December 16th, 2013

Guardian Take the Dubya Defence on Unpaid Interns

The Guardian have tried to respond to Guido’s revelation that the moralising paper were advertising for unpaid interns:

“Guardian News & Media advertises editorial experience opportunities twice a year. These opportunities range from a few days to a maximum of two weeks and are not internships.”

Just because it is only two weeks? They are still expecting people to work for free. It’s disingenuous hair-splitting at best and exploitation at worst.

Like Dubya saying water-boarding isn’t really torture. 


  1. 1
    I've got something in my pocket for you... says:

    Fuck the Guardian and all who sail in it..!

    • 8
      bastard lefties says:

      I am a fat bastard capitalist from the West Midlands

      You pay people who do work for you – that is what you do, it is also the LAW

      part of working is earning, kids need to learn that

      only middle class fuckers appear to think they are doing kids a favour by letting them work for you for free.

      • 101
        Alan 'Fat Cat' Rusbridger says:

        “Leftist Hypocrite” is a tautology.

        • 128
          Kim Jong-un says:

          Hey you lot , if it wasn’t for this upstanding institution the guardian , I would never found out about my uncle ,
          This reputable rag often slips me secret tit bits
          Which is handy coz here we ain’t got a pot to piss in over here to pay for it , bit like their interns .

          Great business model , work for fuck all & if you don’t like it read my uncle’s obituary

    • 26
      K Burl E says:

      Easiest way out is for the Guardian to turn i8t into a meeja training course and charge the fuckers tuition fees.

      • 29

        The fire brigade are going on strike over Christmas in open disobeyance of Mr Cameron’s austerity programme.

        The firefighters are supposed to be in this with us yet now they choose to down tools and a second Fire of London awaits us.

        Get out of Britain now while Eurostar is still running

        • 30
          Abdel from Tooting says:

          I thought this Australian cricketers were right bastards but they have got nothing on these firefighters and keyboard tapping socialists in the Guardian.

        • 61
          Any fucking clown could be a fireman says:

          I hate to state the obvious here, but when did anyone need the fire brigade?

          I’m nearly 50, and I’ve never called them. I don’t remember ever seeing them in ‘action’. Apart from in 2001, when the cleaned cars to raise money for the firemen in New York.

          Not rally action, though.

          They (apparently) dr*ve a van with a ladder and a hose on it. They park near something on fire, they plug the hose into a tap, point it at a building, squirt water at fire.

          Apparently. Like I say, who’s ever needed to call them?

          • Mark Oaten says:

            I call them all the time. I tend to get objects stuck right up inside places that are a bit to small for them, and need help getting them back out.

            Those boys are strapping, let me tell you. They are getting quite abusive towards me now – if only they knew how much I love it!

          • David Miliband International Rescue. says:

            Their main job these days is rescue. Like cutting peeps out of cars and Lorries, making a building safe when a jock copter lands on it, cutting up fallen trees on roads or getting 25 stone fatsos out of their bedrooms.

            And of course carrying out parallel careers in the decorating and taxi trade.

            In a sensible world they would be rebranded to the rescue corps and given training so that they could also carry out paramedic duties but don’t suppose the unions would wear it.

          • Alan Rubbisher says:

            Which grand piano shall I play today?

          • Henry Steinway says:

            Cheapskate !

            Grand pianos indeed – 40 grand would be more like it.

    • 42
      What about Masochists? says:

      Dubya is correct. Water boarding is NOT torture.

      Watching the BBC Mandela coverage is torture.

      • 46
        The Indian Ocean Water Board says:

        Oh yes it is torture. As David Miliband, Baroness Scotland and Jack Straw all know very well indeed.

        • 50
          The Spanish Inquisition on the rack playing Iron Maiden says:

          Nah. In the grand scheme of things water boarding is a walk in the park. Now red hot pokers rammed up your arse or the mains connected to your testicles is torture.

        • 196
          Bottom line says:

          WBing should be permissable under certain circumstances. If we were facing an urgent threat and somebody’s information could make the difference. Or Ed Balls just for fun.

          • Monica says:

            Trouble is, if waterboarding were allowed, the first people they’d try it on would be people who post comments to right wing blogs

    • 73
      pick nit says:

      i have a pic nic.
      sadly it is not in your pocket.

      knicknack knicknack shake it all about.
      who guards the hokikoki.
      as angels recede descend into marry. marry ang.

    • 197
      Extreme Handicraft says:
    • 210

      Andre Villas-Boas To Finish High School

      One season wonder Andre Villas-Boas has confirmed his intention to go back to school, following his sacking from Tottenham Hotspur.

      The former Porto and Chelsea loser, who has been compared to teenage doctor Doogie Howser, is unable to read, write or stand up for himself.

      A source close to AVB, revealed the Portuguese is excited about finally completing his education
      Andre Villas-Boas has been likened to a real life Doogie Howser

      The source said: “Andre has the mind of a child and painted on his beard to look big and clever.

      “The reality is that he cannot even dress himself in the morning and has a team of child psychologists who push him around and tell him what to do.

      “In fact, he is something of a prodigal loser. A bunch of experts wanted to see how fast someone so young and inadequate would fuck up in a high profile job- of course the results will change the course of history.”

      It has since been revealed that the source behind this statement was actually AVB, who was speaking from his tree house on a phone fashioned from tin cans.

      Asked to respond to claims that he couldn’t manage a football club, even if it had no players and only existed inside his own head, Villas-Boas said: “That is not true, I once did exactly that, and we were moderately successful.”

  2. 2
    Socialists are all cunts says:

    The guardian are probably just after some young boys.

    • 11
      Guardianista says:

      I can’t fucking wait.

      Show them round the office, lingering in the toilets of course. We give them some ‘experience’, that’s for sure.

      Ping-pong-pow, we have our fun and they are back out on the street before they know what hit them.

      I get mine to fetch me Lattes all week. Bitch!

      • 24
        Handycock Pervert says:

        Well said Guardinaista. I have been employing young female unpaid Interns for years and your assessment of their terms of employment is totally accurate. Boaz.

  3. 3
    Chinky Davey says:

    I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I gave earlier…
    Who gives a flying fucking monkey fuck who works at the fucking Guardian? I once worked near their offices in London, every single member of their staff is an utter fucking middle class hipster arrogant c/u/n/t. Utter fucking scum, even the local p1keys and r@gheads had better manners than those wankers. The best thing that could happen there would be a huge fucking fire.

    • 48
      Shocked at the very idea says:

      That would be a dreadful thing to happen, especially when the fire brigade are going on strike soon. Simple dreadful. How could you think such a thing?

    • 64
      Will says:

      so you were not keen on them then !!

      You should have a coffee from their coffee bar

    • 69
      Sir Roger de Senseless says:

      Oh! Was it something they said?

  4. 4
    Jimmy Onions says:

    Lots of people work for free, charity workers, volunteers trying to keep a favourite project going, some people work for a political party or sometimes a newspaper, these people hope their work for a political party or a newspaper will pay dividends at a later date, so have freely taken the job with that in mind, pity or selfishness doesn’t come to mind.

    • 5
      Anonymous says:

      Some people don’t campaign against free internships, then try to move the goalposts when someone notices what a bunch of stinking hypocrites they are

    • 10
      Toby thompson says:

      shares pay dividends

      work pays wages

    • 14
      bergen says:

      Only those of independent means so they will be immediately at home in the Guardian. No chance of having to mix with some ghastly oiks from some bog standard comprehensive. Mummy and Pater would be appalled.

    • 20
      If you're good at what you do, don't do it for nothing. says:

      “pity or selfishness doesn’t come to mind.”

      Stupidity does, though, doesn’t it?

    • 33
      Right Full Rudder says:

      Yes. People with money and time on their hands. Guido’s point is that anyone who needs to make ends meet is shut out.

      • 49
        William Wilberforce says:

        + 1

      • 57
        Blowing Whistles says:

        What the fuck is Kevin Rudd up to being interviewed on CH4 news – is he following an Al Gore style-path into mythology and orthodoxy?

        Why didn’t CH4 ask him if he knows anything about Pie style pa3dos and cover ups from Queensland?

    • 45
      Slave Labour says:

      Brilliant idea from the Guardian, we’ll employ all of our staff on two-week rolling “experience opportunity” contracts and pay them nothing.

    • 74
      oi peeler says:

      how are your iiiiiiiiis.

  5. 6
    altruism in industry says:

    is anybody else concerned that the Chinese might be building a Death Ray on the Moon ?

  6. 13
    Anonymous says:

    To be fair, 2 weeks work experience is nothing. It’s a bit mean to pay them nothing, but it’s still worlds apart from full internships.

    Even the most benevolent employers shouldn’t need to “pay” someone on a couple of weeks work experience, remuneration should be on an expenses basis.

    • 15
      Anonymous says:

      Also, they are likely to do this already even though the position is advertised as being unpaid. A cheque in the post after you leave is the responsibility of the department you work for and can’t be advertised as pay.

      And it can’t be called real work either, even the best employee needs a certain degree of supervision during their first couple of weeks, a short work experience placement offers no net benefit to the company even they are doing real work.

    • 18
      Why don't you take some English experience? says:

      “2 weeks work experience”

      “a couple of weeks work experience”



      Is the possessive apostrophe really that fucking complicated?

      • 60
        Anonymous says:

        No, but the apostrophe in weeks’/week’s/weeks is probably the single least important apostrophe in the English language.

        Whenever I see people criticising grammar on the internet, I can never help but think that it’s because the person making the comment disagrees with you but can’t find a fault with your argument.

        • 80
          Mr Logic says:

          So what is it you disagree with?

        • 203
          Owen's Remedial English teacher says:

          “Whenever I see people criticising grammar on the internet, I can never help but think that it’s because the person making the comment disagrees with you but can’t find a fault with your argument.”

          Disagrees with *me*? Nobody has criticised my grammar.
          Or did you mean that they disagree with the point made in the post to which they reply complaining about its grammar?

  7. 16
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Next time The Guardian bangs on about zero hours, living wages, miniumum wages, just remember they don’t give a fuck about ‘issues’.

    Do as we say, not as we do rules at GNM.

  8. 17
    Buzzword Exterminator says:

    “editorial experience opportunities”

  9. 19
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    That could explain a few things if they are given “editorial experience” after just a few days ranging to two weeks. :-)

  10. 20
    Anonymous says:

    To be fair to the Guardian, anyone there for 2 weeks or less is pretty useless. In my previous job I dreaded calls from HR saying I had been allocated a ‘work experience student’ for a week. By the time you showed them what to do, monitored their work etc you could have done it yourself in a 1/4 of the time. I regarded their stints as a form of social service from me to them. Often I would have to invent work for them.

    • 25
      Officer Dibble says:

      We have to “babysit” graduates and work experience… I just have to look at it pragmatically and try to think of it as repaying the investment people made in me when I first started work.

      (It’s still a PITA though)

      • 159
        FFS says:

        Yeah, it’s probably just coincidence that the Guardian have made a lot of back room staff redundant and within a week are looking for background staff to work for free.

    • 34
      Unknown Mouse says:

      I think Geedo’s just having a bit of fun at the Guardian’s expense. Lefties can be real jobsworths when it comes down to this sort of trivia and he’s playing them at their own game.

      It would help if they dropped the Yankers Intern and called it by its proper title of work experience. The firm puts itself out, often at significant cost, for a wannabe to see if they are cut out for that sort of career. No money changes hands but the experience is worth more than money anyway.

    • 36
      Thomas from Tonna says:

      Where I work we have had two of these work placement types and they were both next to useless.

      However one of them had a rich dad who has now given us a five figure order.

  11. 22
    Mark Wouters says:

    BundesStagRacoon ,
    All usa Birth certificates are official USA currency ,that is to say that the usa federal reserve owns each and every one of you, lock stock and barrell,and all you own ,your cars,houses,and all your savings ,etc etc etc.

  12. 27
    Living Next Door to Alice says:

    Chuka’s neighbour Alice, endorses Chuka.

  13. 28
    Victoria Pryce says:

    Report them to the Rozzers.

    We do have a minimum wage legislation in this country.

    We are not Germany.

    If you don’t obey the law you go to jail.

  14. 31
    Alan Rusbridger says:

    We ran this yesterday -

    The gist is that people of our social class should not “slum it” at shops like Poundland and Lidl’s because it is effectively mocking the working class who genuinely need to shop there.

    Really. We actually published this.

  15. 32
    Slave for the Guardian! says:

    ” Just because it is only two weeks?
    They are still expecting people to work
    for free. It’s disingenuous hair-
    splitting at best and exploitation at

    Absolutely true. Well done Guido! No one likes to be exploited! It is always the left who do the mugging” Where is the fairness in Slave Labour?

  16. 38
    Sir William Wayde says:

    My cousin, who’s some sort of suit at one of these multinationals, says that graduates today need to have a poshinternship or two on their CVs before they even get an interview.

    This is the way the new ruling class protects itself from penetration by lower-class oiks. Even if they survive Bogstandard Comp with their brains intact, then struggle through uni by living on handouts and working in a lapdancing club at night, they’re going to find the gates locked when they look for a job. They don’t have an Uncle Henry who can fix them an internship at Goldman Stanley, and they can’t afford to spend six months without earning so it’s Poundland for them.

    • 44
      I've got something in my pocket for you... says:

      They can always get their photo taken with John Terry.

    • 62
      Anonymous says:

      They could always choose industries where paid experience is readily available, such as engineering.

    • 162
      They're not all they're cracked up to be says:

      Start up their own business. If they are any good at all they’ll make far more than these Hooray Henrys/

  17. 47

    Or troughers who fiddle their expenses but don’t fiddle innit?

  18. 52
    The Guardian says:

    We love our country, we are patriots one and all, that’s why we published Snowden.

  19. 56
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    A Nigella Lawson cookery show was on BBC2 an hour ago. She was on about White snow, anyone know what she meant?

  20. 59
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Did I mention the Sunday Telegraph of Lockerbie / Panam – or did I mention the subject several months ago?

  21. 67
    BBC Immigration Whitewash Department says:

    Panorama. Job done.

    • 68
      I hope everyone at the BBC dies of cancer says:

      Nobody watched.


      • 97
        The British media are cunts says:

        Everyone should die SLOWLY from cancer at the BBC.

        • 134
          Thrill Seeker says:

          Can you imagine all the boring decumentaries they would inflict on us if they were? I’d rather see back to back repeats of the Antiques Bloody Roadshow

    • 70
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Several Panorama Producers are too scared to tell the whole truth – aren’t they crafty little bastards with a purpose. [Note the Left and right mix]

      • 79
        Anon. says:
        • 83
          William Wilberforce says:

          The huge influx into Slough provides some of the best circumstantial evidence available that Home Office estimates for trafficking must be falling massively short of the real extent of the problem. No-one would migrate there without significant levels of coercion. Either that or they are thick.

        • 98
          I've got something in my pocket for you... says:

          There are more people living in sheds and garages in the Stoke Poges Lane area of slough than there are living in houses.

          • Athelstan says:

            Nothing that a few trucks, half a dozen bulldozers and a regiment of infantry couldn’t sort out in an afternoon. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

          • Mr Patel and his very full garden shed says:

            Immigration is very good for country. Yes very good.

        • 209
          Mandy the floater says:

          Utinam barbari spatium proprium tuum invadant !

  22. 75
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Tom Kerridge on BBC2.
    Lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, lush, sorry no time for any cooking.

  23. 77
    Mandela Free Zone says:

    • 81
      The BBC says:

      If you listen carefully, we are sure you can hear Vuvuzelas in there!

      Yes! Do you remember those from the World Cup? Vuvuzelas! We wouldn’t fucking stop going on about them would we, brilliant!

      How vibrant! How cultural! God, there is just SO MUCH we can learn from these noble people! Let’s go on, and on, and on about it shall we!?!?

      The fact that they had all the sophistication of a Kazoo seemed lost on us.

      Anyway, Vuvuzelas are from South Africa. Let us tell you about recent events there…

      • 84
        Mandela Free Zone says:

        • 201
          The BBC says:

          Hideously white.

          Can we put some rapping over the top, maybe some footage of lads doing parkour around the building?

          You know, make it edgy.

          Anyway, back to our special report on how South Africa has changed in the immediate aftermath of the Mandela funeral. Up next – an interview with a man who knows someone who works in a factory that makes Mandela fridge magnets.

  24. 85
    50% more ice than end of 2012 melt says:
  25. 87
    Anal adventures says:

    Do you reckon Maggie ever rimmed Denis?

    • 106
      Feeling left out are you? says:

      Why not? They were married. They were free to explore their sexuality like anyone else who had commtted themeselves to a full and loving relationship.

      I do wonder, though, why you don’t you go and find yourself a partner and find out what sex is like for yourself instead of asking other people about third parties’ sex lives.

  26. 96
    The British media are cunts says:

    The Guardian like bum sex and Cocaine.

    • 105
      Stephen Fry says:

      lucky bastards!

    • 138

      There appears to be the beginnings of a Guardinista alphabet here:

      A is for Adverts for BBC vacancies
      B is for bum sex, BBC (amounts to the same thing)
      C is for cocaine, CIF
      D is for debt
      E is for Europhilia (a sex perversion found in Brussels), Eco-looniness
      F is for Fazioli, FUBAR
      G is for graft, Grauniad
      H is for hypocrisy, Mehdi Hasan
      I is for incompetence, Islington, Islam
      J is for Jеw-hating
      L is for Labour, loss-making, Leveson
      M is for Mandela, Mandela, Mandela, Manchester, Mandela, Mandela
      N is for neurotic, narcissistic
      O is for Onanism, organ
      P is for Piano, Perversion, Polly
      Q is for query spelling fail, query sexuality fail, Question Time
      R is for Rusbridger
      S is for Scott, Semitic (anti), Steve Bell, socialism
      T is for Toynbee, Tuscany, hypocrisy (silent t), typographical errors
      U is for Madiba (misspelled)
      V is for Vacancy adverts for BBC
      W is for Whitewash Michael
      X is for what you put on a ballot paper against any Labour candidate
      Y is for Tax (Why don’t they pay it?)
      Z is for Misprints

  27. 99
    C Knellswear says:

    So Ed Balls has been playing the old joanna – anyone know the final score ?

    • 115
      BBC News and Propaganda Unit says:

      Ed is a musical genius and we will be publicising his
      talents relentlessly on our many tv and radio stations.

  28. 100
    Edc Milibiscuit says:

    Production in France fell by 0.1 per cent in the third quarter while unemployment reached 11%.

    We really should have followed the example of our friends in the Socialist Republic of France

  29. 103
    Nuke all muzees says:

    Can someone do us a favour and kick the shit out of Anjem Choudry? The raghead sack of shit needs to shut the fuck up.

  30. 104
    A pair of devious smearing fraudsters says:

    We are so devious that we cannot ask for a glassof water when we are thirsty…..without putting on your mastercard!!


  31. 107
    Anon. says:
  32. 111
    sussex carol says:

    ” Splitting hairs like dubya saying waterboarding is not torture”

    Very apt!! +++Laugh+++

  33. 114
    End the telly tax disband the left wing wankers at the BBC says:

    Bby news at 10 leads with a claim that Cameron claims mission accomplished. They then follow that with the statement ” but is it? Or has he spoken too soon”

    Given he never claimed tat in the fucking first place the BBC are making up news again in the form of a straw man then knocking it down

    The BBC enemies of the people

    • 119
      Aghanistan is none of our business says:

      But David Cameron should have declared it mission accomplished. He should actually have done that in the first week of his premiership and got the entire British Army home by Christmas 2010.

      • 123
        I can't help thinking we've been mislead says:


        The Afghan govt have legalised r@pe and Labour said our troops wouldn’t have to fire a shot.

  34. 127
    NotTheBbc says:

    Britain is a magnet for illegal immigrants, warns Calais port’s immigration chief

    Up to 15,000 migrants are crossing the Channel from Calais illegally every year

    • 133
      Cynic says:

      Then why don’t the French arrrest them and send them home to where they came from? I reckon there much be a lot of officials in France getting very rich taking bribes to keep this problem going

      • 136
        Anonymous says:

        They destroy their documents so cannot be identified or where they came from. The rules state total proof required before they can be returned tgats if the receiving country even accepts that proof. Hence its easier for the frog bastards to encourage them to stowaway to the UK so it becomes our problem.

        That is the problem in a nutshell.

        • 141
          It can't be that hard says:

          Deliver them to the embassy of the country they have come from, push them through the gate and don’t let them out again until the embassy concerned provides them with papers.

        • 172
          FFS says:

          To be fair, the Italians have been sending their immigrants on into France. What we should be doing is sending our on into Ireland, which is relatively empty anyway.

  35. 129
    Missions begin at Home says:

    So Dave says Mission accomplished and muslim girls in Afghanistan can now go to school. Meanwhile in the country that Dave is the Prime Minister of, Muslim girls have to enter the lecture hall by a separate entrance from the men and sit at the back.

  36. 130
    Tony Blair says:

    Can we have a new war please? I need to top up my millions.

  37. 142
    Bill Quango MP/7 says:

    Ed Balls & Alan Rusbridger
    Christmas CD –

    great piano duets

    1. Under Pressure
    2. {I’ve had) The Time of My Life
    3. I Wanna Be Like You
    4. All Cried Out
    5. I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues
    6. I’ve Got You Under My Skin {Dave}
    7. Beautiful Liar
    8. I Know Him So Well
    9. Stan

    Available on Itunes

    • 152
      M and Ms says:

      Stan – Jimmy Savile mix from the BBC – From back when they ‘didn’t know’.

      It is funny though.

  38. 143
    Another plague of lefty leeches says:

    Brainwashing, Bullshitting Hunts~BBC~ Should be closed down. Arrogant,abusive scammers who are happy to leech off the poor. The spineless scum give so little in return. Kerrching!

  39. 146
    Anonymous says:

    Normal twats on twitter defending the guardian
    Those would be the same twats that would take the mail apart on the bbc for doing the same thing.

    • 153
      In my experience says:

      What people say on twitter is dull. Discussing what people say on twitter is even duller.

      • 161
        Jack Dee says:

        “i want someone to invent an automatic email/text/twitter response so that any time someone sends you a banal piece of crap it automatically replies

        “SoWhat? “

  40. 148
  41. 150
    Bill Quango MP/7 says:

    Monty Python’s Life of Britain
    Somewhere in a pub.

    “i mean … what have the Roma ever done for us Nothing..!”

    “Apart from the pick pocketing.”

    “OK..well of course the pick pocketing..”

    “And the cash point scams.”
    “And the lead from the roof of the church”
    “And the benefits cheating.”

    Ok ..well that goes without saying the benefits cheating..But look..
    Apart from the
    Pickpocketing and the cash point scams and the lead stealing and the benefits cheating…what have the Roma ever done for us, eh?


  42. 151
    Blowing Whistles says:

    How come the vast majority of MP’s and the msm’s political wing know Fanny Adams so well?

  43. 154
    Sitcom says:

    Chandler from Friends on Newsnight.

  44. 158
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Doesn’t count as an interenship as it is “so short”.

    This defence is along the lines of: “Only slightly pregnant” and: “As I only stole half his money, I’m not really a mugger.”

  45. 165
    But What was the Mission? says:
    • 169
      Politicians are scum says:

      Three years and how many deaths too late?

    • 174
      Missionaries Required in the UK says:

      Oh the irony. Our finest sacrificed their lives and Mohammedan girls can now attend school in Afghanistan but while they were away mission creep occurred in our very own colleges, Mohammedan girls have to sit at the back of class and use an entrance that segregates them from the boys.

    • 179
      Fishy says:

      The only problem being that Cameron never said ‘Mission Accomplished’ , a reporter did.

      The ‘not so’ Independent (and the BBC) are shit stirring again.

      • 182
        Masters of Spin says:

        Dave is no Novice to PR and how the media works. He will have been fully aware how his answer would be reported. There’s no need for you to defend him or attack the messenger. He will have intended these headlines.

    • 191
      So why not now? says:

  46. 171
    Mandela Free Zone says:

  47. 173
    Ballox Economics says:

    Balls stick yer piano up yer arse! Where it belongs! It is crap after all. His morals are in the toilet!

    His involvement in the Baby P scandal is nothing short of scumbaggery. Balls is an immoral, devious, useless stunt.

    Balls is so devious he cannot directly ask for a glass of water when he is thirsty. Everything has to be covert, underhand and as twisted as a corkscrew! Which may explain why his stupid policies are as clear as mud.

    We can all live without Balls & his Ballox economics. Time for Labour to grow up! So fuck off Ed MiliGimmicks leave the economics to the grown ups!

  48. 175
    BBC says:

    Actually I think you will the young lad to the right of Aled is actually Mandiba’s nephew. Jimmy Saville had him brought over on an unpaid internship. Jimmy was always a big fan of the BBC schools choir.

  49. 176
    But it's not is it. The Taliban won. says:
  50. 177
    Ed Milicoward! says:

    Ed Milicoward is a dithering, unprincipled, weak coward. How can Labour be proud of themselves after this?

    From David Miliband

  51. 178
    Credit Where It is Due says:

    Gentlemen. Ladies. I am shocked.

    Someone has written something sensible in the Guardian. It may be an aberration. It may be pure chance. But for all that, there is some truth to the following paragraph, written by Slavoj Žižek, which I found in the Guardian this evening:

    “And was this also not the truth about the whole of the Mandela memorial ceremony? All the crocodile tears of the dignitaries were a self-congratulatory exercise, and Jangtjie translated them into what they effectively were: nonsense. What the world leaders were celebrating was the successful postponement of the true crisis which will explode when poor, black South Africans effectively become a collective political agent. They were the Absent One to whom Jantjie was signalling, and his message was: the dignitaries really don’t care about you. Through his fake translation, Jantjie rendered palpable the fake of the entire ceremony.”

    Presumably, such clarity of thought won’t happen again.

  52. 186
  53. 193
    Dave's DNA says:
  54. 212
    Gazza says:

    Does anyone know why The Telegraph refuses to accept any comments in regard to Nelson Mandela?
    Even James Delingpole’s story about Peter Hain/Mandela has been similarly affected.
    Is this part of the same issue why stories involving Islam, racism and the like are censored by the same newpaper?

  55. 213
    Jane says:

    You’re all bloody halfwits. There’s a clear difference between working for free and undertaking a shadowing/work experience placement, such as most media companies offer.

  56. 214
    jeet says:

    monkey want to drinch

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A confused Nick Griffin says Nigel Farage is a shill for the City, forgetting that City banks want to stay in the EU:

“Farage is a snake oil salesman, but a very good one. His supposed anti-immigration stance is all smoke and mirrors, as is his carefully cultivated image as a ‘man of the people’. The truth is that UKIP is a pro-immigration party that exists to lobby for the interests of the City of London.”

Alexrod says:

It’s money innit.

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