My jaw hit the ground.
      They did NOT SPIN – THEY LIED.

    • 70
      cynic says:

      The Lefties in Britain are quite capable of doing this without EU involvement. New Labour’s corruption of the police, media, ‘civil society’ and civil service is sufficient to explain subsequent developments.

  19. 49

    It was clear from the Telegraph data published in 2009 that well over half of MPs had claims which comprehensively failed HMRC’s “Wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred in the performance of the job” test.

    Questions need to be asked about the Parliamentary servants dealing with the expenses and the special HMRC unit which deals with MPs’ pay.

    • 50
      Is it me? says:

      Imagine if it were a private company and some 50% of the employees ( including senior managers) had allegedly submitted false expense claims . In the real world there would be mass sackings

      • 52
        HoC Pigs in the Trough says:

        PLEASE NOTE We are not in the real world & we make the rules
        which we can break when it suits us plus its all legal or if not
        we will make it asap

    • 59
      Non taxable pikey says:

      Going to take a lot of bacon to wrap those piggies.

    • 71
      cynic says:

      MP’s have NO legitimate expenses. None of their expenditure is ‘wholly, necessarily and exclusively’ to do their jobs. It’s ALL corrupt. This attempt to make distinctions between levels of corruption just legitimates some of their troughing. They should all be punished, along with their cover up Standards bodies and their bent coppers.

  20. 55
    Ed Balls says:

    Gobble gobble gobble.

  21. 56
    (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

    The Balls/Cooper family are amongst the biggest troughers to walk.
    Seem to remeber them claiming £400 each per month for food (allowable I know) even during parlimentary recess.
    What a pair of greedy, self-serving, pompous c**ts.
    I e-mailed the man himself and asked how he managed to stay so slim given that he was eating £100′s worth of grub every week.
    The slimy t**t didn’t reply, suprise.

  22. 62
    General Farquhart says:

    Let’s hope it’s Cameron. And also Maria Miller (what happened to her case – are you asking questions, Guido)?

    • 63

      Cameron is a known trougher don’t forget he assumed it was the responsibility of the tax payer to trim his wisteria!

      • 74
        kevin in accounts says:

        While you are here can you explain to us in simple terms the problems he had with those Building Societies and mortgage payments.

        David Cameron’s explanations at the time made no sense to me.

  23. 72

    Bent law-enforcers and bent law makers. S’game innit?

  24. 73
    Georgie Osborne's Blue and White Army says:

    The MP for Witney is one of the four.

    Own up Guido.

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