December 16th, 2013

“A Labour Government Would Not Have a Referendum”

Former Labour spinner and one time librarian John McTernan has let the cat out of the bag speaking about Europe on the Daily Politics.

JM: I think a referendum is ridiculous.

DP: People want it…

JM: I don’t care if people want it. People want lots of things…

DP: Do you think it will actually happen?

JM: No I don’t, no. I think that a Labour government would not have a referendum.

Guido would wager that McTernan is channelling, accidentally or otherwise, Miliband’s exact thinking there.


  1. 1
    BBC and Guardian says:

    A referendum is racist, white male thing to do. If you campaign to leave the EU that means you want Nelson Mandela to be put back in prison. RACIST.

    • 8
      Anonymous says:


    • 17
      Coming soon says:

      An even safer way to talk to Guido

    • 21
      Red Ed says:

      Marxist twats, whats new with liebor.

    • 51
      Suzie says:


    • 58
      Lefty Shiters says:

      John McTernan would make a perfect replacement in Roy’s Roll’s when Hayley Cropper goes to the big Cafe in the sky

    • 82
      Anonymous says:

      So what, no=one but a twat believes Cameron or the Tories will give us a referendum either. If you want a referendum then your only chance is UKIP.

      Here is Cameron giving his bullshit

    • 84
      Anonymous says:

      The Times they are a changing

      Come all the electorate throughout the UK
      It’s time to ignore what the LIBLABCON say
      Lets face it these parties have all had their day
      Our politics need rearranging
      So go out and vote UKIP lets sweep them away
      For the times they are a changing

      Not one of them listens to our point of view
      They’d sooner give our cash to the EU
      So lets kick them out and try something new
      We can’t afford this lot remaining
      Political rethink is long overdue
      For the times they are a changing

      They lied about Lisbon and promised a vote
      There all Europhiles and in the same boat
      Their treachery just bring a lump to my throat
      As each other they just keep blaming
      So send them a message and let them take note
      That the times they are a changing

      We will no longer tolerate lies being told
      Tax breaks for the rich but more tax for the old
      Ruled from the EU and our birthrights sold
      They ignore us when we are complaining
      If we all vote UKIP there out in the cold
      For the times they all need changing

    • 91
      Anonymous says:

      Any Cast Iron, Any Cast Iron Any Any Any Cast Iron
      You think somehow we believe you now
      Well we’ve not forgot your CAST IRON VOW
      Your referendum laws will have a get out clause
      They are really just a try on
      So we all will still vote UKIP
      Get it in your brain
      We’ll be voting UKIP
      We’ll be voting UKIP
      We’ll be voting UKIP

      All right

    • 103
      Anonymous says:

      How much lower can we sink

      As Churchill said in 45 “This is our finest hour”
      He was a proper statesman, unlike the present shower
      These sycophantic Europhiles have bought us to our knees
      Now Cameron’s asking Merkle “Can we have some power please”

      I need to go back with a ruse to stem the UKIP flood
      The whole backbench will rise as one baying for my blood
      They want a referendum, not tomorrow but today
      I need to claim a victory to keep them all at bay

      We’ll fill it all with weasel words to let you off the hook
      I know it’s smoke and mirrors but its how we make it look
      You need to help me out here Ange, as PM I must stay
      If I should lose then kiss goodbye to 50 Mill a day

      This UKIP mob have pulled the rug from underneath my feet
      If I can’t claim a victory here I’m staring at defeat
      This Ferage chaps percentage vote is going through the roof
      I just don’t understand it, all he does is tell the truth

      I’ve lied and cheated schemed and stalled and gave a cast iron vow
      The cat alas is out the bag and no one trusts me now
      It’s time for you and Rumpy to step up to the plate
      With false negotiation spin before it gets too late

      Cameron is in an utter panic and will say anything in the hope it might get UKIP supporters to return. Firstly he cannot discriminate against Romanians/Bulgarians so any action he takes MUST apply to ALL immigrants and possibly UK citizens. Failure to do so would be deemed racist. Those from the EU have a legal right to all benefits available to our own citizens. Secondly the Children’s Act would make it illegal not to offer accommodation to families regardless of where they come from. Thirdly and something I am sure he will evade in his next speech is the fact that if he makes social housing unavailable for families he MUST put families up in the private sector for which the tax payer will be funding. Stand by for yet another speech of useless propaganda and phoney sound bites.
      UKIP was right all along.

    • 105
      u nit says:

      DP should have asked ternan what he thinks of elections in general

    • 106
      Dave Peers says:

      You are a lefty prat whose only argument is to try and smear others with the word ‘racist’! Well get this: There are 2.68 million unemployed in the UK and there are fewer than half a million jobs on offer… Do the math and the answer is all working people are subsidizing migrants with housing, food, fuel and clothing from sky high taxation. That’s why living standards are not rising; that’s why we are overcrowded and that’s why food, fuel and housing prices are rising because demand is outstripping supply.

    • 140
      Andy says:

      typical,your the racist

  2. 2
    Lynch the traitors says:

    “A Labour Government Would Not Have a Referendum” neither would a Tory or LibDem Government.

    • 6
      Mitch says:

      Exactly. Who gives a sh’it what the electorate thinks?

      • 14
        Jingle bells says:

        2014 and 2015 will be interesting years for the LibLabConEU coalition party, they’re hoping the braindead will have forgotten the damage that’s been done and the price that’s been paid in jobs and pensions.

        • 23
          I Got My New iPhone With a Pay Day Loan says:

          What damage? I love the way that Mr Cameron did a ‘selfie’ real class.

          • Anonymous says:

            Jolly voting weather
            We are all europhiles
            We’re very clever
            And lie to you all the while
            You fell for our promise especially the CAST IRON trick
            We’re all from Eton, and you lot are all too thick.

            If you think I’ll claim back powers,
            You haven’t got a clue
            We’ll hand the UK to Merkle,
            There is nothing that you can do
            No referendums Changes through on the nod
            I am the PM and I’m a duplicitous sod

            As for immigration
            I know it gets on your tits
            I will flood the nation
            And pay their benefits
            I am from Eton; I am one of the ruling class
            If you don’t like it, you can just kiss my ****

    • 30
      Brian Otridge says:

      Excellent, LibLabCon are losing the plot, long may it last. They are clearly not keeping an eye on the opinion polls and local By-Election results with UKIP gaining ground week by week.

      For example, this week’s ComRes poll shows UKIP on 18% nationally, but the regional breakdown is interesting. In the West Midlands, on 30% to Labour’s 34%. In a South Buckinghamshire District Ward last week, UKIP came second with 41.9% of the vote.

      And when the Pandora’s Box of Romania and Bulgarian immigration is opened from 1 January, goodness knows how the voters will react.

      Sorry to do a serious post to spoil all the superb humour here, but it’s going beyond a joke now for this country. Frankly the LibLabConEU Party is heading towards being a busted flush on both 22 May 2014 and 7 May 2015.

    • 85
      Fishy says:

      UKIPpers are out in force today.

      Vote Farridge, get Weird Ed (and no referendum)

      • 88
        Anonymous says:

        So what your alternative?, 5 more years of Lying, cheating thieving LibLabCon, Tw4t

      • 121
        Anonymous says:

        Are you suggesting we should never vote anyone but the selfservatives, get real. If the tories think FPTP is so useless, why be so obviously hypocritical after telling the country to vote to keep the FPTP.

      • 128
        Poor Bloody Taxpayer says:

        Vote for the others and get the EU. Forever with no escape.

      • 130
        You aint called the liblabcon for nothing says:

        So Fishy, just what are the differences between your lot and Labour when it comes to mass immigration, EU, global warming scams and middle east wars?

        Real change in this country will come despite the liblabcon.

  3. 3
    John says:

    Well at least that’s cleared that up then.

    Miliband – spineless wanker that he is – won’t even say what he thinks. We owe McTiernan our thanks.

    • 20
      John McTernan says:

      I think I’ve just been c’unted!

    • 93
      Cor Blimey. says:

      McTernon is not the only Liebor person saying this. It was also from others on BBC radio yesterday. Of course nothing from Milibandwaggon as he has not fully understood the direction of the waggon to climb on.

  4. 4
    British Basion of Croneyism says:

    According to our own surveys 110% of viewers think the BBC is wonderful and the same number think the licence fee should be doubled.

  5. 5
    WelshRacer says:

    Labour knows what is best for you.

    • 38
      M says:

      And that’s enslaved in a dumb , drunk &
      in debt society , paying tax @ 100% socialist utopia

    • 94
      UK Liebor Party. says:

      Just DO as WE SAY, and NOT as WE DO.
      Trust us as we will give you a comfortable slave life.

  6. 7
    The Duke says:

    “I don’t care if the people want it”

    And there you have it from the horse’s mouth – they don’t care a damn what we, the people, think. Exactly the same approach to the immigration problem, except that is even worse because the bastards deliberately sought third world types to expand their voting franchise.

    John McTernan – a grade A cúnt!

    • 10
      Mornington Crescent says:

      …and an ugly oik, to boot – Labour to his gnawed finger-tips.

    • 12
      Anonymous says:

      You’re insulting grade a c’nts, and being far too generous to McTernan

      • 37
        Surr Nob Skelpoff says:

        Indeed, a c’nt has a discernible use as has a c’nt wipe. No. you’d have to go to a really extreme analogy to encompass McTernan’s uselessness. I thought of a moldy bucket of festering cod entrails that have been regurgitated by a walrus suffering from marine salmonela…but even that is more useful than him.

        • 100
          Monica says:

          Yes. Rotting waste is useful food for bacteria.

          I prefer to look for teh good in people:
          One day McTernan will die and be food for bacteria himself.

    • 25
      John McT. says:

      No, I don’t care what people think. I am safe in the knowledge that millions of them will turn out and vote for us in 2015, no matter what donkeys we put up as candidates.

    • 28
      Bert the Cert says:

      A c–t is useful, this socialist twat is not.

    • 44
      the squire says:

      A fatal slip sir – so you don’t care what the people want – may a plague of boils and ugliness fall upon him – blimey that was quick!!

    • 65
      Cynic says:

      That’s democracy for you!

  7. 9
    Joe Public & all Voting UKIP.ORG says:

    Very bold statement by Guido ” Miliband’s exact thinking there ”

    Q. Is Red Len his real Master & Puppeteer fully aware of this
    highly impossible scenario ?

    What next that Red Ed can write as well ???

    • 40
      Gatekeeper says:

      There should have been a well organised and influential anti-EU section of the Labour party. Don’t forget that for the Comrades the EU/EEC was an anathema till Kinnock got them to forget their concerns and go with the programme (mainly on a narrative of the worker directives being the worst best option to all out socialism, which in the context of the UK in the 80s was a dead duck) it also let Labour then still some of the narrative off the Conservative europhiles.

      Red Len looks like a classic protectionist union leader to me. He could easily turn euro sceptic on Millebean though I suspect advocating leaving the EU is a non-starter. However a strong showing of UKIP in the EU election next year will concentrate the minds of both Labour and Conservative leaderships so if UKIP poll well expect both parties to be talking up winning back our rights (which they gave away in the first place). Should be interesting.

      • 96
        The Arkrights Emporium says:

        The sales of my soft quilted bog rolls are going thru the roof with
        Cons*LieLabor*LebDims Alliance showning the biggest increase plus
        more additional large orders each day.

        Must be the biggest load of shits ever, all located in SW1 to require
        such huge numbers of this one product.

        I wonder why some chap called Nigel has the biggest grin of all ?

      • 129
        Brother of V says:

        They may talk about winning back our rights, they may even get agreement in the Council of Ministers in Brussels to put a genuinely impressive set of reforms to the British people in a referendum…..

        However, once we have been conned into voting for those amazing reforms by putting a cross in the “IN” box in that referendum, some other EU nation will simply veto that reform and we will be left trapped inside.

        None of the liblabcon are going to give us an honest, straight all the way in, or all the way out referendum.

        I will keep voting UKIP at every opportunity until we get our country back!

  8. 18
    tigerowl says:

    Guido would wager that McTernan is channelling, accidentally or otherwise, Miliband’s exact thinking there….. I very much doubt it. ….Labour will have a referendum same as the others. result will still be that Britain stays in the EU. Must find out why people always link the EU and immigration. Seems without the EU, they would simply be seen as people who hate foreigners. Hating the EU seems to give their argument a more balanced approach. Strange why people do not like the EU. If it was left to a British Tory government we would have no rights at all.

    • 34
      Troll watch says:

      Thanks for that Owen.

    • 53
      meow says:

      The EU and immigration were two separate issues until Liebour and the EU stirred the pot and mixed with political correctness laws and then removed the partially closed immigration gates, we were used to Commonwealth peoples coming and going and staying , but dumping millions onto the country from around the world with not enough jobs, housing, hospitals and giving them benefits that British taxpayers would never ever get in the immigrants country of origion is a step beyond charity.

    • 114
      Not In My Big Yurt says:

      What’s wrong with hating foreigners? I’m one and I hate foreigners. I am happy for you pompous arsed Brits to discriminate against me! That’s as it should be. I know my place. I don’t feel hard done by. What’s everyone p*ssing and moaning about?

      • 125
        Anonymous says:

        Just the idiots who go along with the corrupt liblabcon, who are intent on destroying Britain

  9. 19
    Pick litter for bennies says:

    So current Labour policy is “No referendum on the EU,current EU migration will continue unabated and my sponsors Unite are educating the unskilled of Europe how to live on benefits”.Sounds like taxes will have to go up to look after these new Labour voters?.A sure vote winner.

    • 50
      Gatekeeper says:

      Thinks it’s the policy of LabLibCon. Boris was waxing lyrical only a few weeks ago about how wonderful it will be by 2050 when there are over 80million in the UK. Any sensible politician would be looking at urgent ways of stemming this not saying it’s progress. They are locked into the EU no matter what it is the very essence of their political being. They cannot imagine politics without the EU in the driving seat. Amazing never have our elected representatives cost us so much and done so little for it.

      • 115
        Not In My Big Yurt says:

        Yup. Never have our politicians done so little for so many and so much for so few.

      • 137
        Intellectual Pygmy says:

        It’s actually worse than that.

        Boris said he sees us having a population larger than Germany by 2060. Considering that Germany already has a population of over eighty one million, you can guess for yourself what that number will be in forty six years time.

  10. 22
    Balls and Burnham Play with Lizards says:

    • 29
      Gordon lacks the common touch says:

      Silly Gordon. The little Girl wanted to play, not shake his hand.

      • 89
        Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

        who the heck CRB cleared Gordon Andy and Ed?
        that system must be broke

        • 116
          Not In My Big Yurt says:

          Have you ever had a CRB check? Two page form, have you been a good boy? Have you ever done anything inappropriate with children? No? Alrighty then! Yer good to go, here’s yer badge. That’s it! Take my word for it why don’t you?

      • 97
        Stalin's Ghost. says:

        Very ethnically diverse, except for the teachers.
        My Pravda news service could not have done better, except that in this case no-one will believe one word of it.

    • 107
      Vlad the Loudhailer says:

      Can anyone see PIE lover children!

  11. 24
    Directorate of Non-Compliance says:

    Surely this man should replace Patten at the BBC Trust. Splendid chap, what?

  12. 26
    Err says:

    Tributes paid to Lawrence of Arabia star Peter O’Toole

    What’s the point, he’s dead.

  13. 31
    Smack My Nigella Up says:

    Cameron and Milliband play good cop/bad cop with the gullible British public.

    Neither have any intention of holding a referendum or leaving the hated EU

    Still voting UKIP

  14. 33
    This is how you deal with gobby coppers who think they can harass people says:

    This guy’s a legend!

    • 40
      They should have arrested the Twat says:

      A legend?

      The Guy is a fucking, stroppy, gobshite. A perfect candidate for a kick in the gonads and a night in the cells.


    • 46
      Old Blue Eyes says:

      A legend ? = He’s an utter plonker.

      • 57
        This is how you deal with gobby coppers who think they can harass people says:

        So you think the filth were justified in harassing him do you?

        • 66
          Frank Spencer says:

          Ooh Betty – I’m being harrassed

        • 67
          Old Blue Eyes says:

          From the evidence of that video I think the person doing the harassing was the motormouth in the car although probably a better description of him is made at 40 above.

        • 79
          Ralph Milliband from beyond the grave says:

          The bloke is a dick not a legend. And What are you posting Police hating shite here for you bell end, fuck off to what ever playground you came from

        • 99
          Anonymous says:

          I agree with you. We have more top fear from the Police than we do from a citizen who is intent on upholding his rights.

      • 98
        Joe Public says:

        Should have taken him in for being a danger to himself and others.
        Legend – utter idiot is the truth and probably over the limit.

    • 64
      Anonymous says:

      Gobby Moslem

    • 135
      Charlie Mullins plastic surgeon says:

      Do you think all t w a t s are legends or are you a dull northern manc too?

  15. 35
    (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

    The aim, unstated or not, of those in power is a federal European state.
    Governed by lackeys and placemen for the benefit of the global profit takers, bankers etc.
    A bottomless pit of semi skilled and unskilled labour, replenished by widening borders to create more Ipad buyers and Generation X’ers, ergo even greater profits.
    Wake up soon or see walls built around wealthy estates with guards on the gates, apartheid had nothing on whats to come if we dont fight back soon.

  16. 36
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    The only remotely possible chance of there being a referendum after the 2015 election is if we get a majority CONSERVATIVE government. If your main political requirement is a vote on Europe then voting UKIP is a wasted vote and I say that as someone who is very much in the UKIP camp and who will be voting UKIP at all times other than in the General Election.

    • 47
      bergen says:

      I agree. Also if you think that destroying the Tories in 2015 will allow a new party to emerge then I suspect that by the time Milliband has trashed the economy, we’ll be ruled by the IMF anyway so voting will be irrelevent.

      • 59
        Ed the talking horse says:

        That is grossly unfair. My Chancellor, Chuka, will abolish boom and bust and save the World.

      • 72
        UK Public says:

        George Housing Bubble Osborne is doing a good enough job on his own of handling our sovereignty to the IMF. When the bubble bursts this time, the IMF will pounce.

        Hopefully UK public will learn from Iceland and hang the bankers & useless politicians.

        The idea that Dave’s team will hold a referendum is laughable, and if they do, it will be rigged.

        • 119
          Tom Catesby. says:

          Iceland didn’t hang any bankers unfortunately, but Iceland dealt with their debt by refusing to pay foreign investors back.

      • 133
        Anonymous says:

        You think we’re not already

    • 60
      Dave wants Turkish immigrants too says:

      My main political requirement is exit from the EU. If you think for one second Dave will give us any chance of leaving the EU you are fucking bonkers. Either he will renege on his cast-iron guarantee again or he will fix the referendum with lies and scaremongering. Dave is as pro-EU as Nick Clegg.

    • 70
      Anonymous says:

      If you think the cast iron bum sexer will give you a referendum you must be as stupid as a Labour voter.

    • 73
      Liblabcon enemies of the English says:

      The only remotely possible chance of there being a referendum after the 2015 election is if we get a majority CONSERVATIVE government.

      Complete rubbish. Th problem is you’re still a tory tribalist at heart.

      Unfortunately the UKIP is riddled with them, using the party as a flop house until a new Tory party more to the liking can be created.

      Instead of using the UKIP for your own ends, you people should be thinking just how your precious Tory party over the years help get us in the mess we’re in now.

      The same goes for any ex-Labourites joining.

      • 77
        Old Blue Eyes says:

        I said the only remotely possible chance was voting Conservative. Tell me how better it could be achieved.

  17. 39
    Penfold says:

    Typical leftie, reluctant to let the people have a voice, just in case they choose the wrong option, far better to make the decisions and dump any vestige of democracy.

    McTernan is about to become a three time loser and join that rarified podium which holds Kinnock as a god….

  18. 45
    Bog standard lefty hypocrite says:

    I don’t care if people want it.

    F#ck the people.

  19. 49
    Village Idiot says:

    …..From what I saw on the DP,J.Mctern is seriously deluded and extremely out of touch…rude and assuming also. Inflexible in his thinking!
    ….. Blairite Traits to boot!

  20. 54
    Dave wants Turkish immigrants too says:

    A vote for the Liblabcon-men is a vote for the EU and a vote for human trafficking.

  21. 55
    Yes we Ken says:

    In the eyes of Miliband and the Labour party, we the british public are imbeciles and cannot be trusted with make decisions about our future in respect of Europe. Patronising in the extreme.

  22. 56
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I don’t wanna get stuck doing a job I hate for the rest of my life!!!

  23. 61
    Eoin Clarke's Twitter friend claims baby in drawer was govt policy, when it was 1 disgusting nurse! says:
  24. 63
    A spokesman said says:

    We will sponsor the cost of staying in the EU by taxing the bankers.


    This is not the referendum you are looking for

    Ooooh look over there…Nelson Mandela

    Now what were you saying?

  25. 68
    Camerclegband says:

    Non of the liblabcon will give us a referendum ! KIP are the only ne who would !

  26. 87
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    How long until this Hoon gets a run-by punch in the face?

    Anyone want to open a book on it?

  27. 90
    Anonymous says:

    fascinating that this scumbag doesn’t care what we the voters want.

  28. 92
    Ziggy says:

    JM: I don’t care if people want it. People want lots of things…

    Ziggy; So much for democracy then?

  29. 95
    650 MPs says:

    Don’t trouble us with democracy. We are too busy milking you nasty English taxpaying idiots.

  30. 101
    Monica says:

    “I don’t care if people want it. People want lots of things…”

    Why didn’t the interviewer jump on that statement instead of moving on to another question?

  31. 102
    Plagued by fatty fat cunts on Crap4 and repeated on Bore4 says:

    Labour are scum!

  32. 104
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    And just think, it was McTernan’s lifelong ambition to be an MP. Where did it all go wrong John?

  33. 108
    fed-up in britain says:

    mcterans vile comment shows his true ignorance of british people .What a shock he; got coming soon very soon…. tick tock….

  34. 113

    This confirms that Cameron has no intention of winning the next election in order to ease Milliband into power because he will find it too difficult to deny a referendum.
    That explains why Cameron is so eager to impose every EU diktat in the full knowledge it will cost his party the next general election.
    His reward will no doubt be a nice little sinecure in Brussels with all the trimmings,huge pension, unlimited expenses, free travel , free education for his children , cheap housing, the lot .

  35. 118
    Tom Catesby. says:

    Vote UKIP at the next GE, it may be our last chance to save ourselves as a nation.

  36. 123
    treetop91 says:

    Anyone who believes we will be given a sensibly worded referendum is living in cloud cuckoo land. The 3 stooges will agree to avoid raising the issue and the BBC will keep all mention of the matter out of earshot of the electorate. UKIP will be presented as a bunch of lunatics if they are mentioned at all and all manner of pointless issues will be talked up to keep the referendum off the agenda. Pundits will wake up on Friday morning and express surprise at the percentage of votes an hitherto unexpected party actually do get ! The ywill get my vote and I hope at least 40& of he rest of the elctorate that even bother to vote after these clowns have destroyed so many people’s faith in politics.

  37. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Wait until the real polls are out in the next few days, which UKIP doner Alan Bown got Survation to do, which will prove that a vote for UKIP gets UKIP. These polls are based on intended voting in 2015, not what was voted in 2010, like the idiotic yougov polls. It will not take much to topple the very close gerrymangered labour seats. Even the immigrants are not daft enough to be liblabcon usefull idiots, as Common Purpose calls them.

  38. 126
    Soothsayer says:

    Yes, please do vote UKIP, people, and the rest of you vote Tory. Then Labour will get in. I don’t want a referendum, but even if there were one I predict Britain will vote to stay in the EU. Bad luck, chaps! The EU of course isn’t perfect, but you sorry lot really don’t instil confidence in the electorate, so they’ll stick with what they know. Try being more positive about your vision instead of frothing at the mouth and you might just persuade people. The Scottish referendum ought to be an object lesson for you: if the SNP can’t spell out with absolute clarity how life will improve for the Scots, then they won’t vote for independence.

    • 132
      Anonymous says:

      People are being persuaded. With their own eyes and ears. From overcrowded class rooms, to scarce jobs, to unaffordable housing, to crowded roads and public transport, to an NHS near breaking point.

      They know something is very wrong in Britain, and no amount of shuffling the Westminster pack of Jokers is going to change anything.

      And I wouldn’t write off the SNP winning the independence referendum either.

      • 134
        Joe Public & all Voting UKIP. ORG says:

        Oh please we pray the SNP DO Win the Scottish Independence Vote that
        will rid us 50+ parasitic, pimps & leeches of ZanuLieLabor including
        fcuking McMental whch will be a welcome bonus to everyone….

  39. 139
    Anyoldiron says:

    We do not need a REFERENDUM for we are going to use the General Election in 2015 as the REFERENDUM we have been denied since 1975 and, as we know without doubt ALL THREE MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES WANT TO REMAIN IN THE EU -FOREVER, there is no point in voting for any one of those three at all. Vote for any other and it matter not if they have never Governed before for those we have voted for only followed orders of the EEC/EC and now EU.

    All new comers have to do is repeal the European Community Act 1972/3 that prevents any further EU legislation going through this Parliament and then repudiate all the Treaties presently lodged in the Vienna Convention on the law of Treaties presently held in the United Nations.

  40. 141
    Graham says:

    Quite possible that there could be a revolution in this country. Most white Caucasian UK citizens hold MPs in complete and utter contempt.

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Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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