December 18th, 2013

PMQs Live Chat: Christmas Jeer Edition

Comments in the comments please…


  1. 1
    Dave says:

    I feel like a Horse


  2. 2
    Eeeehhuhhhhhheehhhhh says:

    Is that a pig grunting?


  3. 3
    MIKE OXHARD says:

    How much does it cost us to fly that wanky bastard to Afghanistan for his Christmas photo op ?


    • 100
      I hate socialists. says:

      I do not know if you realise that military aircraft are flying out to Afghanistan
      most days of the week for supplies and troop relief etc. So the answer to your
      question is zero.


  4. 4
    Freedom to trade with Russia says:

    Bollocks to Whittingdale


  5. 5
    sussex carol says:

    ‘cost of living crisis…cost of living crisis…cost of living crisis’

    I hope labour have got that parrot trained properly.


  6. 6
    Dave wants Turkish immigrants too says:

    Tory MP: Let all the Ukrainians have the right to come and live in the UK.


    • 13
      walking into darkness says:

      What’s it got to to do with Cameron to comment on who Ukraine should trade with?


    • 108
      FFS says:

      They already do. They just buy Polish passports on the blackmarket and come straight to the UK. Do you think anybody here would be able to tell the difference? Only the Poles and they don’t give a damn about the UK, so they won’t say anything.

      It’s our home – time we started looking after it.


  7. 8
    Ed Miliband says:

    Why are the Tories cheering me and my backbenchers silent?


  8. 9
    nell says:

    “costoflivingcrisis costoflivingcrisis costoflivingcrisis”

    hope labour have that par rot tra ined properly.


  9. 10
    Hatchet says:

    Old PIE-face would put you off your diner.


  10. 11
    Dont mention PIE says:

    I see the p****phile advocate is in the house.


  11. 14
    Re-boot says:

    Bercow comes to Ed’s rescue as his brain kicks into a bootloop and he can only repeat “and he’s got no answer, and he’s got no answer….”


  12. 15
    WARRIOR DAVE says:

    Miliband snivelling little prick.


  13. 16
    WARRIOR DAVE says:

    Why is the munchkin in the throne telling the big boys and girls what to do?


  14. 17
    Ed Milimong says:

    Ed now giving the PM answers. He doesn’t understand it is PMQs.


    • 109
      FFS says:

      Ed was trying the “Act like you’re already the PM” trick last week, so now Cameron is making sure the little prick is put back in his place.


  15. 18
    JH32492384092394 says:

    If there is a cost of living crisis it is a direct result of Labour.

    In 1997 I used to budget £75 a month for bills. That is gas, electricity, water and council tax. The lot.

    By 2010 that had gone up 2.5 times.


  16. 19
    MIKE OXHARD says:

    Bercow found the turkey joke very amusing
    What is your wife getting for Christmas , apart for a large portion of Pikey ?


    • 52
      Nigella says:

      She likes two flavours of stuffing.


      • 94
        Ippikin says:

        Didn’t know she and Mr. Harman were friends!


        • 117

          SUB JUDICE

          You’re a bum
          You’re a punk
          You’re an old slut on junk
          Living there almost dead
          On a drip in that bed

          You scum bag
          You maggot
          You cheap lousy faggot
          Happy Christmas your arse
          I pray God
          It’s our last

          The boys of the NYPD choir
          Still singing ‘Galway Bay’
          And the bells are ringing
          Out for Christmas day


  17. 20
    WARRIOR DAVE says:

    Just once Miliband will ask a question without swallowing half the words. Halfwit.


  18. 22
    MIKE OXHARD says:

    The worst double act in history Millitwat loads the gun and Cameron pulls the trigger !


  19. 23
    WARRIOR DAVE says:

    The speaker is truly awful.


  20. 24
    Mitch says:

    Insulting jibe from Bercow about “no graders”. He really shouldn’t talk like that.


  21. 25
    Dreadful says:

    I despise them all, but I must say Ed Miliband is the worst performing politician I have ever seen at PMQs in my life. He is fucking appalling.


  22. 27
    Can he be any more patronising ? says:

    Oi Bercow ! Get yer f****n hair cut !


  23. 28
    Dave Disgusts me. says:

    Cameron Should hang his head in shame at being the EU patsy in Parliament. The Freely democratically elected government is FREE TO TRADE WITH WHOEVER IT WANTS TO TRADE WITH.



  24. 31
    Diane Abbott says:

    What is a no grader?


  25. 32
    What I asked Santa for Xmas says:

    Godzilla fracking in Chipping Norton


  26. 33
    The Islamic republic of Handsworth says:

    Handsworth is a suburb of Karachi.


    • 72
      Living in 98.221% white Merseyside says:

      I thought Handsworth was mainly Afro-Caribbean? Have we got bl*ack flight now?


      • 85
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

        Soon the muzzies will be fleeing the Roma :-)


      • 89
        SITREP says:

        Not these days mate. The Afros have moved out to the suburbs to get away from the flood of those of the Moslem faith. It really is a mind blowing site to see when you drive through it, takes ages though as the traffic moves at Punjab speeds.


      • 90
        SITREP says:

        Not these days mate. The Afros have moved out to the suburbs to get away from the flood of those of the Moslem faith. It really is a mind blowing site to see when you dr1ve through it, takes ages though as the traffic moves at Punjab speeds.


  27. 34
    Hmm says:

    Bercow asking for his P45


  28. 34
    Pride comes before a fall says:

    Bloody Hell that was really rude of Bercow.


  29. 39
    Bercow went too far says:

    Did Bercow call ordinary MPs, Low graders or no graders? Not that it makes much difference.

    He’s going to regret that one.

    Wonder if he will be made to apologise to the house.


  30. 40
    Tedious question asked by Labour MPs says:

    My friend can’t afford a loaf. What will the PM do about it?


  31. 41
    Oh Deary me. says:

    Bercow is a bit touchy today.


  32. 42
    Mitch says:

    You can’t really blame Cameron for an ATOS person not turning up for one appoinment. And whether the person has cancer or not is irrelevant – it’s just being used for cheap effect.


  33. 43
    Oh Deary me. says:

    The whole PMQ’s is a pantomine.


  34. 44
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Talk about over-acting!


  35. 45
    Ivy says:

    Mike Baldwin’s wife is looking rough.


  36. 46
    Shouting isn't Orating says:

    Stehen Pound is a major-league C’unt.


  37. 47
    Given half a chance says:

    I’d splurge it all over her


  38. 48
    Grumpy Watch says:

    Wonder if Little John and slapper Sal have had a domestic?


  39. 50
    Gawd Help Us says:

    I hope he said spitting in the wind.


  40. 51
    Ippikin says:

    Methinks the Turkey needs basting.
    Any more tubs of lard in the House now that Roy Hattersley is n longer there?


  41. 53
    Oh Deary me. says:

    Bercow is so masterful !!!!!


  42. 54
    Like I care says:

    What’s Mick Jagger asking about Syria for?


  43. 55
    MIKE OXHARD says:

    Ed Balls = Dumb Clucker


  44. 56
    Rory Stewart says:

    Florence of Arabia!!!


  45. 64
  46. 66
    Like I care says:

    That Clare Balding lookalike in Daily Politics is truly appalling.


  47. 79
    MIKE OXHARD says:

    Ukraine sign deal with Russia
    Russia buy 15 billion quids of their bonds and cut gas prices to the country by a third
    in other words Fuck Off Europe !


  48. 81
    NotTheBbc says:

    More free stuff.


  49. 84
    Scottish Chav says:

    Miliband was doing fine until Balls gesturing gave Cameron the opening he needed. Wonder whether Mili will thank his right hand man—

    always thought balls was a bit of a w@nker


    • 92
      Ippikin says:

      At the moment Balls and Miliband are the Tories best weapons for the forthcoming election.
      Too late for a change, but of course with Len coming up fast on the rails, maybe he could secure both jobs come the election.


  50. 93
    MARK OATEN it's the way i Smell e'm says:

    This year i’m dispensing with the traditional stocking and replacing it with a large pair of “Y” fronts for Santa to fill


  51. 102
    geordieboy says:

    Should Red Ed win the next election and the unions calling the shots the economic meltdown will be so bad that France under socialist Hollande will look an attractive place to live.


    • 106
      MIKE OXHARD says:

      It’s a very attractive place to live , You can buy a 25 bedroom chateau for £5 50p


    • 111
      FFS says:

      McClusterfucks aparatchik Ed Milliband is so bad I can’t even imagine traditional Labour voters bothering to get off their lardy half-wit arses to vote for him.


  52. 114

    Pick your own Sprouts and kill your own Turkey, innit!


  53. 115
    green pixie says:

    I like the lab front bench photo montage but shouldn’t Ed Balls’ head be coming out of the turkey’s arse? And Little DickEd should have been holding the parsons nose (after amputation of course)


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