December 17th, 2013

Quote of the Day


  1. 1
    Pughe Dendham says:

    Or as me sainted ould mither would say, “Vejayjayzus!”

  2. 2
    Should we mount a leadership challenge or not? Oooh, I'm not sure. Yes. No. Yes. Maybe. says:

    The whole Conservative Party pussy foots and fannies around, so why shouldn’t Dave?

  3. 3

    Boris is the mayor of London , not the Thames estuary has he asked the inhabitants if they want his bloody airport ?

  4. 4
    A non emouse says:

    So he does what he thinks is best for London. That’s his job. And if that upsets others, particularly those he does not represent: so what? Others could learn from that. I respect him for that even when I think he’s wrong. Maggie was the last PM who behaved like that. I usually thought that she was wrong because I am a leftie: but she earned respect.

  5. 5
    Cameron has achieved what everyone thought was impossible - he's proved he's even worse than Brown says:
                       DDDD     A   V     V EEEEE
                       D   D   A A  V     V E
                       D   D  AAAAA  V   V  EEEE
                       D   D A     A  V V   E
                       DDDD  A     A   V    EEEEE
              I  SSSS       N   N   OOOO  TTTTT        A
              I S           NN  N  O    O   T         A A
              I  SSS        N N N  O    O   T        AAAAA
              I     S       N  NN  O    O   T       A     A
              I SSSS        N   N   OOOO    T       A     A
    C    O    O NN  N S     E     R  R V     V A A   T   I V     V E
    C    O    O N N N  SSS  EEEE  RRR   V   V AAAAA  T   I  V   V  EEEE
    C    O    O N  NN     S E     R  R   V V A     A T   I   V V   E
     CCC  OOOO  N   N SSSS  EEEEE R   R   V  A     A T   I    V    EEEEE
           DDDD     A   V     V EEEEE      I  SSSS         A
           D   D   A A  V     V E          I S            A A
           D   D  AAAAA  V   V  EEEE       I  SSS        AAAAA
           D   D A     A  V V   E          I     S      A     A
           DDDD  A     A   V    EEEEE      I SSSS       A     A
                  CCC  OOOO  M     M M     M  OOOO  N   N
                 C    O    O MM   MM MM   MM O    O NN  N
                 C    O    O M M M M M M M M O    O N N N
                 C    O    O M  M  M M  M  M O    O N  NN
                  CCC  OOOO  M     M M     M  OOOO  N   N
                 PPP  U   U RRR   PPP   OOOO   SSSS EEEEE
                 P  P U   U R  R  P  P O    O S     E
                 PPP  U   U RRR   PPP  O    O  SSS  EEEE
                 P    U   U R  R  P    O    O     S E
                 P     UUU  R   R P     OOOO  SSSS  EEEEE
                   SSSS TTTTT  OOOO   OOOO   GGGG  EEEEE
                  S       T   O    O O    O G      E
                   SSS    T   O    O O    O G  GGG EEEE
                      S   T   O    O O    O G   G  E
                  SSSS    T    OOOO   OOOO   GGGG  EEEEE
  6. 6
    M says:

    Doesn’t Kim Jong-in behave a bit like that , does what he wants kills his family , doesn’t care what anyone thinks & he’s a leftie ……….. Oh ok let’s not go there .

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Alan Milburn says Labour’s scaremongering campaign for an unreformed NHS will not win election…

“It would be a fatal mistake, in my view, for Labour to go into this election looking as though it is the party that would better resource the National Health Service but not necessarily put its foot to the floor when it comes to reforming. Look, reforms are not easy, but the Labour Party is not a conservative party. It should be about moving things forward not preserving them in aspic. You have got a pale imitation actually of the 1992 general election campaign, and maybe it will have the same outcome. I don’t know.”

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