December 13th, 2013

Osborne’s Christmas Card

By Telegraph cartoonist Matt.


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    Northern Chap says:

    You can say what you like, but that’s a very nice illustration.

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      Ah!!!!!!!!!! M says:

      Just as well he didn’t commission Rich.

      • 58

        …or it would have been a poor show.

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          Psyche the Dog says:

          Go on Puss, you know you like a good moan on monday mornings, as does every visitor to this blog, it gets them in the mood to verbally assault our wonderful MPs

          • Every word is considered. Every dot and comma. (except when I cock my HTML up!)

            You have no idea how much I put in on behalf of this blog. I try to explore every angle. Reach into every dark corner. Thrust into the most private of places.

            It’s not easy. But someone has to do it.

          • I've got something in my pocket for you... says:

            ‘You have no idea how much I put in on behalf of this blog. I try to explore every angle. Reach into every dark corner. Thrust into the most private of places.’

            You sound like a porno director.

            Nothing wrong with that…..

          • Oh Dear! You must have a truly disgusting mind!


            Well done! Have a Guinness! :-)

          • Psyche the Dog says:

            Are you appreciated for all that time you put in, you seem to be on most of the day, this blog would not be anything without your incisive contributions, I hope Guido rewards you for your great efforts.

          • Appreciated. But I don’t think you quite understand.

            I come in and out.

          • Jack "Marriage of Convenience" Dromey says:


      • 77



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      Doctor Mick says:

      I think Matt should be invited to do the Monday morning slot on this blog.

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      Jesus Christ says:

      It’s not really a Rembrandt, is it? Nor a Stradivarius?

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      Paul McCartney's Flaccid C0ck says:

      No it is not you fucking uncouth, uncultured fuckwipe, it is, as all political cartoons are, absolutely fucking pony. Inane, safe, sterile, about as funny or amusing as funding a lump on your wife’s funbag while she is giving you a soapy tit wank. Then you are left with the dilemma of “do I use it to give my helmet that little extra tingle before I blow my stones all over her gormless craggy face, or do I stop and tell her and wait till she stops crying before I nip off to the bog to tug one out while she phones the doctor?”-
      We’ve all been there right fellas?

    • 83
      Macca's Flaccid C0ck says:

      No it is not you fucking uncouth, uncultured fuck wipe, it is, as all political cartoons are, absolutely fucking pony. Inane, safe, sterile, about as funny or amusing as funding a lump on your wife’s funbag while she is giving you a soapy tit wank. Then you are left with the dilemma of “do I use it to give my helmet that little extra tingle before I blow my stones all over her gormless craggy face, or do I stop and tell her and wait till she stops crying before I nip off to the bog to tug one out while she phones the doctor?”-
      We have all been there, right fellas?

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        I've got something in my pocket for you... says:

        Er, yeah….

      • 98
        Someone that has trouble following the comments on this blog says:

        “funding a lump on your wife’s funbag”????

        • 109
          Macca's Flaccid C0ck says:

          Bollocks, I meant finding a lumpy wife on my fuck rags. Kapeesh? Fucking smell check on muy fucking pantipad makes me look like I@m a bit of a wanker.

          • I've got something in my pocket for you... says:

            Don’t put yourself down, i thought the ‘ blowing stones all over her gormless, craggy face’ bit was very funny.

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      fart says:

      to remove the french, fart.

    • 145
      no key says:

      is the code broken

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      A Useless Twat says:

      If you have been stupid to work for as long as possible and pay your taxes and N.I. and also be stupid enough to put a little money aside each month for your old age, you really are a Pratt, because if there comes a time when you need help from the state,due to ill health they will say no, you cant work but you have some money in the bank, it doesn’t matter that you have paid in for decades you get nothing.
      A good analogy would be winning the lottery going to the office to collect the money and find that they have looked at your finances and say you have got enough money so we aren’t going to pay out.
      It seems that paying in counts for nothing, but if you are a scumbag with multiple kids from multiple , unknown fathers you are fawned upon and provided with all your needs (alcohol, fags etc.) .
      It’s a great system no wonder the country is on its backside.

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    Scottish Chav says:

    least offensive of all the top bods cards … it hasnt got a politician gurning on the front!

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      Common Purpose says:

      It is totally offensive.

      • 25
        Right of Centre says:

        In what rag are? You really are a sad person!

      • 45
        Jesus Christ says:

        I have to say I’m not entirely happy with it either.

        • 59

          Have you had your benefits cut then?

        • 60
          spanows says:

          you’re cross?

          • Jesus Christ says:

            Fuckin’ right I am.

            You would be if you were born at the end of every year and crucified in the spring of each following year. It’s a right pisser.

        • 117
          Symbologist says:

          There is an old British folk tale that says the red on the Robin came from a drop of the Blood of Christ, when the Robin sang to Christ on the cross in order to comfort Him.

          Another tale has it that the red breast came from a robin impaling himself on the crown of thorns when trying to peck it away to releave Christ’s pain.

          • Jesus Christ says:

            Bullcrap. It’s a warning to other birds. Even that moron Richard Dikwad Dawkins knows that.

            But here’s a conundrum for you. When animals evolved eyes which came first: the eye or the part of the brain that operates the eye?

            If the eye came first was it just sitting there staring blankly?

            Or maybe the brain evolved first, in which case it was going “oh my god, I can’t see! Why is it so dark in here? Where the fuck am I?

          • Binary says:

            It is not bullcrap. it is a statment of fact. Such tales exist.

            Of course, they were probably just tales. No sillier than the idea that eyes and brains evolved seperately rather than together

          • Jesus Christ says:

            Ahhh, so you think the alleles that formed the necessary processing in the brain for vision randomly mutated into existence at exactly the same time as the alleles that randomly mutated to create the eye.

            Isn’t that a bit like believing a webcam and a laptop could be called into existence randomly without any knowledge of each other and still work together?

            Stop you’re cracking me up. You’ll be telling me you believe in horoscopes next.

          • Anonymous says:

            Jesus Christ, and you call Dawkins a moron!

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    Fabians are Evil says:

    Oh! I get it ”robbin’ the tax payers

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    Red face to red breast says:

    Ed Balls could use the same card for when he gets to be at no. 11.

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    Sir William Wayde says:

    The robin is resident, ordinarily resident, and domiciled in the UK.

    • 9
      FFS says:

      Still not paying any feckin’ tax though is he?

    • 12
      sussex carol says:

      That robin is only resident until that cat in the window gets him!

    • 13
      sussex carol says:

      That robin is only resident until that cat in the window gets him!

    • 35
      Doctor Mick says:

      So is the Robin avoiding the cat or evading it?

    • 166
      Blowing Whistles says:

      The word “resident” – is being used more and more each day to describe people / a man / a woman / a constituent … could there be some dastardly EU / NWO dark deed behind it’s increasing use throughout the msm and national and local governments for some strange purpose?

      It is a horrible little word which nullifies people into a ’1984 style’ big brother number

      i.e. Resident 12345 of region B.

      • 183
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Dictionary ‘Resident’ – living or staying at a place in order to discharge a duty etc.

        Would that be a duty to the marxist oppresive state say the EU?

      • 208
        Herman van Rompuy, EU President and Leprechaun says:

        Naturally, because if we let you use the phrase “citizen of the UK” it would imply that you had some sort of special right to live here, giving you precedence over the Romanians we will be sending you in due course.

        Now shut the fuck up little Englander. The national socialists are in charge now and the thousand year reich is just beginning.

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    Socialist Mug! says:

    Very nice. A bit xmassy!

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    Spartacus says:

    a little bird tells me this is the bailout for Greece

  9. 15
    Tristram Hunt (Prime Minister Designate) says:

    On your bike David Cameron.

    LAB had lead of 21% with IpsosMORI on MON the final day of fieldwork.
    On SAT it was 3% & on SUN 2%.

    • 17
      Youguvnor says:

      Ipsos Mori are the lefty pollster of choice. If they think Labour’s lead is 3% its probably -7%

    • 56
      Throw another peasant on the fire says:


      Does that mean you were asking random people in a town centre?

      And you are surprised that there were more Labour supporters out on a Monday?

    • 57
      Gooey Blob says:

      Ipsos Mori’s “All certain to vote” poll is regarded as the gold standard of polling. Labour’s lead in this poll has now slipped to just 4%. Their leader is the only one with falling satisfaction ratings and 41% of Labour’s own voters are dissatisfied with him, with 47% satisfied. Worse still for Ed, economic optimism is apparently strong.

      We are a little under 18 months from an election and, as I have been saying for over a year, Labour are going down to a major defeat in 2015.

      • 207
        Sir William Wayde says:

        Since there wasn’t a general election today, any forecast of what the result ‘would have been’ is incapable of being right or wrong. It is as right or wrong as saying “Gandalf has porage for breakfast”. In other words, it is waffle.

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    whippy de doo dah says:

    is that a selfie of the chancellor’s nostrils?

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    Dweeb says:

    The cat is despicable scum, worse than a dog.

  13. 22
    Uncle Kimsung says:

    That cat is despicable scum, worse than a dog.

  14. 24
    Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

    like it

    what does it say inside ROBIN BASTARD

  15. 26
    Disgusting Nephew says:

    He’ll have to go.

  16. 27
    Bill Quango MP-6 says:

    Labour Christmas dinner menu

    To be held at the Spinners Arms

    Melted ice caps sorbet
    Melon head Balls


    Miliband’s glossed over economic turkey with a hint of lemon
    Cooper’s thinly cut cooked goose,
    Baroness Ashton’s Brussels sprouts
    ipso-Mori’s Roasted poll-tatoes ,
    Harman’s Manberries Sauce,

    Hazel Blears nutty stuffing,
    Chukka’s tiny sausage wrapped in bacon

    Red Flag cabbage.
    Green-bean energy.
    Hash Browns
    Lashings of hot gravy train.


    Dromey chocolate black spotted dick pudding.
    Chris Bryant mincing pies
    Diane Abbott’s a flaming pudding.
    Frozen ‘energy price’ yoghurt

    Book early to avoid a seat next to Ed Balls!

  17. 30
    Robin says:

    He must have very small briefs if they fit in that case.

  18. 36

    That is just Downing Street.

    We want public spending frozen in Europe as well.

  19. 37
    Larry the Cat says:

    ‘Too many Tweets… make a very dead Robin.’

  20. 41
    Only Toffs and Horses says:

    Where’s Batman?…Next door?

  21. 42
    Man With A Very Hot Bladder says:

    The robbing robin.

  22. 43
    Ed Balls says:

    I rang Gordon to ask for some advice. I explained that its all gone wrong and i’ve totally fucked up and everyone hates me.

    He said don’t worry about it. he said he did that all the time and still 30% of the population voted for him and he didn’t even have 5% of those pathetic extra liberal dems coming back to the labour party.
    His advice.

    Just don’t give a toss and it will all work out.

    • 102
      Joe Public says:

      It’s OK, most of us weren’t watching and those that were have forgotten all about it. 30% of us are highly suggestible and will believe anything you say and another 30% are too stupid to know what’s going on.

      • 115
        Shallow Chancellor says:

        Thanks Joe. I was hoping you’d say that.

        • 121
          Joe Public says:

          No problem. One moron one vote democracy has always been a bit of a farce. As long as nobody works out that only net contributors to the system should get a vote, Labour will be just fine.

  23. 44
    I've given up says:

    Plan for new Grammar School blocked.

    “..following legal advice that it fell foul of eduaction legislation introduced under Labour..”

    Why doesn’t he change the legislation then? He’s as useless as the rest of them, so sad to have to say that. The one hope amongst what passed for the Conservative party.

    • 53
      Dimmy Dave Camoron says:

      Don’t worry – we’ll be able to pass any legislation we like after the next election – I’ll have a really really big majority!

      Now, if you’ll excuse me, I just have to open the borders to several million Roma. Back in a jiffy!

      • 55
        I've given up says:

        The press notice released, you will note, on a Friday afternoon just ahead of the most significant Christmas shopping day. Another day to bury bad news.
        How I DESPISE what has happened to the Conservative party.

      • 73
        Mullah Lite says:

        When can we come? 150 million here. And we have loads of jihadi types that you love so much.

    • 110
      Anonymous says:

      Because labour and the lib fuckwits will vote vote against
      Give him a majority next time and he would overturn labours insidious regs

      • 190
        I've given up says:

        They had their chance. They couldn’t even beat Labour last time. Why? Because they ran a dire campaign, organised by the liberals now hiding in the Conservative party.
        Better Labour and the IMF than more wishy washy leftie trash. Labour won’t last long.

  24. 47
    Carney Easing says:

    A nice red box with feck all in it. We are well and truly fecked.

    • 52
      Dimmy Dave Camoron says:

      There’s actually £22 billion in it, but I’ve promised to give it to Herman van Rompuy.

      Don’t worry – I’ve got another £11 billion here.. oh, I’ve just given it to India’s space programme!

  25. 50
    The Illiberal Dumocrats says:

    The snow in that cartoon is irrefutable evidence of man-made global warming, which can only be rectified by heavy taxes on everything.

  26. 51
    Ah!!!!!!!!!! M says:

    Most of the Front Bencher’s are similarly affected

    SKY “A 16-year-old avoids prison after a psychologist said he had “affluenza” – a condition said to affect children of wealthy parents.”

    • 63
      JH3-094-03294-320 says:

      Also known as ‘his dad plays golf with the judge’.

    • 105
      FFS says:

      This is what you get to when you allow “excuses” in court. Instead of saying “these are the rules, if you break this rule, you’re getting 10 years end of”.

      Keeps the lawyers rolling in it of course.

    • 234
      Tony B. Liar, mass murderer says:

      “A judge has let off a 16-year-old boy who killed four people while driving drunk after the teen’s lawyers claimed his rich parents spoiled him and never taught him about consequences.”


      Of course it’s just another meeja story — might be more to it that the headline/articles ignore

    • 256
      Dick the Butcher says:

      Lawyers – the enemy of justice.

  27. 62
    Jack Dromey says:

    All I want for Christmas is

  28. 67
    Austerity Xmas - Spit roasting Larry, let's the bird go free says:

    VATman and Robbin

  29. 68

    Naice one. Not a dishonourable member in sight.

  30. 86
    mrgarethm says:

    He sees himself as Robin to the Batman of Cameron?

  31. 112
  32. 114
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Clap your hands then , as Mr Osborne and his bullingdon friends are set to take you back to 1948 .
    Trebles all round plus food banks in one of the richest first world countries.

    Three cheers !

  33. 118
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Question Time last night – was the ANC woman the ANC’s answer to labour’s Caroline Flint – yawp yawp yawp, talk over everybody – came over has an arrogant loud mouthed prat.

  34. 125
    David Cameron before he became Prime Minister says:

    “The test of a good society is how do you protect the poorest, the most vulnerable, the elderly, the frail.”

    • 129
      Shortly before starting an illegal war that killed half a million civilians, Tony Blair says:

      “We live in a time where we may never have to send our children off to war.”

    • 132
      Someone says:

      He’s doing pretty well, considering Labour had emptied the public coffers. Not well enough, mind, but he’s lifted the tax burdon on the poor who wish to work and the elderly are being protected from the worst effects of the austerity.

      I have no idea what the word ‘vulnerable’ means though: it is one of thsoe words social workers seem to use to justify abusing their powers in an arbitrary manner and council housing departments pray in aid of discriminating against homeless men. The frail, as ever, are supposed to be being looked after by the ring-fenced NHS

      • 137
        Andy Burnham says:

        The NHS is very good at ‘looking after’ the vulnerable!

        Tee hee!

        Not so good at keeping quiet about the slaughter, though. Bastards.

      • 204
        Anonymous says:

        Doing so well, he’s importing poor from everywhere in the world for the British tax-payer to look after.

    • 135
      Tony Bliar (just before killing half a million Iraqis) says:

      “We live in a time where we may never have to send our children off to war.”

  35. 128
    LoonWatch says:

    FIVE Labour MP’s visit a chocolate factory. Are they really worth a 11% pay rise?


    • 134
      My Diet says:

      Thanks for showing me that. Just the incentive I needed to avoid indulging in chocolate for a few months.

    • 246
      Disgusted of Neasden says:

      A tough job, but somebody had to do it.

    • 247
      Diane Abbott says:

      I’m-a find out who didn’t invite me to Cadbury’s.
      Mama gon’ kick her some ass.
      Whatchoo think, I’d be offended, ‘coz it’s “chocolate,” or sumtin?
      Y’all don’t wanna see a big black woman go “full chimp-out.” Trust me, you don’t.

    • 248
      Jack Ketch says:

      Christ! Were they allowed to touch anything?

  36. 131
    Big Len McCluski for Prime Minister! says:

    Why the fuck is Ed Miliband doing a selfie- when everyone knows he is my ventriloquist dummy? Labour cannot add up!

  37. 133
    think about it says:

    I like it–MATT

  38. 142
    nellnewman says:

    As we speak, in Bulgaria and Rumania, tens of thousands of ‘euro’ citizens have given notice to leave their rented accommodations to come to the UK in the new year. If that is indeed the case, they are making themselves intentionally homeless

    • 157
      Conservative central control says:

      Any migrant, who can’t speak engle, has made themselves deliberately homeless, has no relatives in the UK, has no qualifications and who owns up to all of this, will not be able to claim benefits for the first six weeks of their stay in this country.

      There! That’s shot the UKIp fox I think!

    • 164
      Trouble ahead says:

      I reckon 2014 will be the year it all kicks off. Probably won’t start in x-factor zombiefied Britain, but there are plenty of other countries reaching boiling point.

      Was this what it was like in 1913? Did people then feel the tension in the air and a sense of foreboding?

      • 169
        August 1914 says:


      • 177
        Podiceps says:

        Yes, some people did, and there had been foreboding for several years. Read Erskine Childers’s The Riddle of the Sands, 1903, about sinister Germans planning to invade Britain.

      • 216
        FFS says:

        It’s like this. If the EU was a great idea from the start, almost nobody would be against it. The fact that around 50% are against it, and remain against after many years, suggests that it might be a very bad idea.

        So then it becomes just a matter of time. If it was a very good idea then we will all come to like it. If it was a very bad idea we will all come to hate it. The proof of the political pudding is in the eating.

        Oh shit, it looks like it was a very bad idea indeed.

    • 165
      Persona Non Grata says:

      As we speak, the Bulgarian ambassador is putting some more gloss on the next pack of lies he is going to spin to the British people.

    • 196
      sussex carol aka the real nell says:

      well you could be right with all that – I’m not sure.

      But if you really believe it why aren’t you posting it under your own moniker? Why do you feel you need to hide?

  39. 147
    Red Ruth says:

    It should be Labour party policy that a minimum of 80% of new recruits of all public sector bodies (especially the BBC) be state-educated.

    I don’t want my taxes being used to pay the wages of people who are employed because of their over-privileged background

    • 152
      FFS says:

      Especially as the over-priveleged have a habit of not paying their taxes.

      Surely by now I’ve bought one of those jobs at the Beeb? My eldest son can have it.

  40. 154
    Pick litter for bennies says:

    The BBC,tv and radio are currently agitating for thousands of Syrians to be allowed into the UK.The Amnesty International person interviewed acknowledged the UK is the most generous donater of money but apparently this is not enough!.ps A I has just given £800k payoff to 2 executives-how many tins of soup would that get.

    • 184
      The British Public says:

      They will all be quite safe in the Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey. No need for them to traipse all the way across Europe to somewhere which is packed already.

    • 210
      anonus says:

      They have heaters in their tents, also there is no need to collect snow for water in a bowl for the sake of the camera, they receive food and the men sit doing nothing, their preferred pastime. We have spent £1bn there already. We will need the rest of our cash for the roma.

    • 245
      Anonymous says:

      Surely all the rich Muslim states are falling over eac other to put them up in hotels?

  41. 155
    Only asking says:

    On the day three men were arrested over anti semetic tweets why has not Jack DRomey been arrested for his Pikey tweet?. Are extreme left wing members of the Labour Party and MPs allowed to ignore the very laws they themselves brought to the statute book and commonly used them to persecute everyone else to keep them silent.

    • 191
      UKIP or bust says:

      The ‘news’ just brushed it off as a bit of fun.

      Of course had it been a Torie, or, heaven forbid, a UKIPer . . .

  42. 156
    The British media are cunts says:

    Actually quite a funny card.

  43. 160
    Red Ruth says:

    Osborne has a bloody cheek wishing people a happy Christmas with the damage he has done the the country’s economy.

    • 168
      History says:

      He hasn’t done so very much damage to the economy. The Labour Party were in charge when it seriously contracted.

    • 188
      Kim Jong's uncle says:

      Do you actually belive what your saying?

      Or is it just commie (Red) bile.

  44. 161
    Quiet Bat Person says:

    Osborne is nothing but a piece of verminous lying Tory scum. He has made the abject poor, sick, disabled, dying and aged pay for the criminal actions of the equally verminous parasitic bankers who have brought the western world to its financial knees with the help of traitorous politicians and covered up by our treacherously dishonest mogul controlled media. They are all doing lasting damage to our country and its people and are proud of their betrayal.

    • 171
      I know who you are says:

      Hey, quiet bat person. You are a Stalinist. Also, the world is not getting warmer. Get over it.

    • 174
      Podiceps says:

      Batty you may be, quiet you are not.

    • 189
      Slow slow slow slow slow says:

      Seems your fishing is a bit slow tonight, you have to remember you need decent bait, your using bait that’s so dated, people are not interested anymore , most people will have made their minds up.

    • 195
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      It started in America.

      • 240
        Gordon Brown says:

        It was Sue’s fault. The bankers are to blame. It started in America. I learned courage from Madeba

    • 218
      FFS says:

      “He has made the abject poor, sick, disabled, dying and aged pay for the criminal actions of the equally verminous parasitic bankers”

      By “he” I presume you are referring to Gordon Brown?

    • 262
      Do you work for the BBC or the Guardian? says:

      So all the poor are now disabled?

      You should be aware that any one person who is poor but not disabled proves you wrong and therefore you must be either a liar or insane (your assertion is too obviously stupid as to be a mere mistake).

  45. 170
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Just had a read [took a copy of it btw] of that Duncan Ganley list blog from Oct 15th 2010.

    Wow what an interesting read – lots of little clues as to CRMM and SC … and the banks.ters of course. Rothies included as ever in the list.

    • 172
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Oops – I apologise ‘Declan’.

    • 249

      Oh, here we go again. You are so drearily predictable Blowing Whistles.

      If you have an allegation to make, perhaps you would like to state clearly and unambiguously what it is.

      Otherwise people are liable to come to the conclusion that you have very little of value to say beyond infantile innuendo which is devoid of any meaningful content.

      There is another life outside your bedroom door…

  46. 176
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    You can tell from that card that George Osborne has a real sense of humor .

  47. 179
    Blowing Whistles says:

    It seems as though the people really running AvAAZ – from behind the scenes and at arms length are ‘out of control’ attempting to ‘herd control’ the masses that know not the true agenda behind Avaaz.

  48. 193
    Hugh Mann-Wright says:


    • 200
      Blowing Whistles says:

      It beggars belief that the Mirror are fronting that story – because she is the creation of Labours years of dumbing down the electorate dumbing down education – but then the marxist loving socialist fabian bumbclutzes still dont see that its milibands mob [state] who have played them all like fools – the Union masters too – what a bunch of fucking thickos?

      • 213
        Keep the plebs stupid says:

        Compare the layout of today’s newspapers to those of the 40s and 50s, and you suddenly realise just what moronic comics they are.

        Today’s rags contain hardly any actual news, just regurgitated/manufactured celeb and sports drivel, interspersed with stories designed to re-enforce state orthodoxy on an issue. And all containing as few words as possible.

        Even Orwell would have been shocked at the state’s success in dumbing down the population.

    • 201
      sussex carol says:

      I’m sure she’ll get every medical procedure she asks for – no doubt she’ll be asking for facelifts and nose jobs and other stuff – all within her human rights.

      Of course if she was a child like YoungNells in genuine need of real NHS medical support – don’t expect it – it won’t happen!!

      • 217
        Screw the LibLabCon says:

        Westminster and the rest of the establishment don’t give a fuck about a “YoungNell” or anyone else.

        Why do you give credence to the pretence of a decent society in England? You are as deluded as Nell FFS.

        Everyone needs to grow up and get even for once in our sorry sorry lives.

    • 242
      Piers Morgan says:

      Don’t fret, fruitcakes. If it’s in the Mirror it’s probably a lie.

  49. 203
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Ok I admit defeat, let us all just call it Wintervil after all, at least it will spare us endless ‘trending’ pics of Santas having selfies with Rudolph.

  50. 211
  51. 214
    Screw the LibLabCon says:

    The Sky News presenters will be next up against the wall. They are part of the problem too.

  52. 220
    Billie Botty-BØwden says:

    Oh, hiya guido : )

    As it nearly Christmas can I post, seasonal, Osborne-related musical interlude, do you think?

  53. 227
    G says:

    It’s OK. I have sent the boys round.

  54. 229
    Enda Kenny says:

    Ireland exits bailout with last tranche of IMF aid

    Continued concerted policy implementation is … necessary for Ireland to recover fully from the crisis, Christine Lagarde said in a statement.

    Fuck off, windbag. We paid you. You are out of it. Piss off.

  55. 230
    P D O'Ring-File says:

    Harriet and Jack make the front page of The Mail, something to do with PIE. lobbying.

    Must have been an ‘interesting’ meeting between the lawyers.

  56. 250
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    If Labour really want to win the biggest landslide in history (by stealing UKIP votes) and go on to govern for the next 50 years they just have to make the top 5 priorities in their manifesto as follows:

    1. Invoke article 50 and restore full sovereignty (border controls,fishing grounds etc) as it was before 1972.

    2. Abolish all taxes on petrol,electricity and gas.

    3. Halt all low/un-skilled immigration until we have a shortage of low/un-skilled labour.

    4. No more asylum seekers allowed into Britain.

    5. Restrict foreign aid to natural disaster relief.

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Cathy Jamieson MP, Labour’s Shadow Treasury minister, commenting on Treasury analysis of the economic impact of tax changes…

“If the Treasury is looking at the economic impact of tax changes, then surely it should examine the impact of the rise in VAT and cuts to tax credits? George Osborne’s £12 billion VAT rise knocked confidence, helped to choke off the recovery and has cost families £1,350 over the last three years.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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