December 13th, 2013

Minister Responsible for HMRC Reported to HMRC

David Gauke, who as Exchequer Secretary is the minister responsible for HMRC, has himself been reported to HMRC for not paying his interns. Unpaid internship campaign website Graduate Fog has caught him advertising for an unpaid six-month post where the successful candidate will be required to carry out “administration, basic correspondence, diary management, fundraising, campaigning and related tasks”. Intern Aware have passed the details onto HMRC, who last month promised to investigate every employer reported to them and impose fines of up to £5,000 for those found using unpaid interns. Looks like they’re going to have to have an awkward chat with their own responsible minister…


  1. 1
    Wholly & Exclusively says:

    Claim it on expenses like the rest of these sponging feckers

    • 2
      Im Voting UKIP says:

      Hmmm let me think how will he get out of this one……

      Oh yes, the one rule for them one rule for us rule !

      • 8
        Sir William Wayde says:

        He will save more than £5,000 by having an unpaid office assistant for six months.

        • 10
          Posterity says:

          Of course, his reputation as a man is worthless, so there is no saving there.

          • HMARSEY says:

            We’ve investigated and it’s all ok, nothing to see here, move along.

            Now pay up that 10p tax you owe us or we’ll send the boy ’round.

          • A boy says:

            As an intern I am under no obligation to go ’round’.

          • NO BOY …


      • 15
        Totally Agree says:

        noam chomsky was asked why tony b liar was not in the hague for war crimes

        he replied, that is the difference between power and justice

    • 4
      UKIP or bust says:

      It’s the same with all these shmuks, the police investigate themselves, the vile bbc investigate themselves, the Unions investigate themselves, the Lib dems investigate themselves, and nobody even dares say the EU does anything wrong let alone expect them to be investigated.

      • 67
        Tony E says:

        From the CIPD guidelines:
        ‘If someone is expected to undertake ‘work’ for any organisation, they are entitled to be paid the NMW – even if there is no written contract in place. However, the issue of whether an intern classes as a ‘worker’ is made more complicated by the fact that, in some circumstances, they could instead be classed as ‘volunteers’ (who are under no obligation to perform work, have no contract or formal arrangement and have no expectation of and do not receive any reward for the work they do besides having their expenses reimbursed), in which case the NMW legislation does not apply.’

        When we are talking about unpaid internships working for MPs, we are talking about non industrial, non profit organisations. Neither Parliament, or individual MP’s offices make a profit – that is not their purpose. Also, those who apply for this are probably largely motivated themselves to get into politics, the media or another related profession like PR. How do you calculate ‘value’ in such a situation?

        I think when you read the law correctly, and without the ‘MPs are Bastards’ blinkers on, then this becomes a non story and the minister is perfectly within the law as it currently stands. Whether we like it or not is a separate issue.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a piece of typical narrow interest group publicity seeking, and I’m rather surprised that someone as legally aware as Guido has fallen for it. But maybe it suits his purpose too as he hates them all without rationale or discrimination…

        • 76
          HMARSEY says:

          It may be within the letter of the law, but it’s a shit law and the man’s a c#nt.

          Young people have to plunge themselves into debt to go to Uni, they are subject to sky-high rents and now they have to work until 70 to get the state pension, and c#nts like this still want to rip them off even further.

          Let’s hope he doesn’t get cock cancer.

        • 81
          A lawyer says:

          You are talking utter shit. The definition of ‘worker’ has never depended on whether the work is ‘industrial’ or ‘for profit’

        • 102
          NE Frontiersman says:

          Well, since he sets a start date, there seem to be a few expectations laid down, rather than just drifting in and out at pleasure.
          If it’s worth doing, it’s a job. How could a free marketeer not understand this? Let his wife do it on volunteer terms, like Mr Duncan Smith, er…. or…

      • 68
        Bent Britain says:

        It’s called maintaining the rotten status quo.

        Corruption at every level of the establishment, from top to bottom. Police, judiciary, politicians, royalty, media, civil service, the whole lot.

        Years ago we would have all believed the garbage about Britain not being a corrupt country. Not any longer.

        Either they’ve become more blatant about it, or we’ve become better informed and less naive.

        • 80
          Voltaire says:

          The latter, I suspect

          • When Can We Start Hanging Them? says:

            Yes and no. All governments are corrupt, but as in all things there a degrees of corruption. Perhaps the real difference it the total lack of shame and willingness to accept responsibility (this is true of the whole society really, no one now does anything wrong we are all just victims of others), our elite have this attitude in bucket loads and only then reinforce that attitude in the wider society by their behaviour.

            Take the Profumo affair he retreated from public life and spent his time working in a charitable foundation. These days they do s stint in the nick and are back in the public domain as soon as they are out as if they’ve just done a stint of rehab!

    • 92
      Mammy says:

      Gauke is a total wanker and what kind of a name is Gauke?

    • 93
      When Can We Start Hanging Them? says:

      Why does the top half of his head not match the bottom? Looks like a creation of Dr Frankenstein on a bad day. Oh and he seems a complete and total c_nt as well.

    • 106
      Psyche the Dog says:

      Very a true word has been said in jest, “expenses”

  2. 3
    Wholly & Exclusively says:

    I saw a program on Pathalogical traits recently. Denial. Deceit. Inability to distinguish between right and wrong. Lying. Lack of remorse. Look you on the eye while telling what you know damn well to be half truths and lies.

    It helps if you are cleavevr enough to be able to respond with a new lie every time but eventually you get found out.

    I wonder where IPSA found this useful in establishing the correct level of remunueration for MPs

  3. 5
    Liar.Politicians says:

    And George Osborne STILL refuses to pay the tax he defrauded from taxpayers when he flipped his house on expenses. They are all up to their neck in fiddles. Luckily the judiciary is bought.

    • 20
      Genghiz the kahn says:

      Brown, Darlin, Ussher, Hoon and almost every Labour Treasury Minister had ‘interesting’ expenses claims and got away with it.

      Duck house stuff was pathetic, but allowed the real troughers to get on with their jobs…

      • 29
        An awkward bastard says:

        According to Ed Davey we have declares WW3 on tax avoiders so that we can keep paying subsidies to energy companies .

        I am really confused by all of this.

    • 94
      voice of the people. says:

      Watch Osborne after his defence – the glass of water is always a sign of embarrassment. Pay up you crooked bastard.

  4. 6
    Wholly & Exclusively says:

    Sorry Quido but Repugnant isn’t quite the right word. Its far too nice to describe Westminster people



    extremely distasteful; unacceptable.

    synonyms: abhorrent, revolting, repulsive, repellent, disgusting, offensive, objectionable, vile, foul, nasty, loathsome, sickening, nauseating, nauseous, hateful, detestable, execrable, abominable, monstrous, appalling, reprehensible, deplorable, insufferable, intolerable, unacceptable, despicable, contemptible, beyond the pale, unspeakable, noxious, obscene, base, hideous, grisly, gruesome, horrendous, heinous, atrocious, awful, terrible, dreadful, frightful, obnoxious, unsavoury, unpalatable, unpleasant, disagreeable, distasteful, dislikeable, off-putting, displeasing

  5. 7
    A slogan says:

    Vote Tory, Get Slavery

  6. 9
    Anon says:

    Put him in the stocks. I would happily throw rotten vegetables at him for six months.

  7. 12
    Fed up wth the lot of them says:


  8. 13
    Iain Drunken Stiff says:

    I suppose he could always ‘employ’ someone on my esteemed workfare programme, eh Guido? Afterall you and I both think THAT is a splendid idea. That way the minister doesn’t get reported to HMRC!

    Fancy a free lunch one me old bean? Well, not actually on me, I will charge it to the plebs, but fat fuckers like us don’t give a fig about them.

  9. 14
    Morally Deficient Watch says:

    Great wikipedia entry:

    “Gauke claimed £10,248.32 in stamp duty and fees involved in the purchase of his second home in London, a flat. A Channel 4 Dispatches program revealed that he was claiming expenses on the flat in central London despite having a property located only one hour away on public transport. Gauke sold the flat in August 2012, keeping £27,000, the property price having increased by £67,000 since purchase. He paid nearly £40,000 of this to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) as MPs only have to pay back any profit made in the previous two years [3]

    He told the UK public that paying tradesmen cash in hand for work is morally wrong.[4]“

  10. 17
    (Not so)Dangerous Brian says:

    Off topic I know but WTF was QT about?
    As soon as I saw the location and topic I switched off, at least I got an early night!
    For gods sake we still have to suffer the funeral, please give it a rest, Nelson Mandela is still deceased and SA is still a corrupt and dangerous shi*hole.

    • 25
      Cabbage says:


      Thought the same thing. What ‘kin’ interest is there in a load of half wits sitting around moaning about some bloke called Zuma? What next…QT live from Somalia?

      • 37
        BBC says:

        Thanks for the idea, we’ll do the show there and then have a week in Kenya at the beach, sorry, on a fact finding mission.

      • 103
        NE Frontiersman says:

        @25: YES!! Then Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq; TV gold – why did nobody think of this before?

    • 30
      The new Messiah says:

      Yes when does this fecking OTT Mandelathon finish?

      • 71
        Airey Belvoir says:

        There was a good moment when the oleaginous Hain was told by a black politician that he should stop patronising them by talking about their Government as if it was still new and learning the ropes. Also, the mostly black and coloured audience seemed rather more intelligent and articulate than the mindless lefty dross normally assembled by the Beeb for UK Question Time.

      • 86
        John Bellingham says:

        It’s been a lot more that three days and he STILL hasn’t risen!

  11. 18
    Centre Parting says:

    Can the North Koreans sort Fatty Pang?

  12. 22
    An uncle says:

    So he is a cheater is he ?

    Can we execute him please Mr Speaker?

  13. 26
    Tosser Dave says:

    Now . Now. Leave the LibLabConner alone. He doesn’t stink any more than the rest of us incompetent hypocritical thieves.

  14. 31
    Revolution now...after a coffee says:

    What we need is a facebook petition and a twotter campaign.
    That’ll sort it

  15. 32
    I really enjoyed Question Time last night says:

    Mainly because I didn’t actually watch it.

  16. 33
    Perfect World says:

    Hey, don’t be too hard on David Gauke. I’m sure Mandela would have just chuckled and forgiven him.

  17. 36
    One Term Dave says:

    I absolutely promise to keep on promising to promise to be tough on immigration.

    • 40
      Albanians and Serbs says:

      Just wait until we arrive, then you will know what real crime is about and not petty stuff like pick pocketing and stealing copper.

  18. 38
    Power To The People says:
  19. 53
    • 56
      Bryony Gordon's empty head says:

      The Telegraph is just a pile of crap nowadays. Went after the yoof market and turned to shit.

  20. 58
    Corruption? Money changed hands? says:
    • 61
      Bent Coppers? says:
    • 62
      Fixed That says:

      The police admit that one or more of their number are thieves who have conspired to pervert the course of justice

    • 63
      It can't be any worse... says:

      So why can’t the public take the law into their own hands?

    • 66
      This should be investigated by an outside force. says:

      One thing’s for sure. Local corruption is rife in Portsmouth and that woman has been badly let down by the Police and the local bent press.

      • 70
        Voltaire says:

        The fish rots from the head. Sack the Chief Constable of Hampshire immediately without pension. Pour encourager les autres.

      • 75
        Joke of a country says:

        Alas, Portsmouth is just a microcosm of the whole country. How much more of this sh1t are we going to take?

        And the British government has the f-ing cheek to complain about corruption in places like Putin’s Russia?

        • 99
          When Can We Start Hanging Them? says:

          Any decent country would have got rid of Handycock years ago. He’s clearly unfit to hold any kind public office. The corruption is now out of control and there is simply no one at the top that really wants it stopped just covered up.

    • 72
      Joke of a country says:

      Amazing how evidence against politicians and senior civil servants routinely seems to go missing.

    • 78
      D-r---K-e-l-l-y says:

      Trust me, the authorities would never do anything underhand.

  21. 65
    The 1922 Committee says:

    The Cabinet brands Prime Minister David Cameron ‘despicable human scum’ and ‘worse than a dog’.

    • 98
      Jack Ketch says:

      I see that the charges leveled against Kim Jong Un’s uncle were “Political careerism” and “Tricksterism”. Pretty serious offences, don’t you think? Lucky our politicians are no so evil.

  22. 91
    I heard that, Pardon? says:

    Q: What does David Gauke get when you give him Viagra?
    A: Taller

  23. 108
    Stephen Halls - Con. Man says:

    David Gauke is an unlucky chap. He recently repaid £23,000 in expenses that he had ‘accidently’ claimed.

    David G. is one of Dave C.’s blue eyed boys. A potential leadership candidate he is an accountant in real life – well, as real as accountancy gets. He was highly regarded by the panel that appointed him as a candidate for Parliament. He is likely to resume his previous career at the next election as he has disappointed both his selectors and one time supporters in his constituency.

    A few quid on UKIP for Herts. West next time could turn a profit.

    David G. won’t realise this, he’s got his head stuck up Dave C.’s fundamental so far he has to take a peek to see if it’s daylight outside.

    • 111
      Stephen Halls 3RDC CE says:

      David can’t get hold of you, you’re obviously down to your neck in someone. I did not write the above piece. It is factually correct but the item must have been submitted by one of the Three Rivers Council peasant pleb council tax payers that I take the piss out of yearly; scum, utter scum, them not me :)
      They’ll be writing about me next :(

      See you at the lodge piss up, who are you coming as this year the Number 10 butler? I’m doing Shylock as usual!

  24. 110

    The dishonourable geez, will offer some constructive ambiguity.

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