December 17th, 2013

WATCH: Lord Hanningfield Doorstepped


  1. 1
    joolz says:

    1st, cant be


    • 34
      Its not fair says:

      “I felt betrayed by Louis and Gary never liked me: X Factor loser Nicholas McDonald hits out at judges”

      Scotch Labour needs more laddies like this


      • 48
        lojolondon says:

        Hanningfield was correct in one respect – he has to go in to claim the £300. But MP’s don’t even have to get out of bed to claim the £65k plus pension, like Crash Gordon, who has been to Parliament twice in the last year. If they are going to chase Hanningfield, why not Gordon too?


  2. 2
    Say what you see says:

    Seedy old cvnt


    • 9
      Handycock says:

      I have been in local government all my life and Lord Hanningfield is the archetypal local government officer trougher, with his nose deep in the trough all his life. If local government officer toughing was stopped, our council tax bills would at least be half what they are now. I myself am hoping to be elevated to the House of Lords when I retire as an MP. Boaz.


    • 36
      Jeffrey Bernard says:

      Who blocked House of Lords reform?


  3. 3
    joolz says:

    well bugger me as they say in the HoC. This man is a joke, dropping them all in the SHIT. Thanks mate


  4. 4
    All the world says:

    he wants clocking, the theiving tw@


    • 18
      "Lords" Should Only Be A Cricket Ground says:

      Someone had better “clean his clock.” Now.
      Don’t stop with him, either.


  5. 5
    Baron Hardup says:

    If he says so, it must be true. Surely?


  6. 6
    BBC News says:

    Let’s see how many times we can work the word “Tory” into our report


  7. 7
    Value to taxpayer? says:

    600x300x5=£900,000 per week.
    £1500 per week 48 weeks (as if) = £72000
    Just turn up to ‘clock on’….. where the fuck do I apply?
    Even when they turn up half are asleep or playing pocket billiards.


  8. 8
    Reader says:

    If he has an assistant doing his work for him, shouldn’t we just cut out the middle man, get rid of him and have the assistant take his place?


  9. 10
    Kick the foreign city of London out of England says:

    Fat corrupt pig. The only job in the country where you can be convicted of theft and jailed and then return as if nothing has happened.


    • 26
      David Law-Untohimself says:

      Tell me about it…


    • 44
      By the way says:

      Since the piggy bankers totally bugger the country – why are they still being rewarded? (On the subject of free-market greed, the film The Wolf of Wall Street is seems to be worth a look)


  10. 11
    Baroness Udders says:

    I’ve been milking it for years – look forward to online check in though as it’s along way from Maidstone/My brother’s place on the Essex coast – oh hang on


  11. 12
    JH239823590234098 says:

    A triumphant performance, right out the Jim Devine school of PR.

    Where do they get these people? I wouldn’t employ them to cut the grass.


  12. 14
    Anonymous says:

    Axe the House of Lords already. This kvnt should deserves a jail cell not a seat.


    • 24
      Anonymous says:

      The Government seems to want to continue employing these ex-criminals in The Lords whilst anyone else with a criminal record finds it extremely difficult to get an job. Separate standards for the likes of Lords Hanningfield, Archer etc etc.


  13. 15
    C.O.Jones says:

    That should work really well in the rest of the UK. Workers clocking in and pissing off.


    • 46
      Anonymous says:

      Then again, instead the needles insults, if you lot paid workers a little more respect. By the way, have you paid your tax?


  14. 16
    The British media are cunts says:

    Why stop at the Lords? Get rid of the fucking lot of them. Thieving lying slimy bastards.

    We’re told what to do by the fucking EU scum so why do we need the twats at Westminster?


  15. 17
    FFS says:

    “I’m exactly as guilty as all the other guilty feckers”

    OK fine, we’ll send all of you to gaol.

    Ta very much for your cooperation.


  16. 19
    ALD says:

    The elites version of a ZERO Hours contract


  17. 20
    sussex carol says:


    You’d think a spell in prison might have prompted him to rethink his dodgy attitude to taxpayers money – but no…..


  18. 21
    Igor says:

    Come on I feel sorry for this underpaid and over worked individual. We should do all we can to support these hard pressed people!


  19. 25
    Margaret Moran says:

    If Lord Hanningfield has been traumatised, I invite him to join me in the pub and, with his £300 daily expenses can help me out in dealing with my own trauma.


  20. 28

    He should really be ‘doorstepped’ by the fraud squad .


  21. 29
    BobRoberts says:

    Short version: “It’s my right to this ‘tiny bit of money’. You plebs are all too stupid to understand what’s going on.”

    Wow. He really should have spoken to a spin doctor before opening his fat entitled trap.


  22. 31
    Hang the Bastards says:

    I’ve had an idea.


  23. 33
    Anonymous says:

    I’d be perfectly happy if he gave some paperwork to prove that none of the money goes into his pocket.

    The problem here is that the current system is broke and open to abuse, but it is still perfectly feasible that many Lords like Hanningfield are doing this for entirely legitimate reasons. What else do you expect them to do?

    The system shouldn’t allow, or dare I say it, force Lords to turn up for half an hour just to claim an allowance. They should be allowed to continue as they are except that the system should be altered to allow accountability of what Lords do and where the money goes.

    Yes the house of lords has its problems, but I can’t believe anyone can seriously suggest that a fully elected second house would be an improvement. That a large part of the lords is non-partisan is the greatest feature of our political system.


  24. 35
    Lifelong tory voter now voting UKIP says:

    Glorified dole money – scroungers! Top ‘em all!


  25. 37
    Lifelong tory voter now voting UKIP says:

    Tax payers shafted again – let’s all work harder and longer to pay for these scum-bags. When does the revolution begin?


  26. 38
    olden1936 says:

    Amongst the genuine and honest members, as demonstrated we have a generous selection of troughers in both Houses of Parliament, and yet you refer in the same context to Honour and shame? Surely you must be joking? Throughout the ages always it has been strived for as the ultimate goal by ambitious people to ascend to that heady level where it is regarded as a unquestionable and divine right to milk, in any and every way, the products of the unthinking common herd Sadly this has reached the point where the mind-conditioned, unthinking common herd regards this state of affairs as the only acceptable way of life. If you believe I’m wrong then speak up folks…Moo!


  27. 39
    Lifelong tory voter now voting UKIP says:

    The fact is we need REFORM of the entire system and we need it fast. There also needs to be a reality check on pay, and public sector needs capping and within a range that is not disproportionate between the lowest and highest rates of pay. They serve the country, not themselves – they should be paid in line with our armed services.


    • 45
      By the way says:

      Never mind reforming the system, UKIP policy should be (if it is not already?) to get shot of all the Lordships. But why stop there – what about the unelected Royals?


  28. 40
    Shove a rocket under 'em says:

    If you listen carefully, in the background, you can hear the world’s smallest violin playing ‘Hearts and Flowers’. My heart bleeds…


  29. 41
    Anonymous says:

    When you see these wankers on tv dozing in their seats in the House Of Lords, what’s going through their minds?.
    How many of them are sitting there with ‘Peep-Hole Bras, Crutchless Knickers, Nylons and Suspender Belts’ on under their suits, dreaming of the little ‘boys’ that they’re going to be fucking that night.
    All on expenses – Of Course!.


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