December 13th, 2013

WATCH: Paul Whitehouse Brings Signer to Comedy Awards


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    The BBC and establishment should hang their heads in shame says:

    So. A week since Mandela popped his clogs.

    In that week we have had what was effectively total censorship of the media and political leadership of the UK. Only the positive aspects of Mandela’s life were allowed to be broadcast or voiced and coupled with a level of coverage never seen before in the UK, not even Diana’s death, we were only allowed to hear one side of the story.


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      The Vatican says:

      It’s a miracle

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        Anonymous says:

        The Labour Broadcasting Corporation have 10,000 key journalists on standby because of the imminent demise of Saint Mandela’s goldfish. A spokeswoman for the BBC said this is to be expected and we have booked whole planes at discount rates to take us to South Africa.

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          The MSM are lying whores, just like our government says:

          The entire ‘British’ MSM, have been party to one of the most obscene re-writings of history, since the infamous Communist / Nazi era. The truth was eliminated as in an airbrushed Stalin photo.

          Quite a repulsive spectacle actually, this was not unbiased journalism, it was blatant propagandism.

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          Genghiz the kahn says:

          Have seen some tweets which imply that Question Time was not available on iplayer in South Africa?

          It might be ‘radical’ and innovative, to go to Jo’burg, but was the programme shown on any SA station?

          Looks like a bit of BBC posturing.

          • John Bellingham says:

            A similar QT type programme has been attempted several times both on SABC and on M-net, but always deteriorates to a mutual back-scratching exercise or government figures become unavailable.
            The BBC World service TV is available on Multichoice satellite, but doesn’t normall carry QT.

            I was disappointed by the non-appearance of Tokyo Sexwale, the richest man in Africa (not bad for someone who had nothing 12 years ago), annoyed that poor old Pik should be displayed in his senility ( the booze finally did his brain in) and pissed off with the presence of the Kenyan-born Hain–a man who maquerades as a South African although he spent less than a third the time in the country as Mandela spent in jail.

          • Airey Belvoir says:

            SABC was never going to let that go out, given the level of anti-Zuma/ANC hostility evident in the audience.


            JACK ??!!

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        IS IT STILL VAT 69 ??

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      I hate socialists. says:

      It does not matter how you view it, Mandela and the ANC were terrorists and South Africa
      is worse off now . Corruption and murder have increased ten fold .

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        Shooty* says:

        Nonsense! It’s rainbows and gumdrops all the way. It is a violence free, well integrated paradise, and the UK can only aspire to be the same.
        Actually, that’s not true.
        We’ll be like that in about 5 years.

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          Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Immingrants and Criminals says:

          What do you mean, 5 years? The UK is like South Africa already. Joke prison sentences, corrupt politicians, increasing violence on the streets, sponging parasitical scum everywhere!

          • Shooty* says:

            Yes, but the horrible white people are still just about a majority looking at the country as a whole. That must end!

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        FFS says:

        Thankfully the old fuck will be forgotten now as the left swiftly sweep the whole SA thing under the carpet before it turns out like Zimbabwe and Joe Public realises yet again that the left were on the wrong side of the argument.

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        I hate nasty hate filled racists says:

        Pinochet – such a nice man. He only had lefties murdered, so it’s ok. But Mandela was a terrorist for wanting to end the racist murderous apartheid regime.

        Still singing Hang Mandela at your private parties?

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          LibLabCon Debating rule No37 says:


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          FFS says:

          You are aware that SA is just as racist as it was before except that the ANC are now in charge?

          • John Bellingham says:

            In the old days you could call a black man a K@ffir, but you would go to jail for shagging his wife. Now you can shag his wife, but you will go to jail for using the K-word.
            In the old days the civil servants used to steal the stationary, now they steal the railway stations, the power stations, the bus stations and sell them for scrap.
            In the old days 7% of black people were unemployed and 50% lived in poverty now 50% of black people are unemployed and 70% live in poverty.
            Muggings and robbery are no longer classed as crime–that is redistribution of wealth.
            Burglary is affirmative shopping.
            Black constables have been ordered to get closer to the people, so they have acquired shorter truncheons.
            When Black South Africans burn migrant Mozambiquan, Zimbabwean or Malawian alive as a protest at them taking jobs, it is called “Xenophobia”–no racism in the New Paradise.

        • 63
          Keitho says:

          Not everything black is good. Not everything white is bad.

          Unlike in your strange construction of reality.

        • 65
          Intellectual Pygmy says:

          Rather sing that than The Red Flag.

        • 70
          Poor Bloody Taxpayer says:

          Pinochet had lefties murdered? My new hero.

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        Really? says:

        South Africa is worse off or the white people in South Africa are worse off?

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      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      + several million!

    • 59
      Really? says:

      “not even Diana’s death”

      really? You are barking if you think that.

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    Throw another peasant on the fire says:

    O/T, reposted from other thread…

    An insight into how the reign of terror and its quangos worked…

    Never believe the goverment is here to help.

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    Err One Problem. They haven't built one single stadium yet. You daft bint. says:
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    Dumb people says:

    Oh he’s such a traitor now…can’t we get a twitter campaign organised to take that award from Racistcolourhouse

  6. 15
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Was BBC Question Time from Johannesburg available on BBC iplayer in South Africa?

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    P l e b says:

    Country’s going to the dogs and this is the best Guido can come up with.

    Why not resurrect the campaign against MPs subsidised dining and boozing?

    • 30
      M103 says:

      Despite MP’s and ‘Lords’ potentially getting an 11% pay rise – their parliamentary canteen food remains subsidized.

      So we have Coalition pushing for removal of welfare and food subsidy affordability in neo-liberal economic ‘growth’ policy – yet it seems the policy makers retain the same subsidy when it serves them literally.

      Proven hypocrites by even their own dogmatic economic terms!

      • 71
        galley p(r)oof says:

        cheap as chips, press canteen even cheaper. damn fine HoC chocolate mints though, damn fine.

  8. 21
    FFS says:

    Still no award for Roy Chubby Brown I see.

    “A woman goes to her doctor with a bit of lettuce hanging out of her pussy. Doc
    say’s ‘that looks nasty’. She say’s ‘Nasty?, it’s just the tip of the iceberg!”

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    ferrett in a Sack says:
  10. 24
    M103 says:

    Thanks to the Tories and their sinecured friends the LibDems foodbank use is now an essential part of family life for a significant minority of the working/tax paying public. Clearly an example of the “progressive” policies they bang on about. Hang your heads in shame.

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    Cute Doggie says:

    Hey, don’t be too hard on the signer. I’m sure Mandela would have just chuckled and forgiven him.

    • 52
      FFS says:

      Yeah, don’t be too hard on him. He’s dyslexic. He thought they were looking for a singer…..

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    Jezza says:
  13. 35
    Owen Jones inadvertently calls for muslim faith schools to be banned! He's islamaphobic! says:
    • 41
      (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

      He’ll have to queue up behind all his left wing hypocrite mates. The useless little woofter!

    • 45
      eh? says:

      Islamaphobic??? (not in the dictionary so technically not a word, probably made up by the some lefty pseudo intellectual type or BBC MSM twat.

      • 53
        FFS says:

        You cannot have an “irrational” fear of Islam so you canot have Islamophobia.

        Fear of Islam is always rational.

    • 72
      Owen is a twat but says:

      No, because he wan’t *all* faith schools scrapped.

      And he’s right, for once.

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    Mitch says:

    O/T but what kind of predictive texting knows the word “Pikey” ?

  15. 40
    Labour are crooks says:

    Another hand-picked vanguard of the people turns out to be a crook – and it also turns out that he did not even live in the borough he was a Labour councillor for.

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    MandyPickleSniffer says:

    Imagine if al Qaeda weren’t the retared fuckwits that they are…all they would’ve needed to do was get an un-vetted bogus sign language guy on their team and, hey presto, take yer pick, whichever world leader you want to get rid of…done.

    And the US Secret Service, in what is surely their biggest clusterfuck display of incompetence, shrug their shoulders and say “Uh….well…vetting the sign language guy is the responsibility of the South Africans…” Even if they had had sharpshooters at the ready, would they seriously have blown away a Black sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in front of millions of people on live TV without first being 100% sure that he had a gun and that he was a real threat? By the time they had verification of that, Obama would’ve been toast.

    And yet, the press seems to be more focused on this poor schizophrenic guy and his visions of angels. Where’s the outrage over the security breakdown?

    • 47
      Fuck the LibLabCon says:

      It just goes to show they’re not all that, if someone with half a brain really wanted to get to one of them they probably could. Explains all this extra funding of our secret services, terrorism laws, CCTV everywhere, internet/phone hacking and spying on Joe public. They’re paranoia as it is.

    • 50
      MandyPickleSniffer says:

      does misspelling retarded make me retarded?

    • 66
      Bob Fleming says:

      this guy is no schizophrenic – that’s just the cover up story to save face…

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    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte says:

    Was that Del piero in the presentation party,wonder if she got her tits out for the lads?

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    Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

    Best joke of the evening.

    Paul Whitehouse isn’t like the usual BBC leftie politically correct comedians. He made a couple of jokes about women too and the audience were on him like a ton of bricks -’Can he say that?’ Shocking how far PC censorship of comedy is now ingrained – courtesy of the BBC.

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    Looking forward to the signed version of the Queen’s Xmas message…

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