December 17th, 2013

Fightback Against Union Funded Classroom Propaganda

Labour are getting their knickers in a twist over a party information pack sent from CCHQ to schools. Trade union funded websites are claiming it breaches the Education Act of 1996 ruling that says political issues must be presented neutrally in classroom. Which is rather patronising to teachers, who they clearly presume will simply regurgitate the leaflet to their pupils.

Talking of balance, let’s have a look at what else is being sent to schools:

“Labour’s biggest backer, Unite, wants all unions to develop “a programme of political education for young workers” to demonstrate the “positive and practical workplace benefits of union membership for young people”. The union is calling on the Trades Union Congress to “consider how this can be developed for young people in education or members of young people’s campaigning organisations”. The Department for Education says it has no powers to stop head teachers from letting union staff into schools to talk to children but has warned of the need to “maintain political balance” in the classroom “at all times”.”

This summer, Unite launched a series of videos aimed at teaching children how to organise public protests, make placards and fight against corporations and the evils of privatisation through the power of trade unions:

Weirdly the videos even attempt to use subliminal messaging, the fictional town featured is called ‘Tethergo’, an anagram of ‘together’. The videos were made to be shown in the sinister-sounding Personal, Social, Health and Economic lessons, in conjunction with union speakers visiting schools. Coincidentally Labour want to lower the voting age to 16…

And what about the NUT. Here, via the Spectator, is a leaflet they distribute in schools:

Sounds like the Tories are simply trying to “maintain political balance” in the classroom “at all times”.


  1. 1
    Newsfox says:

    I do think people in places like Amazon should be unionised because their workplace sounds horrific. But we don’t need unions in politics so much as they stultify and suffocate the left with dogma rather than producing any decent ideas.

    • 10
      vile labour ruined my wife says:

      so essentially two websites, psbook and this one which both leech off our tax payer funded political system are scrapping over some trivia on the internet. call me back when its time to give a fuck

  2. 2
    man on the street says:

    The missus works for an exam board (well she does until she’s made redundant at the end of this week).

    The politics in education is unbelievable, as is the standard of exams.

    It makes the BBC look impartial.

    • 15
      teecha says:

      Indeed, science classes are full of climate change propaganda which apart from the carbon stuff also talks about BAD CORPORATIONS and all that other standard marxist shite.

      • 24
        vile labour ruined my wife says:

        yeah and they don’t teach that Adam and Eve had a pet dinosaur, can you believe it!! bloody marxists!

        • 26
          teecha says:

          You must have attended nulabour science classes.

          • Anonymous says:

            Quelle bolloques…

          • Somewhat offpissed. says:

            Well, the Earth is flat, innit? and the Sun goes around the Earth, dunnit? and Andy Choudary is the New Messiah, innee? and Bob Crow lives in a council house, dunnee? and if we all vote Labour nobody will ever have to work again…well, for at least several weeks until the power fails, the retards on permanent welfare start to run out of fags and cheap cider and take to the streets, and the Demented Slaves of Allah are no longer able to transport their well humped goats to next village for consumption, and the entire political class has decamped to their villa’s in Dubai and Cesspit-on-Thames is finally seen to be the empty moral and ideological carcass that it has become. Hopefully.

      • 59
        Shiny Blue Tree Hugger says:

        You don’t have to be Marxist to get climate change … just a basic understanding of cause and effect. Or you can check out that huge flood washing your house away… either way.

  3. 3
    Michael Gove says:

    Fuck em all

  4. 4
    Hilda Berger says:

    In an initiative to make its strict new rules for immigrants to the UK more palatable to the British public, the Department for Work and Pensions are to introduce a TV quiz show into the popular teatime slot.

    ‘Dole Or No Dole’ will be compered by DWP Secretary Iain Duncan Smith as inquisitor ‘The Quiet Man’, and features 100 immigrant applicants being whittled down to one successful candidate every episode.

    • 6
      Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

      Let EVERYONE into the Country. There’s plenty of space and funding to accommodate the whole of the Third World.

      Think of all the Postal Votes !

    • 17
      pleb #37921 says:

      More palatable?

      We are clamouring for some real action to bring immigration to a complete halt, not just empty rhetoric and half-assed politically correct measures to appease lefty dullards.

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Good work Guido. This bullshit needs to be exposed.

    • 42

      Indeed, my kids come out with some staggering nonsense uttered by teachers.

      “Personal, Social, Health and Economic lessons”, aka PSHE, is simply the government and other kiddie manipulators injecting PC, nanny state, global warming, and general propaganda/indoctrination directly into the national curriculum. Not surprising that the unions see this as a massive opportunity to stick their oar in.

      Also not surprising that independent questioning thought is largely discouraged … it tends to reduce the effect of PHSE codswallop.

    • 52
      Anonymous says:

      But should not that read: Good work Guido. your bullshit needed exposing.

  6. 6
    Make mine a Peroni says:
  7. 8
    FFS says:

    “Sounds like the Tories are simply trying to “maintain political balance” in the classroom “at all times”.”

    Yep, sounds about right. Wish we’d had more of it when I was at school in the 70s instead of the unrelenting Marxist propaganda we were subjected to by NUT members.

    Of course the teachers that were NUT members were always the weakest teachers and the ones least likely to be respected by the students. The NUT were too spineless to say anything when Sir Keith Joseph came to visit our comprehensive, mind.

    • 20
      JH239823590234098 says:

      I think the lefties fail to take in to account the fact that your average teenager is going to relish doing exactly the opposite of what their teachers want them to, especially when it comes to personal outlooks like politics.

      There are rumblings of a rather right wing, libertarian streak coming out in the latest wave of kids. Who can blame them, the policies of the last 15 years have fucked them like no other generation.

      • 27
        FFS says:

        My own sons are frighteningly right-wing. But given that they have had to put up with their schools overrun with violent Polski kids and Muzzie girls dressed like the emperor in Star Wars and their uni education will cost them the same as a small apartment and there will be no job at the end of it, who can blame them?

        Their attitude tends to be “What the fuck has your generation done to my country?”. I’m not sure their generation will listen to our generation telling them that pushing immigrants off Beachy Head is immoral.

      • 49
        Right Full Rudder says:

        And for bonus points, are those opinions likely to harden when those kids go into the job market and find they’re competing with half the Third World and struggling to make ends meet?

        Our generations didn’t put up a fight. The next one will and it’s going to get fucking ugly.

  8. 12
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    Convicted criminals and recovered drug addicts should be allowed to become magistrates, according to an influential right-wing political blogger.

    Guido Fawkes said reformed characters could bring “first-hand experience” to the role.

    • 22
      Anon JP says:

      This has to be one of the oddest ideas yet to be floated among the many stupid ideas I have heard which seem designed to wreck the magistracy in the last few years. People like to claim that magistrates are cut off from society. It may be so in some places, but in London, they are fairly representative of society as a whole.

      I am aware of the East London bench having cab drivers, a train driver, school teachers, property agents, a car mechanic, a doctor, several priests, a youth worker, various other small businessmen and at least one book shop owner among its ranks, as well as the usual ‘great and good’ types people like to parody. The vast majority of magistrates are volunteers who are commiteed to trying to do something to stem the tide of lawlessness in their communities.

      Yes, there are a few egoists and local councillors among them who we can love to despise, but the public really do not need to add criminals to that mix to find people capable of hearing cases involving drug addiction issues. Magistrates deal with drug addicts all the time. A considerable number of defendants have drug and alcohol issues underlying their ‘petty’ criminal behaviour and the courts are well able to assess the degree to which dealing with those issues should play a part in the appropriate punishment. Some drug addicts are responsible for serious crime sprees and are capable of making serious trouble to thiewr immediate neighbours.

      It is, incidentally, fairly rare for people to be charged simply with possession in the absence of some other issue which brought them to the police’s attention.

    • 25
      Anon JP says:

      My response to this has been censored

  9. 13
    RSPCC says:

    The propaganda in schools has been going on for years. Stella Creasy manipulated a load of school children into supporting her election publicity campaign before the last general election.

    Politicians have also long used school kids as shields to prevent critical questions being asked about their forgettable policy announcements.

    People peddling the high tax ‘green’ agenda have been exploiting school kids for yonks.

    • 28
      FFS says:

      “People peddling the high tax ‘green’ agenda have been exploiting school kids for yonks.”

      But I think they fell into the hands of the right-wing by playing this game, because kids were amongst the first to realise that its all bollox, hence immediately undermining both the AGW argument and the kind of people that promote it.

  10. 21
    john in cheshire says:

    Is it true that for the past 20 years or more Unions have been defending their members’ interests? Is that why they’ve done nothing to oppose massive immigration and the consequent reduction in wages? Is it a cunning plan that helps our nation’s workforce that I just can’t understand?

    • 29
      FFS says:

      They have been promoting their members interests. When the GMB were involved in calling a strike against Carillion at Swindon Hospital, there wasn’t a white face to be seen.

  11. 23
    Labour says:

    We believe in re-education education education.

  12. 32
    Penfold says:

    Ahhhh, the Unions creating budding little Pavel Trofimovich Morozov’s.

    Long live the Glorious Revolution, Down with the Kulak lickspittles.

  13. 33
    An awkward bastard says:

    I thought the idea was you had to have a job before you joined a union but has this changed.

  14. 36
    tigerowl says:

    Gosh. The unions, who Thatch and the Tories tell us were destroyed, are getting a message through that ordinary people agree with. That it is not the poor, disabled, unemployed etc that created the downturn, it was the bankers. That is a message that should be given in schools. That austerity is overplayed to allow a nasty tory doctrine destroy our nations services and attack the poor. Cos the Tories see the poor as an expense. Bet the Tories are not putting into their propaganda that this year bankers will pay them selves even more in bonuses at the same time as benefits and wages are frozen. That is a message that should be offered to citizens as reality, not propaganda. One mans message is another ones propaganda. Pay your money take your view. And unions fought for holidays, holiday pay, sick support when ill, regulated working hours, safety at work regulation, living wage. All the things the Tories do not like or want ordinary workers to have. Who is pushing propaganda then? You may not like unions, but majority benefit from what they achieved for you. Never let a Tory tell you about unions. Ask then about hedge funds, off shore tax avoidance and all the other ways the rich benefit at ordinary peoples expense.

    • 41
      Grumpy Old Man says:


    • 44
      Anonymous says:

      Oh fuck off and stop talking out of your arse you stupid little drone.

      • 53
        Anonymous says:

        Seems that Tory Boy and his mates can dish it out – with added insults – but can not stomach any counter-views.

    • 45
      The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

      Oh Tigerowl you are a one! No mention of Gordon and Ed’s involvement in the crash even after they had abolished boom and bust. If the unions had the primary aim of looking after their members there wouldn’t be a political levy or a certain “fiddling” in Falkirk. What was a movement for the workers has changed into a political organisation infiltrated, and in the grip of extreme left wing megalomaniacs, that wants power for its own sake and sod the democratic wishes of the membership.

      • 54
        Anonymous says:

        What you lot cannot stand is that, by defending the rights of their members, the unions might start gaining real support. For. with their long-standing links to the Labour Party, the the unions are helping counter you lot. Countering the Tory belief that they have a God-given right to rule over the plebs – not that anyone is calling the hard-right power-mad megalomaniacs.

  15. 37
    Brainwash says:

    It is illegal to use subliminal advertising.

    • 60
      By the way says:

      Inadequate to produce conscious awareness but able to evoke a response

      In this way, is not most TV advertising subliminal?

  16. 38
    Nadhim's accountant says:

    I fail to see how a union giving advice on democratic rights is the same as party political nonsense like what CCHQ are putting out. I agree that neither have covered themselves in glory here but I really don’t think it’s comparable. Unite claim to be building a community organisation which I suppose includes reaching out to communities, although this seems cack-handed at best. Whereas presumably the Tories are just trying to win future elections at the expense of children’s balanced education.

    Should both sides now become responsible for the actions of their donors? It’s a brave shout…

  17. 48

    Propaganda embedded into our educational curriculum… Shocking!

    I suggest all literate adults revisit the shite that was taught in so-called HISTORY classes… Nuff said

  18. 50
    Right Full Rudder says:

    I got no problem with unions that are there to represent workers with their employers. Most organisations above a certain size, public or private, are manager-ridden snake pits with bullying and unfair redundancies rife.

    Unite is NOT such s union. It is a far left political lobbying organisation that funds itself by duping workers into thinking it’s a union. If you think Len MvCluskey gives a shit about you getting sacked, you’re fooling yourself.

    By all means join a union but shop around and give a wide berth to the likes of Unite.

  19. 55
    First School Report says:

    After a long-standing attack on state schools, is anyone here interested in mentioning the state of the first Free School? Think it was more than ‘must try better’.

    • 56
      First School Report says:

      P.S: “The staff are currently unable to deliver teaching and learning even at the most basic level” Lord Nash Schools Minister

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