December 17th, 2013

SKETCH: Charities Commission Boss Up Before Hodge

No offence, but what an example of the cockroach state Sam Younger is.

These creatures are ineradicable. They move from one six-figure job to another, with benefits, expenses, networking opportunities, performance bonuses and pensions that will eventually bankrupt the state.

When questioned about their multiple inadequacies and long-term failures, they crank the handle and a foul pipe pumps out their vile administrative sewage.

They have realised that if they don’t stop cranking they can’t be controlled.

And then they just make things up.

Younger mentioned how important the tax arrangements of charities were to him and his regulatory regime.

Hodge quoted a judge’s written verdict just two months ago. Younger was “transfixed by the idea that tax matters were not for you”. Adding, “So don’t come here pretending tax matters are close to your heart”. It was a fine display of contempt, which he treated with his own contemptuous cranking of his handle and pointing the pipe at her.

The Charities Commission has been opulently criticised for its failures under Younger – failures that went back years before him which he leaves behind him unmended. Nothing he said gave anyone any confidence that anything was changing.

Andrew Tyrie of the Treasury select committee made a point saying that committees’ destiny was not so much to scrutinise the Govenrment but the panoply of quangos, commissions, Trusts and arms length boards that now are beyond any other democratic control.

To do this, they need many more resources. Pay. Personnel. Counsel. Better clerking.

Hodge’s Public Accounts Committee meets twice a week. In her way, and in this capacity, she has a certain magnificence.

But it’s too much work to assemble the case, refine the arguments, prepare the committee to nail these rent-seeking quangocrats.

The Liaison committee (itself a lamentable catwalk) needs to make the case to Government and the House of Commons Commission.


  1. 1
    A Twat says:


    • 16
      @ hal @ says:

      @ comes v.
      v comes before x x comes before y
      bubble when froth is on. “squeak”
      when m is c it is ammar time called amour making.
      love the ammers.

    • 104
      divvi says:

      Just wondering, how would one set about obtaining one of these positions?

      (just research, you understand)

  2. 2
    Helpful says:

    Crowdsource the resources.

    • 15
      Londoner says:

      I agree. I often hear people telling me about charities which are clearly fronts for all sorts of dodginess, but there is no-where for the ordinary citizen to report such matters with any prospect of any thing being done.

    • 38
      4 elephants in a nappy. says:

      bliss is 4 elephants.
      happy are 4 dogs in a nappy.
      crappy are none.
      4 is the oil is in.
      foreign is in.

    • 67
      Lord Stansted says:

      The simple solution is never ever never never give money to any – repeat any – charity, no matter how moanful the eyes of the actor/actress playing the part of the homelwss, downtrodden or hundry. Ditto all appeals for money. Tell all street beggers to fuck off and withdraw right of access to any charity that calls at your home. The latter will cost a lawyer’s feee, but it’s worth it. If we all did this then the problem would vanish abd scum like Younger would have to find another teat.

      • 75
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        You are right, M’Lord. The credibility of the big charities has been destroyed by Labour frontmen and troughing executives like Younger. Look at the demand for money for Syria. One’s first instinct is to give, but then you think … can I really trust these institutions now, politicised by the Left, with their self-serving, self-aggrandising agendas and their overpaid executives?

        • 84
          A chugger says:

          But how will I subsidise my dole money?

          Think of all those animals suffering, those little African babies that have to walk 200 miles per day for clean water.

          You can make a difference – to my bank balance that is:


          A charity CEO that earns a six figure income

        • 100
          Betty Stringer says:

          Absolutely true and on the nail. How much does the CEO of Save the Children “earn”?

      • 89
        Bilda Berger says:

        >The latter will cost a lawyer’s fee

        No, m’lud — simply write to the body concerned and include the words: “I hereby withdraw your Common Law right of implied access to my property at [Your Address]“. Tell them if they disobey they will be trespassing and if the trespass is repeated you will obtain an injunction against them.

        This tactic, now widely used, has completely fucked TV Licensing and cost the BBC millions of pounds!

  3. 3
    A Charity Giver says:


    • 43
      4 nappiless elephants says:

      cg is thank god.
      good is god.

      expose the nappy for what it is. shit.
      so the doll is in the box. no shit.
      get a set.

  4. 4
    Peter Grimes says:

    Cockroaches, and that’s not only what his predecessor kept in her Leathers.
    And they are ALL ZaNuLieBor placepersons!

    • 73
      Tight-Skirted Manager says:

      The quangocracy is jam-packed with rubber-faced troglodytes like Younger. Fine by me, it just means that those of us who work in the private sector generally have good-looking colleagues.

  5. 5
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Mission accomplished in Afghanistan. Mission objectives pointless loss of life, blowing taxes on missiles and bailing out before civil war.

  6. 6
    Tory Voter says:

    I take jot you’re not entirely in favour?

  7. 8
    Chris Br yant says:

    I am so st upid.

  8. 9

    Is that a rainbow sofa.

    If so, whose bottom may it attract?

  9. 12
    Covering up Saville - It's what we do says:

    Incompetent yet ineradicable left-wing quangocrat #1 Jenny Watson–Andrew-Pierce.html

    • 21
      Ban Postal Votes says:

      She is the incumbents’ friend.

      How else could an 125% turnout be declared in Walthamstow High Street Ward at the last election and no-one at the count bat an eye-lid?

      Everyone later said it was an arithmetical error, but why was it not questioned on the night? Because the candidates were all expecting a ridiculously high turnout.

  10. 13
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Sam Younger has a face just asking to be punched.

    • 26

      Agree. He looks very pleased with himself and so would you if you were paid that money for a non-job. Not having ever had a proper job ever, it is surprising he even realises this.

      The one thing is that you can see both his hands so there must be some other part of another human being’s body out of sight there. Another hand? A pair of feet? A mouth? A Great Dane? Who knows?

      • 64
        Ma­qb­­oul says:

        Wadya mean never had a proper job?? He is

        Chief Executive of the Charity Commission for England and Wales (since September 2010);

        and he was the founding Chairman of the United Kingdom Electoral Commission and

        previously Managing Director of the BBC World Service from 1994 to 1998, and

        Chief Executive of the British Red Cross from 1999 to 2001



        OK. Point taken.

  11. 14
    Igor says:

    FFA hang all the bastards. On Christmas trees of course!

  12. 18
    David Law-Untohimself says:

    Can anyone believe there is still such a thing as a Lord in Britain? It’s a joke

  13. 20
    Zippy says:

    Fuck it all, I’m off to the pub!

  14. 22
    Hilda berger says:

    Isn’t about time for a “British Spring” It’s worked for most of the darkies.

  15. 24
    Hi righties! says:

    Hi racists! If Mandela was a terrorist, doesn’t that mean Thatcher campaigned for the release of a terrorist and then welcomed him to No10 and shook his hand?

    • 25
      Hi righties! says:

      • 47
        4 nappiless elephants says:

        hi righies,
        the jar is in the knee,
        now lick.
        honeyed blood.
        bloody honey.
        jus raise the knee.
        now part.

    • 29
      Hi righties! says:

      Even Mandela himself thanked Maggie for her help. Doesn’t that mean she colluded with a terrorist according to your own nasty, racist, hate filled logic?

      • 35
        Vegetable Soup says:

        Hi Jimmy

      • 54
        FFS says:

        Mandela was a terrorist. He admitted he was. That’s why he spent 27 years in gaol. So that part was simple to answer.

        Maggie quietly told the 72 year old fool to shut the f*ck up and drop the commie shit and the bombing and she’d deal with apartheid. He kep to his part of the deal and she kept to hers.

        Mandela couldn’t quite give up the commie/terrorist sympathising though – he was always glad-handing terrorists and commies. Still, by then he didn’t really know what day of the week it was so he no longer mattered – he was just an empty vessel that was a useful tool for the West to full the power-vacuum left by the end of apartheid. Maggie was happy to go along with the Mandela myth – behind the scenes he was pushed into privatising SA companies so that the West could get their hands on them.

        Once the west got their hands on SA companies they no longer gave a shit about SA. 10 years from now and the ANC will be eating each other and cutting their bits off with machetes. By then you will have lost interest in both Mandela and SA Jimmy, as the whole thing will have become a bit of an embarrassment to you, just like Zimbabwe and Mugabe did.

      • 55
        P Kaboo says:

        Fuck off Taffy. Your presence is no longer wanted on the voyage.

      • 99
        Anonymous says:


    • 41
      Prison Works says:

      Good point. Good thing too that prison works. He spent the 27 years following his trial and lawful conviction thinking about the error of his ways and realised that the way forward lay in rejecting terror.

    • 51
      Ma­qb­­oul says:

      So this lefty (I presume) fuckwit (firm ground on this one) equates a contempt for terrorists as racism? Which might explain the Left’s love-in with Ha­mas and Hiz­bollah – they’re shit scared of being branded raghead hating racists. But they have no such qualms about hating the democratic Isr­aelis.

      It’s enough to make a cat laugh.

  16. 27
    Major Disaster says:

    Once upon a time, many, many years ago, charities were run by unpaid volunteers doing their bit for the community…

    Now they nearly all have ‘Chief Executives, or CEO’s’, all on very healthy salaries, plus of course paid underlings, PR firms, and ‘consultants’ by the bucketload, and in many cases the ‘Charidy’ concerned is being bankrolled wholly or partly, by guess who?

    Yep the taxpayer, thats you reading this.

    Quite how we got to this state of affairs I don’t know, but am I the only one fed up of being accosted by ‘chuggers’ promoting this week’s cause, as those ‘Chuggers’ are also being paid for by the ‘Charidy’ to drum up funds….

    Time the whole ‘voluntary’ sector and the charity commission was looked at and reformed.

    • 34
      C.O.Jones says:

      Not to mention the so called “volunteers” who get to “cherry pick” the designer clothing and accessories and any trinket that are of value. Have that from the horses mouth BTW!

      • 39
        Mustapha Djinn says:

        I spent many years working for a charity in my spare time. Being a normal honest person I was not paid, no expenses and petrol etc out of my own pocket.

    • 37
      FFS says:

      Saw an advert in Bristol for chuggers the other day – £7.50 an hour. Not bad for totally unskilled work.

    • 76
      Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

      That’s right. There needs to be an inquiry into these organisations which the Government gives millions to every year which have all been taken over by the Left.

  17. 30
    FFS says:

    I have long ago come to the conclusion that the word “Charity” is now merely a synonym for “Institutionalised Corruption”.

    I think the left wanted it this way, as they saw the concept of charity as a challenge to socialism.

  18. 31

    I thought William Shawcross replaced Suzy Leather as chair of the commission. Over-staffed *and* still under-achieving, it seems.

    Even when you appeal over their heads to the General Regulatory Chamber, they just throw ‘Appendix A’ at you, however irrelevant it is…

  19. 32
    Coeur_de_lion says:

    There’s being crap at your job, and then there’s being crap at every job.

    If anyone needs punching, then Lin Homer needs it first.

    Would also support a system where any BBC employee, past or present, is automatically earmarked for disposal at sea, with an appeal process where they make their case for reprieve.

  20. 33
    Fishy says:

    How many charities and ‘Third Sector’ do we need in this country…how many have we got.

    My Guardian reading ‘friend’ works for one that is sitting on £millions. They have no proper financial control and like the BBC spend money on themselves, for themselves like water.

    They travel all over the place with no regard for travel costs – it’s always the most expensive open tickets on trains, without any regard for their donors, when they could cut their costs by 2/3 by actually planning their journeys…but the train they are riding is the gravy train.

    • 40
      FFS says:

      I have a friend at BA that tells me the head of Unicef flies first class long-haul whenever he travels. So charity corruption is very much a global thing.

      • 52
        NGO's do the bidding of the Yanks (the EU riots in Ukraine are sponsored by US NGOs) says:

        stop giving to charities

      • 83
        Cato Street Conspirator says:

        One well-known children’s charity had a drawer full of foreign bank notes for anyone travelling abroad. No check. People just helped themselves.

    • 102
      Betty Stringer says:

      What an excellent summing up. I only give to small, personal charities like Zane, which is excellent, helping people ruined by Mugabe in Zimbabwe, mostly widows of former WW2 UK soldiers. Google them!

  21. 36
    Will says:

    welcome to the professional quanocracy, these boys and girls move from charity to quango being paid big salaries and moving from charity to quango and back again without accepting any blame, usally picking up a CBE, DBE or knighthood along the way. but never accecting any blame when the shit hits the fan.

    Usually appointed by labour initially these individuals will appear at any party where the great and good hag out, planning their next career move before they are found out.

  22. 48
    To all those wishing to cede Northumbria to Scotland wire in says:

    Hi my English friends, how did the ashes go ?

    • 53
      Ma­qb­­oul says:

      The Aussies got lucky. Let’s hope, as compensation, the English get lucky in the Scotch referendum.

      • 97
        Germany have beat England on the past 6 occassions at Wembley says:

        LOL lucky was it. Love how you rationalise these things.

    • 101
      Private_Schultz says:

      No the Scots can’t have Northumberland! More likely the Scottish side of the border will want to join England, should Wee ‘Eck gets his way, and most welcome they’d be.

  23. 49
    Penfold says:

    All working for a Common Purpose…………..

    • 57
      George Orwell says:

      Not all. But try working in the voluntary sector and allowing it to be known that you don’t automatically agree with the shiboleths. It is professional suicide.

    • 65
      P Kaboo says:

      En passant, whatever happened to that famous bonfire of the Qangos? perhaps we could revive to brighten up our Christmas celebrations.

      • 103
        Cast Iron Camer Camer Camer Chameleon says:

        We had a rethink and decided to create a Quango of Bonfires instead. Toodles!

  24. 58
    Anonymous says:

    Let’s have confirmation hearings and hearings to dismiss or re-appojnt following a p[etionion by (say) 50,000 concerned citizens or mandatory resignation if (say) 200,000 citizens say so. Maybe also allow (say) 50 MPs to have the same effect.

    It would be called accountability. Clearly ministers are not capable or interested in checking what is going on.

  25. 63
    Drunken Baker says:

    You can kill individual cockroaches by stamping on them with big boots on.

    • 72
      Syphilitic crusty eyed Roma says:

      Then pick up the pieces and liberally sprinkle over Eccles cakes for that authentic crunchy texture.

  26. 66
    lola says:

    But it’s too much work to assemble the case, refine the arguments, prepare the committee to nail these rent-seeking quangocrats. Precisely. Had exactly the same experience with two shits from the Financial Catastrophe Authority. Even the Vogons would be impressed. Death’s too good for them.

  27. 70
    altruism in industry says:

    at the danger of appearing dim and not being familiar with the phrase does ” a lamentable catwalk” mean it is populated with attractive but ineffectual people ?

  28. 80
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I knew someone who worked for the Parliamentary Ombudsman who was absolutely useless at his job. Of course, he wasn’t sacked. He was given a job with the Charity Commission, where, no doubt, he thrives.

  29. 85
    Not the BBC says:

    Without well funded charities, who would the BBC turn to when we need a talking head to criticise the Tories and their evil policies?
    Think on good man, think on..

  30. 88
    Basil Fawlty says:

    Just another ‘Common Purpose’ leech sponging off the taxpayer.

  31. 91
    Zippy says:

    ‘Back from the pub. Nothing changes!

  32. 93
    Dump Bin says:

    Can anyone explain how a charity is allowed to buy a successful company and close it down?

  33. 94
    Raptor says:

    As Chancellor, George Osborne tried to limit the amount of tax-deductible charitable “giving” to an annual figure of £50,000.

    He got screamed at by every PR-driven media outlet and professional caring person in the country. Anyone would think that his critics had a common purpose.

  34. 95
    Phil from Pentonville says:

    Whatever it is the guy in the photo is said to have done, he definitely did it.

    Will he be three to a cell with us this Christmas ?

    He is definitely dodgy.

    • 98
      altruism in industry says:

      you are not inferring that he has the genetic make up of the sort that throughout history have weedled their way next to power and so survived to perpetuate their creepy attributes ?

  35. 96

    The whole ‘ charity ‘ racket needs a root and branch clear out , they are now ran by a new breed of quangocrats masquerading as concerned philanthropists , all ‘ charities ‘ that receive government funding should immediately lose their status.

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